Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 5

Sean was still living his fantasy. All except the one about the team in the school locker room. He was going to have to forget that one, what with graduation right around the corner. There was a sort of desperation among the seniors those last few days; as if they had to get everything said to everyone before they all went their separate ways. Sean made the rounds of all his teachers first, to thank them for all they’d done for him, and especially for being so understanding about him being a cadet firefighter. Then he concentrated on his classmates. He proudly showed off his new watch, much to the envy of all the guys. They were more envious seeing him in the bright red firefighters jockstrap. Some of them bugged him about the applications he was supposed to pick up.

“It’d be better if you wait till I graduate from firefighter’s school,” he told them. “My word of recommendation will mean more when I’m a full-fledged firefighter.” It satisfied them for the moment.

He got the surprise of his life when Jennifer Locke came up to him in the hallway, a warm, maybe mischievous smile on her face. Jennifer was one of the cheerleaders and undisputedly the most beautiful girl in school. She also drove to the university close by to train as a gymnast that made her the top cheerleader. She was always friendly in her own way, but there was something about her that made guys feel unworthy to even be around her, much less ask her out. Part of it was because she dated a lot of college guys.

Sean realized that he wasn’t as nervous around her as he used to be but she still rendered him speechless at that moment. They stood smiling at each for a brief moment.

“Well, it’s about over,” Sean said. It was lame, but he felt Jennifer was expecting him to say something first.

“Walk me to my locker?” she said with a flip of her long hair.

“Sure,” Sean said as he quickly stepped in stride with her. He felt proud as hell, walking down the hallway with Jennifer and all the guys wondering what was going on.

“I want your autograph,” Jennifer said as she opened her locker.

“Sure, but… we won’t get our yearbooks till… ”

“Not the yearbook,” she cut in, her smile growing more mischievous as she reached in her locker. “This,” she said, holding something to her breasts to hide it from passers-by.

“What is it?” Sean asked.

She held it up to show him. He could feel his face growing hot and his head was suddenly spinning. It was a lavender thong with tiny white lace around the triangular patch of material. There were a couple of names already scrawled on it.

“Geezuss, Jennifer, that’s… ”

“I’m only asking a special few boys to autograph it,” she said. “Boys I don’t want to forget. And you are one of those guys.” She handed him a deep purple pen and placed the thong on a textbook for him to write on.

“Geez, Jen… I didn’t know… ” He stammered as he took the pen. There was Ben Strader’s and Jock Mitchell’s names already on it.

“You might have known, if you’d asked me out just once in the last four years,” she said.

“Damn, Jennifer, everybody was afraid to ask you out,” he said as he signed his name at the lower-most point of the triangle, imagining his signature curving right around her pussy when she put it on.

She held it up and looked at his signature. “Is there some significance in where you signed your name?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Yeah… yeah, there is,” he said. “Goddamn, Jennifer, I wish I’d known! But you were so damned beautiful and… ” He paused to look her up and down. “You kept yourself in such terrific shape as a gymnast, and you always dated college guys.”

“The reason I dated college guys was because I never got asked by anyone here at school,” she said.

“And the reason we didn’t have the balls to ask was because you were dating those older guys and we thought you would turn us down,” he said. He made a swipe at the sweat breaking out on his forehead.

Jennifer laughed, that soft, husky laugh that drove guy’s nuts. “Well, I think that’s the first time I caused a boy to break out in a sweat,” she said.

“No, it’s not,” he assured her emphatically. “You’ve caused guys more sweat than Phys Ed class,” he said.

“Come on, Sean, you can’t be so desperate that you break out in a sweat just from talking to me,” she said.

“It’s what you’re telling me… that I could’ve dated you, and now… damn, now it’s too late!”

“Why is too late?” she asked with a coy grin.

He gaped at her. Was she saying it was okay? That she wanted him to ask her out? “Y-you… I heard you were leaving for college someplace right after graduation,” he said.

“Yes but I have three days before I leave,” she said.

He swallowed so hard it became an audible gulp.

“It might surprise you to know that you’ve caused me to break out in a sweat a few times, but girls are able not to show it,” she said.

“Why would I… Come on, Jen, you’re blowing me away here,” he said, laughing nervously. “I feel like I had the winning numbers for the lottery but lost my ticket.”

