Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 7

He and Cody hadn’t made any particular arrangements about who would drive on graduation night and they probably wouldn’t even stick together the whole night. Sean was sure Cody would want to end up with Sandra White in a sleeping bag and Sean didn’t have any such ideas. He half hoped he could get away and go back down to the station. The ceremony dragged on as the speakers droned on. Finally, the diplomas were handed out, and some scholarships and it was over. Actually, the diplomas were nothing more than pieces of paper rolled up with ribbons around them. They didn’t get the real thing till they turned in the caps and gowns. Everyone hung around to greet friends and relatives and pocket the envelopes with money. As the auditorium began to clear out, the graduates went to change out of their caps and gowns; the girls in the library and the boys in the locker room.

Ben Strader and Jock Mitchell didn’t change. They opened their lockers and started drinking the beer they had hidden there.

“Hey, you have to turn in your caps and gowns to get your diploma,” someone reminded.

“I’ll turn it in on Monday,” Jock said. “I’m wearing it to the parties.”

“Why the hell do you want to wear it any longer?” someone asked.

He flashed a mischievous grin and looked at Ben. “Shall we show `em?”

Both boys started unsnapping their gowns. They pulled them open to reveal their totally naked bodies.

“Geezuss, Guys ! You sat all through the ceremony, naked?”

They broke out laughing and everybody laughed with them.

“Fuck, I can’t believe you walked up there on stage with nothing on under your gown!”

“Yep. Balls rubbing and dicks swinging,” Ben said.

Sean could barely contain his excitement seeing the two big athletes, all naked under the gowns. He half wished Cody would find a reason to leave them alone in the darkened hallway. But he and Cody had agreed that they would go to one party then head out to the park. Ben and Jock were there. It was almost more than Sean could take, being in their presence with the other guests, knowing that the two were stark naked under the gowns. He wondered when they were going to get dressed.

The two boys left the party after a respectable length of time and headed for the park. They parked and walked through the woods. There were already campfires and as they approached they saw guys and girls already in their sleeping bags. They were obviously naked but everyone was so casual about it. They made the rounds rather aimlessly from one campfire to another and spent a few minutes talking. Jock Mitchell drove up at the last campfire where there were three couples gathered one couple already snuggled up in a sleeping bag.

“Hell, he’s still wearing his gown,” Cody said.

“Geezuss, Jock, why’re you still wearing that thing? It was so hot I could hardly stand it,” one of the girls said.

“Yeah, it is getting pretty hot with it on,” Jock said as he began unsnapping it. When it was open all the way down the front he shrugged it off and tossed it on the hood of his car. The boys whooped and the girls shrieked as he stood there in all his muscular, naked glory.

“Talk about hot!” one of the girls said.

“Hey, man, who’s with you? You got a date?” one of the boys asked.

“No, I’m going to make the rounds and share everybody else’s date,” he said.

The boys moaned and the girls shrieked with laughter.

“He probably means it,” Cody remarked as he and Sean walked back to their car.

“Yeah, I know. He’ll fuck every girl in the park before morning,” Sean said.

“How about you? I figured you would end up out here with Sandra White.”

“Fat chance,” he scoffed. “You know the Hawker twins, from Bolton High?”

“Yeah, big black muscle-heads. A couple of stallions, I heard.”

“Well, Sandra likes black stallions,” Cody said.

“No shit! She’s out here with both of those studs?”

“She’s somewhere with them.”

“Shit, she won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” Sean said.

“Won’t matter, she’ll probably be on her back for the next two days. Hey, you wanta drive up to Bard’s Hill?”

“Uhhh… I don’t think so, not just the two of us,” Sean said.

“I meant we could hike further up in the hills. There won’t be anybody that far up; there’s no way to drive it,” Cody said as he walked to his car.

“I didn’t bring a sleeping bag,” Sean offered.

“I’ve got mine.”

“I’m not spending the night with you in your sleeping bag,” Sean declared as they were both getting in the car.

“I wish you would,” Cody said.

It took a moment for it to soak and for the stunned look to come across Sean’s face. “You… you wish… ?”

“I’ve wished it for a long time,” Cody said, his voice clear and strong as he started the engine and pulled out of the parking spot.

“Geezuss, Cody, what’re you saying?”

“I thought I made that clear. I want to spend the night with you in the same sleeping bag,” he said. “And that’s where we’re headed. Unless you tell me to turn right out of the park, I’m turning left… toward Bard’s Hill.”

“Geezusss, Cody… I… I had no idea.”

Cody laughed, a soft, gentle laugh. “Guys like you never do.”

“What do you mean, guys like me?”

“Big studs with everything going for you… looks, muscles… hung., appeal dripping off of you.” He slowed at the park exit without a turn signal on. He paused for a few seconds then made a rolling stop and turned left.

“Cody… Cody, I don’t know… ”

“Too late. You had your chance,” Cody said as he made a left turn.

They drove in silence for the few short miles around to the north entrance to the park. Cody took the winding road to the parking area and parked as far as he could in the trees. He turned off the engine and got out. He opened the back door and got his sleeping bag. When Sean didn’t move, he leaned in the window.

“You sleeping in the car?” he asked.

Sean fumbled with the door handle. “No… n-no, I… I’m c-coming,” he stammered. “Geezuss, Cody, I had no idea,” he said again as they set out on the path leading up the steep, wooded hills.

