Adam Gets Fitted For A New Jockstrap
by David Heulfryn


Mark came into my bedroom to wake me, but I was already awake. I was lying in bed, looking over at the empty space where Luke used to sleep. I was really missing him.

“I just came in to wake you.” Mark came in, and my eyes shifted to his soft thick cock as he walked over and sat on Luke’s bed.

He noticed the strange look in my eyes.

“You miss him, don’t you?” Mark rested his hands on his thighs.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“I had noticed how friendly you had become while he was here. And I think his last night you two became really close.” He winked at me. “We could hear how much you were enjoying his company his last night.”

I looked back down at Mark’s thick cock and saw it pulse at the thought of his son having sex with me.

“Did he fuck you?” Mark was getting very inquisitive. “Did you fuck him?”

“No!” I groaned and pulled my duvet over my head.

I heard Mark get up and come on over to me. He pulled the quilt down to uncover my face again, and I stared at his cock. It was no longer hanging but had sprung out and just sort of drooped; he was half hard.

“Well, whatever he did for you, you certainly enjoyed it.”

I blushed and buried my face into my pillow. Just remembering my last night with Luke was making me hard.

Mark grabbed my duvet and yanked it clean off me. My smooth arse provided an enticing target for him, and he slapped me hard.

“Ow!” I exclaimed and flipped over to stop him slapping me arse further. Instead, he saw my hard cock.

“Why don’t you get your arse into the bathroom and take care of that.” Mark slapped my hard cock and sent it swaying like a metronome.

I took Mark’s advice and jumped out of bed, rushed past him and into the bathroom.

I couldn’t pee with my hard-on, so I went straight into the shower. I set the water running and let it run down my body. I needed to relieve my full bladder, so I just stood very still and concentrated on starting the flow. It was difficult to start the flow with my cock being so hard, but when it began it shot out, and a healthy amber stream of piss shot upwards, almost to eye level and arched downwards to splash on the shower wall.

I washed as my piss was diluted from the shower spray and flowed down the drain.

As the last few drops of piss dribbled from my bell end, I grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. It felt good.

After a quick wank, I watched my cum splash against the wall. It was thick and didn’t easily flow. I took the showerhead and rinsed the wall and watched the white clumps swirl down the drain.


After my shower, I just slipped on some underpants and went downstairs. Mark and my mum were in the kitchen sorting out breakfast. My mum just had some knickers on, and her small pert breasts were exposed, Mark was still naked, his soft cock was swinging and slapping against his thighs as he shifted around the kitchen putting a pot of coffee on.

“Morning, Adam,” Mark asked me. “Did you have a good wank? Sorry, I meant shower?” he smiled at me.

“Yes, thanks. Very refreshing.” I responded.

“What? The shower or the wank?”

“Stop teasing him.” My mother butted in and put some bowls and spoons on the breakfast table. “When are you guys off to get Adam the sports kit he needs for next week?” Mum asked Mark.

I groaned at the thought of starting school.

“Think of it as a new adventure, Love.” My mum said to me.

“I’ll try, but I just get so nervous when I think of it. I won’t know anyone there. I’ve not even seen many other teens around here. It feels like I’m the only one here.” I whined.

“It does seem odd that we haven’t seen many other kids. We’ve not even seen our neighbours. There’s been no sound of life in the other houses around us.” Mum looked concerned and glanced at Mark.

“We just came early, Ruth. They needed me at the lab, but I have asked around, and the people I work with have said that people should start arriving very soon. They are moving a lot more specialists in the area.”

As if on cue we heard some removal lorries pull up at some of the houses around us. Mum and me went into the front room and peered out of the window. We watched the men open up the lorries and start moving furniture and tea chests into the houses.

“Still no sign of the residents.” My mum said to herself then slapped me on the arse. “Go and get breakfast.” She told me.

Mark was never one for eating breakfast, and while I was munching through my sweet cereal, he was standing, leaning against the kitchen cupboards. I was starting to like it when he did this as I had a fantastic view of his thick, soft cock as I ate breakfast. I think he knew I was always looking at him and enjoyed it.

My mum had finished her toast and went over to Mark. She kissed him on the lips, and I saw her hand fondle his thick, soft cock. He started to plump up but never got hard.

