The Genie in the Vase
by Curtis


Chapter 1

Rick Rider was bored. A copywriter for a small advertising agency, he was facing an important deadline for its most important client, but was staring at his computer with writer’s block.  “What can I do to amuse myself until I get some new ideas?” he wondered.

Just as he started to log onto the internet to check out his favorite gay porno site, his phone rang.

“Hello Rick, it’s your mom.”  “God,” he thought, “who else could it be with that dominating and raspy voice! Why am I still living with at home with such a bore at age 42?”

“Dear, I’m afraid I don’t have good news. I just got a call from Beulah. You know Beulah, she is your Uncle Jim’s cleaning lady. Jim had a heart attack a half-hour ago and was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital. Luckily Beulah was at Jim’s at the time. She called an ambulance when he fell on the floor. She said he was screaming at her to be more careful when she dusted.  She accidentally dropped a little vase that he keeps on the dresser in his bedroom. Luckily it didn’t break. You know how particular he is about all those silly Egyptian things in his house.  I don’t know what took her so long to let me know.”

Rick thought, but could not bring himself to say, “What took so long? Beulah probably phoned you as soon as she possibly could.   Mom, you’ve got to learn to be more patient.”  Instead he replied, “I’m sorry to hear that Mom.  What should I do?”

“What should you do?  Come home instantly and go with me to the hospital.”

“OK, Mom.”

As Rick hung up, he thought with amusement about Uncle Jim’s passion for all things Egyptian, and his collection of faux Egyptian artifacts brought home from his various visits to the land of the pyramids.

Rick buzzed his boss, Eloise, by intercom, to explain that there was an emergency in the family and that he would have to leave immediately.  As he was putting on his coat, his phone rang again.

“Oh Rick, the hospital just called and told me that Jim has just passed away,” his mother’s surprisingly calm voice reported.  “Please hurry home.”

“Mom, I’m on the way out the door.”

On the drive home, Rick felt a little guilty for not being sad about his Uncle Jim’s death.  Jim was 66 and a single man. Rick had never felt close to his mother’s younger brother, even though his uncle Jim had taken a fancy to Rick at an early age and had always brought presents for him when he came to visit Rick’s family.  Since Rick was an only child and Jim had no other close relatives other than Rick’s mother, Thelma, no one questioned Uncle Jim’s interest in his nephew. In fact Jim and Thelma did not really get along too well, probably because Thelma often made snide remarks about her brother’s boring interests in Egypt and the fact that he was a life-long bachelor. Maybe she thought Jim had somehow been a negative influence on Rick that caused him not to marry and give her the grandchildren she so longed to have.

So instead of Jim making his sister Thelma the executrix of his will, he designated his nephew Rick to handle his modest estate upon his death. While Rick and his Uncle Jim had never touched on the subject, each knew implicitly that the other was gay. Jim had spent his career as a window clerk in the Post Office. After retirement he continued his only overt passion–his interest in Egyptology.

Thelma and Rick jointly made the funeral arrangements. The burial was sadly attended only by Beulah, Rick, Thelma and two of Uncle Jim’s former co-workers.

The next day Rick went to Uncle Jim’s modest one bedroom bungalow several blocks across town from his home. Decorated in a style that Rick could only call tacky, everything was nevertheless clean and organized, thanks to Beulah.

“Jesus, what am I going to do with all this junk,” he moaned as he wandered around the house. When Rick went into Jim’s bedroom he glanced at the vase that had been the cause of Uncle Jim’s demise. He saw that it was not broken or even cracked when he picked it up to examine it. “What an ugly vase,” he thought. And truly the vase was misshapen and its green-brown coloration reminded Rick of stagnant, brackish water. “What self-respecting queen would even consider displaying this piece,” he said with some contempt. Rick noticed some strange lettering etched into the vase which he guessed were Egyptian hieroglyphics. “I wonder what these symbols mean,” he asked himself. “And why am I interested in this hideous vase?” Then he remembered his friend Ron, who owned an antique shop. “I think I’ll take this to Ron to see if he thinks it has any value.”

Noticing a ladder in the hall leading to a trap door, he decided to see what was above it.  The door opened into a small attic, really just a crawl space. Rick climbed up into the attic to take a look. He found bundles of correspondence, used airline tickets to Cairo, and albums with pictures from Egypt. Rick closed the trap door, returned to Jim’s bedroom, picked up the vase, then locked up Jim’s house.


Chapter 2

Depressed with the thought of the work involved in selling his uncle’s house and contents, Rick drove over to Ron’s antique shop with the vase.

“What is this silly thing,” asked Ron when Rick handed him the vase. “This is obviously some fake Egyptian vase mass produced to con tourists into thinking they are buying a genuine artifact. Just throw it away or leave it to be auctioned with the rest of the house’s contents which you say is junk anyway,” Ron replied.

“But what do you think the hieroglyphics mean,” asked Rick.

“I don’t know, it probably says ‘fuck you sucker’ to anyone who would waste money on this monstrosity.”

But Rick did not throw away the vase. He took it home and put it on his bedroom dresser. He didn’t bother to show it to Thelma, for fear of getting her started on one of her tirades. “I’ll take it back to Uncle Jim’s the next time I go,” he promised himself. When he got up the next morning he glanced at the vase and somehow it did not look as hideous as the day before. Then he left for work and thought no more about the vase.

