Adams Eyes Are Opened
by Doobie Drew


So it’s the beginning of another school year. I look forward with dread to his my final year of High School. To say my school career to date had been unpleasant would be an understatement. Three years so far of not fitting in, no friends, no relationships, no joy. I’ve tried, I think, to fit in. I’m a member of the wrestling team, I do relatively well in classes and no one seems to hate me I just don’t seem to understand the people around me. I look at them and wonder what motivates them what keeps them happy. Is it family? This is definitely one area in which I’m lacking. It’s just me and my Mom, dad left when I was little and she never remarried. Mom works all of the time to make ends meet and somehow I think she blames me. So I spend as little time at home as I can. It can’t be school, I spend most of my time here and it hasn’t helped. An hour in the library after school to study then wrestling practice for two hours after that and I’m still not happy. I even added tutoring after practice for some cash to spend. Weekends were spent in the basement working out or doing all the cleaning and laundry my mother never seemed to get to and that was my life. At least that was my life up to this point, who knew that the first day of my senior year was going to change everything.

It started predictably, I got up, showered, dressed, ate cold cereal for breakfast and cleaned my dishes and grabbed my bag off the hook by the door. We lived just a few blocks from the school so I headed out the front door and began my walk to school. The weather was still nice, September in northern NY was generally pretty warm, so cargo shorts and a tee shirt were the norm for most of the guys I saw headed to school. I was dressed the same; khaki shorts black tee-shirt and sandals, the only decoration a puka shell necklace I picked up two years ago on one of our few and far between vacations to the ocean. As I reached the school entrance I looked around all of the same kids dressed in all of the same clothes, it could have been any high school in any small town in any state for all I knew or understood about the people around me. I stepped to the side of the hall near the main office to pull out my class schedule and figure out where I needed to go for homeroom. I hadn’t bothered to look at my schedule since I put it away after getting it in the spring. This was my undoing. In the brief moment I stood there looking through my back pack for my schedule the assistant Principal stuck his head out of the office looked up and down the hall way a couple of times and then locked his eyes on me.

“Excuse me Adam can you come in here for a moment.”

I looked up and around so unused to hearing any one call my name that it took me a moment to register what was going on.

“Adam did you here me, I asked you to come into the office please.”

I looked briefly at Mr. Jenkins and then down at the floor and said “Um… yeah, sure, Mr. Jenkins.”

I walked across the stream of foot traffic and followed him into the office.

I stood just inside the door waiting for someone to clue me into what was going on. Mr. Jenkins had his back to me going through some papers on the big main counter. I took a quick look around; at first glance nothing seemed unusual. I recognized teachers checking mail boxes office staff working away, a couple of students getting schedules changed, everything as it should be except for one thing. Slouched comfortably in a chair against the wall was someone I didn’t know. At first glance he seemed like any other student, shorts tee shirt sandals but as I took a second glance there were definitely things about this guy you didn’t normally see around here. The first thing I noticed was the wave style tattoo circling his right ankle, the only person in our school with a tattoo was the janitor, the second thing was his tan, not that we were all pale but NY river beach, working in the yard tans didn’t look like that. He had an ocean beach swimming everyday living in the sun kind of tan. The last thing was his hair. It was 3 inches of the blackest spikiest messiest hair I had ever seen. I had seen a couple of guys in my school with short spiky hair but nothing like this and I have never seen any body with truly black hair, so black it was almost blue like those Japanese cartoons. As I was stealing glances trying to figure out who this guy was Mr. Jenkins turned back to me and started speaking. I was so distracted by the new guys look I didn’t register anything Mr. J said and I could only respond by saying “excuse me, what?”

“I said I would like you to show our newest student around today. His name is Shea Parker and he just transferred. Shea is a senior this year and will be taking most of the same courses you are so I would like him to tag along with you this week and get to know the school. Please make sure he gets to the correct classes won’t you.” Mr. J said with an undisguised hint of sarcasm. With that he handed Shea his schedule and chased us out of the office.

We stepped into the hall and stopped. Fortunately most of the kids had moved on to home room so I could take some time in relative quiet to figure out what was going on. I looked at Shea reached out and took his schedule and compared it to mine, with a few exceptions they were the same. Home room with Mrs. O’Connell, English, then Trig, Econ, then lunch, he had another English elective where I had Study hall, then back together for Physics and then ending the day with alternating PE and Study Hall. I noticed at the bottom of his schedule in the extracurricular that he was going to be on the swim team, our school was small enough that if you wanted on a team you just signed up. You weren’t guaranteed a chance to compete but everyone practiced. As I stood there staring at the schedules I realized someone was staring at me, it took me a second to put the paper in my hand together with the look Shea was giving me.

“Oh sorry” I mumbled as I handed the paper back to him. “C’mon, we’ll be late.”

“Not much of a talker are you.” Shea said as we walked down the hall.

“No” was my only response.

“Well do I at least get a name or do I have to make one up. Let’s see you could be Waldo, no too short, how about Melvin, no, no glasses, definitely need glasses to be a Melvin how about…”

“Adam, my name is Adam.”

“Adam hmmm…yeah you could be an Adam, strong silent studly …yeah you got the three s’s covered, well ok Adam it is.”

His chatter confused me, I listened to people talk around me all of the time I’ve just never had this many words directed at me before. It was confusing and a little annoying and we were almost to HR when I realized he had used the word “studly” to describe me. What guy used the word studly to describe another guy, especially me?

I didn’t get any more time to think about it as the bell rang and we had to take our seats. After the usual start of school announcements we headed off to our lockers. As Shea kept chatting away I found our locker assignments, right next to each other and we dropped what little stuff we had and went to English class. Shea kept up a steady stream of commentary about the school the town anything he could think of and yet managed to say absolutely nothing. I kept my responses to single words and noncommittal noises. His seemingly never ending chatter ended when the teacher started talking. As Mrs. Wheatfield started outlining the curriculum for the year I took the opportunity to cast some sidelong glances at the new guy. It had been so long since anything new had been introduced to my life that I couldn’t help but wonder about him. He certainly had a lot of nothing to say, I hoped this was just a result of being new and trying to fit in and not something I would have to live with every day. The more I looked at him the more I liked looking at him; he was a really good looking guy. He had that great tan and very nice muscles that showed well through his tight tee shirt, a great smile that seemed to light up his whole face and soft smooth full red lips, I bet he was a great kisser. Oh my god where did that thought come from. My head snapped to the front and I tried to forget about Shea and concentrate on what the teacher was saying.

The rest of the day went by in a blur moving from one class to the next, a constant stream of comment coming from the space next to me. I had managed to put the odd thoughts I’d been having out of my mind until the end of the day. We headed to our last class, PE. Coach Hanson had us line up on the bleachers as he handed out a class outline and locker assignments. He went through his usual tirade about how showering after class was mandatory even if we were going right home, how clean gym cloths were essential and everybody needed to wear a jock to every class. When he was finished he told us to break into pairs and shoot some hoops until the bell. Of course Shea grabbed me and a ball and we took our spot for a little one on one. Shea was terrible. I had dropped 8 baskets by the time he made his first two points and it looked like it was all he could do to hang onto the ball.

