Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 9

The long trip back proved to be as exciting as the week’s training at Camp Wallace. After chow on Sunday morning they loaded their gear and climbed into the duce-an-a-half trucks. Somehow, Sean, Casey, Jason, Chuck and some other guys from the orgy in the empty barracks all ended up in the same truck. Sean wasn’t sure, about three or four of the guys; maybe they were all from the orgy too; he hadn’t seen all of their faces. The bare wood seats were hard and the trucks weren’t equipped with shocks that made them conducive to passenger travel. A couple of guys tossed the duffle bags out and laid down, using them for pillows. It wasn’t much better, bouncing around on the bed of the truck. Only the smooth patches in the road now and then offered any comfort for the bedraggled Marines.

“Well, did everybody enjoy their vacation?” someone asked sarcastically.

“I had a fuckin’ great time,” Chuck declared. His hand was clasping the edge of the seat and he shoved it under the side of Sean’s butt.

“How about you, civilian trainee?” the guy asked Sean.

“I liked it. I learned a lot,” Sean said, flexing his butt muscles and squirming around on Chuck’s hand.

“You going to join up?” someone asked.

“He’s going to firefighter’s school first,” Jason put in.

“Now there’s a guy with balls.”

Chuck’s fingers were digging into his butt, hard and determined. Sean was afraid of where he was taking it. He wasn’t sure about all of the other Marines in the truck, and it was pure foolishness to think that anything could happen in the back of a truck going down the highway. But it was becoming obvious that Chuck had other ideas. His fingers were poking up between his buns now.

“It’s a fuckin’ long way back,” someone remarked.

“Yeah, a fuckin’ long way back,” someone agreed.

“If it was really a fuckin’ long way back, it wouldn’t be near as long,” Chuck said.

They looked at him with a bewildered look. A couple of them noticed where his hand was. They looked at Sean and he shifted his eyes away. Dammit, if the others didn’t go along with it there could be hell to pay if somebody turned them in. But it was Chuck’s Marine ass on the line, not his. They couldn’t do anything to him, but they could court-martial Chuck.

“Hey, guys, anybody got any strong objection to making the trip a little less boring and a lot more enjoyable?” Chuck asked, looking all around to direct his question to everyone in the truck.

“I don’t,” Casey was quick to reply.

“I don’t,” Jason said.

“Me either,” someone else said.

“What’ve you got in mind,” one for the guys lying on the bed of the truck asked.

“Want us to show you?” Chuck asked as he skinned off his T-shirt. He tied it in the grommets of the canvas covering to cover the cab window.

Sean saw a couple of guys already tugging their shirts out of their pants.

“Any of you guys at the little party in the vacant barracks,” Chuck asked.

“Yeah, I was.”

“I was.”

“Me, too.”

One by one, most of them said they’d been there.

“Any of the rest of you guys object to getting a good piece of ass?”

“My girlfriend is warming it up for me as we speak,” the guy said.

“What’re you warming up for her??” Casey asked him.

“I don’t need any warming up,” the guy said.

“Hey, if you’re talking what I think you’re talking about… You said you were gonna show us something,” Jason said as encouragement.

“Okay, but we take a solemn oath. Nothing of what happens leaves the back of this truck,” Chuck said.

Sean knew he was being cautious because of the few guys who hadn’t been at on the orgy. Everybody swore to the oath.

“Okay, now that that’s out of the way, which one of us do you think is gonna get fucked?” someone asked boldly.

“I thought it was you,” someone said it the guy.

“You was wrong,” he said. “Goddam it, keep your hands off my ass!”

Chuck reached down and started undoing Sean’s belt. “Stand up,” he said.

Sean stood up, steadied by Jason, while Chuck undid his belt and his pants and pulled his T-shirt up.

“Take your shirt off,” he told him.

“Is he the one?” someone asked. “Is he the one who was at the orgy?”

“Yeah,” Chuck said.

“Hell, then, get him naked. Fuck, he was hot,” someone said.

“Shit! We’re gonna fuck him!? Shit, look at those muscles! This is gonna be fun.”

Sean struggled to get his clothes off till he was down to his socks. Someone told him to put his combat boots back on, he wanted to know he was fucking a man.

“Hell, look at the way he’s hung, he don’t need his boots on for you to know you’re fucking a man,” Casey said.

But Sean put his boots back on as the guy requested.

“Goddam, look at that cock!”

“Hell, look at that ass! That’s where the action’s gonna be. For me, at least. You can suck his cock if you want to, nobody’s going to tell.”

