Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 3

He had taken the crutches back, his ankle was fine and his shoulder was feeling fine so there was no reason to go back to the armory and he decided he wouldn’t, despite Casey’s invitation. It wasn’t as simple as a decision; it turned into a battle; he found himself fighting the urge to go back. But it was futile; something drew him back. Something besides Corporal Casey’s invitation; he told himself it was the ruins of the apartment building. It was lame but it was all the excuse he needed. He drove to the location and walked around the charred ruins of the sad looking building that a dozen people once called home. He tried to picture himself running into the burning building, not once, but three times. He didn’t know where that courage came from but it was enough to know he had it. He would always remember this as the place where he found his courage. The whole time he was inspecting the ruins he felt the tugging in his loins. On the way back to his car he glanced over at the armory. Yeah, there was the real reason he’d come. Who was he kidding? But there were cars parked all around and on the side streets. The marines must be having drill, he thought, so Corporal Casey wouldn’t be there by himself anyway. He shrugged it off and headed for his car, but the force drew him back, with a new vision of the fantasy of being dragged into the locker room. The armory had a locker room… and dozens of hunky marines.

He walked down the block to the armory, his imagination running wild. Closer, he could hear the shouts of cadence. He slipped inside and into the office. There was no one there. He walked through the office and stepped into the gymnasium. There were thirty or so guys doing calisthenics; no shirts, just heavy jump boots and very short green or camo shorts. He stifled a gasp of pleasant surprise at the muscular youth out front leading them. He didn’t look much older than Sean. Cpl. Casey saw him come in and broke ranks and went up to say something to the young leader, then came trotting over to him.

“Hey, Brady.”

“Hey. I was just driving by… checking out the building that burned.”

“Yeah, it’s a mess,” Casey said.

Just then the men stopped but kept running in place.

“New recruit, Casey?” someone yelled.

“Bring him on!”

“Yeah, let him show us what he’s got!”

The leader walked over to them. Dam, he looked young.

“Don’t mind these guys, they’re always looking for fresh meat to sign up,” he said.

“This is Brady the guy who got three people out of that apartment building,” Casey told the leader.

“It’s always an honor to meet a hero,” the young leader said, putting out his hand. “Jason Brawn.”

Sean was embarrassed. He shook the guy’s hand but couldn’t think of anything to say except thanks. He was tongue-tied just looking at the guy. Brawn was a good name for him. He was built! Huge balls of muscle on his shoulders and thick triceps and biceps. His pecs were like two big, thick steaks that’d been slapped on his rib cage. Even his tits were big, like pencil erasers. Sean forced himself not to look down his abs but he could see them rippling gently as the guy moved and breathed. He wondered how old the guy was. Young. Didn’t look more than seventeen.

“Are you interested in joining the marines?” Jason asked.

“No, I… well, actually, I never thought about it… I was just checking out the burned building, then thought I’d come over and see if Corporal Casey might be here,” Sean said.

“Well, if you ever want to talk about it… you look like you could handle it easy enough. Except… how old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Sean said with a scowl, wondering how old the leader was.

“Shit, I wasn’t built like that when I was seventeen,” he remarked.

“You sure got there quick, then,” Sean said, giving him an easy once-over. “Can I ask how old you are?”

“Nineteen,” the youth replied.

“Not that much difference, then,” Sean said.

“Well, you don’t need your parent’s signature, but we would like to have their approval,” Jason said.

“I’ve never talked about it with my parents,” Sean said. “Like I said, I never thought about it myself.”

“Think about it, you would make a hell of a marine,” Jason said. With that he turned and walked back to the formation to take his place in front of the men. Sean’s eyes were glued to his massive thighs and the big bubble butt churning and flexing inside his shorts.

“Geez, how the hell did a guy that age get to be a leader of a bunch of tough marines?” Sean asked.

“Actually, he just turned nineteen. He’s not a platoon leader or anything, but you saw how he’s built; that made him a natural for PT instructor,” Casey said.

“What rank is he?”

“PFC. Damn good for a nineteen year old. That’s only one stripe under me,” Casey said. “Well, I have to get back in formation. Hey, do you want to step in and join us… show these flakes what you’ve got? Think the ankle is okay for it?””

