Park Men’s Room Attendant
by Curtis


My name is George, and I live in a small mid-western city of about 150,000 people. I am 45 years old, but some people say I look to be 30. I luckily did well on the stock market, so I retired a couple of years ago. My house is located across the street from a small park, that isn’t much to speak of.  It has a couple of benches, an inadequate children’s playground, and that’s about it. Our city, like so many of its size, is always suffering from low cash intake. The men’s room has been vandalized by teenage punks and is a mess. In short, the park is neglected.

One of my major passions in life is to suck cock. I began when I was 14, and kept all of the neighborhood boys my age happy. I was very popular in the neighborhood. Occasionally I would suck off an adult, but that’s another story. I’m not into fucking, nor getting fucked.

It happens that a friend of mine is our city’s park commissioner, and I offered him a proposal that he couldn’t refuse. Either close the men’s room, or spend some bucks to restore it and I would personally volunteer my time from Noon to 6 p. m. Monday through Saturday, to sit in the men’s room and maintain order. I would even attempt to keep it reasonably clean. It would remain locked at all other times.

Let me describe the men’s room. It is old, and when one enters, there is an immediate turn to the left. There are two stalls on the right wall, with wood partitions, and an old galvanized urinal that can accommodate three persons at the same time, on the back wall. Between the urinal and the sink, there is a small closet for storing toilet paper, towels, etc. On the left at the back is a sink with a mirror, a towel bin and on the wall opposite the stalls, and a glass window near the ceiling.

Sure enough, the joint was repainted, the broken sink, mirror, the ceiling fan, and a cracked toilet bowl were replaced, all within a week. I bought a gray uniform that I thought would make me look like a real attendant. So on Monday the following week, I arrived promptly at noon, after a light lunch. I brought a book to read, and a comfortable folding chair, which I placed beside the urinal, which gave me a front-row seat. I also brought my electric drill, and my first activity was to drill a hole between the two stalls, conveniently at cock height.

It was a forlorn job. No one entered for 2 hours. Then two teenagers, who looked to be about 18, came in. They were boisterous and loud, and were surprised to see me sitting there. I told them, “Alright boys, no more vandalism here, and no loitering. You can’t hang out here waiting for some fag to come in and give you a blow job through the hole between the stalls.” So they left in a hurry, after taking a piss, as I took a quick glance to check out their packages.

About a half hour later, one of the teenagers returned. I asked, “You’re back here again?”

He replied, “Yeah, It’s legit. I gotta take a crap.”

He entered one of the stalls, and after a couple of minutes, I thought, “Hmmm, interesting. I’m gonna go into the other stall to see what he’s doing.”  Sure enough, I looked through my newly-created glory hole and he was masturbating his attractive 7 inch prick. It was already hard. I guess he had gotten turned on by my earlier comment about fags in the place. So I was ready to begin my adventure as a park men’s room attendant.

I did what comes naturally for me, I put my mouth to the glory hole and wagged my tongue, then moved back from the hole. Sure enough, he stuck his ready dick through the hole. I took out my dentures, and was ready to give this kid the blow job of his life. He remained silent, and made no sounds whatsoever while I was doing my duty. But within two minutes, I was rewarded with a big teenage load down my throat. He said nothing afterwards, just pulled up his pants and left the bathroom. I decided that I had acquired my first regular customer. The rest of the afternoon, only an elderly man with a dog came in, and a couple of youngsters from the playground.


Day #2

The second day on my new “job” as a voluntary men’s room attendant, I arrived promptly at noon, and unlocked the toilet. After I had closed up shop on the first day, I went to a sporting goods store and bought a pair of knee pads. I knew that I would need them badly. I also bought a door hook to fasten the inside of the door to the men’s room. I had decided that there would be times when I wanted to “work” without fear of someone arriving. I brought along a large piece of cardboard and a magic marker. I made a sign, “closed for cleaning. Will reopen at.” I also drew a clock, and fastened moveable hands to indicate when the T-room would reopen after I had polished off a cock, obviously. This time I left my dentures at home, so I would be always prepared, just like a good boy scout.

I had stored my fold-up chair in the small closet in the bathroom. I retrieved it and promptly got engrossed in a new novel I had just bought, sitting so that I could view the urinal. I knew it would be slow, just as yesterday, but what the hell, I had the perfect excuse to spend from noon to 6 p.m., legitimately waiting for dick. It was a hot day, so I had brought a large thermos bottle with ice-cold water. Not until 2:30 did someone arrive. It was a UPS delivery guy.  I had not seen him before, but I assumed his delivery route took him beside the park.

