by David Heulfryn


Mum woke us up early as she wanted us to make a start on sorting, clearing and packing our stuff. After breakfast, we were sent back to our room to sort things and put them in two piles. What we wanted to keep and what we wanted to get rid of.

Finn and I spent the next hour in our room, and I had the dubious pleasure of continually watching him sort through his stuff while he was naked. Finn had lots of books, so he sorted the ones that were now too young for him. The worst part was when Finn bent over. He spread his legs, and his arse was exposed. I saw his tight hole exposed and his cock and balls dangling between his legs. It was not a pretty sight, and I had to look away.

“Max! Look what I’ve found.” I could see a small, plain red book in his hand. He held it so I could see it.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe we still have it. I used to love that book when I was a kid. I must have read it a million times.”

“And then Dad gave it to me when you were too old for it. And you used to sit down with me and read it with me. I can’t believe I forgot. Come on, Max, let’s do it again.”

Finn came over to me. I was sitting on the floor, my back leaning against my bed.

“Come on, Max. Spread your legs so I can get between them.”

I smiled. If James had said that to me, I knew we’d be in for some fun.

Finn sat between my legs and leaned against me. He held the book in front of him. He read the title, “The Story of Ferdinand.”

“You know, Min. This book used to be Dad’s. And I think it was Grandad’s too.” The book showed its age. I wondered how long it would last as the hardcover was loose, hanging by the fabric binding. Finn treated the book carefully, ensuring he didn’t do any further damage. I looked over his shoulder, our heads gently touching.

Finn opened the book and turned to the first page showing the copyright information. Then we got to the first picture of a bull in a pasture and some simple words underneath. “Let’s do it like we used to,” Finn said. “1, 2, 3.”

In unison, we read the first lines, “There was a little bull, and his name was Ferdinand.”

It was a short book meant for early readers, and we finished it in about five minutes.

We both sighed as Finn closed the book. I wrapped my arms around Finn and hugged him. “I’d totally forgotten we used to do this. We must have looked so cute.”

“I bet we still do,” Finn smiled.

“We have to keep it,” I told him.

“Totally.” Finn agreed. “Whoever has a kid first can pass it down to them.”

“You’re thirteen years old, Min. And you’re thinking about having kids.” I chuckled.

“Well, don’t you? I’m not exactly thinking of having kids soon, but someday, it would be nice. Don’t you think?”

“I suppose it would be nice one day,” I told Finn.

Neither of us heard the knock at the door or Mum talking to someone. It was a pleasant surprise to see James standing by our bedroom door.

“That looks so cute.” James took out his phone and took a picture, “Don’t worry, Finn, you can’t see anything.”

Finn jumped up and asked to take a look. “Please send it to me. I love it.” He took the phone from James’ hands and held it to me. We did look cute, and I pictured us when we were five and six in a similar photo. I knew one existed. I would have to scour through the pile of photographs Mum kept to try and find it.

“Getting ready for the big move?” James said.

I stood up and kissed him.

“Ergh!” Finn pretended to wretch. “Get a room.” He grinned.

I grinned back, “We’ve got one. Get out!” I laughed.

James stayed to help us clear our room. To be honest, he was more of a hindrance as virtually everything came with a story of how we got it or a memory it triggered. But we got the books and board games sorted. Finn went on to go through his clothes.

I’d noticed he had grown a little in recent months, and he made a pile of clothes he was too small for. It was a large pile, and I suspected he just wanted some new clothes, surprising for someone who preferred to be naked. Mum poked her head into our room and saw the pile. She then went through it and sorted some clothes she thought he could still fit in. She made him put them on and reluctantly agreed they were too small.

I noticed his pyjamas, “They aren’t small. Why are you getting rid of them?” I asked.

“Because I don’t intend to wear pyjamas ever again.” Finn grinned.

“What about if you have friends over, Rick, for instance, or you stay with him. Or go away with school on some overnight trip.”

“I still intend to sleep naked.”

James and I looked at each other, “He really is hardcore, isn’t he, Max?” James smiled.

“Just look at the little brat. I hardly ever see him in clothes anymore.”

“And you love it,” Finn said and wiggled his hips, flapping his cock at us.

James and I tutted and carried on sorting my stuff. I had gotten around to sorting my wardrobe and chucked the clothes onto the floor I didn’t want to keep. James noticed a plain maroon t-shirt on the pile and picked it up.

“Why are you getting rid of this?” He asked.

“It’s old and got a few holes in,” I told him.

“Can I have it?” James asked and sniffed the garment. It was clean and would have smelt of the washing powder Mum bought.

“Why? It’s old and holey.”

“It was the t-shirt you wore when we first kissed.”

I went and kissed him again. I then smelt the T-shirt. “It smells of washing powder.”