The next evening Rick returned to Uncle Jim’s house to begin taking inventory of its contents. Thelma wanted no part of the task, happy to leave it to her son to get rid of everything, sell the house and divide what little was coming to the two of them. Rick forgot to return the vase to Uncle Jim’s.

Rick again climbed into the attic and took some of the correspondence down to look through it. There were many letters to and from professional Egyptologists at universities like Yale and Harvard. While evidently an amateur, Uncle Jim had at least enough knowledge about ancient Egypt to be able to correspond with experts in the field. If Jim had enquired about the hieroglyphics, he could not locate that correspondence.

“Well, maybe I could copy the hieroglyphics from the vase and send it to one of the experts,” Rick thought. “Why am I wasting my time with this? And I can’t copy such complicated characters anyway.” Then he decided that he could take the vase to be xeroxed and then send the copy off to an Egyptologist.

The Xerox of the etched hieroglyphics didn’t come out too clearly, but enough that even Rick could see that the characters were legible. He selected one of the professors with whom Uncle Jim apparently had corresponded frequently. To Rick’s surprise, an answer came back within a week, from a Harvard professor.

“Dear Mr. Rider: I am sorry to learn of your uncle’s death. We have corresponded often over the years and have met on one occasion. While many of my colleagues disdain the idea, I have always encouraged amateur Egyptologists, who sometimes are able to genuinely contribute to the advancement of our knowledge of ancient Egypt. I regret to say that in the case of your uncle, nothing he found over the years was of any value. Your Uncle had previously sent these hieroglyphics to me. I studied the hieroglyphics and submitted them to my graduate students as a class assignment. The consensus is that the characters spell out ‘please massage my neck for one minute,’ which of course is meaningless. The vase is obviously skillfully done, but a fake reproduction that your uncle bought in the alleys of Cairo. I suggest you keep the vase as a curiosity.  Sincerely, Prof. Demitrius Ternian.”

Rick read the professor’s response in his room after a particular stressful day at the office. Thelma was indulging in her favorite pastime in the living room–watching the shopping channels. Rick considered the letter’s contents. “What a strange message that is. I agree, it is meaningless.”

Nevertheless, Rick walked to his dresser.  He picked up the ugly vase and turned it all the way around. Then he thought, “massage my neck for one minute. Well, the vase does have a neck, I’ll massage it for one minute.”

“God, I must be crazy!”

Rick rubbed the neck of the vase, timing one minute by his watch. Nothing happened.  “What a nut job I am,” he thought guiltily.

He set the vase back on the dresser and then a tiny wisp of vapor began to rise from the vase. Blinking his eyes in disbelief, Rick thought he was losing it. The vapor grew higher and thicker and Rick began to see the outlines of a person in the vapor. After about 30 seconds the vapor reached the floor and a full human form emerged. It was a wizened old man, at least 80 years old. Rick was uncontrollably frightened and did not dare call his mother. She would think he was totally insane.

The old man saw Rick’s fear and with gestures tried to calm him, indicating that he meant no harm. Rick did not know whether to run, or strike out at the old man. He decided that to hit him was not right, so Rick practically fainted as he sat down on the bed. The man began to talk, but in a language that Rick could not understand.  When Rick asked “who are you?” it was obvious that the man did not understand Rick either.

What to do? Here was this old man, strangely dressed, who had suddenly appeared from nowhere, standing in front of Rick.  “How did he get here?  No one comes out of a vase. This is ludicrous. Oh God, what do I do,” Rick agonized to himself. The man sat down beside Rick on the bed and gently touched him. Rick relaxed a little. By sign language, the old man indicated that he came from the vase and was at Rick’s total disposal. Rick was overwhelmed with fright and gestured the old man to return to the vase. With a leap surprising for a man his age, he was on the dresser, and disappeared into the vase with a whiff. Rick breathed a sigh and undressed for bed. After a night of almost no sleep Rick got up, dressed rapidly, and dared not look at the vase.


Chapter 3

At the office, Rick was totally unable to concentrate on his job and while not usually a drinker during the day, decided to have a couple of beers at lunch. The alcohol did nothing to calm him and he grew tenser throughout the day. He dared not even mention to anyone what he had experienced the night before, for obvious reasons.

When he returned home, he barely spoke with Thelma during dinner, explaining that he was under stress at work and worried about disposing of Uncle Jim’s estate. “I’m going to turn in early, Mom.”

He entered his room and glanced at the vase but shuddered when he remembered the previous night. Rick got into bed and tried to sleep but could not. He could only think about the bizarre thing that happened to him the night before. In spite of himself, he decided to massage the neck of the vase again. As before, the old man appeared. But this time, the man began to speak to him in English immediately.

“Hello, please do not be afraid of me. My name is Abdul. You were lucky enough to read what was inscribed on my vase and act on it. That is why I appeared. I am here to serve you.  I will be your protector and grant your wishes. Today, while you were away, I emerged on my own and in ways I cannot reveal to you, I was able to learn to speak your language. Now that we can communicate, I want to know more about the person whom I am to serve.”

Dumbfounded, Rick could not speak. Then, gradually Rick got up courage and replied, “Please do not talk too loud, I don’t want my mother to think I’m talking to myself. My name is Rick Rider. I am 42 years old and live here with my mother. I am not married. I work in an advertising agency.”

“Why are you not married?” the man asked.

Rick, while certainly not a closet case, was usually reluctant to discuss why he was single.  “Well….” stammered Rick.