“Sorry I’m such a shitty partner, soccer and swimming are the big sports where I come from. I’m a little over matched here, are you on the team?”

“No I wrestle.”

“Cool man on man action must be fun.”

He said this with the oddest look on his face. With a kind of questioning smile, like he was trying to get some kind of reaction out of me. I just stood there with a confused look on my face.

“Never mind” was all he said as he grabbed the ball and took a shot. Of course he missed even though I wasn’t defending at all, he reacted by moaning loudly faking his own death and dropping to the floor. At the sight of his antics I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh My God the quiet one actually laughs.” Shea said from the floor. That was all it took to wipe the smile from my face. I wasn’t used to being laughed at. People had given up joking around with me years ago. Shea stood up stepped close to me and whispered, “You should smile more often, you are way hotter when you smile.” At that point the bell rang and Coach told us to put the balls away and get out.

We headed to our lockers grabbed our stuff and headed for the front doors. Shea was still beside me. We stepped into an unusually hot late summer afternoon. The light sweat on my body from shooting hoops turned into streams running down my body in the afternoon heat. I stopped and pulled the bottom of my shirt up to wipe some of the sweat from my face. When I dropped my shirt I looked up to see Shea staring at me and smiling he had done the unheard of and stripped his shirt off while still in front of the school.

“What are you doing?”

“Staring in awe dude.”


“Dude you’ve got like the most ripped abs I’ve ever seen on anybody outside of a magazine.” “How much do you work out?”

“Like everyday I guess.”

“Wow, where do you find the time?”

“I work out in my basement.”

“Cool can I see.”

“Um yeah I guess.” And that’s how Shea ended up following me home.

My Place wasn’t much, a small 2 bedroom ranch with a real small yard but I tried to keep everything clean and neat. The basement wasn’t finished but again I kept it clean and neat. The same was true of my equipment, none of it was new, in fact most of it was stuff I had found in yard sales or left out for trash. It was actually a little embarrassing to be showing this to this guy I barely knew. Oddly, he didn’t seem to care, in fact he seemed pretty impressed.

“Dude you have more workout equipment than most gyms, where did you get it all?”

“Here and there, I just pick up peoples old stuff and fix it up.”

“When do you usually work out?”

“Well until wrestling starts I work out every night after school and then when wrestling starts I just work out at practice and then here on the weekends.”

“Do you mind if I stick around and work out with you for a while? I don’t know if I can keep up but I always think its more fun to work out with a friend.”

“Um sure I guess. I’m gonna change, come upstairs and get a drink if you want.” Shea followed me up into the kitchen; I grabbed him an iced tea from the fridge and headed to my bedroom to change. It had been so hot outside I was already covered in sweat. I stripped off and headed across the hall to the shower, rinsed off quick and went back to my room. I found Shea sitting on my bed flipping through my small cd collection.

“Make yourself at home.” I said with sarcasm.

Shea decided to ignore the sarcasm and said “Thanks.” I went to the dresser and pulled out a jock and a pair of sweat shorts, my normal workout attire. I never bothered with a shirt since I was almost always here alone and if my Mom was here odds are she was taking a nap between shifts or watching TV. Used to changing and showering in gym and knowing I had an ok body I had never been shy about stripping down so I didn’t think twice about dropping my towel and bending over to pull the jock up my legs. It was the short gasp that made me turn around, jock pulled up to my thighs fully exposing myself to Shea. He stared at me for what seemed like forever but was probably only 3 seconds and then looked down at the cd’s in his hand pretending to read the back cover of the one on top. Sure that I had embarrassed him as well as myself I quickly turned finished pulling up my jock and then pulled on my shorts. I turned around and muttered an apology.

Shea looked at me with an appraising gaze and said “Dude you so have nothing to apologize for. Let’s go work out.”

Back to the basement we went. I started with some stretching and some jump roping to get my heart rate up and Shea had no trouble keeping up. Then we went through my upper body routine. I always handed Shea weights a few pounds lighter than mine but even with that he started to tire out about half way through. As we finished our third set of curls he dropped his weights on the stand and gasped out “Dude it’s no wonder you look the way you do. I just can’t believe you’re not even bigger than you are.”

“What do ya mean?”

“Dude you do all this working out and you don’t even know what it’s done to you. Shit dude you don’t even have a mirror down here.”

“Why would I need one?”

“Oh Man, come with me. Do you have a full length mirror here some place?”

“Yeah in my Moms room.”

“Let’s go then.” He dragged me upstairs and down the hall to my Mom’s bedroom stepped in and looked around for the mirror. He must have realized it was behind the door and pulled me inside and shut the door. He turned my back to the door with his hands on my shoulders and said “Now look at me dude.”

“What do you mean look at you?”

“I mean look at me, I’m a pretty good looking guy right? Not a bad body great tan, outrageous hair. I take pretty good care of myself. So I’m pretty good looking right? You can see that.”

“This is a little weird Shea.”

“Yeah I know but I think there is something you don’t know about yourself.”

“Oh yeah and what’s that.”

“Dude you are freaking hot!”

“Leave me alone Shea, why are you making fun of me.”

“I am so not making fun of you, and if you could see what I can you would know that. That’s why we are doing this. Now I want you to look at yourself.”

“What for?” I asked with impatience, sure that there was a joke in this somewhere that I just couldn’t see.

Shea turned me towards the mirror and said “This is what for.”

I looked into the mirror briefly and then looked down to the floor. “I don’t see anything but me.”

“That’s because you aren’t really looking. Let’s start at the top and work our way down.” With that he put his hands gently on either side of my face and lifted my chin up so I was looking directly into my own face. “Now let’s start with the hair. What do you see?”

“I need a haircut.”

“Always with the negative, I see beautiful curly blond hair that most girls would die for.”

“Great I’ve got chick hair.”

“Oh shut up, now if we push the hair out of the way a little…” with that he slid one hand up and pushed the fringe of blond curls out of the way. All I saw was confusion and frustration. “You don’t see them either do you, you have the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen dude, and when you actually smiled this afternoon they sparkled like sun on water, it was amazing.”

I was getting more confused and embarrassed by the second, why was this guy I had just met going on like this about me. I wasn’t and hadn’t ever been anything special. “I can see it on your face, you don’t believe me, well let’s keep going anyway. Now your face…”

“Look it’s just me there is nothing special or great about my face!” I was starting to get a little angry at this point and I had never spent this much time so close to another person.

“Come on Adam, don’t get mad. I just want you to see what I see, and what everyone else would see if you let them. Your face could be on the statue of David or one of those Greek wrestlers. Well it’s getting late and I don’t want to overstay my welcome. You think about what I said and I will see you in the morning.”

And then he left, he bounced out the front door like he had been having the time of his life, leaving me angry confused and I don’t know what.

