by Chris Kay


Part 4

I was like a deer in the headlights.

“Look, I’ll go first, ok? he said as he tilted over a bit in the water.   A few seconds later his right hand emerged dangling his bright orange speedo.  “See.” he said.  “Easy.  The world didn’t come to an end.”  and he just smiled at me, looking directly into my eyes.

I felt the pressure again of his allure.  I felt his disarming sexual power and I knew I was being led down a new path.  I liked it.  I couldn’t deny that I did, but those first steps were difficult ones for me.  He wasn’t a girl, but he was like me.  A lot like me.  He had found a way into my head and it was all new and exciting.

For some dumb reason I had to say, “Ok. don’t look.” as I pulled my suit down and off of my legs.  The warm water instantly caressing my sex as I treaded water over that deep pool of blue.  I felt free, amazing, and vulnerable.  He was tactful and didn’t make any sarcastic remarks or attempts to sneak a look, but only said, “There you go.”  as he tossed his suit out of the pool and onto the cement by our towels and swam away from me toward the shallow end.

I did the same and tossed that little bit of protection out of the pool and onto the ground next to his.  I just started enjoying the freedom of swimming naked.  You know what I mean.   Your cock flops around happily and buoyantly as it realizes it has escaped its cruel confinement.  It’s like a penis remembers being a creature that began in water.  It feels so good – so open.  We just swam around and talked about anything and everything else.  From moment to moment, the barriers erected by society, our experience, and our fears kept falling away from between us.  It was all perfectly fine and safe.

At one point, as we were talking about school, he swam over close to me.  I could feel the tension between us building.  I could vaguely see his naked ass and sex diffracted below him in the water – just in front of me.  I could feel my own sex reacting to his presence.  As long as he was near, I couldn’t ignore it.   It was like a magnetic effect radiating down into my cock.  Nothing I could do would derail the arousal.  No amount of thinking about basketball would prevent it.  We were talking about PE, or classes or something else, but it was all irrelevant.  I was getting hard and it would not stop.

My cock became straining, tight and erect.  I could feel my balls tighten under it and the weight of it all changing in the warm buoyancy.  Every stroke of my legs under the water only teased me further.   I might as well have been jacking off at that moment.   He might as well have been doing it to me.

I don’t know if he saw it.  I didn’t see him look down at me, but then I didn’t need to stare down to see his nakedness, either.  I suspect that he did, because he chose that moment to change the balance of power.   He swam over to the step ladder, pulled himself quickly up out of the water, with his naked, wet bubble butt shockingly displayed for me, laughed out loud and grabbed both of our swim suits off the ground.  I didn’t even have time to react.  I was still in the pool treading water as he ran away, grabbing the towels and keys from the off of the loungers and sprinting toward the house.  He was long gone by the time I yelled, “Hey!”

I jumped out of the water naked and dripping as I saw him disappear into the distant kitchen in a flurry of skin and stolen cloth.  I cursed him as I stood there soaking wet and bare. I looked around hopelessly for a towel that would obviously not be found.  “Son of a bitch.”  I muttered.

I headed back over to the little building where we had changed and put my hand on the knob of the wooden door.   It was locked.   I peered into the closest window to see the now darkened room.  There was the bathroom door in which my clothes hung out of reach, and Brian’s jeans and undies on the floor next to the closet, that was no doubt filled with freshly laundered towels.  “Son of a bitch.” I muttered again.

I leaned over and gave my hair a good shake, like a puppy after a difficult bath.   Looking around the pool area again, I saw absolutely nothing to hide myself with – unless it was to be an entire metal lounge chair.  I just started walking across the cold grass toward the lights of the kitchen.   The blood from my recent boner was gone,  It had fled into my face where it was warming my need for vengeance.  Nevertheless, I could feel my dick and balls like they were half of my weight as the light from the kitchen increasingly lit up my exposed body.   I reached for the sliding glass door, ready to curse again, but found it unlocked.  Thank God for small favors, I thought, as I slid it open, and stepped inside.

I looked down at my feet to see if I was dripping on the clean floor.  I seemed to be pretty dry, after my short excursion through the yard and so didn’t hesitate to search for cover.  Being a kitchen, all I could find was a small dish towel hanging from a hook by the sink.  I wandered down the hall with the tiny square of cloth barely covering my genitals toward where I thought Brian had originally led me, all the while looking cautiously around for signs of prying eyes or polaroid cameras.   My bare feet slapped against the cold tile floor of the hallway as I walked gingerly back out into the foyer by the stairs.  I found no relief in discovering my shoes were still waiting there for me.  A lot of good they would do.

