A Life Well Lived
by Jim Cook


Chapter Four : Amsterdam

Thanks to Hans, I’m just across the street from the rail station. I think I’ll walk over and check to see what time trains leaves for Amsterdam. Good news, there are trains leaving every few hours. I see one a T E E, a Trans-European-Express, with only a couple of stops between here and Amsterdam.

Morning came all too soon. The wake up call had my eyes open, but; my brain was still fast a sleep. Two cigarettes and room service coffee, finally had my head awake. The hot bath helped me get into high gear. Lucky for me, most of my clothes were still all packed.

The train left at ten am, it was now eight. I thought I would wait and have my breakfast on the train. I have always loved traveling by train.

When I went to visit my grandparents up in Portland Oregon, at the tender age of eleven, my parents let me take the train. And instead of going just up the California coast to Portland, I went by way of Boise Idaho. Where my rail car was transferred and hooked to the Union Pacific train coming west from Chicago to Portland Oregon. This way I was on the train for three days, instead of the normal twenty four hours. I had a great good time. I have been devoted to trains ever since.

Nine twenty, time to get my ass over to the station. Gathering up my belongings, I checked out of the hotel and walked the short distance to the station.

The T E E, for Amsterdam, left from track eleven. A station porter asked if I needed help. “Bitte”…I said, remembering the German word for please. He grinned, nodded and took the large bag from me. “Amsterdam….T E E” I said, hoping he knew what train I was trying to catch.

“Yes, yes Amsterdam….T E E”, he smiled, and led the way. I followed him to platform eleven, pointing to the sign above my head, which in big red letters read ‘T E E Amsterdam’. The clock on the post read nine fifty am.

Hearing noise behind me, I turned to see a sleek ultra modern train pulling in next to me. T E E in large red letters, and the words Trans-European-Express also written along the sides of the cars, came to a stop with one of its doors almost directly in front of me.

Stepping on board, the porter beckoned for me to follow him. Setting my bag down in an empty seat, he smiled, saying “Good…yes?”

“Yes”, I affirmed, handing him a five Mark piece.

“Danke” he nodded, slipping the coin in his pocket. Putting the rest of the bags down, I noticed the porter leaving the train out of the corner of my eye, as I sat down.

Looking from the window I noticed the clock, ten am straight up. The train began slowly moving. Damn…I thought, they really mean ten o’clock. I was glad I had been on time.

This train was oddly different; it was open, with no doors separating the cars. It had a type of swivel joint between them instead. Just one very long open car, except this train consisted of at least seven cars. A totally new type of train. “Cool”,….I liked this Trans-European-Express. The entire train is only first class. Luckily my euro-rail pass was for first class.

Picking up speed the T E E slips from down town Frankfurt, out into the countryside. The over sized windows show off the view to the maximum.

“Fahrkarte bitte,…Ticket please?”, the conductor asks, switching into English, realizing I must be an American. I handed him my new, and so far unused rail-pass. Looking front and back for any punch marks, “First time”, he asks?”

“Yes” I replied, wondering if everything was alright. Punching a notch and writing today’s date, he handed it back to me smiling.

“Danke, gute fahrt” he spoke, walking on.

All the hustling this morning, made me quite hungry, so I decided to go looking for the dinning car. The eggs and bacon were tastier than they looked. What looked to be a bear claw, and the coffee finished off my breakfast.

Glancing around, I couldn’t help, but; admire this fantastic train. Never before have I seen, much less been aboard, such a futuristic train. I toured from one end to the other, finding an engine at both ends, explained the coming and goings in different directions. At some stations, like Frankfurt’s, all the tracks end in the station. The train then simply pulls out of the station, heading in the opposite direction.

Very clever these Germans, I thought to myself. Although, at most stations the trains simply pass on through. This was going to be quiet a vacation, I decided.

Time seemed to fly by. Around two in the afternoon, I wandered up to the bar car. Laying a twenty Mark note on the bar, and taking a seat. I ordered a Gin and tonic. When the barkeep returned with my change, I inquired, “How much longer until we reach Amsterdam?”

“One and a half hours” came the reply.

For an older guy, the bartender was pretty good looking. Not busy at the moment, he stayed, making small talk.

Everyone else was busily reading a newspaper or magazine, while sipping their drinks. Listening to the bartender, I learned of a couple of clubs, he thought I should visit. One being the D.O.K, and another called Harry’s Bar and Grill.

He said, I should probably like the D.O.K. And that he goes there, whenever he has the chance to get up to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, he was turning around with the train, and heading back to Paris.

The more we talked, the fact he was gay became clear. From the way he began talking, I suspected he was trying to pick me up. I guessed too, that the D.O.K. must be a gay club. A very hot place with a lot of action from what he was describing.

He told me his name was Michael, and asked, if I might still be in Amsterdam when he returned in a day and a half.

“I’m not sure” I told him, “maybe?”

“I’ll be in the D.O.K. in the evenings, if you’d like to meet me there?” he smiled, starting to clean up and stow things away. We were now, only a little way from Amsterdam.

