Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 1

Sean felt a sudden surge of pride as he heard his name called over the school’s PA system.

“Sean Brady, you are requested to report to your post immediately! Repeat, Sean Brady, report to your post immediately!”

He closed his history book and stood up, kicking his chair back. He looked at Mr. Brown, the homeroom teacher and got his nod to go. He strode out of the room with a feeling of embarrassed pride as the other students watched him leave. He was the only cadet firefighter in the school.

“I’m going with you,” Cody Hill said as he followed him out of the room.

“Get back in there, you’ll be counted absent,” Sean said.

“I don’t care. Wait up!” Cody Hill called after him as he was going out the door.

Sean was down the stairs and at the door before Cody caught up with him. It was a Catholic high school and he ducked into the chapel, knelt down and crossed himself and said a quick prayer then rushed to the door.

“Wait up!” Cody called after him again.

“I don’t have time to wait!” he said over his shoulder as he took off in a fast trot toward the parking lot. What the hell did he mean, wait up! Shit, didn’t he get it? Cody caught up with him as Sean was opening the truck of his car to get his suit and gear out.

“I’ll help you,” Cody said as he grabbed the heavy drab firefighter’s suit with the bright yellow stripes out of the trunk.

As he was peeling off his shirt, Sean heard the bell sound inside the school. Good, that meant there would be kids watching him from the windows. He fumbled with his belt buckle then practically ripped the buttons of his jeans open. He kicked off his sneakers in the same motion that he took off his jeans.

“Shit, man, you’re stripping down in the parking lot,” Cody said.

“Do you see a changing room anywhere?” Sean said as he hefted his briefs up, but they stretched back down under the weight of his manhood.

“Hell, nobody’s gonna mind,” Cody said, laughing. “Shit half the school is probably watching you right now.”

“Nobody’s gonna see any more than they see in gym class,” Sean said as he pulled on the heavy pants. Cody had his firefighter’s boots set out ready and he held them for Sean to step into them. Then he held his coat for him to slip on. While Sean was zipping and buckling his suit on, Cody got his helmet and gloves out of the trunk then he grabbed Sean’s jeans to get his keys out of his pocket.

“Thanks,” Sean said as he climbed in his car and started it up.

“Call me,” Cody said as his buddy drove off. “Call me, I wanta hear all about I!”

The excitement and pride of being watched as the only cadet firefighter in school quickly gave way to the excitement of actually going to a fire. His mind was already there, thinking what he would do, remembering the training. Of course, if there really was a big fire, he wouldn’t be allowed to actually go into the building but he would work outside, maybe help man the hoses or help people that were rescued and brought out.

Shit! He didn’t know the location! He grabbed his cell phone and punched auto-dial and hit the number.

“This is Cadet Sean Brady, en route,” he said before the operator could speak. “What is the location?”

“Linwood and Radcliff. Near the armory. Do you know it?” the dispatcher replied.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m on my way.”

“Be careful, S… ”

He disconnected before she finished and tossed his phone on the seat.

“Dammit!” he swore, as grabbed the blue light; he’d forgotten that, too. He shoved it out the window and slapped it onto the roof then sped to the location. As he approached Linwood and Radcliff he could see the smoke. It was a real fire! He rounded the corner off Linwood and swerved into a no-parking spot across the street. He was out of his car and several strides away before the door slammed closed.

“Hey, Brady,” Brooks called out to him, “that light on the top of your car… you’re supposed to turn it on when you’re en route.”

“Fuck!” Sean swore under his breath. He hoped Lt. Johnson hadn’t noticed that he hadn’t turned on the light. He ran up to Johnson.

“Cadet Brady reporting, sir,” he said

“Glad you could make it, Brady,” Johnson drawled without looking around from the big hose he was holding. “Next time turn your light on.”

“Yes, sir,” Sean said, his face flushed warm with embarrassment. “Can I take that for you?” Sean asked with a sense of urgency.

“No, just observe and stand by for when you’re needed.”

Sean was hurt and disappointed. He was tired of observing and standing by. Just then Conner stumbled out of a side door of the building, half-dragging Brooks with him. Sean ran to help.

“I didn’t think I would ever say this, Brady, but am I glad to see you,” Conner said. “Help Brooks over to the wagon.”

“What’s going on in there?” Sean asked as he helped the other firefighter over to the ambulance.