“Time to get ready, Sweetie.” She told Mark. “I want you two guys out of here soon so I can get some cleaning and washing done. Adam,” She looked over at me, “Your sheets are so stiff they could stand up on their own.” She smiled.

I blushed, “Sorry, Mum.”

“Don’t be sorry, Adam. It’s a normal part of growing up. I’d be worried if your sheets weren’t stiff. Now go and get dressed.” She smacked my arse again.


Mark drove us to the local shopping precinct, leaving Mum behind to do whatever she does when we aren’t around.

It looked busy, and for the first time, I saw other kids, of all ages, milling around. Some were with their parents, others were with each other, obviously friends.

“What’s the shop we need to find?” Mark asked me.

“CT Outfitters,” I told him.

“Let’s try this way, most of the kids with their mums are going that way.”

Mark led the way, and we soon found the shop. It looked like the busiest shop in the precinct, and I wasn’t surprised as the official start of school was only three days away and most parents, like mine, left it until the last minute to get the correct uniform.

We entered the shop and started looking around. It was quite busy, and we were soon approached by a young man in his school uniform.

“Good morning, Sir. My name is Jack. Can I help you with anything?”

Mark smiled at him. “Certainly, we need a total kit out for this young man for his new school.” Mark gestured to the young man’s black trousers and maroon blazer. “Is this the uniform?” Mark asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Jack said and unbuttoned his blazer. He opened it up so we could see his crisp white shirt and maroon and grey tie. “It looks very smart, doesn’t it?”

“Very smart, Jack,” Mark said. “And before we finish here, I want Adam here looking as smart and sexy as you.”

Did I just hear, right? Was my stepdad flirting with the young shop assistant? “Do you go to the local school?” I asked Jack to prevent Mark from flirting.

“I sure do.” He said. “The shop hires some pupils at this time of year to help the new intake.”

I nodded. It made sense.

“So, let’s get started. What’s your name?”

“Adam,” I said following him to a rack containing black trousers.

“Size?” Jack asked.

“Twenty-two waist, twenty-nine inside leg.”

“I’m impressed. Not many kids know their size.” Jack flicked through the rack of trousers and picked out the right size.

Next, we went to get a shirt, and he just picked up a school tie on the way.

The blazers were near the shirts. “I don’t suppose you know your chest size, Adam?” Jack asked.

“Twenty-six, I think.” I wasn’t too sure.

“Let’s just get a Twenty-six and see how it fits you.” Jack then asked, “How old are you?”


“Well, let’s see. You will be growing a lot over the next year, so we might want to go a size up. But we’ll see.”

“Thanks,” I said.

Mark, at this point, had strayed with boredom. He was hanging back, still looking at the trousers. I looked around for him, expecting we would go to the fitting room.

“Underwear.” Jack suddenly said.


“Should we get some underwear? What type do you normally wear?” Jack asked.

“Boxer briefs.”

Jack frowned. “What colour?”

“Usually black or navy blue.”

Jack hummed. “It’s up to you, but I have been to the school for the last year. Might I suggest you change to white briefs? You will find that you will fit in a lot easier. The coaches prefer them, and I have seen them giving kids that don’t wear them a difficult time.”

“Really,” I said incredulously.

“It might just be a coincidence,” Jack admitted. “But it’s really unofficially part of the uniform. I’ll pick you up some plain black socks as well.”


“Now, Adam. Let’s get you trying these on.”

I looked around for Mark. He was chatting to another father who looked equally as bored as he did. “Mark!” I called over to him and waved my hand in the air so he could see me.

Mark joined Jack and I and we were led to the fitting room.

When we walked through the fitting room doors, I was shocked at what I saw. It was one giant communal changing room where kids of all ages and both sexes where trying on their new uniform.

I saw bare-chested girls getting fitted for bras, some were even naked and changing into a swimsuit. But it was the boys I was really looking at. My eyes fixed on one boy, he was naked. He looked about sixteen and had beautiful blonde hair. His pubes were pure blond too, and his cock looked about six inches long, he was still soft. I watched as he pulled on some swim briefs and tucked his cock into the small, tight garment.

No one seemed the least bit bothered about changing in front of each other; even kids of the opposite sex.

Jack led me to a free space on one of the benches. “Now take your things off and give them to me. I’ll look after them while you try your new uniform on. And you really should start with the underpants.