“If I am in town, I’ll look for you in the club”, saying what I thought he wanted to hear, as I left the bar and returned to my seat. Most of the passengers had already begun gathering their belongings.

I’ll be damned if there aren’t real windmills in Holland. We raced through the countryside, passing many. Crossing a few of the canals we began to slow, as the train eased into the Amsterdam terminal.

Having studied Formmer’s, “Europe on five dollars a day”, felt prepared to sally forth….so to speak. The gay bar guide given to me by Michael, told me where the D.O.K was located, and directions in getting there. It also made it easier to locate an inexpensive “Gay Friendly” hotel near the club.

The late afternoon sun reflecting off the water in the canals, gave the impression of a million diamonds, sparkling everywhere. A slight breeze rustled in the trees lining the canals. All of Amsterdam, seemed picture perfect.

The hotel was less than I expected, at least from the outside. The hotel front, being what seemed to be less than fifty feet wide. But; narrow as it was, seemed to be very high, at least six floors. Costing only a fraction more, I took a room up just one flight of stairs with a large window facing out on the canal.

Pastel yellows filled the room, spreading a warm summer glow about the room. The yellow and white flowers on the table, made the room all the more inviting.

As early evening began to settle in, the street below came alive. People walking along the canal holding hands, even men were holding hands. Open and free spirited Amsterdam, I love it.

Off down the hall I went, to shower and ready myself, to go out to dinner. Not forgetting an evening out at the D.O.K. Club. The Dutch are a good looking people, maybe not quite as handsome (in my opinion) as the Germans, still however very cute and sexy. They too have the blond blue eyed thing going.

My shoes on the cobble stone streets made a rhythmic kind of beat, as I strolled toward the city center.

The aroma of some one’s dinner, floating on the gentle breeze, reminded me just how hungry I was. Although I couldn’t place the exact smell, yet; my mouth watered just the same.

By the time I found a restaurant that looked good, I was hungry enough to eat a horse, maybe even two. The menu was in Dutch and English, lucky me. I’d be able to know what I was ordering. It all looked really tasty, or maybe that’s just because I was starving. By the time I had decided, and eaten, almost two hours had flown by.

Outside darkness had fallen. Couples holding hands still filled the streets. Some guys seemed to be cruising, eyes meeting eyes, exchanging smiles. Welcome to Amsterdam, Jimmy, I smiled to myself.

The warm breeze felt good as I walked over to the club. Writing the address on a slip of paper, before I left the hotel, paid off, otherwise I might never have found it.

The narrow streets made for an interesting walk. Sticking the little city map back in my pocket, I smiled, I had arrived. From the looks of the club, at least on the outside, only the letters D.O.K. were showing, no large sign.

Three or four steps down, and through a green door, into what appeared to be a large cellar converted to a nicely furnished club. Booths and tables were scattered everywhere. Once inside I realized just how big the club really was. Music filled the room.

Guys were everywhere, some dancing, others sitting drinking with friends. A table or the bar, decisions, decisions. Spying a stool at the end of the bar I settled in and ordered a screwdriver.

Lighting a cigarette, I surveyed the dance floor. I caught sight of a cute guy apparently alone, sitting at a small table against the wall. I was unaware I had been caught checking him out, until smiling, he raised his glass and tipped it in my direction. Oh damn, caught red handed cruising. I raised my drink and returned the salute, with a smile.

My gaze went back to the bartender, in fear of the guy coming over my way. I’m always checking guys out, but embarrassed, if I’m caught doing it.

“You’re an American, yes?” asked the bartender.

“Yes, from California” I admitted.

“Oh, Hollywood…, yes?” he inquired, raising an eye brows questioningly.

“Well, I’m from Los Angeles, and Hollywood is part of Los Angeles”, I responded with a slight wink.

“You go to Hollywood many times then, yes?”

“Yes, many, many times” I nodded, taking a sip of my drink.

“How about the movie stars, you see them too?” intensely studying me.

“Oh, yes, I’ve seen some and even met a few” I answered. Afraid this would turn into twenty questions; smiling, I excused myself, heading off in the direction of the bathroom.

By this time the club had filled with a lot of cute guys, some, worth cruising. I began feeling like “A kid in a candy store”. While waiting in line for the bathroom, I made a few mental notes of the “cute” guys waiting with me. I surmised most must be speaking Dutch. Although sounding a lot like German, I could hear a difference. The line moved forward, at only a snails pace.

As I Put a cigarette to my lips, a hand appeared from behind, holding a lighter. Turning, I was pleasantly surprised to come face to face with a very handsome guy, his eyes sparkling. Placing my hand over his, I drew the lighter closer in and lit my cigarette. “Thank you”, I said, releasing his hand.

“American?” he asked.

“Yes, how could you tell?” I chuckled.

“Your clothes, hair, and your shoes”, he winked, pointing towards my shoes.

“Hi, my name’s Jim, “From America”, we both broke out laughing.

“My name is Kurt, Kurt Van Dussen”.

“Van Dussen, you’re Dutch then?” I asked, with a knowing quick wink.

