First Exposure
by David Heulfryn


“Have you done it yet?” Max asked me as we went into our bedroom after being told to go to bed by our mum.

“Not yet. I was thinking of doing it at the weekend. But until then, I’m going to continue to sleep naked.” I left to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

When I got back into our bedroom, Max was sitting on his bed, wearing his pyjama trousers and bare-chested. This was the usual routine; Max would always get undressed when I wasn’t in the room, and when I got undressed, he would either be in the bathroom or in bed with his back to me.

I didn’t get undressed immediately. I spent time sorting out my school bag, taking out the books I didn’t need and stuffing in those I needed for my lessons tomorrow. I put my bag at the end of my bed and started pulling off my clothes. I threw them into a heap in the corner, my tiny white briefs on the top. I heard the toilet flush, and Max came back into the room.

“Oh, fuck, Min.” Max sighed as he saw my naked backside. I turned round to give him a full-frontal view.

It made my brother choke on his tongue.

Max stared at my naked body for a few seconds before turning off all the lights and jumping into bed.

I slipped, naked, under my duvet, and we lay silently in darkness for a while.

I’d never been shy about my body. Everybody on the swim team saw me in small, tight trunks. I noticed some of my teammates would adjust their cock and balls in their swim briefs to make their bulges look bigger. I never did. I knew I was small for my age and a late developer, but I would develop eventually, and after watching my teammates in the showers, I knew what would happen. Until then, I would have to be happy with my little prick and small tufts of pubic hair around it. I would get hard occasionally, but I wouldn’t feel much, so I hadn’t started masturbating yet. I was very open with my body in swimming and gymnastics. I just wasn’t very open at home. I think that was Max’s fault. He would always change out of my sight, and he would always disappear when I got changed. It’s like he didn’t want to be seen undressed, and he didn’t want to see anybody else undressed.

But after talking to Max last night and suggesting he stop worrying about what others think about him, I thought I’d take my own advice and not hide from Max when I changed. I didn’t expect it would happen on the first night I’d decided to make the change, but I was glad I’d got it over with. I was just worried about Max. He lay silently in bed.

“Are you okay, Max?” The silence was killing me, but he didn’t respond. “I didn’t do it on purpose. You knew I wanted to sleep naked again, and you came back before I had a chance to get into bed.” Max didn’t say anything. “I’m sorry, Max. I didn’t mean to shock you.”

“I wasn’t shocked, Min. Just surprised.” Max’s voice was monotone. “I’ve not seen you naked for years, and now I have. I was just surprised you would show me, that’s all.”

“It’s like I said last night, we should stop worrying about what other people think about us. I just don’t want to have to continue hiding from you or only change when you’re not around. I’m fed up with our little system, which means we can’t just get changed when the other is in the same room. I’m not saying I expect you to do the same, but it’s what I want. I hope you don’t mind.” I felt like I was babbling and had better shut up.

I heard him take a deep breath. “Now I know, I know that every time I come into our room, I might see your tiny prick.”

“Max?” I wasn’t happy. “Will you not go on about the size of my willie. I know it’s small, but it’s not nice to tease me about it.”

Max cleared his throat. “You’re right, Min. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. It was actually a nice prick, and I noticed that you have a long foreskin.”

I laughed. “Sounds like you had a good look.”

“Sorry, Min. I couldn’t help it. But now we’re talking about your willie. Has anyone mentioned pulling your foreskin back and washing underneath it? I don’t remember mine being that long. Does anyone teach you these things?”

“No one’s ever mentioned it. I do wash it but never pull it back. I’ll do it next time I have a shower.”

“Good. Now you’re getting older, you’ll start to stink more, so you’ll need to use deodorant and shower more often. You can borrow mine until Mum gets you your own.”

“Thanks, Max.” I paused as I got the courage to ask another question. “Max? There’s this older boy on my swim team, and he doesn’t have a foreskin. His willie is quite thick. He’s got this thick, blunt end, no skin at all. You can even see the hole his wee comes out. He’s the only one. Do all boys have a foreskin, or are some boys born without one?”

Max laughed, “They teach you nothing. But I suppose with no porn to watch, you wouldn’t know. Mum and Dad should really relax those internet controls. Why do you think I’m round at Mike’s all the time? He lets me google whatever I want. You’ll have to come with me one day.”

Max explained how some boys get circumcised. I thought it strange. I reached down and gripped my prick between my fingers. I pulled the skin back, but it just kept going. I couldn’t see anything in the dark.