After he had been gone for about 15 minutes I realized I was still standing in my Mom’s room staring at nothing, well not nothing I was looking into the mirror seeing but not seeing the guy looking back. I shook my head and headed back to the shower, I hadn’t actually finished my workout but I was hungry and had some homework to do so I decided to call it quits for the day. I showered threw on a pair of shorts and threw some burgers in a frying pan and put a little salad together for dinner. After I cleaned up and finished what little homework I had, some teachers were just cruel giving homework on the first day; I went to my room and threw myself down on the bed. I had planned on listening to a little music and finishing the book I was reading but the day must have taken more out of me than I thought because I was asleep in no time.

I woke early the next morning after having some of the weirdest dreams. Dreams about beaches and deep blue lagoons, running naked on the sand with Shea of all people. Dreams that left me confused and aroused and frustrated, at least one of those things I could take care of in the shower. I went down the hall to the kitchen and started coffee, knowing the smell would be enough to get my Mother up for work. The mundane process was enough to take my mind off of my, well you know…and allow things down there to return to a more relaxed state. Just the same I went back to my room and pulled on the longest loosest shirt I could find and waited for my Mom to get up for work. I didn’t wait long; I heard her door open and then the shower come on. About 20 minutes later she came down the hall dressed and ready for work and sat down at the table to the breakfast I had cooked while waiting. She just sat ate and drank her coffee.

“Are you working late today?”

“Don’t I always.” She responded with a barely restrained snarl.

“I just wanted to know if I should make dinner for us.”

“Don’t bother I’ll get something between shifts.” Then she got up dropped her dishes in the sink and headed out the door. I cleaned up from breakfast had another cup of coffee and got in the shower. It was still early so I took my time in the shower trying to relax, time spent with my Mom always left me a little tense but the weird dreams last night and the even weirder day yesterday left me totally strung out. I let thoughts of my Mom go since it was something I had learned pretty much to live with. Thoughts of Shea and those weird dreams wouldn’t let me go however. I stood with my head against the cool tile letting the hot water beat down on me and relived the portions of my dreams that I could remember. It was just me and Shea on a white sandy beach the kind you always see on TV but the kind I could never afford to visit. It started normally, him and me running along the beach jumping in and out of the surf just screwing around, laughing, and splashing having a good time. Then my dream switched to slow motion, Shea knocks me into the water and I go under, Shea joins me and we swim around under water not needing to breathe. Then Shea disappears, one second he’s there the next he’s gone. I didn’t get upset though; I knew he was just playing. I could feel quick touches on my back and shoulders, I kept turning to find Shea but it was like I was stuck in slow motion and he had speeded up. He could touch and caress me at will and I could never turn fast enough to see him. Suddenly I realized that the suit I assume I was wearing was gone. I was swimming naked and the touches kept happening. Now they were coming from below me and behind, tickling my feet, sliding up my legs and over my ass, between my legs, light caresses on my sac, quick brushes along my lengthening cock. The touches became more aggressive, grasping and holding, hands firm on my erection, pinches on hardened nipples, as I relived my dream I slid my own hand down and began a slow stroking of my rock hard cock. The next part of the dream shocked me the most, the view changed and I was no longer seeing things through my own eyes. I was looking at myself and now I could see Shea, one hand stroking my erection the other locked behind my head pulling me into a soft passionate kiss. I could almost feel those beautiful full lips pressed against my own, could feel his strong hand stroking me. I began to gasp and moan under the hot water pounding against my neck and back reliving the vision of the two of us locked together in a passionate embrace, my own hand sliding faster and faster up and down my rock hard cock. And then it came, or rather I did, exploding all over the shower wall, jet after jet of hot, sticky man seed, I almost collapsed in the shower from the strength of my orgasm. I slid to my knees in the shower taking deep breaths and trying to get my body under control, I have never had an orgasm that strong before. I have never been big on self gratification, at the same time it’s not like I had other outlets so on the rare occasions when I did masturbate the results tended to be pretty explosive. This was so far beyond anything that had happened previously I thought I might have a heart attack.

As I knelt in the shower trying to recover I realized I could here a pounding noise coming from down the hall. I stood on shaky legs and wrapped a towel around my waist and headed towards the living room. The pounding was coming from the front door. Without thinking I reached out and pulled the door open. Standing there with that big smile on his face was Shea. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. To be standing there looking at the boy I had just been fantasizing about in the shower was embarrassing enough to make my knees shake. I grabbed the door with both hands to steady my self and mumbled “What are you doing here?”

The reaction on Shea’s face to what I thought was a pretty straight forward question was bizarre. First he looked stunned and then he started to laugh uncontrollably. The next thing I know he’s got his hand on my chest pushing both of us through the door and slamming it shut. It took me about half a second to realize why.

Apparently I hadn’t tucked the towel in properly and when I let go to steady myself the towel dropped to the ground. I have to believe that I turned beet red from top to bottom. There I had stood naked and wet in the doorway for everyone to see. Shea just kept laughing hysterically. About five minutes later after a couple of threats to seriously kick his ass, he finally calmed down enough to speak.

“Dude…if …you… answer … the door like that…all of the…time you must get…people ringing you’re bell….all day!”

“Yeah, yeah just shut up and sit down while I go get dressed.” I left Shea standing in the living room and went to the bathroom to shave and brush my hair. I walked across the hall to get dressed and found him sitting on my bed still chuckling to himself.

“I meant in the living room not in here.”

“What and have you miss out on the pleasure of my presence, how could I deny my new best friend.”

“At what point did I become you’re new best friend.”

“Well since at this point I have exactly one friend in this little hick town and that’s you, it makes you my new very best friend.”

“Great” I mumbled under my breath as I dug through drawers looking for clean clothes. I pulled out a pair of boxers some jean shorts and a loose red tee shirt. I threw the clothes on the bed and started looking for socks.

Shea picked up my clothes and said “This is what you are going to wear to school?” “Yes, what’s wrong with my clothes? It’s not like I have a huge budget for fashion.” I said this as I looked over Sheas A&F outfit and expensive sneakers.

“Hey it’s not about money it’s about style, and showing off what you’ve got.” He stood up and started riffling through my drawers. He pulled out a pair of white boxer briefs, white basketball shorts and a couple of sleeveless tees I wore to work out in. After holding a couple of them up across the front of my chest he picked the smallest and threw that on the bed as well. “Now get dressed.”

“I can’t wear these.” I said picking up the boxer briefs.

“Why not?”

“They’re too small.”

He held them to my waist and said “They look ok to me, just put them on.”

With a grumble I turned away from Shea and slid the boxer briefs up my legs under the towel. After arranging myself in them I turned back to Shea and said “They are too small, I feel like I shrink wrapped my ass.”

“Hey, we’re making progress, you just told a joke. Now let me see.”


Instead of repeating himself he grabbed the towel and pulled it off. “Hey what the fuck!”

Shea didn’t speak he just stared and held on to the towel as I tried to grab it back. After a few seconds of this I gave up and waited for him to say something. I certainly didn’t expect what came out of his mouth next.

“Man, God must love you.”

“Oh yeah and why is that.”

