Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 8

Although he had no immediate intentions of joining the Marines… he was going to firefighter’s school… Sean signed up to go on maneuvers with the Marine unit. It wasn’t a sign-up to join, but part of the recruiting program, to give a guy a close-up, hands-on idea of what being a Marine was all about, to help him make his decision. He would be gone a week with the unit, leaving Sunday morning and arriving back on the following Sunday. He cleared it with Lt. Johnson at the fire station first.

“Sure, go,” Johnson told him. “Just don’t let them talk you into joining. Not yet anyway. We’re not done with you here,” he said with a grin.

“I won’t let `em talk me into anything,” Sean said.

“Shit, you’re gonna think you’ve died and gone to heaven, being with a bunch of horny Marines for a whole week,” Johnson said.

If Lt. Johnson only knew how well he was acquainted with some of the Marines already.

“I don’t think it’s going to be anything like that,” Sean said. He didn’t know if he was lying or not. Despite what all he’d done with the Marines, he couldn’t imagine doing that on maneuvers, with hundreds of other Marines around.

“Just be careful,” Johnson told him. “That don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy is a bunch of shit. They still court-martial your ass for stuff like that.”

“I’m not actually a Marine so they can’t court martial me,” Sean said.

“Yeah, but if they found out… you would never get in the Marines.”

“So I’ll stay a firefighter,” Sean said.

“Thata boy,” Johnson said.

Sean reported early on Sunday with his gym bag. PFC Jason Brawn was his sponsor so he took him to the office to sign the necessary papers. He was surprised when the sergeant handed him a set of dog tags.

“Your dog tags have a small yellow sticker on them. That is the only thing that will identify you as a guest recruit. As such, you will be under constant scrutiny by the cadre but it does not mean you will be given any special treatment. You either cut it as a Marine or you don’t. Only thing is, you get to go back home and be a civilian. Unless you decide to join us. Any questions?”

“No, sir.”

“You don’t address an NCO as sir. Only officers.”

After that Jason took him to the supply room to be outfitted.

“How am I supposed to know who to call sir? I don’t know all of the ranks,” Sean said.

“I’ll teach you. Just remember one thing. If the rank is on the shoulders he’s an officer. If it’s on the arm, he’s an NCO.”

“What is that, anyway?”

“Non-commissioned officer. You’re a private. I’ve got one stripe; that’s a Private First Class.”

“Which means you out-rank me.”

“Everybody outranks you,” Jason said. “Almost everybody outranks me. Hell, everybody outranks somebody. Next is corporal… like Casey… he’s got two stripes. Three stripes is sergeant; three up and one down is sergeant first class and so on. Second lieutenant has gold bars on his shoulder. A first lieutenant has silver bars. Captain, two silver bars. Major, gold leaf cluster. Lt. colonel wears a silver leaf cluster. Colonel has an eagle on his shoulders, they call them full birds. One star is a brigadier general and it goes from there, major general, lieutenant general and general. Anything with a star, you stop and not only salute, you shit your pants while you’re at it.”

“How am I supposed to remember all of that?” Sean asked.

“I’ve got a book you can study. It’s more important to learn the NCO ranks. You know, PFC and Corporal… that’s me and Casey… anything above that, just address them as sergeant. Anything with rank on their shoulders, call them sir. That’ll get you by. If all else fails, well, you’ve got that little yellow sticker on your dog tags. They won’t expect you to know everything, but the more you know the better.”

At the supply room he was outfitted with a uniform and combat boots and his gear, which consisted of a soft cap, a helmet, web belt with canteen, ammo pouch, first aid kit and bayonet.

“You got a good fit,” Jason said as he watched him don the uniform. He showed him how to blouse his boots and hook the belt around his waist. He gave the belt a tug. “There, if that ain’t a picture of a Marine, I don’t know what is.”

“I don’t get a rifle, huh?” Sean asked.

“If you do, it’ll be issued when we get to camp,” Jason said.

They were loaded on trucks for the trip to Camp Wallace. He sat between Jason and Cpl. Casey, up front, next to the cab.

“It’s going to be a long haul,” Jason warned.

“And there’s no room to lie down,” Sean observed.

“We lean against each other,” Casey said.

It was a long haul, made longer by the rough riding trucks. Still, Sean found himself getting sleepy. He had gotten up at four o’clock. He kept dozing off and his head kept falling till he felt himself being pulled in to rest against somebody’s shoulder. Thankfully, he slept. It was a fitful sleep, to be sure. The trucks weren’t made as passenger vehicles and the seats were hard, and he kept coming out of his slumber at the feel of hands on his legs and his butt, and groping his crotch. Not here, he thought. If the word was out about him, he didn’t want it to happen in the back of the truck. He didn’t know most of the guys with them. But nothing happened, beyond the feeling and groping, and he thought that might be just Jason and Casey.

