New Beds
by David Heulfryn


Max and I lay in our new beds. He’d kept the light on when he got into bed so we could see each other. Max was sitting up trying to read a book for his English lessons, and I was lying on my back looking at the ceiling.

“These are much better than our old ones?” I told Max.

Mum wanted to change everything. New bed, new mattress, new duvet and new bedclothes. But it was the same naked teenage boys’ bodies under the covers.

“It feels so much nicer, the mattress is firm, and the duvet feels warmer.” I rubbed the duvet under my chin, “and these bedclothes are so crisp. Mum has really spoilt us.”

“I suppose she wanted to do something nice for us,” Max said. “After everything, you know. Me coming out and Dad being made redundant.”

“Well, I’m glad. It’s nice and snuggly. It’s going to make up for you not being in with me.” I grinned, I felt so warm, and everything felt and smelt fresh.

“About that, Min. Are you okay with what happened last night? It hasn’t weirded you out?

“I still had sticky buns in the morning.” I giggled at my little joke. I looked over at Max, and I could tell he was stifling a smile.

“I’m sorry about it. I didn’t mean for it to happen; you know it wasn’t because of you. You know it was because I was thinking of James. I was surprised you didn’t want to clean up, though.”

“I liked that you trusted me enough to let yourself go. I know it wasn’t about me, but when I felt you between my buttocks, I just wanted to keep you there. It felt right, somehow. Like we were as close as we could be without being lovers. It feels strange now with you in your own bed, but I suppose it’s for the best.”

“Well, I felt bad about it today. I shouldn’t have let it go that far, but to be honest, I’ve not been relieving myself as much as usual because we were sharing a bed. I suppose I just got so aroused I couldn’t control myself.”

I laughed, “You mean you’ve not been wanking as often as normal.”

“To put it crudely, Min. Yes.”

“But you could have used the bathroom.”

“I know, but it’s not the same as lying on a comfortable bed and really enjoying yourself. When I do it in the bathroom or in the shower, it’s just to blow my load and empty my balls. I don’t get chance to leisurely stroke myself; think of James and how we touch each other.”

“Steady on, Max. You don’t want another accident, especially in your brand-new bedclothes.”

“No chance of that,” Max sniggered, “not after what I did to James this afternoon.”

I bolted upright and stared attentively at Max, “What did you do?”

Max suddenly went coy, “You know when we talked about blow jobs.”

My jaw dropped, “You didn’t?”

Max blushed and nodded his head.

“How was it?” I asked excitedly and watched as a wide grin grew on his face.

“It was fucking fantastic, Min. It was the first time we were alone in his house, we knew his parents wouldn’t be back for hours, and his little brother was at a sleepover with some of his mates. James was surprised when I stripped him naked and got on my knees. I’ve read stories where they say they worshipped his cock, but I truly did. I held it in my hands and gently licked him, pulled back his foreskin and smelt the musk from his cock head. It wasn’t dirty or stinky, just musky, like how men smell. I sucked on his knob. At first, all I could taste was my spit, then it changed, and I could taste his precum. It tasted so good, and I felt the urge to take him deeper.”

I listened intently. My cock grew instantly hard, but I didn’t touch it. I felt it twitch and tingle. I was in a trance listening to how Max gave his first blow job.

“I couldn’t take it all,” Max continued, “but I took more than half. James just stood with his eyes closed and his hands on my head. He gently stroked my hair. He wasn’t trying to force his cock deeper inside my mouth. It felt so good, Min. I just kept sucking and licking. He tasted so good. I held his balls. They felt so heavy. We’ve never really been able to touch each other like this before. I’ve felt his balls before, but only when he was in his jeans or shorts. I’ve never felt them while they were free and hanging down. He gasped when I touched them and liked it when I played with them, running my fingers over them, squeezing them gently. I’d never really thought about it before, but his balls tightened and slipped from my fingers when he came. I heard James tell me he was going to cum.”

“What did you do?” My eyes were wide.

“Well, it wasn’t planned. I didn’t know what I would do. I imagined I would give him a blow job, then perhaps we’d lie on his bed and wank each other off, but I didn’t want to stop. I knew he was going to cum, and his cock was still in my mouth. I didn’t care if he came in me.”

“So did he.” If I were a dog, I’d pant in anticipation of a treat.

Max grinned at me, “he did.” We kept looking at each other, “and I swallowed.”

“Oh, shit!” I dashed out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I didn’t bother shutting the door. I just grabbed my little prick and frantically stroked. In five seconds, my watery cum was splashed on the floor tiles. I screwed up some toilet paper and wiped up my mess. My cock was still hard, and I retracted my foreskin to blot the end with toilet paper. My cock was so sensitive it was almost painful when I touched it. I shuddered when I rolled my foreskin back over the head of my cock. Then I noticed that it didn’t seem to hang as long over the end of my cock. I think I’d grown and made a mental note to measure myself the next time I got the chance.

Max laughed when I returned. “Sorry to get you so worked up, Min.”

“Fuck, Max,” I swore. I hardly ever cursed, but I needed to. “I’m surprised you didn’t need to.” I turned off the light and slipped back under my crisp new duvet.

“James and I had a busy afternoon. He made me cum four times before his parents came home. I think my balls are drained.”

“You lucky bastard. How many times did you make him cum?” I asked.

“Five,” Max said sheepishly.

“And how many did you swallow?”

I could hear Max breathing, and then he said, “Two.”

“What does it taste like?” I asked.

Max considered the question, “I can’t really say.” He thought a moment, “I can’t actually remember. I just remember it was good, not disgusting or anything like that. My head was just so, I don’t know, in a different space. It was like reality ceased to exist, and we had created our own reality. I know it sounds stupid.”

