Luke’s Long Walk to Cockaigne
by David Heulfryn


The moment I slammed the door, I burst into tears. This last argument with Mum was the worst; my throat was sore from the shouting.

The last thing Mum said to me was that if I was living under her roof, then I had live by her rules. After the freedom and feelings that I had living with my dad and sharing a room with Adam; I’m not sure I wanted to stay with Mum. I was afraid I would become as frigid and sexually frustrated as her.

In the heat of the moment, I made my choice and left. I slipped my trainers on as quickly as I could and slammed the door behind me.

Initially, I ran as fast as I could with tears streaming down my face. I didn’t really know which way I was going, and I didn’t stop until I got a wicked stitch and gasped, choking down a gulp of air.

I sat on someone garden wall and sobbed, holding my face in my hands.

Slowly the cold air brought me out of my tears, and I shivered. I crossed my arms and squeezed tight, trying to warm myself up.

‘Shit!’ I thought as I realised that I was out in the cold night air in nothing, but my nylon football shorts and jersey. They must have been the thinnest material designed on the planet. I wasn’t even wearing any underwear.

I reasoned that I had to keep moving to keep warm. I didn’t want to go back to mum’s, and if I just went to one of my mates, then I would eventually end up back there.

My head told me that I had to make my way to dad’s house.

It took Dad about an hour to drive me home from Cockaigne, so I figured I was in for a long walk.

I headed off, jogging like I was on a training run. If I could run most of the way it wouldn’t take me too long, about five hours, I figured.

It was wishful thinking that I could run all the way, after an hour I was so tired I had to stop.

It was difficult finding my way back to Cockaigne as there were no signs, I had to guess the way based on the landmarks I recognised.

The cold quickly got to me, and I had to keep moving just to stop myself from shivering. Several times I felt like just curling up beneath a tree and hoping that I would wake in the morning to finish my journey.

Despite my fatigue, I persevered. I kept moving; I’d guess I’d been on the road for at least six hours. I regretted leaving. I reasoned I should have stormed off back to my room and then called Dad in the morning to come and pick me up.

There was no pavement on the narrow country roads, so I walked in the gutter in case a car came along. The few that did pass me drove very fast, so I doubt they saw me in my dark coloured kit, at least until the last minute; I never bothered trying to thumb a lift.

My heart leapt when I saw the small sign announcing that I was about to enter Cockaigne. It couldn’t be far now, and I’d be at my dad’s place in the warm.

The problem was that it was dark, and I didn’t really know where I was going; I didn’t even know the name of the street he lived on. If I got to his road, then I knew which house it was, and I’d be home and dry.

I decided the best thing was to make my way to the centre and try and find the way. I’d walked there before from dad’s house, so it was the best chance I had of finding my way back.

The moment I crossed the threshold into Cockaigne, it started to rain. Within seconds I was soaked to the skin and started to shiver.

I picked up the pace, walking faster in an attempt to keep warm. Thankfully a pavement appeared, so I could get off the road, and streetlights finally shone to light the path and road ahead.

I was still on the outskirts, so there were no signs of houses and on both sides of the road were farmers’ fields. They were freshly ploughed and were currently soaking up the rain that fell around me.

Ahead of me, I saw some headlights turn my way; I was lit up like a Christmas tree. The car looked black, but when it turned on its blue lights, I got a nasty pit in my stomach. The patrol car approached me; it headed directly for me.

Then I heard a voice.

“Stop where you are.” One of the officers lent his head out of his open window.

Instinctively I stopped dead in my tracks. My heart pounded.

“Are you, Luke?” The driver had pulled over to my side of the road and stopped close to me.

I ran.

I ran as fast as I could. The car tried to turn around as quickly as it could, but I was far ahead by the time the headlights came up behind me.

There was no way I could outrun it he pavement, so I darted into the field. The uneven mud slowed me down, but at least the patrol car couldn’t follow me.

“Fuck!” I heard behind me. “Call it in, Harry. Get all cars over this side sweeping the area.”

