by Chris Kay


Part 6

I felt it building again.  The orgasm rising from my spine, from my legs, from my stomach.   An orgasm out of my control for the first time in my life.  I recognized my favorite intimate sensation growing fast from inside me.  I felt his weight on me again, but now I could feel how it would not let me move or escape.  I wanted it, I needed it, but I shouldn’t.  I shouldn’t cum in front of another boy, I thought.  He shouldn’t see me cum.  I should be controlling this moment like I do with myself – with girls.  I began bucking a little under him, but he didn’t stop.

“um..I think I’m going to…” was all I said as I looked up at him.

“yeah, Alex, let’s shoot together.” he said breathlessly, his own orgasm no doubt building in his balls.  His stroking rhythm not flagging.

“I, I can’t.  You’ve got to..stop. I’m going to cum!”  I said, like the statement would make sense to him.

“I know.” he answered. “Cum for me.” he said as our eyes met.  I don’t know what he saw in my eyes, but it must have been a little fear, a little desperation from the straight boy he was dominating.  To his credit, with an expression I still remember vividly, he smiled tenderly at me and slowed his stroking.  We were both breathing rapidly, our genitals entwined like one organ, and he released his grip.  I found that I was sitting up involuntarily, almost doing a stomach crunch under him and relaxed again onto the pillow.

He took both of his hands, still a little slippery from the precum, and ran them down over my stomach.  He lightly massaged me from my hip bones up over my belly and up to my ribs.  Drawing circles with his finger tips over my skin.

“Too fast, huh?” he asked rhetorically through labored breathing, to which I agreed by simply closing my eyes for a moment.

“Alex…listen to me.” he said in a reserved tone.  “You know I like you, right?”  Despite his obvious throbbing boner suspended over my stomach as he leaned forward, the question did not seem absurd.  He had my attention.  I listened to him.

“It’s not a game with me.” he said.  “I like girls too.”  and he paused to let it settle in.

“I’m just not afraid of liking you as well.” he said.  “I’ve wanted you for a long time…  Does that make sense?”

I could only look up at him.  I was still hard, desperate and wanting, but the moment was powerful.  I was conflicted, but couldn’t deny what had happened to me that night.  It had all been wonderful.  Perfect.

“It’s just you and me here.  No one ever has to know.” he promised.  “Look at us!” he said as he looked down at our straining cocks then back up at my face.

I couldn’t help but smile at him.  He was so cute.  He was so right.  I wanted him.  I wanted to cum and let him see it happen.

He looked deeply into my eyes as he leaned forward over me, and I will never forget when he began sliding back toward my feet very very slowly, still looking up into my eyes for signs of objection.  He was going down on me slowly, but he wasn’t going to just take me this time.  He watched me for approval as his head got nearer and nearer my crotch.

I bit my lip, closed my eyes, and parted my legs a bit for him as his weight lifted off of my calves.

I kept my eyes closed and held my breath as I felt his soft warm lips kiss the tip of my wanting cock.  The tenderness sent a shiver through my entire body and I felt warm wet softness sliding around the head of my penis.  He was licking me like an ice cream cone…and I loved it.  I moaned out loud.  Yes, I wanted him.  I wanted him to do whatever he would.  I breathed deeply to let it happen.

But just as Brian had such a gift for, he surprised me with one last comment.  “Alex…you do me next, ok?”

I opened my eyes to meet his own gazing up at me with an encouraging and serious expression.

I simply nodded my head and pursed my lips again.  I watched amazed as he kept his gaze focused on mine as he opened his mouth wide to accommodate me.  I saw his head turn down, tufts of soft blonde hair spilling onto me and felt my cock engulfed in his mouth.  I moaned again, louder.  His mouth slid down about halfway over my length and his hands were at my hips.   He arched his back a bit and took me in deeper, closing his lips and tongue around the shaft as he drew it back out.  He sucked hard.  His head moved up and down over the shaft quickly a few times and I was lost in him as my eyes closed again.