An EMT slapped an oxygen mask on Brooks face. Sean turned and ran back to his “observation” post. A couple of minutes later, Conner came out of the building with a middle-aged man who was coughing so hard he was almost gagging.

“I think you better have `em put in another call,” Conner yelled to Johnson

“I’m on it,” Lt. Johnson said calmly. “Well, you’ve got yourself a real live one, Brady.”

“Yes, sir. Is it going to take another unit?”

“Looks that way,” Lt. Johnson said as he walked a few steps away to call in for another unit.

Just then Sean heard someone crying out and looked up to see a woman hanging out a third-floor window waving her arms and crying. Without thinking or hesitation he dashed into the building.

“Third floor, south window,” he said to himself as he ran into the hallway through the thick smoke. He found the stairs, counting them on the way up. His brain seemed to kick into automatic; registering the stairs and the floors without even thinking about it, yeah, just like they trained him. He guessed where the room was and tried the door. It was locked! He stepped back and rushed forward, slamming his shoulder against the door. It gave way, along with part of the frame. Luckily, it was the right room. He ran to the window and grabbed the woman. She was half-fighting him as he picked her up.

“It’s okay. I’m going to get you out of here,” Sean said, using all of his strength to hold the woman in his arms. She suddenly relaxed and he ran with her down the stairs. Again, his brain counted and registered the steps down and the floors and the landings without him thinking about any of it. At last he stumbled through the door into the open air and the woman began wailing.

“My little girl is in there,” she cried.

Sean felt his stomach turn. “Why didn’t you tell me!” he said, as he laid her in the grass near the curb. Shit, why didn’t he ask! He was supposed to ask if there was anybody else in the room and he didn’t do that. Shit, he was fucking up at every turn.


He didn’t know who yelled his name and he didn’t care. He ran back into the building and retraced his route up the stairs and found the door he’d knocked down. “Hey! Little girl! Where are you!” he yelled as he rushed madly from one room to the next. “God, let her be all right,” he prayed, almost crying with fear. “If you can hear me, holler real loud!” He heard a loud whimpering then from a closet. He snatched the door open to see a little girl, about seven, cowering back behind the clothes, as if she could be safe from the fire there. As it happened, she was safer there than anyplace else in the apartment.

He snatched her up and ran out. She didn’t weigh anything and he fairly flew down the stairs with her under one arm. He ran over and gave her to the woman at the curb where the EMTs were already working on her.

“Mr. McCutcheon… he’s an elderly man in apartment 4-B. Do you know if they’ve got him out?” the woman asked, sobbing with happiness as she held her little girl.

Sean looked at the paramedic.

“Nobody’s brought an elderly man over here to us,” the man said.

Sean turned and ran into Lt. Johnson.

“Brady… !”

“There’s an elderly man in 4-B,” he blurted and ran to the building again.

“Brady! Goddamit, Brady!”

Sean left the senior officer swearing as he dashed back into the building. He found Mr. McCutcheon unconscious. He was a small man and he was easy to carry except that the smoke was so bad by now that Sean had to feel his way down the stairs and the hallways. He finally saw the light of the open door. He fairly leapt into the fresh air and stumbled toward the medic.

“I’ve got him,” the medic said as he steadied the man with one arm and slapped an oxygen mask on Brady with the other.

“Lt. Johnson is looking for you, I would run like hell if I were you, the other direction, and hide,” he said.

Brady thought about it as he sucked in the precious air. The medic wasn’t done checking him out and it would have been a stupid thing to do anyway. He would have to face the man eventually. He started to stand up but was brought back down with a terrible pain in his leg and ankle. Shit, when did that happen? He hadn’t felt anything when he was carrying the old man out. The medic knelt down to check him out.

“Stay off of it till we can get you in the wagon,” the medic told him. “Oh, shit, here comes Lt. Johnson,” he added under his breath.

“Goddam it, Brady, what the hell were you thinking!! You know you’re not allowed to go into a Goddam burning building!!” Johnson yelled as he strode up to him.

Brady jerked the oxygen mask off. “It just happened, sir. I just did it, without thinking,” Brady said. “That’s what you trained me to do, isn’t it?” He sucked up the pain as he got up to stand in front of the lieutenant to show more respect, and wondered if he had sounded a little too cocky.

“Not till I tell you to do it,” Johnson barked. “What’s the prognosis?” he asked the medic.

“It’s nothing I can’t walk off,” Brady said.

“I’m asking the medic,” Johnson snapped angrily.

