A Life Well Lived
by Jim Cook


Chapter Nine : A Dream Fulfilled

Because of my excitement in joining the show, the next few days went by in a blur. I was in show business, a dream come true. Well maybe only sort of, but; it was a beginning.

I stayed with Julian, observing and paying close attention to each move he made. He had me work the spotlight a couple of times during simple numbers where the light was just a white follow spot, to get a feeling for the movement of the machine. Luckily my French was enough not to hinder me.

All day the next day Julian kept reminding me, “Later, I have a special surprise for you.” The twinkle in his voice leaving me completely baffled as to his surprise. Being this was the shows last day here, time was counting down.

The balloon burst at intermission of the final show. My special big surprise, almost gave me heart failure. Julian and I had just climbed the stairs back to our spotlight’s little cubby-hole. When he placed the headphones over my ears, saying “Ok Jim, you’re handling the rest of the show. I am a ‘Wonderful’ teacher (he snickered), I know you can manage on your own. ….Surprise!” With that he sat down smiling, crossed his arms and ignored me.

There I stood, eyes big as saucers my mouth agape, too much in shock to utter a word. As I stared back at him, the overture to the second half began.

With a smirk, Julian pointed toward the spotlight. “Best get a move on, musics playing. Mon ami” he stated, not making any attempt to move.

Owing to the fact that we had already changed the rods and cleaned the mirror before going down for a coffee and cigarette. I only needed to turn the machine on. Still numb, I flipped the switch and brought the beast to life.

As the lighting came up on the ‘Hong Kong’ number. The ice was bathed in yellow and red. The ‘Star’ spots, that’s how they referred to the two center spotlights, do a lot of the colors, but; quite a bit of the time it’s just a white light following the star(s) of the number. The second center spot, is mainly operated the same way the rest of the house spots are. Only when there is more than one ‘Star’ on the ice, does it become a star spot.

My thoughts were so concentrated on the show and the operation of the spotlight. That I forgot about the fear I’d first experienced.

When the cast stood at the front headers taking their final bows, I felt Julian’s hand on my shoulder. “Tres Bon, Mon ami… I knew you were ready. Don’t forget my friend, I’m a ‘Wonderful’ teacher.” Julian chided me, with a couple of pats to my back. With a sigh of relief, I threw my arm over Julian’s shoulder and gave a squeeze “Yes my friend you are a ‘Wonderful’ teacher. Lets go have a cigarette, maybe even a beer too. I’m buying” I offered, as we headed down the stairs.

Backstage was already about half empty, when we came through the curtain. That’s when I became aware of just how organized and efficient the crew was. The sets, props and even most of the costumes were packed up as soon as they came off the ice from each of the numbers. The snack bar was one of the few things that hadn’t been dismantled yet.

Julian and I sat talking, enjoying our coffees, as the cast kids began filtering in fully dressed. As was usually the case, George was one of the last to appear. Shirley, on her second coffee, asked the group. Who all planned on going out, being their last night here?

“Julian, are you going to let us take you out on your last night with us?” Shirley asked, softly patting Julian’s knee. “You know we’ll miss your smiling, cheerful personality. So let us take you out for a final hurrah.” she added, “I’m sure not going to take no for an answer”.

“Sounds great to me,but; we have something else to celebrate too.” Julian spoke, pointing at me. “You know that Peter gave Jim my job, starting in Zürich. But tonight, Jim worked the last half of the show …ALL… by himself. And he did a perfect job. So we should buy him a drink ….or… two(Julian chuckled) for having mastered the dreaded spotlight.” Julian began clapping, looking in my direction, and was soon joined by t he rest of our little group.

“Way to go, Jim” Tina said, as the short lived applause died. Followed by some “Congratulations”, “Knew you’d do it” and a couple of “That calls for a drink”. When the rest of the kids finally showed up. The gang and I made our way out to the Taxi stand.

By midnight the party in the club was well underway, everyone was fairly well oiled. Tina and Shirley kept crying on Julian’s shoulder. “Oh Julian, we’re going to miss you so much, part of our family is leaving” Tina wailed.

I’m sure they were trying to let Julian know he’d be missed, but; all I think they managed to accomplish was making him sad, as his eyes were wet and red too.