They made two stops at roadside parks to go to the restrooms and stretch their legs and eat sack lunches. They arrived at Camp Wallace in time for late chow, but only after they were assigned and settled into their barracks. Double bunks lined both sides of the old WWII barracks. A mattress and bedding was rolled upon each bunk. A big sergeant strode in and everybody jumped to attention.

“I’m Sgt. Winland. You will be under my command for your stay here at Camp Wallace. Get your gear squared away, get your bunks made up and stand by for formation for chow.”

Jason showed Sean how to make his bunk up tight. It wasn’t so much different from making his bunk at the firehouse. They unpacked their gear and put it in footlockers and waited for the call to formation. They didn’t just march to the chow hall and go inside. There were pull-up stations you had to go through to get to the door of the chow hall. Sean was impressed with the way the Marines did pull-ups, but surprised at some who couldn’t do very many. He pumped out twenty when it was his turn, till the sergeant told him to stop and go on into the chow hall.

“A word of warning,” Jason said as they were going through the line. “Don’t show off.”

“I wasn’t showing off, I was just doing pull-ups, like he said,” Sean said. “I could’ve done a lot more.”

“I don’t doubt it. Just try to hold back. You’re gonna stand out as it is; life is easier if you don’t draw attention to yourself.”


Sean was glad when it was time to hit the sack. Jason advised him to shower first.

“It’ll save time in the morning,” he told him.

He didn’t know how conspicuous he should feel in the shower with six or eight other guys. He saw the way they were looking at him but he thought it was probably because he was so young, and maybe because he was well built for a young kid, and his body was smooth, not hairy like most of them. He saw some of the discreetly noticing his cock, but he figured that was pretty natural, the way he was hung. He didn’t think any of it was any indication of things to come. But he couldn’t remember what most of the guys at the armory looked like through the steam in the shower room. If they remembered him, well, who knew what might happen.

He slept like a baby, wondering little if Jason and Casey or any of the others had anything in mind for him. He didn’t see how with the barracks full of guys. The night was short-lived. They were brought awake with a screeching whistle and NCOs tromping in, yelling. Sean scrambled like a scared rabbit. He followed Jason’s lead to the latrine where he shaved, even though he didn’t really have to, brushed his teeth and ran a comb through his hair. They rushed to get dressed then made up their bunks and squared away their lockers and footlockers, barely in time for formation in the company street.

“Gentleman, when you return from chow, double check your area, make sure your bunks are tight and your lockers and footlockers are squared away. Police the barracks. Latrine detail, do it right. Your barracks will be inspected in your absence. Any personal infractions will be noted by a demerit slip on you bunk. Any company infractions will be posted on the bulletin board. Correct those infractions, gentlemen. You will not want to see those slips again during your stay here.”

At the chow hall entrance, Sean took Jason’s advice. He did only eighteen pull-ups and dropped.

“Good, private,” the sergeant told him.

After chow there was another formation that took them to the supply room where they were issued weapons. Sean was surprised that they gave him a rifle. It felt good in his hands. Sean showed him how to shoulder and carry it.

He discovered that PT classes would lead off every day. They were marched to a wide open field with a platform at one end for the instructor. They were instructed to stack their rifles, remove helmets and outer shirts and web belts and place it all in a pile at their sides. A tall, broad-shouldered man mounted the platform. He wore a T-shirt that he was bulging out of. If there was a model for a Physical Training instructor, this guy was it. He was a virtual mountain of muscle on the move.

Sean watched Jason to be sure he as doing the exercises right. He caught on easy; just like those he’d done at the armory, most of the exercises weren’t that much different form football practice.

From PT class they marked to the rifle range. There were tables where they laid their rifles to field strip them.

“What’s that? Field strip?” Sean asked.

“Watch him,” Jason said, nodding to the instructor. “And watch me. And don’t be so nervous. You’re not expected to know all of this stuff.”

Following Jason’s lead, he managed to field strip his rifle and put it back together. He was proud and surprised that he did it so quickly. Then their attention was turned to the range. Sean loved firing the rifle. He liked the kick of the rifle and zeroing in on the target. He came away with a qualifying score. An officer asked to see his scorecard.

“With this kind of scoring, you could become a sharp shooter,” he told him. Then he spied the yellow sticker. He reached out for Sean’s dog tags. “You could have fooled me. You planning to join up?”

“I’m thinking about it,” Sean said.

“I hope you do. You won’t regret it. Dam, son, you were made for the Marines.”

After the rifle range they were taken to the grenade range. After a demonstration, they were lined up behind concrete bunkers and given specific instructions on how to pick up the grenade, pull the pin, draw back, release and throw.

“Are those live grenades?” Sean asked.

“Was it live ammo?” Jason said.

“If you drop a grenade… !” the instructor yelled out. That got everyone’s attention. “If you drop a grenade, yell GRENADE and MOVE and get down.”

