Going Too Far
by David Heulfryn


It was a question that made my brother choke on his tongue.

“Max, do you masturbate?” I asked him.

The night before, I’d asked him about puberty. Tonight I wanted to make him squirm again, as he was always very embarrassed talking about sex and nudity. In fact, anything about naked bodies, genitals and sexual pleasure made him uncomfortable.

Max and I lived separate lives. He knew little about what I knew and thought me naïve, a misconception I was happy to encourage so that I could have a little fun. The night I’d watched him wanking, I knew I wanted to carry on my nightly teasing.

Max had stopped choking on my question but was silent.

“Max? Did you hear me? I only want to know if you masturbate?”

“Why do you want to know? It’s private.”

“Everyone’s talking about it at school, but I don’t know what it is. I’m afraid that if I ask them, they will make fun of me.”

“Haven’t they taught you anything at school?”

“Of course, they did. I know what goes where and what comes out. But they never mentioned masturbation. My mates keep boasting about it. Doing it up to five times a day. The only thing I know they do up to five times a day is peeing. Is that what it is, another name for pissing? It would make sense when they talk about how far they shoot and how much comes out.” I couldn’t help but smile as I spoke. Thankfully the curtains were closed, and he couldn’t really see my face as we lay in our beds after being sent to bed by our parents.

“Fucking hell!” Max swore. He never swore in front of our parents but would often swear when speaking to me. “I really suggest you talk to Dad.”

“It’s not pissing, then? It can’t be if you won’t tell me.”

“Just ask Dad.” Max was adamant.

“Would you? I know it’s something sexy by the way you’re avoiding my question. What’s the point in having a big brother if you won’t tell me anything. School and Dad would just say what’s in the books, but that is obviously not the full story. None of the books I’ve read about the facts of life mentions anything about masturbation. Why won’t you tell me?” I let my voice crack like I was holding make tears. “You hate me, don’t you?” I snivelled.

Max told me to stop snivelling and that he didn’t hate me.

“So, Max, Do you masturbate?” I asked again.

I heard Max sigh. The dark room must have given him courage, as I know he would never talk to me like this in the daytime.

“Yes,” Max said quietly.

“Oh.” I teased. “I didn’t think you were old enough.”

“Fuck off, Min.”

“So what is it then?” I asked. “What is masturbation.”

“Really, Min. Can’t you just ask Dad or someone at school?”

“So you want me to go to Dad and say that you masturbate but won’t tell me what it is.”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Max sounded scared that Mum and Dad would know he wanked.

“Well, tell me. Or I’ll tell Dad that you masturbate at school.”

“You wouldn’t fucking dare?”

“Look, Max. I just want to know what it is. That’s all. Just tell me, and I’ll shut up.”

I heard Max take in some deep breaths, generating the courage to explain to me. When he did speak, he spoke very quietly. I could barely hear, so I asked him to speak up. I could tell he was embarrassed by how he spoke and explained that masturbation is when you rub your cock up and down; it gets hard and feels good. If you do it long enough, you’ll cum. I asked what he meant. I knew he would prefer not to say, but he’d started, so I thought he’d best carry on.

“Cum,” Max sighed, “is semen, the whiteish fluid that comes out of your cock. And if you are fucking a girl and cum inside her, then she can get pregnant. Unless you squirt into a condom, or she’s on the pill.”

“So, cum is semen and cumming is like pissing out your semen into a woman.”

“Or into a condom, or into the air if your cock isn’t inside a woman.”

“And that feels good?” I asked.

“Yes. If it wasn’t enjoyable, guys wouldn’t wank or fuck.”

“What’s wanking?” I grinned and stifled a laugh.

“Oh, fuck, Min. Wanking is masturbation. It’s slang.”

“And you wank?” I asked Max.

“Yes, as I said before.”

“So when do you do it? How often? My best mate says he does it five times a day. Do you? I’ve never seen you do it.” I lied.

“Look, Min. I’ve explained what it is, even how to fucking do it. I’m not telling you anything else. It’s private, and we shouldn’t be talking about it.” He didn’t want to carry on the conversation. “I’m tired. I want to go to sleep.”

“Have you masturbated today?” I asked.

“No!” Max snapped at me. I doubted it was true.

“Do you want to? I don’t mind. I might learn something.”

“Go to sleep, Min. I’m not going to have a wank. Talking to you would kill any guy’s boner.”

“What’s a boner?” I teased.

“Fuck off, Min. I know you know what a boner is, so stop playing dumb. Now go to sleep.”

“Just another thing,” I said and heard Max let out a loud sigh. “Should I be masturbating? I mean, how old were you when you started?”

“I don’t know, two years ago.”

“So you were my age. I think I should really start. I have a few hairs, you know. Do you want to see?”

