One-Boy Band
by Jack Kendle


‘Shit! I’m going to be late again. Why does it always happen to me? I left home in time to get to band, well, I mean, I left home in time to catch the bus, well, okay I had to run a bit, but the goddam bus was early! The driver must’ve seen me, asshole looked as if he was going to slow down and then all of a sudden he accelerated away, the motherf***! I couldn’t run any faster, I had my trumpet and all my music…SHIT!!! Music!!? –  Phew! It’s all there.

Now I’ll have to wait for the next bus and I’m going to be late. Shit! It’s not my fault, really it isn’t. I forgot the time when I was on the ’puter and then, well… you know. Fuck! I’ll have to wait for the next one and then I’ll have to change and I’m going to be really late.

Mr Spencer warned me last time about my tardiness. He was very nice about it, well, he’s always very nice, but the way he said it, it felt as if I had let him down big-time every time I was late. Made me feel sick about it. I wouldn’t have minded if he’d bawled me out but he was so quiet and looked as if I’d just squished his pet budgie. That’s worse than having a fit, making me feel bad about it…well, I suppose I do feel bad about it, I mean he’s a great guy, he’s always funny, but he makes us work as well.

I’d like to be like him when I grow up. He still looks really good, even though he must be really old. I reckon he must be at least forty. Well, he looks fitter than my dad. My dad’s a slob, smokes all the time and always has a beer in his hand. He’s even going bald!  Mr Spencer’s really trim and always looks so neat and tidy, his brown hair always combed and he has a nice smell about him. Not an ounce of fat on him either. He must work out a lot…can’t be easy for a man of that age to look so good. I hope I look like that when I’m his age…

Mind you, I don’t look so bad, even though I say it myself. I’m tall for my age, (I’m going-on fourteen) and got my mom’s blond hair and blue eyes. Don’t know how I stay so skinny, with all that pizza, Mom says I have a ‘quick metabolism’, or something. I’m still growing, too, my 501’s are already too short and a bit tight round the…you know… down there. Gets a bit uncomfortable sometimes, I always seem to have a stiffie and I’m sure it shows ’cos of my tight jeans.

I can’t help it, my dick always gets hard when I least expect it. It feels great, but it can be a real pain when I’m on the bus or (worse still) when I’m in the gym or swimming. Some of the other guys get them too, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I saw Fernandez’s dick (again! He’s a real show-off!) at gym yesterday. He’s got a big one! And he’s got loads of hair down there. I’ve got hair too, but it’s so blonde it’s harder to see unless you get really close. Fernandez’s dick must’ve been at least six inches!!! Well, that’s what he said it was and it really looks like it!

He didn’t mind us all looking at it, he’s so proud of it, sticking out so hard like that. He’s had the bit of skin at the end (I think it’s called a foreskin) cut off when he was a baby, so his knob was all purply-red and shiny. He said he jerked off at least four times a day and he said he cums every time! There was even something leaking out of the piss-slit, but just as he was about to stroke it, and let us all have a feel, we heard Coach Beasley coming into the changing-rooms, so Fernandez had to turn around and quickly get dressed. Bummer!

When I wank, I can only make a little bit of cum and it doesn’t always happen, but it always feel great! I get all tingly and it feels like I’m going to explode. Mine’s three inches when it’s hard and a bit bigger (three-and-a-quarter inches, to be exact) if I really try and make it go harder, like when I’m looking at my favorite sites on the Net, like I was doing just now, which is why I’m late and Mr Spencer’s gonna kill me!

At last! There’s my bus. Aw shit! I’ve got another stiffie! Good thing I’ve got my trumpet case to hide behind. Good! The bus is empty! Maybe I’ll be able to have a ‘quickie’ on the way, hehe!’