On a mission of mercy, I grabbed Julian by the arm, pulling him onto the dance floor and away from the two sobbing girls. Except for our group, the place was pretty well empty, Julian and I went unnoticed. We slowly danced (Well apart from each other) as we talked. Yes, he would miss the whole gang. They had become very close in the couple of years he had been with the show. Yet, he wanted to return to school even more. He needed to finish his education if he were to ever have his own drugstore, as he wanted.

The other night when Julian and I were tipping a few in the tavern. I almost asked him to go home with me, but; changed my mind at the last minute. I was just too wasted. This night was worse even, we we’re both wasted.

With the train leaving just after eight in the morning. I let my common sense have its way. I would go home alone,again.

I’m not sure how he managed it, but; Julian was at the station to see the troupe off. I left the club before most of the others had, including Julian. When I got ready to leave, I couldn’t help but notice how plastered poor Julian was, sitting there with Tina, George and Shirley. I guess I’d been wrong, as they all seemed to enjoy crying in each others beer.

“Ah, Mon ami, you’ll do ‘Wonderful’, and will enjoy working and traveling with this bunch of crazies” Julian told me, while giving me a quick kiss on each cheek, as he had the others. “Now go… get on. You don’t want to miss your train and your new job” he added.

“Thanks Julian, thanks a lot. I could have never pulled this off without you helping me” I smiled, giving him a hug.

“You wouldn’t believe me, mon ami. But see the truth, I am a ‘Wonderful’ teacher” he laughed, pushing me toward the train.

Not long after he handed up my last suitcase, the train began to move. Julian stood on the platform waving, as we pulled away. George, Tina and I were hanging out the window watching Julian grow smaller as he stood waving.

“Now I wish I’d tried harder to get Julian in bed, one of the few ‘Cute’ straight guys with this show. And I blew it” Tina sighed.

“I wish I could’ve blown it” George wistfully sighed too. Earning him a punch in the shoulder, from Tina.

Ducking my head back inside, I sat down chuckling to myself. Tina and George looked puzzled. “Hey guys it’s to late to fight over him” I smirked, still chuckling. They both looked at me confused, then broke into laughter.

“Yeah I blew it” Tina sighed again.

“Yeah and I wish I could’ve….. Ouch” George yelled, after receiving another blow from Tina.

“Shut up George, he’s straight, remember” Tina chastised.

I decided to keep my and Julian’s history to myself. What these two don’t know won’t hurt me. Yes, I would keep this information secret. Tina would be pissed and George …. probably jealous.

The three of us pooled our money for the Taxi to the hotel. Zürich was quite different from Lausanne. The German influence was very noticeable.

During the Taxi ride, Tina and George explained that Holiday On Ice has arrangements with two or three hotels in each city. Each giving the cast members a discount on their rooms. So every year the kids usually went back to the same hotel. Some times even being given the same room from the year before. Although not always allowed, the kids had hotplates in their rooms. In the late afternoon you’d smell food cooking up and down the floors. Saving them a chunk of money by not having to eat out. Most of the cast double up, two to a room, saving them a little bit more.

George asked if I was interested in bunking in with him, of course I readily agreed. On what I was being paid, every little bit of savings would help. I still didn’t know what I was going to be paid. Fortunately I had a little money left, to make up any difference. When we arrived at the Sport Halle. I desperately needed to make a trip up to the office and find out what my pay scale would be here. Then I’d at least have an idea how to budget my funds.

We had the rest of today and most of tomorrow free. As it was an evening performance. George and I went sightseeing on foot. After a late lunch of Bratwurst and beer, we went back to the hotel for a quick nap.

We told the girls, Shirley and Tina, we’d meet them later and decide what to do for the evening. I’m afraid what ever it was, if it involved much money, they’d have to count me out.

Knock… Knock, “Come in, whoever it is” George half yelled, a bit groggy.

“You guys up?” Tina almost whispered, as she stuck her head in the door.

“Ahh…um, Yeah. I guess” George croaked, gathering his wits about him. As Tina came and sat on my bed. “Where’s Jim? She asked.

“Humm… don’t know, probably the shower… maybe” George guessed.

“Well, Shirley and I thought we’d go back to the club the ‘Safari’, or even the ‘Blue Moon’ if you’d rather go there George?”

“Oh Hi Tina” I said, caught off guard by her presence in the room, as I entered.

“There you are, we were just discussing going out tonight. Shirley wants to go to the ‘Safari’. Have you been there? Then there’s also the Blue Moon” Tina offered, waiting for either of us to speak up.

