Ruth and Mark Take Adam and Luke Swimming
by David Heulfryn


It was the day before Luke was due to go back to his mother, and Mark thought it would be good to do something as a family before he left.

Both Mark and I had noticed a considerable thawing of relations between the two boys, and we were glad. Neither of us wanted to ask them what had changed in case we jinxed it; we didn’t want them to go back to the way they were, at each other’s throats most of the time.

Mark had started to read the introductory brochure and told me about the pool. It was a brand new state of the art complex, an Olympic sized pool, diving pool and a massive adventure pool with water slides. When he told the boys about it, they were excited.

That night when we went to bed, I lay waiting for him to come out of the bathroom so he could turn the light out and I could go to sleep.

When he finally came out of the bathroom, he closed our bedroom door and asked. “Well, what do you think?”

Mark stood at the foot of our bed in nothing but a red speedo.

“You’re not going like that tomorrow. The boys will be mortified.” I looked at the obscene bulge in the front of his speedo, barely containing his thick cock and loose balls.

“Oh yes I am, Sweetie. And so are they.” Mark teased.

I asked him what he meant by that, and he explained the rules of the pool. Men and boys were not allowed to wear swimming shorts, it has to be swim briefs during mixed sessions.

“You’re kidding.” I giggled, and he showed me the two other pairs of speedos he had bought for the boys to wear.

He told me that he had sneaked into their room when they weren’t looking and checked their underwear to make sure he got the right size.

“When you say mixed,” I wondered why he specified that, “what do they wear during single-sex sessions.”

“Nothing.” Mark smiled, and I burst out laughing.

“Adam is going to hate that. He doesn’t even walk around the house with his top off.”

“I know,” Mark said as he sat on the best and leant over to kiss me.

It was not just a peck, but he pushed his tongue into my mouth, and I could also feel his hand through my nightie on my beast. I brought my hand to touch the bulge in Mark’s Speedos, and I gently rubbed him as his tongue explored my mouth.

Mark broke away, and we separated.

“Seriously, Mark. What are we going to do about Adam? He is so shy. He’ll probably just about cope with the Speedos tomorrow, but I think we need to warn them in the morning, but when he starts that school he might have to swim naked. I’m not sure he would do that. I’m not sure I would either for that matter.”

“Yes. The more I read about this place, the more different it is. New rules and their attitude to nakedness is very liberal.” Mark sat up straight and puffed his chest out, he had made a decision. “Tell you what. Why don’t we start to slowly introduce a bit of body freedom around the house? I’ll start coming down in the morning in my underwear. I’ll start walking to the bathroom naked. Get him used to seeing more flesh. What do you think?”

I thought for a while. “If you don’t mind.”

He frowned at me. “I think we both should do it.”

I was unsure, but he went on to make a persuasive argument. He would even ask Luke if he would help.

After I agreed, mark kissed me again. This time his hand went up my nightie and feathered my cunt before thrusting a couple of fingers inside me. I groaned into his mouth.

My hand fumbled with his crotch, trying to release his hardening cock, but I was defeated by the tight speedos. Mark helped me and pulled down the waistband and tucked them under his balls so I could feel his cock with my fingers.

I had to tell Mark to go slow as we fucked. I didn’t want the boys in the next bedroom to hear us.


The next morning Mark got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, naked. As he was leaving, Adam saw him and let out a little gasp, but Mark just ignored his reaction and told him that the bathroom was free.

I wasn’t quite ready to walk around the house naked, but I did go downstairs in just my nightie, not bothering to wear my dressing gown, which I would usually have.

Mark joined me and was wearing just an old pair of Y-fronts.

I giggled. “Where on earth did you find them.”

“I mainly wear boxers, but I found these at the back of my drawer. I actually like them.” Mark cupped his bulge. “I forgot how great they feel, cupping and nustling my package. I might start wearing them more often.”

I went over and kissed him. Just a peck, but I brushed his hand away from his bulge so I could squeeze. “Be careful it doesn’t get any bigger, or we will have to pay extra delivery on a larger package. And it will embarrass the boys.” I gave his balls a tight squeeze.

“Oomph. No chance of that now, Love.” Mark winced in pain. “You certainly know how to make a man shrink.”

