A Visit to the Doctor
by David Heulfryn


Owen came downstairs to find his wife, Lily, stomping around. She didn’t look happy. The family had only recently moved to Cockaigne and were still unpacking. Their two teenage sons were upstairs, asleep.

“What’s wrong, Love?” Owen asked.

“We’re in a mess! I hate this. We’re living out of boxes, and no one but me seems to mind.” Lily raised her voice in frustration.

“I’ll tell you what, me and the boys will make a concerted effort today to get as much unpacked and tidied as possible,” Owen suggested.

“You can’t.” Lily flounced. “The boys have an appointment to see the GP this morning. But when you get back, I expect them to unpack everything in their room and have it put away. You can’t walk in their room without stepping on something.”

“Sorry, I forgot. Shall I get them up?”

“Not yet. Let’s have a cup of tea first.” Lily sighed and flicked the kettle on.

Owen sat down at the kitchen table. “Work has given me the week off. How about I rally the boys to help you get the house sorted. It might stop Max from moping over James. We’ve promised he can come over as soon as the house is straight.”

Lily huffed, “Yes, you would have thought that would be incentive enough. It’s like his boyfriend has dumped him, and Finn could quite happily live in a pigsty.”

“I’ll get them sorted. If they promise and this place is sorted, I’ll take Max to see James this weekend, or he can come and stay for a few days if his parents agree.

“Thanks, Owen.” Lily placed two mugs of tea on the table and sat opposite her husband.

“What time’s their appointment?” Owen asked.

“Ten o’clock and half past. I can’t remember which is which.”

Owen checked his watch, “I’ll get them up in a bit and make sure they shower.”


The waiting room was empty. Owen ushered his sons to sit down while he spoke to the receptionist to announce their arrival. They were a little early, so she told him they may have to wait a few minutes before the Doctor was ready. As she finished speaking, a woman came out of the Doctor’s surgery, holding a young boy’s hand. The lady thanked the receptionist and left.

Max was nervous. He knew he needed to see the GP for a physical examination to convert his visitor permit to a resident’s permit. Max looked up when a door opened, and a young, blond man came through, smiling.

“Max Fletcher, please.” The Doctor smiled at the boys.

All three stood up and followed the Doctor into the consulting room.

“I’m Doctor Wallace,” the man smiled pleasantly and Max. He knew he was seeing the older brother first from his notes.

“Good morning, Doctor.” Owen extended his hand to greet the young GP. “I’m their Dad, and Max is okay with Finn joining us.”

“Are you sure, Max? We can ask your brother to wait outside, but your Dad needs to be with you.”

“It’s fine, Doctor. I want him here.” Max reached out to hold Finn’s hand.

“Okay,” Doctor Wallace smiled, “Let’s get on with it.” Max was guided over to the examination couch. “Please take your clothes off.”

Max knew it was expected that he would be naked and stripped without hesitation. He was becoming more comfortable now. Behind him, Finn took off his clothes as well.

The Doctor chuckled when he saw Finn taking off his clothes. “I don’t need you naked yet.”

Owen laughed, “I’m surprised he stayed dressed this long. I’m always struggling to get him to wear clothes.”

Max stood naked, waiting patiently for the Doctor. He’d never had a physical before, so he didn’t know what to expect. He’d heard about the hernia examination, so he expected the Doctor to be touching his genitals.

Doctor Wallace made Max feel at ease as he went through the standard procedure and explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. He was nothing like his old GP. He was old and gruff and made you feel like you were wasting his valuable time. Doctor Wallace treated Max like a person and always addressed him personally and never his father.

When the moment arrived for the hernia exam, Max took it in his stride, and he was advised that everything felt fine and that they were nearly finished. Max was glad. He’d been given a full bill of health and was complimented on keeping himself fit and healthy. The only criticism that the Doctor had was that Max could do better with his diet. He needed to eat more fruit and vegetables. But most teenagers needed to eat better.

The next question nearly floored Max.

“Are you sexually active?” Doctor Wallace asked.

Max was stunned. He couldn’t speak. Finn knew everything that James and Max had done sexually. But their Mum and Dad were in the dark.

The Doctor eased Max into answering. “I assume you have started masturbating.”

Max nodded.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“He’s got a boyfriend, Doctor. He’s called James, and they are very much in love.” Finn blurted out.

Doctor Wallace looked at Max. “That’s great. I’m glad. Do you kiss?”

Max nodded again.

“Mutual masturbation?”

Max blushed bright red and looked over at his father.

“Does Dad have to be here for this?” Max said softly to the Doctor.

“I’m afraid he does. You’re under sixteen, so we need a parent or guardian present during all consultations.” Doctor Wallace looked at Finn, “You could ask your brother to leave if that would make you more comfortable.”

Finn came over to Max and held his hand.

“I want him here,” Max told the Doctor.

“Okay, Max. Could you lie back down on the examination table.”

Max lay back down, his naked body exposed. Finn was next to him, still holding his hand.

“It’s alright, Max,” Finn whispered to his brother.