“Well, what?” the old man pressured. “You don’t need to be shy with me. I am here to totally serve you and respect you, just as you are.”

“This is all so crazy,” Rick thought to himself. “This is certainly not happening. I am obviously going out of my mind. But if all this is my imagination, I can at least be honest with myself.”

“Well,” Rick hesitated, “I am what we call a gay man.  I prefer men to women.”

Abdul looked at Rick with a fatherly fondness. “Oh, that’s why you hesitated to answer.”  “Have no fear, that is no problem for me. I have had many masters, but you are the first who likes men rather than women. What was that word you used?”

“The word is ‘gay,'” Rick answered. “I guess it’s a kind of slang for another word ‘homosexual.’ I don’t know how you managed to learn English so quickly and completely, but I’m not surprised that you did not come across the word ‘gay’ with this meaning. We use the word ‘straight’ for men who like women.

Then Rick looked at Abdul as if for the first time and said, “I know I am crazy and this is all unreal, but you are like a genie from the bottle. Only I always thought genies were young men or women, not some older man like you.”

“But I can be anything you want me to be,” said Abdul.  “What is your pleasure?”

“Can I call you ‘Bill?”  Abdul is a strange name to me.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Well, if you were a 25 year old handsome and muscular young man, I wouldn’t object,” Rick lost no time in replying.

Instantly the wrinkled old Abdul became Bill, an uncommonly handsome 25 year old man with a beautifully sculptured face. Instinctively, almost like a chemical reaction, Rick’s eyes focused on the new Bill’s crotch.  But the robes were thick and Rick could not see the suggestion of a cock, let alone how big it might be.  In spite of the flowing robes, Rick could tell that Bill was very muscular and had a beautifully proportioned body.

“Now what do you think,” asked Bill.

“Unbelievable!” Rick replied.

In a flash Bill had transformed himself into a jock that Rick had often fantasized about but had never dreamed of meeting personally.

Then Bill said rather sternly, well, before you get any ideas, I need to explain something.  I am what you call ‘straight.’ While I am here to grant your wishes, there are some limits, and submitting to your sexual desires is not called for in my punishment.”

“Punishment?” Rick asked, astonished.

“Yes, punishment. Do you imagine I chose to spend millennia leaping out of a vase to please whoever summons me? And get this. I am required to serve only men. Why? Because when I first became a member of the Brotherhood of the Ancient Order of Genies, I was a woman chaser. I could never get enough–I always had to have two or three on the string at the same time. I was what you would call a horny bastard. But my superiors in the Brotherhood did not like my behavior, confined me to a vase, and restricted my service only to men, when women are what I really want. No woman can get me out of my vase by massaging its neck no matter how long she tries. And that is my punishment. Whether I like it or not, I am assigned to fulfill the wishes of men. But that doesn’t mean their wish to have sex with me, so let’s get that straight right off the bat.”

Overcome with the strangeness of all this and exhausted from lack of sleep the night before, Rick fell back on his bed and passed out.


Chapter 4

Rick slept well in spite of the strange person that had entered suddenly into his life. At breakfast he hardly spoke to Thelma.  He wasn’t even hungry.

“Rick, honey, you look so tired.  Why don’t you call in sick today?” she asked.

“No, mom, I have an important project to finish today.”

“Oh, by the way, dear, I won’t be here when you get home from work,” Thelma told him.  “I’m going with a couple of the girls to the new shopping mall that they say is just fabulous. I need some new shoes and a couple of other things.”

Rick really didn’t want to go to work and leave behind the excitement of the night before.  His mind was churning, he was confused but happy. He couldn’t even mention what happened to anyone! At the office he was aloof when his co-workers tried to chit-chat. Rick could not concentrate on his assignment–he could only think of the vase and the “genie” in it. Then he hatched a plan. Even though he could not finish his work and it was already Thursday, he decided to ask for Friday off. “A long week-end might be good for me,” he thought with a wry smile. I’ll go away for a couple of days and take Bill with me, vase and all.

Almost timidly he went to see his supervisor Eloise.

“Eloise, I need to ask a favor. I know that we have this big deadline looming, but frankly, I am exhausted what with my uncle’s death and having to deal with his estate settlement. Could I have the day off tomorrow?”

Eloise liked Rick and because he was a good copywriter she treated him with deference. This time she was not so gentle.

“This is a helluva time to ask for a day off!” she practically shouted. Then she softened a bit and said, “Well, frankly I noticed how you are not quite yourself. Maybe it’s a good idea at that. You have never asked for a day off in the three years since you came with us and I need to keep my star copywriter happy. I suppose I could finish your project, but it may not have your polish.”

Rick was elated! The afternoon dragged on endlessly. Finally he zipped out of the office and drove faster than usual to get home. As he braved one yellow light after another, he wondered, “What if I ask Bill if he could stay out of the vase for a few hours and even go outside the house with me?” Then Rick thought of how neighborhood tongues would wag and Thelma would find out that a foreign-looking young man was hanging around her house when she was not home. As he was pulling into the driveway, Rick got an idea. “I know what I’ll do. I’ll take Bill’s measurements and then go buy him some decent clothes.”

Rick rushed into the house and sprinted into his bedroom. He gently caressed the vase’s neck and young Bill leapt to the floor with the agility of a trained athlete.

“Welcome Master, I hope you had a good day.”

Rick watched, thinking “God, what a masterpiece!”

