The Son in the Morning and the Father at Night
by Curtis


I’m a farm hand, and my name is Chris. I’m not a farm hand by choice. As a child and early adolescent, I had attention deficit disorder. Fortunately I outgrew it, but since I learned very little at school, I have to work at whatever menial job that I can find. But that doesn’t mean that I am not intelligent, because I am. It’s just that I am almost illiterate. It also doesn’t prevent me from being a good-looking guy, which I am. I am 32, 5′ 8′ and have a muscular body that comes with heavy farm labor, not from a work-out gym.

I could be a janitor, or a security guard, but I always liked the outdoors and being a farm hand lets me fulfill my dream. My grandpa owned a farm which I often visited as a boy. So that’s how I got the idea for my career job.

When I was 14, I discovered that I loved to suck cock. I kept all the boys my age in my neighborhood happy and drained dry. Not that I look or act gay, because I don’t. My other hobby is cooking. Somehow I find it therapeutic, and they say I’m a pretty good cook, as well as a pretty good cocksucker. In my early 20s, I worked in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant, and by watching and asking questions, I learned how to prepare the most complicated dishes.

Since I get restless staying in the same place after a while, I’m always on the go. So I found myself between gigs and getting short on cash. I was driving through a small town in Kansas in my beat-up old jalopy and needed to stop for gas. While I was being filled, I asked the attendant if he knew of anyone around who needed a farm hand. By chance he said he did. He told me that a man named Smith, who lived about 8 miles out of town on state route 215 was looking for someone. He gave me directions, I paid my bill and set off.

There weren’t very many houses on that stretch of road, and soon I came across a mailbox marked “Smith.” I turned into the long driveway and pulled up to a typical Midwest farmhouse. As soon as I pulled up a great-looking hulk of a guy who looked to be in his early 40s came out, followed by a teenage kid. I explained why I was there and he introduced himself as Ted, and his son told me his name was Jeff. Ted invited in me for a cup of coffee and an interview.

After questioning me about my previous experience, he said, “Well, I’d like to try you out. When can you begin?” Since I also told him I loved to cook, that really got his attention. I left out the part about my other main love in life. Besides, Ted offered me a decent salary

“I can begin right away,” I replied. My eyes kept darting between Ted and his rugged teenage son who liked like he was a football player in high school. I thought to myself, “Wow, this is going to be interesting!

Ted said, “Ok, go get what you want out of your car and I’ll show you to your room. I was out to my car and back in a flash, with a medium-sized suitcase. I didn’t pack many clothes, just the essentials. I was elated.

Once I was back inside, he explained that there were only two bedrooms. His wife had passed away six months earlier, and he slept in a double bed in one room, and Jeff in the other. When we entered Jeff’s bedroom, I saw that it had twin beds. The plot thickens! The room had a large closet and two dressers. So I had more than enough space to store my meager belongings.

Ted said, “Come, let me show you around.”

We started toward the barn, and Ted explained that the farm had 200 acres, and that he grew wheat and corn, and rotated these crops with soy beans. The barn, which had stalls for a couple of cows, also had state-of-the art farm equipment. There was a pig pen, and chickens roaming around the barn area.

Since it was now 4 p.m., Ted asked if I could rustle up some food for us. He showed me a well-equipped kitchen with a huge freezer. “I keep the freezer well-stocked. Select anything you want to cook, and I’m sure we’ll be pleased.”

I went to work immediately, happy that I could indulge one of my two favorite pleasures. While I was checking out the freezer, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I will get to enjoy my other great pleasure too.” I really wanted to impress them with my cooking talents, so I prepared green beans fried with bacon and garlic, along with white rice. For the main dish I choose veal, which I roasted with all of my secret herbs. Well, OK, I’ll tell you. They are five: oregano, rosemary, basil, marjoram and tarragon. I also threw in a generous amount of garlic, because I love it. In the large pantry I found a medium-sized wine cellar, and selected a semi-sweet white wine for the sauce. I was pleased to see that Ted liked wine.

Ted sent Jeff out to milk the cows and slop the hogs, while he lounged in front of the TV. By 5:30, dinner was ready. Ted told me to set the dining room table, since they take all of their meals there. He selected a bottle of red wine, and they loved the food. I noticed ice cream in the freezer, so I decided to serve that as dessert, doused with chocolate sauce.

At the table, I got to know more about father and son. Jeff was a senior in high school and wanted to be an accountant. He said that he wanted no more of farm life. Ted explained that the farm had been in the family for 150 years, but that Jeff was free to make his own plans. After dinner, I got everything cleaned up while Ted and Jeff watched TV. By 8 p.m. Ted announced, “It’s time to go to bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow.” Farmers go to bed early, and rise early.