His hands pushed down on the bed under me and grabbed my ass.  In a quick strong motion, he squeezed with his fingers under me and my mouth fell open in shock as my cheeks parted slightly just as I felt my cock sink all the way to back of his throat.  He sucked and bobbed his head down over my cock quickly a number of times as his hands continued to kneed my ass.   My arousal rose quickly to a fever pitch as I tensed under him.  I began thrusting up into his mouth involuntarily with the little freedom of movement I had.  He sucked harder on me.  The tip of my cock wildly sensitive inside his warm mouth.  My shoulders tensed back.  I sunk my head into the pillow.  My stomach muscles tightened.

He pulled his hands out from under my tensed bottom and brought them around to grasp my cock as he pulled his lips off of me in one last long kiss…and I exploded.  I heard myself cry out in ecstasy.  I’ll never forget the tapping sound of my cum splatting on the headboard over my right shoulder and his loud amused response.  “Holy shit!”

I felt several powerful bursts from my balls and a warm stream of cum landing across my collar bone and up to my neck.  Another jet splashed on my stomach as I writhed under him.  He giggled as he watched my orgasm take me over.  I could hear he was genuinely shocked by it, as was I.  I collapsed into the bed, spent and gasping.

“Alex! oh my god. That was amazing.” he said as I opened my eyes.  He wasn’t looking at my face.  He was looking at my stomach.  He reached down and touched the milkiness with two fingers.  His head was cocked to one side as he squished the liquid around between his thumb and forefinger.  I could only smile and breath heavily.  I closed my eyes again and relaxed.

“Oh no you don’t!”  he said resolutely, and surprisingly I felt him grab my shoulders firmly with his hands and turn me forcibly onto my side to face him.  “Your turn!” and he flopped onto his back on the bed.  He even grabbed my right hand and dropped it on his stomach.

I remember thinking how interesting it was that he said, “YOUR” turn instead of “MY” turn, because despite the post-orgasmic refractory period every guy goes through, I indeed wanted to touch him all over.  I wanted to feel his cock then.  It was like selfish revenge and lust and desire all mixed together.  I grabbed his cock firmly as he had grabbed mine.  It was soft skin and a hard core simultaneously.  Familiar and yet not.  I loved the feel of him.  I loved seeing him still erect because of me – straining and needing to cum just as I had.  I felt total sexual empathy like I had never felt with a sexual partner before.  He was just like me.  He felt like me.  It was intense and beautiful.

I didn’t play around with him or tease with foreplay as much as he had done.  We were much deeper into our intimacy than that, but I was still slow and deliberate as I stroked him.  I switched to grip his shaft with my left hand and slid my right hand between his legs to cup his balls.  They felt tight and cool in my warm hand.  Now, I had HIM.  I knew to be gentle with them as I continued jacking him firmly with my left.  He spread his legs wide for me, moaned deeply, and tried to thrust quickly into my fist.

“Alex” he said breathlessly, “…with your mouth…like I did.”

I heard it as more than a request.  It was a command of fair play and I could not deny him as I was even then feeling my own cum still on my chest dripping across me and onto the bedspread.  I took a deep breath and moved my head tentatively closer to his crotch.  I remember his scent.  I remember still smelling the chlorine from the pool on his skin, mixed in with his musk and even my own.  His cock was so hard and straight.  His cut shaft proud and wanting.  I licked my lips and eased closer to it.   I stopped only inches from it and parted my lips a bit to extend my tongue.

I touched the side of the head of his cock with my tongue first and licked all the way around it, as I had felt him do.  I did that again and again until I felt his hand gently on the back of my head.  He was encouraging me to go further.

I swallowed once nervously and parted my lips again.  I was going to open my mouth and take him inside me, but I was suddenly taken aback by how big around an erect penis looked up close like that.   My jaw was open wide enough to eat a sandwich and yet he was much bigger than that.   I realized I would have to open my mouth almost as wide as it would go to let him in.  So, instead of taking the cock into my mouth I simply gave the side of the shaft an open mouth kiss, laying my tongue on it and sucking it from the side.