“Okay, Max. Back to the questions. Have you touched each other’s genitals?”

Max nodded almost imperceptibly.

“Made each other ejaculate?”

Another nod.

“Oral sex?”

Max looked over at his father. A tear rolled down his cheek, “Dad, please. Finn can stay with me.”

“Sorry, Max.” The Doctor said. “He needs to be here.”

“Have you had oral sex with your friend?”

“Yes.” Max choked on the word.

“Give and receive?”

Max nodded.

Finn squeezed Max’s hand, trying to reassure him.

“Did he ejaculate into your mouth?” Doctor Wallace spoke in an almost whisper, hoping it appeared they were having a private conversation.

More tears emerged, and Max nodded. He looked at his Dad but couldn’t get a sense of what he was thinking.

“Okay, Max. You’re doing well. Now. What about anal sex?”

Max kept eye contact with his father, “Please, Dad. Don’t tell Mum. She’ll go mad. I’m sorry, Dad.”

Finn squeezed Max’s hand again, “You’ve got nothing to be sorry about, Max.”

Max was now sobbing. What had been something very personal and private, a physical expression of his love for James, had been wrenched from him. He felt dirty. He felt ashamed.

Finn looked at the Doctor, “Yes, he’s made love to his boyfriend, and his boyfriend has made love to him. Can’t you see this is killing him?”

“I’m sorry, Max.” Doctor Wallace said, “But I do need to know as I now need to run further tests to ensure you don’t have any STIs.”

“He hasn’t, Doctor,” Finn intervened, “They were both virgins.” Finn looked at their father, pleading. “Please tell him you won’t tell Mum.”

“I won’t, Max. I promise.” Owen tried to sound reassuring.

The brothers looked at their father. They couldn’t tell what he was thinking, what he was feeling. Max knew he was underage to have sex but couldn’t tell if his father was disappointed with him. He hoped not. Finn hoped not.

“Okay, Max. No more questions.” The Doctor said and explained what he needed to do. “I’m just going to swab your penis. I’ll need to insert a thin swab into your urethra, it won’t be painful, but it might feel uncomfortable.”

Max kept his eyes closed as the Doctor examined his genitals. He could feel the Doctor pulling down his foreskin, exposing his sensitive knob. He shuddered as he felt the swab enter his penis. The Doctor had a good look at Max’s penis, checking for warts, lesions or any other damage. Max was then told to lie on his side and to bring his knees up to his chest.

Doctor Wallace lubricated his gloved finger and pushed it inside Max’s anus. Max could feel it root around and then rest on his prostate. It felt good.

“All done! You can get dressed now.” Doctor Wallace announced and snapped his gloves off, and tossed them into a clinical waste bin.

Max slowly got off the examination couch and dressed. He couldn’t look at his father.

It was now Finn’s turn.

“Do you mind if I wait outside, Min?” Max asked his brother.

Finn hugged his brother. He knew he was hurting. By calling Finn by his nickname, Min, he knew Max needed time alone.

“I’ll need you to come back when I’ve finished with your brother to have your inoculation.” The Doctor said, but feel free to wait outside.

Finn didn’t want to let Max go, but he knew he needed to. Max skulked out the door.

When Max had left, Finn turned to his father, “Don’t worry, Dad. I’m still a virgin. No one’s touched my cock other than me.” Finn thought a moment, “Or you, I suppose, and Mum. And the midwife when I was born, perhaps a health visitor. But that was all when I was a baby.”

“Alright, Finn.” Owen stopped his son from rambling.

In the waiting room, Max was lost in his thoughts. He thought about when he and James had made love. He thought about how euphoric he felt. He couldn’t believe sharing his body with someone he loved could make him feel so good. He didn’t want to let that feeling go. He didn’t want to feel ashamed as what they did wasn’t shameful. He felt safe talking to Finn. He never judged him. But he always felt his parents judged him. He could always do better. He could work harder.

The door opened, and Owen told Max they were ready for him again. As Max rejoined them in the consulting room, Owen hugged him. Max burst into tears again. He was determined to be strong, but the hug from his father broke down the barriers he had just built up.

“I’m proud of you, Max.” His Dad said. “I promise I won’t tell your Mum, and I promise it won’t change a thing. James can still stay over. I’m so glad you’ve found somebody you feel safe enough to try these things.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Max sniffed away a tear.

Finn jumped over and broke them apart, “Come on, Max. We need our jabs.”

The brothers rolled up their sleeves, and Doctor Wallace injected them with the special inoculation that all residents had to be given.

Max felt the needle in his arm, watching the clear liquid disappear into his body. He immediately felt a wave of pleasure pass through him. It went to every part of his body and then faded. It lingered in his groin, making his cock thicken, and then it also faded.

Max and Finn were now official residents of Cockaigne.


Owen noticed Max’s eyes were still red and puffy when they left the surgery. “We can’t go home with you looking like that, Max. Your Mum would ask questions. Why don’t we go to a café and get a drink first? I’ll just tell your Mum we’re running late.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Max said softly.

