The Motel
by Curtis


I had a three-month assignment as a computer consultant that I was not very happy about. It was in a small town of only 6,000 people, and worse yet, located in a dry county. However I knew this ahead of time, so I loaded my car with champagne, whiskey, red wine, and brandy. I bought lots of beer, though I hate it. The beer was part of my big plot. I also bought a large cooler, to buy ice and keep the beer and champagne cold.

Besides an upscale inn off the interstate, there was only a run-down motel in the center of town. I chose the motel in order not to spend too much money, and because it fitted into my scheme. I phoned several days in advance of my arrival to reserve a room with a double bed. Thus I made sure that I would have a room when I arrived. The reason for the double bed will be explained shortly.

I learned that there was a group of construction workers staying at the motel, who were brought in from other places. There weren’t enough sufficiently-trained locals available. Since I’m only into macho straights, and just like to suck dick, I figured that this might be a good possibility to get some down my throat.

I arrived in late afternoon. The motel was off the street a bit, with a total of twelve rooms in two rows, six on each side, with the buildings facing each other, and a parking space in front of each room. One room functioned as the office for the motel. Each room had a couple of lawn chairs outside of it, should one want to take in the sights. And I wanted to do just that! There was a greasy spoon diner down the street, where I could at least go for take-out food, in order to enjoy wine with my dinner in my room. I did do breakfast at the diner.

My room had the usual small frig, and an air conditioner that had seen better days. Since this was the middle of summer, the A/C was essential. I packed as much beer as I could into the frig. It had a tiny ice tray, which nevertheless served its purpose. I cracked a bottle of champagne, and poured it into a paper cup over the ice. Then I went outside to sit in a law chair, to observe and to enjoy my pre-prandial.

About 5:30 a car pulled up to the room on my left side, and out stepped a good-looking guy in his early thirties. He was about 5ʹ 10.ʺ I could tell instantly that he was a construction worker. I greeted him, told him my name was Jim, that I would be staying there three months and wanted to know my fellow residents. He walked over to me and introduced himself as Harry. I asked him if he would like a cold beer, and he answered “Hell yes, I need that after a day of hot, hard work.” I guessed that he probably didn’t have any booze in his room, and would need to travel to a neighboring county to purchase alcohol. I’ve been told that I like just any Tom, Dick or Harry. Naturally I answered no, I don’t like any Tom or Harry. But in this case I made a concession.

He sat in my other lawn chair to drink his beer, also from a paper cup. Being very bold, I started the conversation by asking him personal questions such as if he were married. He replied that he was, and missed his wife and kid, but because his wife worked, she and the kid couldn’t join him.

Pursuing my bold plan, I asked, “What do you do for sex here?  I’m sure the local girls don’t put out.”

He replied, “What do you think? It’s Rosie Palm and her five sisters.”

Now I knew I could begin closing in on my potential conquest. Guessing that he didn’t bring a computer with him, I told him, “Hey, I have lots of porn on my laptop. Would you like to watch some?”

“Yeah, great idea,” was his reply.

So we went into my room and I flipped on my laptop at the small table and opened my porn files. He sat at the laptop, and I sat nearby on my bed. I love watching guys’ reactions while watching porn, and was anxious to see how long it would take him to get hot and bothered. Obviously devoid of sex as he was, it didn’t take more than three or four minutes before he began to grope himself.  I could see a noticeable swelling from where I sat.

He groaned, “Oh shit, this is getting me really worked up.”

I commented, “Too bad there’s not a handy hole to stick your cock into.”

He replied, “Man you can say that again.”

I decided to take the next step. I asked if he liked blow jobs.

“Hell, who doesn’t,” he shot back.

“Do you accept blow jobs from men,” I asked hesitatingly.

“Man, in my situation a mouth is a mouth.”

By this time he probably figured what I was leading up to. I asked, “How about I give you one now?”

Nevertheless he threw me a surprised look. I told him to come over to the bed, take down his pants and shorts and lie with his legs hanging over the front. He practically leapt up from his chair and came to the bed. As he did so, I got up to let him lie down. He didn’t waste a second pulling down his pants and shorts, and by the time he was ready, I was kneeling in front him.

I said, “This is going to be the best blow job of your life,” as I pulled out my full dentures and put them into my pocket.

