My Virginity, Gone
by Devon Campbell


I wasn’t sure what he meant when he said he would eat my ass but he really meant it.  He was really touching some nerves back there where I didn’t know I even had feelings.  It felt wonderful and he was making my asshole respond.

“How’s that feel?”

“It feels wonderful.  I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

“I told you, any price to get to fuck your beautiful hole. Bet you didn’t know your asshole was beautiful.”

“I never thought about it that way, no.  But then I’ve never gotten a good look at it.”

“Well it is.  You got just the right amount of hair growing around it.  Not like Aaron; he’s hairless.  And it’s dark pinkish too around the rim but when it tightens and loosens its lighter pink deep in.”

Even the way he was describing my ass turned me on.

“Okay, you ready for some more?”

“Yeah, it feels really good,” I said.

I felt his fingers digging into the muscle around my hole and he was stretching me open. Next thing I felt was his hot breath then his tongue inside me!  Oh, fuck, I thought, he’s got his tongue inside my ass!  I couldn’t believe it was happening and I couldn’t believe how incredibly wonderful it felt.  I started squirming back against his face.  I heard him laugh and he drove his tongue in deeper.  I let out another squealing whimper. All the while I was still holding out on letting him fuck me but he could do this to me all day long.  I hadn’t counted on what he did next.

He was still licking all around my asshole when I felt his fingers rubbing over it at the same time.  That didn’t feel as good as his tongue but everything he did back there was feeling fine.  My hole was super slick with spit and oil and he had no trouble inserting a finger.  His fingers went deep and that didn’t hurt either.  He shoved them in as far as he could reach and began fucking me with it. That felt good and I could feel my resolve waning.  I was thinking if this felt good then…

“Ohhh!” I groaned, surprised I hadn’t realized he’d shoved two fingers inside me till he was moving them all around in different directions. “Ohhh!” I moaned again.  Then again.  “Ohhhhh, Godd!”

I heard him laugh as he kept doing me with his fingers, all the while still kissing the inner slopes of my butt.  I gritted my teeth and tried to swallow my outcries and renew my resolve that he could do this to me all day long but I wasn’t going to let him fuck me.  But my brain wasn’t functioning all that well.  It was like my brain had shifted from my head to my asshole.  The only messages it was processing were lust, awesomely good feelings, tingly sensations and unbearable lust.

Al was touching a certain spot inside me that drove me crazy.  He soon discovered that and he kept going back to it in between fucking me with his long, thick fingers.  I thought he might be using three now.  I heard him chuckle and then he said, “I think you want my cock.”

“Yess!”  I didn’t know where the hissed reply came from.  It wasn’t my voice.  But it was out there and I knew it too late and it was going to happen.  I was going to get fucked. I was going to lose my virginity. Maybe he was the one who had hissed it.  It didn’t matter.

I felt what I knew was the head of his cock pressing against my now empty hole and I braced myself for what I was sure to be an onslaught.  I was as scared as I was eager.  It was going to hurt but it wouldn’t last long; he’d told me that.  That’s what he said, and I’d seen how guys reacted to being fucked in the porn videos.  They didn’t act like it hurt at all.  And I trusted him; I was a kid to him and I didn’t believe he would hurt me on purpose. Meanwhile that spot inside me, whatever it was, was still acting up with quivering sensations and I yearned for him to touch it again.

“Here we go,” he said.  He pushed and suddenly I was penetrated.

I felt the muscle of my asshole spread and give way to the wide, bulbous head then lock tightly around the rim.  I was momentarily stunned, not because my virginity was being taken from me but the realization that it didn’t hurt as I’d anticipated.  It barely hurt at all.  There was sort of a dull ache from being stuffed with cockmeat but there was no real pain.  I could feel my insides spreading and closing around the thick, hot cudgel, felt his cock running into obstacles and he deftly maneuvering past them.

“Ohh, Godd!” I whispered as his hard loins pressed hard against my spread butt and his cock throbbed deep inside me.  Godd, he was so hot and hard.

“That okay?” he asked.

“Yes.  Ohh, yes.”

He chuckled.  “Told you.  So are you ready for me to fuck you?”

