by Chris Kay


Part 5

I said nothing but simply grabbed my straining cock.  I was an expert at this activity as all guys are, I’m sure, by that age.  It strikes me even now how alike we seemed.  Even our cocks where similar.   Mine was about 6.5 inches, straight, and cut – and so was his.  Our bodies both lithe and healthy and smooth.  The only discerning difference between us may have been that he was a true blonde.  Up and down he had light colored hair – perhaps even sun bleached.

I wasn’t thinking about touching him.  I didn’t expect him to touch me, but I couldn’t deny my arousal.  I grabbed my cock tightly with my right hand and spread my legs a bit over the cool bedspread.  As I like to do, I slid my left hand down along the side and underneath to cup my balls as I stroked.  It felt so amazing and liberating and honest to be jerking off with another guy like that.  Unashamedly horny and exposed.  I loved the feeling.  I loved looking at his body, his cock out and proud like mine, the muscles of his smooth stomach responding to his touch.  He was looking right at my naked sex and it was all perfectly alright.  In my mind at that moment, no line had been crossed that made me gay.   He had a life I envied and I still confused my attraction to him as only envy, but the freedom with which he expressed his sexuality just made me harder and more desperate.  I was in his world.

He was completely at ease as we sat there and jerked ourselves.  He just continued to talk as if nothing were going on, but it was about masturbating now.

“I jack off at least three times a day lately.” he said in a matter of fact tone.  “Morning, after school and night.  Sometimes around dinner time too.”

His nonchalance was just part of the disarmament.  Something about the spell he wove kept me there…naked, hard, and wanting.  I didn’t know what to say.  I opened my mouth to continue his apparently casual conversation, but my predicament left me speechless.  I just continued stroking myself slowly.  My penis felt so hard that it was straining the skin at the head, almost painfully.  I had butterflies in my stomach from the intoxication.

“What about you?” he probed.

“Uh, yeah me too.” I sputtered. “I can’t go even a day without it.  I’ve tried.  I can’t stop”  I said.  And it was true.  I was fully addicted to jacking off, like most guys I assume.  My church counselors had tried to teach us boys to resist that urge as an evil temptation.  As a result, we all felt guilty all the time for doing it, but playing with girls and jerking off had taught the lot of us an honest truth.  It was a part of being male and young.

“Why try to stop?” he asked, and again, I envied him.  It was like not knowing who landscaped his yard.  Why worry?  Why be guilty?  Why indeed.

As we continued to talk and even laugh, I began to feel my body respond.  The orgasm was building all over me – even down to my naked toes.  I could feel the familiar sensation coming.  Suddenly, something about it threw up a mental barrier.  I didn’t want to cum in front of another guy.   Even after all that had happened that night, I still associated that feeling with my straight identity.  I stopped cold and let go of my dick like it was hot to the touch.  I didn’t want to reach the point of no return there so close to him…with him watching.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I was getting close.” I said truthfully.

“Oh, yeah. Don’t want to cum too soon.  I agree.”  He actually slipped his hand down from directly under the head of his penis to the base of the shaft and slowed his own stroking.  His other hand moved from down beside his balls to up onto his stomach where he massaged his own muscles with a circular motion.  “I like it better if I can stretch it out, too.”  he said.

“Yeah.” was all I could say.  Despite my continued hard erection betraying my desire, there were a few moments where the silence felt awkward, like the sexual tension would pass, like he was losing me.

“In the showers in gym class,” he said, “I always wondered how big other guy’s cocks would get when they were hard.”  He pushed his own cock over until it was pointing toward our feet and then let it snap back and slap his stomach.  He laughed.  “I remember someone telling me you can’t tell how big it will be by how long it is when it’s soft.”

“I even wondered how big yours would be.” he said, and I saw his head turn to look at my face instead of my middle.

I bit my lip and said, “Now you know.” somewhat nervously.

“Yeah.  It’s a good one you’ve got there.  I’m glad you’re not a lot bigger than me.”  he said and laughed some more.  As he always had a gift for doing, Brian made me feel better and I giggled with him.

“I still have high hopes of this thing reaching 8 inches.” I said as I waggled my own stiff cock back and forth with my thumb and forefinger.

Then he surprised me with another massive ice breaker. “Mind if I touch it?” he asked calmly.


“It’s just that I’ve always…” and he paused.  “Listen, man, it’s just you and me here.  We’re friends.  No one ever hears about this from me. k? I promise.”

I looked over at him.  He had an honest expression on his face – a quite serious one, and he had turned over onto his side facing me with one hand in the air and his fingers spread apart, as if to show me he carried no hidden weapons.

