Mark Succumbs to Lust
by David Heulfryn


I felt so horny in my new jockstrap that I took the opportunity to wear it as much as possible. Ruth loved seeing me in it, and we would often end up fucking.

The weekend before Adam was due to start school; I went down to breakfast in my jock. Ruth soon joined me and began to caress and squeeze my arse cheeks as I put in a pot of coffee. It didn’t take long before I got hard.

I spun myself around and kissed Ruth, passionately. Our tongues danced as our lips were locked together. I felt her body through her flimsy nightdress, and she felt the bulge in the pouch of my jockstrap and fondled my cock and balls through the fabric until I was as hard as a rock.

Lust was driving me mad, and I ripped off Ruth’s nightdress, underneath she was naked, and my hand went right into her crotch, and I delved inside with my fingers. She gasped and groaned as I invaded and stimulated her.

My cock was throbbing, so I released it from my pouch, pushing the fabric to one side to allow my cock to spring free.

After one last kiss and a stroke of Ruth’s clit, I threw her onto the kitchen table. As she landed, she grunted and grasped the edge of the table. Ruth’s arse was now pointing at me, and with one hard stab, I plunged my cock deep inside her cunt.

Ruth groaned as I pumped my cock inside her.

Fuck! It felt good to fuck her like this.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Adam standing at the kitchen door, watching. His mouth agape as I fucked his mum.

Adam wore his new tight white briefs which did nothing to hide his hard cock. His hand was on his bulge, rubbing himself as I fucked his mum.

I winked at Adam and nodded to his bulge. He understood what I meant and pushed his briefs to his feet. His hand gripped his hard cock and stroked to the same rhythm I was pumping his mum.

Adam didn’t take long to cum. I watched as he spewed cum and it took me over the edge; I spewed my cum into his mother.

Ruth lay panting as I sank my cock deep inside her cunt and smeared her insides with my spunk. Her cunt squeezed and throbbed against my cock as she came at the same time.

I heard the squelch as I withdrew from her cunt. I looked back to where Adam was standing, but he was gone.

I tucked my cock back into the pouch of my jock and told Ruth I was going to take a quick shower. I saw Adam’s cum, spilt on the kitchen floor and stepped over it. Ruth picked up the rags of her torn nightdress and carried on sorting breakfast, naked.

Adam was in the shower when I went into the bathroom, his white briefs strewn on the floor.

I felt my cock twitch within the confines of my jockstrap. The thought of Adam, naked and wet, suddenly made my heart beat faster and sent blood to my groin.

Not bothering to take off my jock, I stepped into the shower, surprising Adam.

“Mark!” Adam yelped. “What are you doing? Wait till I’ve finished.”

Adam turned to conceal his cock, but the sight of his smooth arse cheeks was just as enticing.

“Adam?” I ran a finger down his spine, stopping at the little dimple above the cleft of his sweet cheeks.

I felt Adam shudder at my touch.

“Adam, you know you have to do anything I say?” I spoke softly, and leered at his arse, putting both hands on his cheeks and pulling them apart. Water ran down, between his cheeks and moist his red pucker. I saw it twitch as the warm water touched him, intimately.

“Turn around, Adam,” I told him.

I watched as Adam twisted his head, followed by his shoulders, then his hips and finally, his feet until he was now facing me. He moved with a slick feline grace that just made me want him more.

“You’re still wearing your jockstrap,” Adam stated the obvious when he saw.

“I want you to take it off for me.” I put my hands on my hips.

Adam fumbled at the waistband and pulled down my jockstrap. He crouched down to get the jock down to my feet where I stepped out of it. He stood back up, holding the wet rag in front of him.

I grabbed the wet cloth and threw it out if the shower.

Adam looked down my body; his eyes settled on my cock. I wasn’t hard yet, but I knew it wouldn’t stay soft for long.

“I want you to grab the shower gel and wash me.” I ran my hands over my wet chest, “I feel all sticky after fucking your mum. She can be insatiable, you know.”

It seemed that Adam was ignoring me as his eyes were glued to my cock.

His eyes made my cock twitch, and Adam gasped.

Adam reached for the shower gel and squirted some into the palm of his hand. He reached out and rubbed the fruit scented gel onto my cock and balls. He lathered up my groin, feeling my cock, making it plump up, and fondling my balls.

It took all my concentration not to become rigid in his fingers.

“Don’t go straight to the good bit, Adam. Start from the top and work your way down to my cock. It will still be waiting for you; it might also be eager to see you.”

Adam tentatively played with my chest, rubbing my nipples and making me groan. His face came close to mine as he stepped forward to rub soap over my shoulders and I turned around so he could clean my back. If I stayed looking into his soft blue eyes, I would have kissed him and quite possible fucked him hard. But he was too delicate for that. Adam was too fragile for a good hard fuck. He needed to grow more, in body and confidence. I hoped his cock would grow to be as large as mine. Hopefully, I might find out in a few years.

Behind me, I heard Adam moan as I felt his hands delve between my arse cheeks. I felt his fingers on my hole.

“Push them inside.” I gasped at Adam.

