Strange Relationship
by Damien Dsoul


Jenny went on pulling down clothes from inside the closet and dropping them into either of her open bags. She took down the ones that were in hangers, and when she was through went and carelessly began riffling through the drawers, flinging clothes over her shoulder, most of them landing haphazardly on the bed and floor. Gilbert stood leaning by the doorway watching her with dumb expression. Jenny glanced at him, sniffed, and then went ahead yanking out other drawers and discarding clothes out of them; Gil made no attempt at stopping her, neither would he have dared. The end of the road had arrived and there was no turning back now.

Finally Gil couldn’t hold it back any longer as he took a hesitant step into the room. “Jenny, can’t you just stop to talk about this?”

“Talk about what, Gilbert?” she replied coldly while bending down to scoop up several of her undies and dumping them into one of her bags. Obviously she was still in a foul mood from their last night talk – she seldom called him by his full name except for when she was royally pissed at him. This was one of such days, if not the final day he would see her in such a mood.

“I mean … don’t you think … don’t you think you’re being wholly unreasonable about all this?”

“And what could I be so unreasonable about, eh?” she abruptly zipped her bag and turned to face him, pausing to push a lock of her blonde hair off her face. “Tell me, Gilbert, what can I possibly be so unreasonable about? The fact that you’ve been lying to me all this time? All this time we’ve been dating – that you’d come home and be in bed with me – that you’ve all this time been sleeping with someone else – a guy? How can you possibly expect me to stand here and hear what else you have to say?”

“And I did say that I’m sorry,” Gil pleaded. “Look … I’ve always wanted to tell you about it, but just didn’t know how. Last night – when you brought up that talk about us getting married – I just couldn’t hold it in anymore … I mean I … I love you too much to want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me, you say? Well, if that was your intention from the get-go, then you most certainly succeeded on that. You sure as hell did, you bastard.”

“Would you have preferred if I hadn’t told it to you?”

“That’s not the point,” she retorted, “and you know it.”

She resumed stuffing clothes into her bag. Gilbert wanted so much to come to her, to hold her in his arms and tell her how much he still loved her, how much he still so much wanted her … except he couldn’t. He’d unarguably set fire to that bridge last night when he related to her about his strange relationship.

“Just tell me two things,” she turned to face him again. “And I want to the truth from you, Gil. How long have you been … gay?” she spat the last word out of her lips like it was something vile.

“Long enough,” he said, trying to avoid the question.

“How long, Gilbert?”

He gazed down at his feet and muttered: “Since I turned nineteen.”

“All this time that you and I were dating, where you doing it as a means of … using me, or where you being for real about everything?”

“Come on, Jenny. You know how much I love you –”

“That’s not answering the question, Gil?”

“Alright, the answer’s yes – I was being real – and you’ve always known me for it.”

She turned around and picked up both her bags. “Yes, I once knew you. Now I don’t anymore. Goodbye, Gilbert.”

Words hung in his mouth but for some reason they wouldn’t come out as he watched his erstwhile girlfriend walk out of his apartment and from there out of his life. He went to the window and watched as she hailed a taxi, exchanged some words with the cabbie and then dumped her bags into the backseat before jumping in. The taxi then drove away taking his Jenny along.

The apartment suddenly seemed so lonely with only him being in it. He went about putting the room back in order, pushing the drawers back into place, picking up some of the stuff Jenny had discarded out and returning them into the closet. When he was finished, he went into the kitchen to prepare himself a snack. After the row he’d had with Jenny last night and early this morning, he figured he could do with a large appetite. He made himself two sandwiches and a Coke, but in the end he could barely finish one. He ended up chucking the remainder of his sandwich into the bin and returned to the bedroom. He thought about calling Chuck, but didn’t think he yet had the stomach to report the good news to him – yes, I’ve finally gotten rid her – and to hear him gloat about it, which most likely he knew he would.

He remained in the apartment till about six when he decided to step out into the evening. To a usual hangout of his and Chuck, he went.

It was early in the evening so the crowd inside hadn’t yet begun to grow, though he did notice a couple of familiar faces but he paid them not mind and headed straight for the bar. He’d switched off his cell phone, knowing that Chuck would be expecting to see him this evening.

“What will it be?” the bartender asked.

“I don’t know … make it a shot of bourbon.”

“Make that two,” a voice behind his shoulder said.

The voice belonged to a sandy-haired young man, most likely in the same age range as Gil, wearing an open bomber jacket and frayed jeans; a pair of shades rested on his forehead. He bore an eerie resemblance to Sting when he was still rock and rolling with The Police. The young man came and occupied the stool beside Gil, taking down the shades from his forehead and pocketing it.

