by Daniel Thomas


London being London I can’t honestly say that I’d ever really got to know Roger and his family. There had been the odd greeting coming up our separate paths and a hello in the shopping centre should we chance to meet but that was about it. Despite this, I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of regret when I saw the For Sale sign go up on their upstairs flat next door – mainly because of the entertainment which Roger had given me from my kitchen window. He was sexy in that unknowing way many straight men are – very sexy. Mid 30s, firmly built without being too muscled, still boyish face and short dirty blonde hair. From my few encounters with him, he was also very quiet though willing to be friendly if you made the effort first. The only other thing that I really knew about him was that he was an obsessive car cleaner. Every Sunday afternoon, regular as clockwork, he would be outside on the road cleaning his car inside and out, putting my shabby and battered Renault to shame. And this routine of his always gave me a half hour or so to stand at the sink and pretend to do the washing up, watching while he worked. The summer was always more revealing, showing him in his shorts and T-shirt with an occasional bare back flashed at me by a helpful breeze. His pale skin was incredibly sexy – mainly because of the hinted promise of the bits that I couldn’t see…Still, he was clearly straight and no more than a wistful afternoon fantasy.

I work away a lot so, after a 3 month stint away, it was hardly a surprise on my return when I saw a moving van outside our two properties. Sure enough, Roger appeared on his way down the stairs with a couple of boxes under each arm.

“You’re finally off then?” I asked.

“Oh hi – yeah, the sale went through pretty quick in the end.”

“Where are you off to?”

“Staying in the area…kids’ schools and all that. They’re just at that age where they need a bit more space. You know…”

“Yeah, sure…anyway, I’ll let you get on…”

A nod later and that was it. Bye bye to my lovely fantasy man.

A couple of hours later, I looked out of the kitchen and saw that the van had gone, although the car was still there along with one or two boxes in the front garden. Roger reappeared and saw me up at the window. He waved and then carried on with moving stuff towards the car. Rather embarrassed about being caught out being a nosy neighbour, I went down to my front door.

“Do you need a hand with anything?”

“Oh cheers…actually – you’re all right…this is pretty much it. Melanie and the kids are at my mum’s and I’m just taking these essentials over to the new place for tomorrow. I’ll only be five minutes now.”

“Well, give me a shout if you need anything.”

And then as I turned to go back up to my place –

“You know, we used to think you were watching us out of that window till we realised it was your kitchen…” And he gave a shy grin before returning to his work. I managed to force out a short laugh to hide my embarrassment.

“Sorry to disappoint you but whoever did the bloody conversion on my flat decided it would be clever to put the kitchen at the front …”

“Yeah that does seems a bit weird…so what have you got at the back?”

“A third bedroom which I never use…your kitchen’s more sensibly done then?”

“Come up and have a look if you like…you can have a nose round before the new lot come in next week.”

And that’s how I found myself following Roger up the stairs into next door. Their flat was indeed much better organised with the kitchen at the back even though it meant that I had an extra bedroom. We wandered into the front room talking about this and that. I turned to go back out their hall and noticed a huge oak mirror on the long adjoining wall of our two houses.

“Great mirror…you’re not leaving that are you?”

“We are actually — got nowhere for it in the new place.”

“I’d have bought it off you if I’d known…I’ve been looking for something like that for ages.”

“Shit – if I hadn’t packed all the tools you could have had it now…I’m not particularly happy about leaving it for them, especially as they’ve pissed us about so much with the moving date.”

“Oh well, never mind…”

There was an awkward pause and I realised that my tour had come to its natural conclusion.

“Anyway, I’d better let you get on or they’ll be sending out a search party….”

Roger laughed – “Yeah, thanks…” and he smiled his big shy smile and shook my hand. Your wife’s a lucky bitch, I thought.

The next morning the door bell rang. Sunday at 9 – who the hell was that? Suspecting it might be my friends Heather and Tim coming to drag me out for a papers and cappuccino session, I hauled myself out of bed and slipped my dressing gown on as I stumbled down the hall. It was only as I got to the door that I realised I was going to have to deal with my morning hard-on so I pushed it flat against my stomach and tied it down flat to my stomach with the dressing gown cord. I was about to lay into Heather as I opened the door when I saw that it was Roger, smiling and holding a screwdriver and a couple of other tools.