“Yes, from the Hague”. Kurt smiled.

The line still only inched forward. We talked about the places I must see in Holland, especially the ones to be found here in Amsterdam.

“I really do want to see the ‘Dyke’s’…and I don’t mean the female kind” I said, we both chuckled.

Just two guys left in line. I could see part way into the bathroom jammed full of guys. Wondering if I would be able to hold on long enough to make it inside, short of having to cross my legs, I grimiest. I finally stood in front of the urinal, along with four others.

Whipping junior out, tears came to my eyes as I let go. This is the pause that refreshes…in spite of what ‘Coke’ claims.

As returned to my senses, I snuck a quick peek at the other’s manhood’s out on display. If this was an accurate sampling, then the Dutch guys are very nicely hung. After another quick peek, I zipped junior away. As I moved toward the door, Kurt stepped up and took my place.

Walking back, I could see my place at the bar was still unoccupied, surprising as the club seemed filled to over flowing. My luck was holding the bartender appeared much too busy to play twenty questions again.

“Feeling better or at least relieved?” as he spoke, the mirror on the bar wall reflected Kurt standing behind me.

“Well I’m a good gallon lighter”, I turned, looking into a large Dutch grin.

Although handsome, Kurt also having blondish hair, but; green eyes. I guess I just missed Hans and his rugged good looks to be interested.

“You haven’t been to the bathhouses yet have you?”

“Bathhouses?” I questioned.

“Yes, we have a world famous gay bathhouse here in Amsterdam” Kurt grinned. The name he mentioned I wouldn’t even try to repeat.

“We call’em ‘The tubs’ in California”, I told him, adding “There are a few very good ones in west Hollywood”. “What’s the one here like, full of sexy guys?” My tone of voice showing my interest.

“Lots of sexy guys, the place is usually so busy, sometimes you must wait for a locker to become available”. Kurt said, peaking my interest.

“How late are they open”? I asked, indulging my curiosity.

With a little chuckle, “They never close” Kurt shot back, I grinning from ear to ear.

“Really, hummm…I’d like to go there” I said, with a bit of horniness.

“Sure, a little later on?” he nudged my side, adding “Why not, sure, just might be fun, I haven’t been in awhile.”

Ah, yes….this really might be a lot of fun, I reasoned.

As the evening wore on we danced, drank, and talked of each others homes and families. And what we wanted from life. Kurt’s outlook on life was as positive, and dream filled as mine.

I noticed the crowd in the room had begun to thin. The bartender now had free time on his hands. Joining the conversation, he told of some of his exploits at the bathhouse. I thought the bartender to be about twenty four or twenty five. My guess was that he wanted to join us at the bathhouse. I had no objections, though not quite sure about Kurt. Oh.. Well, maybe the question of his coming along won’t even come up.

With the bartender at the other end of the bar, washing up glasses. Kurt brought up the question of Jorge, the bartender, coming with us to the bathhouse. “You know the bartender?” I inquired of Kurt.

“Oh…just from here, over the past couple of years, I think he’s pretty big…” winked Kurt, holding his two index fingers about eight inches apart.

“hummm…” raising my eye brows, and Kurt smiling in agreement. That was good enough for me. We both ordered another drink, asking Jorge what time he finished, and would he be interested in joining us? Not surprising, he agreed, saying he was off at four. Being only a little before three, Kurt and I kept dancing, and cruising the other guys.

I began really liking Kurt. Turned out, we both liked the same type of guys. And the bigger the bulge, the longer we stared. I think, like me, Kurt was born horny. The best of this appeared to be, aside from just wanting to have sex; Kurt didn’t offer to take me home to meet his folks. Nothing serious, just sex. This attitude, made me feel comfortable being around him.

Allowed only brief glances of Jorge’s basket, it wasn’t easy trying to judge its size. But we did keep trying, as Jorge moved about behind the bar. Jorge’s body frame was well proportioned. Good looking but; not strikingly handsome, Jorge still had a sexiness about him. The more I looked, the sexier he seemed. I couldn’t wait to see him in the raw.

I also had been eying Kurt’s basket, which appeared promising. Now I regretted not waiting in the bathroom, to catch a glimpse of him. Checking out all these baskets, was making me hornier by the minute.

With little more than a half an hour left, before Jorge was off, Kurt seemed to be getting hornier too. He kept adjusting his crotch. All the talk of sex we were doing appeared to be having an effect on us both.

“Ok, I’m just about ready, I only need to take my money drawer up stairs and we can leave”, Jorge shouted to us from the other end of the bar.

We gathered up our cigarettes and Kurt his car keys.

Outside, Kurt led me over to his V W bug, parked almost in front of the club door. A moment later Jorge stood beside us. They spoke in Dutch, for a moment.

Then in English, Kurt asked, “Did I want to get a locker or a room at the bathhouse?”

As Kurt unlocked the bug, and opened the door.

“A room?” I asked, puzzled.

Jorge chimed in that they have just a regular locker, or you can have a room. The rooms have lockable doors with your own locker in the room.