We heard one of the boys coming down the stairs, so I went about sorting out breakfast while Mark put on a pot of coffee.

“Whoa, Dad!” Luke stopped at the kitchen door when he saw his Mark in just a pair of Y-fronts.

Luke was already dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

“I think you forgot something, Dad.”

Mark turned to face his son, the jar of ground coffee in his hands.

“I think it’s about time we stopped being so prudish.”

“What?” Luke didn’t understand what his dad was talking about.

“Prudish! Not ashamed of our bodies. We are all one big happy family…”

Luke groaned.

“And you Luke are old enough to start showing a good example to your little brother.”

“Adam? That snot-nosed wimp?”

I sighed, wondering if those two boys would ever get on.

“Luke!” Mark chastised his son. “Don’t ever talk about Adam like that. He is a very sweet and kind natured boy.”

I was glad Mark felt pride in my son. Their relationship wasn’t perfect, but at least Mark could see past the occasionally moody teenager.

“Dad.” Luke smiled. “Are you really telling me off. Because I can’t take you seriously with you just in your pants.”

They both laughed, and I could hear Adam come down the stairs.

“What’s so funny?” Adam asked and then saw Mark standing there in just his white Y-fronts. “Oh. Never mind.” Adam looked at me. “Mum, where’s my swimming stuff?”

“Don’t worry boys. I have your swimming gear. Towels and trunks are all in my big bag.” I said.

“Did you get the right swim shorts. My old one’s a bit too small now.” Adam told me.

“Don’t worry, Mark and I made sure you both had suitable new trunks, in the right sizes.” I turned my back on everyone and went back to getting the cereals and bowls down from the cupboard. “Have you put the coffee on yet, Mark?”

“Almost,” Mark responded.


After breakfast, we drove to the leisure centre. It looked fantastic; water flumes emerged from the white walls of the pool building, twisted and shot back inside. There where three flumes, each a different colour.

“That looks great fun!” Adam was excited.

Once inside, we approached the young man behind the reception desk.

“Good morning, Sir, Madam.” He smiled at us. His name tag said he was Joe.

“Good morning,” Mark spoke to him. “Two adults and two children for the adventure pool, please.”

“No problem, Mr Walker.”

How on earth did he know who we were? Mark didn’t seem aware, or at least not fazed by it.

“I’ll give you a family ticket, and then you can all use the family changing room, they have larger lockers and a bigger shower area.”

“Thank you,” Mark replied.

Joe passed Mark a red wristband which he explained unlocked and locked the lockers. “Available lockers are always open, place your things inside, close the door and hold the wristband against the lock, this will code the lock to your wristband and lock the door. Only your wristband will then unlock the door.”

“Sounds like a fantastic system.” Mark smiled, and Joe pointed us in the direction of the family changing room.

I think what confronted us when we went through that door surprised all of us, the boys especially. When the young man said a family changing room, he was literally right. It was just one large changing room where all the families got changed together. Our eyes were greeted by many families in various stages of undress. Some were in the swim briefs, others were naked and about to change into their swimsuits. One family was quite close to us, and the father was stark naked, drying off his naked young son. The man was well hung, and it took Mark to take my arm and guide me to a spare bit of bench.

“It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it,” Mark whispered in my ear.

I giggled.

“Besides, you like how thick mine is. I can feel it stretching you each time I push it in.”

I blushed, hoping the boys didn’t hear what he said to me.

Adam’s head was darting all over the place, his eyes moving from face to face to genitals. His cheeks were flushed as he checked out all the naked people around him.

I made him sit down next to me, and I put my arm around his shoulders. “It’s alright, Love. No one is going to be watching, they’re all too busy sorting themselves out. It’ll be a quick pants down, trunks up.” I noticed another young teen boy near us, he was standing up and drying himself with his towel. “Look,” I nodded in the other boy’s direction. “That boy looks about your age, and he’s not ashamed of his body.”

We both looked at the boy, his little white dick swinging as he rubbed the towel along his back. I could see wisps of hair on his tight ball sac and a beautiful bush of brown pubes framing his crotch.