“Never having been here, you guys decide. Just as long as it won’t cost too much. My finances are tight.” I replied, with a shrug of my shoulders.

“Tell you what Jim, we each will buy you a drink. We need you to balance our group for dancing, two girls, two guys. What do you say George? Otherwise you poor guy, will have to dance with both of us” Tina compromised.

“Deal”George quickly agreed, before anyone could change their mind. Adding “That’s one of the best deals I’ve made” he grinned.

“Hey guys, I don’t want you buying me drinks” I spoke up, a little embarrassed.

“It’s well worth it Jim, for us to have a dancing partner. Besides we really want you to join us, anyway.” Tina stated, with a bit of finality.

“Ok… I give, I’ll go. What time should we be ready, Tina?” I asked, flattered to be included.

“We’ll let you guys know later” Tina reasoned, as she disappeared out the door.

“She must really like you, Tina’s kinda tight with her money” George laughed.

Around eight thirty, the girls showed up. Shirley insisted we go to the ‘Safari’ first, as she preferred it of the two. We called a taxi, and waited out front for it to arrive.

Fake plants, stacked crates and the Jungle motif, did lend to the African Safari theme. No wonder Shirley was fond of the place. The sound system wasn’t half bad either. Hate to admit it, but even I liked this place.

George bought the first round of drinks. The girls exacted their pound of flesh though, making us poor guys dance, dance and dance some more. Shirley picked up the second, and Tina the third. This night we were doing far more dancing than drinking. So as not to be indebted, I went ahead and bought the fourth. Exhaustion set in about one thirty. Too tired to dance another step, we went looking for a taxi.

It was a little after nine when I awoke, George still softly snoring. I drew the drape back, only a bit. Enabling just a small shaft of light to enter. Quietly gathering my toiletries, I grabbed my towel and slipped from the room, trying not to awaken George.

The steaming shower renewed my well being, from the fatigue of last night. I left the room leaving George behind, soundly sleeping.

Aroma from freshly baked croissants, blended with the strong smell of coffee. Drew me to a small cafe couple of doors down from the hotel. The warm sunny morning forced me to sit at a table outside, soaking up all the golden rays I could absorb. The croissants smelled great, but; tasted oh so much better. By my second coffee, and fourth croissant. I was prepared to face my day.

I had left a note by the door telling George I planned on going to the arena to find out my pay scale, and check the spotlight placement. Perhaps it would even be possible to practice some, before the performance tonight.

The brief walk in the sunshine, found me humming a tune from the show. The building, polished steel and glass, seemed to stand almost as a monument of sorts.

Asking several people, I finally located the office up on the second floor. After a short wait, I was introduced to the building manager. Herr Scheidermann informed me I would be earning sixty eight franc’s a night, except on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, being there are three shows, I’ll be paid two hundred and fifty franc’s. Sunday’s pay scale would bring me a little less, with only two performances, it amounted to one hundred and forty two franc’s. On the days with more than one show they paid you a little extra for meals, as you weren’t supposed to leave the building between the performances.

The set-up crews were rushing to finish. While all the curtains were up, they were still installing the headers around the ice. The header boxes plug one to another, allowing the different colored bulbs inside to be synchronized. Mike, the head electrician, said they would be finished by two or three this afternoon. Affording me ample time for a bit of practice, to smooth out my technique a little more. Being only eleven, I had hours yet to kill.

Having checked out the spotlight nest, I was on my way back down, when I caught sight of Peter and a woman over by the control desk. That’s where Peter directed the operation of the spotlight’s.

Waving me over, “Jim,” he yelled. I acknowledged his wave, while making my way toward them. The woman looked to be in her late twenties or very early thirties and fairly attractive, with dark short hair. Peter introduced us.

“Jim, I like you to meet Annette. She’s the assistant show director. Annette just returned from vacation. Two weeks in Paris, with your folks, right?” Peter asked, looking to her for conformation.

“Oui, a nice two weeks it was” she smiled, extending her hand for me to shake.

“Nice to meet you Annette” I smiled, while shaking her hand.

“You’re replacing Julian as spot operator, Peter tells me” Annette smiled, once again. Adding “I’m so sorry I missed saying good-bye to him, Julian and I were great friends. I’m going to miss him.”