“Yeah, I guess they are live,” Sean mumbled.

Way out from each of the bunkers was a small shed-type structure with a small window in it. There were more sheds lined up at one side of the field to replace any that were blown up. Sean was surprised how many Marines missed the target. Actually it wasn’t a miss unless there was no or minimal damage to the shed but it was a bulls eyed if you got the grenade through the window. Most of the sheds were being blow up. When his turn came he was surprised how calm he was. He reached down for the grenade under the scrutiny of the trainer next to him. He held the grenade up and wrapped his hand around it. He pulled the pin with the other hand.

“Throw,” the trainer said.

He lobbed the grenade straight through the window. Seconds later the shed blew to smithereens. Lumber shot out everywhere and landed in toothpicks. He’d never felt such exhilaration. He let out a swoosh of air.

“Yeah, it’s almost as good as sex,” the trainer said.

Afterwards, the range officer made it a point to come up to Sean and tell him what a good job he’d done. He took one of Sean’s hands in his and squeezed his bicep. “I can tell this arm has thrown a lot of footballs.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Probably had plenty of other exercise, too,” the sergeant added with a knowing grin.

“Yes, sir, I guess it has,” he admitted.

It was another good night. He slept like a baby and any thoughts of extra-curricular activities faded from his mind. He was there to be a Marine and he was loving every minute of it.

Then next morning brought the same routine except that they marched to the Tank Range. They weren’t going to drive tanks or even learn anything about tanks. There were old burned out tanks placed off in the distance, on hillsides and in gullies and craters, to be used as targets for the rocket launchers. They used both shoulder launchers and Rifle Propelled Grenades. Sean liked both. He especially liked the feel and the hollow swooshing sound of the shoulder rocket firing off. It wasn’t as easy as throwing a grenade and he never did make a direct hit with his rifle but he came close. He made a good direct hit with the shoulder launcher, though. The Tank Range took up most of the day. They had to clean the shoulder launchers before they left the range and then they were dismissed early. It wasn’t free time, though. They had to clean their rifles.

Sean was really getting into the training, and he especially liked the camaraderie. They treated him like one of them; like a real Marine.

“How do you like it, being a Marine?” a muscular guy asked as he paused at Sean’s bunk as he was coming back from the shower.

“Well, I’m not a Marine, but I could do this,” Sean said.

“You are doing it,” the guy said. “Only difference between me and you is, I signed the papers and I’m getting paid for it.”

There were other resemblances, Sean noticed. They were both muscular. The guy was a few years older. They were both hung. Sean got the impression that the guy wanted him to notice that, the way he stood with his towel at his side so his entire body was on display.

More and more, Sean began to wonder if the word was out about him; that maybe he was being tested. At PT class the next morning somebody came up on the platform and said something to the instructor then left. The instructor stopped but bellowed for them to keep going.

“You! Come up here!” he said, pointing in Sean’s direction.

Sean looked at Jason beside him.

“He’s talking to you,” Jason said under his breath.

“You!” the instructor barked again and Sean saw that he was indeed looking right at him.

“Get your ass up there!” Jason hissed.

Sean broke ranks and trotted up on the platform.

“Take over,” the instructor said.

“But I… I don’t know… I’m not even a Marine,” Sean stammered.

“You look like a Marine to me,” the instructor said with his steely-eyed glare. “You sure as hell didn’t get those muscles from sitting on your ass.”

“I played football,” Sean said.

“Fine. Put `em through some of your football drills.” And with that he strode off the platform.

Sean faced the company of Marines in front of him, nervous as hell. They were still doing jumping jack because nobody had told them to stop. He started doing them too, to get the cadence and to bring them to a stop, the way the instructor did. Then he started doing rollovers followed by running in place. The Marines responded like one well-oiled machine. They seemed to know every exercise he showed them. He kept glancing to the side to see if the instructor was coming back but he was nowhere to be seen. Sean saw him riding off in a Jeep. Shit, he thought, now what do I do? He kept doing what he was supposed to do, moving from one exercise to another, without letup. He saw the field sergeant wave and point to his watch. Time to stop. He finished the cadence and brought them to a halt.

“Get your gear and fall in!” the sergeant yelled.

Sean ran down off the platform to get his gear.

“Shit, what’re you trying to do, kill us?” Jason complained, laughing.

“What do you mean? I was doing what he told me to do.”

“He gives us a breather,” Jason said.

“Oh, yeah, I guess I forgot.”

The field sergeant came up to him. “Good job, private,” he said.

“Thank you, sergeant.”

They marched to the Hand-to-Hand Combat Range adjacent to the PT range where they stacked their rifles again. Sean watched intently as the instructor demonstrated the many ways to disarm and disable a man.