It was more than Sean could refuse. Not that he could show these studs much but he was so pleased to be asked to join in; it would give him a chance to watch the muscular leader in motion. He peeled off his shirt and took his place in formation beside Casey to the sound of hoots and hollers from the men.

They did jumping jacks, sit-ups, running in place, push-ups and jumping-jack roll-overs, nothing that he hadn’t learned in football practice and cadet training. He actually was showing them what he had and he felt proud to be among them. Jason called a halt but kept them running in place for a couple of minutes, his thick pecs bouncing solidly. Then he slowed to just moving around, and the men began shaking their arms and whatever they wanted to do to cool down. Sean’s mind was racing ahead. Sweat ran down their naked chests and made their muscles glisten and he was thinking they would surely all go into the showers and maybe they would invite him. He no sooner thought it than it was spoken.

“Okay, men, hit the showers,” Jason said. “Drill at 0500 on Sunday!”

Sean started walk away.

“Hey, aren’t you going to shower?” Casey asked.

He stopped and turned, unable to answer at first.

“I didn’t figure I was allowed to,” he said.

“Sure you’re allowed to,” Casey said.

Fuck, yes, he wanted to shower with these hunky marines but he was afraid to. Casey sensed, or saw, his fear.

“Don’t worry, nothing like that is going to happen,” he said quietly. “Nothing that you don’t want to happen, at least. None of these guys know… I never told a soul.”

“I would need to get my gym bag out of my car,” Sean said huskily.

“Go ahead, get it.”

The short walk to his car gave light to the daydream of being had in the showers at school by the entire team, and that dream was transcended to the armory showers full of marines. God, what would it be like to be made a slave to a platoon of stud-marines! By the time Sean got back with his gym bag the shower room was filled with boisterous, naked marines. He walked into the locker area adjoining the shower room and tossed his bag on a bench. He undressed, proudly, for he had a better build than even some of the marines that he could see through the steam. Cpl. Casey came out of the showers and showed him where the clean towels were kept.

“How do you like being a marine for a day?” he asked.

“It’s great.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet this is better than the locker room at school,” Casey said, laughing softly.

Sean only smiled.

“Listen, if you want some action, just give me the word, I’ll see if I can get something going,” he said in a low tone.

“I don’t know… it’s sort of scary, this many guys… ”

“Replace those high school boys in your fantasy with a bunch of marines,” Casey said.

“Yeah, that did cross my mind. But… , man, I just don’t know how it would work out… how you would make it happen.”

“Let me worry about that. All you gotta do is follow my lead. And don’t worry, it won’t get out of hand. They’re marines and they’re horny but they’re not barbarians. Some of them won’t even get involved.”

Sean looked all around again, into the steamy shower room, his pulse quickened at the thought of letting his guard down in front of three dozen studly marines. He took in a quick breath and Casey laughed.

“Does that mean yes?” he asked.

“I don’t know… I’m scared to… ”

“Hey, it’s your call. It’s your fantasy. But if you don’t want to… maybe another time,” Casey told him.

Sean didn’t want to wait till another time, or take the chance that there would even be another time. He was so excited over the idea that his heart was thumping in his chest.” Okay. Okay, I’m good to go,” he said bravely.

“You sure?”

“No, I’m not sure at all,” he said, laughing nervously. “But I’m gonna kick my ass for the rest of my life if I let this opportunity slip past me.”

“Yeah, sometimes opportunity only knocks once,” Casey said. “Okay, give me the nod if you want me to get the ball rolling.”

Sean sauntered into the showers, determined to appear confident but he was a little jittery about being in the middle of all these naked guys. They had no idea what was on his mind. They were all ages and sizes and shapes, except that there was no fat on any of them. There were some guys who looked well past thirty down to the nineteen-year-old PFC. They were tall and lanky, and average and short and well-built, hairy, smooth.

“Hell, kid, you’re already built like a marine, why don’t you just sign up,” someone remarked as Sean moved under a shower.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, embarrassed.

PFC Brawn came up to him, so confident and self-assured that he reeked with masculinity. “I’m serious, you ought to think about joining,” he said. “The marines aren’t going to throw anything at you that you can’t handle. Hell, boot camp would be a cake walk compared to some of the guys who join up.”