So, like so many of the other kids around me, I got naked. I let Jack take a good look at my body, I had the feeling that he wanted to so I didn’t cover myself up.

Jack handed me some briefs, and I slowly pulled them up my legs. I let my soft cock catch on the waistband. Jack watched as my cock was lifted and was pushed flat against my belly. I plunged my hand inside and pushed my cock back down.

“They’re actually quite comfortable,” I told Jack.

“They look good on you.” Jack smiled at me.

I noticed Mark smiling at me and looking at the bulge I made in the briefs.

They both watched me closely as I put on the rest of the uniform. It fitted very well, and Jack decided that I should try on a larger size blazer. When Jack left us, Mark came over and hugged me.

“You look so smart and grown-up, Adam.”

I hugged him back, and we didn’t part until Jack came back with a slightly larger blazer.

Jack examined me when I changed the blazer. “Yes, it’ll give you room to grow. That’s the one.” He turned to Mark. “Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, we’ll take what he has on,” Mark said.

“A good choice, Sir.” Jacked winked at Mark. “But he’ll have to take them off first.”

“I wonder if you can help us with something else he needs?”

Jack straightened up as if to say, ‘at your service’.

“We had a visit from Coach Peters a few weeks ago, and he needs something to go with his sports kit.”

“I know Coach. He’s very particular about what his boys wear under their shorts. I’ll go grab some for Adam to try on for size.”

“Hold on.” Mark grabbed Jack’s arm to stop him running, in his excitement, to get some jockstraps for me to try on. “Not so fast. I want to start playing more sport, so I’ll need a new one too.”

I thought Jack was going to faint with excitement, and I noticed the bulge in his trousers. I swear I saw it twitch.

Jack left us, and I started to take off my new school uniform. By the time Jack got back carrying a selection of white jockstraps, I was naked.

“I got some small for you, Adam.” He passed me a jockstrap. “And some large for you, Sir.” He looked over at Mark.

They both watched as I slipped on the jockstrap. I didn’t tease this time and just moved my cock into the pouch.

“How does that feel?” Mark asked me.

“Fine, I think.”

“Let me check,” Jack said and knelt in front of me.

Jack checked the waistband was tight enough, told me to turn around and checked the straps that framed my arse cheeks. He told me to turn back around and stared at the cock filled pouch. Without asking, Jack felt my pouch and squidged my package. His touch made my cock start to fill out. He kept fondling my pouch, and my cock soon became hard.

He stopped fondling me and leant backwards, looking at my pouch now restraining my hard cock. He hummed a little then delved inside, grabbed my hard cock and moved it so that it was sticking up. Leaning back again, he looked at his handiwork.

“That’s better.” Jack declared. “I think Coach will approve.”

“That makes you look so gorgeous,” Mark told me.

Jack interrupted Mark staring at my body and bulging jockstrap. “Would you like to try yours on for size?”

Jack gave Mark a jockstrap.

We watched Mark undress. He gave his clothes to Jack, who neatly folded them.

Mark now stood in front of us in just his baggy y-fronts. He had a good body, hairy but nicely toned. He wasn’t well defined but didn’t have a pot belly either. I knew what was hidden beneath those baggy y-front, but no one else in the room did. Jack looked somewhat disappointed.

I was keenly watching as Mark he lowered his baggy y-fronts. Jack was looking the other way, but when Mark revealed his thick, soft cock, Jack glanced back, and his eyes nearly bulged out of his skull.

I then heard a few gasps around me and saw almost everyone staring at Mark’s thick cock. I noticed the blond boy from earlier, he was looking, and I saw him lick his lips. I smiled at him, but I don’t think he noticed me.

Mark pulled on the jockstrap that Jack had given him, he stuffed his cock and ball the best he could into the pouch.

Most of the people in the changing room looked and could tell it was too small. Marks pubes were poking above the waistband which wasn’t flush to his skin. The size of Mark’s cock and balls over-filled the pouch and pushed against the material, and the waistband out from his body. Mark wasn’t even hard. If he were to get hard, I doubt that the garment could contain him and I imagined it stretching and popping the stitching before flying off and hitting me in the face.

Jack stated the obvious. “That’s too small, Sir.” Jack handed Mark another jockstrap. “Try this one. It’s the next size up.”

