Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 6

There was a custom that on graduation night, the seniors spent the night at the wilderness park north of town. There were campfires, and drinking and every boy brought his sleeping bag, hoping to convince a girl to share it with him. The guys at the firehouse had invited him to come down to the station for a little celebration but he had more or less promised Cody Hill that they would pal around on graduation night. He went down to the station the night before just to hang around. It was after supper and he went in the kitchen to help clean up.

“This isn’t graduation night,” Conner pointed out.

“No, I just came down to hang around,” he said. “That’s okay, isn’t it?”

“Sure, anytime,” Conner said. “You staying the night?”

“Is my bunk freed up?” Sean asked.

“If not, you can share my bunk,” Conner chided him.

Conner’s remark sent chills down his spine; worse because he knew Conner meant it. “What about the other guys?” he asked.

“They can butt out. Or not,” Conner said. “Whatever you want.”

“I wouldn’t mind… sharing your bunk,” he said, forcing the words out around his thick tongue.

“I’ll put out the word,” Conner said.

“I didn’t mean we had to have the place to ourselves. I don’t want to force the other guys out of their bunks. I don’t care if the other guys want to go up to bed, or watch.”

Conner grinned. “You’re an exhibitionist at heart. So am I,” he said. “I’ll put the words out… show starts at nine,” he joked.

“Do we have to wait till nine?” he asked.

“You’re a horny little stud,” Conner said.

“I get horny just looking at you, Conner,” he said.

“Okay, we can go up now. But I’ll still pass the word that the show starts at nine. That gives us an hour or so to get warmed up,” he joked.

Conner left him to wipe up the sink and counter top and went into the lounge. He didn’t know what he told the other guys but he came back all smiles, with a bounce in his step and Sean thought maybe he wasn’t kidding about the show starting at nine.

“You good to go?” he asked.


They went up the stairs into the dimly-lit bunk room. Conner sat down on his bunk to take off his shoes. Sean stepped out of his and unbuckled his belt.

“Let me do that,” Conner said, brushing his hands away.

Sean moved his hands and let Conner unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans.

“You still coming down to celebrate on graduation night?”

“I promised another guy we would hang out together,” he said.

“Another guy?” Conner asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Nothing like that,” Sean said. “Just two seniors hanging out, going to the parties, hopefully picking up some girls.”

“You still do that? Pick up girls?”

“Oh, yeah. That hasn’t changed,” Sean said.

“Good man. It takes a real man to work both sides of the fence. But you can still come down to the station, can’t you; the guys will want to congratulate you.”

“Yeah, right,” he scoffed. “Yeah, maybe, but it would be awfully late,” Sean said.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Conner said.

Sean lingered in his socks and shorts and T-shirt to see what Conner was going to do.

“Take it all off,” Conner said. “I wanta feel those bare muscles against me. You can leave your socks on.”

Sean skinned off his T-shirt. “Here, you take `em off of me,” he said, motioning to his shorts. It was the first time he’d ever gotten so bold with any of the firefighters.

“Yeah… fuck, yeah,” Conner said as he leaned up and pulled his shorts down. He let Sean step out of them then straightened. “Goddam, you’re built,” he said as he ran his hands over Sean’s broad chest and down his abs.

“So are you.”

“But I’m not at your age. Fuck, what I would’ve given to look like you when I was your age.” He lay back on his bunk and scooted over to make room for Sean. “These are definitely one-man bunks,” Conner said as the teenager stretched out beside him.

Sean lay on his stomach on Conner’s arm, propped on his elbows, pressed tightly against his naked body. Conner’s long arm was able to reach around and squeeze Sean’s bare, tight butt.

“Dam! I’ve been thinking about your butt all day, and hoping you would show up so I might get a feel of it,” he said.

“You like my butt?”

“You know it. You’ve got an ass that would make a preacher drool.”

“Does it make you drool?”

“If I was into that, yeah, I would be drooling,” Conner said. “I’ve even thought about that…

“About what?”

“My older brother always told me that a real man doesn’t fuck anything he won’t eat first. Well, I’ve eaten my share of pussies… ”

“Are you trying to say you wanta eat my ass?” Sean asked, surprised.