“I don’t know, right now I’m a cadet firefighter and that’s all I can handle right now, till I get out of school,” Sean said.

“I understand. Just think it over,” the youth said. “You can sign up any time and get a delayed entry,” he went on. “You could join today, for example, but not be called up till months from now, after you graduate, so you could still be a firefighter till your call-up date.”

There were encouraging words from all around, making Sean think he might want to forget being a firefighter and go right into the marines. But he had worked too hard for it, and he liked it.

Casey came up to get some soap out of the liquid soap dispenser under his shower. “Still good to go?” he asked under his breath.

“Yeah, I guess,” he replied nervously, wondering what Casey was going to do or say to get things started.

Casey went back under his own shower with his handful of soap. “Hey, Brady, one thing PFC Brawn didn’t tell you, I’ll bet, is the initiation that all new marine recruits have to go through,” he said, loud enough so the others heard. “Brawn always keeps that a secret.”

“I’m not a marine recruit, not yet anyway,” Sean said.

“Hey, guys I think we ought to initiate him anyway. Hell, he’s gonna be a marine one of these days, for sure,” Casey said.

“Hell, yeah, why not?” someone chimed in.

“Yeah, lets show the kid what real marines are made of; what he’s gotta be made of to be a marine,” someone else said.

“Yeah, what’ve you got in mind for him, Cpl. Casey?”

It dawned on Sean that the others didn’t have a clue what Casey was talking about; they were just going along with it.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys but calisthenics then a warm shower always makes me horny as hell,” Casey said.

“You too?” someone put in, laughing.

“Fuck… he is awful cute,” someone else said.

“Yeah, and look at those nice, smooth muscles.”

He still thought the guys were clueless and only going along with the joke.

“Yeah, and look at that nice, smooth, tight ass,” another said.

“Shit, man, you were looking at his horse-cock.”

Now he thought Casey’s little plan was gaining momentum fast and his heart thumped in his chest as he tried to imagine what these guys had in mind to do to him. They would probably follow Casey’s lead. The remark about his ass frightened him a little. If the guy was talking about fucking him in the ass… no way.

Casey walked over under Sean’s shower. “For starters, how about you get down on your knees and see what marine cock tastes like,” Casey said in a gruff, authoritative tone. He grabbed Sean by the shoulder and forced him to his knees.

“Hey, leave him alone,” someone said.

“Yeah, you’re going to scare him from joining up,” PFC Brawn said. But Corporal Casey put pressure on Sean’s shoulders and Sean felt his knees going weak and then they were buckling in obedience. He was more scared than he’d ever been in his life. If all of theses joined in…

He was face to face with Casey’s big cock, lolling out like a hunk of Polish sausage, a trickle of water running down it from the shower like he was taking a piss. He could see others moving through the heavy steam, moving closer, to watch and see what was going to happen. He swallowed hard.

Casey flopped his cock back and forth, hitting him in the face. Somebody else got caught up in it and came up behind him and twisted his arms behind his back, up high so he was forced to lean forward.

“Suck it,” one of them said. “See what marine cock tastes like.”

When he didn’t move quickly enough, they twisted his arms higher. He yelped and leaned in to take Casey’s cock in his mouth.

“OOoaaawwhhhhhhh!” Casey moaned loudly as he wrapped his hands around Sean’s head. “Awww, fuck, guys, you oughta feel this!… fuckin Goddam firefighters mouth on a marine’s cock.”

“We intend to,” someone standing close by said. Sean could see a pair of very muscular, hairy thighs and another big cock hanging between them. He didn’t look any higher. Nothing higher than their waists mattered, not to them and not to him.

Sean tried to suck Casey’s cock but Casey was being forceful and fucking his mouth. Sean choked and gagged when he shoved it too deep.

“Hey, don’t make him gag and get sick,” someone said.

Casey pulled his cock out and turned Sean’s head to one of the other guys who was waiting, and shoved his face at him. Sean opened his mouth and took the guy’s cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” the guy moaned, tossing his head back. “Fuck, Casey, you’re right… Geezussss, I never felt anything this good before.”