Ted went to his bedroom and Jeff and I to ours. Jeff was in no way shy, and quickly undressed down to his shorts. It was a balmy late spring night, so I’m sure he was content to sleep only with shorts on. I got to see his great body, and what looked to be a big bulge in his shorts. Whether he noticed me staring I don’t know. Maybe he liked the admiration. Seeing Jeff almost nude got me to salivating, wondering what it would be like to suck his dick. I told myself, “Get that thought out of your mind. You need this job.”

I pretended that I was soon asleep, but was thinking about my good fortune. After a while I noticed in the dim light that Jeff was making some interesting moves.  He was jerking off! He was sure that I was fast asleep. I dared not jerk off too, because he would notice it. I fell asleep one frustrated guy.

We arose at 4 a.m. and Jeff set out to do his chores, while I fixed breakfast for us. Ted outlined what we would be doing that day, but it didn’t sound too strenuous to me. Jeff said that he needed to do some homework, and excused himself. Ted went to watch TV again, while I cleaned up and began to consider what I might serve for lunch. By 5:30 a.m. it was already day light, and Ted said let’s get started.

Jeff said, “See you later. I’m soon off to school.”

I asked Ted what time he usually ate lunch, and he said promptly at noon. So at 11a.m.I knocked off to prepare lunch. I decided that it would be simple: just sandwiches. I couldn’t help but think about the episode the night before with Jeff pleasuring himself. I thought how much more he would enjoy it if he was getting a blow job.  Once again I told myself, “No, no.”

Ted arrived at about 11:45 and watched some TV. When lunch was ready, I went to tell Ted and to my great surprise, he was watching a porno movie. He didn’t seem in any way embarrassed, and said, “Hey, a guy’s got to get a little stimulation now and again.  As you see, I’m without a woman.”

Over lunch, Ted asked me if I like to watch porno and I replied that sometimes I do.  Then he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told him no, because I’m in different place often. I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell him I wasn’t interested in girls. Then it was back to work until Jeff got back from school about 4 p.m. My routine was the same as the day before. I was off to the kitchen to try to prepare another gourmet meal.

Over dinner, it was mostly chit-chat between father and son. I thought to myself, “I wonder if Jeff knows that his dad watches porno during the day?” I watched some TV with Ted, and Jeff went to his bedroom to study. Soon it was bedtime again. He was already lying on his bed, again just in shorts. This time I decided to pump him for some personal information.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

“Yeah I do.”  He showed me a picture of a pretty girl who looked to be about 16.

I asked him if she put out and he replied, “Hell no. She wouldn’t even consider such a thing.”

“That must leave you disappointed,” I replied.

“You bet, but what can I do?”

I decided to get a bit bolder, and asked, “What do you do for sex?”

“What do you think?” was his reply. Of course I already knew how he gets his rocks off.

I decided to get bolder still. “I’m gonna tell you a little secret. On the farm where I worked before, the guy gave me blow jobs.”

Jeff looked at me amazed. “Did you like it?” What’s it like?” he questioned.

“It’s fantastic. It’s as good as a pussy,” I confided.

Testing how far I could safely go, I bravely asked “You’ve never had a blow job?”

“No, how could I, living out here on the farm?” was his retort.

I decided not to pursue the subject any further, but I’m sure that I had aroused his curiosity.

The next day was a repeat of the bay before, with work outdoors, and me trying to figure out what to cook. I could hardly wait until bedtime to continue my dialogue with Jeff. So I continued my potentially-dangerous pursuit. “If you had the chance to get a blow job, and nobody would know about it, would you accept? I queried.

“You’re damned right I would.”

Then I threw caution to the winds, and asked “What if I would offer to give you a blow job?” He looked dumbfounded.

“You? You don’t look like that type.”

“Well I do it now and then to help a fellow out.”

“So how about helping me out?” he pleaded.

So I got off my bed and went over to his. I slipped off his shorts and was presented with a gigantic prick. I was thrilled. Since I hadn’t taken care of my teeth, I long since had full dentures. I stealthily took them out and put them under my cover. This kid didn’t know what he was in for.

As soon as I swallowed his entire shaft in one gulp, he let out a moan of great pleasure. “Oh God, this is fantastic!”

You know that you can’t tell anyone about this, especially your Dad,” I cautioned.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna want to do this as often as you are willing. It feels so damned good!” he whispered.

The next morning when we woke up, I was afraid that he might feel guilty, and prepared for the worst. But on the contrary. “Can we do it again now?” he pleaded

“Absolutely. I’m glad you like it so much,” I answered.

