A Life Well Lived
by Jim Cook


Chapter One : Cousins

I awoke with a bit of a start. Opening my eyes I saw my cousin Jake enter the room. I’m not used to anyone opening my door after I’ve gone to bed. I’m a light sleeper, it doesn’t take much to wake me. Removing his shirt as he crossed the room, he tossed it on the chair by the door. Keeping very still, as to appear asleep, I watched as he unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor. The room was bathed in moonlight, entering from the open window. I could see him clearly, as he stood in his white jockeys letting his eyes adjust to the moonlight.

I don’t really know why, but; I couldn’t take my eyes off the large bulge in those jockeys. He sat down on the end of my bed, and leaned over to remove his jeans. I looked at his back and shoulders. For a sixteen year old boy he was very well built. I think mowing all those lawns around the neighborhood had a lot too do with it.

He stood, placing his jeans on the chair next to his shirt. Then looking over at me he smiled, I think. Not really sure if he knew I was awake or not, I lay motionless with my eyes closed. Opening them slowly, one at a time, I watched as he moved around to the other side of the bed and pulled back the sheet. Slowly he slipped into bed next to me. He lay on his back, leaving the sheet crumpled down by his feet. Now I had a great view of the bulge his jockeys tried to conceal.

My little weenie was getting hard; it was a strange new feeling I had between my legs. I was getting excited, without knowing really why. I was after all only ten years old. Moving my other arm, the one still under the sheet, I slowly moved my hand down to my little Willy. Ever so slowly I began rubbing it through my underwear, all the while looking over at my cousin Jake.

It appeared as if his eyes were closed, but; the bulge in his shorts began to grow bigger and twitch a little. He slid his hand down his stomach to the waistband of his underwear. Slowly he rubbed his cock and balls through the cloth. Soon he was moving his hand up and down over his cock. Then he pulled the waistband down and hooked it under his balls, allowing me a great view of his hard cock. It stood straight up, boy was it big. I would guess it to be seven and a half to eight inches, and as big around as my wrist.

I think I must have moved or something. Looking over he caught me staring at his big hard cock. Smiling real big he asked if I liked it? My mouth was dry and I couldn’t say a word, so I just nodded a little. His hand was going up and down his cock rapidly. He closed his eyes and licked his lips as he continued the up and down motions.

Seeing what he was doing it, I copied the movements with my little cocklet. Oh …did that feel good, and the more I did it the better it felt. Opening his eyes he looked over at me. Seeing the sheet moving up and down, he yanked the sheet off me, and grinned.

“Take off your underwear”, he said. I was a little nervous, but; I worked them off as quickly as I could. Now out exposed, I was afraid to put my hand back on my little dick. “Go ahead and jack it”, Jake argued. I took “Jack It” to mean going up and down on my dick. Wrapping my hand around my little willy, I began going up and down. He grinned and shook his dick at me. Soon he was back to jacking his cock fast. He made little sounds, kind of like moans. Suddenly he stopped and asked me if I wanted to touch and feel it?

My mouth, drier than before, all I could do was nod. Nervously, and a little afraid, I reached for his dick. I knew though that I had to feel that big thing. So taking hold of it, I began slow movements up and down his big cock. “Hold it a little tighter and go faster”, he urged. Doing as he said, the moaning told me that he liked it.

My gaze was fixed on the head of his cock; it was oozing stuff all over, even all down my hand. Soon the fluid was flowing freely. Running over my hand into the thick dark bush at the base of his cock, covering his big balls, and I do mean big.

I sure hoped as I grew older I would have as big a cock as Jake’s, and that my balls would be as huge.

He asked me to move closer and rub his balls with my other hand. I moved as near to that big dick as I could get, without being on top of him. As I began rubbing his balls, the low moans told me he enjoyed my efforts. Taking some of the clear liquid, oozing down his cock, I smeared it over his balls.

“Oh…yeah, Ahhhh….that’s it, rub it over the head too”, he begged. There was so much clear fluid leaking, it covered both my hands. I was becoming very excited; even shaking a little.

I had to taste some of that stuff. Scooping some with my finger; I reluctantly smelled it, and then took just a tiny lick. It was kind of sweet, kind of salty, hard to describe really, but; I liked it. As I licked more from my fingers, Jake glanced over and caught me.

“Lick it off the head of my dick”, Jake whispered. I leaned over and lapped up a good tongue full….Hmmm….yeah, I liked it, and kept licking off his dick. When my tongue touched his cock he shook a little. Placing his hand on the back of my head, he held me close to his leaking cock.