“Dude I could tell you were doing ok from the couple of glimpses I got before but man you are really packing. I wish I had a package like that.”

I had never had reason to be upset about the size of my equipment but I never really had anything to compare to either. Generally in the shower after PE or wrestling it was in and out and off to wherever. I never took the time to check out other guys and compare. I certainly didn’t think I had anything another guy might envy. I looked down and wondered what it looked like from Shea’s angle because from here it looked good. I smiled to myself and then realized with embarrassment that we were both just standing there staring at my package and it was kind of turning me on. I grabbed the white shorts Shea was holding and pulled them on trying to hide the fact that I was plumping up in front of another guy. The shorts showed a noticeable bulge but nothing as obscene as the boxer briefs alone.

“Yeah that looks good, now this.” And he threw me the shirt he was holding. I pulled it on and remembered why it was at the bottom of the drawer. It was a black sleeveless tee with the Nike logo right over my left nipple and it was tight, so tight you could see every bulge and ripple in my chest and abs. “Yeah, now that is style. Put the socks in your bag with your sneakers and put your sandals on. They look way better.”

“I can’t go out like this I look ridiculous.”

“No you don’t, you look hot, you just feel ridiculous because you aren’t used to showing off. Today we are going to let the world see what it’s been missing.”

I kept grumbling but to be honest I kind of felt hot. I worked out hard to keep my mind off of my lack of social outlet why shouldn’t I feel good about how that hard work made me look.

I spent the day listening to Shea ramble again and didn’t have much time for people watching until I got my first break from him in two days. I dropped him off at his English elective and went to study hall. As long as the weather was nice upperclassmen could take study hall outside in the little quad behind the school. I usually sat against the wall and studied: books and the people around me. Usually I was one of the first there and grabbed my spot unnoticed. Today the class bell was ringing as I walked out into the sunshine, one of the last to arrive. I crossed the quad and headed for my spot. As I sat and looked around I realized that things had changed. People were looking at me. This was more attention than I had gotten in the last 12 years since my dad left. I tried to ignore it but the furtive looks and muttering were too much. I got up and headed for the door to look for someplace quiet to think. Half way across the quad I had to stop, someone had stepped in front of me. I looked up to see Sarah Michaels standing right in front of me. Sarah was on the cheerleading squad, she was pretty, smart and popular. She wasn’t the top dog like that wench Steph Palmer, but she was up there.

What happened next floored me, “Hi Adam.”

“Um Hi”

“You look different today. You look nice.”

“Um Thanks….I gotta go.”

“Oh well ok, see ya around Adam.”

“Yeah, OK.” And then I took off, Sarah spoke to me. Why? She had never spoken to me before. I really needed to think now, what was going on? Why would someone as popular as Sarah talk to me. I found a quiet seat in the library and wondered but no answers came to me.

The bell rang and I wandered to my next class. Shea caught up to me outside the classroom. “What’s going on Adam, you look confused.”

“I am, let’s talk about it after school.” The rest of the day went by in a haze and then we were out. I headed for home with Shea following, as we neared my house he put his arm across my shoulders and turned me down a street that wasn’t mine.

“What are you doing? I live the other way.”

“I know, we’re going to my house.”

“You’re house, why?”

“Because it’s my turn, yesterday we hung out at your place now we go to mine.” I spent the rest of the walk in a bemused silence as we walked the three blocks down to Shea’s house. He turned me up the walk in front of an old White Victorian in one of the better parts of our town and walked me through the front door, through a nicely decorated living room, modern kitchen and out a pair of sliding glass doors onto a big deck over looking a beautiful in ground pool.

“The rents won’t be home for a couple of hours so we have plenty of time for a swim and some goofing off before they get here.”

“I don’t have a suit.”

“Not a problem I have an older brother about your size, he’s away at school; his stuff is in the changing room.” Off to the left I could see a small shed with a partially enclosed outdoor shower next to the shallow end of the pool. As we walked towards the changing room Shea said, “I’ll grab towels and suits, Mom insists we rinse off before getting into the pool, jump in the shower while I grab our stuff.”

I looked around and thanked God the fence was high, I stepped into the open shower and stripped off, sticking my stuff on the bench outside the swinging door. I flipped the shower on, gave it a second to warm up and stepped under to rinse off. I turned to wash off my back and found myself eye to eye with Shea. He just smiled at me and stuck a towel and a folded up suit on top of the short wall.

“Hurry up it’s my turn.” He said as he stepped back and stripped down to nothing. This guy was unbelievable; I think I had been naked in front of him more in two days than I had in front of anyone else my whole life. I turned the shower off and as I reached for the towel Shea pulled the door open, standing there completely naked he said “Come on I want to get into the pool.” I stepped out dripping and shut the door as he entered with just a tiny glance at his naked form. As Shea showered I dried off and grabbed my suit to put on. “What the hell is this?”

“What?” Shea said as he stuck his head over the door.

“This, this suit.”

“It’s a swim suit, don’t you like it?”

“What’s to like, it’s a Speedo.”

“Yeah so? It’ll look great on you and it’s the only kind we have.”

I give up; I thought to myself and just pulled the suit on. He came out of the shower in a matching black Speedo and said “What are you waiting for?” as he ran around the pool to the diving board and dove in. I couldn’t help but stare; he was amazingly graceful in the air and made barely a splash as he hit the water. He came up spluttering and stroked to the side of the pool. As he wiped water from his eyes he said “Well what are you waiting for?” I had to think about the best way to answer him with out embarrassing myself.

I have lived in Northern New York my whole life. The closest place to swim was the local beach located on a river that ran through our county. The closest lake was a couple of hours away and the Ocean even further. The school I attended had a swimming pool but access was limited to a couple of PE classes a year the rest of the time it was used for swim team and diving. I have been to the local beach but banging around between toddlers and old people to find a spot to swim wasn’t an attractive option and not being particularly social, I didn’t get invited to the few houses that had pools.

All said and done my problem was that I couldn’t really swim. I could avoid drowning and could probably get from one side of the pool to another but that was about it. After watching Shea’s graceful dive I new I was going to look foolish.

Maybe I could stall, “Hey why don’t you show me that dive again, you looked pretty slick.”

Shea of course jumped at the chance to show off. With one smooth move he pushed himself up onto the side of the pool and ran around to the diving board. “Watch closely” he yelled “maybe you’ll learn something.”

As he dove into the water, again looking like a professional I took the opportunity to step off the side into the shallow end of the pool. I dunked my head quickly to get everything wet and then tried to lean as casually as possible against the side of the pool. “You cheater,” Shea laughed, “You were supposed to dive in not slip in like a coward.”

“Yeah well I knew I wouldn’t look as pretty as you.”

“So what go ahead and dive in.”

“No I’m good where I am.”

“What are you talking about, you’re not gonna just hang there all day we’re here to have some fun!” He had been slowly moving towards me as we spoke and at the same time he yelled the word fun he leapt at me, pushing me under. Gasping with surprise as I went under I inhaled a lungful of water. The next thing I knew I was laying by the side of the pool with Shea pounding on my back screaming at me.