“Come on, you fuckers, it can’t be better than pussy,” someone drawled.

“Yeah? Just fuckin’ wait till he slides those hot lips down around your cock.”

“Let me have at him, I never had my cock sucked before,” the other guy said.

They changed places and several more marines gathered in closer. Back and forth he went, from one to the other, then to back to Casey, then they were all closing in on him with their cocks crossed like swords, all vying for his mouth. Others had gathered around to watch and wait their turn.

“Bunch of sick fuckers. I hope the captain doesn’t decide to drop by,” somebody grumbled as he walked out of the shower.

“Hey, somebody bolt the door on the inside.”

A couple more guys left the shower without saying anything but one of them came back, apparently having bolted the door. Most of them stayed; Sean guessed about twenty or so. It scared him, being in the middle of that many horny marines but it excited him more. They began milling around, new cocks appearing out of the steam. Sean shifted his weight several times to take the pressure off of his knees.

“Hey, go get one of the benches for him to lay on,” someone said. “This might take awhile and he might as well be comfortable.”

Two men brought a bench into the showers and set it in the middle of the room. Sean was helped to his feet and laid on the bench. Someone immediately stepped astraddle the bench and his head and dropped his balls into Sean’s mouth.

“OOhhhhh, fuckin’ shit! You oughta feel this… dude’s sucking my balls. Easy, guy, don’t chew `em off.”

A feeling of great contentment and belonging came over Sean as he serviced one after another of the marines. He felt like he belonged there, doing what he was doing; this is where he had always belonged. And these guys made it okay for him to be doing it. Nobody was berating him or putting him down as a fag or anything; they were just enjoying getting their cocks sucked. As time went on, some of the guys started getting off so they could be on their way. Sean was drenched and splattered with hot come from every angle as the momentum built up among them to shoot their loads. He didn’t complain when he got it in the face, and they began aiming for his mouth. He was delighted and surprised that every guy’s come had a distinct taste; and horribly surprised that he liked it!

Little by little the group began to dwindle, leaving their man-seed streaked all over Sean as they left, or in his mouth. Sean had lost track of Cpl. Casey, and he had only caught glimpses of young PFC Brawn. Maybe Casey had left. Sean hoped Brawn was still there.

“Uh-oh, here comes Horse,” somebody said.

Guys sort of stood back to make room and suddenly Sean looked up to see the biggest cock he could imagine hanging over his face; a huge black cock. He had seen the big black marine at the far end of the platoon when they were doing calisthenics but he hadn’t seen him go to the showers. There he was, standing over his head like a great black Colossus, his cock hanging out, it looked like a foot long, in a wide arch.

My God, what am I possibly going to do with it, Sean wondered fearfully. I wonder how big it gets when he’s hard? Horse, as he was called, patted the side of his cock, causing it to swing back and forth like a pendulum, and the arch began to straighten.

“Goddam, Horse, you’re not gonna make him suck that thing,” someone said.

“Give me one good reason why not?” Horse said.

“For starters, that thing is registered as a lethal weapon.”

Despite the pangs of fear, Sean was anxious to get hold of the giant cock; anxious to see what a black cock tasted like. He let his mouth go slack as a signal to the Horse that he wanted his cock. He wanted desperately to take it all the way down his throat but he held out little hope of being able to do that. But the Horse had other ideas.

“Take it before it gets completely hard and it’ll slide right down your throat, a perfect fit,” the big man said as he bent his knees to lower his cock to Sean’s waiting mouth.

“MMMnnnnnnnn,” Sean moaned as his mouth was quickly filled with warm black cockmeat. He reached up with his hands around the thick tube, amazed that he could wrap both hands around the inches that were left, and his hands wouldn’t reach all the way around it.

“Sounds like he likes black cock,” someone said.

“I think he likes any cock.”

Horse was moving up and down, nudging the head of his cock hard against Sean’s throat. His cock was growing longer and harder so it was easy to put more force behind it without it bending. Sean tried to relax his throat muscles but he was too tense from fear.

“Take it now, take it later,” Horse said. “Later is going to be a lot harder.”