“Can we go someplace after school and talk?” she asked.

“Yes. Hell, yes,” he said.

“I have to take my car home. Can you pick me up?”

“Yeah. Sure,” he replied.

He couldn’t feel his feet touching the ground as he walked to his locker.

“What the hell is that stupid grin all about?” Jock Mitchell asked him as they met in the hallway.

“You should know,” Sean said. “You signed it, too.”

“Hey, you too, huh?” Jock said with a broad grin. “Who else? I was the first to sign it.”


“Just three of us, huh?”

“So far,” Sean said. “Did she tell you? About nobody asking her out?”

“Yeah, I’m going home and shoot myself after last bell,” Jock said.

“I would join you but I have to pick her up at her house,” Sean said cockily.

Jock reared back with a surprised, grinning scowl. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, she has to take her car home then she wants to go someplace.”

“And do what?”

Sean shrugged. “She said to talk.”

“Yeah, right,” Jock scoffed. “There’s only one reason she asked you instead of any of the rest of us.”


“That pocket rocket you’re carrying between your legs.”

“Oh, yeah, right, like I’m going to get a chance to shoot off the rocket,” he scoffed.

Jock put out his hand. “Bet you. You’re gonna fuck Jennifer Locke.”

“One can only hope,” Sean said.

“Goddam, what I wouldn’t give to be in your shoes. Can you just imagine how flexible she is, being a gymnast, not to mention that body, and she’s gotta have the tightest pussy in the state with all the training and exercise.”

“Look, Jock, I gotta get going. I’ve got stuff to get out of my gym locker before I go pick her up. And I’m going to pop the rocket right here just talking about it.”

“Hey, man, where’re you taking her?”

“I don’t know, she didn’t say.” He laughed. “Hell, I wouldn’t tell you anyway, you just wanta sneak around and watch.”

“Shit, man, I feel like I’m in the presence of a god,” Jock said, holding up his hands. “Just do me one favor… no, two favors.”


“Tell me about it; all the details. And give her a few jabs for me.”

Sean laughed. “I can do that, but I doubt she’s gonna feel any difference between my jabs and yours,” he said.

“That’s okay, you’ll know it and I’ll know it. I’ll be thinking about it and I want you to concentrate and say to yourself, Okay this one is Jock. And this one, and this one and… ”

“Hold on, you’re only getting two or three thrusts,” Sean joked.

Jennifer climbed into Sean’s pickup and settled anxiously in the seat. Sean waited to see where she wanted to go.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve ever ridden in a pickup,” she said.

“Oh, really. I’m glad mine is your first,” he said, rather awkwardly. “Where did you want to go? Anyplace in mind?”

“Yes. I would like to go the mill. I’m sure you know the way.”

“Like the back of my hand,” he said as he drove off. It’d been a long time since he’d been to the mill, and it dawned on him that it’d been awhile since he’d dated a girl, period.

“I’ve never been there,” Jennifer said.

He turned and gaped at her.

“You’ve never been to Sutton’s Mill! Nobody’s never been to the mill.”

“There was nobody to take me,” she reminded him.

“Dammit!!” he swore, pounding the steering wheel. Suddenly, he felt sorry for her. It was ludicrous; she was the most beautiful, purportedly the most popular girl in school, and he was feeling sorry for her. “Jennifer, I’m so sorry,” he said.

“Oh, don’t feel that way, the time for feeling sorry is past.”

“No, I’m really sorry. And I apologize.”

She laughed. “You have nothing to apologize for, Sean.”

“Yeah, I do. I apologize for not having the balls to ask you out. My Godd, how damned stupid is that! I wish I’d known.”

“Well… ,” she started, then paused and smiled. “From what I hear, it certainly wasn’t because you don’t have… balls,” she said, as if it were difficult to form the last word.

Sean blinked and damn near ran off the road.


She laughed her throaty laugh.

“W-what’re you s-saying?”

“Word gets around,” she said. “Just as you were the envy of the boy’s locker room, you were a legend in the girl’s locker room.”

“A legend!? I know there were a few guys who jealous of me, but… a legend, in the girls… ”

“Girls talk,” she said. “Girls talk probably more than boys.”

“But who… ?” He stopped with a scowl, trying to think.