“You said that,” Cody said. “And I said guys like you never do, and you said… ”

“I know… I know what I said,” Sean cut him off. “But you gotta give me a minute to get used to it… I mean, hell, I deserve that much.”

“You’ve got till we get to the top of the hill to get used to it,” Sean said, “Then I’m going to be all over you like flies on honey.”

“Fuck, you believe in going after what you want, don’t you?”

“Once I get up the nerve to make my move. That took me awhile in your case.”

Sean was nervous about going with him. If anybody ever found out they would never live it down. Suddenly he stopped and Cody turned to look at him.

“I don’t know if I want to do this, Cody,” he said.

“It took you this far to decide that? You don’t know if you don’t wanta do it, either, so why don’t you just come on and find out,” Cody said.

Sean hesitated for a moment longer but then followed him up the path. He didn’t have much choice. If he went back down, he had no way out of the park except on foot. At the top of the hill, narrow paths led off in all directions. Cody looked all around then took one of the paths.

“What if there’s somebody else up here?” Sean asked.

“There wasn’t anybody parked in the lot, so if there is, they had one hell of a long hike,” Cody said.

They ducked in under the limbs and forged their way through the overgrown brush that nearly covered the path, till they came to a small clearing; an enclosure, almost, with the thick growth of small trees and bushes all around the bed of thick grass. Cody untied his sleeping bag and rolled it out over the grass. Sean helped smooth it out and Cody laid the top flap back then took off his boots while he was knelt down.

Sean pulled his boots off. Cody watched him intently as he took off the rest of his jeans. He started to lie back on the sleeping bag.

“Take off your T-shirt, I wanta see your muscles,” Cody said.

Sean skinned his T-shirt off and tossed it aside, leaving him in his shorts.

“Those, too,” Cody said as he pulled his own shorts off and tossed them aside. When Sean paused, Cody said, “You might as well take `em off, because if you don’t, I’m going to.”

Sean peeled his shorts down and stepped out of them, kicked them to the pile of his clothes. It felt good to be naked in the warm night up there in the wilderness. His cock felt heavy, fluffed up. He was hesitant, shy, as he watched Cody stretch out on the sleeping bag.

“You going to sleep standing up?” Cody asked.

“No… No, I… ” He stammered as he lay down.

“You’re nervous as hell about this, aren’t you?”

“Aren’t you?” Sean asked.

“No, not after I made up my mind and found my courage,” Cody said as he reached over and flattened his hand on Sean’s abs. “You don’t know how long it took me to do that.”

“How long?”

“How long have we known each other?”

“Shit, I had no idea, Cody.”

“Will you stop saying that?” Cody said, laughing. He moved his hand down into Sean’s pubes and felt his cock laying over his balls. “Dam, that thing is big.” He lifted it and let it fall.

“Uhn!” Sean groaned.

“So fucking big and heavy it hurts when I let it fall on your balls,” Cody said as he did it again.

“Aahn!” Sean groaned again when his cock landed on his balls again.

Cody wrapped his hand around it and pulled on it. “Warning; I’ve got a long list that I’ve been making up for a long time, of things I wanta do to you, so you’ll have to stop me if I do something you don’t like.”

“I can’t imagine what that would be,” Sean said.

Cody laughed. “You haven’t seen my list.”

It was a long list and Sean wasn’t sure he was taking one, two, three, down the list. He started out kissing his chest, back and forth, nibbling on his tits till they were tall and turgid and sensitive. Then he criss-crossed down his abs but by passed his cock and crawled between his legs and began kissing the insides of his thighs. He kissed down to his calves, and lower, to his feet. He sucked his toes, sending Sean into a trembling frenzy.

“Fuck, nobody ever did that before,” he gasped.

Cody made his way back up Sean’s legs, working his arms under them along the way. The he hunched his shoulders to raise his legs up.

“I’m gonna eat your ass, okay?” he said.

“Yeah I… I guess… yeah, go ahead,” Sean managed to say as he pulled his knees into his armpits, tilting his butt up off the sleeping bag. He couldn’t cry out. He could only moan and whimper and gasp and stifle it all as Cody lapped and kissed and tongued his asshole. He was about to beg him to stop when he stopped on his own and moved up to his balls.

“Ohh, Geezusss!” Sean moaned as Cody sucked his balls, lapping them with his tongue.

Cody urged his legs back down and crawled up higher, leaned up over his middle. “My God! You’re bigger than I imagined.”

“What’d you imagine?”

“Big. But, fuck, this is huge,” he said as he wrapped his hand around the base and pulled it straight up. “My Godd!”

“You said that.”

“I’m going to be saying it a lot, get over it,” Cody said as he began lapping up and down the huge shaft.

Sean lay back and gazed up at the star-lit sky as his boyhood friend sucked his cock and felt his muscles. It was wonderful to be on the receiving end of his eager, hungry mouth. He wanted to reciprocate but he didn’t date. He couldn’t bring himself to let Cody know that he was on the same side of the fence.

“You know what would be better than this?” Cody asked, raising up from his throbbing cock.

“Have Jock Mitchell lying here beside you.”

“You should’ve asked him,” Sean said.

“I was afraid to,” Cody said.

“You brought me up here,” Sean reminded him.

“I was scared to ask you, too. I guess I wanted you more.”


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