It sounded like a veiled threat. Sean wondered if any of the others would come to his rescue if the big stud got really physical. Somehow, he doubted if any of them would mess with him, judging from the way they backed away when he approached. He fought down his fear gallantly, opening his throat to the huge cock, even lifting his head up to let Horse know that he was game to try it. Horse pressed his cock with his thumb to push it straight down, then bent his knees to put pressure behind his cock.

“AAwwwggghhhhhhh!” Sean groaned as the thick, hot cock forced his throat open and bored deeper in his throat.

“Holy Shit, look at that! He’s taking it!”

“Is he taking it or is Horse making him take it?” somebody asked.

“He’s taking it like a man,” Horse declared. “Like a marine; not like you bunch of pussies.”

“What do you mean pussies, you never asked me to suck your cock, Horse,” someone whined jokingly.

“Fuck, he’s taking it all the way! I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t standing here watching it.”

“Hell, I don’t believe the size of the guy’s cock, let alone someone swallowing the fucker,” someone said.

Sean was unable to maintain his control and he started to gage and choke. He was in a panic before the huge cock was pulled out of his mouth. The marine pulled it out and stroked it for a moment. The others moved in closer to watch. It was apparently the first time any of them had seen Horse with a hardon.


“I never seen anything so big!”

It looked monstrously huge from where Sean lay, looking up at it; like a club standing out from Horse’s pubes. He judged it to be as big as a forearm, and he was surprised that he had actually taken it down to his balls.

“Don’t think I’m queer or anything, Horse, but I gotta feel that and see if it’s real.”

Sean was pleasantly stunned to see PFC Jason Brawn reach around and wrap his hand around the big black cock. It was the first time that that he knew any of the marines had touched another of their buddies.

“Feel free, but it’s gonna take two hands,” Horse said.

Jason wrapped his other hand around it and was able to entwine his fingertips.

The Horse was anxious to get back to what he was doing. “You gonna play with it or suck it?” he asked Jason. “Cause I’ve got a stud here who wants to suck it you don’t.”

Jason quickly let go of his cock and Horse aimed it once more at Sean’s mouth. “We won’t go that deep again now that it’s hard,” Horse told him. “Just chow down on what you can handle.”

Sean tried to suck it but there was little room to move his tongue the way he wanted to in order to make the man feel good.

“Don’t be afraid to chew on it, it’s a tough hunk of meat,” The Horse said.

Sean folded his lips around his teeth as best he could and began chewing on the meaty cock. The marine cried out and groaned with pleasure. He liked the gentle pain, and Sean chewed on it like he was eating a big, juicy sausage.

“Shit, kid, you’ve got me so hot, I’m gonna come… just keep doing what you’re doing… don’t fuckin’ stop… I’m gonna blast your fuckin’ tonsils out… don’t you dare fuckin’ stop.”

He was nearly right. Sean didn’t have enough of the shaft in his mouth to feel the pulsating surge through the big cock but he knew in a split second by the sudden swelling of the head that the marine was comming. A second later, the huge cock was shooting great loads of thick, hot come into his mouth. Unlike the others, even those with powerful spurts, The Horse’s cock was pumping it out like a fire hose with steady spurts. Along with the bulk of cock meat, Sean’s mouth was soon filled with come and it was running out the corners of his mouth faster than he could swallow it and running down his face. There was so much of it that he had to let it run. There was a strange excitement in being so overpowered by the big marine, being used as the vessel of his manliness. God, is he ever going to stop, Sean wondered. He didn’t mind, he was simply amazed at the volume of semen bring shot out of the thick cannon.

The volume finally began to subside and The Hose was shoving more of his cock into Sean’s mouth. The slick come lubricated the way into his throat and he finished him off with his cock all the way to his stomach. He pursed his lips around the thick meat to draw out the last drops of come as the marine pulled his cock out of his throat. Free of his mouth, it fell with a heavy smack against his thigh then swung out in a wide, proud arch.

“Geezusss, if I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t believe it,” Casey said

“He’s all lubed up, right down his throat, if you wanta fuck his face,” The Horse said as he turned back to his shower.

One of the marines straddled the bench behind him, and lifted Sean’s legs up and spread them out wide.

“No, I can’t do that,” Sean said.