Smirking a bit, Kurt added, that if you want to take someone to a room, you could lock the door for a little more privacy.

Usually all the rooms were taken, they both agreed, especially this time of night. All the clubs and bars were closing, and the bathhouse would probably be full.

Jorge added that there were usually a bunch of guys waiting in the halls, for a room to open up. Not wanting to be left standing in the hall, so to speak, I decided to ask for a room. The cost wasn’t all that much more, Kurt said.

Driving through Amsterdam at four thirty in the morning proved interesting. People in the city were, even this late, rushing here and there at a fast pace.

“Don’t people sleep here?” I asked puzzled.

“Amsterdam is special, we almost never sleep, especially on the weekends”, Jorge spoke up from the back seat.

“True, true”….kurt added, laughing.

Zipping through town, and up a few narrow cobblestone streets we arrived at a very nondescript building. Outside only a covered porch light and a numbered address in large print were visible. The door was black with a small glassed opening about eye level. From inside, a red light shone out through the little glass window.

A buzzer beside the door was lit with a green light, in the button. Kurt pushed the button a couple of times. Almost instantly a face appeared in the little window and the door opened.

Inside was a small anti-room with a counter built through the wall and another door at the opposite end. A very cute young guy stood behind the counter. Kurt and Jorge spoke to him in Dutch.

Then turning to me Kurt asked, “Would you like a locker or a room, they have two rooms left”.

“I think I would like a room….I guess, why don’t you, looking at Kurt, share it with me?”

“Yes, kurt do, then I’ll take the other”, Jorge pleaded.

“You sure Jim, I know I’d sure like to share a room with you?” Kurt said, wiggling his eye brows a couple of times. We all had a laughed.

The cute counter guy produced two keys, along with a small stack of towels. Not knowing the exact amount, I placed a twenty gilder note on the counter, as had Jorge and Kurt. A small pile of change soon appeared in place of the notes. Kurt handed me a few of the coins, and a key. The key was on a stretchy type of bracelet. Seeing Jorge slip his on his wrist I followed suit. We each grabbed two towels.

A buzzer sounded and the inner door popped open. Jorge led the way through the door and down the hall. Floor to ceiling lockers lined both sides of the hallway. On one side a doorway opened into a large shower room area full of naked and half naked men.

The lockers ended, replaced by numbered doors on both sides. Looking at the key for my room number, let me see nine….nine? Then just in front of me, a white door with a big brass nine on it. Surprised by what I saw inside. The room’s lighting was controlled by a dimmer switch. A bed with just a sheet on it, and chair with a comforter folded over the back of it. A full length double door locker finished off the rooms amenities. Everything seemed clean and fresh.

Kurt walked in behind me and plopped down on the bed. “Nice huh….” he asked?

It was then I noticed that the wall next to the bed wasn’t a wall, but; one giant mirror. The wall at the foot of the bed was also mirrored.

“Oh boy, this really is a sex club”, I thought to my self, wondering what else lay in store.

Jorge had gone on down to his room, number eleven I think.

While sitting on the bed Kurt removed his shoes, socks and shirt. As he stood I had my first real look at him, he was in creditably well built. Slight amount of hair on his chest, kind of golden like mine. His chest definition had my mouth watering. This guy was really hot, especially with his cloths off.

“You’re very good looking, not mention being well built, Kurt, you should go around with your shirt off all the time”, I offered in admiration.

Maybe now I should be worried. How I would compare when I stood, only in my birthday suit. Having always been an avid swimmer and diver, and some what of a body builder, I really wasn’t too worried. My blond hair, blue eyed good looks, seemed to always allow me my choice of guys.

Down to just his briefs, Kurt, stood wondering what was taking me so long. Looking up and seeing his beautiful sexy body reflected in the mirrored wall, began to arouse me. I removed my shirt, then opened the top button of my 501’s. Bending over while still standing I slipped off first one shoe then the other, knowing Kurt was watching every move. I hoped to impress him with my body, as he had impressed me. My 501’s slid off my hips, showing my white briefs and my bulge in all its glory.

Removing one’s jeans while standing, is a feat, but; a very sexy striptease if you can pull it off. Either guys sit to take them off, or let them drop to the floor and step out of them. Not really all that sexy.

Facing the mirrored wall, I was able to observe myself. And almost choreograph my every move. This also allowed me to watch Kurt’s reactions to my ‘strip’. I knew I had succeeded, when Kurt’s hand slowly massaged my right buttock through my briefs. Standing behind me, Kurt placed his head on my shoulder. Reaching around me held my arms snug up against my chest. The view in the mirror was turning both of us on.

‘Knock, knock’, the opening door revealed Jorge, wrapped in a tight white towel. I turned, seeing yet another well built, good looking guy. Jorge looked, so much sexier than he did at the bar. hummm…why do most guys look so much better without clothes? I wondered.

“Come on guys, what’s the hold up?” Jorge snickered. Slipping off our briefs, Kurt and I wrapped our towels around us, tucking them in as we left. We locked the door behind us. Going from briefs to towels so fast, gave me little time to check out Kurt’s cock.