The guys lying down on their duffle bags moved to the sides of the truck bed and Chuck tossed his and Sean’s shirts down for him to lie on. Others threw their shirts down too. Then Chuck guided Sean to the center of the truck bed and laid him out and knelt between his legs.

“Holy Shit!” someone swore when they saw Chuck’s huge cock. “Are you going to fuck him with that?”

“It’s the only cock I’ve got,” Chuck drawled.

“Fuck, man, you’re gonna drill him a new asshole with that post hole digger.”

Somebody… Jason, Sean thought… held out a tube of lube and squeezed some on Chuck’s fingers. He worked some into Sean’s ass then lubed up his cock.

“Fuck, I gotta see this up close and personal,” someone said as he got down on his knees, real close.

“You get too up close, you get my cock in your mouth,” Chuck said.

The guy drew back, his eyes glued to the huge cock. Chuck aimed and shoved, hard but gentle. Sean winced then let out a swooshing gasp as the huge head popped through is hole.

“Fuck, he’s in him! Are you going to give him all of it?”

“Fuck, yeah, why would I hold any of it back?” Chuck said. He hunkered up over Sean on his hands and knees and shoved his cock in to the hilt. Sean gasped and groaned and then Chuck started fucking him. It was the most daring, exciting and exhilarating thing Sean had ever done. A two-hundred-forty-pound Marine hunkered over him driving his big twelve-inch cock in his ass, in the back of a military truck going down the road with a bunch of Marines watching, and waiting their turn. It was rough riding with the truck bouncing over holes in the road, but it was also exciting. Chuck’s cock bolted and rammed at him from all directions, out of Chuck’s control much of the time.

Sean saw the rest of the men taking off their clothes, getting ready. Chuck didn’t finish. He fucked him for several miles then pulled out and offered Sean’s ass to someone else. Taking the second guy was easy. He fit easily into the hole that Chuck had stretched for him. He felt good.

“Hey, nobody tries to hold off,” Casey said. “We all wanta get our rocks off before we get back.”

The guy fucking him shot his load and climbed off. Another took his place. Then another. Three down, he didn’t know how many to go. He didn’t care. He was encouraged that one of the guys who had fucked him didn’t put is clothes back on. That meant that he was probably going to fuck him again. He hoped some of the other followed suit. This was something he wouldn’t have the chance to experience often and he wanted to get the most out of it. He was taking on his fourth or fifth Marine when the damnedest thing… a young Marine, about his own age, who had been sitting without his shirt, watching, and rubbing his crotch, stood up and undid his belt and pants. He didn’t take them off, but shoved them down, as if he were ready for his turn. But he didn’t take a turn at Sean’s ass.

“Fuck, you could use some help, and I wanta try this,” he said to Sean as he laid astraddle one of the duffle bags.

“Shit, another one!” someone exclaimed.

“I’ll take him,” someone else said as he dropped to his knees to fuck the boy.

Sean was surprised but so happy that the boy had joined him in servicing the rest of the Marines. The boy reached for his hand and squeezed it.

“Hey, are you a virgin?” the Marine asked as he was lubing up his cock.


“Aw, fuck, how lucky can you be? I’ll take it easy, kid.”

The boy squeezed Sean’s hand so hard it felt like it was going to crush his fingers as the Marine shoved his cock in him. Sean held on and endured the crushing squeeze till the boy’s hand began to relax and he knew the pain was subsiding and that in a minute or two he would be groaning with pleasure.

The guys started taking turns with them, fucking one then moving right to the other, as if they were comparing assholes. Then Chuck was back for his second round. He knelt in front of the young kid first, purposely displaying his huge cock.

“OH, NO!” the boy gasped. “No, man, I can’t take that thing! You’re too big.”

But Chuck would not be deterred. He spread some lube on his cock and aimed it and moved around behind him on the duffle bag.

“No, please,” the boy begged, his voice trembling with fear. “Please don’t fuck me with that. Godd, you’ll tear my ass open.”

“Naw, I’m just gonna drill you a new asshole,” Chuck said.

“Oh, Godd… No, No… Oh, Goddd… Oh, Godd, No… Ohhhh, it’s going in! Awwwsssshhhhhiiittttttt!” He finally choked on his outcry as he was slowly impaled on the huge cock but quickly found his crying voice again. “No… no… no, please… you’re killing me… ohh, Godd … no more… I can’t take any more… ”

“Shit, man, you’re killing him,” someone said.

“He’ll get over it,” Chuck said.

“He can take it,” Sean put in. He turned his face to the boy. “Just take in some short, deep breaths and hang on. It’s gonna feel great in a minute or two.”