“How do you know, have ever tried it?” the marine asked.

“No… no… but I can’t do it. There are too many of you, you guys would kill me.”

Another marine stepped up to the head of the bench. “He’s talking too much,” he said as he dropped his cock into Sean’s mouth. “Go ahead, fuck him, then I get my turn next,” he told his buddy. Still others formed a line behind their buddies to wait their turns at Sean’s mouth and his butt.

Sean made only a token effort to get up and he was quickly pinned to the bench. He tried to look around to find Casey. Where the hell was Casey? He said they wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want them to do; he said it wouldn’t get out of hand. Well, it was getting out of hand damned fast. He struggled again, but not too hard and to no avail. They held him secure as thick, long fingers probed inside his ass with lubricant and he knew it was going to happen. His thoughts flashed to a girl being raped and he wondered how they dealt with it. He put up a valiant fight but it was no use. There were too many of them. He did the only thing he could do; he relaxed and let it happen. Might as well; there was a hot cock pressing at the tight, vulnerable opening of his body and he was helpless but to let it happen. The marine probed and pushed and twisted and probed till suddenly his cock popped through.

“AAAWWWwgggghhhhhhhhh!” His cry was muffled by the thick steam. The pain was unthinkable; unbearable, except that he had to bear it. He cried out again.

“Somebody shove a cock in his mouth before he brings the whole neighborhood in on us,” the marine said.

Someone straddled Sean’s head and shoved his cock in his mouth. The other marine shoved his cock deeper and deeper in his ass, plowing a path through his insides, till he was all the way in and Sean could feel his balls resting against his butt.

“Fuckin’ unbelievable!” he moaned. “Shit, you can’t imagine how tight he is!”

“Fuck him, man. I want my turn,” someone said.

Thankfully the marine held still a moment longer to enjoy the sensations of having his cock squeezed by another guy’s ass, and it gave Sean a chance to work through the pain so that it was at least bearable by the time he pulled back and shoved in again. His head hanging over the end of the bench made it easy for him to swallow the other marine’s cock.

Gradually, the pain began to subside and Sean was surprised to feel pleasure creep in where the pain had been. He wanted to be shocked; horribly stunned that he was feeling any pleasure at all from being raped but who was he kidding? Deep down, even if he hadn’t known it, this was what he wanted. If he’d fought hard enough, they would have let him go. But this was the fantasy being brought to life.

The marine lost control and lost his load deep in Sean’s guts. It felt good, like a soothing balm to the delicate inner muscles that were so brutalized by the big cock. When he pulled out, another quickly took his place, and another took his place at his mouth. No two of them fucked the same way. For some it was simply a motion they went through to get their rocks off. Others seemed to enjoy the new experience and tried every different angle to see how it felt. A couple of them actually seemed to try to make Sean enjoy it. One especially, found Sean’s joy spot… his prostate… and delighted in fucking his cock back and forth over to drive the boy crazy.

“You like that, don’t you?” he murmured. “You like it… right… there,” he said as he shoved across the tiny love nut.

“Ohhhh, yeahhhhh… ohhhh… ohhhhhh, yeah, that feels so good,” Sean moaned. “Ohhh, fuck me… ohhh, yeah… fuck me, you big stud-marine.”

“Hell, listen to that, Mayford is making him beg for it!”

Two Marines made it a point of working up their climaxes so they would come at the same time. Sean welcomed the double climax. He could no longer feel the come shooting in his ass but he could tell by the sudden hardness and bucking of the guy’s cock that he was going off inside him. The other Marine pulled his cock out at the last second and shot his load all over Sean’s face. Rivulets of warm, thick come ran slowly down his face and neck and dripped to the floor. When the last of them were done, they went back to join their buddies in the shower, leaving Sean gasping alone and gasping for air.

What now, he wondered? Where the fuck did Casey disappear to? Suddenly he appeared, then Jason.

“Oh, man, I thought you left,” Sean moaned.

“You need a minute to rest?” Casey asked.

“Rest?” Sean said. ` “Let him rest till the others are gone,” Jason said quietly.

The Horse and another guy returned to the shower room to see what was still going on. They were dressed. “What’d we do, fuck him out of commission?” he asked, laughing.