I felt a fingertip at my pucker.

“Push hard. Breakthrough. Force it!” I yelled at him.

I had to brace myself against the wall as Adam forced his finger into my arse.

Fuck! That felt good.

“Fuck me!” I called behind me, “fuck me with your finger. Fuck me fast.”

Adam did as he was told, and I felt my arse open up for him. It became easier.

“Use two fingers, Adam. Quick!”

I needed another finger inside me. I needed to feel the stretch again, the burning sensation as my hole was forced open.

“That feels so good, Adam.”

My cock was now rigid and throbbing with every beat of my heart.

“Three, Adam. Use three!”

Fuck! His slender fingers felt so good inside me.

I felt like I was about to explode. I reached behind me and grabbed Adam’s hand, holding it still, his fingers buried inside me.

“Stop, Adam. Don’t make me cum yet.” I released his hand, and he slowly pulled his fingers out.

I turned around; Adam was holding his three fucking fingers in front of him. I grabbed his wrists and pulled his fingers to my nose.

I inhaled deeply. “That smells of sex.” The scent was a mix of musk and fruit from the shower gel. “Smell it, Adam. Smell what fucking smells like.”

Adam put his fingers under his nose and tentatively sniffed. Once he realised his fingers didn’t smell like shit, he took a deeper breath.

“Now hold me, Adam,” I said.

Adam held out his arms and grabbed onto my shoulders.

“No, Adam.” I nodded downwards toward my hard cock. “Hold me.”

He looked down, and I thought I saw a slight smile on his face.

I closed my eyes as I felt his fingers grip my shaft.

“Stroke me, Adam.”

It felt so good to fell his slippery fingers rub my shaft. Like every teenage boy, he was a master at masturbation.

Without any further direction, Adam cupped my balls and rolled them on his fingers as he stroked my cock. The warm, moist bathroom made my balls loose and hung low. It gave him plenty of slack to feel each testicle like he was giving me an exam.

My cock lurched in Adam’s hand; he couldn’t sense I was close, so he kept stroking, not changing his pace.

“Quicker!” I gasped. “Make me cum.”

I held onto Adam’s shoulders to brace myself. I was about to cum.

“Fuck, Adam.” My breath became shallow. “Keep going.” I gasped.

Instinctively, Adam quickened his pace, pumping my cock.

“Fuck, Adam.” I gasped again as I felt my balls lurch and twitch.

My knob head became a deeper red, and I watched as I spewed cum all over Adam’s abdomen.

Adam released my cock, and we both watched as it jerked wildly, my cum flying in all directions.

“Fuck, Adam.” I was repeating myself, “you are a fucking expert at wanking.” I stood panting, trying to get my breath back. “You must feel great when you wank at night. I wish you could do me every night, but I think your mum wouldn’t be too happy about it.”

Adam smiled at me, the exertion not even registering in his breathing.

I finally looked at his cock; it was still soft. I had no idea if he had been wanking himself off at the same time or not.

“Did you cum?” I asked him.

Adam shook his head.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” I asked and reached out to grab his soft cock. It felt silky smooth in my fingers, and I gave it some slow, soft strokes.

“No, thanks.” I didn’t believe him; every teenage boy would take any and every opportunity to wank and offload their cum into their hand or underwear.

I didn’t press him; his cock wasn’t even registering my touch. Perhaps he just wasn’t horny.

“Let’s get cleaned up,” I told him. “You’re covered in my cum.” I scooped a little of my cum onto my finger and sucked it. “Delicious.”

Adam turned his back to me and started to wash his body. He was quick this time and was soon out of the shower and drying himself off. I gave my body a swift rinse and joined him.

“You know we are having a naked breakfast this morning.” I had just made it up as I knew his mum would still be downstairs and with a torn nightdress, she would still be naked.

I started to get aroused at the thought of the three of us naked and sitting down to eat our toast and cereal.

“Do I have to?” Adam whined.

I gave his backside a naughty slap and told him he did.

Ruth heard us coming down the stairs and smiled as she saw both of us approach the kitchen. Her eyes darted from my cock to Adam’s; both were thankfully soft.

“Both of you! Stop right there!” She sounded like she meant business.

We stopped just at the kitchen door. Ruth looked down at our feet.

“Which one of you spilt spunk on my nice new shiny kitchen floor!” She scowled.

Adam blushed and looked away.

I wrapped my arm around his neck and brought him in for a man-hug.

“This one did.” I grinned. “Your little man has grown up.”

Adam squirmed to try and free himself from my hug.

“Our little show this morning got him so worked up he just couldn’t contain himself.”

I smiled at Ruth.

“Aren’t you so proud of our boy?” I asked Ruth.

“Argh, Sweetie.” Ruth always infantilised Adam, “you are finally beginning to feel free in your body.” She looked Adam up and down. “And you do have a lovely body, Sweetie.”

Adam blushed and finally got away from me. He squeezed past Ruth to get into the kitchen and grabbed himself an orange juice.

I kissed Ruth, and we all sat down to a family breakfast, albeit we were all naked.


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