The Football Player
by Devon Campbell


I heard the door shut then the footsteps coming along the front of the toilette stalls.  There was a brief pause between each step as he tried the doors.  I had my door cracked and when he tried it he didn’t go any farther.  He pushed the door open and squeezed into the stall.  Sitting on the stool, I was suddenly face to face with his crotch.  It made my heart skip, then pounded.  He didn’t waste any time; he knew why he was there, and he knew why I was there.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” I said back.

Suddenly I recognized him. I didn’t know his name but he was a football player. Godd, what luck!  It was a big school and I didn’t know a lot of people’s names, and I didn’t really follow football, at least not for the plays and the scores.  My only interest in football was the players inside those incredibly tight, sexy pants.  Namely their asses. That was the only reason I went to the games. I didn’t care about his name; I was so overwhelmed that he was there.

I stayed seated.  I liked the view, and I was positioned so I was staring right at his crotch seemed to be the right place to be.  He was wearing old, faded jeans, worn in the right places.  The material covering his crotch was almost threadbare.  He rubbed his hand down over the bulge, digging his thick fingers into the meat. My eyes must’ve sparkled.  He put his hand around the back of my head and pressed my face into the bulge.

My Godd, I thought, he’s a horse!

He smashed his manhood into my face and I wrapped my arms around his massive thighs.  Suddenly he cupped his hands in my armpits and effortlessly brought me to my feet.  My hard cock pressed against his leg.

“Stand up here,” he said as he lifted me further and stood me on the toilette seat where he was face to face with my quivering cock.

Holy Shit, is he going to suck me?  I was about to faint at the thought of it.

My jeans and shorts were down to my ankles.  He brought my right foot up and slipped off the shoe.  Then the left.  Then he tugged my shorts and jeans off and laid them around behind me on the toilette tank.  I was naked from the waist down, except for my socks.  He stood me down, facing the wall, and lifted my right leg up. That’s when I knew I was going to get fucked.  I didn’t care; sex was the reason I was there, but I was frighteningly curious about the size of his cock.  I wasn’t a virgin, but I was new on the fuck track.

He undid his jeans and shoved them down.  He wasn’t wearing shorts and his warm, meaty cock pressed against my backside.

“You want this, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes.  Godd, yess!” I replied.

“Good, `cause I don’t wanta be accused of rape.”

“Even if it is rape, I want it,” I said.

His cock grew rapidly as he rubbed it up and down the crack of my ass.

“Fuck, you’ve got a great ass,” he said.

“Thanks.  It’s all yours,” I said.

“Damn straight.”

He furnished his own lube in the form of spit. He shoved a slick finger in my ass, then added another.  He twisted them around and gouged my ass for a moment then pulled them out and wiped them on the back of my shirt.  Next I felt the heat and bluntness of his cockhead bore between my butt muscles. I mention bluntness because it felt like the business end of a baseball bat pressing against my hole. I braced myself for the entry and trembled with anticipation; it always excited me to take a new cock and see how it would feel sliding deep in my ass. He clasped his hands tighter around my hipbones and pushed. I felt my asshole giving way and the next instant he was in me.

“UUhhnnn,” I moaned softly.  He didn’t pause to let me get used to it; he shoved deeper, till he was all the way in me.  I didn’t care that much about the pain either.  I’d learned that it was part of getting fucked, and it was always fleeting.  He held in deep for a moment then started fucking me.

“OOhhnnnn,” I moaned again.

“Yeah, you like it don’t you? You like my big cock stretching your tight little ass.”

“Yess!” I hissed.

“So do I.  Fuck, dude, you’re better than pussy.”

“I’m glad,” I said. “Does that mean you’re gonna sign off girls?”

“Naw, that’d ruin my reputation.”

He was good; he knew his way around a fuck-hole, no matter if it was male or female. I tried to keep quiet but I couldn’t stifle the groans of pleasure. He was plowing me good when there was a light tapping on the door; I hadn’t heard anyone else come in.

“Hey, what’s going on in there?”

“There’s a guy getting fucked,” the jock replied over his shoulder.

“Can I have him when you’re done?”

The jock smacked me on the ass and asked me, “You want another cock when I’m finished?”

“Yessss!” I hissed through clenched teeth.

“He says yeah.”

“Okay, let me in.”

The jock reached back and unlocked the door and the other guy came in.

“Hey, Bro.”

“Hey Dude.”

They knocked fists with without my guy missing a stroke. I glanced back to see the newcomer.  Oh, Godd……it was Troy Adams; the all-star rugby player!  And he was in his rugby kit!  I had wet dreams about him; about those massive thighs locked around my head while he fucked my throat. Suddenly I wished for the football player to finish so Troy could take his place.

Meanwhile, Troy stood to the side, leaning against the wall, watching his fellow jock fuck my ass.

“You’ve got some moves there, Bro,” he observed.

“Like you don’t.”

“A guy can always learn,” Troy mused.

“Yeah, from you.”

I caught glimpses of Troy groping the front of his rugby shorts.

“Show me what you’ve got,” the football player said.

“Sure.”  I looked around again as Troy shoved the front of his shorts down and tucked the waistband under his balls.