“Yes, sir… but I’ve been injured enough in football to know it’s nothing I can’t walk off.”

“Right, is that what you were trying to do when I saw you limping over here and then trying to get up on you feet just now? I’m talking to the expert,” Johnson growled, nodding to the medic. “And this ain’t football,” he added.

“He’s got a badly sprained ankle and a banged-up knee that he ought to have looked at, and some burns on his neck and face and hands,” the EMT said.

Sean didn’t even know he’d hurt his knee and he didn’t know about the burns till the medic mentioned it. He quickly tried to hide his hands.

“Let’s see `em,” Johnson demanded.

Sean held his hands out, determined to hide the grimace of pain.

“Geezusss, what the fuck am I supposed to do now,” John growled. “The captain is going to have your ass and mine when he finds out about this.”

“Is there any reason he has to know?” Sean asked.

“He’ll see it in the reports, that you required medical attention.”

“Then I won’t get medical attention,” Sean said.

“The hell you won’t!” Johnson bellowed.

“Excuse me, lieutenant.”

They all looked around at the tall, broad-shouldered youth in his mid twenties who had come upon the scene. He was dressed in green camo shorts, black jump boots and an army-green T-shirt.

“I couldn’t help overhearing,” he said. “I’m Corporal Casey. I was at the armory and came over to see if I could help. I’m a certified EMT, Marines. Let me take your man over to the armory and have a look.”

Lt. Johnson wasn’t quick to say no. He was thinking about it and seemed a little relieved that maybe he had a way out.

“I really can’t let you take responsibility for one of my men,” he said.

“I’ll see that he gets any medical attention I can’t render,” the corporal said.

“Let me go with him, sir,” Sean said. “I don’t want to get either one of us in trouble.”

Johnson thought for a moment then nodded. “Okay. But I’m not finished with you, Brady. Well, maybe I am. You can’t follow orders, I can’t have you in my unit.”

“Yes, sir,” Sean said as bravely as he could, but his heart sank at the thought that he might be expelled from the cadets.

Cpl. Casey was helping Sean to his feet. “I’ll see that he reports back to you, lieutenant,” he said.

Sean picked up his firefighter boots and Casey picked up his hat and slapped it on his head. He tried to maneuver as much on his own as he could but he was glad he had the big marine to help keep the weight off his right leg.

“You dam near had your ass deep-sixed back there,” Casey said.

“Thanks for coming to my rescue, but I don’t want to get you in trouble,” Sean said. “If you’ll just help me back to my car… ”

“Hey, I saw your Lt. Johnson’s temper. I don’t want him turning it on me,” Casey said. “I told the man I would take care of you and that’s what’s gonna happen, unless you want to make a dash for your car on your own.” He feigned letting go of him.

“I don’t think I could get far,” Sean admitted.

Cpl. Casey helped him through the heavy doors of the armory and into a small office just inside the door.

“Right in there,” he said, nodding to another door.

The adjoining room was a first-aid station, with a vinyl-covered examining table. Casey helped him up on the table on his back.

“Okay, let’s get you out of this monkey suit,” he said as he began undoing the top. He helped him out of it then started unbuckling the pants.

“What do you need to take my pants off for?” Sean asked.

“The medic said you had a banged-up knee,” Casey said.

Sean let the marine strip him down to his shorts and socks.

“I’ll get something for those burns,” Casey said. He went to a wall cabinet and got some medical supplies. He applied a light ointment on the burns on Sean’s face and neck then squeezed some on his hands and told him to rub it in. “I’m going to give you some of this to take home with you; keep it on day and night for a few days,” he said as he wrapped light bandages around his hands. Then he opened a small bottle and held it up to Sean’s nose. “Take in a deep breath, each nostril.”

“What is it?”

“It’s gonna make it easier for me to examine you,” Casey said. “You’re gonna thank me when I look at that ankle. Don’t take it yet. I have to know where the pain is.”

He barely winced when Casey examined his knee.

“I don’t feel anything broken but I’ll examine it from the other side,” Casey said as he moved down to the foot of the table.

Sean looked down at his ankle, swollen to twice its normal size and turning a funny color. He held his breath.

“YYYAAAHHHHHH!” he yelled when Corporal Casey gripped it. He sucked in some air and cringed as the corporal examined his ankle.

“Okay, take a dose,” Casey told him.

Sean breathed in the acrid aroma in each nostril from the liquid in the bottle and in a matter of seconds he could feel his face getting warm and his head spinning.