“I… d-don’t… think… so!” the boy gasped. “Ohhhh, Marine, don’t do this to another Marine… don’t rape me… OHh, Goddd!” Then his voice trailed off in a whimper then he was quiet. Eerie quiet. Chuck finished burying his cock to the hilt and pressed against his spread butt.

“Shit, what’d you do to him?”

“Did he pass out?” somebody asked.

“Give me your canteen,” Chuck said.

Somebody splashed water on the boy’s face and he came too right away. He blinked and shook his head.

“You okay, boy?” Chuck said, leaning down in his face.

He blinked again. “Yeah, I guess so,” he said softly. “Yeah, I’m okay…  I’m… ohhh, mann… you went in deep! Ohhhh… Ohhhh, it’s throbbing like hell … Fuck, it feels good now. You were right… it feels good. OHhh, yeah, real good… fuck me… fuck me, you big stud. Show me what you’ve got.”

“Now there’s a Marine talking,” Chuck said as he started to fuck his tender ass.

Chuck outlasted three more guys who fucked Sean. When he shot off they said they could feel the truck shaking. Sean was freed up for the moment and Chuck moved over and shoved his cock back in his ass. Sean let out a happy moan and took him. It felt like his cock was bigger than ever. He shot off another load and stumbled back to his seat, just as another Marine was pulling out of the young private and reached for his clothes.

“Can I, please, do one more thing,” the young private asked as he crawled over between Chuck’s legs. “I never did anything like this before, and I’ve always wanted to… ” He wrapped both hands around his huge cock, still slick from Sean’s ass, and looked up with begging eyes. “Can I suck it just a little before you put it away? Please, I never sucked a cock before.”

“Hell, yeah, chow down,” Chuck said as he splayed his legs apart for the boy to down on him.

“Can I have a load?” the boy asked. “I know you’ve already shot a lot of times but I never tasted come before, either.”

“Shut up and suck, I’ll give you a load that’ll blast your cap off,” Chuck said.

“You guys better hurry up, we’re getting close to home,” someone said.

But Sean and the Marine who was fucking him were oblivious. He was sliding his cock in and out of Sean’s hole with slow abandon.

“Fuck, you’re so full of come,” the Marine said. “Feels like I’m sliding my cock in a bucket of warm honey.

Chuck didn’t try to hold back with the young, virgin private. He willed himself to come till he was spurting the boy’s mouth full. The kid choked and gagged and moaned with delight as Chuck held his head in place and forced him to swallow it. Just as Chuck was finished up the Marine fucking Sean was drawing out.

“Anybody else?” he asked, looking all around. “This hole is about to close up.”

“We just passed the ten-mile sign, you guys had better finish up and get your clothes on.”

The guy pulled out of Sean’s ass and Sean started to let his legs down when the young private whirled around on his haunches.

“Stay like that,” he told him. Then he looked around and said, “Somebody had poppers; I smelled them.”

“Right here,” someone said, pulling a bottle out of his pocket. He uncapped it and handed it to the private.

The private inhaled a couple of times in each nostril and handed the bottle back. Then he gazed at Sean’s wide-open asshole. “I’ve never done this before, either,” he said, placing his hands on the back of Sean’s thighs. He pushed his legs tight against Sean’s chest and leaned down to bury his face in his ass.

“Awwwwhhhhh,” Sean moaned tossing his head back. He hugged his thighs to his chest and twisted and writhed around on the boy’s tongue shoved deep inside him. “Ohh, Goddd, it feels like you’re fucking me, your tongue’s in there so deep.”

“Tilt your hips down a little, give me some come,” the private said.

Sean let his hips down and the boy formed a suction over his hole and sucked the come out of him.

“Aww, Shit, I’m gonna throw up,” someone said.

The boy sucked and moaned and slobbered and sucked the come out of Sean’s ass till the poppers wore off then he raised up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Somebody put his hand out to help Sean up.

“I can’t get up,” Sean said. “There’s about a gallon of come that’s gonna run out of me.”

“Here.” Somebody handed him an olive green handkerchief to stuff in his ass so he could get his clothes on.

There was still come and butt slime all over the truck bed.

“Everybody, dump your canteens,” Casey said. Everyone pulled out their canteens, some took drinks first, then dumped the water on the truck bed to wash down the mess. The young private settled back on a seat next to Chuck where he made room for him.

“Where the fuck did you come from, anyway? You weren’t on our truck going up were you?”

“I’m from E company. I missed my ride,” the boy said. “I’m glad I did, too. Nothing like this ever happens in our unit.”

“Nothing like this ever happens in any other unit,” somebody said.

