by Curtis


This story is about Mike. He was a 19 year old good-looking Irish kid with dark brown hair and beautiful deep blue eyes. He didn’t believe in the super macho bullshit nor felt the need to prove he was a man. Mike simply had a natural masculinity that oozed from every pore in his body. He was just under 6 feet and had a gymnast’s body. And Mike was proud of his cock. He knew it was bigger than most, because he had compared his with other guys’ cocks by sneaking looks in the locker room at the gym. His cock was ramrod straight and about as big around as a knockwurst. Mike was a stock clerk in a supermarket by day, but worked out almost every night at a gym nearby. He was pleased with his naturally good build, and had no intention of piling muscles on his body like some of the guys he saw at the gym. His goal was just to keep in shape.

Mike lived with his mother in a lower-middle class part of town. His father had died suddenly when Mike was 16. He finished high school, but he could not go to State College as he wanted because he didn’t get a scholarship and couldn’t afford the tuition. So he was saving as much as he could to go to college the next year. He dated his high-school sweetheart, Sally, until she went off to State College to study nursing. He had never had sex with Sally, nothing more than some petting in his car on occasion. He missed her very much, but she only came back to town on holidays or for the summer.

Like any other normal guy his age, Mike thought a lot about sex. Sometimes Mike would see really sexy girls at his supermarket who would seduce him with their eyes, but he would not come on to them. He wanted to be faithful to Sally. He would go home at night and jerk off thinking about girls who tried to make it with him at work or how wonderful it would be to have sex with Sally.

Mike had never had a blowjob, not even from a girl, but he knew from other guys talking about getting sucked off that it must be really great. He always lied to his friends when they asked about the blowjobs he had gotten. He made up a couple of stories about some trashy young girl he picked up who sucked his cock. But it had never happened. Of course he knew that guys did that kind of thing too. In fact one guy had propositioned him at the supermarket when he helped carry the guy’s groceries to the man’s car. Mike just politely refused the man, telling him it just wasn’t his thing. He had in fact fucked a slutty girl he knew, but she didn’t give blowjobs.


One night as Mike was driving home from the gym he noticed a new video store in a part of town with mostly warehouses, deserted at night. The sign outside stated XXX movies, private viewing booths, open 24 hours a day. Must be 21 and prove it. “That’s no problem for me,” he thought. Mike had paid to get a fake ID when he was 18, stating that he was 21. Mainly it was so he could buy beer at a liquor store on the other side of town where nobody knew him. This was the first and only xxx video store in Mike’s town and he had never been in one. So his curiosity got the better of him.  Suddenly he decided to check it out.

In the front of the store there were just the ordinary hetero videos available for sale or rent. At the back of the store he saw a door with a sign above it, “XXX movies.” A guy sat at a counter beside the door, but just nodded to Mike as he went through the door and didn’t ask for ID at all. Mike then saw rows and rows of porno films for sale. The video covers featured all types of girls, most of them damn cute. Some were shown sucking a cock on the cover. This stirred Mike’s hormones, and he thought, “Wow I’d like to get a blow job from a girl like that.” Against one wall was a row of about 7 or 8 viewing booths. “What the hell,” he said to himself, “I might as well check it out. That’s why I came here anyway.” The first booth in the row was occupied, so he choose a booth in the middle of the row, went in and locked the door. It took a few minutes to study the set-up. He saw that he could choose among about 25 different channels by clicking forward or backward buttons.

“How do I get this thing going?” he asked himself. Then he noticed that he would need to put paper money in a slot in the machine. Luckily he had five singles in his wallet and slipped one into the machine. The lights in the booth went out and he started to flip through the channels. After a few channels he settled on a cute little redhead with nice tits sucking on a guy’s dick. After only a few seconds, Mike’s cock started to get hard. He rubbed it through his pants, but felt hesitant to unzip his fly. Then he thought, “Hey, nobody’s in here but me and nobody can see me.@ He took out his fully erect cock and began to stroke it. Then suddenly he noticed that on either side of the booth there were was a little hinged door with a bolt at the top of it. He slid the bolt and the door fell open, revealing a hole about 2 inches high and about 4 inches wide. He could look into the adjoining booth.

Luckily no one was in it, so he quickly closed the door again and began in earnest to beat his meat. He was so horny that he came on the floor in just a couple of minutes. “Oh shit, I gotta get out of here before someone finds out what I did.” Then he zipped up, left the booth and quickly walked out of the video store. On the way home Mike thought about how great it was that the video store was not too far from his house and how he had enjoyed the porno film. Then his mind went back to the little metal door. “Why the fuck did they put that door between the booths, and why was there a hole between his booth and the next one?” he asked himself. Satisfied with his adventure, he decided he would return when he got horny again.


