Luke’s Encounter with Security
by David Heulfryn


What is a fucking bylaw, anyway? No-one told me that this town set its own rules and policed itself. Why didn’t my dad or that idiot stepbrother of mine warn me?

I was only visiting, my mum said I should see my dad before school started up again in the next few weeks. I wasn’t looking forward to it. Spending time with my dad was alright, but me and my step-mum, Ruth, didn’t really get on. She was so protective of little Adam when I was around, and if anything went wrong, it was always my fault. Adam never put her straight. Why would he? He was the blue-eyed boy.

To make matters worse, they had moved to this new town where none of us knew anyone and the house was too small. It only had two bedrooms so I would have to bunk in with Adam while I was here.

It was my second day there and I just got so bored. I went for a walk. There were a few shops nearby so after strolling around the park and seeing no-one even close to my age to chat with, I went to see what they were. I ended up in a newsagent and bought myself a packet of chewy fruit sweets.

I now had to find my way back home.

Aimlessly, I wandered in the general direction of the house, peeling back the wrapper on my sweets and popping one in to chew.

The pavements were very clean, and I unwittingly dropped a piece of wrapper and walked straight on.

I sensed a car pull up close to me, and I tried to ignore it. Then they turned on a siren, and an almighty screech assaulted my ears.

Shocked, I dropped my sweets and jumped to look in the direction of the noise.

They weren’t police, but security and they got out of the car. Both guys looked tall, taller than my five foot ten anyway, and wore a dark blue uniform which you could easily mistake for a police uniform.

“You dropped some litter.” The younger guy told me in a firm tone of voice.

“Sorry, Sir.” I was always brought up to be polite.

I looked around to see a small scrap of the wrapper on the floor a few feet away from me, and I went to pick it up. I shoved it in my pocket, along with my uneaten sweets.

“You know littering is punishable by on the spot fines in this area.” The older guy said gruffly.

“Sorry I didn’t…”

The older guy screwed his face looked at me. “We’ve not seen you around here before. Do you live here?”

“Yes.” I stuttered. “Well, no, not really. My dad lives here, I’m just staying with him for a bit; until I start school.”

“Can I see your visitor pass?”

“What? Sorry, I don’t have one. I was never given one. Where do I get one from?” I was starting to get worried now.

“No one is allowed in this area unaccompanied without a pass.” The young security man stared down at me. “Your father should have registered you with our office, and we would have given you a pass.”

“Shit! Sorry!” I didn’t mean to swear. “I don’t think he knows about that. He’s new here, he only arrived a few weeks ago.”

The older security guard butted in. “Something doesn’t smell right, James.” He said to the younger man.

“I know what you mean. How many times have you heard people plead ignorance, we then let them go and sometimes within hours some house is broken into, graffiti appears, or we get called because of a shoplifter.

“Too right, mate. Let’s go by the book on this one.”

“Ok, Nate. You go and get the bag.”

Nathan, the older guard, went back to the patrol car. James, the younger guard, stood in front of me. I noticed his right hand hovered over his taser in the holster on his belt.

I felt scared. I had no idea what they were going to do. I wanted to run, and I think he knew that, so he was ready to taser me if I decided to leg it. He must have seen the fear in my eyes.

My stomach gurgled, and I felt sick; I’d never been in any real trouble. Sure, I’d messed around and occasional some old bloke would shout at my mates and me to stop what we were doing and move on. We’d usually only be hanging around street corners, talking loudly; there was really nowhere for us to go, and none of us wanted to just hang around someone’s house with someone’s parents stopping us enjoying ourselves.

Nathan, the older guard, came back with a clear plastic bag and a large clipboard.

I looked confused.

He read from the clipboard. “As per the Local Government Act of 1972, section 235, subsection 1, relating to the suppression of nuisance and the enabling local Stop and Search Powers bylaw 492, you are required to submit to a strip search. The reason will be recorded as loitering and littering and subsequently not producing a valid visitors pass on request.”