“Let’s see, there was Angie Bott… and Christy Larson, I believe, was the other one.”

“Andke… Christy! Hell, they were both seniors; I was a sophomore then. That happened right at the end of their senior year.”

“You don’t think that caused a stir in the girl’s locker room? A sophomore and two senior girls… at the same time, I heard!”

He felt his face flush read with embarrassment.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” she chided him.

“Okay, yeah, it’s true. I was just a green kid, I didn’t know what I was doing, or what they were going to do to me.”

Jennifer laughed. “Well, that certainly established your reputation once and for all,” she said.

“I didn’t even know I had a reputation,” Sean said. “Nobody ever mentioned that time, none of the guys ever said anything.”

“Suffice to say, every self-respecting, warm-blooded girl in school was dying to sleep with you. I was one of them.”

Suddenly, Sean pulled over. He shoved his foot on the brake and let go of the wheel with his hands held out in a helpless gesture.

“Okay, this is more than I can handle and drive at the same time. This is blowing my mind,” he blurted. He took in a deep breath and asked, “Where are we going with this, Jennifer? While you’re spilling your guts, my guts are churning like a mixer and I’m breaking out in a sweat… all over.”

“I thought we were going to the mill,” she said coyly.

“Yeah, the mill is just up ahead. I wanta know why we’re going to the mill; what we’re gonna do when we get there. Seems the talking is all gonna be over when we get there.”

“Then we won’t have to talk anymore,” she said.

“Don’t play with my head, Jennifer,” he said.

“I was hoping you would make love to me.”

His head down, he let out a swoosh of air to keep his head from spinning. Then he put the truck in gear and drove away. Nothing was said for the rest of the short distance to the mill. He turned into the drive, got out and opened the gate, drove through and got out again to close the gate.

“What’s the point of the gate there if it’s not locked,” Jennifer asked.

“Sometimes it is. But then they gave up because kids just bust the lock off.”

“Is it safe, and private here?”

“As long as there are no other cars here,” he said as he drove around behind the mill. “We’re in luck. Nobody’s here.” He looked at her and turned the key and got out of the truck. When she hesitated he thought she was waiting for him to come around and open her door for her, but she was out of the truck by the time he grabbed a blanket from behind the seat and got around there. He took her hand.

“It’s dusty inside,” he said in a raspy voice, by way of explaining the blanket.

“Are you always so prepared?”

“Yes,” he said flatly. “Although, not for this particular occasion. I couldn’t have been prepared for this in a million years.”

He took her inside and dropped the heavy beam across the double doors to secure the place. He led her up the stairs.

“We’ll go up to the wheelhouse,” he said. “There’s a good lookout up there.”

“You’ve been here a lot,” she said.

“Enough to know my way around,” he said.

He shoved the trap door open leading up inside the wheelhouse. He helped her through the opening then let the door back down.

“This is so perfect,” Jennifer said as she walked over and bent down to peer out the small windows.

“Yes… yes, it is,” he said in a raspy voice as he spread the blanket out.

She turned around. “And I’m not talking about the wheel house,” he added.

She smiled. He walked over to her and put his hands around her arms.

“Jennifer… My Godd, I can’t believe I’m here with you,” he whispered.

She laid her hands against his chest. It made him shiver when she touched his pecs and his tits. As he moved his hands up over her shoulders to the front of her blouse, she tugged his shirt out of his jeans. She pulled it up to expose the slope of his rock-like abs, up farther to reveal his thick, broad pecs that hung from his rib-cage. He raised his arms to let her pull the shirt off. He watched intently for her reaction to seeing his bare torso. Here eyes were raking over his muscles.

“You have a beautiful body,” she said.

“Thanks,” he said, feeling embarrassed, especially that she had said it of his body before he’d mentioned hers.

Half the buttons of her blouse undone, he saw she wasn’t wearing anything under it. She shrugged the blouse off and was as naked as he was to the waist.

“My Godd,” he whispered when he saw her bare breasts. They were stunningly beautiful; not too big, but not small. They looked firm, maybe even solid from all her physical exercise and activities. Below were the most beautiful abs he’d ever seen on a woman.

“You have a beautiful body,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said, but she was concentrating on his body; her hands flattened against his pecs again. Her hands moved down his stomach till her fingertips were under the waist of his jeans.