There were guys everywhere, a fair amount, even without towels. Just naked jocks, walking around bare ass. I was becoming hornier by the minute. My cock managed to stay only just three quarters hard. Hard, but not enough to stand up and salute. It seemed as if only young studs populated this place. Guys paired off feeling each others cocks and bodies right in the halls.

Jorge led the way to an out door heated pool, full of naked bodies. The tour continued on through the halls passing a television lounge, steam room, weight workout area, a dimly lit bondage room and an orgy room. The orgy room appeared to be very dark inside. It amazed me just how expansive the club was.

There is even a small café, serving meals at all hours. We ordered a beer in the café, and returned to the lounge to drink them and have a cigarette.

The large screen television showing fuck flicks, couldn’t hold a candle to the performances given by the naked guys lounging around the room. We found ourselves more interested in the live goings on, than in the movies. My cock had fully hardened, I was glad I was seated.

As I looked about the room watching the live sex shows being preformed. A tall dark haired Italian looking hunk entered the lounge. His towel over the shoulder. A nice cock swinging, freely. Sitting down between two other guys, he spoke to them, pointing out the doorway. They were shaking their heads and chuckling to each other.

Kurt leaned over and explained, there’s a guy in the orgy room hung like a horse. Says his cock is eighteen inches. Up went my eyebrows, “Wooh…!! Wow! I’d love to see a cock that size”, patting Kurt on the leg.

“Let’s check him out?” Kurt said standing and motioning for me to follow. Jorge added his agreement, and off we went.

With the dim lighting in the club, it took a few minutes to adjust to the darkened orgy room. Almost stumbling over naked bodies I maneuvered next to a wall, trying to give more time for my eyes adjust. The black painted walls didn’t help.

Slowly the scene in front of me came into focus. Down on a mat next to me, were two naked bodies, licking and admiring the tower between the legs of a young redhead.

Trying, almost in vain, to stuff the giant mushroom head in his mouth, and probably scraping it with his teeth. Was a guy on his knees, moaning and waving his ass in the air. One of the two cock admirers, moved around and began fondling the guy with his ass in the air. Lowering his head, he began licking and sucking the ass held up for him. The slurping sounds and moans grew louder. The guy’s who’s ass was being sucked, worked all the harder on the giant cock.

A hand came up under my towel, and fondled my cock and balls. I glanced down, straight into the grinning face of the big cocked redhead. Gently tugging on my cock he pulled me over to his wet mouth.

Stepping over one naked guy to straddle him, I fed my cock to his tonsils. With his head back against the wall, he had no choice, but; to let me fuck his wet mouth. Grabbing my ass with both hands he forced my cock down his throat. His moans signaled his enjoyment of my cock.

Feeling another hand between my legs rubbing my balls, I turned to see Kurt had moved next to me. Kurt licked around my ear, then plunged his tongue in deeply, tongue fucking my ear. His wet tongue swirling in my ear had me ramming my cock in the moaning mouth below me.

Softly teasing my nipples with one hand, Kurt massaged my ass with the other. While I fucked the redhead’s mouth, a tongue found its way to my asshole. Kurt was still beside me, so it wasn’t him. Whose tongue was lapping at my now, feverish hole?

Unknown to the mouth I was fucking, I am not one to cum at the drop of a hat. I always take my time, usually a very long time…hours on occasion. I like having sex, a lot more than just cuming. The doing is the fun. Little did this guy know I might fuck his mouth all night.

The tongue in me went wild, going deep into me, and sucking relentlessly. While wondering who was giving me this royal tongue fuck, I was disappointed when it suddenly stopped. I began shifting my ass, to encourage the tongue to return.

Oh !..Ohhhh, the head of a cock probed, then entered my hole where the wet tongue had been. I was more than ready. I even welcomed it, pushing my ass back to accepting the offered cock. Ahh…oohh, it slid in so easily, being sooo…..wet from the tonguing.

I reached back, trying and feel the size of the cock entering me. It was fat, fatter than Hans’s cock, but not anywhere near as long. I guessed, seven inches or so.

Leaning my head over on Kurt, I whispered, “Oohh, that cock feels good.

“I’m glad it feels good, Jim”, Jorge breathed in my other ear, as his cock slowly began to fuck me. I pulled my cheeks further apart, allowing him deeper access.

Sliding a hand over Kurt’s stomach, reaching for his cock. My hand encountered a surprised mouth, busily sucking Kurt’s cock. I understood now, why Kurt had remained so still. Never wanting to moving from the lips on his meat. We looked at each other, and grinned.

The redhead being mouth fucked by me, began to squirm, his grunts grew louder. I had the feeling; he was ready for his giant cock to release its load. This I had to see. I slowly moved back, pulling my cock out of the redhead’s mouth.

Pushing Jorge with me, together we stepped a little way back. Our legs straddled the guy on his knees, bent over sucking on the redhead’s giant pole.

The scene was amazing, the guy had been able to take maybe eight or nine inches into his mouth. There was still a good ten or more inches left. The redhead’s hands were on his head, forcing as much of his meat into him as he could.