“What are you doing over there?” Max asked as I was fidgeting and rustling my duvet.

“I just wanted to pull my skin back, but I can’t see.”

“Just wait until the morning, leave your thing alone, or you’ll make yourself hard.” Max laughed.

“I already am.” I giggled. “It feels good.”

“Min…” Max squirmed.

“Are you hard, Max?” He didn’t respond. “Please tell me,” I begged.

“Oh fuck, Min. Why do you do this to me? I’m as hard as a rock and can’t do anything about it.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because you’re here. I can’t sort myself with you in the room.” Max was frustrated.

“I don’t mind. I can’t see anything.”

“Shush!” Max told me, and I could hear him moving. He got out of bed and shuffled to the door. “I’m going to the bathroom.” He looked over at me and quietly opened the door. As it opened, the dim lights from the landing and stairs shone inside, and I could see the tent in Max’s pyjamas. He left the door open a crack as he crept to the bathroom.

I lay motionless, trying to hear what he was doing. But all I could hear was a whooshing in my ears as my heart beat faster than usual. My prick was still hard, and I felt a tingle in my balls. I touched my prick, and the tingling got more intense. This is the first time that I felt like touching myself to make me feel good.

I heard the toilet flush, and moments later, Max returned to the room. The tent in his pyjamas had gone.

“What did you do in there?” I asked.

“I went for a pee.” Max slipped back into bed.

“You can be honest with me, you know. You had a wank, didn’t you?”

“Will you just worry about your own cock and stop asking me about mine.” Max huffed.

“I just think there shouldn’t be any secrets between us. We’ve been honest and know things that either of us wouldn’t want to be repeated to either Mum and Dad or our mates.”

“True.” Max couldn’t deny it. “Alright, I’ll tell you. I did have a quick wank, but I also did pee afterwards.”

“What did you think about? Was it your girlfriend? Or someone else. What about that boy whose cock you touched. Did you think about him?”

“It was my girlfriend,” Max said, and I could hear him breathing. “At first,” Max admitted. “Then James, the boy from the rugby club. I imagined that it was his cock in my hand.”

“I think you should talk to the boy and see where it goes. It could be nothing, or you could find yourself attracted to him.”

“I… I…” Max stuttered. “I’m scared, Min. I felt this intense attraction to him. I don’t know what it means. It’s stronger than what I feel for Jane.” Max took some deep breaths. “I don’t want to let anybody down.”

I can’t be certain, but I thought Max was crying. He sniffed a few times and rolled over to face the wall.

“It’s okay, Max.” I got out of bed and sat on his. I squeezed his shoulder to comfort him. “No one cares who you fall in love with, not family anyway. I don’t.”

“I’m just confused,” Max sniffed. “You’re still too young to understand, Min. I get so horny all the time. My cock goes hard at the stupidest things.”

“I’m starting to, Max.” I squeezed his bare shoulder again, but he shrugged it off and turned back onto his back.

“Hang on a minute. Are you sitting on my bed, naked?”

I laughed.

“Get your filthy arse off my duvet.” He tried to push me off, but I stood up and felt his hand slapping my bare arse. I wiggled it at him, teasing him.

I turned around at the wrong moment, and instead of slapping my arse, Max hit me right in the groin. I doubled up, clutching my aching prick and balls. Max kept apologising. I staggered back to my bed and sat on the edge, still clutching myself.

Max jumped out of bed and came over. “I’m so sorry. Are you alright?” He placed his hand between my shoulder blades and rubbed. I found it soothing, but it didn’t take away the pain in my balls.

I started to rock back and forth as the pain began to ease. My hand wiped the tears from my eyes as the other continued to cradle my balls. Max looked down, checking out my crotch.

“I’m sure you’ll be alright.” Max tried to console me.

The pain now subsided to a dull ache. I looked up and noticed that Max had a lump in his pyjama trousers.

“Did this turn you on?” I cried.

Max quickly sat down beside me, covering his crotch with his hands. “I told you I get hard at the stupidest things.”

I laughed, “You’re not kidding.”

“It really was an accident, Min.”

“I know. Now get your arse back to bed so we can get to sleep.”

Max got back into bed, and I slipped back under my duvet. My balls felt better.

“I’m sorry, Min.” Max apologised again.

“Stop apologising. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. It was just one of those things. I forgive you.”

“Thanks, Min.”

“I love you, Max.”

“I love you, Min.”


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