“Annette operates the spot control desk. I was only filling in while she was away. It will be her charming voice, you’ll be hearing” Peter clarified.

“Peter says this is your first night ‘Alone’ on the spot? How’s your German, Jim? …Oh, never mind, …I shall give you yours in English. So don’t worry, I’ll make tonight as painless as possible.” she chuckled, giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze.

“My Italian, is non existent. French, (furrowing my brow) Eh..so, so. But, my German is fairly good. It would be fantastic though if you would give me mine in English, at least until I’m a bit more comfortable with the light, Annette. I would really appreciate that, thank you.” I told her, sounding as sincere as I could muster.

“It will be ok, don’t worry. And welcome aboard, Jim. I know you will like working with the show. Now I must go and check in at my hotel. I need to unpack and get ready for tonight” Annette said, gathering a few papers from the desk.

“I too need to leave, I’m wanted backstage.” Peter explained, starting to walk away. Turning, he added “See you tonight then(meaning both of us).”

“Ok Jim, tonight then…. Oh, Nice meeting you” Annette said, taking her leave.

I noticed Annette had a slight limp, something with her right leg. I liked her though, she seemed a genuinely nice person. Her English was perfect, only a hint of a French accent betrayed her nationality. I breathed a sigh of relief, this might work out well after all. With time on my hands, I needed to find something to occupy myself until the crew completed their work.

Having located the American Express office yesterday, while sightseeing with George, I’d go check and see if I had any mail. Already having put in a change of address in the Lausanne office, there was a possibility.

The disappointment must have been obvious, as the young woman behind the counter smiled saying. “Next time maybe.” Actually I didn’t really expect a letter this soon, having received two in Lausanne.

I’d purposely not included any mention of my working with Holiday On Ice, for two reasons. Firstly, I needed to know for sure that I really was going to get the job. Secondly, and most importantly, the walls would be a mess after the shit hit the fan. When mother learned I wasn’t coming home at the close of the summer. I was accepted into La Sierra college, and she expected me home in September before classes started. The worry of any future funds being entirely cut off, was a distinct possibility. “Don’t forget the hand that rocks the cradle, also controls the purse strings.” I chuckled to myself.

Discovering a quaint Italian styled sidewalk cafe I enjoyed a tasty lunch, enhanced by a couple glasses of red wine. I took a stroll to settle my meal, before heading back in the direction of the Sport Halle. Stumbling upon to a small park, I took a seat on a stone bench watching children playing on the grass. Leaves danced on the trees, in a warm gentle breeze. The day was very warm, bordering hot. In the shade of the trees, I found momentary relief.

Returning, I found the crew had completed installing the headers and weren’t to be seen. I went through two sets of rods, before feeling comfortable with the light. With new rods, a clean and polished mirror, the machine would patiently await tonights performance.

I returned to the hotel, only to find George and the girls had left. In a small way I was thankful, an undisturbed nap was in order. Two hours familiarizing myself with the spotlight, and the jaunt home. Left me longing for a shower and a little shut eye. The sweat removed, I set the alarm and drifted into a dreamless state of unconsciousness.

Beep …Beep …Beep, the clock read seven pm when I shut the damn thing off. George hadn’t returned, when I hauled my ass from its warm resting place. A trip to the bathroom for a pee, a little cold water on my face and I was ready to leave. Although afraid I might mess up, I none the less looked forward to tonight.

Seven thirty found me backstage enjoying a coffee. Annette was making her way to the snack bar, amid a few cheers of people welcoming her back.

“Well Jim, ready for tonight?” she inquired, in all seriousness. sliding her glasses down a bit to look for my reaction. Her serious tone gave way to a laugh and a broad grin. “Hey relax, you’re too wound up. You’ll do fine. Just listen closely, I’ll give you all the cues in plenty of time.” she finished with a gentle smile and a soft shoulder pat.

Our conversation was brought to a halt, when Peter yelled “Fifteen minutes”. Everyone scattered with that pronouncement. I did catch a glimpse of George hurrying by, so I guess he’s alright.

“When you get up there Jim, put on the headphones and make sure you can hear me. Flash me VERY.. quickly, so I’ll know.” Annette said, leaving.

“Alright Annette” I half yelled, before she was out of earshot. Then I too disappeared through the curtain.

I flashed a focused very tight beam on her desk for only a second, letting her know I heard her loud and clear.