After a week of tiring work at the supermarket and hard work-outs at the gym, Mike decided it was time for another visit to the video store. He made sure he had sufficient singles in his pocket to feed into the machine. The same clerk was there as before and seemed to recognize Mike as he entered the back room. He decided to take the same booth as before and went in without even checking if the booth on either side was occupied. As soon as he locked his door, he noticed that the metal door was open to the next booth. Without thinking, he looked through the hole and there was a guy in the next booth standing up against the opposite wall of the booth. He was moving his hips as if he was fucking. Mike was afraid that the guy would see him, so he quickly closed and bolted the little door and starting feeding dollar bills into the viewing machine.

But as he started watching a movie, he couldn’t help but be curious about what was happening in the next booth. So he again opened the door and the guy was still there against the other wall. Mike realized that there must be a hole in that wall too and the guy was probably getting a blow job. Again Mike closed the door. “I didn’t think girls came in here,” Mike said to himself. Then he thought, “How crazy I am. Would a girl come in here and give a guy a blow job? Well, hey, there are all kinds of sluts out there, so it could be,” he decided. Mike’s prick was about as hard as it could get, just thinking about the guy in the next booth getting a blow job and watching a great blow job on the screen. Then he heard the guy in the next booth leave and Mike thought, “maybe I could get her to blow me too.”

So he left his booth and went to the adjoining one. Sure enough there was a hole on the other side of the booth and the little door on his side of the booth was still open. But the next booth had its little door closed. “Well, that’s that,” Mike thought. “I’ll just stay here and do my thing.” He put a dollar into the machine and took out his still-hard cock. In his eagerness to jerk off he forgot to bolt the latch on the strange little door in the wall of the booth. He was really into the scene on the screen and close to coming when he heard a slight sound at the hole. Then a voice whispered, “Hey kid, let me suck that big cock for you. I’m a great cocksucker.” Startled, Mike thought, “That sure as fuck ain’t no girl’s voice.”

In one split second, three or four different thoughts ran through Mike’s mind. Should he run out the door of the booth, or stay and slam the little metal door shut? Or should he take advantage of this opportunity to get a blow job, even if from a guy in the next booth? Mike hesitated, and being so close to coming, continued to jerk off. The guy was still there with his mouth against the hole, still pleading to suck Mike off. “What the hell,” Mike thought to himself. “No one would ever know about it but me and the cocksucker.” Though he was nervous, Mike stepped over to the hole and put the head of his cock into it. Immediately a mouth wrapped around the head and Mike felt for the first time the sensation of a mouth on his prick. It felt so good he pushed a little more of his steel-hard tool through the hole.

As each inch of his cock went through hole the guy took more into his mouth. Then he pushed his entire cock through the hole. Mike could not believe this was happening to him. It was better than a pussy, greater than he ever dreamed it would be. He would never have let a guy suck his cock, but his raging hard-on had decided for him. “How can he take my entire cock in his mouth?” Mike asked himself as an obviously expert mouth slid up and down his entire cock. In about a minute, Mike shot a week’s load into this strange man’s throat. As soon as Mike came, he pulled out his cock, and closed the door to the hole and rushed out of the booth. He hurried out of the store, not wanting either to see the guy who blew him or have the guy see him.

As Mike drove home, he felt a mixture of pleasure and guilt. He had let a guy suck his dick, but what a hell of an experience it was. The rest of the week Mike could not get rid of the memory of the fantastic pleasure he had felt while the guy was blowing him. One part of him told him not to go back to the video store. On the other hand, getting head was such a fantastic experience and who would ever know? Several times Mike got a hard-on just thinking about the blow job he had received. So he decided to go to the video store the next week on the same day and at the same time, hoping that the same cocksucker would be there to service him again.

As he went into his now-favorite booth, he noticed that the metal slats on both sides of the booth were open, exposing the holes on either side. He decided not to even close the slats, hoping that maybe the cocksucker would come into a booth on either side. After only a couple of minutes, someone went into the next booth. Mike was already at work jerking his hard tool, but peeked through the hole to see if it was his cocksucker.

But it wasn’t, it was an older guy, maybe 60 or so. Mike quickly closed and latched his little door, blocking the view from the other booth. He found one of his favorite flicks and continued jerking off. But he couldn’t get his mind off the blow job he had gotten last week, and after all, that’s one of the reasons he had come here today. As he got more and more excited, Mike thought, “maybe that guy sucks too. I think I’ll open the door where the hole is and let him see my cock if he wants to.”

Mike opened the door and returned to stroke himself, while glancing at the hole every few seconds. Sure enough, in less than a minute this new guy had his mouth at the hole just like the other one. This time Mike did not hesitate. He shoved his throbbing member through the hole. But this was different! This was far better than any pussy he had fucked and 10 times better than the cocksucker from last week. “This guy must be the world’s best cocksucker,” he thought. He could not believe the suction that this guy was able to put on his cock. This was so good that he did not want to come fast like the first time. But this guy was so expert and going so fast that Mike just couldn’t hold back. He shot what seemed like his biggest load ever.