When he came in, he moaned, “Oh damn, it’s hot. I’m drinking so much water, I’m a walking water faucet.” Making a beeline for the urinal, boy did he ever piss. He was about 5′ 9″, not particularly handsome, just average, but flashed a very friendly smile. His body would not win prizes, but he wasn’t skinny, and had a decent 7 inch cock. He must have been about 26.

He told me that he had only been on the job for two months, but just didn’t like the stress.

He noticed that my eyes were glued on his cock, and he said “Yeah, I’m stressed out in every way.”

I said, “Maybe I can help you relieve some of your stress.”

He asked, “How so?”, obviously getting my point.

I replied, “Well maybe the stress of not having shot a good load for a while.”

He said, “Wow, you got that right, but if I understand what you’ll do, we can’t just do it here.”

I said, “Go into one of the stalls, and you’ll see how we can do it.”

He entered the stall nearest to the urinals, and I went into the other. We closed our doors, and I put my mouth up to the hole and said, “This is how we’ll do it.  Put your cock through the hole.”

He didn’t waste a second, even though it was not even half-hard. I love the feel of a cock getting harder and growing in my mouth. It stimulates me to perform better.

He was fully hard within seconds, and said, “Man you’re awesome. I don’t know how you do it. I never had a blow job as good as this.”

I took my mouth off his dick, and said, “And you never will again.”

It didn’t take long. He shot a big load down my throat, wiped off his dick and exited the stall, as I came out of mine.

He thanked me and asked, “Can I stop by here again?”

I said, “You can deliver your special package to me any day from Monday to Saturday between Noon and 6 p.m. “What’s your name?”

“It’s Tom.”

“Thanks Tom, it was a great pleasure for me.”

He left and by this time it was 3 p.m. The old man came by shortly with is dog, and chatted with me briefly. He was outside my age range, which is vast. The rest of the day a couple of other guys not to my liking came in, but I ignored them, and continued to read my book.

I closed promptly at 6 p.m., but went home satisfied with my second conquest.


DAY #3

Although I had scored on the first two days of my “job” as a men’s park room attendant, I was already getting a bit restless. I wished that more men would come in to the toilet, but it was not to be. I was prepared for another boring afternoon, but hey, I had a better chance of sucking dick there than by staying at home.

Nothing happened until 3 p.m. To my surprise, in walked a handsome cowboy. At least he was dressed like a cowboy, and with a huge back pack. He was at least 6 ft tall, about 30 years old, and sexy in his swaggering way. He had fluffy brown hair, with brown eyes to match, and beautiful white teeth. His body was well proportioned for his height. In other words, he was sexy.

As he came in, I greeted him with, “Hello cowboy, we don’t see many of you around here.”

He answered, “I’m just passing through, I’m on my way out west.”

“Are you driving?” I asked

“No actually I’m hitch hiking. I like to walk around a bit in the cities I am passing through.”

I asked him if he was on the way home, but he told me that he just like to travel a lot, and did odd jobs in places for a while, before moving on somewhere else.

A light bulb turned on in my head, and I said to myself, “Wow, this may turn into something interesting.” Once he got to the urinal, he pulled a dick whose length matched his height. A perfect specimen!

By telling me that he was hitching, he gave me an opening to ask a couple of interesting questions. While admiring his dick, I said, “Wow, a good-looking guy like you must get a lot of sex offers from men who pick you up.”

“Yeah, all the time, but that’s how I pay for the ride, and I get great blow jobs.”

I couldn’t resist asking, “Did you get one today yet?”

“Nope, not so far.”

I said, “So how would you like one now? That beautiful dick of yours is just begging to get sucked. I was intoxicated by this gorgeous creature.

I fastened the outside door, and discovered that he was so tall that I could comfortably blow him while seated, instead of on my knees.

Once I was gumming that long prick deep into my throat, he said, “Shit dude, I can’t believe how good a blow job this is.”


DAY #4

Today turned out to be the busiest day of the week. About 12:30 p.m, soon after I arrived for duty, and had put on my knee pads, the door opened and a guy came in. There was another guy behind him whom I had not yet seen, who remarked in a gruff voice, “I got sucked off by a fag in here.”

I wondered who the hell he was, but soon found out. It was a guy I had serviced!

He remarked loudly to the guy in front of him, “Hell, it’s the same guy.”

I said, “Yeah I work here now. Convenient isn’t it?” It was obvious that they were construction workers.

They came to the urinal, took out their good-size dicks, and began to piss a healthy stream.

“The tough one said, AJack, this fag is a fantastic cocksucker. We’re both gonna get a blow job by a cocksucker with no teeth. You’ve never felt anything like it.” Jack had a flashy smile and beautiful green eyes.

I nodded my head in approval and went to lock the door from the inside, hanging my clock sign outside. I sat down again and watched until they finished pissing.

The guy I had previously sucked off was a control freak. He growled, “Come over faggot, get down on your knees and get to work. Show me you still got the same talent.”