My toothless gums worked their usual magic, and he came rapidly.

Afterwards, he remarked, “I gotta take a shower, I’m sweaty all over.” As if I hadn’t noticed.

I replied, “No problem. Just knock on my door when you need a repeat. I usually get back from work by 5 p.m.”



My second night followed the same routine—sitting outside with my paper cup of champagne. Soon two cars pulled up to the room next door. Harry stepped out of his car, and a guy I hadn’t seen the previous day, got out of the other.

Harry came over to me and asked, “Hey, how’s it goin’? This is my roomie Bob. I told him about you.”

“Everything?” I asked.

Harry only gave me a sheepish grin in reply.

I thought, “Hallelujah I’m going to double my pleasure today.”

“Harry, go inside and get yourself and your buddy a beer.

While Harry was inside, I told Bob to bring over one of the lawn chairs from their room. Bob looked to be in his mid-twenties, with a just-average body and face. When Harry returned, I said, “Hey guys, let’s get out of this awful heat and relax inside.”

Once inside, I asked Harry, “Same entertainment as last night?” He nodded an enthusiastic yes. This time Bob sat at my computer, and Harry stood beside him. I could tell that Harry was ready for action, so I told him to take off his pants and shorts and lie down on my bed. I remarked, “I’m sure you two have seen each other in the nude before.”

Harry answered, “No problem,” and just like that took off came his sweaty clothes. I got to work immediately, but Bob turned around so that he could see the action on the bed.

I came up off Harry’s dick long enough to say, “Hey Bob, get your stuff off too and join Harry on my bed.” He was undoubtedly horny too, and he did so immediately.

I now had one of my favorite scenarios at hand, namely two studs lying side-by-side, with me alternating from one prick to the other. And I was in cocksucker’s heaven! I felt that the old expression “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, all good cocksuckers get to heaven” was apt here.

Harry was a fast comer, so I polished him off quickly and turned my attention to Bob. But my experienced mouth and throat worked its magic and he didn’t take very long to unleash what was probably a juicy load. I couldn’t tell because he shot way down my throat. I could feel his throbbing cock in my mouth as he was coming. They don’t call me mighty mouth for nothing.

They dressed, I gave them each a beer, and they were out the door, but not before thanking me for the favor.



Soon after arriving from work on my third day, a car pulled up to the other side of the motel and a handsome kid who looked to be about 19 or 20 got out. I waved at him, and he waved back.

“Wow, I’d like to get him,” I thought.

Harry arrived shortly, so I asked him if he knew the kid who lived in room 5. He said that he did, that the kid’s name was Alan, and was one of the construction crew.

I asked Harry if he thought he could fix me up with the kid, and he reckoned he could. Harry was fast becoming my pimp. I said, “Harry, get yourself a beer and go over there and chat him up.”

Harry did as told, and shortly returned with Alan in tow. Alan was a blond, about 6 feet, with plenty of muscle. He made my tongue get hard and my throat twitch. I hoped that the muscle between his legs would be equally big.

I introduced myself to Alan and asked if he would accept a beer.

“Yeah, thanks man, that sounds great,” came his response.

“Come inside and I’ll get you one,” I offered.

Harry said that he was anxious to take a shower, and excused himself. This left me alone with my prey. Perhaps Harry didn’t feel comfortable enough with Alan to hang around for what he knew was the inevitable. I gave my usual spiel, and Alan was immediately interested. My proposition routine continued and Alan was a quick conquest. He asked if he could take all of his clothes off, because he liked it that way. I told him that I would love to see his big muscular body. And what a specimen!

My fairy godmother was kind to me, and sure enough Alan had a prick to match his body. I got him into the usual position, which legs hanging off the bed.

With my cumulative experience I have discovered that straight guys display three attitudes while they are getting their dick sucked. On the one hand, there are those who stay engrossed in a porn video, ignoring their blow job, and those who love to watch their cock going in and out of a mouth. The third group just relaxes, shut their eyes, and enjoy their blow job. Alan is of the second category. As soon as I engulfed his prick, he was no longer interested in the video. My live performance was more fascinating. There are also two other types of guys—those who don’t utter a peep while they are getting blown, and those who are talkative and noisy.