“Well, I’m going to see about getting your tight little ass transferred,” Casey said.

“That would be great,” the boy exclaimed.

They were all dressed and pretty much back to normal when the trucks pulled up in front of the armory.

“How you doing? Are you guys going to be able to get down out of the truck and walk?” Jason asked Sean and the young private.

“Yeah, but it’s going to take about a week for my asshole to close back up,” Sean said.

“Just in time for me to open it up again,” Chuck joked.

“You’re going to have to break somebody else in or find a knothole,” Sean said. “I’m going to be gone for six weeks.”

“You’ll be nice and tight when you get back.”

Sean was surprised to find Lt. Johnson waiting at the armory in the chief’s car. He climbed out and came up to the trucks. He was wearing bright red onion-skin athletic shorts and sneakers.

“Lt. Johnson, what’re you doing here?”

“Get your shit and get in,” Johnson said. “We’ve got about an hour to catch your bus for the academy.”

“I thought I would drive up tomorrow; maybe spend the night at the station,” Sean said.

“Not a good idea. Oh, spending the night at the station is a great idea, but you need to arrive on the bus with the others,” Johnson said.

He barely got the door closed before Johnson took off. He handed Sean his cell phone. “Here, call your folks and tell them you’re home and on your way to catch your bus.”

His mother answered.

“Mom. This is Sean. I’m back and yeah, I had a great time. I learned so much. But I can’t come home right away. Lt. Johnson picked me up at the armory and we’re on the way to catch the bus to the academy. Can you guys pick up my car? It’s parked in the lot in back of the armory. Yeah, great. Thanks. See you in about six weeks.”

He handed the phone back to Lt. Johnson. “Oh, Shit!” he swore.

“What’s the matter??” Johnson asked, slowing the car.

“I hid that big dildo the guys got me in the trunk of my car!”

“I’ll take it out before I give your folks the keys,” Johnson said.

“Thanks. Hey, we’re only about twenty minutes to the bus station,” Sean said. “How come it’s going to take an hour to get there?”

“We’re taking the long way,” Johnson said with a grin as he rubbed his hand over his shorts. He spread his legs out wide in invitation. “I gotta have some of that hot mouth and that educated tongue to remember you by.”

Sean smiled and reached over to move the officer’s hand out of the way. He pulled the waistband out from his stomach. “Raise up, let me get these off part way,” he said.

Johnson raised up so Sean could pull his shorts down below his knees. Sean took his cock in his hand and pulled on it, working it to hard rubber. Then he leaned over and took it in his mouth.

“Ahhh, yeah… I’ve missed this,” Johnson moaned. “Did you see any action while you were at Marine camp?”

“Some,” Sean said. “But I missed this, too, lieutenant.”

“That feels so good,” Johnson said as he rubbed his hand across the boy’s shoulders and caressed the back of his head. “Listen, cool it at the academy,” he told him. “I don’t know if other units have got what we’ve got going. You could be in a whole lot of trouble if you exposed yourself to anything.”

“I can wait till I get back,” Sean said.

“Six weeks is a long time,” Johnson said. “But we’re going to have a big celebration when you get back. We’re going to close off the upstairs and have an all-nighter. Just a couple of guys left downstairs on watch and the rest of us are going to be upstairs, celebrating with you. There are some new guys who are going to break into the action.”

“Aw, that sounds great,” Sean said. “Listen, I’ve got a couple of friends from school who bugged me all the time about becoming cadets. Do you think there’s a slot for them?”

“Depends on what they’ve got to offer,” Johnson said with a sly grin.

“One of them can offer everything I can,” Sean said. “Oh, he’s not as big or built like me, and his cock isn’t as big, but he loves firefighters. He’ll do anything you want.”

“What about the other guy?”

“I’m not sure. He seems straight as hell, but then so was I till you guys got hold of me. Maybe you can find out.”

“Fuck, yeah, I like a challenge,” Johnson said. He pressed on the back of Sean’s head. “Go all the way down on it, lap your tongue around my balls. That gets me worked up and we gotta do this in the next few blocks or I’m gonna be carrying this load back with me.”

“No, you can’t do that,” Sean said. “I hear that causes blue balls.”

They both had a belly laugh as Sean went back down on the big cock; all the way down till his face was buried in the man’s pubes, his cock throbbing deep in his throat. Johnson held him there, snug, and let Sean’s tongue and throat muscles and the bumps in the road do the rest. Two blocks later, Sean was gulping down spurts of hot, thick come.

Six weeks. It was going to be a long time. But surely, his wasn’t the only unit with young cadets who liked sex with horny firefighters.

The End


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