“No, I’m not saying that at all. I’m just admitting the thought has crossed my mind.”

“I’m just playing with your head, Conner,” Sean chided him.

“How about you play with that head?” Conner said as he shoved Sean’s head down to his cock.

Sean kissed the big cock up and down its length but the only attention he gave the head was to lash his tongue back and forth on the underside till his cock was hard and standing out, throbbing and bobbing up and down.

“Man, stop teasing,” Conner said.

“It’s not teasing. It’s called foreplay,” Sean said.

“Fuck the foreplay. Suck it,” Conner said with a tone of desperation.

Sean laid his head on Conner’s rock-hard stomach and let him hunker his cock into his mouth.

“Get down on it,” Conner moaned as he pushed Sean’s head down, forcing his cock deeper into his mouth. “OHhhh… ,Oohhh, fuck yeah, little stud… awww that feels so good!”

It tasted good too. Godd, he loved the taste of firefighter’s cock! There was something about being a firefighter that made him so virile and studly and Sean felt like he could suck some of that studliness and virility out of Conner’s body into his own.

“I have to admit, I’ve wondered if… if the thought crossing my mind, if… well, if it’d be all that much different from eating a pussy. After all, I’ve fucked your ass.”

“I wouldn’t mind if you did it,” Sean said.

“Of course you wouldn’t. But I think I would have to be drunk, or high, to do that,” Conner said.

“You’re not allowed to have booze or drugs on duty,” Sean said.

“I know. You’re right. But… ” His voice trailed off with the unfinished thought.

“But what?” Sean asked, raising up from Conner’s cock, suddenly very interested in what he was about to say.

“Hang on a second,” Conner said as he slipped away from Sean and got up from his bunk.

“Where’re you going?” Sean asked.

“One of the guys keeps some stuff in his locker… ” He walked across to the lockers and opened one of them.

“Somebody keeps drugs in his locker!”

“Naw, its not drugs, it’s… Ah, here is it,” he said as he took something out of the locker.

“What is it?” Sean asked.

“Poppers. You ever use poppers?”

“No. I know guys who have,” Sean said.

Conner walked back and stood beside the bunk with the hunky, muscular teenager stretched out on it. He uncapped the bottle and took a couple of long, measured breaths in each nostril. “Want some?” he asked, offering the bottle to Sean.

“No, I wanta know what’s going on,” Sean said.

“Oh, you’ll know,” Conner said as he put the cap back on the bottle. He tossed it aside and crawled on the bunk, this time between Sean’s legs.

Sean thought at first that the big firefighter was going to go down on him, but it was too much to hope for. He hadn’t dared to even hope for what was about to happen. Conner lifted Sean’s legs and pushed them back against his chest.

“Hold your legs up, tight against your chest,” he told him.

Sean hugged his thighs tight against his chest, suddenly breathless as he realized what Conner was going to do.

Conner knelt there with Sean’s butt in his hand, gazing down at the wide crevice between them. He flicked out his tongue and wet his lips. “Geezuss, you’ve got a nice ass,” he whispered, shaking his head. “Stuff’s kicking in… I don’t know if I can do this, but I’m gonna try it. Don’t yell out, I don’t want anybody to come running and see me doing this.”


Conner’s nostrils flared out and it looked like his eyes were glazing over. Suddenly, with a soft growl, he bent down and buried his face in Sean’s ass.

“Oh!” Sean gasped as he felt Connner’s tongue flicking at his asshole. “Ohhh… Awwhhhhh… Awww, Fuck, Conner.”

As if in a frenzy, Conner dug his fingers into the clenching hole and stretched it wide open and drove his tongue up inside the teenager’s ass. “AAWwwhhhhhhhhhhh!” he cried out before he clamped his mouth over his forearm. “Awwnnnnn… ooohhhnnnnn… ,” he continued to moan.

“Dam, your ass tastes good,” Conner gasped. “Fuck, it’s so awesome! I’m gonna fuck it.”

“Yesss, fuck me, Connner,” Sean whispered. “Fuck me hard.”

Conner raised up and pressed the head of his cock against the wide-open hole. He spat on the head and shoved and his cock slid in.