“Jim, this is for the other guys,but; listen in and you’ll see how all this works” I heard Annette through the headset.

Her words in German, reminded which of them was an ‘Even’ and which was an ‘Odd’. Also refreshing their memory as to the ‘Key’ words she would use. Saying things would be just as they were in the practice they went through an hour and a half ago. While finishing her little talk, the overture began and the house lights dimmed.

“Ok, meine Herren…Gerada in farbe zwei (evens in color two)und Ungerada zahlen in farbt ein (odds in color one)…..,Jim you wait and hit the snow Queen in white,but; not till I tell you….. achtung.. achtung… ‘Jetzt’” Annette called out. And the ice was bathed in light. “Ok Jim, get ready…. ready… Now” she told me, and the ‘Snow Queen’ shimmered in white.

The afternoon spent with the spotlight paid off, I kept the skater centered in the light and smoothly followed her around the ice. I was actually beginning to relax. For some reason, unconsciously I guess, I was picking up on the music cues, many before Annette said ‘Now’. Having watched the show so many times, was paying dividends. When the house lights came up at intermission, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Closing the lid after new rods and wiping the mirror. I bestowed a couple of loving pats and whispered, “Good girl”.

Seeing me come through the curtain, Annette, smiling gave me the thumbs up. As I walked passed I told her,“I appreciate your making it easier on me, thanks a lot. The coffee’s on me.”

“Thanks, but…” Annette said, and held up her cup.

“Well next time then” I told her as I began to moved off.

“I’ll take you up on that, …. after the show” she acknowledged, with a point of her finger toward me.

Smoking a cigarette after my coffee. George came up telling me he and the girls had spent the afternoon sightseeing and later had dinner together. He was sorry they hadn’t come back to retrieve me. I told him that was ok, as I was napping anyway. “I needed the nap more than something to eat” I said, causing us both to chuckle. He and the cast kids congratulated me on making through the first half. Saying they knew I could pull it off. And if I was still alive after the second they would take me out to celebrate. ‘Five minutes’ having been called, I made my way back up top.

The second half went better than the first, if that was possible. My nerves remained clam and the different numbers came off without incident. The few people that had been seated up this high with me, were gone by the time I’d cleaned and set up the light for tomorrow. I got myself and Annette a cup of coffee, while we waited for the guys to shower and dress. Annette was pleased with the way I handled the spotlight during the performance. She welcomed me to the crew, saying “I know you are going to work out just fine, Jim, you’re a quick learner.”

We were still chatting amongst ourselves, when Tina and Shirley came over. George as usual was the last to arrive.

The gang kept insisting I go out with them, but; as the excitement wore down, fatigue set in. Alone I returned to the hotel looking forward to a hot shower and hitting the sheets. Sometime in the wee hours, I heard George come in and go to bed.

Morning burst through the window. Yes, once again I’d failed to close the curtain. Having gone to bed so early, I was more than ready to face a new day. Closing the drape most of the way, I collected toiletries and left to shower. On reentering the darkened room, I dressed quickly and went in search of breakfast. Satisfyingly my appetite this warm sunny morning would require more than just croissants and coffee. I wandered until I found a cafe serving breakfast.

Not long after arriving in Europe, I learned most Europeans do not eat a large meal first thing in the morning as Americans usually do. Finding an establishment that served eggs, sausage and potatoes, so early, took a bit of doing. Just down from the Savoy hotel I found an open restaurant serving an American style breakfast. I’m sure they were catering to the tourists from the hotels.

I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on a couple of really good looking guys at he table next to mine. They sounded like Americans, as I couldn’t discern an accent. The conversation was very animated, recounting their adventures last night in a bathhouse. The elicit details had my own cock hard in no time. I found it difficult to concentrate on the rest of my breakfast, with all the colorful descriptions. This bathhouse sounds like just the place this horny guy is looking for, the lecherous young man in me thought.

I racked my brain trying to think of a way to ask the guys the name of the bathhouse. Just interrupting would be rude. Realizing there was no other way, “Hey guys, that bathhouse sounds just the sort of place I’ve been looking for” I asked, not sure what their reaction would be.

“Ah…Oh, we didn’t think anyone heard us, sorry” the guy closest to me said.

“Guess we should have been quieter, sorry about that” the other guy spoke up.

“No, I’m glad I heard you, I’d like to find out how to get there, if you guys don’t mind” I hurriedly added.