“Wait,” he whispered as he undid the button and zipper at the side of her shorts. He wondered if she had anything on under them. She wriggled her hips to help him get her shorts off and they fell to her feet. Sean sucked in another swoosh of air. She was wearing the lavender thong! There was his name, right down there at the prize! His signature right where he knew it would fit.

“When did you put that on?” he asked.

“I ran up to my room when I got home. I wanted to wear it for you.”

“Thank you,” he said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Godd, Jen, you are gorgeous! I can’t believe any woman could have such a perfect body.”

“You’re something of a god yourself,” she said.

She reached for his jeans again and he dropped his hands to his sides and let her undo the buttons. He was glad he’d worn his button-down jeans. Buttons were so much sexier than a zipper. When she had the last button undone his jeans fell open and loose from his hips but clung to his butt. He reached back and shoved them down off the sharp curve of his butt and they fell but got stuck around his thick thighs.

“It’s hard to get my jeans off my butt and my thighs, sometimes,” he said as he balanced himself on one foot then the other to pull his jeans off. Jennifer was eyeing his briefs. They were hip-briefs, narrow across the front and back with only a one-inch strip at the waist. He was proud of the way the weight of his manhood pulled the waist down to his hairline. He swallowed hard again, unsure what he should do next. With any other girl, he would know, but it was different with Jennifer. He knew what he wanted to do, but he didn’t want to charge at her like a barbarian.

“You smell so good,” he said, as he ran his hand over the curve of her hip.

“Gardenia and lilies,” she said.

“I love gardenias and lilies,” he said.

She laughed softly. “You don’t even know what gardenias are,” she chided him.

“I intend to find out,” he said. With those words he found his courage to end the awkward standoff. He dropped to his haunches in front of her, face to face with the tiny, lavender triangle, and put his hand around her smooth, firm thighs. He looked up at her with a lopsided grin. “I want to check and see if I spelled my name right,” he said. Her husky laugh made his stomach do flip-flops. He leaned in and pressed his face against the patch of lavender.

“Ohhhh, Sean,” she gasped softly, putting her hands on his head.

He was heady from her beauty, and the delicate smell of flowers. He looked up at her, his chin still pressing against her pubes. “You’re so beautiful… I want to worship you.”

“Sean… please… ”

“No… no, let me,” he said. “I’ve never felt like this with a girl before. I feel like a gladiator at the feet of his queen. Let me… ”

“Yess,” she hissed softly.

He opened his mouth and blew his hot breath through the lavender material. She moaned softly. He didn’t know if she knew what he was going to do. Not just get her heated up to fuck her. It would be more than that. He was going to make love to her. He was going to worship her the way a woman of her beauty should be worshipped.

She pressed herself against his face. He stuck out his tongue and lapped at the soft satin material and she let out a little squeal. He kept doing it, like he was licking a lavender ice cream cone. When he had the material wet he carefully got it in his teeth and tugged it to one side.

“Ohhh, Sean… ohhh, no one has ever done this before,” she whispered.

“You mean none of those college guys… ”

“No,” she cut in. “College guys can be such little boys.”

He had never done it either, but he’d seen pictures in magazines and he’d read about what it did to a woman to have her clit licked. He held the material to one side and began licking the lips of her pussy. She was smoothly shaven except for a tiny tuft of short trimmed her that crowned her woman-hood. He loved the feel of her smooth lips. He continued to lap at her pussy as he pulled the straps of the thong down off her hips. She wriggled free of it and lifted her feet to let him take it off. He never stopped licking her pussy the whole time. His spit made it easy to use his tongue to part her pouting lips. He took his time in his search for her love button. He didn’t know exactly where it was located but he would know when he found it.

There was no rush. Each passing moment made her all the more receptive to his love-making. Suddenly he found it. His tongue touched the firm, nipple-like protrusion nestled up between her lips, begging to finally be discovered. He flicked it gently.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Jennifer gasped aloud.

Yeah, he’d found it; the center of her universe. He flicked it again, as if to say hello, and she trembled and moaned. He licked it, slowly and deliberately, causing her to tremble worse, and she dug her fingers in his hair as if to hang on. He urged her legs apart and dropped lower on his knees so he could tilt his face up between them. He lapped up and down the outside of her pussy, then forced his tongue inside and licked up and down the inner slopes. He found the heat of the opening to her treasure and drove his tongue through it.

“AAAhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out.

He stopped and reared back on his haunches. “Lie back on the blanket,” he told her. He helped her lie down then stretched out between her legs. He saw the look in her eyes when she saw his bulging briefs; surprise and maybe a little fright.

“Don’t worry about it,” he told her.

She lifted her knees and set her feet wider apart. Sean hovered over the apex then lowered his mouth again. He never dreamed he could enjoy doing this, but he was suddenly passionately obsessed. The more he explored and discovered the more emboldened he became. He pulled her lips open to expose the folds of her inner pussy, palpitating and beckoning him. He shoved his tongue out and lapped up and down over the gaping portal. She nearly screamed. He licked upward and found her clit again, and she covered her mouth with her hands to stifle her scream.

It was as much having her under his power and making her scream as it was the act itself. He played her pussy like a finely-tuned instrument, licking and sucking on her clit then locking his mouth over her entire pussy and flailing his tongue inside her. She was trembling and gasping and begging something, but he couldn’t tell whether it was stop or not stop. He attuned his ears to listen.

“Oh, please, Sean… I can’t take any more… GOddd, what’re you doing to me! Please… give it to me… give me your cock!”

He was shaken to hear the word `cock’ come out of her mouth but it excited him no end. He raised up on his haunches.

“Oh, My Goddd!” she whimpered when she looked at him.

He glanced down and saw his cock sticking up out of his briefs. Most of it. The briefs were barely able to cover the base of it, and there was at least nine inches of cock exposed and flattened against his belly. He shoved his briefs down off his butt, letting his cock fall free. It fell heavily, like a timber falling, and swung majestically.

“Oh My Goddd,” she gasped again.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you,” he told her.

“It’s all right if you do, you can’t help it. God, it’s beautiful, Sean. You’re beautiful.”

“Can’t we settle for good-looking?” he joked.

“No, beautiful; you take my breath away.”

“Yeah, I was hoping I was doing that,” he said. He found it hard to believe that he was actually talking to Jennifer right in the middle of having sex. He’d never felt so at ease with a girl. He inched up to her on his knees and pushed his cock down from its mighty arch so the head pressed against her wet pussy.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to do it some more? I know it was feeling good for you,” he said.

“Oh, it felt wonderful. But I want you, Sean,” she said. “I’ve wanted you for so long… I ache inside for you.”

“All right, but… just one more time,” he said as he leaned down and buried his face in her pussy again. He lapped and licked and kissed and tongued frantically for a full minute, till she was thrashing around and trying to stifle her screams. Then he raised up and guided his cock between her lips. They parted and formed a big O around the girth of his cock and the inner muscles squeezed and pulled him in. He entered her slowly, gently, only about half way.

“Ohhhh, Sean… Ohhhhhhhh, you feel so good!”

“Yeah, so do you,” he said. He gave her some more of his cock and she trembled and moaned. He gave her another couple of inches.

“Ohh, Goddd, how much more is there?” she asked.

He glanced down. “Only a couple more inches,” he said.

“You’re so big! I never dreamed any man could be so big. I never really believed how big everyone said you were.”

“I’m just trying to live up to my reputation,” he joked. “Sorry, that was a bad joke.” He looked down to watch the final inches of his cock disappear into her pussy, saw the pouting lips clenching around it. He pressed his pubes hard against hers and buried another half inch or so in her. “That’s it,” he said.

“Yessss… Ohh, yesss… Ohhh, Sean, you feel so wonderful, so deep inside me. Godd, I can feel you moving and you’re not moving.”

“No, that’s just me throbbing,” he said.

“It feels wonderful.”

“Jennifer… ?”

“Yes,” she said, lifting her head.

“I was… I was pretty shocked to hear you call it my cock,” he said.

“What should I call it? That seems the only appropriate thing to call it,” she said.

“Yeah, and its okay. More than okay. I was just shocked, that’s all. But I liked it, coming from you,” he said. “I was just wondering if I could… if you would be offended if I… said… the big word.”

“Let me hear you say it, and see if I’m offended. Tell me, Sean, what you want to say.”

“I wanta fuck you, Jennifer,” he blurted timidly. “I know it can sound so vulgar and wrong, but it doesn’t sound like that, saying to you.”

