by Damien Dsoul


There was a heavy downpour of rain falling on the city. Jimmy and Williams stepped out of the revolving doors of the cinema house where for the past two hours they’d been watching the latest Brad Pitt flick. Jimmy was wearing his favorite Raiders jacket and together he and his lover stood under the eaves of the theatre building and waited for a taxi to drive past. They soon found one, flagged it down and then hurried under the rain’s onslaught to jump inside of it. Williams gave the driver their address, who then put the vehicle into gear and drove off at a reduced speed.

“Boy, look at what the rain’s done to you,” Jimmy ran his fingers through his lover’s hair.

“Well you don’t look so pretty anymore, Mary Poppins.” They both shared laughter. They leaned their faces closer and shared a kiss.

The driver watched the two of them canoodling in the back seat of his vehicle. Their hands touched and groped each other while their lips were still interlocked in a kiss; the background noise was of heavy rain still pelting the rooftop and windscreen of the vehicle. This wasn’t the driver’s first time picking up gay lovers in his car. Though he was straight, but sometimes he couldn’t help but feel turned on from watching play with themselves as these two were doing right now.

The two lover’s lips came apart and they smiled at each other sensuously. Jimmy rubbed his index finger playfully on Williams’ lips. Williams took his finger into his mouth and sucked and rolled his tongue it as if it was his love tool; their hands felt over each other’s crotch, feeling the erection that lay hidden inside their jeans struggling to jump out.

Jimmy licked his lips and whispered: “I want to suck you first.”

Williams cast a cautious eye at the driver. Jimmy noticed the driver’s eyes staring at them through his reflection mirror.

“Don’t worry about me, boys.” The driver smiled at them. “You two go ahead and do your thing. I don’t mind; it’s a free world, after all.”

The lovers seemed to relax after he said this and went on with what they were about to do. The taxi took a left turn and suddenly became stuck in traffic. The cab driver swore under his breath but took solace in watching through his mirror. His eyes flew open as Jimmy unzipped his lover’s jeans, unearthed his throbbing erection out of his boxer shorts and began sucking him. Williams caressed his lover’s head while Jimmy’s mouth bobbed up and down and salivated over his cock.

“Aaww … Aaawww … yes. Oh yes, suck me off.” Williams moaned and sucked air through his teeth. He felt a hot stirring in his loins as Jimmy twirled his tongue over the mushroom head of his cock. The cab driver adjusted his front mirror to be more focused on them. He unbuckled his pants, took out his cock, wet his hand with saliva, and began stroking his shaft. His eyes flicked back and forth from the traffic and the pouring rain to the lovers in the back seat. As the oral delight went on, so also his hand went up and down on his erection.

Jimmy went on sucking his lovers cock with relish, his mouth slobbered over his rod till eventually Williams’ body became tensed with excitement. He pressed a hand down on the back of his head, wanting him to increase his sucking, which he did.

“Ohh shit!” Williams gasped aloud in the interior of the cab. “Oh shit, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

Jimmy didn’t relinquish his mouth as his lover blew his load of juice into his mouth. Jimmy gobbled up everything, licked up the tiny droplets that still seeped off the tip of his cock. When he was through, he gave his lover’s cock on final kiss before coming up for air. Williams held his lover’s face in his hands and kissed him with so much passion. He tasted his own semen on his lover’s tongue but was unmindful of it; he even loved the taste, just as he too would willingly suck and swallow his lover’s load anytime and anyplace.

“I love you, Williams.” Jimmy half whispered.

“I love you too, Jimmy.” The reply came with another lengthy kiss.

Williams crossed a leg over and straddled Jimmy on the seat while their lips remained kissing. Jimmy’s hands cradled and groped Williams’ ass from behind his jeans. The cab driver all the while had watched them while his hand fervently went on stroking his cock. He half shut his eyes and began to moan as his jerking was now reaching fever pitch. His moans turned to a sudden groan as he ejaculated semen on the legs of his pants and also on the floor mat. His face flushed as he realized the two lovers had been observing him all the while, and though was relieved that they didn’t give him the evil eye at his watching them.