Both Kurt and the guy sucking him stopped to watch the action.

The guys cock was the size of my arm, elbow to fist, and beer can size around. Knowing the cock in his mouth was ready to erupt, the guy sucking started to whimper, as he continued his ministrations with his mouth.

The guys standing nearby turned to look. The redhead started to shake, his cock forcing its way in as deep as possible. Their moaning was intense, as cum began to flow into the guy’s mouth. Trying his best to gulp it all down, he was largely unsuccessful. The cum ran from his mouth in a river, down and over the redhead’s cock and balls. The redhead’s nuts were the size of tennis balls. It looked like a full pint of cum was pouring out of him.

The crowd of on lookers cheered him on, whistles and shouts of yeah, yeah…echoed. The guy sucking and eating cum came up off the cock, coughing and spitting. The huge cock stood alone, spurting cum like old faithful. The sight was amazing, cum shooting up ten inches in the air, falling back down on the redhead’s stomach and chest. Some even arced out onto the floor.

I stuck my hand out, catching an arcing stream of cum. It filled the palm of my hand. I took the load of cum in my hand, and lathered my cock with it. I’ve always liked jacking, using a guys cum. It feels …sooo….good, creamy smooth and slick.

“Yeah Jim, jack it ….feels good…with cum, huh?” Jorge panted in my ear, as his cock began fucking me in earnest.

The redhead had finished shooting, and lay back against the wall spent. Shaking and moaning, the guy on his knees was licking as much of the cum off the redhead’s cock as he could.

Kurt watched as I jacked using the redhead’s cum, spreading it all over my cock and balls. Kurt’s cock was once again buried in his friends mouth, receiving a good going over. Grabbing his friends head, Kurt began to ram his meat into the guy’s mouth. His eyes watching me jack my cock lathered in cum, he let out a low growl. It was turning me on to see him fuck the guy’s mouth so fast and hard.

Jorge’s forceful fucking of my ass, told me he was turned on too, and ready to fill me with his cum. Good, I was ready to shoot my load all over the guy licking up the redhead’s cum. My cock felt so good all covered with the guy’s thick cum. sliding my cock through a hand full of cum, had me very hot and really ready to blow. My knees started to buckle a little, I was really worked up.

I guess the guy on his knees, cleaning up the redhead’s cum noticed. Pulling my hand away he buried my cock in his throat, his nose in my cum soaked pubic hair. Taking the cue, I grabbed his head and held him down on my cock, as I let go of all the juice in my balls.

Jorge feeling my muscles spasm, rammed his cock to the balls, and whimpered in my ear as he unloaded deep in me. Wow, I could feel the cock in me expand, and the squirts of cum begin to flow. Now I was really worked up, my ass squeezed his cock all the harder. Cumming and being filled hot cum at the same time, I started to shake even harder.

Watching all this had Kurt ready to blow too. Humping his meat into his friend’s mouth, he looked over and winked, as he let loose in the warm mouth in front of him. Kurt’s friend having his mouth fill with cum, worked even faster on his own cock. Letting fly an abundant amount of white fluid all over Kurt’s feet. Kurt patted the guy on the head, and said, “Sehr gut, dankt”.

Disengaging ourselves we headed for the showers. Jorge his arms around each of our necks, kissed us on our cheeks, “Pretty good, huh..?” We just smiled.

The warm water felt great running over my body, as I lathered the soap all over my cock and balls. I was worn out. Needing to rest up a bit before I would be able to go at it again. A little refreshed from the shower, we went in the direction of the TV lounge.

Not understanding Dutch, watching TV was useless; but it felt so good to sit and relax in the over stuffed leather chair.

Kurt and Jorge said they were going to take a look around, and walked toward the darkened hallway. I thought about going too; but decided to just stay here and build up my strength. That last climax in the orgy room left me well worn. Jacking off with all that cum, and I mean a lot of cum, had really worked me up, getting me very hot and bothered. And when I blew in that guy’s mouth, I drained my balls.

Jorge walked toward me carrying two bottles. “Oh good Jorge, a beer is just what I need.” Thanking him. Smiling and handing me a bottle, he sat in the chair next to me.

“Well Jim, what do you think of Amsterdam?” A touch of bragging in Jorge’s voice.

“A land of gay clubs and dyke’s, what more could one ask for”. I quipped. We both laughed.

“How long are you going to be staying, Jim?” Jorge asked.

“Well when do they close?” I winked, taking a sip out of my bottle.

“No, no….here in Amsterdam?” He said. We broke out in grins.

“I know what you meant, just a couple of more days I think. Then I’m thinking I’ll go and discover the gay Berlin I’ve heard you both talk about” a question in my voice.

“Oh, you’ll love Berlin”, he assured me. “Berlin, well next to Amsterdam, is my favorite gay city” Jorge said lifting his beer in a salute. “I have a friend there that owns a Chinese restaurant. I’ll give you his address and phone number, maybe he’ll show you the city. Or at least the gay side of it anyway”. Jorge smiled at me.

