Going Back
by David Heulfryn


I drifted awake with James’ hard cock pressing against my arse and an empty space in front of me. Sometime during the night, Finn got out of bed and slipped in with Dad. I looked across at their bed and saw Dad spooning Finn and heard his gentle snoring. When I looked at Finn, I noticed his eyes were open. He was awake and smiling at me.

Finn slipped from Dad’s bed, and I saw that his cock was hard. He slipped back into my bed and wiggled until my hard cock was against his arse.

“Dad’s got an erection,” Finn whispered. Well, it looked like all four of us had morning wood. “It felt bigger than yours.”

“I’m not surprised.” I snuggled against him, “I still have more growing to do. I’m sure you expect your hard four inches to grow more.”

“Definitely. I expect it to grow to be at least 8 inches.” He giggled.

“You wish.”

Behind me, James stirred. “Are you two talking about hard cocks?” He whispered in my ear.

“Min’s obsessed with cock, James.”

“Am not!” Finn protested, and we heard Dad’s snoring falter.

“Shh!” I tapped him on the shoulder. But it was too late. Dad was waking up.

Dad fidgeted and got out of bed. I watched as he went into the bathroom. I’d never seen Dad’s cock hard. To my fifteen-year-old eyes, it looked massive.

Finn gasped when the bathroom door was closed. “That’s massive,” Finn said.

“Fucking hell, I never thought I’d see that,” James said in my ear. “I’ve never seen my dad naked, never mind with an erection.”

“Welcome to Cockaigne,” Finn giggled.

We heard the toilet flush and went quiet, expecting Dad to return. But he didn’t. We then heard the shower.

“So, what do you guys normally do when you wake up with a hard-on?” James asked.

“If it’s a school day… Nothing.” I said.

“And if it’s a weekend… Nothing.” Finn giggled.

“I sometimes go into the bathroom and deal with it,” I admitted.

“I don’t fancy getting out of bed and showing my hard-on to your Dad.” James said, “I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.”

I can’t believe it, but we ended up lying on our backs wanking. Finn was frustrated wanking under the bedclothes, so he kicked them off and exposed us. James then reached over and grabbed my cock, and stroked me. I did the same to him. We ignored Finn, who was busy with his own hand. But I loved the feeling of James’ thick cock in my fingers, sensing the wetness that dribbled down his shaft.

James came first. His cum flew up his body. As his cock throbbed, I watched as the remnants dribbled down my fingers. Watching James cum sent me off, and I came. James smeared my cum up and down my chest. I was definitely going to need a shower. I was barely aware when Finn came, but he was definitely last.

We didn’t hear the shower stop. Dad opened the bathroom door and laughed as he saw three teenage boys covered in cum and nursing their spent soft cocks. James went bright red, embarrassed at getting caught. I was mildly embarrassed, but Finn giggled.

“You boys better get in that shower.” Dad smiled, “It stinks of cum in here.”

Finn ran into the bathroom, and James avoided Dad’s eyes as he slinked in. I smiled at Dad, and he grabbed my arm to stop me, “I’m glad James is getting used to us.” Dad said.

He let me go of me, and I shut the bathroom door.

Finn was already in the shower, trying to get James to join him. He was reluctant until I dragged him along with me. The three of us showered together.

As we dried ourselves, I told James that Dad and Finn would go to breakfast naked. I told him I also went naked the last time we were here. I said it felt natural. I asked him if he wanted to try. He wasn’t sure. I said that if he did, then we would all be naked. If he didn’t, I would wear clothes to make him more comfortable.

James waited until the last moment to make his decision. I was so proud of him when he said he would go naked. I hugged him and kissed him in front of Finn and Dad.

He was naturally nervous as we walked downstairs to the breakfast room. I held his hand, but he held back and hid behind me. It was a turnaround from James encouraging me. It was now me encouraging James to do something different.

Henry greeted us as we entered.

“Welcome back Owen.” He smiled, “Is this beautiful boy another son?” Henry asked, which caused James to Blush.

“No, this is my eldest’s boyfriend, James. He’ll be a constant visitor when we move here. At least Max hopes he will be.”

“Welcome to Cockaigne, James.” Henry held out his hand for a welcoming handshake. Then Henry looked back at Dad.” I saw you had booked in again. I’m sorry I wasn’t here to check you in.”

“No problem, your assistant Carlos booked us in. Although I think we disturbed him. He came out of the back office with an erection, and it was wet.”

Henry laughed. “As long as it doesn’t get in the way of his work.”

“Certainly not. He was very helpful. Although this one didn’t know where to look.” Dad gestured to James.

Henry seated us and said he would bring over a pot of tea. I sat next to James, Finn opposite me, and beside Dad.