“No, it doesn’t, not coming from you.”

“Then I want to… fuck you… so bad,” he said. With that he pulled his cock back then shoved eight inches back inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she cried softly. “Ohhhh, yess… do it, Sean… you big, wonderful stud… do it… fuck me… ”

He shivered at the sound of the word `fuck’ coming from her lips. He did as she asked.

Sometime in the middle of it, he realized that he hadn’t bothered with a condom. But she hadn’t said anything, so he figured it must be all right. Unless she simply forgot about it, too. It wasn’t too late, but he was coming up on the big tremor time after time and he didn’t know how long he could hold it back.

“Jennifer… ?”


“I, uh… I didn’t use a condom,” he said. “I can. I can put one on. But I was so excited I just forgot all about it.”

“Can you pull out?”

“I don’t know if I can.” He tensed as if to raise up. “I’ll get one,” he said.

“No,” she said, wrapping her arms tighter around his broad shoulders. “No, don’t… I trust you.”

“All right. You can trust me,” he promised. He reached down with one hand and spread her pussy wide open then pressed himself against her. Then he moved his hips around in slo-mo circles, rubbing his pubes against her clit and at the same time, lobbing his cock around inside her.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, barely audible. “OOHhhh… OOHH, Ohhhh, Godd, Sean… Ohhh… Aawwhh… Awwhhhh!”

Her outcry gradually built up to a scream and an animal-like shriek that he’d never heard before. She locked her legs around his hips and her arms around his shoulders and humped up against him like she was in a sling.

“Awww, Jennifer!” he gasped. What the hell was wrong with her? What had he done to her? She shuddered and trembled against him as she ground her pussy harder against him, as if she were trying to twist his cock off. She yelled again then choked on it and began to relax. Gradually, she went limp and her body dropped back to the blanket. His cock was half-out of her now.

“Jennifer?” he asked quietly. “Jennifer… are you okay?”

“Yes,” she managed to whisper with a weak smile. “Oh, yess, I’ve never been so okay.”

“What happened? What’d I do?” he asked.

“You don’t know?”

“I thought I knew what I was doing,” he said with confused innocence, “but all of a sudden you went… well, crazy.”

“It’s the first time it’s ever happened but I know what it was,” she said.

“What? Tell me?” he asked anxiously.

“I had an orgasm,” she said. “You gave me an orgasm, you big, incredible stud. The big O that every girl talks about.”

“I did? I guess I didn’t know… I was just… ”

“I know. That’s what makes you so wonderfully gorgeous. You don’t have a clue about yourself.”

“Maybe you want to rest awhile,” he said as he gently extracted his cock from her clenching pussy. He moved off of her and laid on his back. His cock towered up over his abs, throbbing angrily.

“My, Godd, look at it!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’s… still hard,” he said as he put his hand over it to press it to his stomach.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she said, moving his hand. “Don’t ever be embarrassed over something as awesomely beautiful as that.”

“It embarrasses me that you call me gorgeous and beautiful,” he said.

“Then I won’t,” she said.

“Jennifer… ”


“I don’t want to sound like stupid ass, but… what, exactly, is the big O… an orgasm, for a woman? I mean, I know what it is for a guy, it’s pretty obvious, but… ”

“Oh, I can’t explain it. I just know that it’s not all that common. I’ve read that some women never have the experience.”

“Wow! That must be awful for them. I can’t imagine not… getting my full satisfaction.”

“You didn’t,” she pointed out.

“Yeah, but I was hoping… ”

She laughed. “Don’t worry,” she said. “But I appreciate you letting me rest for a moment.”

“You said it was your first time, to have one? I figured you and those college guys… Aww, I’m sorry, that was out of line; I shouldn’t presume… ,” he said.

“It’s all right, I don’t mind. Yes, there were some college guys. Other gymnasts, mostly. They have gorgeous bodies but they’re mostly lacking where it counts, and none of them even comes close to what you made me feel.”

“I don’t even know what I did,” he said.

“Think about it,” she said. “It was the first time any boy ever concentrated so much on foreplay.”

“Oh. Well, that wasn’t foreplay,” he said. “That was part of the main event; making love to you. It was the first time I ever did it. First time I ever wanted to.”