“Oh, Ok..cool, here’s the ticket from last night, its got the name and address on it. We both had a great time. We’re just sorry we have to leave today, or we’d go back tonight” the dark haired guy said, handing me the ticket.

“Thanks guys, you’re Americans right? Where you from?” I asked, prodding a little.

“I am, Frank here is from Canada” said the dark haired one.

“Happy to meet you both” I said extending my hand over the table. Adding “I’m Jim, Jim Cook”

“As I said, this here’s Frank, and I’m Philip. Nice to meet you Jim” he said, shaking my hand. Then Frank and I shook.

“We’re flying back to Seattle, later today. Wish we were able to stay a day or two more, But; our tour heads home at three thirty, damn it.” Frank informed me.

“How long you guys been over here?” I inquired.

“Three weeks. We started in Rome, and ended here in Switzerland.” Philip sighed.

“What you doing here? You on a tour too?” Frank asked.

“Nah, I’m over touring around on my own, suppose to go home the middle of next month. However; I decided I like it so much, I’m staying for a year or two, at least.” I confided.

“Damn… guy, you must be rich” frank stated.

“No.. no, not at all. I got a job, it’s the only way I’m able to stay.” I explained.

“That is so cool, wish I could.” Philip said, seeming a bit envious.

“What kinda job ya get? You must speak Swiss, then?” He said.

“Yeah, I do speak a little German. I managed to get on with that ice show” I told him, pointing to the Holiday On Ice poster taped on the window.

“Wow… you’re an ice skater?” Frank asked, astonished.

“That’s wild” Philip added, before I could answer.

“Boy… don’t I wish. Nope, Can’t skate a lick. I operate a spotlight for the show.” I was finally able to explain.

“Well even ‘THAT’ is still really cool, guy.” Frank said, looking over to a nodding Philip.

“Yeah, guy” Philip added.

“Shit Phil, we got a go, we’re late. Our last sightseeing bus leaves in twenty minutes” Frank said after looking at his watch. They both made a mad scramble to retrieve their belongings from the table.

“Nice meeting you Jim, sorry, but; we have to run” Philip said, as he and Frank hurriedly departed, leaving money on the table.

“Thanks for the address” I yelled after them. Without looking back, Philip waved over his head as they disappeared through the door.

Finishing my meal, I paid the check. Anxious to relate my tale to George about the bathhouse, I took the most direct route back to the hotel.

He was awake, and most likely in the shower I supposed, as the room was empty. His towel and soap were missing.

The girls showed up seconds after George returned. I thought I’d better wait until we were alone, before talking about the bathhouse. The three of them wanted to go have something to eat. Having already eaten I opted out, instead decided to sightsee, meeting up with them later.

When I caught up to the gang, the girls having been to Zürich before, wanted just to shop. Leaving George and I to our own devices. As he and I wandered, I brought out the receipt and explain how I came by it. Since nothing was planned, with the girls, after the show. He and I agreed we’d sneak off and check it out. This being the only chance we’d have. Tomorrow was Saturday with its three performances.

With each performance under my belt, so too speak. The more relaxed I became about learning the cues for the various numbers. My goal, doing the entire show without needing earphones. I was not there, yet. I derived a great deal of pleasure from my job, and took pride and satisfaction in doing it well.

George and I did manage to slip away while the rest were in the showers. He’d decided to wait and take his at the bathhouse, allowing us a quicker get a way. We hailed a taxi without much of a wait. George giggled like a small child told he was being taken to a sweet shop. Aside from the couple of times we’d already had sex, he and I were no longer attracted to each other sexually. We’d become simply roommates, not to mention great friends.

The bathhouse, like the one in Amsterdam was very nondescript on the outside. Only large numbers above the entrance were visible. Friday night found this establishment with wall to wall naked males. Ok, a few had towels rapped about their middles.

If George was like a kid going to a candy store on the way over here. Now I could almost see drool escaping the corners of his mouth.

“Wow, this is great. Wish we’d known about this place when we first arrived.” George panted, as we finished stowing our clothes.

I must admit my dick was at half mast. The eye candy was proving hard to resist as we wandered the corridors. Brunettes, blonde’s, even olive skinned dark haired Adonises were no more than an arms length away. A lot of hands found their way up under my towel, feeling ‘Jimmy Jr.’ on my passage down the halls. With some of the hunkier guys, I returned the grope.