“This is not high school wrestling, gentlemen,” he said as he paced back and forth in front of them. “You don’t get points for pinning your opponent. You incapacitate him. Of course, you cannot do that until you have subdued him. The next logical step, then, is to end his life. That can be done any number of ways, some of which you will figure out on the spot if and when you are in that situation. I will demonstrate a few methods of ending a man’s life with your bare hands, and then with a bayonet.”

He called for a volunteer. A hand went up and a burly Marine sauntered out into the combat circle. The instructor demonstrated the methods one by one, going through the motions over and over again. Then he let the Marine try them on him. Each time the instructor prevailed and it was pissing the guy off.

“You out weigh me by forty pounds, Marine. Why don’t you have my ass on the ground?” the instructor yelled at him. “You should have my ass on the ground with your boot on my throat!”

“I will, sir!” the Marine yelled.

“Then fuckin’ show me!”

The instructor made a move and the Marine was on him like a bull, throwing him to the ground and kneeling on one knee with his other boot on the man’s neck.

“Very good,” the instructor said. “Except for one thing.” With that, he reached out and grabbed the Marine by the balls. The Marine yelped and cried out and tumbled backwards, curled up on the ground, holding his balls.

“As you can see, gentlemen, I was subdued but I was not incapacitated. Observe who is incapacitated, without being subdued.” He walked over to the moaning Marine and put his hand out. “You okay to get up?”

“Yeah… yeah, I think so.”

He pulled the Marine to his feet and he stumbled back to his seat, still bent over in pain.

“Another volunteer.” When no one responded he pointed to Sean.

“Why am I getting picked on today?” Sean asked Jason under his breath.

“He probably saw your dog tags,” Jason said.

Sean walked out to the instructor.

“Do you think you can take me down?”

“Yes, I think I can,” Sean said with great confidence. But it was the wrong thing to say.

“You think you can!?” the instructor yelled. “You do not think, Marine. You DO! There is no middle ground. You do not have time to think! While you’re thinking about shoving a bayonet in your enemy’s belly, he will have you dead! Now, again… do you think you can take me down?” he yelled.

In that second, Sean felt like he was between and rock and a hard place. He had to give the sergeant the answer he wanted but he wasn’t all that sure he could deliver; not after the way the sergeant had taken care of the big guy.

“I will take your ass down, sergeant!” he barked. Geezuss, what have I said! What have I done! I’m a dead man.

The sergeant began moving around him and he had to move, too. In those few seconds he sized the man up. He was smaller, tight-muscled, but he was twice as old as Sean. Trained, but older. Probably older than anybody he would meet in combat. Maybe he could put his youth to work for him. He lunged, with a blood-curdling yell, like he’d heard some others do. He didn’t know how he did it, but he took the sergeant down. The rest unfolded in his brain precisely as he’d seen the sergeant demonstrate and the next instant he had his boot on the man’s throat with his right arm pulled tight and twisted so he couldn’t move without great pain.

“Very good! Observe, gentlemen, I can’t reach his balls, not even with my other hand, unless I want him to jerk my shoulder out of joint.” He patted the ground with his left hand.

Sean thought he was going to try something and jerked his arm.

“No!” the sergeant yelled, smacking his hand harder. “That means we quit!”

“Oh… sorry,” Sean muttered as he let go of the sergeant arm and put his own hand down to pull him to his feet. “Sorry, I’m not a Marine,” he mumbled.

“You could’ve fooled me.”

Next he demonstrated with a bayonet but gave the volunteer a rubber bayonet. He demonstrated with three guys before moving everyone into training field to practice with each other.

“I do not want to see anyone giving anyone any quarter. If I do, I will take you both down,” the sergeant yelled. “Or I’ll sic this stud on you,” he added, clapping Sean on the shoulder.

Trying not to beam with pride, Sean teamed up with Jason.

“You got lucky, you know,” Jason told him gruffly.

“The fuck I did,” Sean fired back, adopting Jason’s no-nonsense attitude.

“We’ll see,” Jason said.

They sparred for a moment then Sean lunged. He didn’t know what happened but nothing unfolded in his brain. He folded, like an accordion. Jason jabbed the handle of the rubber bayonet in his guts, got him to the ground with one leg twisted up to his chest and the blade of the bayonet laying across his throat.

“What the fuck happened, stud?” the sergeant asked Sean as he squatted down beside them.

“I don’t know, sergeant, I guess he’s quicker than I am,” Sean said.

“He’s also more alive,” the sergeant said. “Remember, in these situations, in combat, only one man gets up.”

“He won’t get up again, sergeant,” Sean said.

It was a good day and Sean was happy with his performance in every category. He was wondering if the week was going to be totally chaste training experience. There was no place to go for privacy, and there didn’t seem to be all that much interest, even though he was face to face constantly with Marines from his company who he was sure had fucked him at the armory. Not even Jason or Casey mentioned it. It was probably just as well. If word got out he could find himself servicing the entire company. He wished he could connect with the one muscular Marine who was friendly and spoke to him so often. Chuck was his name.