Alan was a talker, which I love. Right away, he was saying” Yeah suck my big cock, you are really a great cocksucker. Best blow job I’ve ever had.”

Then he put both hands on my head and began to push it up and down. I love it when guys do this. It shows that they are really into the action. I guess this kid had been around the block a few times. When he shot his big load, he moaned, almost yelled, to show me how much he was enjoying his orgasm.

After he came, he relaxed, and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave. So I asked, “Why don’t you take a shower in my room, since you are already naked?”

While he was showering, I refreshed my paper cup with champagne, and mused about how delightful he was. I was sure that he would like to get more blow jobs from me. I thought, “This is going to be great for me. It compensates for my being a prisoner in this god-awful town.”

When he got out of the shower and was dressing, he told me, “I enjoyed that.  Can we do it again sometime?”

Rather bold of him, I thought, delighted. I replied, “Sure, any time you want it, I’m ready for that great dick. You know how to find me, and I don’t go out after work except to buy a carry-out dinner. Knock on my door any time you want.”



The next night I didn’t see Harry. Perhaps he had things to do after work. Besides, I had helped him to get rid of some pent-up sex needs, so perhaps he was slowing down his visits. A young family with a handsome daddy and two small children arrived to occupy the room on my right. I thought it would be nice to get into daddy’s pants, but decided to not even try.

There were men arriving that I hadn’t seen before, but most of them didn’t strike my fancy. After all, I do have some standards. There were also a couple of guys I had already seen, but my instinct told me not to approach them in any way, or suffer a broken face.

Soon Alan came into the motel, parked in front of his room and came directly over to me. I already knew his main reason for doing so.

“Hey, how’s it goin?’ he asked.

“I’m great. Let’s go and relax inside,” I replied.

I offered him a beer, and then he asked, “Mind if I get comfortable?”

I replied, “Not all. Let me have the pleasure of undressing you.”

He didn’t bother to ask me to put on a video. He was ready to watch a live sex show again. I really liked his openness.



While sipping my usual champagne outside, a fancy sports car drove into the motel, and pulled up in front of the office. A nicely dressed guy who looked to be in his early 30s got out. I thought he was a bit upscale for this dump. Shortly he came out with a key, and drove his car to the room on my right. I greeted him with a nod and said hello, as he went into his room. He rushed back out and looked angry as hell.

“The damned air conditioner isn’t working. I won’t be able to sleep without it.”

He stormed over to the office, but soon returned.  He told me that they had no other rooms available, and it was too late to get the A/C fixed today. He stated that he had tried to get a room at the Inn, but they were booked up, and that he was just too fucking tired to get back in his car and travel on to the next town.

I said, “Why don’t you come inside my cool room and have a cold beer or a whiskey, or even champagne, if you wish. Perhaps I have an offer that you won’t refuse.”

“Hey, I’ll take you up on that,” he answered with a big smile. “By the way, my name’s Pete.”

Once inside I got a chance to size him up. He looked to be about 5’ 10”, and had a nice, closely trimmed beard. He wasn’t the most handsome guy in the world, nor was he the ugliest. He had a decent body, probably from gym workouts, but was not overly muscular. He wasn’t wearing a wedding band, but that means nothing.

“So what is your offer?” he asked, as he sipped his whiskey.

I answered, “Well you are welcome to spend the night in my room. The only problem is that I have only this double bed. But I promise not to do anything that you won’t like.

He threw me a very puzzled look, and said, “Let me think about it.”

I told him that I had some good porn on my computer and asked if he was interested. He replied that he was, but said, “I need to take a shower first, I’m all sweaty.

“I replied, “You can take a shower in my room if you want.”

He threw me another puzzled look, but said OK and went into the bathroom. I began to think about all of the possibilities of his sleeping in my bed. He didn’t take longer than 5 or 6 minutes, and came out wrapped in just a towel. I thought, “Wow, this guy is really informal.”

A video was ready, and I told him that he could sit at the computer, or relax on my bed to watch. He chose the bed. I thought, “This is getting more interesting by the minute.”

Almost at once he showed a reaction and I went into my routine. As usual, he discharged quickly, and then surprised me.

“Yeah, I’ll take you up on your offer. I’m straight, leaning to bi, so it’s no problem for me to sleep with another guy.”