Coming to a darkened doorway George bid me farewell with a wink, before slipping into the blackness.

Grabbing a beer, I continued my trek alone. The lounge, music blaring, was strewn with naked and half naked bodies. Flopping down next to a rather good looking guy, I managed to bum a smoke from his open pack.

“Danke (Thanks)” I responded to his kindness.

“Bitte (Please)” he nodded in return, smiling.

The occasional glance to my left was rewarding. The smooth torso beside me sported quarter size nipples, and a small amount of hair between them. His treasure trail led down to a promising towel covered bulge. Reaching across him to place my empty beer bottle on a table, my elbow deliberately grazed his soft package. Feeling almost sure I felt it twitch, I became emboldened. I thought of asking, “What’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?” Instead I offered him my hand, “Hi I’m Jim, Jim Cook, thanks again for the cigarette.” I said, still extending my hand.

“Englander?” he probed, as we shook.

“No, no… American” I replied. Withdrawing my hand, I couldn’t help but notice his warm friendly smile.

“Ah, American” he repeated, his smile broadening. “I like Americans” he added, his green eyes almost twinkling.

He wasn’t a pretty boy, in that sense, but; with his rugged looks and square jaw, he was definably handsome. After another beer and a couple of smokes, he and I went searching for an empty room.

As it was a Friday night, there were no rooms without at least two occupants. A bit shy, I was hesitant about being led into the orgy room. Through the darkness, naked bodies slowly came into focus as my eyes adjusted. Three guys, the one in the middle had a cock in each end, were the center of attention. The exhibition drew a circle of guys slowly massaging their meat.

One of the guys watching, he’s a little shorter than me, displayed the fattest cock I ever seen. It wasn’t long, but; around, was the size of two beer cans having been combined. I’m sure I couldn’t have gotten even the head of his cock in my mouth, if I’d tried. He appeared quite proud, waggling the stump toward anyone looking.

The cocks around us looked to be in the six and seven inch range. When my friend pulled the towel from my waist, little ‘Jimmy’s” eight and a half hard inches garnered the groups attention. Even ‘Stubby’ made his way over to us, licking his lips he began stroking my ass.

No way in hell is that thing of his coming anywhere near my butt, I chuckled under my breath. My fears were put aside, for the moment anyway, when he knelt and swallowed ‘junior’ to the balls.

“Oh… that feels good” I groaned, in an almost audible whisper. My cock still buried to the hilt, he slipped his tongue out and lathered my nuts. His fingers worked their magic, sliding through the saliva covering my family jewels.

The warm tongue wiggling its way into my rear passage, belonging to my friend, found a willing and receptive pucker. His hands pressing on my back, forcing me to stoop somewhat, granted his tongue the access it sought. Having never given me his name, my ‘Friend’s’ tongue probed ever deeper up into me. Seems the center attraction was now junior’s eight and a half inches. A couple of the other guys were slathering each of my nipples with their spit.

Stifling a chuckle, I watched a short little blond headed guy trying to work his way to my balls by coming up underneath the guy whose mouth was locked around my cock.

Taking advantage of the situation, the guy sucking my cock worked his dick into the blond’s ass as the guy slipped between his legs to reach my balls. The guy sucking my cock whimpered as his cock slid home, up the blond’s butt. The blond groaned around my balls, feeling his ass fill with cock. Looking down at sight before me, I got hornier by the second.

My throat was dry and had a bit of trouble swallowing. The tongue in my ass was making my legs go weak. All I could manage was to mouth fuck the guy sucking my meat. I love guys who can deep throat you. And this guy was sure able to do just that. As much as I tried to hold off, fucking this hot mouth was pulling me over the edge. I pulled my tool from his cum hungry throat, just in time I hoped, to keeping me from popping.

The guy groaned. Looking up, his eyes begging to be allowed his sought after fluid. The guy sucking my ass had my toes curling. It was too late, I was going to cum whether I wanted to or not. I grabbed my hot mouthed guy by the head, sinking my cock back into his throat. No sooner had my balls slammed his chin than I started pumping cum down his throat. My hole spasmed again and again around the tongue inside me. The guy with the never ending tongue began moaning and twisting as he dug it even deeper into my ass. My knees gave and I slumped onto the back of the cock sucker, nursing on ‘Junior’. My body continued twitching in orgasmic bliss, cum still pumping into the hungry throat my cock was buried in.