“Well, it really was not too great,” he replied, “but anyway I have an idea. How long can you stay outside of your vase?”

“Master, I can stay out for several weeks. I have had to serve other masters in situations where I could not return to my vase for long periods. But I prefer to remain out for shorter periods because I need the vase to renew myself.”

“Great,” Rick replied. I want to go away for a long weekend. I can take you and the vase with me. But your clothes will never do. I can take your measurements and go buy you some clothes that will make you look like anyone else.”

“As you wish, Master.”

Rick got a measuring tape from his mother’s sewing kit and set about his task. Tingles went down his spine as he realized he was about to come into close contact with this great physique standing in front of him. With the experience he had gained from getting fitted for his own clothes, Rick measured Bill’s waist, his chest, his arm length and then with a little trepidation, the length of his legs from his crotch to his sandals. Putting his hand under Bill’s robes, he came into contact with what seemed like a pretty big cock, but ignored it and proceeded with his task. Bill gave no indication that his cock had been touched.

“Now take off your sandals and let me measure your feet,” Rick instructed.

He complied and revealed what Rick thought were almost perfect feet. Rick did not believe he was a foot fetisher, but he had been fascinated by men’s feet since adolescence. And he thought that Bill’s feet were gorgeous.

“Looks like you are a size 10 1/2,” Rick told him.

“Okay, go back to your vase,” Rick motioned. “I should be back in about a half-hour and let’s hope I buy the right sizes for you.”

Rick returned home about 6 p.m. and fortunately Thelma had not gotten back. Had she been there, she would have certainly wanted to know what was in the shopping bags he was bringing into the house.

“Okay, these clothes may be strange to you, but with them on you will look like everyone else.” From the boxes Rick took out a pair of Niki sneakers, a couple of pairs of designer jeans and two shirts that he thought would look real cool on Bill. Socks, T-shirts and shorts rounded out the modest new wardrobe.

“Now, try these on,” Rick urged.

Bill began to undress, then turned his back to Rick.

“Is this modesty or arrogance,” Rick puzzled. “He says he’s straight and I don’t want to lose what I have so far, so I’m certainly not going to pounce on him.”

As the robes came off, Rick could not but gape at the beautifully structured back and buttocks, those unmistakable contours of powerful maleness that always thrilled him.

“Wow, his thighs and calves are well proportioned too,”

After struggling for a couple of minutes to put on this strange new garb, Bill looked frustrated. He managed to get on his pants and shirt, having studied Rick’s clothes as an example, but seemed perplexed about his pants’ zipper and shirt buttons. Rick showed him how to zip up his fly and then button his shirt. The sneakers presented a bit more of a problem. Rick told him to sit on the bed. He guided Bill’s feet into the sneakers, then tied the laces, relishing every second of this strange new experience.

Now that Bill had on jeans, the outline of a decidedly large cock revealed itself, to Rick’s delight. Remembering the earlier warning, he decided not to pursue that line of thought–at least for now.

“But what will we do with your robes when you are not using them?” Rick asked. “I don’t want my mother to find these in my room.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll store them in my vase,” came the reply. And with that he made a slight gesture and the robes flew back into the vase.

Bill now looked like the proverbial “boy next door” except a bit more swarthy than most in Rick’s all-American town. Rick breathed a little heavier.

“Here’s my plan,” explained Rick. “We will leave tomorrow morning and drive to Quiet Cove. It’s a nice little resort town on the beach that I like a lot. And it’s popular with the 20s crowd too. Lots of great studs for me to look at and …”

Rick was interrupted by Thelma calling, “Rick, I’m home.”

Bill literally flew back into his vase as Rick answered, “I’m coming Mom,” while thinking, “God, she’s becoming another Imelda Marcos with all the shoes she’s buying.”

“Honey, you didn’t eat. Didn’t you see the plate of lasagna I left ready for you to warm up in the microwave?”

Eating dinner was the last thing on his mind. “Actually I’m not hungry, Mom.” Maybe later. And anyway, I decided to take your advice about time off. I’m going to Quiet Cove Beach tomorrow morning to stay through Sunday afternoon. Want to come along?”

Rick knew full well that Thelma never went out in the sun and would not want to be away from her cronies for even a day.

“No, I prefer to stay home and catch up on some backlogged house cleaning. And speaking of house things, I assume that hideous vase in your bedroom came from Uncle Jim’s.” Why did you bring it here? I know you have better taste than that.”

“Oh Jesus,” Rick thought, “She is always snooping. Thank God I don’t keep porno lying around in my bedroom. She is afraid of computers, so she’ll never discover what I keep on my hard drive.”

“Mom, I intend to have the vase appraised,” he lied. “It seems to be the only thing from Uncle Jim’s that might have some value.”

“I plan to leave about 6 a.m., and I know that’s early for you. So don’t worry, I’ll grab some breakfast on the way.”


Chapter 5

Rick was so excited he slept hardly at all. Finally the alarm rang at 5:30. Rick took a fast shower, threw a change of clothes into a gym bag, packed a suitcase for Bill, then tenderly placed his vase between his clothes and was out the door. Several blocks from home Rick pulled over to a gas station to tank up and use the men’s rom. Once in the bathroom, he open the suitcase and summoned Bill out of his vase, who quickly dressed in his new clothes. “This is a two hour trip, so I might as well have company along the way,” he thought.

“Good morning, Master,” he said with a heart-melting smile.