Reaching out he took hold of my dick and little balls, and began massaging them. I was on cloud nine. Now I was moaning too as I lapped at his cock. Suddenly he stopped me, wondering what I had done wrong, I looked up at him. “Put it in your mouth….” Jake ordered.

“It’s too big…” I questioned.

“Just put the head in”, he coerced, pushing my head down on his manhood. Opening my mouth, I felt the head slide between my lips, so slick with the clear stuff that it went all the way in and part way down my throat easily.

Gagging, I pulled back up to the head. “Yeah…. Do it just like that” he commanded, and shoved me back down on his cock. This time I didn’t let it choke me, as it reentered my throat. I started moving my mouth up and down slowly at first…then faster… “Oh…yeah… put your tongue around it, suck it like a sucker” he urged.

I liked this more and more.

I took to sucking like I had been doing it for years. In no time, I was able to take his cock all the way down my throat. Boy did he like that. More and more of his juice flowed from his cock into my hungry mouth. I was forced to gulp it as fast as I could. I began too love the taste.

His hand was moving faster and faster up and down my dick. He was moaning, saying “Oh….yeah…yeah, harder…..suck harder.” He pushed my head down on his cock, at the same time humping his hips up, forcing his dick deeper in my throat. I was so excited. I let him shove it all the way, burying my nose in his pubic hair, but; I didn’t care, I liked what he was doing to me.

I have always been a good underwater swimmer. I’m able to hold my breath for long periods of time, over three minutes. He really got into fucking that big cock down my throat. His moans turned to grunts.

I was in heaven, as he jacked my little dick harder and faster.

Suddenly he started to shake. Holding my head down on his cock firmly, he began to whimper “Oh suck it….yeah suck…suck it…take it Jimmy, take it.” All the while still jacking my dick as fast as he could.

Then I felt something forcefully squirt from his dick, and straight down my throat. Squirt after squirt, he just kept cuming and cuming. His cock was so far down my throat I didn’t have to swallow, it just went straight down. I was beginning to run out of air, but; he just kept cumming down my throat. All this had me so worked up I started shaking. Then the best feeling I’d ever felt came over me. Never had I ever felt anything like this before, now I moaned as loudly as he did. I shook like quivering jelly. Now I needed to breathe, I started to pull my head up and ease his cock out of my throat. Just as the head came up into my mouth, another glob squirted onto my tongue.

There was so much that it started to run out and down my chin. Now this tasted very different from the clear stuff that I so hungrily had been licking up. My mouth was so full, I had to keep swallowing. And fast, as he kept pumping more and more in. I was so busy swallowing I didn’t have time to decide if I liked the taste or not. As the flow ebbed, I was able to taste the thick sauce. It was different tasting, even sweeter maybe. Yes I defiantly liked it….even more than the clear stuff.

His eyes were closed, his breathing labored. He tussled my hair and asked, “Well… how did you like that cousin?” I was out of breath as well and at a loss for words, I just nodded in the affirmative.

He used his finger to wipe some of the cum from my chin, then offered it to my lips. For the first time I was able to see what it looked like. A real thick white glob of goo… I looked at it for a second, then opened my mouth letting his finger slip in. I sucked his finger till it was gone.

Looking down I saw him squeeze his cock from the bottom to the top, forcing more of the thick white goo out. As it started to run down the side, I quickly leaned over and sucked the head back into my mouth. Making sure to get all of the goo, I swirled my tongue around the head. He shuddered… and pulled me off his cock. “No more… I can’t take it. Let it rest cousin” he begged.

I just sat there, enthralled with his softening cock. After a few minutes, I reached over and very gently took hold of his now soft tool. It seemed so different now. It still appeared big to me, but; not nearly as scary.

He laid his head back on the pillow… closed his eyes; I guess he was hoping to go to sleep. Not me, I kept massaging that nice dick in my hand. When his breathing seemed restful, I gingerly put it back in my mouth. I carefully started to suck. I reached down and grabbed hold of my dick, slowly I went up and down. I was still hard as a rock. It felt good jacking my dick, while I sucked on him. He was soft, but I could taste the stuff on his cock.

I must have licked and sucked thirty minutes or more, but; taking care not to wake him. I didn’t want him stopping me from sucking that beautiful dick of his. After a little more time, his dick slowly, very slowly, started to stiffen. Little by little it became harder and firmer, before long it was half hard.