“I’m going to kill him.” I said under my breath as I began to climb the stairs.  To my horror, a voice from behind seemed to answer me.  It was Karen’s.

“Ah, there he is, now.  I had a feeling we’d see you.”  and there was a little giggle.

I spun around in a flash and had to squint my eyes from the bright overhead light of the foyer to see from where the voice was coming. Back in the sitting room, which was situated off of the opposite wall from the stairs, huddled close together in a deep leather chair, were Karen and her apparent boyfriend.

My mouth hung open but nothing escaped, my legs pulled together instinctively as the tiny square of cloth did it’s best to hide my sins.

“Uh.” was all I could say.

“Isn’t he just adorable?” Karen asked the male next to her.  “Brian ran by only a few minutes ago.  He went up the stairs there.  I’m assuming it was your towel he was carrying.”  she said and laughed again.

I moved up a few steps and began ascending backward.  My left hand was holding the cloth over my dick and my right clung to the banister.

“Brian’s been hoping to see you here for a long time, I think.” she said confidently.

My slow progress up the stairs in reverse was prolonging the embarrassment, so midway through my journey I turned and made a run for it.  I rocketed up the stairs, skipping two at time with loud pounding thumps on the hardwood steps as I fled the first floor toward where I hoped I would find Brian’s bedroom.   I heard her boyfriend laugh with her as I disappeared from their view.  She shouted one last command, “Remember, you boys be good, now.”

I stopped and threw open the french doors to the playroom, but there was no one in there.  The juke box still bubbling away in the corner.  My bag of salvation that I had carried in from my car earlier was still on the couch nearby.  I grabbed it roughly and dropped the dish cloth, not even stopping to put on the boxer briefs I had stashed inside.  At the moment, I had my mind bent on revenge.

I closed the doors to the play room, gave a passing glance behind me for signs that Karen and company hadn’t followed my naked ass up the stairs, and continued down the hall.  At the end of it, there was an intersection heading left and right.  Looking down one way, I saw a single open door and a light pouring out of it into the dimly lit hall.  Quietly I crept toward it, hoping beyond hope that this would be my refuge.   I peaked around the corner into the room and my jaw dropped open.

It was Brian’s bedroom alright, and he was in it.  His bed was straight back against the opposite wall from the door, and he was sitting on it, leaning back against the headboard, completely naked with his rock hard erection in his hand.  He was just sitting there on the bed, jacking off with the door wide open!  I looked around the room in disbelief, half expecting to see Karen or his parents or an NBC news crew.   He just smiled at me and said, “close the door.”   I, of course, obliged, and locked it behind me.

I don’t know what I had expected to do, but this was another classic Brian disarmament moment.  “I should kick your ass.” was all the eloquence I could muster as I continued to stare in disbelief at the incredible sight, but the threat was half-hearted   I had never seen another guy hard before.  I had definitely never seen another boy jacking off.  I hadn’t really even talked much about it beyond the obvious jokes with friends.  I didn’t look away or even feel like I needed to.  He was all there for me to see – hard as a rock, hair still damp as mine own must have been, and dick firmly in his right hand.   I just gaped at him.

“Sorry, man.  I was so fucking horny down there.  I saw your boner and it just sent me over the top.”

I stammered about something as I got my bearings and dropped the overnight bag.  With the door closed and locked, I suddenly felt safe.  The series of events, like cascading chaos, had stripped me of many inhibitions that night.   For some reason, beyond my normal straight boy demeanor, it was all ok.  He was infuriating.   I wanted to wrestle him.   Infuriatingly hot.

He let go of himself for a moment, grabbed a free pillow and bunched it up against the headboard like the one he was leaning on.  Then he patted the bed next to him.  “C’mon man.  Let’s jerk off.   I know you need to as bad as I do.”   and he gave me a knowing glance.

At that young age, in that ridiculous circumstance, with that hot naked guy in front of me, no amount of straight heterosexual indoctrination prevented my natural response.  My dick swelled quickly.  There was no resisting it.  There was no denying he was right.   I stood there confused, but desperately horny as my cock became hard and tight at his behest.  He patted the bed again.  “It’s ok.  I jack off like three times a day.” he said.  “Everybody does.  Everybody.  C’mere.”

I wandered lightheaded over to the far side of the bed.  The covers weren’t pulled down, he was sitting on top of the bedspread.  There were no sheets to hide under as my own stone hard penis betrayed my youthful desire.   I sat down next to him, only a foot away, threw my legs up onto the bed, and leaned back just as he was.  Approvingly, he said, “There you go.”  He was still leading me, like a director would lead an actor through a difficult script.


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