“What!” I was shocked, they must be fucking joking. “You can’t do that. You have no right.”

Nathan looked at me, his eyes unflinching. “We have every right. And if you even think of resisting, we will put the cuffs on you and lock you up. We can detain you for 48 hours for questioning if we have any suspicions.”

I breathed, trying to calm myself down. “Just speak to my dad, he can vouch for me. I picked up the litter, it was an accident. I don’t see why we have to go through with this.”

“Sorry, we started the paperwork now, so we have to finish it. We couldn’t stop what was going to happen now, even if we wanted to.”

That was just a fucking excuse, I was sure of it.

“Take off your t-shirt and pass it to me,” James ordered.

It was late summer and so was still warm, so I wasn’t wearing much other than a t-shirt and jeans.

I slipped the t-shirt over my head and handed it to the guard. I crossed my arms, attempting to cover my chest, and I stooped. It’s not that I’m not OK looking, I’m not going to say I’m good looking as that is not for me to say, and I’m not carrying too much extra weight. In fact, I got rid of my puppy fat the last year. But out in the open and in front of two strangers, I became very modest.

James held my shirt and ran his hand over the fabric, paying close attention to the seams. He took his time.

“There’s nothing there, just a t-shirt. Isn’t that obvious?” I was getting tetchy at being detained, stressed about what was going to happen.

“I have to check, young man. I’m not likely to find anything, am I? Knives, needles, drugs?” He threw my t-shirt into the clear plastic bag the old security guard was holding open.

“No, Sir!” I was shocked that he would even think that I would be carrying anything like that.

“Now your trainers, please. Take them off and pass them to me one by one.”

I crouched down and untied my trainers, I handed them to him.

He took them off me and felt around them and inside and threw them into the bag.


I now stood barefoot on the pavement, half-naked. My arms wrapped themselves around my chest again. The slight breeze was giving me goose pimples, and my nipples were hard. I accidentally rubbed them with my crossed arms and a shot of electricity caused my soft cock to twitch.

“Jeans,” James demanded.

“Can’t you just frisk me? It’ll prove I’m not carrying anything.” I pleaded.

“Nope, rules are rules. Besides, a naked body is nothing shameful around here. It is the purest and natural thing, and we should respect that. Now, take off your jeans.”

I had on a pair of tighty-whities, and that accidental touch of my nipples made my cock to fluff up slightly. If I was going to be naked, I certainly didn’t want to be hard.

Reluctantly, I took my jeans off and handed them to him. My hands immediately went in front of my crotch to hide my bulge.

James, the young guard, took his time searching through my jeans, and I was beginning to regret trying to cover my bulge as my touch only woke my cock from its slumber. I cringed inwardly as I felt my cock fluff up even more and push against my hand. I willed my cock to go back down, but it didn’t seem to be listening.

“Pants, please.”

I froze, I didn’t want to expose myself to him.

“Take off your underpants and give them to me.”

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stand naked in the street with people looking at me; I know it wasn’t busy, but there were a few passers-by that looked over at the two security guards dealing with the lone youth on the street. They would have just thought that they were keeping them safe and quickly moved on. But if I were to be naked, surely, they would get more interested and want to see more, see more of me.

“Nate, you may need to help here.” James looked me dead in the eye as he spoke to his partner.

Before I could even respond, Nathan had come behind me, reached around to grab my hands and pulled them behind my back. I resisted, it was a natural response, and then I felt the plastic zip tie tighten around my wrists.

I was now bound and dropped my head in shame. My attention was taken away from my bulging pants as I concentrated on trying not to cry. I was not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

James crouched down in front of me and unceremoniously pulled my tight white briefs down to my ankles.

“You’ve nothing to be ashamed of there, Boy,” James said as I lifted my feet for him take off my pants properly.

My cock was coming alive. It curved out from my body as it drooped to the ground.