“Oh god I’m sorry, don’t die please oh god!”

I managed to choke out the words ” I’m not gonna die unless you kill me.”

“Oh god Adam you’re ok.”

“Yes I’m ok stop pounding on me.”

“You’re OK!” As I started to say yes I’m ok he rolled me over onto my back and jumped on my lap wrapping his arms around me.

“Dude get off you’re crushing me.”

“Oh yeah, man I’m so sorry, you nearly drowned, I was just playing around.”

“Yeah I get it but you’re still sitting on me.” Even having nearly drowned I could feel myself having a reaction to Shea’s bouncing around on my lap. I couldn’t get him off and this was way more embarrassing than not being able to swim.

“Oh right, sorry.” Shea looked down quickly looked back up into my eyes and with a quirky little smile rolled off my lap. As soon as he was off I pulled my legs up and wrapped my arms around my knees. I hadn’t sat like that since I was little kid. But then I hadn’t been this embarrassed since I was little either.

“Hey dude its no big deal; stuff like this happens to everybody.” I’m not sure exactly what he was referring to but I decided to pick the least horrifying option.

“Yeah teenagers drown in the shallow end of the pool all the time.”

“Um yeah, about that you don’t swim very well do you?”

“Yeah not so much but I sink pretty good.” Talking about my inability to swim diverted both of us from the other situation, thankfully. When I was pretty sure everything down there had settled I stood up. “Listen Shea I know you just want to have a good time, I’m not very good at hanging out, I spend most of my time alone and I like it that way, maybe I should just get going.”

“Well I guess if you want but two things first bro, One, wow that is the most words you’ve put together since we met and Two, look I know I come off a little pushy but truth is I don’t do this whole make new friends thing very well. You seem like a really cool guy and I already had to leave the couple of friends I had at my old school. I can’t promise not to make you crazy, everybody says it’s the one thing I’m really good at but I really think you could use a friend too and if you think you can put up with me. I’d really like to be your friend if you’ll let me.”

For the first time I saw Sheas face without its ever present smile and honestly it almost broke my heart. Since the moment we were forced together that first day at school Shea had been a source of annoyance, disruption and embarrassment but he had always been happy, never a bad thing said about any one and even when he was complaining about our town and it’s short comings he had always done it in a fun and non serious way.

Here he was, some one who had left everything he loved behind thinking as much about my needs as his own. I couldn’t help but relent “OK I’ll stay but can you do me one favor.”

“Sure dude anything.” Seeing that beautiful smile come back to his face made what I was going to say next a lot easier.

“Can you teach me how not to drown?”

“Absolutely Bro” We spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool doing laps, simple freestyle strokes, slow backstrokes and a little goofing around. Shea was nice enough to make sure I knew it was coming when he jumped on my head and he did keep his abuse of me to the shallow end of the pool so all in all a fun afternoon.

When our stomachs began to rumble Shea suggested a break and some food. Being a growing teenage boy I never turn down the opportunity for food and was quick to agree that a snack might be in order. We jumped out of the pool and grabbed our towels. Shea said to me,” Take a seat and chill out and I’ll get us something to eat.”

I took a seat on one of the lounge chairs around the edge of the pool in the sun, my wet towel was getting a little chilly so I pulled it off and dropped it on the foot of the lounge and lay back enjoying the warmth of the sun on my damp skin.

Thoughts of how the afternoon progressed floated through my head. A friendship I never expected with a guy who was so different from me. Thoughts of Shea took the place of thinking about the afternoon’s activity. Thoughts of his smile that disappeared so quickly and just as suddenly reappeared lighting up his face, that tan smooth smiling face with its so white teeth and soft full lips. Thoughts of that tan, that didn’t seem to end anywhere, completely covering that smooth well muscled body from end to end and even those parts covered by his black Speedo that I had seen briefly, seemed kissed by the sun. Feeling relaxed and warmed by the sun beating down on my skin I drifted off to sleep. Dreams and visions of Shea continued to run through my mind as I napped. Full soft lips pressed to mine warm tan hands brushing across my skin, fingertips skimming across my nipples, full black Speedo’s pressed tight to my white wrapped package.

I woke with a start to the sound of a loud crash in the house. Without thinking I headed straight into the kitchen through the patio doors. The phone rang as I entered and I could hear Shea talking to someone.

“Yeah Mom that’s fine, yes I can fix myself dinner. No everything is fine here I just dropped something and I’m trying to clean it up. Ok Yes I’ll see you in the morning. Good Bye Mom.”

I stopped in the kitchen entrance and looked down at the floor where a bowl of snack mix and the remnants of a glass bowl were scattered all over the floor.

“Dude what happened?” Shea knelt to the floor and started picking up pieces of the bowl. As I spoke to him I stepped closer to see if I could help.

“Adam don’t you’ll step on some…” Shea looked up as he was speaking to me and stopped mid sentence. His eyes had never risen to level with mine they stopped at my waist level at the same time he stopped speaking. His eyes got big and he stared for a few seconds before looking down giggling. “Dude don’t you ever put that monster away?”

I looked down to figure out what he was talking about and realized the natural reaction to my dream was still very much in evidence. “Oh shit, sorry.”

I turned and headed for the door totally embarrassed ready to grab my clothes and get the hell out of there. I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me. I hadn’t had this much trouble keeping myself under control since I was 13 and in the full throes of puberty. The weird dreams the unnatural feelings, I was loosing my mind. My brain felt like it would explode, I had a pounding headache, I could hear Shea calling me but I didn’t listen I just wanted to get out of there.

It wasn’t just my head that hurt, the pain went all the way down my back, my left leg and to the sole of my foot that was throbbing too. It hurt so much I could barely feel Shea’s hands on me as he pulled me down to the ground. I don’t know what he thought he was doing I just wanted to go.

“Adam, just sit still, you’re getting blood everywhere.”

Blood? What was he talking about, headaches don’t bleed. I tried pushing him off but he was strong and I felt pretty weak for some reason. The next thing I know he looks me straight in the eye and smacks me in the face “Ow. Fuck that hurt!”

“Good! Do I have your attention now?”

“Yes, now get off me.”

“No not until you listen, dude you are bleeding all over the place, you must have stepped on some glass. I need to look at your foot.” I just sat there stunned for a second and could only reply with a muttered “Ok”. He told me to sit still and he picked my foot up holding it still with a kitchen towel. “Now this could hurt…” He had a very focused look on his face as he bent down and studied the bottom of my foot. He lightly brushed his fingers across the bottom. I expected it to tickle but I was wrong.

“Oh Shit fuck dude that hurt!”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry.” He had the most tragic look on his face.

“It’s ok just please be careful.”

“I will.” With that he started slowly plucking pieces of glass from the heel of my foot, a couple of the pieces were pretty big, the size of a quarter and others were little slivers. “I can’t get them all, there is too much blood and I need some tweezers. Let me wrap this so we don’t get any more blood anywhere and we’ll get you to the bathroom.”