“Yeah, I would really appreciate that Jorge, thank you”. I replied.

“You’ll like Andy, he is a great guy, knows a lot of people too. And his food isn’t bad either”, Jorge chided.

“Chinese is one of my favorite foods, next to German that is”, I replied, with a pat of my stomach.

The TV went off and the screen on the wall lit up with a guy fuck flick. The room went quiet; as we all turned to watch a couple of hunks grope each other. Twenty minutes of watching some very hot sex, had me ready to wander off down those halls myself.

Just as I began to wonder where Kurt had gotten off to, there he stood in the doorway motioning for me to follow. Tapping Jorge on the shoulder and pointing to Kurt, letting him know I was going off with him. Standing I re-tucked my towel tightly around me, as I headed for the darkened hallway.

“Have fun; later I’ll want to hear all…..” Jorge raised his eyebrows.

Smiling back, I headed for the darkened hallway, to catch up with Kurt.

There were guys all over the place. Sucking and fucking right in the hallway. Kurt and I walked by many open doors, and stopped to watch more than a few guys all jumbled up in some type of hot sex. More than once, we were invited in by guys beckoning for us to join them. But most of the guys, doing the beckoning, were a bit too old for Kurt or me. Must admit though, that some of the older guys were kind of good looking and well built.

Kurt and I found ourselves back at the doorway of the orgy room; we shrugged and went on in. Stumbling over a guy or two on the floor, we worked our way over to the same corner where all the hot action had happened just a little while ago.

Nudging Kurt, “looks like another little sex party is getting off to a good start” I said with a grin. Unfortunately the redhead with the monster cock was not to be found, there were however; three nice looking guys going at it hot and heavy. Kurt licked his lips and elbowed me, as he reached for the semi-hard cock of the guy on the floor.

The guy looked to be an Italian, dark hair and an olive complexion. His chest hair was dampened and in cute little curls. His abundant black crotch hair was in ringlets all around a nice plump cock. The foreskin only came just over the head. Kurt’s hand was greeted with smile. Slowly working the skin up and over the head, Kurt knelt down and slipped his tongue in between the head and skin, licking around and around. The low moans from the Italian, let me know he was a happy camper.

A hand belonging to the young man standing next to Kurt, reached up under his towel, and began a slow gentle movement up and down Kurt’s cock. Grinning at Kurt, I removed his towel letting it fall to the floor. My view now unimpeded, my cock twitched as it strained against my now tented towel.

Time to get in on some of this action, I thought to myself. Letting my own towel drop to the floor, I began to slowly jack my cock.

Moving in behind Kurt, I worked my hand between his smooth cheeks. My fingers gently circled and probed the tightly closed pucker hole. Feeling Kurt’s mussels relaxing, as he backed a little toward my swollen member, I traded my fingers with the head of my cock.

A gentle tap on my shoulder, made me turn, looking into a very cute guy’s eyes. Holding a small clear tube in his hand, he offered it to me. Assuming it to be a lubricant of some sort, “Danke” I said, accepting the offered gift.

As if by taking the offered lubricant, I was giving permission, he placed both palms on my behind. Sensually he began massaging each cheek. hummm……. This is becoming very interesting, my now very randy brain thought.

The idea of being fucked, while I plowed my meat into Kurt, almost made my mouth water. Anxious to feel what I was getting into, I reached behind me, and took hold of a rather nicely proportioned cock. Turning to smile my approval, he patted my cheeks.

Using a small dab of the very smooth jelly, I began to circle Kurt’s little rosebud. Working my finger a little at a time, on Kurt’s now relaxed hole.

I ran my now lubed palm over the head of my cock. Without looking back, I handed the still half-filled tube over my shoulder to my fuck mate, as I worked the head of my cock up and down between the cheeks of Kurt’s warm ass.

By pushing back, Kurt was letting me know to slip it in. My dick twitched, as the head popped into his warm greased cavern.

His mouth still ministering to the Italian, Kurt gave a guttural whimper of approval.

Sliding easily in to the hilt, my pubic bush came to rest snuggly against Kurt’s firm cheeks. After only a couple of slow strokes in Kurt’s warm ass, a cool well-lubed finger found its way inside my willing hole.

Looking back over my shoulder, those sparkling eyes met my gaze. “Ja, Ja gut” I whispered, my willingness to be penetrated very apparent. The next moment the fingers were gone, replaced with a probing cock.

Carefully as not to dislodge myself from the tight warm place my cock had found, gently I moved back to impale the advancing cock deeper. Slow and easy, I was being entered to the hilt. Holding Kurt by the hips, for a firm grasp, the double fuck rhythm increased. The slow movement, back and forth, was having an over whelming effect.

A cock buried in me, my cock easing in and out of Kurt, was working its magic on my prostate. I became hornier by the second. Feeling the cock in me bottom out on each stroke, pushed me forward to bottom out in Kurt’s tight warm ass.