James looked at my pants, there wasn’t much to search so it shouldn’t have taken long, but he certainly made a show of it. I was shocked when he lifted them to his face and inhaled deeply. Thankfully they were clean on.

“Well, you are certainly a clean boy. Did you shower this morning?” He asked me.


“Did you masturbate in the shower?”

What the hell was he asking me that for? I looked up at him, my eyes wide with shock at the question and my face flushing red.

He repeated the question, this time with a very stern voice.

I stuttered. No one had ever asked me if I masturbated. It was something my family never talked about and something we just did in private.

James was now becoming irritated with my lack of response. “Answer my question, Boy.” He almost shouted.

“Y… Y… Yes, Sir.” I whispered, my head hanging in shame, my face turning bright red.

Both James and Nathan were looking at my naked body, my cock in particular. I could feel their eyes roaming over my smooth white skin. Their eyes on my body just made my cock get harder, and they kept watching until my cock was so hard it was pointing to the sky, and my moist bell-end was poking out of my foreskin.

I felt the plastic dig into my wrists as I instinctively tried to bring my hands to the front to cover my embarrassment. I winced in pain, but even that didn’t make my cock go soft.

James threw my pants into the plastic bag and Nathan took it back to their car.

“OK, Boy. Nothing in or on your clothes.”

“Can I please get dressed now?” I mumbled.

“We’re not done yet. We just need to check you have nothing on your person.”

By now I was just their puppet and would do anything they said just to get this ordeal over with.

“Bend your elbows as far as the binding will allow; I need to check your armpits.”

Silently, I did as was asked, and I felt his fingertips feel under my arms, for the first time ever it didn’t tickle.

Satisfied there was nothing hidden in my armpits, he drew his hands across my body and down to my groin. With one hand, he grabbed my rigid cock, causing it to twitch in his hand and a bead of pre-cum to ooze from my slit. He ran the fingers on his other hand through my small tight nest of dark brown pubes.

He released my cock and grabbed my balls. He pulled them up and away from my body, he held them tight. I winced with the pain and was confused as to why my cock didn’t start to deflate. Instead, it caused my cock to throb and leak again.

James ran his fingers from the underside of my scrotum and between my legs until he reached my buttocks.

His gentle touch between my legs and the pain in my balls felt awesome, and I began to enjoy him manipulating my junk. My cock kept throbbing occasionally, and for the moment I forgot I was naked and on full display to anyone walking by or any car driving along the street.

Then, totally oblivious to the pleasure he was giving me, James released my balls and pulled his hands away from my body.

I sighed in disappointment.

“Turn around,” James ordered.

James now had my pert white bubble butt in his face.

“By the look of him he wanted you to finish him off, he looked on the verge of shooting on you.” Nathan laughed.

I could hear footsteps and noticed a lady approaching, her son was beside her, he only looked about eight years old. As she got closer, she kept her eyes on my hard cock.

“Mum?” The boy whined. “Why is that boy naked? And why is his thingy pointing up?”

“Let’s just get home, Sweetie, and I’ll explain everything. But just be warned if security catches you up to no good, this will happen to you.”

She walked past me and then cast her eyes back in front of her. She was almost dragging her son along by the hand as he kept staring back at me. I hate to say it, but their eyes on me made my cock twitch again. It was something about being looked at while naked that was started to keep me aroused.

“Bend over,” James instructed.

As I leant over, I felt James’ hands on my cheeks and gently pull them apart.

“It looks clean,” James said to Nathan. “I don’t think we need to go inside.”

My stomach lurched. They weren’t considering actually sticking a finger up my arse, were they?

Nathan came over and checked me out. “Nah! I doubt anything’s been up there, he looks as tight as a duck.”

Nathan extended his finger and rubbed it against my exposed hole.

My balls ached, and my cock lurched.