He gently wrapped the towel around the bottom of my foot and helped me to stand. He stood on my left side and asked me if I was ready and off we hopped to the bathroom.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I was in a bathroom the size of my living room at home. The tub was huge and I could sit on the ledge around the tub comfortably. He set me gently on the edge and scooted my legs over the side, turned the water on gently and tested the temperature. He grabbed my foot and carefully washed it and tried to look at the bottom but the angle was awkward. He left me for a second to grab some tweezers from the cabinet, came back and stepped over me into the tub. He had to twist my leg at an odd angle still but at least he could see what he was doing. Hand firmly wrapped around my ankle the other plucking with surgical accuracy the small glass splinters from my foot. Then as if I needed one more thing I could feel my calf beginning to cramp.

“Oh dude I’m sorry but we gotta move.”

“Just one more I’m almost done.”

“But I’m getting a cramp.”

“Ok just one second…got it.” He pulled the last piece as an uncontrollable muscle spasm snapped my calf and heel against the side of the tub. Tears came to my eyes as I screamed in pain. I’ve never had anything hurt that much. I rolled off the side of the tub onto the tile floor. Shea must have jumped out behind me because suddenly there was a heavy weight on my upper thighs and strong hands kneading my left calf. I was face down on the floor with my fist pressed to my eyes trying not to scream again with the pain. Slowly it began to subside; Shea must have been able to feel the knot start to release because he switched to long firm strokes down the length of my calf. He continued for about five more minutes and slowly came to a stop. I could feel his weight lift off of me. I wanted to get up, I wanted to leave, I had made such a fool of myself, but I couldn’t move. I could only lay there face down on the cold tile floor crying into my clenched fists feeling like a baby. What was wrong with me, why can’t I be a normal guy instead of this quivering crying pain ridden mess?

(Shea’s POV)

Oh god what have I done to this poor guy. This beautiful guy with the face of an angel and the body of a Greek god. I pushed and I pushed just like I always do and look what happened, in three days I’ve totally fucked him up. What is wrong with me, why can’t I be like a normal person?

“Adam” I whispered into his ear “Adam I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do this to you, I don’t know what I was thinking. Please stop please look at me I’m sorry.”

It seemed the most natural thing in the world to do what my nanny used to do for me when I was little. I sat Adam up on the floor and put his head against my chest and lightly rubbed his back. Fortunately he wasn’t very tall if he had been, as muscular as he is I would never have been able to lift him. When he started to calm down I picked him up and walked him down the hall to my room. Cradled in my arms he looked small and fragile, not at all like the little power house he looked when standing on his own two feet.

I set him on the center of the bed and sat with my back against the head board and pulled him against me again. I just sat there rocking him slightly, thinking about what an ass I had been over the last couple of days. It was exhausting just thinking about it, I never seemed able to take my time with things I just jumped in, if I were able to spread my attentions out it may not have been so bad but I always seemed to attach myself to one person and forced them to bear the brunt of my personality. You would think I would have learned after last time, but no I definitely couldn’t think about this right now. Closing my eyes I drifted off to sleep imagining what it would be like to be normal.

I woke up hours later because I had to pee. Usually I woke up and jumped right out of bed, this time I found I couldn’t move. It was like having a lead blanket thrown over me. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I looked down to see two muscular arms wrapped around my waist and a blond shaggy head resting on my chest. Adam must have been having a good dream, he had his right leg between mine and I could feel a hard pressure against my hip. As much as I wanted to lay there and enjoy this I really had to go. I slipped my left arm under his right and very carefully rolled Adam on to his back. He must have been a heavy sleeper because it didn’t seem to wake him at all. I got up and ran to the bathroom, as I flipped lights on I could see the mess we had left. It’s a good thing my parents weren’t coming home, Mom would freak about the blood everywhere.

I started to clean up after I relieved myself and felt kind of silly mopping up in a pair of Speedos so I headed back to my room to change. I moved as quietly as I could so as not to wake my sleeping angel. He really was beautiful and he looked so peaceful, I had to stand for just a minute and stare at him glad to see the tortured look he had had earlier was gone, at least for now. I worked my way from bath to kitchen to patio, sweeping up glass and mopping up blood. When I was done I headed back to the bath for a quick shower. I went back to my room with the lights off, drying myself on the way. I was going to look for some clean shorts to throw on when I smacked my leg into the drawer I had left open earlier. I dropped my towel and hopped around on one foot trying not to curse out loud. I could hear low soft chuckles coming from the bed.

“It’s nice to see that happens to other people.” Adam was awake and laughing at me as I bounced around the room in all my naked glory. I hopped to the side of the bed and knelt on the floor beside it.

“Adam I can’t tell you how sorry I am about today, I never meant any of this stuff to happen…”

“I know Shea.”

“It’s all my fault I just wanted us to have a good time together…”

“I know”

“I never wanted you to get hurt or embarrassed or anything…”


“I can’t believe I always do this I’m such a freak…”

“Shea, Please…”

“I gotta say this Adam”

“Shut Up”

“No I need to tell you about me, what I’m like”

“Shut up Shea!”

“No you need to know…” And suddenly I couldn’t talk, because two warm firm lips were pressed against mine. The kiss lasted only a couple of seconds but my silence lasted for minutes as Adam began talking softly. “I’m sorry about that” he said “but it seemed like the only way to shut you up. And I really wanted to do it. You can hate me now if you want, or throw me out but I’ve never felt like this about any body before and I didn’t know how to tell you. You make me feel special, knowing that all that chatter and energy is directed at me can be a little overwhelming but at the same time knowing that its all directed at just me makes me feel important, like if somebody as nice and fun and beautiful as you could think that I’m worth the time and energy maybe things aren’t that bad. Maybe I am worth something. Maybe I could love and be loved by somebody.” In the process of giving the longest speech he had probably ever given Adam had pulled his right leg up to his chin and wrapped his arms around it.

When he finished he just sat there staring at the far wall like he was waiting for the worst. I could think of only one response, I pulled myself up onto the bed slowly and sat next to Adam facing him. I reached out and touched his cheek turning his face towards mine and leaned in and kissed him. A long slow gentle kiss that couldn’t leave my intentions unclear. After a few seconds, Adam began to respond kissing back with an enthusiasm I didn’t expect but enjoyed. With a few quick touches of my tongue against his lips he opened his mouth and allowed my tongue to enter. Soon our tongues were wrestling with a passion I had never experienced before. My hands began to roam at this point, touching firm muscle, brushing through shaggy hair. I ran my hands along strong arms and across a full well developed chest, fingertips brushing across erect nipples. I slid one hand down to rub his thigh and up his side to six pack abs. I could feel his hands begin to move on my body as well one on my leg moving in slow circles the other on my back pulling me closer. Soon we were chest to chest, Adam pulling me tightly to him and down onto the bed. I swung my legs behind me one leg between his, my now throbbing erection pressed firmly against his thigh. I began kissing down his body, kissing and gently biting his neck; soft kisses on his chest, wrapping lips and tongue around a hard nipple, listening to soft gasps from Adam made me even more excited. I slid myself over a little so that both of my legs were between his and slid down further to kiss along the ridges of his abs, tonguing his belly button eliciting a giggle.

