Strangers & Open Windows
by Damien Dsoul


He stared into the centre of his glass of bourbon which stood before him on the bar counter but didn’t make any move to touch it. His mind was lost in deep thought when suddenly he felt a hand tug against the sleeve of the right arm of his jacket and he turned to stare into the smiling features of the man sitting a chair away from him.

“Hi there,” the unknown man said to him. He too had a glass of wine laid before him; it was so funny that the man had probably been sitting there for a while and he had been too engrossed in his thinking that he had not for a moment noticed that he wasn’t alone the bar.

“Hello there,” he acknowledged the man’s greeting.

The man left his chair and came and occupied the one close to him. He extended his arm for a handshake. “The name’s Mickey.”

“Pleasure meeting you, Mickey. I’m Rob.”

“Likewise meeting you, Bob,” Mickey said, letting go of his hand. “Hope I’m not bothering you or anything. Just that I couldn’t help but notice the grim look there on your face and figured a company would do you fine.”

Rob couldn’t help but sense some humour in this. “I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I heard any person say something like that. Not like I’m trying to shoo you off, I’m just saying that in such situations, folks tend to want to mind their own biz than butt into someone else’s.”

“Well, here’s to us not being like such people,” Mickey raised his glass at him. Rob did the same and together they cheered to each other’s health and then took a swallow off their drinks. When they were through, Mickey ordered a refill for both of them.

“What are you drinking?” He asked Rob.

“Bourbon,” he replied.

Mickey made a face at this. “Not usually my kind of drink, bourbon, I mean. I’m more of a Johnny Walker fan. At least after working hours, I mean. It’s a bit early to be heading off to join the Mrs., if you know what I mean.” He winked at Rob, who once again laughed at his witty humour.

There were in a men’s bar along the junction of J. Wilson Street and August Boulevard. It was a little past the hour of seven in the evening; it wouldn’t be long before the bar begins to get filled up with the usual patrons, though for now, they were the only ones there.

Rob took a glance at his new friend’s hand and true enough spotted the branded gold circle of a wedding ring on his hand, just as he too had one. The man noticed where his eye was going and gave a shrug.

“I’ve been married almost seven years now, and often when I wake up in the morning, I keep getting the feeling that I’m stuck somewhere between Hell and a place called Purgatory.”

“Not a good comparison, I can tell you,” Rob opined.

“Really? Well, pardon me for pretending to be Oscar Wilde. How long have you been hitched, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Four years. Though for me, I’d say that sometimes, most especially the weekends, just seem to grow so long without end.”

“In other words, it’s been smooth sailing for you both, right?”

“I can’t really say. I’d just passed the Bar exam when her old man kind of forced her on me. But even then, Cheryl and I have had a fantastic life.” Rob took a sip of his drink; Mickey gave him a piercing stare that seemed to mean much.

“There’s more to that story of yours, isn’t there?” he enquired.

“You ever run into any married couple who’ll tell you they’ve had it smooth and easy since they got married. If you do, let me know. I’ll eat off my shoe.”

This elicited laughter from his friend. “Let’s hope I don’t get to see you do that.”

Both men took a sip off their drinks. A brief moment of silence passed between them, as slowly, people began trooping into the bar and the bartender went over to answer to their needs. Rob was enjoying his conversation with his new friend, he didn’t wish for it to end so soon.

“So, how about you, Mickey. How’s the married life been for you and the Mrs.?”

“Not too smooth,” Mickey answered confidingly. “As I said, we’ve been together getting unto seven years now, but in all that time till present … I suddenly realised that I really don’t love her that much. Not that I don’t love or care for her – I do. But … there’s a part of me that simply doesn’t. A part of me craves for something else.”

“Go on,” Rob egged him on to continue. He was so intrigued with wanting to hear all that his new friend had to say.

Mickey was about to say something, but suddenly held himself back. “This might sound awkward, but I don’t … don’t know if I should. I’m often shy at such things.”

It was then that Rob reached a hand for his. It was a simple touch, but between both men, it was obvious that it meant much to them as they sat there staring deep into each other’s eyes, feeling a kinetic sweep of energy engulf both of them.

“Please,” Rob said in a soft wooing voice that sounded effeminate. “I’d sure like to hear you finish.”

“Well, perhaps it’d be best I show it to you, then you’d know. How about we finish our drinks and find someplace private.”

This was just the right type of invitation Rob had been waiting for since the evening began, and for a moment he couldn’t believe how lucky he was as he hurriedly drained his glass, picked up his briefcase which had stood beside the foot of his chair, and then followed his new found friend out of the bar.

Rob wasn’t quite familiar with this part of town – even though his law firm office was just half a block from the bar – but his friend seemed to be quite adept with his surrounding and indicated that they take a brief stroll to a discreet motel not too far from where they were for them to get better acquainted with each other. Rob was all in for it, and had to stifle the urge of holding his friend’s hand while they made their way down the street, pushing past other pedestrians who were in their way. To anyone’s eye that might have been curious to know, they both seemed like typical workaholic friends, taking a walk along the street while all around them, the ebb of the city went on with its unending flow.