I obeyed instantly, and as soon as I was in front of him, he grabbed my head and rammed his prick down my throat.

“Come on cocksucker, do your stuff.”  His cock quickly got hard in my mouth, and his buddy Jack’s dick was hardening too.

After pushing my head onto his cock a few more times, he growled, “Now let Jack sample that pussy mouth.”

As he said this, he moved me over to Jack’s rock-hard dick, who standing beside him, and shoved my head onto Jack’s dick.

Jack immediately showed his pleasure by letting out groans of approval.  The tough one was obviously enjoying the show.

“Didn’t I tell you he is an expert?” he said to Jack.

Jack took no time to blow his wad, as I swallowed him to the pubes.

Jack pulled his dick from my mouth and toughie didn’t waste a second to push me back on his tool. He came rapidly too. Don’t they all?

They both zipped up and toughie said, “By the way, my name is Pat. Pat as in Patrick. I may come back to see you sometime.”

And then they were out the door.

I sat musing about the fun I just had with the two construction workers, when suddenly in strolls a cop! That kinda shook me up, but I maintained my outward calm.

I greeted him with, “Good afternoon officer. Are you here to arrest me?”

With a big grin, he replied, “For what? You’re just here doing your job, right?” noting my gray uniform, as he came toward my chair.

I thought to myself, “How right you are!” He obviously lifted weights, since he was wearing a short sleeve shirt, which clung tightly to his muscular bodyBobviously the better to show his assets. He was unbelievably handsome, probably about 5′ 11″ and about 28 or so, and wore a wedding band. I wondered how I could make a conquest in this potentially prickly situation.

Fortunately he gave me an opening. He remarked, “There used to be a bunch of queer guys who hung around here.”

So I asked,” Did you arrest them?” thinking how fortunate that he never ran into me here.

“No, I just ordered them to leave and told them if I found them here again, I would arrest them. That solved the problem.” He added, AMind if I have a look around? The place has been renovated since I was last here.

I explained the new rules – open only from noon to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and locked the rest of the time.

He went into a stall and immediately noticed the hole in the partition.  “I don’t remember that hole being there before,” he said.

I lied and said, “Well it was there when I began working here.”

He replied, “Well, I know why it’s there. It’s for a guy to stick his cock through and get sucked. I’ve seen them on the internet, but never ran into one.”

I pretended astonishment and exclaimed, “Well I’ll be damned!” I wondered what his interest was, as I went to the other booth.

“Just between you and me, my wife is pregnant, and I’m not gettin’ much lately. And you know how it is, a guy’s got to get his rocks off. If one of those queers were here now, I just might let him suck me off. I’m getting’ hard thinking about it.”

I peeped through the hole and with that remark, he pulled out his dick and it was just as muscular as the rest of his body.

I was instantly on my knees, put my mouth to the hole, and said, “That’s one mean tool you got there.”

He got the message and immediately his fat cock came through the hole, almost filling it up.

I swallowed the entire thing, and he said, AJesus Christ, I always heard that men suck cock better than women. You are fantastic! Let me get more comfortable.”

With that, he dropped his pants and shorts to the floor and stuck his dick through again. He must have not come for a week. I never remembered sucking such a hard, throbbing cock.

Then he pulled out his cock and said, “Wait, I’m getting close.”

But no sooner than he withdrew, it came back through again. Obviously he couldn’t resist my deep throat and expert sucking technique. It was all over very quickly, and I could feel his cock pulsating wad after wad deep into my throat.

“He sighed loudly, wiped his dick, pulled up his pants, and left the stall. I come out of mine at the same time, and asked, AOfficer, are you going to arrest me now?”

He laughed and said, “Certainly not, but I’ll be back here often to check on you. I’m Frank.”

With that, he left, and I collapsed into my chair, unable to come to grips with what had just happened.

The door opened, and to my surprise a handsome young priest walked in. He couldn’t be a day over 25.

“I said, Agood afternoon father, what brings you here?”

“I was on the way to see a parishioner, and nature called.” With that he went to the urinal. Needless to say, I was all eyes. Out came a nice sized tool. I told myself, “I’m not going to waste time playing any games, I’ll come direct to the point.”

I told him, “Father, I have a confession to make,” while staring at his prick relieving itself.

He asked, “And what might that be?”

“I love to suck men’s cocks.”

He gave no noticeable reaction, but asked “Do you do that often?”

I replied, “Yes, every chance I get, and I get to give lots of blow jobs in here.”

He said, “I’ve heard about guys like you, but I’ve never met one.”

I thought, “How naïve, how charming!”

I asked, “you’ve never had a blow job?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Well you don’t know what you are missing.” It was obvious that his cock was beginning to swell a little. AYou’re in the right place at the right time,” I added. “You’ll love it.”