I hovered above my prize for just a moment. Taking in the view of Adams stunning manhood trapped within the skin tight Speedo pushing it to its limits across his hip. I dove into his package tonguing egg sized orbs and licking up the underside of his massive erection. His strong hands working through my hair encouraged me. I worked my way to the end of his cock and took its head into my mouth, sucking on it through the fabric. I could already taste the pre-cum leaking from his tool and it was all I could do to keep from ripping the suit off him and inhaling his cock in one swallow. But I wanted this to be special not rushed so I took my time gently sliding the suit from his body. As I reached his feet I picked each leg up and stroked it being careful of his left leg and cut foot. I slid my body slowly up his until I was facing him, beginning slow sensuous kisses on his lips and neck while slowly rubbing our two rock hard cocks together.

The feel of his massive leaking rod rubbing across my stomach and along the length of my own dripping erection was almost enough to send me over the edge. I had to fight hard to control myself. I almost lost it altogether when Adam grabbed my ass and started thrusting up into me our two sweat and cum slicked bodies creating the most amazing friction. The closer we got the more aggressive our thrusting, just when I thought it couldn’t feel better Adam and I thrust in opposite directions, he pulled back as I slid up, as I was sliding back down his cock slid between my thighs. The feeling was incredible, having that long thick tool thrusting through my legs stroking my ball sac and the bottom of my ass. Adam must have enjoyed it as well because his pace quickened and his groans became louder. It was a matter of seconds until I could feel a hot rain of man juice covering my shoulders and back and the feel of his pulsing rod between my legs sent me over the edge, shooting my own seed between our tight pressed bellies.

It was incredible, amazing and mind blowing, I have never experienced an orgasm like this one, and it seemed to last forever. Finally after what seemed like minutes of shooting I started to come back to myself only to realize that I could still feel Adams cock spasming between my legs, his hands still clenching my ass. I tried to move and he held me firmer and said

“Oh god please not yet, don’t move” between breathy pants.

Slowly his hands unclenched and he slid them up my back, rubbing up and down my spine. I could feel the still warm cum being spread across my skin. I was amazed at how much he had produced. That one ejaculation must have sucked him dry. Knowing how sensitive he must be I slowly spread my legs away from his softening cock and slid myself up to his stomach before trying to lift myself off.

Then the second most amazing thing happened. In our movement the head of his cock slid across my sweat slick cleft grazing my untouched hole. The brief touch caused me to moan out loud and his cock began to throb and harden again. I couldn’t believe it and said so “Holy shit Adam you are a total stud, I can’t believe that thing is ready to go again. After that load you shouldn’t be able to get it up again for like a week.” He responded with a chuckle and a punch in the arm.

“Shut up Shea, you talk too much.” Then he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down into a soft loving kiss. I would have loved to crawl back on top of him and start all over again except the cold cum covering my back was starting to feel gross and I needed a shower. It wouldn’t hurt to get Adam and his foot soaking in the tub either.

“I want you to stay right here for a few minutes I’ll be back quick.” I headed for the bathroom and jumped in the shower rinsing off quickly and then pulling the stopper to fill the tub. I dumped some bubble bath in and headed back to my room wrapped in a towel.

“Come on big guy, we need to get you cleaned up.” I helped Adam to his good foot and we hopped down the hall to the bathroom. I set him on the edge of the tub and checked the water temperature. I didn’t want to scorch any parts I may need later. Once the water was warm enough but not too hot I helped Adam slide into the sudsy water. The first thing I wanted to do once I got him soaking was take a look at his foot. I lifted it up gently and cupping some water in my hand rinsed the bubbles off the sole of his foot. “Now I’m going to run my thumb across your foot, it will probably hurt but I need to see if there is any glass still in there.” He just nodded, it was very cute, he had this little boy look on his face, a look that said I’m scarred but I trust you. If I hadn’t felt like I was falling in love before I definitely did after that look. I took my time slowly working across his foot looking for splinters of glass, washing off lines of dried blood. Once I was sure there was no more glass I slid his foot back into the water to rinse it and then slid myself into the tub behind Adam. Fortunately the tub was large enough to do this with plenty of room.

I took my time running soapy hands across Adams broad muscular shoulders and down his strong back, then soaping and massaging his muscular arms. He squirmed and giggled a little when I washed his arm pits but other wise quietly enjoyed being bathed. Then I pulled him backwards against my chest so I could soap his front. With his head against my chest I could reach down over his shoulders. I worked from his neck down to his chest playfully pinching his nipples as I moved. Running my hands across his abs was amazing, firm muscular ridges under silky smooth skin. With a quick dip into his belly button I stopped there and started scooping water into his hair.

I was having trouble getting his curly blond shag soaked through and with a mischievous grin Adam said “let me help you out” and slid down my body into the tub. He stopped with his head resting in my lap; the feel of his hair swirling in the water across my genitals had an instant reaction. He reacted just as quickly, like a seal he rolled over in the tub, now face down in my lap he inhaled half my erection in one quick swallow. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was the most amazing feeling, warm wet suction surrounding my pole; I just grabbed the sides of the tub and hung on. The need for air forced him to quit which was good because I don’t think I could have lasted too long. With a smile Adam slid up the tub crawling over me hand over hand, I lifted my ass off the bottom long enough to allow his now rock hard erection to slide underneath me and nestle between my ass cheeks. Now Adams cock is large, very large but not freakish, but at the time I thought I had sat down on his arm, it felt enormous and as much as I wanted to feel that monster fill me up the thought frightened me as well. I think he could sense some of my fear because he leaned forward, soft lips against my ear and whispered “only what you’re ready for” and then pulled his head back a little to kiss me on the lips.

(Adams POV)

What an incredible afternoon, I can’t believe the things I have done or the things that were done to me. And now here I am laying in a king size tub face to face on top of this beautiful dark haired beach stud. Suddenly my life which only hours ago had seemed empty and disconnected had a focus. The daily tedium of school and home had a bright spot. I think I had finally found some one to love who might even love me back. I leaned in and kissed him again, a long slow passionate kiss on those full soft lips. Shea looked beautiful laying there underneath me soapy, shiny tan skin, wet spiky hair, eyes full of excitement. As I kissed him I could feel his hand running across my back, up my neck, down again and clutching my ass. I couldn’t help but press against him his hard cock slipping between our soapy stomachs. I kissed down his neck, nibbling across his clavicle, down his smooth well formed chest. My lips brushed across his hard brown nipple and he shivered. Hoping to give him all the pleasure I could I sucked his nipple into my mouth and sucked and bit gently, Shea moaned and pressed up into me, the movement slid his ass up the length of my cock and back again, I almost lost control it felt so good. I continued to play with his rock hard little nubs and he moaned and twisted, humping his cock against my abs and sliding on and grasping at my cock with his muscular ass cheeks.