“Keep the bottle, take it when you need it,” Casey told him.

“Uhhnnnnn,” Sean groaned as the medic continued to examine his ankle. It seemed to hurt but it was like a pain that he couldn’t feel.

“I don’t feel anything broken here either but we need to wait till the swelling goes down to be sure.” He went to the cabinet again and brought out an ice pack. He broke it open and wrapped around his ankle. “You’re going to have to stay off of it for awhile,” Casey said. “Okay, let’s turn you over on your stomach.” He helped him over on his stomach and examined his knee from the back.

“It feels okay,” Sean said.

“Feels okay to me, too,” said Casey. “Now, anything else banged up or bruised?” he asked as he moved his rough hands up the backs of Sean’s thighs.

“I don’t think so, I didn’t hurt my legs. I know nothing’s bruised that far up,” he said as Casey’s hands pushed up against his butt. But he wasn’t really giving a dam that Casey was continuing his examination, right up his thighs, squeezing his butt.

“That hurt?” Casey asked.

“No. No,” he giggled, “in fact, it feels sort of good.” He heard himself but didn’t believe he was uttering the words. It was the stuff in the bottle, shit, making feel high.

Casey massaged his butt muscles for a moment then moved to the small of his back and on up to his shoulders. Sean winced when he touched his right shoulder.

“What’s that?” Casey asked, moving around to the head of the table.

“I don’t know, I never noticed it hurting till you touched it,” Sean said.

“That’s the reason for a complete exam, to find injuries you don’t know you have,” Casey said. He stood at the head of the table, bent over Sean’s head as he gently felt the thick shoulder muscles. “I think it’s just bruised. You’ve got plenty of muscle on these shoulders for protection. But just to be certain, I want you to move you up on the table so your head and shoulders are over the end of the table.”

Sean pulled himself up on the table, wincing again from the pain in his shoulder.

“Okay, take another whiff of that magic in the bottle; I’m going to examine your shoulder more thoroughly. The way you winced, I think there’s something there.”

Sean breathed in a couple more deep breaths and started spinning off again. Casey stood right at his head as he probed and squeezed his shoulder, the front of his shorts smashed right against his head.

“I want you to raise you head up and turn it slowly from side to side a couple of times, tell me if it hurts,” Casey said.

Casey didn’t back away any when Sean lifted his head up and he found his face smashed right in the front of the guy’s shorts. He turned his head slowly to one side, then to the other side and it seemed like Casey was pushing his crotch harder against this face. He could smell the musk and feel the rubbery lump of his manhood and a funny tremor ran down his spine.

“Okay, one more time, both sides,” Casey said.

Casey’s hand come down to squeeze Sean’s neck then moved to his face. Sean has his eyes closed but he opened them when he felt something warm against his cheek and suddenly found himself face to face with the guy’s bare cock! He had shoved his shorts down under his balls and there was the biggest cock Sean had ever seen, up close and personal.

“I think all that’s needed here is a little massage,” Casey said as he dug his fingers into his shoulder muscles. “Just tell me if it hurts.”

Sean couldn’t tell him anything. He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t find his voice. His brain was amuck, his head still whirling around from whatever was in the bottle and he was having the weirdest feelings… Geezuss, where did the feelings come from! What made this studly marine think he could do this? Sean found himself overtaken by a strange desire that seemed to rise out of his inner being, as if it were breaking free for the first time from the stifling inhibitions that had kept him prisoner for so long. He wondered what Casey would do if he… Aww, shit, where did THAT come from! He never had a thought like that in his life! But he was having them now. He still fought it but he couldn’t help that he liked the feel of the big marine’s manhood smashed in his face and it was getting even bigger and more firm and he thought Casey probably wanted him to…

He was scared of the thoughts whirling around in his head; frightened of his feelings; scared shitless of what he suddenly wanted to do… yeah, do it while he still had the courage from the bottle, before the stuff wore off. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth and the rubbery male flesh filled the opening of his parted lips. He touched it with his tongue and whimpered from a tremor that went through him. Casey shifted his position and Sean adjusted his head and the next thing there was a thick, hot, meaty cock in his mouth!!

“Awwwhhhh,” Casey moaned softly.

“UUhhnnnnnn,” Sean moaned with surprised pleasure. From the moment of the initial touch and taste, he was suddenly consumed with the desire to suck the man’s cock. Never in his wildest, most perverted dreams or fantasies had he thought of such a thing but he went at big marine like a hungry puppy, choking and slobbering and snapping his head back and forth, trying desperately to take all of the big cock in his mouth.