So I was back to his bed, to repeat last night’s entertainment for both of us. Suddenly without knocking Ted opened the door to our bedroom and saw what was happening. He was wearing a bathrobe. I was mortified, and Jeff cringed with embarrassment.

But Ted’s comment amazed me. “Go ahead and finish, and when you’re done, come to my bedroom,” he told me, in a commanding way. I feared the worst, but finished off Jeff, which took a little while, since his dick went limp with the shock of the situation. Once finished, I slipped on my pants and went to Ted’s bedroom, expecting the worst.

When I knocked on Ted’s door, he told me to come in. He was lying on his bed, but just in shorts. I apologized, and begged him not to call the police. I assured him that I would pack up my things and leave immediately.

But instead, he protested in a harsh way, “I’m ain’t gonna call the police, and you’re not goin’ any fucking place, nohow.”

I was sure that he was going to beat the shit out of me, since he was bigger and stronger than I. But on the contrary.  “Come over here and do to me what you were doing to my son!” he ordered.

I was stunned, but did as I was told.  He remarked, “Look, Jeff has sexual needs just like I do. So if he wants you to suck his dick, that’s OK with me. But I want my share too.”

With that he removed his shorts and his hard cock was equal to that of Jeff’s.  Like father, like son, I mused. I wasted no time in tackling that monster. He noticed right away that I had no teeth, and commented, “This is the best kind of a blow job. Long time since I’ve had a toothless cocksucker on my dick.”

I was flabbergasted, I thought “Holy shit,” and felt that my wildest dreams had come true. Ted was a fast comer. While he was shooting a steady stream and moaning, I heard a slight rustling outside the door. I don’t think Ted heard it. Ted thanked me and said, “Boy, I’m sure glad I found you. You can’t imagine how starved I was for sex. Don’t even think of leaving here.”

I fixed breakfast for the three of us, and Ted sent me out to plow a field, while he did other chores. Jeff was off to school at his regular time. Ted told me to knock off a little earlier before lunch, as we had something else for me to do inside the house. He didn’t say what.

As ordered to do, I came in earlier. Ted explained what my task would be.  “I’m goin’ to put in a porno video, strip naked, and you’re gonna suck on this big fat weiner again.” How could I say no? After all, he was my boss. While I was deep throating him, he boasted, “Well I have my own private cocksucker, on call whenever I want him.”

In our room at bedtime, Jeff informed me, “I know what you did to my Dad. I looked through the keyhole and saw you sucking his dick. Now I’m not worried about what he will say to me.”

“On the contrary,” I assured him. “He is happy that you are getting serviced too.”

Jeff urged me, “Let’s get goin. I’ve been thinking all day about how wonderful your mouth is.”

Afterwards I asked Jeff if he knew that his dad watched porno, and he showed some surprise, but remarked, “I always wondered what was in that locked cabinet in the living room.  Now I know.” I’m sure I had peaked his curiosity. Jeff probably watched porn on his computer too. I promised him that if he wanted to watch a video, maybe I could convince his dad to lend me the key to the cabinet. He got enthusiastic.

Once the lights were out, I enquired if Jeff would mind if I jerked off while devouring his dick.

“Hell no, go for it,” he remarked. “You deserve some pleasure too.”

The next day was the usual routine. At lunch, as promised, I queried Ted if he would allow Jeff to watch his porno.

He responded, “Why not, he’s a big boy now. “I’m sure he will enjoy it.”

But I inquired how Jeff could watch a video with his dad around.

“That’s no problem. Maybe we can all three watch one together,” he suggested.

I was amazed, but confessed, “I don’t think I’ll be watching much video. After all, I’ll be working while you two watch.”

Ted laughed at my wit, and commented, “Let’s plan it. Maybe you should be the go-between and inform Jeff of my plans.”

That night I told Jeff that his dad had approved the idea, but wanted the two of them to watch one together. Jeff was nonplussed. “I don’t think I could do that. He’s my dad.”

The next day I gave Ted Jeff’s answer.  “Sure, I understand.  Let me talk to him. I think that I can convince him.”

While I was preparing dinner, I suppose Ted talked to Jake and somehow managed to convince him. While I was cleaning up Ted came into the kitchen and announced that he had accomplished his goal. Then he shocked me with a remark.

“I’ll bet that video is going to make him hard as hell. Maybe I’ll even let you suck my dick in front of him.”

“Shouldn’t we be taking this step by step?” I cautioned.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Let’s just see how things develop,” Ted admitted.