That evening after chow, Casey took him out on the steps of the barracks.

“You want some action?”


“Like you had at the armory,” Casey said.

“Where? How many?”

“We’ve got a place. I don’t know, maybe a dozen guys. You had more than that at the armory.”

Sean could already feel his pulse racing. “Will you and Jason both be there?”

“Hell, yes.”

“What about Chuck? Is he in on it?” Sean asked.

Casey laughed. “You want Chuck, yeah, we can get him.”

“I don’t want word to spread and things get out of hand,” Sean said. He was half fearful, despite his excitement.

“Nobody’s passing the word. I’m approaching everybody personally, just the ones I’m sure of,” Casey assured him.

“The same guys, then,” Sean said.

“Some. Some of them don’t want to take the chance out here… you know, the don’t-ask-don’t-tell rule. So there’ll be some different guys.”

“How many?” Sean asked again. “How many have you talked to?”

Casey took a minute to count them up. “Nine. Plus me and Jason, and now Chuck. Twelve all together.”

“You didn’t tell any of them about me, did you? I mean, you didn’t mention my name or point me out?”

“No, all they know is there’s going to be somebody there willing to take care of them. Hell, you could come and decide you don’t want to do it and change your mind, and nothing happens. Nobody’s gonna know it’s you was supposed to take care of them and they’ll just think the guy didn’t show up.”

“Where?” Sean asked.

“There’s a room in an old deserted barracks,” Casey said.

“It’s safe?”

“If it wasn’t safe, I wouldn’t be in on it.”

Sean hesitated.

“So, how about it?” Cased asked. “It’s your fantasy all over again. Not many chances to live a fantasy like that.”

“Okay. I’m good to go, then,” Sean said.

“Great! You’re gonna have a great time. We all are. I’ll come and get you when the time comes.”

“What time will that be?”

“Jason will let us know. He’s going to be sure everybody’s there then come and let us know. We’ll all three go together. Hey… you need to clean out good. I’ve got what you need in my duffle bag.”

“Hell, I can’t go do that in the latrine,” Sean said.

“Yeah, you squirt it in here beside your bunk… I’ll hide you… then go into the latrine and let it do its magic.”

Sean had no idea who all would be there. He watched to see if anyone left the barracks but he couldn’t see anybody missing and those who did leave were going over to the day room to shoot pool. Or so they said. He wondered if they were bringing in guys from another company. He wondered if he should trust Casey. He trusted Jason more, but Jason wasn’t the one organizing it. He took care of the little cleaning detail. It sounded like an explosion in the latrine but he blamed it on the chow. He showered, then, and slipped on his PT shorts and a T-shirt and his boots, as if he were going to lounge around for the evening. A few minutes later, Jason came in the barracks and came back to Sean’s bunk.

“You good to go?” he whispered.


“Where’s Casey?”

“Taking a piss.”

They waited till Casey came back to his bunk then the three of them strolled out of the barracks. They walked down the company street and turned off onto one of the roads leading to the training courses. A good mile down the road they turned off onto a lesser used path, overgrown with grass, that led to some old abandoned barracks. There were trees and tall brush growing up all around them.

“I’m going to go up first by myself,” Jason said. “I’ll tell them the guy’s on his way. You two come in together, nobody’s going to know if one of you is him, or if we’re still waiting on the guy to show up. Now, Sean, you decide pretty quick if you want to do this. If you don’t, just say something like, you’re not going to wait around and we leave.”

“And if I do stay?”

“Don’t say anything. After a few minutes, if you don’t say anything, Casey or me will start something, to get things rolling and the rest will join in.”

When he was sure Sean understood, Jason went into the barracks. Casey and Sean waited a couple of minutes then went in. Casey led the way up the stairs and through the darkened barracks to the room at the other end. He tried the door and it opened. They could barely see the figures inside. They slipped in and somebody locked the door behind them. It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the dark before he began to make out the very masculine, unmistakably male forms in the room. Someone lit a small candle and he saw that the windows were all covered with black material and the room was crowded. It was intended as a one-man room and Sean thought he counted thirteen guys besides himself. As he was able to see them, he saw that they were all naked, or wearing just their shorts and some wore their combat boots. He knew he had to make up his mind quickly or he wouldn’t be able back out. He spied Chuck, then, and it was easy to decide.

“I wonder if this guy’s going to show?” someone asked quietly.

“This better not be a set-up,” another said.

“Maybe he’s here among us and we don’t know it, he just hasn’t made his move yet.” It was Casey’s who spoke, standing right beside him.

Sean’s heart thumped in his chest with anticipation, so loud he was sure they could hear it. He jumped when he felt Casey’s hand on his butt. Only the guys standing in close to them could see. Sean took his cue when Casey put his hands on his shoulders and pushed him to his knees.

