The College Kid
by Devon Campbell


I met Josh on Craig’s list. Not smart, I know, and it was the only time I ever used the list.  Josh was one of many who answered my ad, definitely the best of three who worked out.  It really intrigued me when he emailed me and said he was 19 years old, going to the local community college, and was curious to find out what it was like to get a blowjob. I thought, do such guys even exist anymore?  I emailed him back and suggested we meet at the video store located outside of town behind the truck stop. I set it up that I would rent one of the private party rooms there and leave the door open a crack for him to come in.

I arrived at the video store a half hour before the designated time to give me time to pick out a video.  I pondered whether to pick out a straight or gay video, or settle half way between and rent a bi.  I decided on a gay video. We were talking blowjobs here.

The rooms are like a living room, with big couch with lots of cushions, a couple of chairs, lamp table and lamp, carpeted and a large TV.  I put the DVD in.  I turned on the ceiling fan then adjusted the lights to dim and cracked the door. Then I took off my jeans.  I put my boots back on and sat on the couch to watch the movie.

He arrived early too, just a few minutes after the video started.  There was a light tap on the door; I looked around to see this good-looking young guy poking his head in. He said he was Josh and I waved him in. He locked the door and stood nervously watching the TV.  I told him to get comfortable.  Since I had my jeans off, he stepped out of his sneakers and took his off. He was wearing a pair of briefs that barely contained his manhood.

“Nice shorts,” I said.


“They make a nice package.” I reached over and put my hand around his inner thigh and urged him to come closer. For some reason he didn’t sit on the couch but stood in front of it, facing the TV.  I could tell he was nervous. I began playing with his butt and groping myself at the same time. He started groping the front of his briefs. After a few minutes of this I leaned over behind him and tugged his shorts down in back and began kissing his butt.  I left his package and ran my hand up under his T-shirt.  He was as solid as he looked. I started licking the crack of his ass. He turned around to see what I was doing but he didn’t stop me.  He did, though, tighten his butt muscles, like he didn’t want me to go there. I moved my other hand back down to the front of his shorts, brushing his hand out of the way.  He was hard, his shorts were tented.

I hooked my fingers in the side of his shorts to pull them down.  When I had them down below his knees he stepped out of them, but he still didn’t turn around to face me.  I kissed his butt again and reached around for his cock. It was standing up, quivering and throbbing, about seven inches, and a really nice handful.  He was smoothly cut and had a big head. I rubbed his precum around the head.  After a couple of minutes of this foreplay I got off the couch and sat on the floor in front of him, wedging myself between his legs. He set his legs apart for me and I leaned up and began sucking his balls.  He wasn’t being very cooperative… he was LETTING me do him… but I figured it was because he was nervous.

I gave his balls some good attention and lapped up along the crack of his ass as well. He hunkered down for me to reach him better.  Finally, I put my hands on his thighs and urged him and told him to turn around.  He turned around so he was facing me, his big cock looming up over my face.  I told him to feed me his cock.

He hunkered down on bent knees and guided his cock to my waiting mouth. He let out a loud moan when I took him, followed by a long, “Ohhh, Fuucckkkkk!”

Feeling my mouth on his cock loosened him up and he began fucking my mouth. I urged him on with my hands clasped around his butt. He had an awesome butt, one that I was anxious to rim, but I would take it slow. I gave him a lot of tongue and he liked that too.  I eased off to say something.

“You don’t have to hold off, or you can make it last as long as you can,” I told him.

“Do I cum in your mouth?” he asked. It was the first he’d spoke.

“Yeah, I want your load.”

He kept looking over his shoulder to watch the video… I was glad he was so interested in a gay video… and after a while I moved off the couch and tossed some pillows on the floor and told him to lie on the floor, leaning back against the couch.  That way I could do him and he could enjoy the video at the same time.  He quickly obliged and I stretched out on the floor between his legs and resumed sucking his cock.

I wasn’t anywhere with his ass. My drool gave me plenty of lube and I was able to slide my finger back and forth in his crack and even found his asshole and began massaging it, but he never responded in a way that would let me go any farther.  He would need loosening up, and it would take time; maybe next time, if there was a next time.

He didn’t respond much physically, just clenched his butt muscles to hump his cock up into my mouth and there were some soft moans, but no writhing around and loud groaning.  He was easy to read, though, and I was able to gauge his lust level and ease him off when he got close.  I glanced at my watch every now and then. I wanted to try to make it last till close to the end of the movie. I succeeded.

At one point I rose up and asked him if he was ready to go off.

“I’ve been ready for a long time.”

“You wanta bust your nut?”


“Okay, hang on,” I told him.

I went back down on him and finished giving him the blowjob of his life. He responded this time.  He put his hand on the back of my head to push it down and force his cock into my throat. I let him.  He humped up off the floor to drive his cock into my throat. He fucked my face.  Then he lost it. He arched off the floor when he shot his load, and his muscular young body trembled with his climax.  He gave me a big load.  He’d either been saving it, or he was just naturally a heavy shooter, or the stuff had multiplied during the blowjob.  I took it and swallowed it.  Maybe I shouldn’t have, but this was his first time and I wanted to make it perfect for him – something he would remember – and taking cum then spitting it out just wouldn’t be right.

He let me stay on his cock for several minutes, till he was lurching from the sensitivity.  I rose up and he was sort of smiling, and I gotta say, that handsome little smile made it all worthwhile.