Nathan pushed against my pucker, it didn’t give way, but my cock lurched again, and I groaned as my body decided it had had enough and needed to release the tension in my groin. I came. Fuck, I came.

Cum spewed from my cock as it spasmed, it flew across my chest. As my cock calmed down my cum dribbled onto the pavement between my feet.

“I think we’re done,” James said. “And I think he’s done judging from the cum dripping between his legs.”

I’d never cum in front of anybody before, and despite the initial embarrassment, the pleasure took over, and it didn’t feel so bad. Now it was over I felt the deep embarrassment from earlier, and as I straightened up, I could look either security guard in the eye.

Nathan kept writing on his clipboard.

James told me to turn around and face him. My cock was shrinking but still had cum clinging to my foreskin. Usually, I would squeeze and stroke my cock to clear the remnants of cum, but with my hands bound behind my back, I couldn’t touch myself.

“May I get dressed now?” I mumbled at the pavement.

“Afraid not, young man. My partner here is just finalising the paperwork, we’ll give you a copy and then you can be on your way.”

“Ok, young man.” Nathan ripped off a piece of paper from his clipboard and folded it in four. “Hold this.” He said as he thrust the paper behind my back.

I took hold of the paper. “Are you going to untie my hands?”

“No. It is part of the process. People will see you like this as you make your way back to your home. That way it serves as a deterrent to anyone who thinks they are going to cause trouble.” Nathan explained.

“But I didn’t cause trouble!” I cried. “I was just minding my own business.”

“You were loitering and littering, Boy!” Nathan growled.

“What about my clothes?”

“In no less than 24 hours, you need to turn up at the address stated on the paperwork to retrieve any confiscated property.”

“I can’t go home like this! I need my clothes.” I tried not to shout at him.

“Too bad, Boy,” Nathan said firmly. “Come on, James. We need to get on with our patrols.”

Both security men went back to their patrol car and drove away. I was left naked on the side of the road, my hands bound behind my back. What the fuck was I going to do? I just wanted to get out of sight as soon as possible before anyone else saw me.

After a few seconds of wishing I could just magically transport myself out of this situation, I started the long process of walking home.

I would have run home, but when I tried the stones, sticks and cracks in the pavement hurt my feet. So I had to take it slow, my head watching the ground so I could see where I was going.

They could have at least given me my trainers back. This was bloody impossible.

It took me twice as long as it should have to walk back, and I was gawked and leered at along the way. Thankfully my cock stayed soft, and the cum covering my bell-end had dried.

Once I reached the driveway, I realised that my key was in my jeans pocket, so I had no way to get in. Shit! I just wanted to get inside and dash upstairs to prevent anyone from knowing what had happened to me.

I had no idea how to get in the house without knocking and either Adam or my Step-mum answering the door and seeing me stark bollock naked. I wouldn’t have minded if I could cover myself to prevent them from seeing my junk, but my junk was on full display.

I peered through the front window and saw Adam lounging on the sofa watching television.

Shit! One of them would have to let me in. Adam or Ruth?

Fuck! It had better be my little step-bro. I could perhaps get him to keep quiet about it. But Ruth! She would take great pleasure in telling my dad all about this.

Adam hadn’t seen me standing at the front window, so I used my head to knock against it.

Nothing. No movement.

I tried again, a little harder this time.

He stirred on the sofa and looked over to me.

I nodded my head in the direction of the front door.

He looked confused.

I nodded my head again and gave him a look that I hoped told him to go to the front door.

On the third time of trying, Adam got up off the sofa, and I went to the front door to wait for him.

The door opened.

“What the fuck…” Adam’s eyes bulged out of his head, and his jaw almost hit the floor.

“Yes, I’m fucking naked. Now follow me upstairs. I need your help.” I barged past him and dashed upstairs into our room. I felt Adams eyes on my arse as we watched me.

I stood in our room waiting for him, and when he did arrive, he had a smirk on his face.