“Do you want to talk about it, Max? I promise I won’t get all parenty and judgmental.”

“We’ll see.”

Owen found a table out of the way of other customers. He ordered a cappuccino for himself, an americano for Max and a cola for Finn, who also chose a chocolate muffin.

Max slurped his hot coffee.

“You’re growing up, Max.” Owen started, “And I’m sorry I’ve not been there for you. I’ve missed it all. I missed how close you and James were getting. But I’m here for you now, Max. I want you to know you can ask me anything, and just remember that no matter what I say, I only have your best interests at heart. Sometimes I may not say what you want to hear, and I may highlight alternative options and choices. All I ask is for you to keep talking to me.”

“I will, Dad.”

“First of all, I just want to remind you about safe sex.” Max looked away from his father. “All I want is for you to be safe.”

“We were both virgins, Dad, so there is no risk.”

“Max, not all diseases are spread by having sex. There are others. Hepatitis, warts, herpes, HPV.”

Max looked worried. He reached over to hold Finn’s hand.

“It’s okay, Max. I’m sure you will get an all-clear from Doctor Wallace. He’s checked you for everything. And, the next time James comes to visit, I’ll take him to see Doctor Wallace so that he can get a full check-up. He’s over sixteen, so his parents need never know.”

“But I’m sure he’s fine,” Max whispered.

“And I am, too,” Owen said. “It is just to make absolutely sure. Either of you could have picked something up and shared it.”

“You’re making it sound very scary, Dad,” Max said.

“I don’t mean to, but it always makes sense to get checked over before starting a new sexual relationship.” Owen turned to Finn, “I hope you’re listening too.”

Finn looked surprised to be brought into the conversation. He was stuck with the last bit of his chocolate muffin in his mouth.

Max chuckled as Finn struggled to swallow. Owen smiled at his youngest son.

“So how did it feel, Max. How did it feel to have sex?” Owen asked.

Max blushed, “It was great, Dad. I felt closer to James than I ever had.”

“How many times have you done it?”

“Just the once, it was recently. We haven’t had the opportunity to do it again. I would like to, but I’m not going to do it just for the sake of it. I want it to be like before. I liked that we could hold each other afterwards.”

“Max, there’s nothing like your first time. And yours sounded like it was verging on perfect. I wish mine was like that.”

Finn piped up, “When did you lose your virginity, Dad.”

Now it was Owen’s turn to look embarrassed. “I was fourteen.”

Finn spat out a mouthful of cola. “Fourteen! You were younger than Max.”

“I’m not proud of it. I was too young. It was a quick fumble in her bedroom as her Mum went to the corner shop. She thought it would be safe to leave us alone for ten minutes.”

“You did it in ten minutes.” Finn giggled.

Owen shrugged, “I could have done it three times in ten minutes.”

“Was that with Mum,” Finn asked naively.

“No, it was my first girlfriend.” Owen explained, “I was just so horny. I came almost the moment I entered her. Needless to say, she didn’t get anything out of it, and I got very little.”

“Why?” Max asked.

“Well, I was just so horny. We only had a few minutes. It was just mechanical. We didn’t kiss or hold each other. I just stuck it in and came. She never wanted to try again. It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I tried again. It was better that time. I wasn’t so quick, and we had plenty of time. Not long after, she broke my heart.”

“So, when did you meet Mum?” Finn asked.

“That was later. I was in my early twenties and had come back from University, your Mum had graduated, and we met in a pub.”

“So, when was the first time you had sex with Mum?” Finn asked.

“Finn!” Max nudged him in his ribs, “That’s private.”

“I don’t mind, Max. To be honest, Finn.” He looked at his youngest son, “both of us thought it was a one-night stand. We met, and I took her home for the night. We thought that would be it. But!” Owen sounded firm, “I am not advocating one-night stands. They are not a good idea.”

“I don’t think I could, Dad,” Max said. “I don’t think I could just go to bed with someone without knowing them properly first.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” Owen and Max looked at Finn.

“How would I know. I haven’t started dating or having sex yet.” Finn tried to sound innocent.

Owen’s phone beeped. He had a message. “Your Mum is wondering where we are. We have a lot to do this afternoon. I promised your Mum that you would unpack properly today.”

“Daad!” Finn whined.

“Come on, let’s go.” Owen stood up, but Max was reluctant to get to his feet. Finn had stood up, and Owen noticed the bulge in his sweatpants. It was obvious that Finn had an erection. “Are you hard, too, Max?” He asked.

Max nodded.

“Walk behind us. That’ll hide it from people. It’s the inoculation you had.”

Owen walked out, followed by Finn and Max.

Max shoved his hand down the front of his jeans to adjust his hard cock. He tried to make it less noticeable.

“What do you mean, Dad?” Finn asked.

Owen said that a major side effect of the inoculation was an increased libido, or permanently horny, which he had to explain to Finn. It also breaks down your inhibitions. But it only lasts a few days.

Max just wanted to get home and deal with his erection. It was so hard it almost hurt, and his balls ached for release.


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