Shortly Ted called Jeff and we all three went to the living room. Ted put on one of his favorites, and sure enough, Ted and I observed that Jeff was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Ted asked Jeff, “Son are you enjoying the video?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Jeff responded, obviously embarrassed and feeling very ill at ease

So I nodded a subtle “no” to Ted, and he got the message.

Ted insisted in repeating the event the following night. This time Ted remarked, “God this video is making me horny.” I grinned at Ted, and Jeff looked perplexed. So, yes, we were taking it step by step. Slowly does it.

The video session ended, and Jeff and I went to bed. I was sure he was all horned up and ready for action. Then he surprised me with a question. “I told my best buddy in school, Zack, about what you do, and he is interested. Can I invite him over to know you?”

“Isn’t that risky?” I questioned

Jeff assured me that he trusted Zack totally, and that Zack would not dare to mention the subject to anyone. I remarked, “OK, that’s no problem with me,” thinking about how I would get a fresh new dick to suck.

“I’ll invite him tomorrow. My Dad has to go into town in the afternoon and won’t be around the house,” Jeff replied.

Then Jeff said, “Let’s do our thing,” and we did.

Sure enough, the next afternoon two cars pulled into the driveway. It was Jeff and Zack, each in his own car. Zack was a kid about the same age as Jeff, but not as muscular. But he was certainly attractive to me. After some chit-chat and some beer for the two, Jeff said, “Let’s go into the living room and watch a video. Dad apparently doesn’t keep the cabinet locked anymore.”

That suited me fine, and in we went. Jeff selected a video from his dad’s vast collection.  Soon the two were engrossed in the video. Jeff was now an old hand, but it was a new experience for Zack. As we all three sat on the sofa, I could see that Zack was getting aroused.

Watching a gal giving a blow job, Jeff remarked, “I could use a blow job like that right now.”

“OK, but this time it is going to be a bit different,” I announced. “Stand up in front of me.” He did and I immediately opened his fly and took out his big tool. As went down on Jeff and Zack obviously couldn’t believe his eyes. So I told Zack, “Why don’t you get up and stand beside your buddy?” He did so, and I then unzipped his fly and took out his cock. He seemed a bit nervous, but didn’t protest. Then I began one of my favorite routines, namely, alternating between sucking one and the other. Jeff reacted routinely, but Zack’s surprised reaction showed that he was in ecstasy.

Jeff came quickly, and Zack shortly thereafter. I was totally satisfied, and apparently they were too. Like typical teenagers, they joked with one another about the experience that they had just had. Jeff asked Zack if he liked it , and he groaned, “Of course I did.”

Jeff replied, “Well this guy’s mouth is available anytime you want it.” How right he was! But how cheeky of him too.

Ted got home just in time for dinner, but complained that he was wasn’t feeling too good, and went to his room right after dinner. Since Jeff had already shot his wad earlier, I figured he wasn’t up to another blow job so soon. I asked Jeff if I could watch some porno on his computer, and he nodded an OK. But I had no intention of watching anything but male-to-male sex. He occasionally glanced at the screen, but showed no interest in the action.

Ted wasn’t ready to abandon his plan yet. After dinner the next night he invited me and Jeff to watch porno again. But this time Ted took a different tact. “Come over here and suck this man prick,” he boomed.

I glanced at Jeff, and he could tell that he was shocked to the core. But being Ted’s obedient servant, I did as told. Jeff stared in disbelief at his dad getting his cock sucked.

Then Ted remarked, “Son, let him such you off too.”

Once again a look of terror and embarrassment crossed Jeff’s face. “That’s an order!” Ted yelled.

Noting how Jeff was reluctant to unzip, I did the job for him and begin to eat his already stiff member. He couldn’t even look at his father. But Ted watched us with fascination, and exclaimed, “Isn’t he a good cocksucker Son?” This was a hard ordeal for Jeff.

Under the circumstances, it took longer than usual for Jeff to come, but my mouth worked its wonders. Then I polished off Ted and the session ended. Back in our room Jeff still seemed embarrassed, but I tried to calm him. “I know that this is unusual, but deep down didn’t you enjoy the situation?” Jeff shyly nodded yes.

And so our video-watching routine continued. Ted decided that he preferred to get sucked off nude, and encouraged Jeff to do the same. Gradually Jeff overcame his shyness and embarrassment, and did the same. What a happy household we became!

Jeff graduated high school and went off to college. I missed him a lot. Ted and I continued as before, but I began to get restless. I had saved a bunch of money and opened an account at a bank in town. In the early fall, after most of the summer’s work was done, I made my decision. It was time to move on to another adventure. I withdrew my money from the bank and at dinner told Ted about my plans. He begged me to stay, but my mind was made up. That night I gave him his last blow job and left early the next morning, with no particular destination in mind.


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