“Ah, we found him, standing right here beside me!” the guy next to them exclaimed. “Well, he ain’t standing anymore… awww, yeah… do it… suck him.”

“No fuckin’ shit, he’s really sucking cock?” someone asked.

“Not mine yet, but he will,” the guy said.

As Sean took Casey’s cock in his mouth he found himself in a cauldron of man-scent, gentle sweat from the packed room, deodorant and after shave, and pure male musk. It was like an aphrodisiac. Better than poppers. He sucked hungrily. He could hardly wait to move on to the next cock. He could hardly wait to get hold of Chuck and see how big he was. Huge, from what he saw swinging in the showers. Casey didn’t take up too much of his time. He was getting things started, setting the pace; get a few strokes of head then let the next guy have a turn. When Casey pulled his cock free the guy next to them poked his cock in Sean’s face. It was big, too, nice and thick and meaty, and he took it willingly.

“Aww, fuck!” the guy swore. “Aww, shit, I never felt anything like this!”

“Come on, pass him around.”

And pass him around they did. The mass of Marine muscle moved sluggishly around the room, each one pausing to get his cock sucked for a few precious moments. Sean was in heaven. It was even more exciting than in the armory; an edge of excitement from being in a darkened room with muscles and cocks all around him, demanding his attention. He couldn’t get enough cock and balls; couldn’t get enough feel of hard Marine muscle. He didn’t bother counting how many different cocks were shoved in his mouth. It didn’t matter; he was going to be there for a long time, however long it took to get a dozen horny Marines off, and some of them probably more than once. He couldn’t see their faces but he knew instinctively when he came to Chuck when he ran his hands up a pair of tree-trunk sized thighs. But instead of offering him his cock, he hooked his hands in Sean’s armpit sand pulled him to his feet.

“You need some air, buddy?” he asked.

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Its getting pretty stale in here, but we can’t open the windows,” he said.

Sean felt the man’s cock pressing against his thigh. He was surprised he wasn’t hard. It didn’t matter. It felt like a radiator hose and he didn’t care if he got hard at all. Chuck was pulling them together, smashing their bodies against each other, lobbing his huge cock between Sean’s thighs. He grabbed his butt and squeezed the muscles unmercifully.

“Goddam, you’ve got a really fine ass,” he said in Sean’s ear.

“Its all yours, Marine,” Sean said. He was stunned how the words came out. He sounded like a slut. But he didn’t care. He wanted this guy any way Chuck wanted him. Chuck was writhing against him, flicking his tongue along the side of his neck. It sent chills down Sean’s spine. He was kissing him, then, up and down his neck, down his chest then back up to the other side of his neck. Gradually he worked to the center, along Sean’s cheek, till his lips brushed over Sean’s lips.

Sean took the cue and smashed his lips hard against Chuck’s mouth. The big Marine moaned and kissed him back and shoved his tongue in his mouth. Sean squealed.

“What the hell… he’s kissing him!” somebody exclaimed.

“Looks more like he’s raping him with his tongue,” a guy standing close said.

“A Marine kissing another guy! Fuck, man, that’s worse than fucking him.”

“You got a problem with that?” Chuck growled as he suddenly grabbed the guy by the neck and pulled him over to kiss him. He kissed him hard and long, with great passion and Chuck wouldn’t let him go. Sean heard the guy’s muffled squeals and moans as he tried to get away, but it looked like he was also kissing him back. Then Chuck let him go.

“Fuck! Why’d you do that!”

“Cause you wanted it,” Chuck said.

The others laughed.

“Are you ready for this?” Chuck asked Sean, then, pressing his cock against his thighs.

“I’ve been ready for a long time, back in the barracks,” Sean said. He relented to the man’s big hands on his shoulders and went to his knees in the mass of hairy, muscular thighs and manhood. He found Chuck’s cock that brushed against his face and put his hands around it. Both hands! He put one hand atop the other then and gauged his full length. Geezuss, three hands barely covered the huge meat. He felt up and down the great cock and judged it to be a good foot long. Naw, couldn’t be. Nobody’s hung like that. Well, yeah, the big black guy they called Horse was. He wondered where Horse was; he hadn’t seen him. He felt Chuck’s cock again. Fuck, it was at least a foot long. He kissed up one side and down the other, getting it wet with his spit. When it was slick all the way up and down he took it in his mouth. He could barely get his mouth around it, but more than he could get his hands around it. He’d never seen or even imagined such a big cock, except maybe for Horse, and Horse wasn’t there. He sucked him for quite awhile, feeling heady from the heavy air around him and the huge, meaty cock in his mouth.

“You need some more air?” Chuck asked, leaning down to him.