I lay, unable to move, while slowly returning to the world of the living. That was the best cum I could remember having in a long, long time, maybe ever. My eight and a half inches down a guys throat, unloading more cum than I ever thought I was able to produce. Another guys very long tongue fucking and sucking my insides out.

Out of breath, my heart pounding, I went looking for George. The bathhouse seemed as if it were even more crowded, if that were possible. Hallways, and even the two TV lounges were filled to overflowing.

George was nowhere to be found. He must be in one of the private rooms. As I continued searching, a few guys began following me around. A couple weren’t at all bad looking, not to mention hung.

Smells of sweat and semen hung thick in the air. The corridors were still crowded, but; beginning to thin a bit. From down the hall, a few steps ahead, groans and grunts came to my ears. Stopping in front of a darkened doorway, I found the origin of the sex odors. It filled my head, making me a little dizzy and very horny. My towel began to protrude in front. I gave my lips a quick lick and walked into the darkness.

Even before I could see well enough to know what was going on, I felt my cock being man handled. When I could finally distinguish the bodies in the room, all I thought was WOW. At first I only made out one, then as my eyes adjusted I saw the other two. Three guys hanging from chain swings, bound with leather straps. I don’t know why, but; my dick jerked a couple of times. I’d heard of guys doing stuff like this, however this was my first time seeing it up close and personal.

Another set of hands were up under my towel, caressing my ass. The hands on my ass gently pushed me forward, toward an over stuffed leather ottoman about five foot square and about two feet off the floor. A quick rough shove and I was belly down on the ottoman, my towel falling to the floor. Almost before I could recover from being shoved, my ass cheeks were parted and a tongue was buried in my hole. The small amount of fear I had at being forcefully flopped on my stomach, eased as my ass rode the guys tongue.

I wasn’t yet sure if I was sorry or not for entering this room, I just might be in over my head. As quickly as my anxiety was replaced with clam, so the tongue was replaced by the head of his cock. Thankfully my rear end was dripping with saliva, making his nonstop entry only very uncomfortable not painful.

A hand stroking my hair, caused me to look up. Staring from a couple knee caps up a pair of firmly packed thighs. My eyes rested on a nicely shaped semi erect penis, thick and about five inches long.

Both hands drew my head up, my lips only an inch from his cock. Opening my mouth I let the mushroom head slip inside. My tongue tried to circle the head, but; it was just too huge. Holding me tight, he began to ease my mouth further down his cock. When it reached my throat, I swallowed a couple of times and it slipped on down.

He must have just showered, his pubes smelled of fresh soap. My mussel bound stud slowly fucked my throat with long deep strokes. I still felt a bit helpless, being held firmly in place by these two guys. It was obvious who was in charge, it sure wasn’t me.

These guys must’ve worked this before. In the blink of an eye, I found myself flipped over on my back. Seconds later, my legs were up on the guys’ shoulders, his cock still buried to the hilt. My other stud lifted my head, that was hanging over the edge, and shoved his dick back down my throat. I felt like a milking machine being hooked up. A hand under the back of my neck kept me pulled up tight, my nose buried in this guys’ balls. Using his other hand he began stroking my cock. I was being power fucked from both ends.

The hand stroking me was replaced with his warm mouth. I was in a strange kind of sixty nine with him. As he rammed his cock down my throat. He swallowed mine, burring his nose in my sack of cum filled balls.

The cock in my ass slammed ever harder and as deep as he could shove it. The feeling of being sucked while fucked at both ends was amazing.

Although I couldn’t see, I sensed at least four or five guys circling us. I could feel different leaking cocks being jacked against my body. The guys were becoming vocal, moans and groans growing louder. I had too admit I was very turned on, horny to the point of shaking.

A couple of grunts from the on lookers, then I felt cum being sprayed on me. More moans, more cum splattering me. The cum puddling on me was all it took. With a groan, I began to unload my nuts into the guys throat. That was enough for him too fill my throat. The cock in my ass started to twitch and coat my insides. We all came with in seconds of each other.

Standing in the shower, the warm water cascading over me felt good. My introduction to leather sex was a little unnerving. I felt lucky that the sex wasn’t as rough as I thought it could have gotten. Having caught a break, It was time to head back to the hotel.


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