I stumbled and fell on my face, the rain-soaked mud squelched as I landed. I curled into a ball and burst into tears again. The thought of being caught and punished by security filled me with dread. After what I’d done, I doubted it would have been a simple cock ring and ball stretcher this time. I feared the pain they might inflict. I feared that they would see me as a runaway, a delinquent youth that needed to be chastised to be kept in line. But I wasn’t. At this moment in time, I was just a little boy who wanted his daddy.

After literally wallowing in the mud for ten minutes, I pulled myself onto my feet and started to walk across the field. I didn’t care anymore; my will had been broken. I didn’t care if I got home to dad or security picked me up and threw me in a cell. The one thing I knew I didn’t want was to stay out in the cold and die of hyperthermia.

It was a trudge to get to the other side of the field and was glad when my feet felt solid ground. But then I realised that one of my trainers had been sucked off my foot when it got stuck in the mud.

I took the other trainer off and threw it into the field. “Fuuuck!” I screamed at the top of my voice.

Now barefoot, I just aimlessly roamed the streets.

It wasn’t long before another patrol car spotted me coming up behind me.

I didn’t bother to run. I carried on walking even though he was crawling next to me.

“Are you, Luke?” The man asked.

I turned to look at him, he was an old man. He wasn’t going to run after me if I tried to run and I doubt that he could have subdued me, well not on any other day.

“Yes.” I simply said.

“Your dad’s been looking for you. He’s had all of us out looking for you. Everyone is so worried.” He spoke softly and kindly.

His friendly face put me at ease, and I relaxed, he wasn’t going to wrestle me to the ground, bind my hands. I stopped walking and I heard his brakes squeak.

I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it, I didn’t want to show how weak I was in front of him, but I cried. “Can you take me to him?” I blubbed.

The old guard got out and looked at me. “I would love to, Luke. But I’m afraid I can’t have you in the back of my car like that.”

I looked down at my muddy clothes and my dirty arms and legs.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll call ahead and get someone to bring something over, then we can get you home.”

The old man spoke into his radio, and I went over to perch on the bonnet of the patrol car. I knew my muddy backside would leave a mark, but my legs needed the rest.

He told me that someone would be joining us soon, and he kept talking to me, keeping me calm. We talked a load of nonsense, stuff I liked doing, my family; anything to keep me calm.

A second patrol car approached, and Officer Nathan got out. He had a beaming smile on his face like he was glad to see me.

“You’ve given everybody a fright, but we’re all relieved now that we’ve found you safe and sound.” He held out something white, “Here, put this on. It’s all I could think of.”

I grabbed the white thing, it felt thin and papery. I unrolled it and saw that it was like a onesie, something the forensic team wear at crime scenes. Then he handed me some blue overshoes.

“Get these on your feet.”

I took them and started to slip then on.

“Good,” Nathan declared. “If we’d taken you home and you got mud all over our car then you’d be the one cleaning it up. This way, everything stays clean. Except you.” He chuckled.

I snorted a laugh.

“You get on, Ray. I’ll take him home.” Nathan said to the old man, “Kai and Andy have his father over at HQ, I’ve already radioed and told them to take him back home and wait for us. I’ll take this one where he belongs.” Nathan wrapped his arm over my shoulder and gave me a man-hug.

It was the first friendly touch I’d had all night, and I softly cried.

Nathan told me to get in the front of his patrol car, I was glad as it meant that I wasn’t in any trouble. The old man disappeared, and Nathan drove me home.

I don’t know how long they were waiting on the doorstep, but when Nathan pulled onto the driveway, Dad, Ruth and Adam were waiting for me. Their silhouettes showing in the doorway against the bright lights of the hallway and I was glad to see them.

The moment the car stopped, I got out and ran to my dad.

“I’m sorry, so sorry. You must hate me, I’m sorry.”

Dad let me get it out of my system and just held me, occasionally patting me between my shoulder blades.

“We don’t hate you, Luke. We all love you.” Dad sniffed, and I knew he was also crying.