The motel located in a cul-de-sac off 130th Street. It did have a cosy and yet discreet feel to itself and Mickey led the way into it, making Rob wait in the lobby while he went and conferred with the wheezy old man who sat behind a boot by a corner of the room. Rob watched his friend take out his wallet and count out a couple of bills that he then passed over to the old man, who then reached under the boot and handed him a room key before going over to join him. Together, they made their way up the stairs, down a narrow corridor, till they got to their door and Mickey unlocked it and as they stepped inside, turned around and locked the door again.

It was a simple room, possessing two windows positing on the east and south end, looking out into the street, while a made bed stood under one of them.

Rob allowed his briefcase to slip from his hand to the floor and as Mickey turned to face him, he wrapped his arms over his neck, like only a woman would on the night after her wedding, and grasped his lips in a kiss.

Mickey accepted his kiss willingly, and began taking off his jacket and shirt as Rob too was doing the same. They kicked their shoes off their feet, and in no time, they were naked except for their undershirt and briefs. Still having their arms wrapped around each other, they approached the bed, and Mickey sat on it and pulled Rob’s briefs down to his ankle. Already, Rob’s cock was erect and throbbing. Mickey stroked it for a moment before then popping it into his mouth. Rob shut his eyes and muttered a gasp as his friend’s tongue rolled over the cap of his penis, and then went further to swallow him whole.

“Oohhhh yeah … Mickey, that feels so good,” Rob muttered. He rubbed his hand over his friend’s head, egging him to continue with what he was doing.

“Just so you should know,” Mickey paused to say, his hand busy stroking his friend’s cock. “I love nothing more than sucking cock.”

“Yeah, me too,” Rob said.

Mickey resumed sucking his cock. He stopped to spat on his erection, stroking it while he bent his head to suck on his friend’s testicles one after the other before returning to his cock sucking.

A moment later, Rob made his stop and pushed him back to lie on the bed as he then came to his knees before him and grasped his cock in his hand. Like what his friend had done to him, Rob repaid the favour first by stroking his cock and then opening his mouth wide enough to swallow it. Mickey moaned his pleasure, loving the way Rob’s mouth seemed to tighten around his shaft and he reached and pressed his head further downward, making Roc choke on it. Guttural sounds escaped from Rob’s throat as he swallowed as much of his friend’s throbbing cock that he could.

“Oh God, Mickey,” Rob whispered. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

He rose to his feet, spat into his hand and inserted his fingers into the crack of his ass, lubricating his hole – regretting that he hadn’t thought of carrying any lotion on himself – while taking pleasure watching his friend stroke his shaft in readiness for him. When he felt ready, he came towards the bed and straddled his friend’s waist and taking his cock from him, gently slipped it into his ass.

Rob cried out a little as he felt the cap of his head slowly ease into the open space of his ass, but the pain momentarily dissipated into pleasure as the shaft of his friend’s cock slowly went into him. Rob leaned forward, rubbing his hands against his friend’s hairy torso as gradually he began to bounce on him. Mickey reached both hands to grasp the softness of his ass as he soon began to thrust his shaft in and out of him. Both of them were busy moaning their pleasure; Rob was so engulfed by the warmth of rapture he was feeling as he squeezed the nipples of his breasts with one hand while his other went on stroking his still erect cock.

After a while, they changed position, and this time, Mickey came on his arms and knees while Rob positioned himself behind him and carefully aimed his cock into his asshole. Mickey muttered a deep, lengthy groan as he took in his friend’s cock.

“Hot-damn, Mickey,” Rob gasped, “your ass sure feels good to my cock.”

“Uh-huh. I love the way your balls keep slapping against me,” Mickey whispered back at him. “Oh God, Rob, don’t you cum just yet. Don’t you dare cum.”

Rob went on fucking him. Often he’d smack his palm on his friend’s butt, loving the way his cock went in and out of him. It felt so good he soon had to pull himself out, lest he made himself cum too soon.

After exchanging positions again, knowing that they were both at their peak, they then lay in a ‘69 position, with Rob on top and Mickey underneath as they sucked off each other’s cock, working each other to a climax. Mickey was the first to cum. Rob had his cock firmly enclosed in his mouth as he then flooded his mouth with his semen. Rob swallowed everything, and licked the ones that slipped off the side of his cock, and he too made grunting sounds as his own turn also came and Mickey did the same thing of swallowing all of his cum.

They lay there in each other’s arms a while later, totally spent. Their body glistened with their sweat; air in the room smelled of sex and semen, but what a lovely smell it seemed to both men as they lay there massaging each other’s body.

“How did you know?” Rob asked. Mickey didn’t need a mind-reader to tell him what he meant.

“I didn’t at first, really. But after I sat down and noticed the sad look that was on your face, I just figured I’d talk you up first … see where it all leads to. Though I’m glad it ended nicely. I bet your wife doesn’t know, does she.”

Rob shook his head. “No way in hell I can let her know – it’d drive her crazy if ever she finds out. Her and anybody else that’s close to me.”

“I know what you mean, I have the same issue with my family, too,” Mickey affirmed. “The way I see it is this: Life is shit. But sometimes you’ve got to keep the windows open, ‘cause you don’t know what’s coming at you.”

Rob kissed him. “You sure have a way with words, you know.”

“I try my best,” Mickey replied, returning his friend’s kiss with one of his own.

It wouldn’t be long before both of them washed up, got dressed, and left the motel with the intention of making plans to meet again in the nearest future. It wouldn’t be long before they returned to the reality of their separate lives, but at least for now they were safe and happy in each other’s company, as only friends and secret lovers would.


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