Pulling his cock back from the hole, Mike couldn’t resist getting another look at the “world’s best cocksucker.” Mike peeked through the hole just as the old guy was putting his dentures back into his mouth. “So that’s why it was so damned great,” Mike thought. “The guy took out his teeth.” Mike was shocked, and immediately left the booth and rushed out to get into his car.

As he was starting the engine, he was surprised to see the old man walking up to him. “Oh shit,” said Mike, “What do I do now?” His instinct told him to get the fuck out of there as fast as possible. The old geezer was waving a piece of paper in his hand and motioning for Mike to take it. Ignoring his better judgment Mike waited till the old queer got to the car. The old guy didn’t look queer and nobody knew the guy had just sucked him. The man said, “That’s the best dick I’ve sucked in years. Here’s my phone number. Give me a call sometime and come by my house. My name is Jack.”

Mike blurted out, “Hey man, no way. I’m not a fag.” Mike quickly backed out of his parking space and sped on his way home. “The nerve of that old cocksucker to give me his phone number,” he said himself. “If that old shit thinks I’m going to call him he’ll wait the rest of his life.” Mike wadded up the paper with the man’s phone number on it and threw it on the floor of the car. He was angry with himself for letting two different guys suck his cock. “Hell, blow jobs are great, but I want a girl to do it. But I don’t want to waste money on a whore.”

Mike slept well that night, not even realizing how relaxed the toothless blow job had made him. The next morning when Mike got into his car to drive to work, he noticed the wad of paper with the old cocksucker’s name and phone number on it on the floor. Instead of throwing it out the window, he put it into his jacket pocket.


The week went fast. Mike had to work overtime a couple of days and had to miss his regular workout. At times Mike thought about that incredible gum job in the video store and his cock would swell up. As he was a work, his grocer’s apron fortunately covered the hard-on. But usually it was when he was getting ready to go to bed that he thought about the toothless old cocksucker. He decided to just jerk off and stop getting blow jobs from strange men in the video store. But as he played with his quickly hardening cock in bed, he could not help but think of the two blow jobs he had gotten at the video store. He shot a big load just remembering how good it felt going down a cocksucker’s throat. Mike was hooked. When the next Wednesday rolled around, he drove to the video store like a homing pigeon, hoping to see either the old guy with dentures or the first guy who sucked on him. He went into his usual booth and even though his metal door was closed, he opened it. He started to feed dollars to the machine and sat down to play with his hard prick. No one came into the booth on either side for almost 10 minutes. He was getting closer and closer to popping his load and was longing for some lips to wrap around his stiff prick. Then someone finally came to an adjoining booth. Mike stole a glance through the hole and saw a guy in his 20s. The way the guy was dressed screamed “faggot.” Mike thought, “Well I’ve got a live one here.” So he resumed his rhythmic hand pumping to see what would happen. Sure enough after a while he saw two fingers appear at the hole. Mike guessed that this guy was inviting him to stick it through. He was so close to coming after waiting so long, that he didn’t hesitate a second. He pushed his entire cock through the hole.

But as this guy started sucking Mike realized that the guy was inexperienced. He took just an inch or two of Mike’s dick into his mouth. He even scraped Mike’s cock with his teeth. There was almost no pleasure in this. Mike pulled his cock back through the hole, closed his little door and shot his load on the video machine. “Shit, I’d rather jerk off than get a piss-poor blow job like that,” he thought. Once he came he practically sprinted out of the store and into his car for fear the faggot might chase after him the way the old man did. But fortunately the prissy guy did not follow him.

“I’m never going back to that shithole again,” Mike swore to himself. That place sucks in more ways than one. Mike did not return to the video store the next week, nor the week after that. He almost decided to drive by an area where whores hang out, but was afraid that someone he knew might see him. So he resorted to his hand to get his sexual release. By the end of the second week, he was getting restless and could not get the toothless blow job out of his mind. When the third Wednesday rolled around, Mike thought about the video store again. “No way,” he told himself. Then he remembered that he still had the old guy Jack’s phone number in the pocket of a jacket he hadn’t worn in three weeks. He went to the closet and took out the still-crumpled piece of paper. Mike hesitated a bit before he picked up the phone by his bed, then the memory of the old man’s blow job rushed over him. His cock stiffened a little.

The phone rang twice and a man answered. “Hello, is this Jack?” Mike asked. “Yes, this is he.  Who is this?” “I’m the guy you gave your phone number to about a month ago at the video store,” Mike replied.

“Hey, what’s up?  “You’re the young guy about 23, right,” thinking that Mike was older than he was. “So what’s your name?” Jack asked.

“It’s Mike.”