“It was absolutely wonderful, Sean,” she cooed. “I never imagined in all my dreams that I could feel so wonderful.”

“Do you dream about it a lot?” he asked.

“All the time,” she said.

“You do! I thought boys were the only ones… I know we’re a bunch of animals.”

“Trust me, girls are just as bad,” she said.

“I could… do it again, Jennifer,” he said in a hoarse voice. Then he quickly retreated. “Or, not. I don’t have to.”

“It doesn’t look like you don’t have to,” she said.

“Aw, that’s nothing unusual,” he said, smacking his throbbing cock. “It’s like that most of the time.”

“Not today,” she said. She raised up with a funny, pleasant smile.

Sean didn’t know what she was going to do but his mind raced with a dozen possibilities. He gasped when she bent over him. Awww, she’s going to suck it! Her long hair brushed over his bare skin, causing him to shiver. She’s gonna give me head!

“Awwhhh,” he moaned softly as she took his cock in her hand. “Ohh, your hand feels like soft velvet.”

“My Godd, you’re so big,” she said. “I can’t even begin to get my hand around it.”

He couldn’t describe what her mouth felt like as she filled it with his cock. Good enough that he choked on his breath. Her mouth was so soft and delicate, her hands so gentle, her tongue so very delicate and feminine. She seemed unsure, even awkward with what she was doing.

She raised up. “You can probably tell, I’ve never done this before,” she said. “I hope I’m doing it all right.”

“Aww, yeah… yeah, Jennifer, you’re doing all right,” he said. He was surprised, somehow, that she hadn’t done it with any of the college gymnasts. His hand, on her butt, moved down to find her pussy. She set her knees apart when he touched her. He found her clit and she squealed around his cock. He didn’t think he should do too much with her clit; she might get excited and bite his cock. Instead he used his fingers inside her pussy.

She sucked him lovingly while he lay there gazing up at the heavy beams that gave support to their love nest. It all passed before him like a re-wind of a video; how they had connected all of a sudden and he brought her out here because she wanted to be with him and he’d fucked her and ate her pussy and now she was sucking his cock… Goddd, it was all too much to believe. Suddenly he realized his mouth was watering.

“Jennifer… let me… ” He urged her over to straddle his face. He ran his hands up and down the smooth muscles of her thighs and leaned up to kiss her lower abs, arched over him. He squeezed her taut butt muscles and pulled her apart. He blew his hot air into her pussy and leaned up to flick her clit with his tongue. She lowered herself anxiously for more. He pulled her down to bury his face in her womanhood, devouring her pussy with his mouth. She squealed around his cock and sucked him furiously. He didn’t care if she bit his cock off.

They gave each other mutual satisfaction till Jennifer was beside herself again with lust. She was like a porn actress that he’d seen in the videos, going wild with lust, only that was faked, he thought, and Jennifer’s lust was real. She raised up suddenly, squeezing his cock terribly as she ground her pussy into his face.

“Ohh, Sean… stop… stop… I need you,” she gasped as she raised up and turned around. She straddled him and guided his cock to her pussy and sat down on it.

“AWWWhhhhhhh, Godddd!” he cried out as she rode all the way down on his cock. He kept on moaning as she rode up and down on it. He drove up to meet her downward slams. He wished they were filming it. He wished he could watch her over and over again as she fucked him madly. It wasn’t making love anymore. It was pure sex. She was fucking him! He squeezed her firm tits that bounced above him, then pulled her down to suck her tits. He loved their firmness. She was almost as firm as his own pecs. He was concentrating on everything but holding off and by the time his brain caught up it was too late.

“Oh, Geeusss!” he gasped, almost with surprise. “Ohh, Jennifer… ohhhh, hey, I’m… I’m gonna shoot… !” And he couldn’t pull out with her riding his cock.

“Tell me when you’re ready,” she gasped.

He didn’t know what she was going to do but he held his tongue till the very last crucial second then he cried out. “Now!… Awww, fuck… NOW! I’m… gonna… coommmmmm!”