A youngish couple was at the breakfast buffet, so I suggested we wait. Next to me, James was jiggling, nervous at looking at the naked couple. We watched them kiss, and they put down their plates. They started to snog each other and moved away and to the side. The man leaned his back against the wall, and we looked at his hard cock. His partner went to her knees and swallowed his cock.

James sat still, shocked at watching a couple have sex in front of us. The woman released his cock, and they swapped places. We watched the man lick her cunt.

I looked over at James and noticed he was hard. I reached over and grasped his hard shaft. He jolted in surprise at my touch. I stroked him as he watched the couple have sex against the wall. The man was pumping his cock in and out of her. James’ cock leaked precum, and I smeared it over his cock. As he got closer, he spread his legs. I only had eyes for James and looked at his face as I pleasured him. I didn’t notice Dad and Finn watching us. Finn was shocked that I’d be doing something like this in public or in front of Dad. To be honest, I was shocked too. I didn’t know what came over me. Being in Cockaigne seemed to liberate me from my self-imposed shackles of decency and modesty.

We heard the couple grunt. The man’s arse tensed and caused his dimples to deepen. He was cumming inside his partner.

James grunted, and his jaw slackened. A small amount of drool dripped from the corner of his mouth. I felt his cock throb between my fingers, and he came under the table. As his cock relaxed, I gently stroked again, teasing more cum from his shaft.

I prised my hand from his sticky cock and grabbed a napkin from the table.

Henry came over with the pot of tea, “I’m glad we have another convert to Cockaigne.” He looked at James, who blushed a deep crimson. I gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

“Mum and Dad would kill me if they knew.” He blurted out.

“What happens in Cockaigne stays in Cockaigne,” Henry winked and Finn and me, “Right boys?”

Finn and I nodded. Henry smiled and walked away.

Dad and Finn got up to get some breakfast. At that moment, we saw a smear of cum running down his leg. James gasped at having cum over my Dad’s leg. I took a leaf out of Finn’s book and giggled.

James and I waited to get breakfast until his cock had gone limp. “I would never have done that if Mum was here,” I admitted. “But Dad has changed so much,” I said as I placed some cheese and salami on my plate. “He seems to accept that we are doing things.”

“What about a blow job?” James smiled.

“Not yet. I wouldn’t want to push my luck in front of him.” I told him.

“Do you know what we’re doing today?” James asked.

“No idea..”

As we sat back at our table, I asked Dad what was planned for today. He said that a house suddenly game on the market, and the estate agent had arranged a viewing. I asked about checking out of the B&B. Henry overheard me and said the room wasn’t booked, so we could check out late if we wished. He said we could have the room until four.

I asked Dad if James and I could spend the afternoon in the room and leave him and Finn to look at the house. I said that I trusted Finn to know what we would like.

Dad looked concerned, but I told him we only wanted to spend some time alone. We wouldn’t be allowed to see each other for a week. James looked sad. He knew when he went home today, he would feel the pressure from his parents and kept in his room, revising. Dad agreed, and James’ face lit up.

It seemed that Dad had loosened up about our relationship, especially while we were in Cockaigne, but it still wasn’t anything goes. He didn’t say anything explicitly, but I knew what was expected.

After we ate a small continental breakfast, we left Dad and Finn to eat a full Cockaigne breakfast. James and I took another shower. James needed one after coming at breakfast.

I enjoyed washing him. It was something we hadn’t done before. It felt intimate but not sexual. James’ cock inflated a little, but he never got hard. We kissed but knew this wasn’t a prelude to some sexual activity.

After we dried ourselves, we got back into bed. James spooned me and held me tight. We lay still and silent for several minutes, listening to each other breathing.

Dad and Finn came back from breakfast to get ready to go out.

“Don’t they look cute, Dad,” Finn said.

“Very.” He looked at me, “Now, don’t lie in bed all day. I want you to pack us all up and be ready to leave when we get back.”

“Yes, Dad,” I said.

Dad and Finn put some trainers on but otherwise stayed naked. The weather must have been mild for Dad to remain naked. I wasn’t surprised Finn went naked.

“Be good,” Dad told me as they left.

Once we were alone, you would have thought that James and I would have got up to all sorts. But neither of us instigated anything. It wasn’t a moment for touching each others’ cocks, for sucking each other. We just lay together, covered by bedclothes. Occasionally James would rub his hand up and down my arm, and I would hold his hand close to my chest. It was a time when we didn’t need words; we were mentally connected and knew what each other wanted and needed.

I’m not sure if we fell asleep at any time. If we did, it wasn’t for long.

My only words before Dad and Finn returned were, “I love you, James.”

“I love you, Max.” He responded.


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