“Ruth!” Luke interrupted us. “Ruth, where’s my swim shorts?”

I rummaged through my bag and brought out three pairs of red speedos. I checked the size of each one and passed Mark the largest, Luke the next size and Adam the smallest.

“What the fuck are these!” Luke was shocked. “I wear shorts, not these!” He threw them back at me.

Mark was again disappointed with the rudeness of his son. “Luke! I’ve told you to speak to Ruth properly and not be so rude. I promise you we will be having words when we get back home!” He spoke through gritted teeth, masking his anger. “Now, get changed.”

I think Luke’s reaction was shared by Adam, but after how Mark spoke to his son, Adam didn’t dare say anything.

Mark took off his shirt, folded it and put it on the bench. He took off his shoes, then his socks and tucked them into his shoes. He took off his trousers, folded them and put them on top of his shirt. The three of us just seemed to watch Mark undress.

I licked my lips as he took off his Y-fronts, and I saw him reveal his soft meaty cock and thick pubes.

“Aren’t any of you going to get changed?” Mark asked.

“Oh, yes.” I started unbuttoning my blouse. “I think those need a bit of a trim.” I nodded to his pubes and brought my arms around my back, trying to unclasp my bra.

“Here, let me help you, darling.”

I just loved this next bit. Mark came close to me, sticking his crotch almost to my face as he reached behind me and unclasped my bra. He let go, and it fell into my lap to reveal my pert breasts. If the kids weren’t there, I would have sucked his floppy cock into my mouth.

Mark turned to his son. “Luke, start getting changed.”

“I’m not wearing those!” Luke pointed to his red speedos strewn and the bench where he threw them.

Mark turned to his son, still naked. “If I can wear them then so can you. Stop being such a wimp.” Mark looked over at my son, who was still sitting next to me, fully clothed. “Adam doesn’t have a problem with them so why should you.”

“Get changed, Love,” I told Adam.

Mark slipped on his red speedos, and I watched as he tucked in his soft cock and adjust himself to make himself comfortable.

Besides me, Adam was tentatively taking off his clothes and passed them to me. When he was down to his underwear, he lifted his arse off the bench, pulled them down and sat down again. Quick as a flash he pulled up the red speedos I gave him.

Two down and two to go.

I went next. I stood up and stepped out of my skirt and stood in front of Luke and Mark in just my panties. I made a show of pulling them down, and Luke’s eyes were glued to my hairy cunt.

“It’s rude to stare, Luke.” His father said.

“Don’t worry, Mark,” I told him. “He’s probably never seen a woman, or any girl for that matter, naked.” I knew I was teasing him and looked at him as I put on my bikini.

“Your turn now, Luke. I hope you don’t find it too… hard.” I emphasised.

“Shit!” Luke muttered under his breath. “Don’t worry, Ruth. I’ve seen plenty of fanny.”

He started to undress.

“What is it with this place. Everyone seems to want me naked all the time. I swear this town is fucking sick.” Luke continued to mutter.

We all watched as Luke stripped naked.

“See, Ruth.” Luke pointed to his crotch. “You don’t have any effect on me. I’m not even the least bit hard.”

I was impressed. Most boys his age would firm up at the sight of a naked woman.

“Come here, Luke. Let me check.” I said.

Luke boldly stood in front of me.

I reached out and took his soft cock in my hand. It felt silky smooth. “If you’re lucky, you will grow up to be your dad’s size and learn how to satisfy a woman. You just have a bit more growing to do.”

“If you’ve finished touching my junk, can I have those budgie smugglers?”

I let go of his cock and passed him his red speedos.

As we walked to the pool, I was proud of my three boys all in matching speedos. They filled that red fabric nicely, and their arses looked delicious.

Once in the pool, it didn’t take long before the boys were enjoying themselves and forgot they were wearing revealing swimwear.

I enjoyed lounging poolside while the boys played. Mark would occasionally jump in and join them. I noticed one time he swam beneath them, and he grabbed Luke’s speedos and pulled them down to his knees. I heard Luke yelp above the general din of the pool. Adam laughed when he saw Luke’s cock beneath the water but tried to swim away when he saw Mark dive his way. Adam was too slow and soon found his own speedo at his knees. Luke couldn’t help but giggle at Adam.