“Well, I can’t pretend to understand, but I’m happy for you. It sounds like you had a great afternoon.”

“We did.” Max sighed, “I don’t know when we’ll get to be alone like that again. But I hope it’s soon.”

“You’re not tempted to go further?” I asked. We both knew what I meant.

“Not yet. Definitely not yet. I keep thinking James is too big and how it might hurt.”

“You’ve not said how big he is?” I asked.

“Don’t be cheeky, Min.” Max laughed, “you won’t catch me out and trick me into telling you how big his cock is. Why are you so interested anyway?”

I giggled, “I’m just curious. I’m curious about all boy’s cocks.”

“Size doesn’t matter, Min.”

“I know. Mine’s small but a lot of fun,” I kept giggling.

“Any news about Dad?” Max changed the subject.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dad’s cock.” I continued to giggle.

“Don’t be an arse. You know what I mean.” Max huffed, “I’m not talking about cocks anymore.”

“How would I know about Dad?”

“You’ve seen him more than I have. I wondered if they’d said anything?” Max said.

“You’ve been too busy sucking off James and drinking his cum. You should really spend a few evenings a week with us. You never spend much time with them anymore. I’m not allowed out as late as you, and they sometimes talk about you, wondering how you are. I just tell them that you’re fine.”

“Oh,” Max said, “I suppose I have been with James a lot.”

“Every evening, almost.” I clarified. “And more than you ever were with your girlfriend. You only saw her a couple of times a week; with James, it’s every day if you can get away with it.”

“You don’t understand, Min. I’ve never felt like this before. I would spend every minute of every day with James if I could. But I get what you mean. I’ll come home early tomorrow so I can spend some time with you, Mum, and Dad.”

“Thanks, Max. I think they’d appreciate it. Mum is getting more physical with me. She keeps rubbing my head, giving me a quick hug. She thinks she’s losing you, so she’s holding on to me more. Dad is just Dad.”

“Have they said anything about his job?” Max asked.

“Only that he’s had several interviews this last week, and one was a second interview. I think he’s quite optimistic. That’s why he’s been in a good mood these last few days.”

“I am glad,” Max said, and I agreed with him.

“I also told my best mate that I thought I was gay after school yesterday.” I waited, expecting Max to tell me how stupid I’d been.

“How’d it go?” He said flatly.

“He jumped up and down laughing and shouting, ‘I knew it’, and then gave me a quick hug.”

“Now who’s the lucky bastard?” Max chuckled.

“He’s the only one I’ve told, but you know what a big mouth he’s got. I expect everyone to know when I get to school on Monday morning. But I don’t care.”

“Well, it’s nice to know that you take my advice seriously,” Max said sarcastically.

“I know, but I couldn’t help it. I just blurted it out.”

“Well, all I can say is that Monday will be very interesting when we both show up at school. What about Mum and Dad? Are you going to tell them?”

“Tomorrow morning. I was going to tell them today, but I wanted to let you know first. Little did I know that you’d be spending the day getting your rocks off with James, literally all day.”

“Cheeky bastard!” Max laughed. “It was worth it, though. So any news of a boyfriend, Min?”

“Not yet, but I have this massive crush on a new boy at my gymnastics club. He’s a year older than me and is as cute as hell. I have to admit that I got hard when I saw him, but thankfully it didn’t show as I was wearing my jockstrap.”

“Is he gay?” Max asked.

“No idea. I was so nervous I never spoke to him during his first session. I hope he doesn’t think I don’t like him.”

“Just take some time to talk to him next time.”

“Max,” I sighed, “He’s gorgeous. I don’t think he’s as tall as you, but he does have your build. He specialises in the strength disciplines, while I specialise in the tumbling. He’s ginger.” I blushed, although Max couldn’t see me blush in the dark, “I don’t mean just a redhead. He’s very red. Bright red. It’s gorgeous. His hair looks so shiny and bright. I’m obsessed with it. It’s so damn sexy. And you can see the veins over his arm muscles so clearly. He’s very strong.”

“It sounds like you had a good look at him.”

“I wish I did. He didn’t get changed with us. He just left in his gym clothes.” I thought for a moment, “Next week, I’m going to make an effort to speak to him.”

“Good idea, Min. Get to know him. You may find him physically attractive, but you might not actually like him.”

“I’m sure he’s nice. I heard him laughing. He’s got this cracking in his laugh like his voice is still breaking. It’s so cute. And his eyes are so blue.” I swooned.

“Bloody hell, Min. It seems you’ve got it bad. Good luck with him.”

“Thanks, Max. I love you.” I turned over, the red-headed boy still on my mind. I wanted to drift asleep thinking of him.

“I love you, Min.”


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  1. Good to read both boys are getting more comfortable with eachother. Now they just tell what happend that day without thinking about it. Thinking íf or when they will tell.
    Funny you mentioned the object of Mins desire is a ginger. I love how he describes him.

    You writing about that, it made me think back about a ginger I knew. Many years ago I was diagnosed with a Burn-Out. And one way to battle that is by doing physical exercises. So twice a week – under guidance of a therapist – I had two hours of sports and a shower afterwards. One of the other guys was a 24 year old ginger. And I recognize much of how Min said his friend looked like.
    This guy had a milky white skin, freckles (Min didn’t mention those!), ginger hair including his armpits and pubes. One thing I clearly remember how red the part of his knob, that peeked out his foreskin, was. He was/is totally straight so nothing happend. But he was the first (adult) ginger I saw naked.

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