This was feeling great, being fucked and working my cock in a hot ass. The Italian holding Kurt by the head, was in a frenzied face fucking. Sloshing and smacking sounds emanating from Kurt’s mouth, assured me the Italian was totally involved with ramming his meat down Kurt’s throat. Kurt’s whimpering, affirmed to us all he was in heaven.

The ahhhh‘s…..and ohhhh‘s, caught me by surprise, because they were coming from me. The wet tongue working on the back of my neck and shoulders, urged my balls empty their contents deep into Kurt’s bowels. The swollen member in my own ass, seemed to be seeking it’s release too.

The licking became gentle nibbling, accompanied by low lusty moans. My horniness increased with every stroke of my cock, and the tingling in my rear.

Observing our ménage et trois (French, meaning three-way), two guys who had been leaning over against the wall, ambled over, slowly jacking their manhood’s. The two, taking up positions on either side of me, I released my grip from Kurt’s firm butt, my hands reaching for the offered cocks. With a cock in each of my sweating palms, I slowly manipulated the skin back and forth over the throbbing heads. With my right, I pulled the heftier of the two cocks in closer, rubbing his precum on me. Wanting them to climax as I did, I stroked both cocks furiously.

Copious amounts of precum lathered my side. My senses whirled, my cuming seemed eminent. The reaming my ass was receiving, had my cock working over time. Sweat pouring off Kurt’s back rolled down the crack of his ass and drenched my crotch, covering my balls. The sweat making my meat slide all the easier into Kurt. The area had the raunchy scent of pure lust. Our groaning, and the sloshing of cocks in asses, had giving our party away.

The rest of the guys in the room, hearing and probably smelling the sex, came over closer to our writhing mass of bodies. Low choruses of yeah,… yeah, while jacking their hard dripping cocks, egged us on. The guys who’s precum was running down my side, arched back forcing his cock into my pistoning grip all the firmer. Moaning he released a flood of warm goo…..up on my face, chest and Kurt’s back.

As if by chain reaction, the masturbating guy on my left let fly his sperm, on me and the stud fucking me. Watching this, our Italian grabbed Kurt’s head and began pumping his seed into his mouth, some escaped Kurt’s whimpering lips.

The ass my cock was buried in began to sway, twitching and squeezing my over heated rod. Covered in cum, my cock spasmodically being milked by Kurt’s ass, my balls tightened and began emptying their over heated fluid into Kurt. Holding on for dear life, I pounded my cock into Kurt’s ass. All this cum from these guys had my knees feeling like they would give way any second. As I slowly came back down to reality again, I managed to catch my breath.

Turning, Kurt had a real shit eating grin on his face. Not to mention cum dripping from his chin. Slowly with exhaustion on every ones face, we started to untangle ourselves from each other. A nice warm shower was definitely in order.

Walking to the showers, the Italian came up behind Kurt and patted his butt, saying “Next times you fuck me, maybe… yes?. This brought a big smile to Kurt’s cum covered face.

Kurt ginned and returned the pat on the ass. “Ja, mein freund”, he said, to the Italian, as he put his arm over my shoulder.

The shower was great, warm water cascading over my worn and tired body. Looking at my watch, I decided, as it was after six thirty in the morning, it was time to call it a night, or morning as the case my be.

Jorge was still in the TV lounge, where we caught up with him after our shower. Thanking the guys for a fun, sex filled evening. I decided it was time to go back to my hotel and get some sleep. As Kurt and Jorge wanted to stay, I took a taxi.

The next few days were filled with sightseeing; the nights were spent at the bars or in the baths. Both Kurt and Jorge made sure that I saw the Rembrandt museum, and a few of the coffee houses. Also a boat trip down a few canals. Plus of course, a look see in a pot shop or two.

I could tell the guys were sorry that I was leaving the next day. Jorge said he had a little surprise for my trip.

Having to say goodbye to Kurt and Jorge was harder than I thought. Jorge had made and carefully packed a typical Dutch lunch, even sticking in a bottle of white wine. Inside the box were a few open face sandwiches, a good size chunk of cheese, a baguette of French bread and a couple of apples. Now I knew why the box was so heavy. There were even more goodies in the box, as I was to find out later on the train.

The time I spent with Kurt and Jorge, just seemed to have flown by. Dinners at Kurt’s or Jorge’s, as they alternated nights. Gave me a chance to really taste homemade Dutch dishes. Jorge told me that Dutch cooking was basically German in origin, but with some exceptions.

As we waited on the platform for my train, feeling the warm gentle breeze, Kurt leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Jim, I’m going to miss you, PLEASE, PLEASE come back soon, I’ve gotten too really like you”. His usually blue sparkling eyes looked sad. “Yes”, Jorge added, “I’m missing you too, and you haven’t left yet”. Smiling ear to ear Jorge threw his arm around my neck, and kissed my other cheek. Almost silently the T E E moved into the station, coming to a stop alongside our little group.

Checking to make sure my passport and euro-rail pass were in hand. I kissed them both goodbye on the cheek, before boarding the TRANS-EUROPEAN-EXPRESS. Sinking into a window seat, I was able to watch Kurt and Jorge waving as we pulled out. Next stop Berlin.


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