“Hey young man, we’re now on our way and I want to tell you more about myself and explain how I can use your services,” Rick replied with delight.

“And what a tremendous pleasure, an honor, to have such a stud beside me on such a great sunny day.”

“I don’t know how much sense this will make to you, so you can ask questions anytime you like,” said Rick.

“Like I said, I am a gay man. But I don’t fit the mold of the gay man who meets mister ‘right,’ falls in love and lives happily ever after with him. I’m not on the same wave length with most other gay guys. I don’t go to places where gay men congregate like bars or baths or gay beach resorts and that sort of thing. I know I am attractive to many gays because they have told me so. But I always seem to find them a little too fem, or they have what I call a faggoty voice, or mannerisms that turn me off. The really macho gays, the ones with bodies like yours, seem to live in their own idealized world, and want only guys that look like a carbon copy of themselves.

I’m more in tune with straight guys. I feel relaxed with them. They stir a reaction deep within me that I can’t explain. But straight guys, like you, prefer women. Not that I haven’t had lots of straight guys. A lot of them don’t care how they get their rocks off as long as it feels good. And that’s just fine with me. I get a real thrill with this type of guy.

Bill interrupted, “Master, what is this conveyance? We are moving so fast and yet no beast is pulling us. And you are using some words that I do not understand.”

“This is a car. I don’t know how it works, but it doesn’t need an animal to pull us. It is burning a liquid called “gasoline” that pushes us forward.”

It was apparent that although Bill had learned English remarkably fast, his vocabulary did not include sexual slang. Rick decided it best to explain the meaning of sex-related words he would be using when he talked to Bill, beginning with “cock.” Bill nodded his understanding as each word was explained, but was perplexed with the idea of a blow job.

“Master, I have never heard of this kind of sex. Can a man get satisfaction by putting his cock in your mouth?”

“Wow! You can’t even imagine how great it is,” Rick shot back. “Lots of guys say it’s better than fucking a woman.”

“But Master, don’t your teeth get in the way?”

“Not with a trained cocksucker like me,” Rick winked at Bill. And I can take a guy’s cock all the way into my mouth and down my throat.”

Bill turned to Rick with a doubtful expression. “Master, I don’t see how that is possible, not in my case. I’m pretty big down there. And I don’t think I would enjoy it anyway.”

“Don’t worry, I remember your warning and I’m not about to pressure you for sex. But I want you to help me get other cocks down my throat.”

“As you wish, Master.”

As they were nearing a rest stop with a restaurant, Rick suddenly remembered that he had not had breakfast and was really hungry.

“Do you eat?” Rick asked Bill.

“Yes, Master, when I am away from the vase for a period of time I function just like everybody else.”

As they entered the restaurant, several women glanced at Bill. Bill noticed too, but feigned indifference. Rick felt proud to be with such a handsome guy.

Rick ordered scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast and coffee for both. Bill tasted the coffee, and did not like it.

“This hot water must have come from an impure well,” Bill frowned. “I would prefer camel’s milk.”

“I can’t offer you camel’s milk but they have cow’s milk,” Rick told him.

“That’s OK.”

After breakfast, Rick could not resist going to the john to check out some truck driver cock. Were he alone, he would have checked the stalls for glory holes, but decided not to keep Bill waiting too long. Only a grandfatherly type was at the urinals and no one came for several minutes. So Rick zipped up and left.

Within a half-hour they were in Quiet Cove. Rick had been several times to this resort that drew a college crowd and some local redneck types. One of the men’s rooms on the beach had a peep hole between the two stalls. He had met one or two men there, but it was usually deserted. He usually made out better by starting a conversation on the beach or at one of the dozen or so bars that faced the beach. There always seemed to be more guys on the prowl than there were girls available, so Rick could usually entice an unattached male back to his motel with the promise of free beer or a place to stay for the night. There the x-rated channel did its magic.

Rick pulled into a motel a block from the beach and went in to register, leaving Bill in the car. Once they were in the room, Rick turned on the TV. Bill stared, transfixed with excitement and astonishment.

Deciding to be mischievous, Rick switched to an X-rated channel to see how Bill would react. Two couples were hard at it. One guy was fucking the shit out of one girl while the other girl was making a poor try at sucking a good-sized dong. At first Bill froze in disbelief, then he propped up the pillows on his twin bed and lay back to watch. From the other twin bed Rick was watching his own show. Quickly the sizeable bulge in Bill’s jeans began to expand until Rick could see the outlines of an ample, hard piece of meat.

“Boy, I can suck sure cock better than she can,” Rick told Bill, eyes focused on the forbidden hard treasure on the other bed.

Bill made no comment. After watching the action on screen about five minutes, he said, “I’ve got to use the, uh, bathroom.”

Bill closed the bathroom door but Rick heard no peeing sounds, only silence.

“Oh, shit, he’s in there jerking that gorgeous thing. I guess he’s too shy or polite or maybe afraid to do it in front of me,” Rick said disappointedly to himself.

After four minutes or so Rick heard the toilet flush. “I guess he figured out how to use that strange contraption,” he mused. “What a pity. He probably wasted a good load.”

Bill came out of the bathroom looking relaxed, but ignored the TV.

“Well, Master, what’s on the agenda? You’re not making me work very hard.”

“We’ll start now. I’m gonna take a walk, pick up some beer and might even bring some one back with me,” Rick answered.

“Can you make yourself into a dog?” Rick asked.