“Awwwoooohhhhhhhh!” Sean groaned as he was slowly impaled on the huge cock.

Conner drove in to the hilt, held still for a minute, then drew back and began fucking the boy.

“Hey guys! Captain’s here!” somebody yelled up.

Conner jerked back in a flash and Sean tumbled over the edge of the bunk and scrambled for his clothes and made a dash for his own bunk. He hoped to hell it was okay with Captain Hale that he was spending the night at the firehouse when he wasn’t on duty. Brooks running upstairs to warn them was the first time that there was any open recognition of what was going on with him and the other firefighters; the guys downstairs knew what he and Conner were doing upstairs!

The captain’s footsteps came up the stairs like a storm trooper. It was almost as if he were warning them that he was coming. Sean didn’t know if he should pretend to be asleep or not. Conner wasn’t pretending. He lay there on his back, naked, with his arms folded under his head, looking as studly as any firefighter ought to.

“Captain,” he said as the captain strode down to their bunks.

“Conner. Sacking out early?”

“Yes, sir.”

Sean was lying on his stomach, his bare butt sticking up, with his arms folded under his head. He was able to watch the captain, and he saw him looking at him now.

“Good evening, captain,” he said, lifting his head.

“Well, I see they’ve got you sleeping naked already, like everybody else,”

“Yes, sir… they said it would be okay.”

“Just watch your back with these guys,” the captain said. “Or I should say, watch your ass.”

“Nobody’s bothered me, sir,” he said.

“You got your own bunk, now?” the captain asked.

“Yes, sir. They moved a bunk in for me early on,” he replied.

“Don’t get too comfortable in it, you’re not through firefighters school yet,” the captain cautioned him.

“He knows we can move his bunk out as quickly as we moved it in,” Conner said.

“That’s right. The uniform, the badge, the bunk… it can all be taken away in a flash,” the captain said.

“I know sir. I’m going to do everything I can to be sure that doesn’t happen.”

Captain Hale looked around, nodding, and turned and left.

“That was close,” Conner said.

“Yeah.” He wondered if Conner thought it was a charade, as he did; it was only that the captain couldn’t officially recognize what the men were doing with him in their spare time; if he did, he would have to take action. Especially that it in involved a young cadet.

“You wanta come back over here? We oughta be safe now,” Conner said.

“Yeah.” He got up and went back to Conner’s bunk. Conner moved over to make room for him again.

“Where were we?”

“You were saying something about these being one-man bunks,” Sean said.

“No, I think we’d advanced farther than that,” Conner said.

“Show me, then, where we left off.”

“Turn over on your stomach,” Conner told him. “I want to see and feel those tight, round buns in my hand while I fuck you.”

Sean liked the position. He liked any position where he was getting pounded with a big, thick cock, but lying on his stomach was so relaxing and he could breath a lot easier than being bent in half. Conner went back to fucking him, using long-cock strokes of his full cock, smashing his balls against Sean’s butt as he pressed against it. Every few strokes he held it in while Sean’s ass squeezed his cock. Just then there were footsteps on the stairs and they froze.

“That could be the captain again!” Sean hissed as he tried to raise up.

Conner looked at the clock. “Naw, it’s nine o’clock… its show time, its just the guys coming up,'” he said and resumed fucking the teenager.

One by one, the very masculine silhouettes came up the stairs and into the bunkroom and made their way to the far end where Conner and Sean were sharing a bunk. There were five of them. Sean didn’t know who they had left downstairs in charge. They gathered around, groping their crotches.

“Hey, thanks for warning us about the captain,” Conner said.

“We don’t want him finding out. That could ruin everything.”

In the shadows, Sean couldn’t tell who it was who moved around to the head of the bed opening his pants. He made out the shadowy shape of a cock being thrust over the end of the bed and he leaned up to get it. He sucked it in his mouth and the firefighter shoved it down his throat.

“Hey, are we going to take turns with his ass?” one of them asked.

“You can have your turn as soon as I’m done,” Conner said.

Sean could see out of the corner of his eye, the guys undressing. They moved in to the bunk, so close he could feel their body heat surrounding him and could small the musky mixture of soap and deodorant and manhood. It was so intoxicating.


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