Both boys then ganged up on Mark. Luke jumped and grabbed him by the shoulders, stopping him from getting away. Adam sank beneath the water and pulled on Mark’s speedo.

Mark wriggled, trying to get free, but Adam was persistent and managed to take Mark’s speedos off completely.

Adam waved the red fabric on the air, and we looked at each other, laughing.

Mark lunged for Adam, trying to get his speedo back but Adam threw it across the water towards me. It didn’t reach me but floated near the edge of the pool.

I got up from my lounger and only just managed to reach in the pool and grab them before Mark reached them.

With an evil grin on his face, he pulled himself out of the pool and he chased me into the changing room.

Ten minutes later we went back to the pool area; that was one of the quickest fucks Mark had given me.

We couldn’t see Adam or Luke, they were probably going down the water slides, so Mark and I found a couple of loungers and lazed by the pool.

I was just about falling asleep when Adam and Luke came over to us.

“We’re getting hungry, Mum,” Adam said, with Luke standing by his side.

I looked at the two dripping boys in their tight, red speedos. Their bulges pronounced and in Luke’s case, I could see the outline of his cock pointing to the left. I wondered if he was half hard.

“You boys go get showered and changed, Mark and I will follow shortly.”

They left for the changing room, and I poked Mark.

Mark groaned. “I was just dozing off.”

“I know, Honey. But the boys are hungry. We need to go and get something to eat.”

Mark was reluctant to get up, so I kept poking the bulge in his speedo harder and harder until it began to hurt.

“Ooph! You bitch.” He said to me and shielded his crotch with his hands to prevent me from teasing him further.

We went into the family changing room and headed for the showers. They were packed, and we saw Adam and Luke sharing a showerhead, surrounded by naked boy and girls and men and women.

Luke was naked, his peachy arse pointing our way. Adam still had on his speedo while Luke was rubbing shampoo into Adam’s hair.

Mark and I stood and watched our boys, I hooked my arm around his and rested my head on his shoulder. “They look so sweet,” I told him.

We watched as Luke pushed Adam underneath the shower spray and rinsed the shampoo from his hair.

When the water ran clean, Luke grabbed Adam’s speedo and pulled it down. I watched as Adam cock jumped around as it was released from its confines.

“That is one good looking boy,” Mark said to me as we looked at my son’s naked body.

“Luke isn’t too bad either.” I kissed Mark on the cheek. “He has a gorgeous arse, nicer than yours.” I slapped Mark on the bum.

“Come on, Ruth. A shower has opened up, let’s get washed off before you get any hornier.”

We took a leaf out of our sons’ book and shared a showerhead and washed each other. I enjoyed washing Mark’s cock and balls. The feel of his cock growing as I lathered soap around it. I didn’t think to stop until he was rock hard, and he whispered in my ear. “I want to cum.”

I looked around and noticed other guys were hard, the occasional young boy, a few teenagers with just the beginnings of growing a full bush of pubes, and a couple of men, a young man and a middle-aged man. No-one seemed to care or take any notice.

I kept stroking Mark with my soapy hand, the noise of the other people and the running water meant no-one could hear Mark’s moans.

I glanced over at our boys, they hadn’t seen us enter the shower, and they kept washing each other. Adam’s eyes kept looking between Luke’s face and his cock. I watched them as I stroked Mark. Neither boy was hard. When Adam washed Luke’s body, he seemed to enjoy it. I noticed Adam was very tentative when he started to wash Luke’s crotch, but he seemed to quickly get over the initial reluctance.

I never noticed Mark cum. I was too engrossed in watching our two naked boys.

Mark grabbed my hand to stop me, stroking him.

I looked down and saw that my hand was covered with cum. We quickly washed off and went to get our towels.

As we dried ourselves, our two naked boys came over to us for their towels. Mark tossed them over, and they caught them.

Mark leant over to me and whispered in my ear. “I still have to punish him, you know. But I’ll leave it until tomorrow morning. I don’t want to ruin what has been a great day.”

I was glad. We’d all enjoyed ourselves, but I wouldn’t like to be Luke when his dad deals with him.


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