I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t linger.  He watched the rest of the movie as he got dressed then he thanked me.  I stopped him before he scooted out.

“Listen, we could do this again if you want to,” I said.

“Fuck, yeah,” he said.

“I’ll email you,” I said.

“Or, can I email you?”

I laughed.  “Yeah, email me anytime you want. I can usually get away any time.”


Josh emailed me about a week later, thanked me for “showing” him, and said he would like to get together again.  He gave me a date that his roommate would be away.  I was happy to hear he had a roommate.  I thought he might be local and lived at home but he is from another city.  I went to his place at the time he said, in the afternoon when he didn’t have classes. He lives in a small second floor apartment a few blocks from the college. I went up the back stairs and knocked.  I was surprised when he came to the door wearing only tight boxer briefs with a nice bulge in front.  They clung to his butt nicely too, even accenting the crack of his ass, and I liked the way they clung to his muscular thighs.  I was pretty determined to have at his ass this time.  No, not fuck him, I can’t see that happening, but I want to show him the pleasures of his ass.

He told me to get comfortable and asked me if I wanted a beer. I told him no, I would prefer just a glass of water, with ice… an idea had come to mind.  Something I haven’t done in a long time. I undressed completely. He got himself a beer and brought me ice water, then slouched down on the couch with his legs laid apart like an open invitation, and I took it.  He also brought some towels from the bathroom just off the kitchen. We both knew why I was there so I got down on my knees between his legs, set the glass of water on the coffee table, and started massaging his bulge. He splayed his legs wider apart and humped his bulge up into my hands. He was getting hard. He put his hand on my head like he was anxious, so I didn’t waste any time. I tugged on his shorts and he rose up so I could take them off of him.  His cock swung up across his hip and was pulsating, getting harder, and finally swung up over his stomach. He took hold of it and held it up for me.  I put my hands behind my back and went down on him.

I sucked him that way for a little bit then I brushed his hand away and took over.  I wanted to hold his cock myself, I liked the feel of it in my hand, and I liked exploring his muscular body.  I took a tiny drink of water; mostly I took ice in my mouth. Then I went back down on him.

“AAAwwwhhhh!”  It was a loud groan as I engulfed the head of his cock with ice water.  It’s a thrill, the cold and the warmth of a mouth at the same time.  He laughed and said he thought his cock would wilt, but he kept right on throbbing and he said it felt incredible as the ice melted and the water in my mouth got warmer.

I decided to make a play for his ass. I brought his leg up onto my shoulder and turned a little, urging him to lie back on the couch. He stretched out long ways with his other leg up over the back of the couch. I buried my face in his crotch, licking and kissing and sucking on his balls while I stroked his cock. He loved that.  I gradually worked my way down to the crack of his ass and the further I went the more he hunkered up off the couch.  He sort of used his left leg on the back of the couch for leverage to hunker up.  As I kept licking his ass, I shoved his right leg up higher and finally told him to hold.  He knew by now where it was headed and he brought his other leg up and held them against his chest. I pushed his hips higher and his ass was spread wide and open and inviting.  He really went nuts when I started licking deep in his butt and tonguing his asshole. He reached down to pull his hole open for me and kept moaning vulgar stuff.

He wasn’t so shy this time. At one point he rose up and got on his knees on the couch, hunkered over the back of the couch, offering his butt to me.  I really went to town on him. He’s got a great butt, and it held its solid, round shape even spread apart like that. I rimmed him for a long time before I used the ice trick again.  He wasn’t aware I was doing it… I quietly took some ice in my mouth while I was fingering him. He was getting nice and relaxed and when I clamped my mouth over his hole I forced an ice cube into his ass.  He groaned with surprise.  I had a good tight suction on his asshole and I forced a stream of ice water into his ass too.  He let out another loud yelp. I tongued him deep while I pulled on his balls and jacked his cock.  I told him to let the ice cube melt then give me a drink. He forced the water back into my mouth, much warmer than when I gave it to him.  I didn’t drink it though; I let it drain into the towel.

I turned around and lay back on the couch, pushed myself up so I was between his legs and under him so he could stay kneeling on the couch and fuck my face. At the same time I fingered his ass.  It was just that at first, using just one finger to probe and play with his prostate.  He loved it.  I used two fingers, and he was really loosening up.  Got a little awkward and rough on my throat the way he thrashed around on my finger and face fucked me at the same time. I worked in a third finger and started finger fucking him. He fucked his ass back on my fingers, not so much thrashing around now; he fucked my face and himself at the same time.  I was really rough on his prostate…he said later that he was a little sore inside.  He blew a great load.  Hard and a LOT of it, as is usually the case when it’s prodded out of his prostate. I swallowed it.  Couldn’t help it.

We had another round after he rested up and each had a beer.  I didn’t use the water and ice technique on him again.  He said he understood now why guys liked to be fucked.  I asked him if he wanted to try that. He laughed and said no, very emphatically.  But then added that, now that I’d shown him that, he didn’t know how he was going to satisfy that itch.  I told him to call me any time. Or, he could go out to the video store and buy a dildo.  Or… I laughed… he does have a roommate… I’m not so sure he will be so emphatically against it for very long.

Second time we were on the floor and I was turned in a quasi-sixty-nine position, not so he would suck me – he didn’t, and I didn’t expect him to – but, as I told him, that position made easier for me to deep throat him. He did jack me off, though.  Looking forward to the next time… he said he would email me again.

The End

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