Outside the downpour continued to hammer down on the city relentlessly.

An hour went by before the snail trail of the traffic began to ease along forward on the street. Another hour went past before the taxi drove into the quiet neighborhood where they lived; the rain’s downpour had simmered down somewhat. Williams settled the fare and as well thanked the driver for allowing them the use of his back seat. The driver told him no problem, and then drove off. They hurried across the street to where their apartment building stood.

Into the lobby they went and up the stairs to the second floor where their apartment was. The apartment felt suddenly warm the moment they stepped inside. They helped each other out of their wet clothes and then took a shower together – this was something they almost always did every day. They did a little bit of romping as they took turns sponging each other’s body before washing and then drying themselves up.

Williams went into the kitchen to cook up some grub; it was too bad they couldn’t go out and order a pizza or something. He made them a hot plate of spaghetti and carried it to the bedroom where Jimmy was.

Jimmy lay on the bed checking through a handful of mails that had been lying in wait outside their apartment door. He was flipping through them with a disapproving look on his face. Bills … bills … bills … wait a minute.” His hand stopped on an envelope; a look of happiness lighted his features. “Hold the phone – it a letter from George. My God, I can’t believe it. After all these years, he’s finally gotten in touch with me.”

Williams dropped the hot plate on a side table, a curious frown on his face. “Who’s George?”

“An old buddy of mine I haven’t seen since college.” His hands ripped the envelope and a two-page letter fell out. He picked it up and his eyes did a quick scan of it. “My God, wouldn’t you know. He says he’s planning on coming here on Friday. You’re going to like him once you meet him.”

“What kind of fellow is he?”

“He’s a nice guy, easy-going and funny. Back in college we shared the same dorm room. Hung out a lot of times till his parents took him to Europe and I lost touch with him. Here, he even wrote down his phone number.” He stopped to glance out the window. “It’s kind of late right now. Might as well make the call when I get to the office tomorrow.”

“Come,” Williams said. “Let’s eat before the dinner gets cold.”

Williams didn’t sleep much that night. His mind was filled with the thought of this his lover’s old friend George coming between their lives. Though he couldn’t picture what he looked like, but that didn’t stop him from being a bit nervous about it. He was so afraid of losing Jimmy, and even when he figured he ought not be worried about such things – the added fact that they’d been with each other getting on to three years now – still wasn’t enough for him to shake off his doubt. And he didn’t know why, why he always had such an uneasy feeling whenever it comes to Jimmy. There have been times when Jimmy had gone off for work and he’d remained coped up in the apartment and he’d be worrying his head off for nothing concerning Jimmy. He knew without a doubt how much Jimmy loved him … but sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder.

He snuggled himself closer to the sleeping form that was his lover and forced his eyes to close shut for the night.

The day that was Friday eventually arrived without fanfare. Williams had been out all day auditioning for a local theatre production and didn’t return home till it was almost five. He entered the apartment and heard laughter coming from within. His heart did triple jumps when he looked at his watch and recalled Jimmy’s old friend George whom had been expecting to arrive today. He went into the bedroom and found Jimmy there with some other stranger; they had been sharing a joke before we walked in on them.

“Hi there Will,” Jimmy came over and hugged him, giving him a kiss on his cheek. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming home anymore. How did the audition thing go?”

“Swell. I think I’ve got a shot at landing a lead role.”

Williams was speaking to him, and yet his eyes were focused on the stranger who sat languidly on a chair at the other side of the bed. His eyes too were on Williams. He rose from the chair and approaching them, smiling. He was an inch or two taller than Jimmy, slim with long legs. His face was angular and he had a growth of moustache under his nose. His shirt was folded up to his elbows. When Jimmy introduced him to Williams, he noticed a star tattoo with in insignia on his arm.

“Jimmy’s been telling me nice things about you,” he said.