He moved a bit and I stopped, just long enough to let him settle back down. Then I went back to sucking, It became even harder. Now it was standing up on its own. The head was swollen and he was starting to leak some of the clear juice again. I licked and gently sucked the head of his cock.

He moved a little, lifting his hips. I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently pushing me down on his cock. I took it as a sign, too suck harder and deeper. Opening his legs, he nudged me between them. As I crawled over his legs I took my mouth off his cock, and just jacked it. When I got settled between his legs, I held his dick in one hand, while I leaned down too lick his balls. I could still taste the juice from before. I lapped his balls, sucking on one then the other.

Now he was squirming around, telling me to lick between his legs, and under his balls. Holding them up and off to one side. I licked under, close to his asshole. Taking hold of my head, he brought me back up to his precum covered cock.

Holding his cock with one hand and my head in the other, he swirled the head of his cock around my lips a few times. Pushing my head down I opened my mouth, taking his cock in. This time, I just let it slide down my throat in one plunge.

This time Jake did not grab hold of my dick, as he had done before. So I jacked myself. Placing both hands on my head, he forced his cock down as deep as it would go. Holding me firmly, he fucked up into my mouth harder than before. He was in total control, as he fucked my face.

Perhaps he was getting even with me not letting him sleep. He fucked my mouth hard and fast, but; I didn’t care. I loved the fucking my mouth was receiving. I’m sure he loved it too. Shoving his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, he kept a firm grip on my head. Then he rolled us over, never missing a beat.

Now on our sides, he began in earnest fuck my face, gripping me even tighter. I was barely able to breathe as his big cock plunged down my throat, time and again.

My hand was a blur, as I stroked my dick ever faster. By now we were both moaning and groaning. His cock was leaking a river of juice; I had to swallow as much as I could to keep from choking. We were both shaking so hard, it was hard to tell exactly when I felt his cock swell even bigger in my throat.

Rolling us over again, he wound up on top. Now he was able to fuck his cock straight down into my throat. With my nose buried in his thick bush of pubic hair, he started giving my throat short quick rabbit fucks. His balls were bouncing off my chin, as he tried to shove his meat into my stomach.

Holding my head very still, he started to tremble, as his cum began to pump into my throat. As the first blast of cum fired into me, I reached my nirvana. In my throws of passion I almost threw him off, but; he held me tight, keeping his cock buried. Blast after blast poured into me, filling my throat. I kept swallowing, taking all he could give. I was not going to miss a drop of his cum. As his shaking subsided, Jake rolled over off my face. Allowing me to ease his cock out of my throat, so I could catch my breath.

After managing a quick breath, I took his manhood back into the depths my throat. He continued to cum…and cum…, I guess he too wanted me to have it all. As his flow started to ease, he slowly withdrew his cock from my throat until only the head was in my mouth, and let the last couple of squirts fill me to over flowing. I drank down as much as I could, some still dribbled onto my cheek. When he finished shooting, he let me back down on his now softening cock to suck out the last drops. Again …he tussled my hair and said, “Now this time Go To Sleep, Damn it”. This time I did.

In the morning I was the first to awaken. Being summer it was hot, the sheet had been left down at the foot of the bed. This enabled me to have a clear view of my new found friend, Jake’s dick. I thought I had gotten all of the juice and goo off him last night, but; I could see dried stuff all over his cock and balls, even the hair around his dick was all matted with the dried white stuff. Leaning over I took a whiff, it smelled a bit different from last night, but; didn’t smell bad. Watching him plus the smell of the dried goo made my little weenie stiffen. I began rubbing my dick and balls very slowly.

In daze thinking about last night, I didn’t notice that Jake was awake. “You really like my dick, don’t you cousin?” Jake asked as he flipped his cock around a little. I just smiled and reached for his dick. “OH…no cousin, I’ve got to take a shower and get dressed, maybe tonight if your mom lets me stay over again”, he said getting out of bed.

“My mother will be gone until Monday evening” he called out as he went into the bathroom. This being only Sunday meant I could play around with that nice tool of his again, if he stayed over, I could hardly wait.

I’ve always looked at all the naked men I could, but; at ten it wasn’t easy. The Union Plunge, our city’s swimming pool, was just about the only chance I had to observe guys without their clothes on. And that usually allowed only a quick peek. I’d been looking at men, and what was hanging between their legs, from the age of seven or eight. I seem to have always been more attracted to men, especially if they were naked.