I felt Adam come behind me and hug my back.

“I’m so glad you’re safe.” Adam cried.

“Why are you naked, Dad?” I asked once I’d got control of my tears.

“Long story.” My dad laughed. “I’ll tell you later.”

Officer Nathan broke us apart and suggested we get inside out of the cold, Ruth hugged me as I went inside.

Dad closed the front door when we were all inside, and I felt the warmth. My eyes looked around, and all I could see was relieved faces.

Nathan, who had come inside with us, suggested that Adam take me upstairs to get cleaned up while he had a word with my dad.

Adam pulled on my arm until I followed him up the stairs.

“Throw those things away that I gave you to wear. They’re no use to us anymore.” Nathan called after me.

Adam diligently took care of me, he went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He put his hand under the spray and adjusted the heat until it was comfortable.

I started to take off the white forensic suit.

“Don’t, Luke.” Adam said, “Just get in the shower like that and take your things off in there.”

I got in the shower and took off the blue overshoes. “Here you go,” I passed them to Adam.

Next, I took off the white forensic suit.

“Thanks,” Adam said as I passed it to him. “Rinse your other stuff, get rid of the mud, while I stuff these in the bin downstairs.” Adam then disappeared.

The water was black as it washed over my body and down the drain. I rinsed my clothes the best I could and gave them to Adam when he returned.

Adam wrung my clothes out in the sink and dumped them in the dirty linen basket.

I turned off the shower and pulled the shower curtain. “Do you have a towel?” I asked.

“I’ll get you one, but first turn the water back on; you’re still not clean,” Adam told me.

I looked down and noticed the mud on my legs.

“Turn around,” Adam said, and I showed him my back. “It’s still all over you, you’ll never get that clean yourself.”

Adam stripped naked and stepped into the shower. I turned to face the water as Adam leaned over me to grab the shower gel.

I felt his hands on my back, gently rubbing, the soap suds picking up the mud from my skin and gurgling down the drain.

Adam’s hands touched my buttocks; his soap covered fingers slipped into my crack. His touch caused my cock to respond, and it grew in front of me. His fingertip touched my hole, and my cock lurched.

“I think my arse must be very clean by now.” I turned around to face Adam.

I cast my eyes downwards to my hard cock and Adam followed my gaze.

Adam squeezed some more shower gel onto his hand and reached out to grab me. He gripped my shaft and slowly stroked me. I leant forward and gently kissed Adam on the lips.

For an instant, we broke apart, and Adam told me that he had missed me.

Our lips met again, and Adam pushed his tongue into me. He was bolder than he had been before. In those days that we were apart, Adam and become more confident, more comfortable with his body and his sexuality.

My mouth felt empty when he pulled his tongue out, and my lips felt abandoned when they separated. I saw a slight grin on Adam’s face, and then he vanished.

Adam knelt at my feet, my cock now staring him in the face. Without hesitation, he kissed my exposed knob and then licked the tip. My cock throbbed in response, and I felt a drop of precum ooze from my slit. It wasn’t noticeable under the shower, but I imagined that tiny drop between Adam’s lips, his taste buds savouring my flavour.

My cock felt his mouth slide over it, it hit the back of his throat as Adam struggle to take any more of me into his mouth. I rubbed my hands through Adam bright red hair, he looked so sweet from above, discovering his taste for cock.

I didn’t last long, I was exhausted.

I grabbed two handfuls of Adam’s ginger hair as I spewed cum at the back of his throat.

I felt Adam swallow and then gently suck on my sensitive cock.

When my cock started to soften, Adam let it flop from his mouth.

Adam stood up and hugged me. “I love you, Brother.” He told me. My response was to hold him tight.

Adam dried me and took me into his room, he lay me on his bed, naked, and pulled his duvet over my body. I felt his weight on the foot of his bed, and I soon fell asleep knowing that Adam was watching over me.


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  1. Thank you for a nice story. Too short is all I could find fault with it. Write more chapters if you can.

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  2. Thanks Gary, there is certainly more to come from Luke and the family.

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