“He told me the two of you knew each other back in college.”

“Yeah, those were the good old days. Parents moved to England and decided to ship me along for the ride. I got in touch with an old acquaintance of ours back in London and it he who told me how to get in touch with him.”

Later when George had settled in, Williams inquired about his days growing up in England.

“It was boring. Really boring. Lousy weather and the folks can’t speak any decent English, even though they created the damn language. I was lonely over there. Times I felt like running away and coming back, except I couldn’t swim.”

Williams decided to tread carefully when he asked about his love life over there. From all indication he couldn’t tell if really George was one of them or still in the closet. Jimmy hadn’t mentioned anything regarding that and the last thing he wanted was to spook their guest.

“I’ve had my share of lovers,” George answered airily. “Some come and some go. Good ones though are hard to find. They break your heart so easily.”

The three of them went out to a night club that evening. By the time they returned to the apartment, the three of them well enough inebriated, Williams felt unequivocally relaxed with George’s presence. They stripped before each other, showered, and then fell to bed; George lay in their middle.

That night Williams felt someone’s hands pressing against thigh. He hadn’t completely gone to sleep yet but the more he felt the hand’s pressure made him come wide awake. George’s nose was inches from his; his lips fell open and they kissed. They were still kissing even as Jimmy leaned over them, wanting to get a share. The three of them exchanged tongues with each other; their hands fondled and grasped each other’s body and erection.

Williams came and positioned himself between their legs, stroking their erection while the two of them moaned in each other’s lips. Williams licked the head of their cocks one at a time before opening his mouth wide to consume each. He made a grunting sound as he jammed their cocks further into his mouth all the way to his throat before coming up gasping for air; he loved the taste of pre-cum oozing out of the mushroom tip of their cock. George pressed his head down on his shaft and Williams went ahead bobbing his head up and down, filled with the excitement it gave him as he attacked their balls.

“Uhhh …Awww …” George and Jimmy moaned almost in tandem.

“I want to get fucked right now,” George nearly pleaded.

George rested his legs on Williams’ shoulder who came forward, seeing his gaping hole waiting for his cock to dive in. He licked his fingers and then rubbed them over the head of his cock, wanting to get better lubricated, and then gently inserted it into his lover’s friend’s asshole. He fucked him for a couple of minutes, loving the tight feel of his ass. Williams eased his cock back out for a moment before plunging it back, making George cry out. Jimmy knelt beside him stroking his cock which he then offered to his hungry mouth. George made muffled grunts as he sucked on his old friend’s cock while Williams went on hammering him.

Williams pulled out and knelt before him, sucking his cock while Jimmy came and crouched behind him and began fucking him that way. Williams had his mouth wrapped tight around George’s cock and he was grunting in his throat as his lover went ahead pounding him from behind, smacking his ass while he did. The feeling was beyond mere ecstasy.

“Oh yeah … yeah, fuck me like that!”

Jimmy gave him exactly what he desired.

They switched places later as Jimmy came and straddled his old friend’s cock while Williams stood before them, offering his cock to his lover. Eventually Williams gave a sharp cry, announced that he was about to cum. He began fucking Jimmy’s mouth hard and fast till finally he shot his wad over his face. Jimmy was still bouncing over George’s cock while Williams lay beside them gasping; his cock speedily growing limp from the experience even though he was still very much excited by it all. George pulled his cock out of his Jimmy’s ass and made deep grunts as sperm shot from the tip of his cock over the back of Jimmy’s ass; Williams came over and licked his juice off his lover’s ass.

“Come now,” Jimmy muttered, breathing heavy as his hand held his still hardened cock. “I want to shoot myself over the both of you.”

George and Williams knelt before him like dutiful servants waiting for the moment. Williams sucked his cock whereas George nibbled over his balls. Thick semen shot out of Jimmy’s cock and landed on their faces. They licked semen off each other’s face and then shared a lengthy kiss.

The morning sun was less than two hours by the time they snuggled against each other and fell asleep.


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