“Hey, you don’t have to swallow it whole the first time,” Casey told him. “Just suck it, nice and slow and easy.”

Sean settled down and let Casey pump his cock back and forth through his lips the way he wanted it. He lifted one good arm and touched the man’s balls. He cupped and hefted them. They were big and heavy.

“Ohh, fuck, have you ever done this before?” Casey asked.

Unable to speak, Sean shook his head.

“Goddam, kid, you’re a natural.”

Sean didn’t know if he should take that as a compliment but he didn’t care. All he cared about was the big, hot cock in his mouth. He sucked it for a while and the stuff began to wear off, and it was like he was sobering up but it still didn’t matter that he was sucking cock with a clear head. He liked it; he wanted to give the big marine pleasure. He wanted to suck his manliness out of him and into himself.

“You don’t have to take my load,” Casey told him as he continued to massage his shoulder and neck.

Sean panicked for a second. It was the first he’d thought about the marine going off. He wished he could have another snort of the good stuff so he wouldn’t care if he shot off in his mouth. He would’ve liked to see what it was like to have a big load shot in his mouth; the feel of it and the taste of it. He had tasted his own come a couple of times by accident and he didn’t particularly like it but he’d always wondered if all come tasted the same.

Casey’s movements were becoming shaky and his legs started to shake. “I’m about to come,” he gasped.

Sean braced himself for whatever would happen. Even with a clear head, he didn’t care if Casey shot off in his mouth. For a moment he thought he just might… he was trembling and his cock was bucking hard and he wasn’t pulling out… at the last second he withdrew his cock, just in time to spurt a heavy load of come all over Sean’s face. He gasped and got some in his mouth and moaned with excitement. He kept his mouth open for a wider target but Casey aimed to the side and finished shooting his load on the lower part of the table and on the floor.

“Goddam!” Casey swore softly as he straightened and stumbled back on shaky legs.

Sean lay there with come on his face and some in his mouth, undecided what to do with it. It didn’t taste like his own and it didn’t taste good or bad; it was the idea of swallowing it that panicked him. Finally, he spit it out in a big glob on the floor.

“Aw, shit, I’m sorry, did I get some in your mouth?” Casey said.

“Yeah, first shot, but it’s okay,” Sean said breathlessly.

Casey got a bottle of something out of the cabinet. “I’ll go back and get something to wipe off your face,” he said. “Meanwhile, you can rinse your mouth out with this. Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s okay,” Sean said. When Casey was gone he shoved himself up as he sat up with his legs over the edge of the table.

Casey walked across the gymnasium floor to the showers and returned with a wet washcloth and a towel. He gave them to Sean then got some paper towels to clean the come off the table and the floor. When Sean struggled to get his clothes back on, Casey helped him.

“You said that was your first time; do you remember?”

“Yeah, I remember. It was my first time.”

“I didn’t know. It all happened so fast,” Casey said.

“Tell me about it,” Sean said. “What the hell is that stuff you gave me?”

Casey rattled off a long medical term then said, “It’s a fancy name for poppers. Although it’s higher powered than poppers you buy on the street. Look, I don’t think we need to tell anybody about any of this. I mean, I don’t think your burns or injuries are anything that needs a doctor, so your record with your lieutenant will be clean.”

“Thanks.” He knew what Casey was saying was that he would keep quiet if Sean did. The guy was probably worried that he was underage. Well, let him think it. When he had his pants on him, Casey helped him on with his boots. Sean winced when he helped him put his jacket on.

“I don’t remember how the hell I hurt my shoulder,” he said.

“Probably knocking down a door or something,” Casey said.

“Oh, yeah, I did take a door down,” Sean said.

“It’s nothing serious. If you want to come back, I’ll be glad to have another look at it massage it for you again. It should be okay in a few days,” Casey said. “And I should have another look at that ankle after the swelling goes down. Or somebody should.”

As Sean took a couple of steps to test his ankle, Casey grabbed a pair of crutches from a corner. “Here, try these. Compliments of the marines.”

“Is a civilian supposed to walk away with a pair of marine crutches?” Sean asked.

“Don’t worry about it. Bring them back when you don’t need them. I can go get your car for you if you want to.”