Suddenly she raised up off his cock and took it in her hands to finish the motions that her pussy had started. Her hands felt almost as good as her pussy. She pumped his cock with both hands till he was shaking so bad that she was shaking with him. Suddenly he exploded. Like a rocket, his cock acted as the booster and sent a blast of come spurting up in the air about six feet. It looked like a rope. Another followed and the two ropes tangled in mid-air. Jennifer was gasping and squealing with delight as she watched the fireworks. Some hit her in the face, more slathered up across her tits and then she was pressing his cock into her pubes, against her lower abs, to smear his come all over her stomach. She drained him, pulling and milking his cock to force every drop out of the thick, hot tube. She drained him of his strength, too; even the air from his lungs. He lay under her like a defeated warrior under his victorious queen.

“Holy Shit!” he gasped, finally, when he was able to speak.

She laughed.

“That was incredible,” he said.

“Yes, it was,” she agreed.

“Dam, I really made a mess,” he said.

“It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. “You’re just plain phenomenal.”

“I’m beat, is what I am,” he said. “Damn, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so beat afterwards.” He reached out and lifted a glob of come that was about to fall from her right tit. “I didn’t bring a towel or anything to clean off. I guess I was expecting to use a condom and there wouldn’t be this kind of mess.”

She had hold of his hand with the come on his finger. With a mischievous laugh, she guided his hand to his mouth. He recoiled and easily resisted.

“Go ahead, I dare you,” she said.

He took her dare and stuck his finger in his mouth and licked his come off of it. Jennifer squealed with delight.

“Ohh, that is so sexy! Swallow it. You have to swallow it.”

He forced it down. “It’s awful, is what it is,” he said. “You taste it.”

She took his challenge. She leaned down and began lapping his come off his chest. Not just a taste; she was lapping the stuff up and swallowing it.

“Aww, Jennifer, now that is sexy,” he said.

“It’s not so awful, I think, because it’s yours,” she said. Her voice trailed off as her face steadied over his. She moved her lips in a pouting manner and he leaned up to kiss her. It was a kiss as passionate as their love-making, exchanging the taste of his come back and forth with their tongues. She let out a desperate gasp as she raised up. He leaned up too, to help her unstraddle him and stand. He went to his knees to steady her on her feet.

“We could go down to the creek and go for a swim to wash up,” he said.

“Yes, I would like that, if you think we’ll have the will power to leave this place afterwards,” she said.

“I’m not making any guarantees,” he said.

They went for a swim and they washed up and they didn’t leave right away. They didn’t even get back to the mill where their clothes were still scattered around in the wheelhouse. He took her again in the soft, thick grass along the creek, and she gave herself to him like a woods-nymph surrendering to a young god. He fucked her again when they climbed back up in the wheelhouse.

“You are insatiable,” she told him as they were dressing.

“Hey, you did it every time I did,” he reminded her.

“But guys are… guys don’t usually hold up like that,” she said.

They were comfortably quiet on the drive home, and it was the first Sean had thought anything at all about the Marines and the firemen. For those hours, he was a straight stud again, with no thought or desire whatsoever for other men.

“I’m never going to forget the wheelhouse at the mill,” Jennifer said.

“I’m never going to forget you walking up to me in the hallway,” he said. “You know, I was scared almost shitless, wondering what you wanted; what you were going to say.”

“True confessions… You know, I was scared to approach you,” she said.

“You were? Why, for chrissakes?”

“You thought I was unapproachable. You were just as unapproachable to me, with that magnificent body and your sexy ways and every girl in school fawning over you, and I thought you were probably having most of them and I was confused and hurt because you never seemed to want me.”

He laughed, a scoffing laugh. “If you only knew… ” He cut himself off.

“Knew what?”

“Naw, it’s not nice. Not something you tell a girl.”

“Tell me. If I only knew what?”

“If you only knew how many times I’ve laid in bed and jacked off, thinking about us like we were today. You probably think that’s disgusting.”

“Oh, no, that is so sweet,” she said.

“It is? Sweet? Most girls would be pissed to think a guy would be doing that, thinking about her.”

“I think it’s a great compliment, knowing you could drive a boy to do that,” she said.

“You’re something else, Jennifer. I’m not going to forget you any time soon.”

“I hope not. I hope you visit me at school,” she said.

“To take care of all the things those studly college boys can’t?” he joked.

“To give those studly college boys lessons,” she said. “By the way, was your name spelled right?” she asked with a mischievous twinkle.

“I don’t think so, maybe I’d better check again,” he said.


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