He didn’t need air. He needed cock. He moved to Chuck’s balls, big as a stallion’s, and sucked one at a time in his mouth. They were too big to get them both in his mouth at the same time. Chuck liked him sucking his balls. Suddenly he felt hands on his butt, guys crouched down fingers probing at his asshole. Slick fingers, lubing him up for what was to come. He shivered at the thought of being fucked by all of these guys. Especially Chuck. His eyes were accustomed to the darkness now and he could clearly make out those closest to him. He looked up to see hard, muscular bodies around him big, hard cocks poking at him with hands around them.

“I think you fuckin’ liked that,” someone said.

“Awwwuunnmmmpphhhh!” someone moaned.

Sean could look up and see two Marines kissing, really hard.

“Geezuss, the air’s turning us queer in here,” someone said.

Hands were lifting Sean up from his kneeling position, to get to his butt. He stood up, still bent over Chuck’s cock, and offered his butt to them. Fingers probed inside him for a moment then he felt cock heat. The guy pushed hard and his cock slipped in. Sean moaned around Chuck’s cock. It was a long time before Chuck relinquished Sean’s mouth to someone else but finally the circle moved on. Sean didn’t want to give up the magnificent cock but it was pulled away from him. One by one, he sucked their cocks and one by one they fucked him. Sweat and aftershave and male musk and the smell of male sex permeated the room. They fucked him hard. They fucked him easy. Each man had his own style. A few of them just wanted to get their rocks off and leave. He moaned at the feel of hot come spurting deep inside him.

The fresh, cool air felt good when the door opened and closed. Soon, Sean began tasting cock and ass. They had made the rounds and he was sucking guys who had just fucked him. He knew he hadn’t been fucked by Chuck yet and he wondered why. When he found Chuck’s cock aimed at his mouth again, he sucked on it for a moment then leaned up and asked him why he didn’t fuck him.

“You want it? I didn’t think you would want anything that big shoved up your ass.”

“I want it,” Sean said.

Chuck turned him around and he bent over, face to face with Jason’s cock. He gobbled it to stifle the pain he knew he was going to feel. He’d already had a dozen cocks in his ass but it felt like Chuck was going to take his virginity all over again. The head, the size of a baseball, smashed against his gaping hole. Chuck worked it back and forth a few times then pushed. Sean’s hole spread wider and the great cock slipped inside him. He was glad he had Jason’s cock in his mouth to quiet his outcry. Chuck was careful and slow but he shoved his cock in to the very last inch.

“Oh, My Goddd!” Sean gasped, lifting his head as he was impaled on the huge cock. It bored into him like a drill, so deep he thought it might be nudging against his stomach. He couldn’t imagine there being room for it but it was in him, throbbing against his guts and his prostate; and he remembered the Horse.

“Geezusss, he’s got that horse cock buried in his ass,” someone said.

“I don’t know how he took it.”

“Bend over, I’ll show you,” Chuck said.

“No way,” the man said, moving away. “Even if I was gay, I couldn’t take that thing.”

“What do you mean IF you was gay. Shit, you were swinging on my cock just a minute ago,” Chuck said.

“The hell I was!”

They all laughed and a couple of them tried to force the Marine to his knees but he fought them off. Suddenly, Sean got the shock of his life. He was bent over sucking Jason’s cock when another head appeared; a face close to his, also searching for Jason’s cock. Sean got off of it and offered it to him. The young Marine took it hungrily. The others didn’t realize for several minutes that one of their own was on his knees.

“Aw, shit, Stevens is down there sucking cock!” someone exclaimed.

There were moans of general disbelief but once the reality soaked in, there was a sense of total acceptance and relaxing of the guard. Inhibitions fell like a wet shroud as others were emboldened to reach for their buddies’ cocks or feel their muscular bodies.

“I always wanted to try this,” someone said huskily and Sean saw another Marine was on his haunches, groping for a hard cock.

“AWwwwhhhh,” the other marine groaned. “Awww, fuck, buddy, why didn’t you tell me… look at all the time we’ve wasted.”

The room quickly erupted in moans and groans and whimpers of pleasure, along with the wet sounds of mouths and cocks and slick asses and Sean thought he wasn’t the only one getting fucked. Sure enough he heard a painful outcry and knew someone was getting his ass plugged for the first time. It was like the room was drugged. Sean wondered how many virgins would leave the room non-virgins.

It went on for hours. Even with the other two guys who were sucking cock along with him, Sean was the center of attention. He lost count of how many times he had a cock shoved in his mouth or in his ass and how many loads of come he took. It was enough to say that these Marines were hot and horny and needed sex in the worst way, and it didn’t matter that they were having sex with other guys. In the dark confines of the room, nobody’s cock had a conscience.

Things finally began to wind down and one by one, they left the barracks, satisfied, till finally it was just Sean and Casey and Jason and Chuck left.

“Dam, you sure did a number on those guys,” Chuck said.

“Look who did a number on who?” Sean said. “How many guys did you fuck, besides me?”

“I’m not sure,” he said, laughing.

“We’d better be getting back,” Casey said.

They got dressed. Sean stumbled going down the stairs and Chuck caught him.