“No, I can make it,” Sean said. He didn’t go right home and he didn’t go back to school. He drove around in a mind-numbing stupor, thinking about what had happened, wondering how and why it’d happened. He was a hero of sorts at school, with his hands bandaged and on crutches after going to fight a fire. The girls loved that. But what would those same girls think if they knew what he and Cpl. Casey had done. There was a big round of applause when he walked into study hall. He slumped with embarrassment and made it to his seat where he put his head down. He went to boys’ physical education class the next period out on the athletic field where he sat on the bleachers and watched.

It was a revelation, sitting there watching the other guys playing a rough game of football wearing just shorts and T-shirts. He found himself watching the guys, individually, instead of the team and the game. Their powerful thigh muscles bulging and rippling when they moved, and their muscular arms and the solid sound of muscle banging against muscle.

After Phys Ed class Justin Blake came over to help him get on his crutches. He smelled of fresh male sweat and for the first time Sean admitted/realized that he thought it was sexy. Hell, Justin was sexy in his sweaty T-shirt clinging to his hard muscles.

“I gotta tell you, Brady, you’ve got balls the size of grapefruits, doing what you did,” Justin said.

“I didn’t do anything,” Brady said. He couldn’t tell anybody about what he’d done… it had to be kept quiet… so Justin didn’t know anything.

“That’s not what I heard,” Justin said. “You dragged three people out of the burning building.”

“Who told you that?”

“Word gets around fast,” Justin said.

“All I did was help those people when the other guys brought them out,” Sean lied.

“Is that how you got burned and banged up?” Justin asked. “You’ve got balls, Brady.”

“You would’ve done the same thing,” Sean said.

“I don’t know if I could’ve,” Justin said.

“Look, just let it go, huh? I did what I was trained to do, just like everybody else.”

He couldn’t concentrate on anything in school and he was distracted at home. The experience with Corporal Casey haunted him. Not just the worry that it’d happened, but the awful, gnawing desire to go back.

Cody came over to his house and was all questions about Sean’s first experience as a real firefighter.

“Were you scared?” Cody asked.

“There wasn’t time to be scared,” Sean said. “I would have been if I’d stopped to think about what I was doing, but when you see somebody yelling from the window of a burning building, you just react. You would have done the same thing.”

“I don’t think I would’ve had the guts.”

“You would have,” Sean assured him.

“Sean… ”


“Can I try on your gear?”

Sean looked at him and smiled. Cody was treating him like a hero. It was embarrassing, but sort of nice. “Sure,” he said, “Go down and get it out of my car.” Cody lugged it up stairs and Sean helped him on with it. Cody looked at himself in the mirror. “I don’t look as studly in it as you do,” he said.

“It’s not about being studly,” Sean said. “It’s about the training then doing the job, just like anybody else. It’s just work clothes.”

“No, this ain’t like anybody else doing their job. You firefighters have got balls,” Cody said.

“I’m not a firefighter,” Sean said. “I’m a long way from being a firefighter. I may never be one. I’m in trouble, man, for going into that building. I may loose my uniform and my credentials.”

“That’d be a shame to loose the uniform,” Cody said with a grin. “All the girls think you look really studly in it. Especially when you strip down in the parking lot to put it on.”

“Oh, they were watching,” Sean said with a smile.

“It was all everybody was talking about,” Cody said.

“I just wish everybody would stop treating me like a hero. It’s nothing you or anybody else couldn’t do if you decided you wanted to,” Sean told him.

“Well, you’ve got balls.”

“You sound like Justin,” Sean said.

“Hey, if Justin said you’ve got balls, you’ve got `em,” Cody declared. “I just wanta tell you, I admire you a lot. All the guys do; even the ones who are jealous of you.”

“Thanks, man,” Sean said. “That means a lot.”

“And the girls… well, we don’t even have to go there,” Cody said.

“No, go ahead, go there. What’re you hearing the girls say?” Sean asked.

“Aw, hell, you know what the girls are saying, Sean. They all want to sleep with you.”

“Don’t I wish that was something besides in my dreams,” Sean scoffed.

“Did you ever think what would happen if you walked into the girls locker room?” Cody asked.

“Yeah, I would get my ass tossed out of school,” Sean said.

“You would be gang-banged,” Cody said. “Those girls would fuck your eyeballs out.”       “You arrange it, I’ll deliver,” Sean said, laughing. He wondered if his friend would think he was so studly if he knew what he’d done with the marine. Sean didn’t feel any less a stud, but he didn’t think Cody would agree with that.


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