“Of course, Master.”

“If you hear me talking to someone when I return, then turn into a big watchdog before we enter.”

“I will do so, Master.”

“That was clever of me,” Rick thought as he walked toward the beach. “If I bring someone back who starts to get nasty after sex, I will have protection. I wish Bill had been with me when I had some close calls in the past,” remembering a tough guy who threatened to punch him unless he got 20 bucks for getting a blowjob.

At 10:30 on a Friday morning the beach was basically empty, as Rick expected. On the sidewalk beside the beach, he dodged an occasional jogger, while eyeing the benches placed every few yards. They were filled with old ladies, absorbed in their usual gossip sessions, or here and there a mother with a baby or young child.

“Too early for the in crowd I guess,” Rick thought as a frisky 3-year old almost knocked him off balance.

Ahead he saw a bench with only one person–a sandy-haired kid who looked about 19 or 20. “That’s a nice specimen. I wonder why he’s sitting here alone so early in the day.”

As Rick got closer he could see that the kid was passably cute and wearing a pair of snug fitting shorts, t-shirt and sneakers, and apparently nothing else, with his legs stretched out in front. Rick wasted no time in sitting down beside him, not missing the promising bulge in the kid’s shorts.

Rick went into fast mode. “Hey, nice morning. Been for a swim yet?”

“Naw, I’m waiting for some of my buddies to get here. They’re coming later by car, so I took a bus to get here early. Not a good idea I found out, ’cause I got nuthin to do till they get here.”

“Right on!” Rick’s thoughts raced, “maybe I got a prospect here.”

“What time do you expect them?” Rick asked.

“Aw, not for a coupla hours” came the reply.

“My name’s Rick.”

Flashing a sincere smile, the kid offered “Hi, I’m Jeff.”

“Hey Jeff, I’ve got an idea. I’m staying in a motel a block off the beach, I got some cold beer in the fridge and they have cool porno on the TV in the room. Wanna chill out for a couple of hours?”

“Yeah, I guess so. You seem like an OK guy that I could hang out with for a while.”

As Rick was opening the door to his room, he said to Jeff, “Oh, by the way, I have my dog with me. Don’t worry, he’s gentle and well-behaved unless someone tries to attack me.”

Lying on the floor was a large dog of dubious breed, perhaps a mixture of German shepherd and chow. “Jeff, this is ‘Shep.’ Shep, this is Rick,” giving the dog a name on the spot.

Shep/Bill wagged his tail slightly but otherwise seemed indifferent to Jeff and Rick.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Rick pointed to the bed as he opened beers for himself and Jeff. “Let’s see what’s on the porno channel.”

After a few minutes, the images on the screen produced the desired results. Rick was happy to watch the bulge in Jeff’s shorts double in size. Jeff, immersed in the movie, did nothing to hide his hard-on.

Thanks to his watchdog Shep/Bill, Rick now had the courage to close in on his goal more rapidly, without preliminary questions about his prey’s girlfriends, did they give blow jobs, had he ever had a man do it, etc.

Then Rick threw out his standard line, “That girl can’t suck a cock worth a damn. I can do that much better than her.”

Jeff jerked his head toward Rick, sitting in a chair near Jeff on a bed. “Do you do that kind of thing?”

“Yes, I’m a professional cocksucker. Wanna try it?”

“Uh…., man I dunno,”

“Look, I can see you got a hard prick in your shorts and who’s gonna know?” Rick stepped over to the bed and started to unbutton Jeff’s shorts. He offered no resistance, so Rick said, “take off your shorts and move down to the bottom of the bed and put your feet on the floor.”

Jeff did as told, pulled down his shorts and out popped a decent sized cock, no underwear in sight.

Rick fell to his knees between Jeff’s legs and went to work immediately, swallowing Jeff’s cock to its base.

“Oh man, that’s fantastic,” Jeff sighed.

Shep began to pace nervously in circles. “Calm down Shep,” Rick commanded.

Obediently Shep stopped, but surprised Rick by jumping on the other bed, positioning himself as if to watch Rick’s every move.

Jeff, serviced by a true expert, released his youthful load quickly, as Rick full-throated him to give maximum pleasure.

At Jeff’s climax, Shep let out a low growl, startling Rick.

“Man, that was awesome,” Jeff said in obvious appreciation. “Can I stop by again later? I could bring my buddy Tom for a coupla beers. I’ll bet he would love to get blowed too.”

“I don’t know,” answered Rick. Tell me where you will be on the beach and if I decide yes, I’ll come over there later.”

“Near where you met me,” Jeff answered.

Then Jeff was out the door. Rick felt relaxed after his easy conquest.

He turned to Shep and said, “Be yourself again, Bill.”

Reappearing as his now more familiar macho-stud self, Bill said, “Thanks, Master. Master, you can do what you say. You swallowed that guy’s cock like it was a peanut. I guess a blow job must feel great. I saw how much he enjoyed it.”

“Well I told you what I can do and now you see how good it feels when a guy gets a blow job. And by the way, take off all those clothes. I like to see your muscular nude body,” Rick commanded.

“Yes, Master, it is my job to please you. I’ll take these clothes off.” This time while undressing Bill did not turn his back to Rick. Instead he stood facing Rick, as once again his muscular physique came into view. Rick got a full-frontal view of Bill’s massive and gorgeous cock that seemed to be just a little bit hard.