“Morning…sorry to wake you but I had to come back to meet the agent this morning and I managed to get a couple of things from my mum’s garage…”

I obviously looked a bit bed-hair blank so he continued – “…and if you still want that mirror…”

“Oh god…yeah – well thanks…how much do you want for it?”

“Oh nothing – honestly – I’d much rather that you had it than our buyers, believe me. Can you just come over and give me a hand with it cos it’s pretty heavy once it’s unscrewed.”

“Sure…just let me get dressed and I’ll be over…”

Roger interrupted me. “Can you just come as you are…I only need you to hold the mirror and I haven’t got that much time?” He stopped himself. “That is if you don’t mind – and you haven’t got company…”

Chance would be a fine thing, I though. ” Ok – just let me put the door on latch.”

He started to go upstairs so I had a couple of seconds to flatten my hair. Fortunately, the cool morning air had dealt with my other problem, though it did give me an uncomfortable reminding twitch as my eye level caught up with Roger’s tight arse as it, and he, made their way up the stairs.

“If you can just make sure you take some of the weight at the sides while I unscrew the corners, that’d be great.” Roger was already in the living by the time I got my bearings in their flat again. I was still slightly dazed from being dragged from my slumbers, but obediently spread my arms wide to take hold of the mirror while Roger stood in front of me, working with the screwdriver. It was all going swimmingly until he crouched down to work at the two lower screws. In his movement, his back dragged against the front of my dressing gown and that was the moment the knot chose to loosen and come apart. The only thing that saved my blushes was that he wasn’t able to see what was going on as his head and shoulders were blocking his view in the mirror. Unfortunately, in his movement as he worked, the back of his head began to brush very lightly against my thigh and crotch, and when this chanced to brush against my cock, I was helpless to protect myself. Worse still, the sight of him on his knees in front of me with his trousers gaping slightly at the back, the tickling and occasional rubbing of my groin against his hair – things were beginning to happen. I had to keep holding the mirror. Had to. And the only way that I could cover up was beyond my control. I was just reaching half mast when fate decided to give me a break and Roger stood up suddenly and took the weight of the mirror from the top two corners.

“OK – I’ve got it”. I don’t think my hands had ever moved so quickly as I gathered up the sides of my gown, readjusted the offending article that was giving me most of the trouble and re-tied the knot before he had the chance to turn around.

“Can you take this side for me – it’s pretty heavy…shall we put it at the top of the stairs for now?”

“Sure” I mumbled, relieved that my moment of difficulty seemed to have passed.

We played out a strange removal pas-de-deux and eventually got the mirror onto the landing and up against the wall.

“Thanks for that…” Roger smiled.

“No, thank you – you’re the one doing me the favour. It’s going to look great next door…you sure I can’t give you any money?”

“No honestly, it’s fine….”

“Well if you’re sure…I’d offer to babysit or something but it’s a bit late now! Can you just give me a quick hand to get it downstairs? ”

“Course I will…d’you fancy a quick cup of tea first…the kettle’s still here and there might be a couple of biscuits from yesterday as well.”

As I hadn’t had any breakfast, or even the chance to swill my mouth out, I said: “Thanks – that’d be lovely” and found myself following him into the kitchen.

“Sorry I can’t stretch to anything more, but the cupboards really are bare!”

“Don’t worry about it…cup of tea will wake me up a bit. I was a bit spaced out when you knocked this morning.”

“Sorry…was a bit early for a Sunday…” He reached over to fill up the kettle.

I carried on – “Not to mention that I’m feeling rather under-dressed for having breakfast out.”

“Not as much as you were a minute ago…” Roger caught himself and there was an awkward silence of about 10 seconds that seemed more like an hour. God knows how red I went. I muttered my apologies, adding “I thought I’d got away with that…” and tried to make a joke of it. “You’ve probably seen more of me in the last 24 hours than in the previous 3 years of living next door…”

He gave me a strange look and then carried on making the tea. He paused and looked back at me quizzically.

“Does that always happen with gay guys?”