“No!” Max was emphatic. “Look, Min. You’ll start when you’re ready. There’s no fixed age. It depends on your development and how you feel. You can start at any age.” Max turned serious. “Don’t feel you have to do anything if you’re not ready. Your mates are lying about how much they do it. No one their age could do it five times a day, and they can’t cum loads, little dribbles at best. I don’t want you trying to keep up with those twats. You’ll know when you want to start and keep it private. People don’t want to hear about it. It’s about discovering your body and what makes you feel good. What I enjoy doing, you may not like, and vice versa.”



“I haven’t done it yet.” I became serious. “I’m intrigued, but don’t think I’m ready. I don’t feel sexy yet. I think I’m too young. I’m too busy with my gymnastics and swimming at the moment. I don’t really think about sex. It’s funny, but I can’t talk to anyone else about this. I feel embarrassed, but it’s different talking to you, Max. I feel safe talking to you. You never make me feel stupid.”

“Thanks, Min. It can be embarrassing sometimes. As I’m sure you know, I get very embarrassed when talking about sex and stuff.”

“I do appreciate you telling me this stuff. There’s no one else I’d trust.”

“That’s alright. Night, Min.”

“Night, Max.”


I woke up with a boner. This was not new, but I tended to wait until it had gone down before getting up. But today, I felt naughty again and jumped out of bed.

“Max!” I ran over to his bed and started shaking him awake. “Max! I’ve got a boner! Check it out!”

I wiggled my hips and let my boner sway inside my loose pyjama trousers.

“This is ace!”

Max rubbed his eyes and groaned. “You are such a fucking child.”

“Do you have one?” I said excitedly and started to pull at Max’s duvet.

“Stop it!” Max grabbed his duvet, and we started a tug-of-war.

“I bet you do. Let me see!” I tugged harder. Surprised at my strength, I pulled Max off his bed, and he landed on the floor with a loud thump.

“Stop it, Min.” Max pleaded, but he was losing his grip, and I pulled his duvet from him. He lay bare-chested on the floor, his pyjama trousers halfway down his arse as they slipped down in the struggle.

“I can see your bottie.” I teased and jumped on his back, almost sitting on his head.

I started to slap his bare backside and watched as his fleshy cheeks jiggled.

“Get off, Min. This isn’t funny.”

I knew Max could easily throw me off, but that would mean exposing his cock. Instead, he squirmed, trying to pull up his pyjama trousers, but I was in the way. I carried on slapping his arse, giggling like a toddler.

Then our bedroom door flew open, making me jump, and our dad burst into the room.

“What on earth is going on in here?” His voice boomed. “Finn, get off your brother and let him get up. Max, pull up your pyjamas and make yourself decent. You are not little boys anymore, so stop acting like little kids.”

“Sorry, Dad.” I tried to sound suitably contrite.

“Now get ready for school!” Dad huffed and left, slamming the door behind him.

My boner had gone, but I grinned down at my half-naked brother. “I bet you still have a boner,” I whispered.

“Fuck off, Min.” Max pulled up his pyjamas and clambered to his feet. He kept his hands in front of his crotch, hiding the lump that was obviously protruding.

“You do!” I laughed. “You enjoyed that!”

“Fuck off!” Max looked upset. I think I’d gone too far.

“Sorry, Max. I was only playing. I didn’t mean to upset you. I thought you were laughing.”

Max sat on his bed. Now sitting, his erection was hidden. I sat next to him. I wanted to put my arm around him, but we didn’t tend to hug or show emotion to each other as brothers. That’s why I was surprised Max looked visibly upset. Usually, he would punch my arm and tell me to piss off whenever I upset him. I leant over so our shoulders were touching. I turned my head and looked at him. I smiled.

Max turned and smiled back.

“You really do have a cute arse.” I smiled. “I think it’s your best part. Of what I’ve seen so far.” I winked at him, which caused him to chuckle. “I bet your girlfriend loves it.”

“She does.” Max laughed. “She’s always squeezing it.”

“I’ll tell you what, Max. I’ll let you get your own back tonight, and I’ll let you spank my bottie. In fact,” I jumped up and stood in front of him. In one swift move, I pulled my pyjama trousers down. “You can have a peak now to see what you’ll be getting later.”

I bent down and grabbed my ankles.

“Eugh!” Max squirmed. “I can see your arsehole and your tiny marble balls and little matchstick dangling down.” He slammed me on my arse. “What do you think you’re doing. That’s disgusting.”

I straightened up and pulled up my pyjama trousers.

I pouted at Max, “You sure know how to make me feel bad.” I pretended to blub, and I saw the expression on my brother’s face. He really felt that he’d upset me.

A wide grin spread across my face. “You are so easy, Max!” I laughed and lightly punched his shoulder.

“I know you’d enjoy it, but I’m not going to spank you tonight, you perv.”

“The offer is always open if you change your mind.” I grinned. “I’m getting some brekkie. I’ll leave you to get dressed and do what you need to do.” I winked at him and dashed downstairs to feed my face with some sugary cereal.


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  1. This line is just ff-ing brilliant:
    “So you want me to go to Dad and say that you masturbate but won’t tell me what it is.”

    Thanks for the update David. Hope there is more to come.

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