‘It’s a shame we’re not rehearsing today. I had to cancel because of the faculty meeting and now that’s over early we could have had band practice after all! Damn! I really miss not seeing my favorite boys, and one in particular, that little sweetie, Ollie Olson. Cheeky little tyke, he is! But he’s so sweet and angelic, those baby-blue eyes and blond hair, I really can’t be cross with him for turning up late so often.  He’s always daydreaming, I’m surprised he remembers to bring his trumpet to practice! And those jeans he wears! So snug! Doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Beautiful bubble-butt and a sweet little package. I’m sure he’s even had a hard-on now and again. Boys of that age are a martyr to their hormones! But great eye-candy for me! He’s such a sweet boy, always keen, always smiling, – a little too talkative sometimes, but as I say, I can’t really be cross with him. Many a wonderful orgasm I’ve had, thinking about what I’d like to do with him and he to me…

Ah well, I suppose I’ll just have to wait until next week. Meanwhile I can sort the music out in the band room, boring, I know, but it needs to be done. It’ll take my mind off other things.’


‘Where is everyone? I’m not that late! Oh, there’s someone in the back room. It must be Mr Spencer, there’s his coat on the chair. Where is everyone? Better go and ask Mr Spencer what’s going on.

“Hi Mr Spencer! Where is everyone?”

“Mr Olson! What are you doing here? Didn’t you hear when I announced last week that today’s band practice was canceled?”

“No, Mr Spencer, I didn’t. Why was it canceled?”

“Faculty meeting. Really, Mr Olson, you must try and not let your mind wander! I’m afraid, young man, that you’ve had a wasted journey.”

“Oh. I’m sorry Mr Spencer, I really am! Maybe I could help you tidy up? It looks like you could use a hand.”

“Well… it’s very kind of you Mr Olson, but wouldn’t you rather have the time off?”
“No big deal, Mr Spencer. As you say, I’m here as it is and I really don’t mind helping you.”

“Well, thank you Mr Olson, I accept your kind offer. And seeing as it’s just us, it’s not Mr Spencer, it’s Jack, okay?”

“Okay, Mr….er I mean, Jack. But only if you call me Ollie.”

“Sure, Ollie, it’s a deal. Now, perhaps if you would put these books on that shelf over there… be careful climbing on that chair, it’s a bit wobbly…”

“No probs, Jack, just hold on to me so I don’t fall…”

“Like this?”

“That’s good, yeah. I know you won’t let me fall…”

“Just lean on me, Ollie, let your… er… butt rest against my shoulder, then I can pass up the rest of these books.”

“Like this, Jack?”

“Just like that, Ollie. Now if you turn round just a bit, you can reach those books there…”

“Oops! I think I’m going to fall, Jack!”

“Don’t worry, Ollie, I’ve got you!”…


‘These CCTV cameras have certainly made my job as janitor much easier, I don’t have to do those endless rounds, just sit in my cubbyhole and flick through the cameras. Cup of coffee, magazines and watch TV all day, what could be better? Hello! What’s that going on in the band storeroom? That’s Jack Spencer, but who is the other…? Oh, it’s the Olson boy! Now what is he doing there? Band was canceled because of the faculty meeting. Hehe, looks like the Olson boy turned up and no rehearsal! He’s a cutie, I must say.

Now what are he and Jack up to? Looks like he’s helping his teacher sort out music, what a keen boy he is! Lucky Jack! I wouldn’t mind holding on to that lovely little body. Ooops! Looks like the kid’s falling off of that chair! It’s okay, Jack’s caught him…

Now what’s he doing?  Oh you naughty, naughty, lucky man, Jack Spencer! Got your hands on that lovely boy’s bubble butt and it looks like the kid ain’t complainin’! Wish I could zoom the camera in on the action! Think I’ll record this one, it looks as though it might just turn out to be quite interesting!’


“Don’t worry Ollie, I’ve got you!”

“Thanks Jack… you’re so strong! I could have hurt myself, but you saved me!”
“You’re not heavy at all, Ollie, a lovely light body… I mean, your body’s lovely and light…I mean…”

“Hehe are you blushing Jack? Mmm will you, er… keep holding me, just like that, yeah…mmm, you smell good! What cologne do you use?”

“Calvin Klein”

“Oh! Does he do cologne too? I thought he just did underwear. I’m wearing CK’s!”

“Yes, I see! Tighty-Whities!”


“Yes, Ollie?”

“Jack… I think you’re so nice…”

“I like you too, Ollie.”

“No, I mean, I think you’re so… well, handsome.”

“You’re not bad yourself, Ollie. In fact, er… I’d say you were one of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever seen!”

“Really, Jack?”