The feel of his fingers sinking into my tousled hair reminded me again of what he had just done for me, how deeply he had taken me in, and I moved my mouth to the tip of his cock again and kissed it.  I opened my mouth for a moment and closed it again self consciously.  It seemed so difficult a step to take, and yet I wanted to do this for him…to do this TO him.  I opened my mouth one more time but only licked around the tip, teasing him some more while my left hand wrapped around the base of his shaft to hold him steady.

Then, I felt Brian’s other hand on my head, he made a fist and grabbed my hair with his fingers and pulled hard on the tiny ones at the back of my neck with a jerk, so that my head was pulled an inch or so up away from his cock for a moment.  When I scowled out an audible yelp, my mouth jutted open in pain and he thrust his cock into it.  I’ll never forget the feeling of his penis forcibly parting my lips and sliding the head just between my teeth.  I instantly opened my mouth wide to let him in and was shocked to find myself impaled on his throbbing hardness.  I got the message as he released my hair but kept his hands on my head.  I slid my hands to his waist and centered myself between his spread legs.

It was so huge in my mouth.  I licked it all over, sucking and pressing it hard with my lips.  I slid my head down onto him a couple of inches and back up again to give the tip a smacking kiss.  I did that again and again, faster and faster, my tongue darting over him, my lips caressing his length.  Sucking and bobbing my head.   I started to slide my hands under his bottom just as he had done to me, and when he raised up to accommodate me, his cock thrust deeply into my mouth and I gagged on it.  Despite almost choking, I liked feeling it deep into the back of my mouth, and so I swallowed once, licked my lips, and did it again…this time deliberately.   He moaned out loud.   It felt great to hear him pleasured that way.  I looked up at him out of the top of my eyes, with my mouth still wide open engulfing his cock, expecting to see him with his head back and eyes closed as mine would have been, but his eyes were open.  He was looking at me.  holding me there with his hands.  He was so hot looking as he smiled.

I looked down again at his smooth stomach muscle and saw them tighten.  He began to thrust into my mouth, while keeping my head from rising with his hands.  I just held still and let him push in and out of my mouth rapidly, careful not to let my teeth scrape against him.

Then all at once he let go of my head and I looked up at him with my lips just wrapped around the head.

He only had time to say, “I’m…I’m..” and he threw his head back.   I pulled my lips off of his cock just as he burst.   His warm cum hit my face with a shocking force.  I leaned his shaft upward and had a close-up view of a stream of cum jetting out of his penis far up onto his chest.  His whole body spasmed and he gripped the bedspread hard on both sides in his tensed fingers as he emptied himself again and again.

I was as stunned by his orgasm as he had been by mine.  I smiled widely despite myself and wiped his cum from my left cheek to spread it on his stomach.

I flopped over onto the pillow next to him and we both laid there staring at the ceiling.  Cum was literally everywhere.  I had been dripping down onto him and onto the bed the entire time, and now, he was covered with it up to his neck.

We sat in silence for a few moments listening to his breathes labored and deep.

He rolled off of the bed and walked across the room.  I sat up on one elbow and absolutely delighted in watching his perfect naked ass moving across the room to disappear into the dark of his private bathroom.  The light never came on, but a few seconds later he emerged with two towels, one of which he threw over onto my chest.  He stood there next to me and wiped himself all over with the towel as I did the same.  Then he said, “Get up for a second.” and as I did so, he tossed his towel back behind him onto the tiled floor of the bathroom.  I walked in and dropped my own towel on top of his.   I turned on the tap and waited for it to get warm.  I washed my face all over with soap and water, drying myself thoroughly on another towel hanging by the shower doors.

When I came back out of the bathroom, the whole bedspread had been pulled off of the bed and lay in a pile on the floor.   Brian was under the sheets and blankets laying on his side facing me.  He threw the sheets down and patted on the bed for me to join him.

He asked me if I wanted to peak out of the window first, and see if Karen and her boyfriend were skinny dipping in the pool, but I told him that I had plenty to look at right there in the room, and hopped in to sleep naked with him in that perfect warm bed.


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