“I’m Frost,” he extended a hand towards Gil who shook it. “Just don’t call me Frosty the Snowman. I hate that man.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it. I’m Gil.”

“Pleasure meeting you, Gil. You know, it’s a shame drinking bourbon alone – the drink doesn’t mix well that way.”

“I couldn’t think of anything else. I’m not in the mood for a beer today.” Their drinks arrived and they toasted to each other’s good health before downing their drinks and ordering for another. Frost lit a cigarette, offered one to Gil who declined, and blew a cloud of smoke above his face.

“So, what’s it that’s got you sulking?” Frost asked.

“It’s kind of complicated, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.”

“Alright, it’s like this: I’ve been living a kind of double life all this time, and last night I finally had to let go of one.”

“Which did you choose to keep, the male or female?”

“The male. The female left this morning.”

“Boy, that’s a bitch. At least you told her the truth, didn’t you?”

“I did, but somehow I still don’t feel so very happy about it. I know my boyfriend has been ringing me up, but I’m just not in the mood to talk with him. Right now I just want to be someplace else.”

“You poor thing, you deserve more than just a shot of bourbon. How about you and I heading over to my place for some nightcap? I’ve got a car parked outside.”

Gil shrugged and said: “Why not.” They finished their drink; Frost squashed his cigarette in an ashtray and with their arms around each other’s shoulder, navigated their way through the pressing crowd out of the joint.

Frost’s ride was in a parking lot situated across from where the club was, though they barely made the journey to it. Already as she stepped out of the club, Gil had his hand in the back pocket of Frost’s jeans, feeling his backside while Frost caressed his neck with his. As they reached the parking lot and made their way towards Frost’s car, they both began attacking each other.

Frost pressed Gil’s back against his car, ripped his shirt open and began applying kisses to his chest. When finally he came up, they wrapped their arms around each other and smacked their lips together in a kiss. They moaned in their throats, their tongues searched out each other’s, and their arms wrapped and groped each other’s body as animalistic sex took over.

“I wanna make love to you right here and now,” Frost wantonly declared. He fell to his knees just as Gil hurriedly fumbled to undo his zipper and belt buckle. Frost impatiently pulled down his pants and freed his almost erect cock from within his shorts. He gave his cock a couple of gentle strokes before wrapping his lips around the mushroom head. Frost took him whole into his mouth, pressing his nose to his pubic hair before pulling back. Gil took his shaft in his hand and slapped it playfully against his cheek before allowing him to pop it back into his mouth. While he was busy sucking, Frost undid his jeans buckle with his hands and pulled his tool out and went on stroking it with one hand while his other was wrapped around Gil’s cock. His mouth made slurping sounds, and he’d pause to look up at Gil, wanting to see how he was taking it.

“Alright … my turn now,” Gil said, pulling Frost to his feet and did the same thing of his back against his own car; both of them were in a frenzy, wanting each other so badly. He wasted no time sucking Frost’s cock, savouring the taste of pre-cum that oozed out of the tip. His entire body rang with fear and excitement. The fear of being caught out here in a parking lot where anyone could observe them doing what they were doing, and excitement in the sense that he was here having sex with someone whom he didn’t know nor had ever met before. Whoever would have thought that such type of sex could be as exciting as it is for him right now? If Chuck ever found out about this, chances are he’d shit a bird.

After a while, when he felt he’d had enough, Frost turned around and offered his ass to him. Gil searched out his wallet for a condom he always carried with him just in case and quickly tore it open and wore it on. When he was ready, he rubbed saliva around the tip of his cock before slowly pushing it into the puckered hole that was Frost’s ass. Frost sighed what felt like relief the moment Gil’s cock penetrated him.

Gil took things gently, wanting him to get used to his shaft, and gradually upped his tempo. Within minutes both of them were sweating as they leaned on each other and on the car. They both made grunting sounds – Uhh … Uhh … Ohh yeah! – as the vehicle rocked along with them. Frost pumped his ass back at him almost each time he felt Gil’s cock leaving.

Frost looked at him over his shoulder and gasped: “Your cock feels so good in me … I want you to come in my mouth.”

Gil felt like he was on a spaceship travelling a million miles across the galaxy and abruptly fell back down to earth as he perceived the rising sensation taking place within his cock.

“Oh Damn … Damn! Damn!” he gritted his teeth as he pulled out his cock as he felt himself shoot out his wad. Frost turned around and went down on his knees. He quickly removed the spent condom and took in the thick sea of sperm that was inside.

Both of them had finished putting back their clothes a while later and were about sharing one final kiss for the night when a figure appeared at the entrance of the lot. Both of them turned their heads and Gil was so surprised to see Chuck standing there observing the two of them he was momentarily stunned and speechless.

“Chuck … I didn’t know you’d be coming by the club tonight?”


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