“Really, Ollie. I just love your blond hair and those bright blue eyes of yours and your sweet … sexy smile…”

“Really, Jack? I think you’re sexy too! I often wonder what you’d…”

“What I’d what, Ollie?”

“Oh, nothing really. I just wonder sometimes what a man, er looks like, … you know…”

“Looks like how, Ollie?”

“Er, y’know…undressed…”

“Like most other men, I spoze, Ollie.”

“Like Fernandez at school? He’s got a really big…you know…”

“You mean he’s well-endowed?”


“Big ‘down there’, Ollie!”

“He’s at least six inches, Jack. I’m only three-and-a quarter…how big…er…?”

“Oh, only about eighteen inches…”

“You’re kiddin’ me?”

“Yeah, sweet, sexy, Ollie. I was kidding. I expect when I’m …er… at ‘full-mast’ as they say, I’d be about eight-nine inches. It’s been a long time since I measured li’l Jack!”

“Wow! That’s big! Some of the guys I see on the…”

“Guys, Ollie? Where do you see these guys?”

“Er … well, I sometimes go into those …er sites on the Net…”

“You’re not in any chatrooms are you Ollie? Those places can be dangerous for a young boy like you.”

“No, honest, Jack. I just sorta… look at pictures and videos an’ stuff…”

“What sort of pictures and videos, Ollie? Men and women? Girls?”

“Er, just guys, Jack. Mostly older guys… like you, I spoze…”

“I see you obviously like them, young man!”

“Fuck! I always have a hardon! Hey, wait a minute! You’ve got one too!”


‘Hmm, this is getting hot! Jack’s unbuttoning the boy’s jeans and it’s obvious the boy is loving it! Come on you guys, don’t turn away! Give me a good view! Perfect! That’s right, Jack, sit on the chair. Wow! You’ve got a right royal boner! There go the boy’s jeans, down to the floor…Mmm tighty whities and a sweet-looking bulge there! What’s the Olson boy doing now? Sweet! He’s stroking Jack’s boner through his pants… now he’s pulling the zipper… got his hand inside Jack’s pants…Better lock my door. I’m gonna need some relief…


“Wow, it’s so big and so hot!”

“I love stroking your delicious bubble-butt, Ollie. Are you okay with this?”
“You betcha, Jack! Don’t stop! Please, Jack, stroke my dick…please!”

“Let me just get out of these pants. I’d better lock the door as well.”

“Jeez! I’m so hard!!”

“Let’s get that shirt off of you, young man. That’s better…now what were you saying about stroking your dick?”

“Please Jack! I need it so bad! I was gonna have a quick jerk on the bus, but then some old lady comes in an’ sits right opposite me. I’m desperate!”

“Maybe you’ll like this…”

“Fuck! That feel so good! Your mouth is so warm!”

“You taste so good, Ollie, what sweet nuts! Mmm delicious!”

“Oh, don’t stop, Jack! Keep suckin’! Oh fuck, man, this is awesome!”

“Keep stroking my dick, Ollie, slowly, slowly, that’s it…that’s good. You’re doing real good, Ollie!”

“Jack! I’m…Jack! Oh! Wow! Jack!!! … Arrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhh!”



Fuckin’ awesome! He’s suckin’ that boy’s dick like there’s no tomorrow! And that li’l guy’s hand poundin’ on Jack’s dick is such a turn-on! I think I must’ve died an’ gone to heaven! Can’t hold back any more! Gotta cum!

“Ohhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!”


“So do I understand you right, Mr Jefferson…?”

“Call me Wayne, Jack. Yeah, I thin’ you understandin’ me. I got this sweet tape of you and the Olson kid.”

“You’re surely not threat threatening me, Mr Jefferson?”

“Sure as hell ain’t, Jack. Let’s just call it a small proposition. You maybe interested in makin’ it a threesome sometimes? I think that li’l white ass of that Olson boy needs some serious black cock!”

“Well, if he can manage my nine inches, I’m sure he’ll stretch to accommodate your … hmm… I’d say it’s at least eleven, Wayne. Yup. Eleven inches exactly! I think Ollie will have a lot of fun with us in your cubbyhole, Wayne. Now, rewind that tape and let’s get down an’ dirty!”



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