I can remember back when I was only five, maybe even four. One afternoon my grandpa baby sat me for my mother. Come bath time he put me in the tub with him. The first thing I did was stare at the big log floating between his legs. I made a grab for it, and asked “Grandpa what’s this?” giving it a couple of quick strokes before he pulled my hand away.

“Why…Pee Wee”, (his nick name for me at that age), “It’s to tickle little girl’s pussy’s”. Of course at that age I had no idea what he was referring to. But I do remember being mesmerized by that thing between his legs. I have been looking at them ever since.

I have very few memories of granddad at that period in my life, as he and my grandmother divorced about that time. He sold off his meat markets and moved to Texas after the separation.

That night I was in a hurry to head off to bed. Mom wondered why I was so exhausted, little could she guess. Having been at the pool all day, she bought my story of being tired.

Jake was still hadn’t returned when I went to bed. Mom had said he was more than welcome to stay over if he wanted. If nothing else I learned to play with my own little pecker, having found a way to pleasure myself. This time when I climbed into bed I removed my underwear. I jumped into bed bare assed and pulled the sheet up over me just in case mom came over to check on me.

Mom owned a motel in Bakersfield, called the Little Sweden. The managers living quarters were small, as it only had one bedroom. So my mom in her infinite wisdom gave me the motel room right next door, # 1. I liked having a room all to myself, and a door that locked. I didn’t have a television, but that was all right.

Now alone I spread my legs wide and grabbed my dick in one hand, while rubbing my balls with the other. I think from that time forward I could be found playing with my dick and balls, at least two or three, or more times a day. I was hooked.

Being alone I had time to experiment a little as to what felt good and what didn’t, as to ways I could make myself get the “FEELING”. Of course I was way too young to make “any white goo”. All the same I was able to get the “FEELING” any time I wanted to, when I could find a little privacy.

By the time my cousin Jake came over I was already asleep. He had been watching television with my mom; I guess it had to be well after eleven before he came to bed. As soon as I heard the door open I was wide awake. This time I’d left the light on in the bathroom, so I would get a better look as he took off his clothes. When he saw me sit up in bed he chuckled, and started to undress. I think he knew that I wouldn’t miss a chance to mess around. After the jeans came off, the underwear followed.

Taking hold of the sheet he flipped it back, all the way off the bed. Telling me my mom had already gone to bed and wouldn’t be coming over tonight. Right then I started to play with my dick. He stood there for a minute or so in his naked glory, slowly jacking his cock, and let me watch him… hopping into bed he gave my dick a few quick up and downs…then he put his arms behind his head on the pillow, and just wiggled his hips around making his cock flop this way and that.

That was all the invitation I needed. I dove onto my stomach, and down to his soft cock. I picked it up and put the head in my mouth. He had the sweet soap smell still on his cock, it tasted even better than last night. As I lay on my stomach sucking his dick and balls, he ran his hand over my bare ass cheeks and down to my little balls and weenie.

It felt good to have him massaging my privates again. Taking his other hand and holding my neck, he started a rhythm with me going all the way down on his cock clear to his balls. This time I was able to do it without gagging. Out of the blue he asked if I had any oil or lotion over here. “Just some Copper tone sun tan lotion”, I told him. “Go get it and I show you something that feels really good”, he said with a wink.

I jumped up and headed for the bathroom. Coming out I tossed the lotion to Jake. “Now get back down here just as you were. No …on your stomach”. He had the cap off and dabbed a bit on his palm. As soon as I went back to sucking on his dick, I felt the cool lotion being spread on my cheeks. It felt cool and good as he spread the Copper tone over my little butt, and into my crack between my cheeks. A second later his finger probed my hole, dipping in and out just a little at a time. Soon he had worked most of his finger into me, this was a whole new feeling, and I liked it… a lot. This made me suck all the harder on his cock, and he liked that a lot too.

Now his hand moved from my neck to the back of my head, he began to push me down even further on his meat, causing his dick to go deeper and deeper into my throat. He worked his finger all the way deep into my ass. I started to come up off his cock, but; he held me down, as he worked his finger harder and faster in and out of my ass.

It felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but; then as I relaxed, I decided I liked it, and soon I was pushing my little butt up to meet his thrusting finger. Oh what a good feeling I had. Now I was giving his cock a real work out. Soon he had worked another finger up into me. Getting up on my knees with my ass in the air, I let him give it to me as hard as he could. I was becoming more and more turned on, and so…was he, because; he held me down even tighter, with my nose buried in his pubic hair, and humped his dick up into me furiously.