“Holy shit!” the football player said.  Troy chuckled.

I nearly fainted myself.  He was hung like the proverbial horse. I’d never seen anything like. He was fluffed up, sort of soft rubber, from the groping, offering a glimpse of his potential. There was a long moment of quiet, except for the soft smack-smack-smack of the football players smacking against my butt.

“Can you keep a secret?” the football player asked.


“On your mother’s grave.”

“My mother’s not dead,” Troy said.

“Just swear it.”

“What am I swearing to?”

“Just swear it; I’ll show you.”

“I swear it; whatever happens in this stall stays in this stall,” Troy said.

“Climb up here, stand on the toilette seat.”


“Just do it.  Facing me.”

It was a tight, awkward fit but the hefty, muscular rugby player stepped up on the toilette seat facing the other jock.

“Geezuss, man, you’re gonna blow me?” Troy said.

“Damn straight.”

I heard a murmur then as the football player went down on the rugby player.

“Awwww, fuck!” Troy groaned.

It got hot in the booth pretty fast and the sweat was pouring. Suddenly there was another knock on the door.

“Hey.  Open up; let me see.”

“Fuck off,” Troy growled.  Then, “Hey, guys, let’s take this out to my pickup.”

We got presentable and Troy opened the door.  The intruder was standing there.

“Ohh, Geezuss, you guys are hot!”

“Yeah, so we’ve been told.”

“Where’s you going?” the guy asked.

“No place you wanta be.”

“Please, let me come with you.  I’ll do anything,” he pleaded.

The football stopped and turned around.  “You follow us, fuck head; I’ll break you in two.”

“Yes.  Okay.  I won’t.”

We all climbed in Troy’s pickup; a big, Army-green Dodge Ram. I was in the middle. He drove out of town where he turned onto a gravel road. A mile or so down the road he turned into a field and drove along the roadway along the fence line till he came to a clump of trees.  He turned the truck around facing the way we came.

“Okay, you can get out and lean in over the seat,” he told me as he was undoing his fly. While the other two of us got out of the truck, he took off his boots and jeans and then stripped off his shorts.  Then he lay back against the door with his legs spread out, his cock at full staff once again.  He stroked it while I was stripped from the waist down myself, standing on the outside of the truck.  Next thing, I felt the heat of the footballer’s cock against my hole again.  I jutted back and he entered me and started fucking me. I leaned up across the seat between Troy’s massive thighs. He scooted down a little so I could reach his manhood and I began rubbing his legs, feeling the solid muscles.

“Godd, I love your thighs,” I told him.

“Yeah, my thighs and my butt; those are my best assets,” he said.

“What about that?” I asked, nodding to his fist sliding up and down his big, thick cock.

He chuckled and told the football player to stand me up on the running board. He did and I was pushed further across the seat.

“You want these thighs locked around you head, don’t you?” Troy asked, smiling.

“Godd, yes, just don’t get carried away and break my neck.”

“Okay.  Think you can find you way up my legs to my balls?”

I found my way, drawing up further on the seat.  Suddenly the football player gave me a shove so I was sprawled across the seat and he climbed in after me.  On top of me, actually, and resumed plowing my ass.  I nuzzled my face in Troy’s heavy balls.  They drew up as if they recognized me.

“Suck’ em,” he said.

The truck was rocking to the rhythm of the cock thrusting my ass.

“You’re about to blow,” Troy observed

“So….close,” the football groaned. “So…..fuckin…..close…..aaaahhhh, man, here it fuckin’ comes!”

I felt his cock explode, spurting hot cum deep inside me. I whimpered around the heavy ball I held in my mouth. Troy must have thought I was going to let it go and he put his hand on my head to keep me in place.

“Don’t stop doing that,” he said.  “Use your tongue some more, lick underneath.  Yeah, like that.  Fuckin’ like that! Ohhh, mannn, it’s getting there…..don’t stop…..suck it, man…..gonna cum…!”  The rest was obliterated in a long, low moan as I felt the powerful surge through the thick vein under his balls. His cock bolted hard as steel and shot out a load of cum that hit the roof of the truck, so hard I heard the thud. There was another thud, and another, before the trajectory lowered and he the stuff was landing on his chest and stomach and on me. He practically whitewashed us. I was in a state of oblivion till I felt my own nuts tighten up and my asshole tightened like a vise around the football player’s cock.  Then I was coming.  I shot the stuff all over the seat. I released the swollen nut and laid my head on Troy’s thigh, gasping for air.

“Holy shit, it felt like your ass was gonna pull my cock out by the root,” the football player groaned.

“It’d grow back,” Troy joked. Then he squirmed under me and I rose up.  The truck cab reeked of cum.

“Geezuss, I’m gonna have to have this truck fumigated,” he said.

We all separated, climbing out on both sides of the truck.  Troy took a towel from behind the seat and tried to clean the cum off the ceiling while I used my T-shirt to wipe up the mess I made.  But he was right; he was going to have to have the vehicle cleaned professionally.

“What’re you gonna tell `em happened, when they get a whiff of cum?  Tell `em it’s pussy juice?” I asked him.

“Shit, if I tell `em that, those rednecks down at the carwash will lick it clean,” he said.


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