Mark had garnered quite an audience as he slipped the small jockstrap off. It looked like his cock had fluffed up with all the attention. He tugged on his cock and balls and made sure we saw their full length.

I heard a few of the kids around me gasp, and I swear I heard someone whisper, ‘it’s very thick’. I agreed with that unidentified kid.

Mark pulled on the larger jockstrap and made a show of tucking in his cock and balls. When he was covered up, he cupped the large bulge in his jockstrap pouch.

“I think these fit better. What do you think, Jack?”

Jack grinned and knelt in from of Mark. He cupped the hypnotic bulge in front of him and jiggled it like he did with mine. The bulge grew but still restrained Mark’s large cock.

Jack grinned and turned to look at me. “You are so lucky, Adam.”

I smiled back at him and felt my cock twitch and begin to grow again.

Jacked pulled himself together and stopped drooling over my stepdad’s cock. “So, how many pairs do you want? I would suggest at least two. One for wearing and one for the wash.”

“Good idea, Jack.” Mark humoured him and pulled off the jockstrap he was wearing. He wasn’t hard, but his cock was arching out from his body. “I’ll certainly take this pair,” Mark dangled the jockstrap from his finger and passed it to Jack.

I could tell that Jack was tempted to sniff the pouch of the jockstrap he had been given, but he resisted and folded it the best he could and placed it on top of my neatly folded new school uniform.

I slipped off my jockstrap and showed it to Mark. “I’ll have these as well, and another pair. If you don’t mind, Mark.”

“Of course, Adam. Come here.” He beckoned me over and gave me a tight hug.

I can’t remember ever hugging Mark, and certainly not this hard. I felt closer to Mark than I ever had, and my cock was showing it. I grew hard, and I could feel Mark’s cock pushing against me.

When we separated, Jack looked at our hard cocks.

“Gawd, you two are so beautiful.” He told us.

“If you two are going to go to the same school, then I expect you to look after my favourite stepson, Jack.”

“Your only stepson, Mark.” I looked up at him.

“Well, that makes you my favourite. Doesn’t it?” Mark smiled sweetly at me.

“It will be my pleasure to take care of Adam, Sir.” Jack glanced down at my hard cock. “I love his ginger pubes; I don’t think anyone else at the school has them. We have some redheads at school, but they are dark red, and I’ve found their pubes tend to look brown. Adam’s are simply divine.”

My cock lurched, and a drop of precum dripped onto the carpet of the fitting room. I noticed that Mark’s cock was now drooping and going soft.

“Is there a toilet around here?” I asked Jack.

Jack looked at my hard, angry cock, “You don’t need a bathroom, just sort yourself out here.”

Two months ago, I would never have been seen naked in front of anyone, now I was standing around naked with a rigid cock thinking about tossing myself off in front of a room of strangers.

I curled my fingers around my cock and stroked myself slowly. I looked down and watched as I stroked myself. I would run a finger over my piss slit when I saw my clear precum ooze and glint in the harsh lights of the fitting room. Who would think that such a light, gentle touch could feel so good?

I felt an ache in my balls, but the noise around me distracted me.

“Cum. Cum. Cum.”

I could hear chanting.

I looked up and saw people surrounding me, cheering me on, waiting to see me cum.

Jack started clapping, “Cum. Cum. Cum.”

It looked like Jack’s trousers were struggling to keep his hard cock contained. I wanted him to whip it out and join me, but he kept on clapping and chanting with the others.

The chanting matched my stroking. I increased speed, and the chanting quickened. The chanting now controlled my hand, and they went even faster. My hand and arm grew tired, but I carried on, my balls ached, and I knew I was close.

I aimed my cock at Jack, he stood a few feet away from me, but I was determined that I wanted to cum for him.

My orgasm took me by surprise, and I was still frantically stroking myself as cum flew from my cock and sprayed in front of me.

The chanting suddenly stopped and was replaced by load cheering. Jack raised his arms, clapping above his head, and I heard him whoop and holler as he looked me in the eye.

I grinned at him as I came down from my orgasm, it was one of the best I ever had. I checked out the crowd who were all smiling and grinning at me, boys, girls, mums and dads.

Looking over at Jack, I noticed a string of cum streaking down his trousers. I’d actually hit him. I felt proud I could shoot that far.

Who’d have thought that little old shy me would turn into such an exhibitionist?

I went home that day filled with pride and confidence.


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