“I know,” James said, “all your clothes do. The smell reminds me of you.” We kissed again.

We heard Finn laughing. “I know what to get James for a present. A big box of Persil, and he’ll never miss you again.” He said to me.

James neatly folded the maroon t-shirt and held it close to his chest, “You’re just jealous.”

“I know.” Finn smiled at us.

Dad came up for the boxes of stuff we didn’t want. Mum needed to split the things between what was going to the Charity Shop and what was only good for the bin. Dad commented how little had been done since James had arrived. He was right. Dad suggested we take a break so James and I could spend time together. Dad asked Finn to help him with the stuff, and he complained that he’d have to put some clothes on. But after a glance from me, he agreed, and James and I were alone.

We knew Mum was downstairs, but Dad and Finn had gone. James and I sat on my bed, and we kissed. We kissed hard, falling to the side so we lay down, our lips still connected. I felt James’ crotch through his jeans. He felt mine. We were both hard.

I gasped for air as we broke apart. I didn’t want to go any further, not with Mum downstairs. We lay on my bed, holding each other.

“This feels nice.” James sighed, “I’ve missed you.”

“We only saw each other a few days ago.” I smiled.

“I know. But I feel like something is missing when I’m not with you.” He kissed my nose.

“You seem a lot more relaxed. Are you okay with what we did? Because you know nothing will happen to you.”

“I know, Max. I was just being silly. My Dad had seen us getting closer, and he scared the shit out of me.”

“How?” I asked.

“He gave me a talk about underage sex. Mum said she’d lost a tub of Vaseline, and Dad assumed I’d been using it for… well, you know. I lied and said we weren’t ready for that yet. It was horrible, Max. I don’t want to have to lie about us. What we did was beautiful.” James held me tight.

“Do you want to do it again?” I asked. I did, and I couldn’t believe I was suggesting it.

“Yes, but I don’t know when we’ll be alone to try.”

“We just need to be patient. In the meantime, I’ll buy the Vaseline so none of your Mum’s goes missing again.”

“Thanks, Max.” He kissed my forehead. “I hope it’s soon.”

“So do I.” I sighed.


Finn burst into the room, and I was jolted awake. I didn’t realise that James and I had fallen asleep. James groaned as he woke. We both looked at Finn, who was busy taking his clothes off.

“That’s better.” Now that he was naked, Finn said, “Now, what were you two doing?” Finn grinned at us.

“We must have fallen asleep.” I croaked.

“Yes, but what were you doing before you fell asleep?” Finn kept grinning at us.

“We were just cuddling,” James said innocently.

“Is that a new word for it?” Finn laughed.

“I’ll show you what we were doing.” James started to cuddle me.

“You two have the most boring sex life of any couple I know.” Finn laughed, “You kiss and cuddle. I swear I’ve done more with Max myself.”

“But James and I have different cuddles.” I smiled.

James got to his feet. “I should go. I said I wouldn’t be long, and I’m sure they’ll be wondering where I am. I’ll just say I’ve been helping you pack.”

“And that’ll be the truth.” I kissed him.

“I can see what both of you are packing.” Finn pointed to our crotched and started to giggle.

“And we can see what you’re packing.” James looked at Finn’s naked crotch.

“And it keeps getting bigger.” Finn wiggled his cock in front of us.

James turned to me, ignoring Finn teasing us with his cock. He held me and hugged me. “Will I see you tomorrow?” He asked.

“I’ll be round after school.” I sighed as I spoke, “I wish we could spend a whole day together again.”

Finn interrupted, “Why don’t you spend next Saturday together. Mum and Dad are taking us to see Granny and Gramps. You could stay home.”

“But they’ll insist I come,” I argued.

“You are too honest, Max.” Finn looked like he had a scheme in mind. “Start by telling Mum and Dad how disappointed you won’t be seeing James as his parents are taking him somewhere.” Finn looked at James, “Where would they take you.”

James considered a moment, “How about a College induction day. They’ll know I’m going to college next year, so just say I’m looking around. They won’t know it isn’t the induction day.”

“Good idea,” Finn beamed, “Then you, Max,” He looked at me, “Make something up about why you can’t go and see Granny and Gramps.”

“Like what?” I couldn’t think of anything.

“Bloody hell, Max. Do I have to think of everything?” Finn raised his head and rolled his eyes in despair. “Fake an illness, stomach ache, the shits. Or tell them you must research an important essay that is part of your coursework. Say how disappointed you are and tell them to send your love to Granny and Gramps.”

“Thanks, Finn,” I said.

“I swear, without me, you guys would never touch each other’s cocks.”

I was glad that Finn didn’t let on that he knew James and I had had sex. I don’t think James would be happy that he knew. Next Saturday, James and I would be alone for most of the day. It would be all thanks to Finn.


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