“Godd, yes, do it!”

“I wanta hear you say it.”

“Fuck me.  Fuck me…” My voice choked off as he began moving his cock.  I couldn’t describe how incredible it felt. I could barely comprehend that it was happening at all.  It was like his cock was searing my brain, further proof that it had indeed taken up residence in my as.

I’m afraid I was somewhat incoherent the whole time he fucked me, not believing it was happing. I kept telling myself it was but nothing mattered except the incredible feeling he was causing all through my body.  I wasn’t even aware of my own hard cock except that it was throbbing beneath me; not till I felt him reach around and take hold of it. I jumped, thinking I was going to cum right then and there.

“You ready to go over the top?” he asked as he rammed me.

“No!”  I blurted it out without even realizing it but it cleared the fog from my head so I could go on.  “I want you to fuck me on my back.  I wanta watch you fucking me.”

“Okay, hell yeah, that’d be great, fucking you like a girl.”

I didn’t let his remark bother me, I was too occupied getting into positon, holding my legs up and tilting my butt up for him to penetrate me again.

It was a welcome thrust, slow but deep and determined. He immediately started fucking me again.  It felt like he was going deeper this way and I welcomed the further onslaught.  My Godd, how could it possibly get any better.  But it did.  Better and better till I was losing all sense of reality and time.  Over the top meant he was taking me to a place I never dreamed even existed.  He had hold of my cock again and my balls in his other oil slick hand. His thick fingers were like talons. It hurt a little but when he squeezed my balls I only moaned. I was his to do anything he wanted.  He increased my pleasure a hundred fold, leaving me only to bask in it.  I didn’t even realize I was cumming till I heard him say, “Ohh, Dude!”

I lay helpless as the stuff shot all over me.  At the same time I was aware of the hard thumping sensation of his cock inside me followed by the feel of liquid heat bathing my insides.  It was so wonderfully good that I whimpered like a baby.  I rode the crest of our mutual lust till Al eased us over onto our sides.  The blood was throbbing in my temples and my ass was still convulsing.

“Now that was one incredibly awesome virgin fuck.”

His words drove home the stark fact that my virginity was gone.  I didn’t know at what point it vanished into thin air, what stroke of his mighty cock drove it out of me.

“When did it happen?”  I sounded stupid asking.

“When did what happen?”  he asked.

“My virginity.  When did it go?  When you first shoved the head of your cock through my hole, or when you had it all the way in me?  Or when you shot your load in me, when I shot off?”

He laughed, a hearty belly laugh that reverberated in his hard abs pressed against me.  “I don’t know exactly how that works.  I think I fucked it out of you, sort of destroyed it with each stroke of my cock.  But I think we can say for sure that you are no longer a virgin.  The deed is done.”

I wished he’d left his cock in me.  I felt a trickle of cum out of my ass.

“I’m sorry, for acting like such a baby.”

He hugged me close, his cum and oil slick cock pressed against me.  “You didn’t act like a baby.  Far from it.  You took me like a real trooper.”

“You said you were going to fuck me like a girl.”

“That was a figure of speech, meaning the position.  Don’t worry; nobody’s ever going to mistake you for a girl.  Besides it was way better than fucking a girl.”

“Nobody’s ever going to mistake me?  I don’t know who that’d be, anyone else but you, Al.”

“Well, there’s Eric. It won’t feel the same as me fucking you though, ’cause he’s not as big as me.”

“I can’t wait to try him out now.”

“Well, you’ve always got me,” he said.

“Till you leave for college,” I said.

“I hear sex is rampant on college campuses.  All kinds of sex.  Guys and guys, girls and girls and everything in between.  Everybody experimenting around.  As soon as I get settled in, make some contacts, you can come visit and stay in my dorm room.”

“That’d be great, getting fucked by a bunch of college guys,” I said.

“You sure don’t sound like that scared little boy I had on my hands a little while ago,” he said.

“I’m not scared anymore, thanks to you.”

“Next thing we have to do is get Aaron in on a three way.

I could hardly wait.


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  1. That was a really hot story! Not how I lost my virginity. It hurt like hell when I lost my cherry. Please write sequels.

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