Adam Gets His Inoculations
by David Heulfryn


Ever since my mum had been to the doctors for a check-up about a week ago, she had been wearing less and less around the house. But this morning I was surprised when she came into my room to wake me up. She gently shook me awake in the hope she wouldn’t wake my stepbrother, who was sleeping a few feet away in his bed. When I opened my eyes, I was confronted by my mother leaning over me, her breasts dangling in front of my eyes. I shook myself awake but wished I hadn’t as when I sat up I came face to face with her hairy minge.

I looked over at Luke and noticed he was still fast asleep. I was thankful for that. I didn’t want him to see my mother, flaps out, in my (or he would say our) room.

Satisfied I was awake she left me to get showered and dressed. It took several minutes of scrubbing my naked body to get the image of my naked mother out of my head. For the first time in weeks, I actually managed to take a shower without wanking my cock to orgasm.

As I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist, my mother passed me on the landing to take her shower. She was still naked, and I cast my eyes away from her as I had no desire to see her furry muff, again.

Back in my bedroom, Luke rolled over, and his duvet fell to the floor to reveal his naked body. Mark had kept the leather collar on him along with the leather wrist restraints, but he took pity on Luke’s cock and removed the cock ring and ball stretcher. I don’t think Luke ever lost his hard-on while he was wearing the cock ring, so it was nice to see his cock back to its cute soft self. Looking at him, I wondered how he managed to get any sleep with his arms still cuffed behind his back.

Despite Luke being asleep, I still slipped on my boxer briefs with my towel wrapped around me. Being around all this nakedness seemed to make me more bashful, and I didn’t want anyone to see my fourteen-year-old cock.

Mark had now woken and popped his head around my door. He noticed his son, still asleep but lying exposed.

“Morning, Adam. It’s nice to see Luke without an erection, don’t you think?” Mark came into my room and picked up Luke’s duvet from the floor and draped it over him.

I just grunted my agreement.

I was now becoming accustomed to Mark walking around the house naked, so it didn’t surprise me to see his half-hard cock. Mark really was quite well hung, and his cock was very thick.

“Good luck today at the docs, Adam. I really should have organised an appointment for you within the first week of moving here, but it just slipped my mind. Me and your mum have already had our check-up and if he,” Mark looked over at Luke asleep in his bed, “stays much longer they will insist that he gets a once over as well.”

“Why do we need to do this, It’s not like I’m ill or anything. I’m fine, so why do I need to see the doctor?” I asked.

“Well, to put it bluntly, it’s one of the rules of living here. But it’s part of the new community, it’s not about treating the sick, it’s about treating the well so that they don’t become sick. They really have turned things on its head. I think it’s a great way of doing things.”

“Oh,” I said, still not really understanding.

“Adam,” Mark came over to me and sat next to me on the bed. He put his arm around me, and I smelt his stale sweat. “I’m only just beginning to learn what this place is all about. It’s about community. Everyone is looking out for everyone else. I’m beginning to think that this move is the best thing we have ever done.”

“I suppose,” I said, and Mark stood back up, his thick, soft cock now in front of my eyes.

“I’ve noticed a change in you as well, Adam. You are becoming a more confident young man. And I’m pleased that you and Luke seem to be getting on better.”

“He’s not that bad.” I smiled at Mark. “Don’t you think he’s been punished enough now? He really struggled to get to sleep last night.”

“I suppose you’re right. Would you like to do the honours and release him?”

“Let me get dressed first.” I grinned at mark mischievously.

Mark smiled back at me. “I’ll leave it up to you. I’m going to join your mum in the shower. For some reason, I stink this morning.”

“You do.” I chuckled, and Mark ruffled my hair before going to the bathroom.

As I finished getting dressed, I could hear noises coming from the bathroom, it was my mother letting out groans and moans with Mark grunting whenever he thrust hard deep inside her. Fucking hell, I was actually listening to them fuck each other in the shower.

I didn’t want to listen to this, I wanted to go downstairs and get out of earshot. But I had one thing to do something first.

I went over to Luke and pulled his duvet off him. He looked so sweet and cute lying asleep, his skin was beautifully white and smooth, his pert arse cheeks made my cock lurch. I reached down and started to unbuckle his leather wrist straps, the motion made him stir, and he twisted his head and looked at me.

“Stop, Adam. Don’t. My dad will punish you. Just leave me like this.” I could feel the concern in his voice as it cracked, and a lone tear rolled down his cheek.

I carried on releasing his wrists, but when free, he kept them behind his back.

“Put them back on, Adam. Please!” Luke begged.

I wiped that single tear from his cheek. “It’s ok, Luke. Your dad said I could.” I started to unbuckle his collar.

“Really?” Luke still didn’t believe me.

“Yes, really. I said you’d had a bad night and that I thought you’d been punished enough. He agreed and said I could take these things off you. He’s busy in the shower fucking my mum’s brains out.”

We smiled at each other.

Luke sat up in bed and rubbed his skin where the leather had once been.

“Thanks, Adam,” Luke said.

“No problem.”

Luke made no attempt to cover his naked body, it seems that he had now got used to the new regime around here where nudity was the norm.

What he did next surprised me. He stood up and hugged me, tight. “Thanks, Adam.” He said again. His head rested on my shoulder.

I wrapped my arms around Luke and held him tightly against my body.

Luke released me, and we separated, I looked down at his crotch. His cock was still soft. I thought that our hug would get him excited, but I was wrong, there was nothing sexual in his touch, but perhaps it was for friendship and love.

I left him alone and went down to have breakfast.


There was another mother and her son in the doctors waiting room when we arrived. The receptionist greeted us with a beaming smile and asked us to wait until Doctor Wallace called us in.