I was slightly thrown as I didn’t know that he and his wife actually knew I was gay, but I supposed that a guy living on his own with no regular lady friend on the scene had made them discuss my private life in passing. And the fact that I’d just got an erection behind his head probably helped the deduction as well…

“Er…what – you mean pathetic dressing gown cord knots?” I smiled but it was clear that he was being serious, although he didn’t seem offended. Either way, I thought better of being flippant. “No it doesn’t…just a combination of the morning thing that we men encounter and…”


“I’m not sure that I should answer that…but you…” I wanted to carry on by saying that his company had certainly helped me along but realised that I was suddenly in the middle of another awkward, more awkward, pause than a few moments earlier. I was about to make my excuses and tell him to forget about the mirror when I looked up and saw that Roger was blushing bright red.

“See, I’ve embarrassed you now…I’ll just get the mirror and go…” I was about to continue making an utter fool of myself when Roger reached out his hand and pulled open my dressing gown cord.

For the second time in 10 minutes, I felt incredibly exposed and for a moment I was half-expecting a blow to the stomach, but I looked up and saw that, whatever the hell was going on behind his eyes, it wasn’t violence.

He looked me up and down and then straight in the face, as if he was daring me to make the next move. I wasn’t really sure what to do but did nothing to re-tie my gown. He made no move, so, emboldened, I took a step towards him and playfully pulled his shirt out of his jeans. He did nothing and so I reached forward again and pulled at the belt of his jeans. Again, he didn’t stop me. I took a half step forward and opened his belt-buckle and just left the free end hanging there. I could see that something was going on in his jeans and my cock was fully erect and on display so it wasn’t as if I could stop the game now and pretend it was all innocent. So, I took a step towards him, put my hands on the top of his belt and slowly began the undo the top button and then the others on his fly. I could hear his breathing now but still he said nothing. The final button popped and his jeans fell down about his ankles. His cock looked great through his tight grey trunks and I wanted to grab it but it didn’t want to scare him off when we`d got this far, so I stopped and looked back at his face. He seemed to be concentrating hard but still he gave me no sign of what I could do or where this was going. I kept eye contact with him and put my thumbs inside the top band of his shorts. Even this tiny contact against his skin made me shake a little and I felt him quiver too…I slowly pulled them down a little, pulling the top out over the head of his cock so that just the head was visible. It was moist and red, straining against the remaining material. There was no return for either of us now so I pulled the rest of his trunks down and his now free cock snapped back up against his shirt. I left his pants half way down his thighs and undid the lower two buttons of his shirt so that his cock now bobbed against his stomach. I cupped his balls in my hand and gently dropped to my knees, my own cock now still raging hard against my belly.

He still hadn’t moved but, again, his breathing was heavier and I could feel the heat coming off his body. I squeezed his balls gently and kissed his shaft, before beginning to lick up its length. I stopped as I reached the head, savouring the taste of that till last, and went back to attending to his shaft. He was emitting little gasps by now, as if in anticipation of what was to come, but his arms were still passive by his side. His cock was truly beautiful – about seven inches with a good girth and the same pale colour as the skin on his body. The head was almost fully out of its foreskin and as I moved back up again, he tensed and it sprang away from his stomach for a second, leaving behind a thin string of precum which fell and nestled into the top of his pubes. I caught it on the tip of my finger and wiped it against my lower lip. It was sweet and made me even more desperate to have the whole of his head in my mouth. I ran my nose up his shaft for the last time and took his cock head between my lips before engulfing it and half the shaft in my mouth. I took him in further and further before moving back up and slowly swirling my tongue around his head, sweeping all his precum as I went. This time I heard a sharp gasp and intake of breath and I was about to begin going down on him properly when he took hold of my shoulders and lifted me back to my feet.

“No…no…” he said, looking at the floor. “I started this and if I’m going to do it, I want it to be both of us…50-50…”

I could see he meant it. I stood up and looked at him.

“Roger, at the moment I feel like I’ve won the lottery, mate…I’ve seen you come in and out of that front door for years and fantasized about what this might be like. We can play it however you want…”

He managed to raise his gaze back up to mine. “Just show me what you do…”