Rick again ordered, ABill, relax on the other bed. Would you like to see another movie with sex?”

“Yes Master, I’d like that.”

Rick flicked on the porno channel again right in the middle of a big-titted babe’s mouth lubricating a handsome stud’s tool.

It took only a couple of minutes for Bill’s big cock to rise up to attention. He made no effort to hide his erection.

“Master, after watching you do that, I think she is not good at putting a cock in her mouth. She can’t put more than half of it in, and you can take all of a cock inside your mouth. Master, you know it is my job to please you. Would it please you if I let you give me a blowjob like you did to the guy earlier? I don’t think I’ll like it because it’s not a woman’s pussy, but I hope it will make you happy.”

Rick couldn’t believe his ears. Here was one of the most handsome jocks he had ever seen giving Rick permission to suck his dick. And it excited Rick to think that he was in control of the situation. He looked over to Bill’s cock that just seemed to be begging to get sucked off.

“Yes, Bill, it would please me a lot if you would let me suck your big, beautiful cock. Move down closer to the bottom of the bed and put your feet on the floor.” In a split second Bill was lying on his back in the same position he had seen the other guy in a short while before, with cock rearing and legs spread apart. And in a dash from the other bed, Rick was back at work.

The instant that Rick’s experienced mouth engulfed the mammoth cock, Bill gasped in disbelief and ecstasy. As Rick swallowed it all, Bill instinctively took Rick’s head and began to push it up and down gently on his prick.

“Oh, Master, I never dreamed it could be so good! Am I pleasing you, Master?”

With his mouth stuffed full of this man-meat, Rick could only grunt, “um huh.”

It only took a couple of minutes before Bill said, “Master, I am going to spill down your throat.”

That spurred Rick to go faster and apply more suction. Rick felt first a tell-tale tightening of Bill’s cock and then the semen rushing to escape Bill’s prick. Rick could only judge the healthy size of Bill’s load by the spurts he could feel pulsing through Bill’s cock, like bullets ejecting from a gun barrel.

The experience took Rick to a new height of satisfaction. Never had he enjoyed sucking a cock more than this one. And he owned it! It was now his, and his alone.

It was equally obvious from the emotions crossing Bill’s face that it had been a remarkable and mind-blowing experience for him as well.

Bill said, “Master, that was fantastic. Can we do it again soon?”

Rick answered, “Bill, I’ll suck your cock as often as you want. You are fantastic, and I love that big dick of yours.”


Chapter 6

After both had come down from their sexual high, Rick said, “Let’s go have come lunch.”

Rick remembered a nice little Italian restaurant near the beach that had an outdoor café. It was a pleasant early summer day, and as they ate, a gentle breeze blew in from the ocean. Rick offered Bill some wine, which he said he liked.

Rick began to hatch up a new plan. After lunch he would visit the nearby men’s room to check for any activity. He explained his plan to Bill, and told Bill that when they entered the restroom to change into Shep if no one was there. Rick enjoyed the danger of public sex, and had risked it many times, but never in his hometown. With Shep by his side, Rick could take a greater risk in propositioning a straight guy.

No one was in the toilet, so Bill changed into Shep, and Rick went to the urinals. Soon a tough-looking redneck kid of 18 or 19 came in and stepped up to the other urinal. He took out a beautifully shaped dick that Rick imagined would be about 7 inches when hard. Rick knew instantly that he would try to score. The question was how, without risking a punch in the face.

Rick said, “How’s it goin?”

The guy grunted, “OK I guess,” in a not very friendly way. “Is that dog dangerous,” he asked.

“Only if some someone tries to attack me,” Rick replied. He needed to say that in order to lay the groundwork.

Thinking quickly and boldly, Rick said, “That’s a great looking cock you got there. I’ll like to suck it.”

The kid was dumbfounded by the statement. He snarled, “Hey man, I ain’t no faggot.” At least he didn’t sock Rick in the face, remembering what Rick had said about Shep. “If you want to suck my dick, you will have to pay me.”

While Rick occasionally paid for sex, he usually didn’t have to. But this kid intrigued him, so he made an offer. “Here’s the deal, I’ll pay you 20 bucks if I can’t swallow all of your dick. If I take it all, I’ll still pay you ten dollars.”

By this time the guy’s cock was starting to rise to a full erection. “Hey man, you can’t take all of my dick. No girl has ever done it, and a guy tried it once, and he couldn’t either.”

Confident that he would earn twenty dollars, the kid said, “OK.”

Rick dropped to his knees and quickly engulfed the entire piece of hard meat.

‘Holy shit,’ the kid almost shouted, “I don’t believe it. Man, you are a good cocksucker.”

At this point Shep was obviously getting agitated and sat nearby to watch the action.

Within a couple of minutes the horny teenager shot a big load all the way down Rick’s throat, as Rick swallowed the tasty treat.

Then the kid said, “That was great, but I still feel you owe me 20 dollars.”

When Shep bared his teeth at this remark, the kid, obviously somewhat afraid, said, “Ok, I’ll take the ten dollars.” Rick paid him and he practically ran out of the restroom.

Satisfied for the moment, Rick decided to return to the motel, with Shep at his side. Once back, Rick asked Shep to become Bill again, and appear in the nude. Rick stripped down to his shorts, to relax a bit.

Then Rick had an inspiration. He thought ‘I massage the neck of the bottle, why not massage the neck, and the entire body, of my stud?’