The other woman smiled at us but didn’t say anything, her son was naked and reading one of the children’s books that were in the waiting room. The boy looked over the top of his book at me. He looked only about ten or eleven.

The boy closed his book at got up to put it back on the table. I looked at his little dick. It must only have been about two inches long, but some of that was a long foreskin that hung over the end of his knob. I swear he wiggled his pert arse at me when he turned to go back to his seat.

He wasn’t seated for long as a nurse came into the room and called the boy and his mother to follow her into her side room.

“He looked cute.” My mum nudged me when they had left. “I remember when you were that young and sweet. Did you see his foreskin?” My mum asked me. “I don’t recall you having one that long. You do pull yours back when you wash, don’t you?”

“Muuum!” I looked to the floor, why was she asking me this now. “I know how to wash myself.”

“Good.” She smiled at me.

A young man came into the waiting room and approached me. “You must be Adam Walker.” He smiled at me and held out his hand. “I’m Doctor Wallace, but please call me, Rob.”

I stood and shook his hand. “Yes, Sir.”

He looked at my mother. “Nice to see you again, Mrs Walker. Please, both of you come on through.”

We followed the doctor through to his consulting room. He sat at his desk, and he gestured for me to sit near him.

“Due to your age, Adam, your mother, must be present during this examination, but I’m sure you both don’t mind.” Rob turned to his computer and started typing. “Now, let’s get the easiest part done first. Please take off your t-shirt, Adam.”

I did as I was told; screwed up the t-shirt and held it in my hands.

“Give it here!” My mum pouted, took the rag from me and neatly folded it up.

Rob took a syringe from his desk and unsheathed the needle.

“Just relax your arm, Adam. It shouldn’t hurt.”

I was never too concerned about injections, so I watched as he delivered the inoculation.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“It’s nice to meet a curious boy.” He said. “This has been developed by Cockaigne Labs and is a broad spectrum anti-viral vaccine. This will help you fight off many, but not all, viral infections.”

“That’s amazing.” It sounded like a great leap forward in medicine. “Are there any side effects?” I asked.

“I’ve never had a boy your age ask such things, most adults don’t even ask about side effects.”

I smiled at him; Rob made me feel tremendously grown-up.

“The main reported side effect is that you may have a sore arm for a few days at the injection site. You may also feel a little tired for about a week afterwards, but nothing too serious. Interestingly, they found one side effect which has helped cement the very nature of our new society. People who are inoculated are more community-minded and are no longer restricted by the expectations of the outside society.”

I nodded politely at him as he explained it to me.

“Have you noticed anything different about your parents, recently? They had their jab about a week ago.”

I thought for a moment. “Well, they are a little more… I suppose a little less… modest. They never used to be so open about their bodies.”

“That can be one manifestation. But as this is a new vaccine, you will need to mention to me any possible side effects you may experience. That is why we will have two more follow up appointments.”

Rob started to do the usual doctor stuff; blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, lungs. He then made me hold my arms up so he could check the lymph nodes in my armpits.

I was dreading the next bit as he made me take the rest of my clothes off. My mum stood next to me, taking my clothes off my and neatly folding them up.

Naked, I held my hands in front of my crotch to conceal my cock.

Rob ignored my modesty for the moment and carried on with his checks; weight, height.

“Now, for my favourite part, Adam.” He smiled at me. “Put your hands by your side.”

I obeyed and closed my eyes.

I felt his fingers on my cock, he pulled back my foreskin, lifted my cock and checked the underside. He held my cock out of the way as he rolled each one of my testicles between his fingers. Then there was the hernia check as he thrust his fingers deep in my crotch and told me to cough.

“Thanks, Adam. Everything looks fine so far. Just one more thing…”

I had now covered myself up with my hands again.

“I just need to see your erection.”

My face dropped, and my cheeks went bright red.

“If you could just masturbate yourself for a few moments to make your penis hard.”

I stood motionless, in shock.

“Either you do it, Adam. Or I do.” Rob was deadly serious.

Reluctantly I took hold of my cock and started to stroke it. Mortified at having to wank in front of my mother and the doctor, I kept my eyes closed. I didn’t want to look at them watching me.

Despite my embarrassment, my fourteen-year-old cock soon sprang to attention. But I kept on wanking.

“I think that’s enough, Adam. I don’t want you to ejaculate over me.” Rob teased.

I snapped my hand away from my cock and let it stand proud.

Rob took hold of it and rechecked my foreskin and pressed his fingers along my shaft to check for lumps, I supposed.

“Thank you, Adam. You can get dressed now.”

Desperate to get dressed, I quickly grabbed my underwear from my mum and pulled them on. I didn’t mean to, but I gave her a clear view of my hard cock. I blushed once I realised.

My cock stayed hard and was obscenely tenting my underwear. I struggled to tuck it into my jeans as I pulled them up. But just about managed it.

When I was fully dressed, Rob passed my mum a slip of paper with the date and time of my follow up appointment.

“There’s no need to worry, the next appointment is just to make sure you are still well after the vaccine and to report anything unusual. You may come alone if you wish. That will depend on your mother, whether she is happy for you to come on your own as she may want to come with you.”

“We’ll talk about that later,” Mum told me. “Thank you, Rob. We’ll see you again soon.”

It seemed that my mum just decided she wasn’t going to let me see him alone next time.

“Just one more thing, Adam, before you go.” Rob stopped us before we reached the door.

“Yes?” I asked.

“How do you feel now, Adam?”

“Surprising good,” I told him.

I felt terrific in fact. Any shame or embarrassment I felt earlier when I was standing naked in from of Rob, and my mum with an erection had dissolved away and felt like that happened to another boy, not me.

I felt like a new boy.


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