I took him by the hands and placed them inside my dressing gown on my arse. He pulled me toward him slightly and I felt my straining cock up against his, still moist with my saliva. I wasn’t sure that he’d let me kiss him, even though I was dying to, so I just busied myself with opening up the remaining buttons on his shirt, revealing his smooth firm chest, his pink nipples and the tops of his muscular shoulders. I pulled his shirt away from him and at the same time he slipped my dressing gown off my shoulders and left me naked and exposed. His pants were still around his thighs but hardly in the way so I left them on him…it was sexy to see him half-undressed like that but he stepped out of his trousers and kicked down his pants so that we were both free. He was still hardly moving but that fact that everything was continuing at this slow, slow pace made it feel incredible. I could feel him very gently kneading my arse cheeks and we were now close enough for me to get a hold of his smell. He was clearly freshly showered and had just shaved. Somewhere there was a dab of aftershave. I leant my head in just a touch so that our noses were next to each other and I could catch each quickening breath he exhaled. Suddenly we were locked in a deep kiss, without tongues to start with and then urgently exploring each others mouths. I ran my hands down his chest, over his tight nipples and down over the cultured pathway of hair from his diaphragm, over his navel, and down to where his pubes began. Now he was brave enough to explore me more and his hands ran across my thighs, up the inside to my balls and towards my surging cock. He took me in his hand and started to tug, a little clumsily at first, but then more sensitively, using my foreskin to protect my pulsing head. I massaged my hands down the sexy V at the bottom of this abdomen, down to his groin and again took his balls in my left hand whilst grasping his cock with my right. I wanked him slowly and he picked up my rhythm and we masturbated each other for a while, kissing all the time.

We seemed to stay like that for a long while but I wanted to taste and feel all of him so I manoeuvred Roger towards the worktop and turned him round, repositioning myself behind him so that I could carry on wanking him. His hands were flat against the surface and his gorgeous arse was sticking out, rubbing against my cock. I couldn’t resist pushing myself against him but I was desperate to taste him again so I went down on my knees and stuck my tongue first under the base of his ball bag and then up towards his buttocks and where his arsehole began. I took Roger’s hand and placed it on his cock…”Slowly” I whispered, and placing both my hands on his bum cheeks I gently parted his firm muscles to reveal his pink, almost hairless hole staring back at me. He stopped for a second, unsure of what I was about to do, but I gently kissed his arse cheeks and licked the inside of each with my wet tongue. I felt him ease and slowly positioned my tongue right down the centre of his crevice before beginning to lap against his sweet hole. He tasted fantastic, clean from the shower with a hint of masculine salt and musky tang. I drank at his hole like a thirsty man and felt Roger’s relaxation and enjoyment manifest itself by the subtle thrusting of his arse towards my eager tonguing. I knew that he was enjoying it now and started to probe his hole more forcefully, stabbing the tip of my tongue into him like a piston. Roger began to tense again, but this time through pleasure not wariness. Now he needed to feel what I was doing and his hand started a more frenetic action on his cock. This man was so hot that I wanted to stick my whole face inside him but I didn’t want to tip either of us over the edge just yet, so I reluctantly stood up and slowed Roger’s hand to walking pace again. His ass was still moist from my rimming and I started to play with his hole using my thumb, just circling around his anus to begin with before slipping the tip in and then up to the first knuckle. Roger gasped at this intrusion and I felt his knees buckle slightly. I was worried that I had gone too far and I paused, but again the strength of his breath gave him away so I kept inching forward, down to the second knuckle and the very base of my thumb. I could now feel the bulge of his prostate and continued to bump my thumb tip against it while we wanked his cock hand over hand. I knew what this was doing to him, and how fucking hot that made me feel, but I was determined to keep things as slow as I could bear. His arse was so tight that I could feel its tension surging the blood to the point of my thumb…I wanted to fuck him but I knew that was never going to happen, not on this one and probably only chance I had with him. I felt Roger begin to quicken the pace on his cock so I pressed right up against his prostate one last time before withdrawing. I turned him around by his shoulders and we kissed again, hard, probing, deeply tonguing while we caressed each others balls and cocks and nipples. There was more urgency now as we both sought the relief of climax and I could feel him beginning to take charge. But I was determined to fuck this gorgeous man, or have him fuck me, so again I pulled away from him. I placed my hands on the top of Roger’s shoulders and pushed him down so that we were both on our knees. We moved down to floor level and I got Roger to lie down on his back before straddling him. He raised his thighs slightly so that he took some of my weight and I reached forward to kiss him full on the mouth, in the tiny cleft in his chin, onto his neck and his adam’s apple. I raised one of his arms above his head and tongued his bicep before burying my nose and then mouth into his armpit, savouring the sweet fresh sweat from our sex. I could feel Roger gently bucking beneath me so I manoeuvred my arse over his cock, rubbing just the head against my hole. I was now moist with his precum and could feel his beautiful cockhead pulsing against my anus. I rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my arse and then around and into my hole. I was so relaxed now that I eased the tip of his cock inside me, then the head, the rim of his glans and then his shaft, first a third, savouring the full width of him, then more, until his whole cock was engulfed in my arse. Roger was gritting his teeth now as the full sensation enveloped him, and he half sat up, taking his weight with on his arms, so that he could take my nipple in his mouth, sucking and teasingly biting, before reaching up for another full and passionate kiss. I pushed him back and held on to his shoulders and rode his fervent cock – he was fucking me now with long, hard strokes and I played with my cock, varying the rhythm till I was on the point of cumming. I had to let it go as I didn’t want the sensation of him inside me to end before I was ready. I let out a huge groan and felt Roger, thinking that he was causing me pain, freeze beneath me.