“Well, Mike, I had given up that you would phone me. I’m surprised you did, but very pleased.”

Mike told him, “I was thinking I might come over to your place tonight. But I don’t know where you live or whether you live alone.”

“I live on Elm Street and I live alone,” Jack answered.

“Yeah, I know where Elm Street is, it’s on the other side of town from me,” Mike told him.

“Great,” Mike thought to himself. I don’t know anyone on that street or who lives in the area, so I probably won’t run into anyone who knows me.”

“If you want to come over now, it’s convenient for me,” Jack told him. Jack gave his house number and told Mike to pull into the driveway and come in the back door.

“OK, I’ll be there in about 15 minutes,” Mike told him. “Why am I doing this?” Mike argued with himself as he got into his car and drove off. “Shit, a guy’s got to get his rocks off one way or the other, and I have to admit that this guy gives one unbelievable blow job.” As he was driving to Jack’s house, Mike couldn’t resist fondling his cock and anticipating that once again he would have that expert, toothless cocksucker swallow his rod.

Soon Mike pulled into Jack’s driveway and there was Jack standing at his back door. They shook hands and went in. It was a modest bungalow but neatly kept. Jack said, “I’m so hungry for that cock, let’s go right to my bedroom.”

“That’s OK with me,” Mike replied, anxious to stick his cock in the guy’s mouth-hole again.

“I want you to take off all your clothes and just stretch out on my bed,” Jack said.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Mike answered, “can’t you just give me a blow job with my clothes on?”

“I could,” answered Jack, “but I want to see the great body you have under those clothes. Besides you’ll enjoy it more naked.”

Mike didn’t know why he was willing to please this old fart, when all he wanted was a fast blow job. But he undressed completely and lay down on Jack’s bed. By that time he was already hard. Jack made no effort to take off his clothes but removed his dentures and put them in a glass of water by the bed. Jack lay on the bed with his mouth at Mike’s cock level and told Mike to turn on his side. Mike did and immediately his tool was swallowed by this awesome mouth. He almost gasped at the pleasure he was feeling. This time Jack was going up and down on Mike’s cock very slowly. This slow but steady pace relaxed Mike. This time he was determined to make the blow job last longer.

But after a couple of minutes, he felt close to coming. Jack sensed this and pulled off Mike’s cock for a few seconds. Then Jack was back at work. Mike was trying to think about other things, not about getting a blow job so that it would last longer. He couldn’t believe how much better it was than at the video store. It surprised Mike how long this guy could keep Mike’s cock in his tight but cavernous mouth without breathing.

After about 4 minutes of action, Mike could take it no longer. He could feel himself slowly getting closer and closer to orgasm, and the closer he got the greater the pleasure. He tried to hold himself back, but could not. Suddenly he exploded his load down Jack’s throat and Jack gulped every inch of Mike’s cock and held it there until every last drop emerged. The orgasm was the most satisfying experience he had ever had in his life.


They both lay on the bed for a couple of minutes, exhausted. “Can you go again?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know, maybe, Mike responded.” Give me a little time.” “Ok, let me offer you a beer,” Jack said.

“Ok” Jack went to the kitchen and got Mike a bottle of Bud light, his favorite.

“So, tell me about yourself, young man.”  I already know you have one hell of a nice body and a beautiful cock and love to get a good blowjob.”

“Hey, man, I’d rather not talk about myself right now. I came here for a blowjob.”

So Jack told Mike that he was 65 and had just retired. He had been a bookkeeper in a store downtown and that he had always lived alone. “Who gives a shit,” thought Mike. “All I am interested in is the blowjob he gives.”

While Mike was finishing his beer, Jack began to suck again on Mike’s softened cock. Slowly it got hard again. AThis time we’ll do it a little different, but you’ll like it,” said Jack. Jack slid down to the bottom of the bed with his legs hanging over the edge and lay on his back. “Now get up on top of me and fuck the shit out of my mouth,” he told Mike.

This was a new experience for Mike, but instantly he liked the idea. He straddled Jack’s head and pushed his cock into Jack’s waiting mouth. Then Mike began to slowly fuck that toothless throat. Mike couldn’t believe how much better it was than the cunt he had fucked on a few occasions. Now that he was in control, he showed the old cocksucker how well he could fuck. Then suddenly again he shot another load down Jack’s throat. They were both truly spent. Mike was in a hurry to get dressed and leave and hardly more than grunted when Jack thanked him for the wonderful time.

The next week, Sally returned from State College for the summer and happy to see her, Mike’s changed his routine so that he could be with her as much as possible. Mike decided to go to State College the next semester and finished 4 years later, majoring in physical education. He and Sally married and he was content with his life.

He never went back to the porno store and he never let another man suck his cock other than Jack. Once a week Mike would figure out a way to slip out of the house and go visit Jack, until Jack became too feeble to be interested in giving blowjobs.


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