“I’m going to give you a massage.” Rick knew something about giving a massage, since at the gym, he often got a massage from a trainer there. Rick told Bill to lie on his stomach for a neck and back massage first. No sooner had he begun, Bill sighed with pleasure and said, “Master this is sensational. I could do this every day.”

“Well, it will happen, because I loving moving my hands over your body.”

After about ten minutes Rick told Bill to roll over on his back. As he did, low and behold, he revealed a rock hard prick. Rick pretended not to notice it, but started massaging Bill’s chest, then worked his way down to Bill’s abdomen. Rick massaged close to Bill’s dick, but did not even touch it. He continued down Bill’s muscular thighs and calves and gave special attention to Bill’s beautiful feet.

Rick said, “I’m finished. We can do it again tomorrow if you want.”

Then Bill surprised Rick by saying, “Master you can massage my cock too if you want.”

Rick began a slow hand job on Bill, then got another jolt. Bill took Rick’s head and gently pushed it down on his cock. Rick was so excited that by the time his mouth got to Bill’s throbbing member it was open for business. It seemed that Bill enjoyed his second blow job better than the first.

Rick decided to just stay in the motel with Bill, and not bother to go cruising again for the time being. He decided to learn more about Bill’s past history and adventures.

Rick asked, “Did my uncle, who owned the vase before me, ever call you out of your vase?”

“No master, I don’t think he knew how.”

“Then how long had you been in the vase before emerging again?”

“Master, it was many, many years. Most people cannot read the instruction written on my vase.

“I’m happy that you were able to. It gets pretty boring just to be in there and have nothing to do.”

Rick queried Bill about his life back in Egypt. From Bill’s explanation, Rick discerned he was current on all of the astronomical and other scientific facts of his day. Bill told Rick that he had only served four men before, and none of them was interested in sex with him.

Bill watched TV while Rick began plotting on how to keep Bill out of his vase back home. Of course, Thelma was an obstacle, but he decided that he would invent some excuse to bring Bill back home as a man. He would tell Thelma that Bill was an ex-employee from his ad agency, whom he had run into at the beach. He would add that Bill was having problems at home and was looking for a place to stay temporarily, so Rick decided to take him in.

It was soon dinner time and over dinner Rick explained his strategy to Bill, who liked the idea. Rick decided that he had had enough sex with strangers. “After all,” he mused, “I have the perfect stud with me. Why go looking for others?” He would spend the night at the motel and return home the next morning.

When it was bedtime Rick told Bill that he could sleep in the other bed, if he wished.

Bill answered, “That’s fine master, I’d like that.”

“And stay nude,” Rick added.

Rick decided to tuck Bill into bed and while doing so gave him a kiss on the neck. Bill surprised him by returning the favor.

After a night with happy dreams Rick awoke early, took Bill for breakfast and checked out of the motel.


Chapter 7

When Rick and Bill arrived back home, Thelma was watching her usual TV junk. Rick introduced the two of them and proceeded to implement his plan for Bill’s stay with them.

Thelma was taken aback with the idea. She asked, “Where’s he going to sleep?”

“He can sleep in my bedroom,” Rick replied.

“But honey, you’ve only got a double bed,” Thelma shot back.

“Don’t worry about it Mom. He can sleep with me. It won’t be an inconvenience for me, and it’s only temporary.”

Thelma was very dubious with this arrangement, but decided not to press the point.

After a few weeks, Thelma got to like Bill, and treated him as her own son. Bill took breakfast with the two, then after Rick left for work, Bill excused himself and said he would like to spend some time in their bedroom He usually retreated into his vase, where he stayed until Rick returned home after work. The three had dinner together, then Rick and Bill returned to their bedroom. This was OK with Thelma, since she just wanted to watch her TV.

One night bill said to Rick, “Master, it’s such a wonderful feeling when you please me by taking my dick into your mouth. I’ve been thinking that I should return the favor.”

Rick couldn’t believe his ears. He replied, “What are you saying? You are willing to the same for me?”

“Yes master,” Bill replied. “You deserve it. Can I do it?”

Rick replied “of course,” and Bill told Rick to lie down on the bed in the same way that he did for Rick. Bill proceeded to give Rick a superior blow job, which most likely he had learned from Rick. Rick soon shot a pent-up big load, then kissed Bill on the mouth to thank him.

This went on for a couple of years. Gradually Rick realized that this was a fantastic relationship, but would end someday, when he got older. So he began to wonder what his alternatives were.

He mentioned this to Bill, saying, “Bill, I adore you so much, but as I grow older and eventually will die, I’ll no longer have you at my side. Do you have any ideas on how to resolve this?”

Bill replied, “Yes Master, I do. I have the power to take you with me into the vase and you will live forever. And we can have sex in the vase while we await the next master, which we could both serve.”

Again, Rick was flabbergasted. He said, “Let me think about this. I’ll have to explain something to Thelma.”

It didn’t take Rick too long to decide that he loved the idea. He decided to tell Thelma that he was going on a long business trip, and wasn’t sure how long he would be gone. He went into the living room and interrupted her TV watching to explain his plan, and that he would phone her to let her know when he would return.

Rick then returned to his bedroom and put on a pair of cleanly pressed jeans and a white t-shirt.

“Ok, I’m ready,” he told Bill. Then Bill just waved his arms and Rick turned into a wisp of smoke that went directly into the vase. Then Bill did the same for himself, and disappeared into the vase too.


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