“No…don’t stop now…keep fucking me…”

He grunted back – “I don’t think I can last much longer….this is so fucking amazing….”

“Go for it…just don’t stop…”

He gripped my hips and we fucked to an increasingly frenzied beat, his hips raising and lowering further on each thrust, and I timed the contractions of my arse to squeeze his meat on every entry. I knew I was close but I wanted to wait till he came inside so I left my cock to bounce and flail with each of his long strokes. I could feel Roger swelling still further within me and his breathing became louder and more strained with every forward shunt, banging against my raging prostate. He gritted his teeth hard.

“I`m nearly gonna cum….oh fuck…fuck”…I grabbed my cock and thrashed with him, fast desperate strokes now. He bucked high one last time and I felt his seed shoot into the deepest part of me…once – twice, pulsing more and more and then I blew and saw my own cock fire spurt after spurt of cum onto Roger’s chin, his chest, his nipples and then his stomach. I was lost for several seconds as my orgasm fucked with my brain…Roger was still fucking me but more slowly now and I could feel him begin to soften though the intensity of each stroke was still incredible. I placed my hands on his hips to stop him and leant over him, feeling my cum between our two bodies. He leant up halfway to meet me and I licked my cum off his chin before sticking my tongue deep back into his mouth. He put his hands on my sweaty arse cheeks, caressing them and feeling where we were still joined: his hand fingering the base of his cock, still firmly inside me. We collapsed off each other onto the cold kitchen floor and finally his beautiful cock slipped out of me. I held it in my hand, feeling its heat and stickiness, wishing it was still inside me and I was still connected to Roger, wanting my cock to give him the same fantastic sensations. He looked at me and shook his head.

“Where the fuck did that come from?”

“Don’t ask me” I replied, still breathless. “I’ve fantasized about it but didn’t think for a minute it was ever going to happen…”

“Really…you’ve thought about having sex with me…?” There was a genuine incredulous tone in his voice.

“Jesus, Roger, have you seen yourself…I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve wasted imagining even the most fleeting of encounters with you…you coming in for a drink, me giving you a massage…you name it…if I was really lucky fucking you over your car!” I laughed, slightly embarrassed at having given so much of myself away.

“I don’t really see myself like that…” came an equally embarrassed reply.

“I realise that…maybe that’s why you’re so fucking attractive. Anyway, you can stop fishing for compliments – you’ve had your wicked way with me and I know that you’re married. You’ll just have to pack this one up in the moving van and leave me here with my memories.” I smirked at him as I said this, knowing that I wanted a lot more of what I couldn’t have. He smiled back and leant in to kiss me. I lost track of the next few minutes but we were up and dressed (or dressing-gowned in my case) by the time the doorbell rang and the estate agent arrived wanting the keys. There wasn’t really time for a goodbye – just a strange look from the agent as we passed by him on the stairs but with the mirror as an alibi nothing more was said.

When I got in, I leant the mirror against the hall bannister and opened my dressing gown in front of it, marvelling at my red and spent cock staring back at me. I went into the kitchen, still slightly euphoric but also rather dazed at what had happened, and as I looked out of the window as I saw Roger walking with a final box under his arm, down the path and up to the gate. The agent was with him and they shook hands. They both briefly looked back at the house and Roger saw me watching them. He got into his car and, with a still shy smile, drove away.


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