He hesitated, but then said, “Well, I’m not sure, it’s a sin you know.”  By this time he had gotten an almost full erection.

I told him, “Let me lock the toilet door, and you will find out how fantastic it can be.”

Practically running, for fear that someone would come in at that moment, I got the door locked fast, and returned to see him still standing at the urinal, with a hard dick. I turned him away from the urinal, to face me, and immediately fell on my knees–not to pray, but to worship. Or was it to prey? Glancing up at him, I could see that he was in heavenly bliss. With my professional style and toothless mouth, he came very fast, as they all do. It usually takes no more than two minutes.

He zipped up quickly, and rushed out of the bathroom, probably in a fit of guilt.


The visiting cocksucker

It had been a busy day. It was now 5:30, and I was beginning to think about closing and what I would make for dinner, when a guy about my age came in. He was bald, and on the slightly heavy side, so he looked older than me. As soon as he walked in my gaydar went into action. His manner told me that he had never been in there before, and probably wasn’t a local, since I had never seen him. He checked me out, but without even as much as acknowledging my presence. I was certain that he was exploring the place. He went into one of the stalls, and sat down.

“Hmmm”, I thought. Now it’s my turn to get a blow job. I’ve always enjoyed getting as much as giving a blow job. Since I have a definite straight appearance, when I was young, I would play straight with some queens, which really got them turned on. Since my dick is larger than average, it has been sucked many, many times. I have no patience with a cocksucker who can’t deep throat me. The base of my cock is where I get the most pleasure.

So I went into the adjoining stall, took out my prick, and started to masturbate it. Sure enough, the usual finger motion occurred, and I was glad to oblige. He went to work immediately. On a scale of 0 to 10, he was maybe a cocksucker at 7 on the scale. But that was enough to make me satisfied. Since I hadn’t had a blow job for a long time, I was definitely in the mood to shoot a nice load. It didn’t take long.

When I came, I exited the stall and went back to sit down. He stayed in his, obviously awaiting another reward. But I would have none of this. The last thing I needed was to have competition at my work place. So I knocked on his door and told him that I was about to close the toilet for the day, and that he would have to leave. I also advised him that the cops are always checking out the place, and that it wasn’t safe. He came out of the stall with a scowl on his face and left.


DAY #5

It’s now Friday. Today I brought along a writing pad and pencils, so that I could start noting down my adventures.

The first hour on the job, nothing happened. At 1 p.m. Tom, the UPS driver came in.

I greeted him and said, “Hello Tom, I thought I would never see you again.”

“Hell, I’ve had a busy week, but I’ve been thinking about you all week. I’ve got a big load built up.”

He went into one stall, and me the other. He didn’t waste any time, his dick came through the hole instantly. He began to make his usual comments, praising my technique. He obviously liked to verbalize his pleasure.

We had hardly been at it more than a minute, and I heard the front door open. I stopped sucking to peer through the crack in the door to see who it was. It was the teenager back again! Since both stalls were occupied, he went to the urinal. I went back to business, but it was obvious from Tom’s noises that the kid knew what was happening. The teen didn’t leave, he sat down in my chair, probably to wait his turn.

Tom is a noisy comer. No one could mistake what was going on when Tom shot his load. I imagined that the kid probably had a roaring hard on by this time, and could hardly wait. Tom made his exit after whispering Athanks” through the hole, and the kid came flying in to take Tom’s place. He wasted no time in dropping his pants and sticking his young dick through. Just as the first time, he made no sound at all while I was doing my job.

As usual the kid came quickly, and when he pulled his cock back, I asked, “Did you like that?”

“Hell yes,” he answered, showing some enthusiasm for the first time.

I asked what his name was.  He replied, “It’s Henry.”

I said, “I hope you’ll come back, Henry.”

“For damned sure.  I told a friend about you, and he wants to try it out. He’s never had a blow job.”

“That’s great. Bring him along the next time.”

“Sure thing.”

The afternoon dragged on. The old man came in with his dog, chatted a few minutes, and left. I decided that I had enjoyed a successful week, and decided not to open on Saturday.



I loved my first week, but had begun to feel a bit guilty about getting nothing much done at home. I then considered a different approach. I could give each of my customers my address and phone number, and they could visit me at home. I was lucky that all of them except the priest returned that week. I went to work every day with my information ready on slips of paper. By the end of the week I had handed out all of the slips.

I informed my friend in the parks department that I was just getting bored sitting in the men’s room every day and he understood. Sure enough, my phone and doorbell began to ring steadily. The men’s room remained open. I didn’t even close the glory hole. In fact I returned once in a while to see if I could knock off a new prize. I scored occasionally, but decided that I had a wonderful supply at home, so why bother.


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