Like always, I wanted to continue to be cool in his eyes.  I liked being his friend.  His smile did that to me.  The day’s events had brought me this far.   It was indeed a web of seduction, but how could I deny I wanted him to touch me – my own body betrayed me with every breath I took.  I said, “Um. Yeah. Ok…but I don’t want to…you know.”

“Don’t worry.” he said.  “It’s just me.”  Whatever that meant.

He scootched over a bit closer to me, still leaning on his right arm and slowly extending his left down toward my cock.  I nervously retracted my own arms back to my sides, not quite sure what to do with them.  I rested my one hand on my chest for safe keeping, thinking perhaps I would need it on a moment’s notice..

He moved his left hand under my cock which was pointing resolutely up over my head, and touched my light tuft of pubic hair with his palm.  I didn’t have a lot, but he pressed down into it and eased his fingers forward until the tips contacted the base of my shaft.  I felt a shock run through me and I breathed in unexpectedly.  He continued until his thumb rested at the base and his other fingers flowed around the other side with his index finger circumnavigating it entirely and his pinky and third finger resting on my thickened scrotum.  He tightened his fingers slowly until they grasped the base firmly.  It was not the tender, tentative touch I had felt from girl friends in the past.  This was the firm grip of another boy who knew what a hard cock wanted when it was hungry.   He held onto me like that.  Squeezing me.  It was the most powerful sexual feeling I had ever had.  He had me with his strength and control.  I wanted him to hold on, then.  More of my reticence disappearing.

He loosened his grip slightly and slid up the shaft letting the taught warm skin move under this fingers, then tightened again just under the head.  I pursed my lips together as I felt him take his thumb very gently and run it across the sensitive tip.  He only did that once as my stomach muscles flinched involuntarily.  Very very slowly he pulled downward until his hand was at the base again and the skin of my cock was stretched all the way up to the head.  He just held it, watching my captive penis straining in his grip.

With his thumb and index finger still securely around the shaft, I felt three warm fingertips engulf my tight suspended scrotum.  He had me at his whim, but he didn’t stroke it, yet.  He only held me there, very lightly kneading the flesh with the muscles of his hand.  I felt the overwhelming urge to thrust into it and I tightened my thighs and butt against the bedspread to push upward.  He only pushed back.  I looked at his face wondering what he was thinking and I saw a calm and curious expression – like he was studying me.

“You have to stroke it.” I said impatiently, and I saw him laugh.

“Oh, do I?” he said, to which I almost responded with a “yes, please”, but instead said nothing.

It wasn’t just my cock that was tight and straining, but my whole body.  I don’t even think I breathed out again until he slowly and surely stroked back upward to the head – the skin of the shaft moving with him.  It was the most wonderful feeling I could imagine.   I was surprised at myself – at my response to his deliberate control.  Was I supposed to feel like this when another guy touched me?  Why did I feel like such a willing captive?  Why was this so good?

I looked over at him in wonderment.  This wasn’t wrong at all to him, I thought.  He was like an explorer.  Suddenly, his slender young, swimmer’s physique filled my vision.  His blonde hair lightly brushing my left shoulder; a strong left arm stretched across my waist holding me bound;  his continuous line of smooth tanned skin running unbroken from his collar bone to his toes; and his own cock sprung hard and pointing at me above his tight young stomach.

I thrust up into his hand causing one full stroke, but instead of continuing the rhythm by jacking it, he let go entirely for a moment and threw his left leg all the way over me until he was sitting astride my legs and looking straight down at my cock.  I had to put my legs together as he sat across them.  Rather than being shocked, I only wanted him to grab it again as soon as possible.  I leaned back and rested against the pillow.  I gazed up at him and loved his weight on me.  He moved forward up my thighs until his own cock and balls rested just above my own.  It was an amazing sight to see both hard shafts together like that.   He took both of his hands, wrapped them around our dicks and held us both there like one massive cock jutted from between us, and started to stroke.

I felt his hardened shaft press against my own, squeezed together tightly as his mass of fingers entangled us with a practiced motion.  He looked so amazing like that.  I had to touch him back.

I let myself lay completely back flat onto the bed and extended my hands forward along my side until they found his bent knees.  I slid my hands up the smooth skin of his thighs and then to the side of his hips which sat just above my own.  I wanted to reach all the way around and touch his firm butt, but I couldn’t quite reach.  I held my hands there at his waist as his legs opened in a V shape over me.  He jacked us faster and faster until precum began dripping down between us, under his fingers, and over the shafts.  He took some from the head of my cock and spread it down me where my cock contacted his own, squeezed his fingers around us again, and continued.


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