“You okay, stud?”

“My legs are a little wobbly,” he said.

“How many times did you get it up the ass tonight?”

“I lost count after twelve,” Sean said.

“You’ve got a great ass,” Chuck said. “I know I fucked you twice and the second time you were as tight as the first, and that was after a bunch of other guys had already fucked you. Man, you’ve got muscles in there.”

“I’m surprised he can walk at all after being fucked by that monster horse cock of yours,” Jason said.

“Hey, can we do this again before we go back home?” Chuck asked. “Just the four of us, without all those other guys.”

“If we can find the time,” Casey said.

A lot of the guys were more openly friendly toward Sean the next morning and he knew they were the ones at the barracks orgy. Some of them discreetly brushed against him in the showers and squeezed his butt. One guy even squeezed his cock.

The final two phases of the week’s training was the combat course and then bivouac. The combat/infiltration course was as close to combat as Sean thought he wanted to get. They had to crawl under barbed wire, at night, past obstacles including explosive pits that literally raised him up off the ground while live ammo was sprayed over their heads. They were told not to raise up, except maybe to lift their heads. It was a nerve-wracking experience but he felt great after he got through it.

After all the other training, bivouac seemed like a camping trip. Jason saw that he and Sean were teamed up in the same tent. They marched to the bivouac area in the afternoon but weren’t allowed to set up their tents till nightfall. They spent the rest of the afternoon being briefed for night time war games. They pitched their tents then went to chow. After chow they started the war games. They were marched deep into the wilderness section of the post and told to find their way back without being captured by the enemy forces. Sean had no idea even which way to head out. He was totally turned around. But Jason said he could get them started in the right direction if they were able to fight off anyone who tried to capture them. They travelled a long way without encountering any resistance. Then out of darkness three Marines appeared with rifles at the ready.

“Your asses belong to us,” one of them said.

“You gotta get a hold of our asses first,” Jason said.

Sean knew they couldn’t accomplish a capture with rifles… they couldn’t shoot them… and quickly learned the purpose of hand-to-hand. He applied everything he’d learned and subdued the first Marine that came after him and stuffed a red flag in his shirt pocket. The second one nearly took him down but he bested him and presented him with a red flag.

“Shit, he’s the kid who ain’t even a Marine,” one of them said as he helped his buddy to his feet.

Jason was struggling with the third Marine but Sean didn’t interfere. He would if he had to, but he thought he should let Jason handle it. They finally tied the three together and led them off. They made it the rest of the way back without incident, taking their three prisoners with them. As the men returned they were allowed to sack out. After reporting their prisoners, Sean and Jason took a piss and crawled into their tent.

“Do we sleep in our clothes?” Sean asked as he crawled in and moved out of the way for Jason to close and secure the flaps.

“We start out that way,” Jason said with a soft chuckle.

“Is it safe out here?”

“If you don’t make too much noise,” Jason said as he reached over and squeezed Sean’s butt.

“You mean you’re going to… you wanta fuck me, here?”

“More than anything.”

“I don’t know… if you think its safe,” Sean said.

“Well, it’s not against regulations to sleep naked, so we can be that close to being ready,” Jason said as he began taking off his clothes too. “But keep your clothes handy, just in case.”

There was no time for foreplay. Sean crawled down between his legs and sucked his cock for a few minutes then crawled back up beside him on his stomach.

“Better grab something to chew on,” Jason told him as he straddled Sean’s thighs. He lubed his cock with spit then pulled Sean’s butt apart and let globs of spit fall into the crack. He worked it in till he was slick and moaning. He hunkered over him and pressed his cock between the round, taut muscles. Sean pushed back against the pressure till Jason’s cock burst through his asshole. He cried out in his shorts. They paused for a moment for him to get used to it then Jason started fucking him.

“I’m not gonna try to hold off,” Jason said.

“Yeah… okay.”

Sean fought to keep quiet as Jason fucked him. He nearly screamed into his shorts when Jason rode his cock back and forth over his prostate.

“I’m gonna try to make you come, too,” Jason said.

“Yeah… okay… it ain’t gonna take much, just keep doing what you’re doing,” Sean whispered.

It was over too quick but it wouldn’t have been smart to go on too long. It was sex, not making love. When Jason shot Sean’s ass full of his hot, thick come he relaxed on top of him. Sean’s ass kept squeezing his cock.

“I think your asshole is thanking my cock,” Jason joked. “Did you come?”

“Did I ever! Shit, I hope nobody wants to inspect my sleeping bag.”

Jason pulled out and they lay side by side, up against each other.

“That was fuckin’ great,” Jason said.

“Like it always is,” Sean said.

“How do you like being a Marine?”

“It’s fun. I really enjoyed the training. And I like being around Marines.”

“Think you might want to join up?”

“Yes, but I’ve got firefighters school. Maybe someday.”


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