“Oh God Adam, I’m…I…I’m Gonna…Oh Fuck…” with that exclamation I could feel hot pulses of Sheas man juice shoot against my stomach, his spasming body bringing my own mind blowing orgasm. I grabbed him and held him tight pressing us close together and pushing him down onto my cock with all the pressure I could manage. Jet after jet of cum shooting between his ass cheeks for what seemed like minutes until I finally collapsed on top of my new lover.

We lay there so long together the water began to chill, my arms wrapped tight about Sheas waist, head comfortable on his chest, the feel of his soft hands stroking along the muscles in my back.

“Hey ya big lug why don’t you get off me.” The sensitivity and love in Shea’s voice belied the harshness of his words. I looked up into his eyes and smiled.

“What’s the matter ya wimp, it’s not your ass stickin up in the air freezing.”

“Well get that fine ass up and we can take a hot shower and get cleaned up.” We both struggled to stand; the day had been emotionally and physically, definitely in a good way, exhausting. Shea helped me to stand and hop over to the glassed in shower. Although we didn’t restrict our activity totally to washing we were only in the shower for a few minutes. After toweling off and hobbling to the bedroom Shea found us some clean clothes and we headed for the TV room.

“How about a movie?”

“Sounds good to me.” I settled in on the long overstuffed sofa and Shea went to find us a movie.

“Alien explosions or car chase explosions?”

“Dealers choice.” He grabbed a disk off the shelf and popped it in the DVD player.

“I’ll start the movie; you can watch deleted scenes or something while I make us some popcorn.” Handing me the remote he smiled and headed for the kitchen.

I woke up a few minutes later to Shea taping gauze to the bottom of my foot. “Hey sleepy head, sorry to wake you but I wanted to get some antibiotic on these cuts.”


I could feel him working as carefully as possible and when he finished I felt a light kiss on the sole of my foot. Comfortable, I left my foot draped over the back of the couch where Shea had put it and listened to the sounds of my lover moving quietly around the house. When he finished he came back to the couch and settled in between my legs, head resting on my stomach, right arm draped along my right leg. My right arm was propping up my head and he pulled my left down across his chest, I slid my hand over, palm down, to cup a well formed pec, apparently Shea wasn’t that interested in the movie either, he used the remote to flip to a music station and we drifted off to sleep to the sounds of Elton John.

It was the feel of spiky black hair stuffing itself up my nose that woke me up and it was the whistling snores that kept me up. I didn’t mind it gave me some time to think. A lot of things had happened in the last couple of days. It was staggering to think about how much my life had changed because of one person. One person napping comfortably between my legs, as I lay there thinking I absentmindedly began stroking my new love, soft caresses on cheek and neck, shoulder and chest. The exploration of this body peacefully reclined in my lap had an unexpected result; it gave me a sense of peace I hadn’t ever felt before. It seemed I lived most of my life on the outside looking in. Even when I was part of something like the wrestling team I never felt a sense of belonging. Suddenly I was part of something, it was a small world of two but at least it was something. My comfort level was such that I settled in and went back to sleep.


I don’t know when it happened but at some point I had rolled over and was laying face down on my new boyfriend. Boyfriend, what a great word. We had been sleeping for hours and I hated to wake Adam but it was getting very late and I didn’t want him to have trouble at home. It seemed as though he had enough trouble in his life without my adding any more. Of course I’m pretty sure the events of today will probably add a whole level of difficulties neither of us was ready to think about yet. Right now he didn’t look like he had a care in the world; stretched out under me he had a relaxed smile and seemed to be sleeping deeply. Well, most of him was asleep; certain parts of him seemed to be wide awake. Warmly nestled between my chest and his abs, his stunning cock was awake and ready to go. I could feel its heat through the thin fabric of the soccer shorts he had borrowed after our shower. Inspiration set in as I realized how I was going to wake him up. Of course the thought that he might some day return the favor was encouraging as well.

As carefully as possible I sat up enough to slide the waist of Adams shorts down, freeing his erection. I slipped the waist under his balls and took a moment to admire the beauty of his amazing physique, in perfect complement to his male package. It was just a moment though; I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. I settled back in between Adams legs, my mouth hovering just over his perfectly shaped mushroom head I blew warm air across the tip. His cock reacted with a flex of muscle that popped it up off his stomach and into my waiting mouth. I took in the massive head and sucked it slowly then I pulled off of it and gently licked and sucked up and down the shaft. This was all about soft slow pleasure, a gentle waking not the aggressive passionate lovemaking of earlier. I worked down his shaft and began to suck on his low hanging ball sac. I rolled each of his egg sized nuts in my mouth; I tried them both but couldn’t get them in my mouth at the same time. Leaving his sac I worked my way back up his shaft, massaging its length with my hands I took the head back into my mouth and began to tongue and suck, it was like sucking a red juice plum. I don’t know when it had started but I became aware of Adam breathing more quickly and quietly moaning. Knowing that he was enjoying my ministrations I stepped up the pace a little. I wrapped both hands around his cock and stroked in rhythm while I sucked as much of his length into me as I could. The longer I worked the deeper into me his delicious cock plunged. I was practically swallowing it. I knew Adam was awake now, as I impaled myself on his monster his hands ran through my hair helping to push me down further. His hips began to buck as his sac tightened, I new he was getting close and couldn’t wait to feel his hot juices coating the inside of my mouth. Adams moans turned into more coherent vocalizations.

“Oh fuck Shea yeah please oh god fuck so good love it love you please so close uh unh god cumming unh yeah cumming!!”

The force of Adams orgasm was incredible. I tried to swallow it all and almost choked. I couldn’t keep up with the jets of man juice shooting from his cock. Adam was such a total stud. I pulled the head of his cock from my mouth and watched as three ropes of jizz covered his chest and abs. Then a few small pulses of juice coated my hands. As I worked to clear my mouth of its contents Adams words finally began to register.

Could he have meant it or were they just words, something said in the throes of orgasm and not really meant. I climbed up Adams body laying myself down on his sweat and cum slicked chest and kissed him deeply sharing his juices with him. I couldn’t help myself I had to ask. “Did you mean it Adam?”

“Mean what dude.”

“Never mind.”

“No really, what did I say, what do you want to know.”

“Well you said you love me. Did you mean it Adam? I can understand if you just said it, sometimes things just come out, you don’t have to mean it; if you did it would be great but…”

“Shea shut up. You talk too much.” With that he pulled me close to him and kissed me, a deep strong passionate loving kiss that felt like it lasted forever. When it finally did end I felt dizzy and shaky and happy and full of joy, and that’s when he said it to me again. Adam looked straight into my eyes and said “I do love you Shea.”

I said it and truly meant it. This annoying pushy arrogant boy who never shut up made me happier and more content than I had ever felt. Maybe it wouldn’t last, maybe things would change, maybe he would dump me or I would him, who knew but for now I was for the first time happy and in love and felt loved by some one else. So this is what other people look for, what keeps them going. Well maybe my senior year wouldn’t be so bad after all.


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