I told him that I was going to the greasy spoon to buy a take-out meal, and that he was invited to join me. He took me up on my offer. When we returned with our food, he also accepted wine. I began to like him more each minute.

We watched some TV, but mostly chatted. He told me that he was a salesman and spent most of his time on the road. He commented that he didn’t have time for a steady girlfriend, and that he got rid of his sexual frustrations by letting guys suck him off at rest stops. About 9 p.m., I told him that I was early-to-bed and an early riser. He said it was no problem, that he was dog-tired too.

Once into bed, under a thin blanket, remarked, “Hey I enjoyed your blow job.”

I replied, “Well, I like to please.” With that I reached over and grabbed his dick. To my great surprise, he did the same to mine. His tool immediately started to get hard again, as did mine. Usually I just jerk off after I’ve had a delicious trick, so this was a new experience for me.

He began to jerk me off, and before long, I shot my wad. I said, “Now it is my turn. But I’m gonna do more than jerk you off,” as I threw back the blanket, I scooted down on the bed, and began to perform. My mouth was at his cock level, so I told him to turn on his side and fuck my mouth good. This he did. We both fell fast asleep, and only woke at the crack of dawn.

We went out to have breakfast together and he asked me how long I would be at the motel. I told him and he remarked, “Hey, I often pass through here. Give me the phone number for the motel and your room number, and I’ll alert you when I am coming through again.”



The family that ran the hotel had a teen-age son, whom I guessed to be 16 or 17. He was cute as hell, but I cautioned myself, “Stay away from that jail bait.” I had seen him several times already, doing chores around the motel.

Obviously he had noticed me too, because he came over to me and introduced himself as Charlie. He told me that he enjoyed working around the motel after school, because he got to meet interesting people.

“Hmmm, what does mean?” I wondered.

“What kind of interesting people?” I queried.

“Well, people from other places that are different than the folks around here.”

I began to wonder if he might have had a male-to-male experience and was trying to feel me out, not feel me up. He chit-chatted a little longer, then excused himself. It was a quiet evening.  No one knocked on my door, so I called it an early night and turned in.

To my surprise, the next evening Charlie came over again. I decided to try to ascertain if my intuition was correct. I plied him with the usual questions: did he have a girlfriend, did he get much, etc.

“No, it’s not easy in this town. I did get to screw a girl here in her room once,” he responded. He was obviously an open-minded kid for such a backward place. He had put the wheels in my head to spinning.

So I risked a question. “I hope you won’t be insulted, but did any guys who have stayed here offer to give you a blow job?”

He was not at all taken aback and answered, “Yeah a couple of times.”

“So what was your response?” I coaxed. I decided that this kid was fishing, just as I was.

“Well, don’t mention this to anyone, but I let them do it to me,” he confided.

I got bolder and declared, “I’ll bet you’re always ready for another one.”

“You got it,” he answered.

“I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you come inside for a little while? Do you have any time now?”

“Sure, I’m done with my chores for this afternoon, and dinner won’t be ready for another hour.”

Once inside I inquired if he liked to watch porno. I was already way along the road, and thought that my destination could be the county jail.

“Who doesn’t?” he affirmed. I only got to watch some once at a buddy’s house.” I guess Charlie’s dad must have put an adult block on his computer.

“If you want, I could show you some right now,” I offered.

“Right on!” he beamed.

“Sit down in front of my computer, and enjoy yourself,” I advised.

No need to repeat my modus operandi again. So I saw the tell-tale sign that he was getting stimulated by the movie.

Taking the final step, I enquired if he would like a blow job right now.

“Hell yes,” came his enthusiastic answer.

“So come lie down on my bed, and I’ll give you one.”

His calm acceptance of my offer verified my suspicions of what he had been hoping for all along.

Then onto my bed, and the usual “lower you pants” requirement.

Once I engulfed his medium size prick, I noted his sublime facial expression. Bingo. With my technique he came very quickly. When we were finished, he hurriedly dressed, and said, “I gotta get goin.”

I thanked him, and he was out the door.

Charlie was my final conquest. I decided that my stable was now large enough to keep me satisfied for my entire stay. And satisfied I was, many times. Time flew by and soon I had to reluctantly leave my paradise.


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