“Stop looking at me like that and find something to cut this.” I turned around to show him my bound hands.

Adam immediately snatched the piece of paper I was holding and read it.

“Give that back,” I demanded.

“Someone’s been naughty, I see.” He laughed at me.

“Come on, Adam. Cut me free. I’m standing here with nothing fucking on. Please cut me free, this is so embarrassing.”

“Strip search!” Adam was surprised. “They can’t do that. Can they? Just because you accidentally dropped a bit of litter. That’s perverted. Fucking hell, Luke. This is weird.”

I smiled back at him. “Yes, and you live here. Once I get out, I never want to come back to thing fucking place. Wonder how long it will be before you are standing here like this, tackle out, shit scared of getting a hard-on. But I won’t be here to help you, it will have to be my dad or Ruth.”

“Fuck you!” Adam spat at me.

“How long are you going to keep me like this? Look, mate. I don’t want to have to go downstairs and get your mum to help. I promise I will never tease you if this happened to you. This place is just so fucked up if they can do this for what I did. I promise that I will always be here for you if you ever need me. I’ll be a better big bro.” I went over to my bed and sat down.

I noticed Adam’s eyes follow me and stayed on my cock as I opened my legs to let it dangle.

“Did you get hard?” Adam asked.

I looked away from him. “Yes,” I spoke quietly.

Adam came closer and looked at my chest.

“Did you cum? Is that dried cum on your chest?”


“Fuck! They didn’t wank you, did they? Or did you wank yourself?”

“No. Standing there fucking naked, the breeze on your bollocks and with two blokes looking at me, it just got me hard. It wasn’t until they checked my arse and I felt a finger on my hole, that my cock just exploded. I tried my best, but I just couldn’t stop it. Trust me, I wouldn’t want that to happen to you. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

“They didn’t go inside, did they? I’ve heard that they do that sometimes; shove a finger up your arse to check there are no drugs in you.”

“Thankfully not. But I think they were going to. One of the guys touched me with his finger through. It was that which made me blow my load.”

This was the first time Adam and I had really spoken about anything personal. It felt good. I’d always been a pain in the arse to him, and him to me. It was an odd situation. Both us were only kids, and my dad and Ruth thought we’d immediately click, me being an older brother and feeling protective of him, and him having an older brother he could look up to. But it never really worked like that. I lived with my mum, and he lived with his, and my dad. Whenever we met, it was always one of us encroaching on the other’s space. Him in my room or me in his. Me having him tagging along with me while I met my friends and me refusing to be seen out hanging around with his friends who were two years younger than me.

But now, we were talking like mates. Perhaps it only took me to be stripped naked so he could look at my body, maybe even feel like he was in a better position than me as I was naked and he was clothed. I checked his crotch and noticed his jeans were bulging more than usual. I don’t think anyone had ever talked to him properly about growing up. I know my dad never spoke to me about anything like that. He left it up to the school, and they were useless. I learnt things from my mates and their older brothers.

“Look, Adam. I know you don’t have anyone to talk to about this stuff, and I know I’ve never really been a friend to you, but you can always ask me, you know.” I looked down at my limp cock dangling between my legs. “I mean, I have literally no secrets from you now.”

Adam smiled, he looked cute when he smiled. His cheeks now had that rosy glow.

“Thanks, Luke.”

I stood up. “Now can you please cut this bloody plastic tie.”

Adam found some scissors and cut me free, I rubbed my wrists.

“Thanks. I’m going to take a shower. You’re not going to say anything to anybody, are you?

He said that he wouldn’t, and I actually believed him.

Once in the shower, my cock sprang back to life. Naturally, my hand went down and started stroking. I knew I wouldn’t last long as my fist was a blur as I stroked myself to orgasm. My balls ached, and my cock twitched, I suddenly got an image of Adam’s face in my mind, and cum flew into the shower.

Tomorrow I had to find the security office to get my clothes back, without my dad knowing.


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