We were both beginning to shake, even though I wasn’t touching my dick. Suddenly he stopped, pulled his finger from me, and let go of my head. I looked up at him puzzled, had I done something wrong? Pushing me flat on my stomach, he opened the lotion again. “I’m going to fuck you…” Jake stated with a grin. “What…how…” I thought. “Just stay there on your stomach…I’ll do the rest….. It’s ok”, he tried to reassure me. Well he did make me feel really good…so…I’ll trust him, I thought.

Getting up over me, his big dick bouncing on my butt cheeks, he put one hand on my back, to hold me down… I guessed. With the other firmly holding his big dick, he began rubbing the head of his cock around my little pucker hole. Then it happened….OHhhhh….ouch….ouch… the head of his cock popped into my ass. Now I knew why he had his hand on my back….it was to hold me down in place.

Luckily for me he held very still, and let me adjust. I just lay there trying to catch my breath. After a few moments the pain and discomfort began to fade, and a feeling I couldn’t describe came over me. I felt my ass mussels beginning to relax, and my little hole opened to his big dick. As I relaxed and opened, his cock slid slowly into me. Gently he lowered himself down onto my back. I felt the hair around his cock on my ass, and his balls were touching mine. When he had all his weight on me, he finished shoving the rest of his meat into me…all the way. We both just relaxed and lay still.

After a few moments…he began to ease in and out of me. By this time all the pain and discomfort were replaced by a feeling of…well I can’t describe it really, but; it was wonderful. I found myself beginning to push back onto him. Pulling almost all the way out, and then back into me, he increased his speed, going a little deeper each stroke. Having started slowly, he was now slamming into me harder and harder.

Then as he began to rise up off my back, afraid he was going to pull his meat out of me; I pushed my ass back following him as he rose up. All he did though was to grab me by the hips and drag me up on my knees, and then shoved my head back down on the bed. Going in and out of my ass again, but; this time because he held me by the hips he pulled back to meet his thrusts. Soon he had me rocking back to meet his cock as he rammed me as forcefully as he could. The sweat was dripping off him and on to my back and butt. Buy this time we were both groaning and fucking each other as fast as we could.

Once again I was in nirvana, the bed was rocking and we both were grunting like animals. Jake kept going and going harder and faster, this was a new feeling for me, but; I didn’t want him to stop. He kept it going, I can only guess, for thirty or forty minutes without cuming.

While my ass was up in the air, my hand was busy on my own little dick, moving as fast as I could. I was half crazed with what must have been pure lust, but; it felt sooo…. Good. Just when I thought I could take no more, Jake pulled my hips back hard shoving his meat in as deep as it would go. He began to shake, wiggling his hips, making short quick rabbit fucks.

Almost loosing my balance forced me to take my hand off my dick to steady myself. Just then he held me even tighter, if that was possible and moaned “Ahhhh….Ohhhh… Yeah, take it….take my cum”. I felt the dick in me expand even bigger, then the first blast of cum shot into me. I could actually feel each jolt of cum as it blasted into me.

How and why I don’t know, but; without even touching myself I got the “Feeling” as I began to shake all over, almost as if I was having a seizure. Jake continued to pump his cum into me as we both shook, then he collapsed on my back pushing me down on the bed. We just lay there, his dick still buried in me panting and shaking. His sweat covered my ass and back, steamy hot and wet.

After what seemed forever, Jake slowly…. ever so slowly began to ease that monster cock out of my poor ass. I swear it took him a full minute to withdraw from me completely, every little bit his cock would twitch, still pumping his cum into me.

“Man –O-man that was the best fuck I’ve ever had”, Jake told me as he stood up. Knowing how horny Jake always is, I’m sure most, if not all, of his fucking is with girls, I guess I felt kinda proud as I looked over at his still half hard dick hanging there with what looked like a little red on it. Some of my blood I guessed, but; I felt Ohhhh….Sooo…… fine. By the time he had cleaned up and come back to bed, I was already sleeping soundly.

In the morning I was still out of it until Jake came out of the shower, “Morn-n…little cuz… How ya feel-n?” he asked as he dried his hair. “A little sore…. I’ll bet”, he chuckled.

Well I still felt….fine…I think, that was until I got out of bed headed for the bathroom. “Oooo…..Ahhhh….ouch…” I guess I waddled like a goose or a duck. Because of the shit-eating grin on Jake’s face, I returned the dirtiest smirk I could muster at such an early hour. By the time I dragged my sore butt out of the shower Jake was gone, good thing really as I was all sexed out….. At least for a day or two.


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