“Just letting him rest up for a minute before we tear into him again,” Casey said. “Did you get a crack at his ass, Horse?”

“No I guess I left before they started fucking him. But he gave me some incredible head.”

“You wanta haul that big black cock out and give it to him?” Jason asked.

“Naw, I would have to shower again and I gotta get going.”


“Don’t sound so fuckin’ anxious for us to leave,” Horse said, laughing.

“Know what I think? I think you two have got the hots for him more than just getting your rocks off. You guys wanta hang back so you can make love to the little stud. That’s it, you’re in love with him, ain’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m in love with him, aren’t you, Casey?” Jason said.


It was dismissed as a joke. Despite the intense pleasure from all of the Marines, Sean wanted it to be just him and Jason and maybe Casey. He would have been happy with just Jason but he figured now that Casey would stick around to lock up.

There was something in Jason’s voice that made Sean wonder if he might really mean what he said. Not being in love, maybe, but having feelings deeper than just getting his cock sucked or getting a piece of male ass. He wished it were just him and Jason so he could find out.

When the three of them were alone, Casey and Jason fucked him for another hour, taking turns at his ass and getting their cocks sucked. It was the first time Jason had experienced male sex and he was insatiable. This was so different from all the rest. They were more gentle, almost loving, wanting to make him enjoy it as much as they did. Maybe they are in love with me, in their own way, Sean thought.

When they were finished they helped Sean to a shower. He was surprised when they all got under the same shower and the two Marines soaped him up and helped him stay on his feet. He doubted they wouldn’t have done that if there had been anyone else around. They helped him back out to the locker room and gave him a towel.

“I gotta tell you, this has been the most incredible thing I ever got into,” Jason said.

“Me, too,” Sean said.

“Are you okay?” Casey asked. “I mean, can you drive home okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay” Sean said. “I think I’m more okay than I’ve ever been in my life.”

“You really liked it, didn’t you, being gang-banged,” Casey said.

Sean didn’t like the way he said it but he admitted it. “Yeah.”

“Enough that you would want to do it again,” Jason asked. “I mean without so many other guys, and not here. It was stupid to do it here in the armory. You could go with us on maneuvers sometime.”

“Yeah, I could go for that,” Sean said, although he didn’t know how he would be allowed to.

When Jason and Sean were waiting outside the armory for Casey to lock the place up, Jason expressed his deeper feelings.

“Look, I was thinking, maybe you would like to get together, just the two of us,” he said. “We’re about the same age, maybe we’ve got more in common than the rest of the guys. Sometimes they like to treat me like a punk kid because I’m younger than any of them. This was the first time I ever did anything like that.”

“It was the first time I ever got fucked,” Sean said.

“Well, I saw you were enjoying the hell out of it, and it got me to wondering what it’d feel like, but I couldn’t do anything with any of the other guys. But you and me could get together and… ”

“Sean Brady, I’m in the book,” Sean said quickly as Casey was coming out.

Again, he drove aimlessly for over an hour after he left the armory. He wasn’t ready to go home and settle back into that little world so soon after exploring the whole new world that he had just discovered. That night he relived the orgy in his mind and fell asleep to dream about it.

He stayed away from the armory for awhile after that. Something about it frightened him. When it soaked in what he had done he realized how explosive a situation he had let himself into. He wondered if the Marines gave any thought to what they had done. By any standards, he had been gang raped. He swelled a little bit inside with the knowledge that he could have a whole platoon of Marines in the stockade if he opened his mouth. He wouldn’t do that, of course. He was a totally willing participant. And he definitely wanted to see Jason again. Maybe even The Horse. He was intrigued by the huge black cock, and challenged.

The gang experience had a profound effect on Sean. It wasn’t shock or denial, or guilt or remorse or any of those things. It was as if there was a window opened up and he could see a whole other world that he never knew existed. He thought about it all the time. His muscles tingled at the thought of being with all those Marine studs. His asshole itched. It opened the window to a new, braver view of his own locker room at school. He saw the other athletes in a whole different light. He pictured the scene with the Marines being played out with his teammates. Not that it could ever happen, but it was a wonderful fantasy.


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