by Chris Kay


Part 3

I peered out of the partially opened door to the bathroom and into the small room to see if he was nearby.  Brian’s jeans and undies lay in a pile on the carpet not far from the door.   I heard the closet door open as I pulled my own boxer briefs down and stepped out of them.  I strategically hid them beneath my jeans and shirt that I had laid carefully on the counter top, and swung the bathroom door closed.

True to it’s objection to the tiny swimwear, my penis had gone into hiding.   It just wasn’t going to be caught wearing one of those, if it could help it.   I stretched the material once with my hands inside the waistband to make sure it would actually accommodate anything bigger than a child.   It stretched without much effort.  I was impressed with the one-size-fits-all space-age fabric.   I bent over and stepped into the tiny suit, pulling it up to my waist and releasing it with a snap.   I looked in the full length mirror with a shock.

I don’t think I had ever envisioned myself looking so overtly sexual as I did at that moment.   I clearly had the standard white boy, swim trunks tan line, but these were much smaller than the briefs I might ordinarily have worn.  It made me stare at my own legs like I was seeing them for the first time.  I turned around and looked over my shoulder at the reflection of my now shiny blue butt.   In front, everything was compressed into a tight bulging package, and as was customary, my dick had to find some room by hanging a bit to the right.  It twitched a bit in appreciation, perhaps not entirely opposed to the new suit,.

“I’ve got the towels.  Come out. Let’s see, you.” he said outside the bathroom door.

I eased it open and replied, “You don’t have to stare, you know.”.  I grabbed the towel from him and held it in front of me as I emerged.   He had the “I knew it” look on his face, but only grinned at me pleasantly and gestured out toward the pool.   His towel was in his left hand, but he made no effort to hide himself.  I tried deliberately not to look at his crotch, but the bright orange suit was like a flash of sunlight in the corner of my vision.   It put me a bit at ease to see him so nonchalant.  He was obviously accustomed to wearing the little Speedo.  Without directly gazing, I could see his tan was complete.  That mystery was solved.  He stood there with his arm outstretched toward the pool and waited for me to exit the bungalow.

I wrapped the towel all the way around me and held it in place at my waist with my right hand as I walked past him out into the night air.   I heard the doors close with a click.  A moment later there was a jingle of keys as he dropped them with his towel onto a nearby lounger. With a flash of skin he past me to the right and splashed down the shallow steps into the water disappearing beneath the surface.   I dropped my towel from my waist and put it on the lounger where he had just dropped his.   Good idea, I thought.   Get it over with and jump in.

He wasn’t even looking, but the cool night air on my nearly exposed ass made me feel like ten thousand people were staring at my butt all at the same time as I jumped into the pool.  Expecting a cold shock, I was pleasantly surprised by the heated water.  It felt great.  I had to admit the tight fitting suit felt nice too.   No resistance in the water.   No cloth flopping around with big bubbles of air like my others always had.   I could really feel my bare legs being caressed by the turbulence of the warm water as I kicked my feet – and the feeling extended all the way up to my crotch.   I could understand why guys liked to swim in these, however the appearance.  It was a more sensual feeling – and one that wasn’t lost on my dick.  Though it was currently well confined – balled up and curled to one side – it pulsed its approval once more as the bulge in front of my suit became perceptibly more pronounced.

We kicked around and chased each other for a while starting the occasional splash fight.  It was dizzying luxury – if not by alcohol, then by excess.  So much room for just the two of us.

“You’re a decent swimmer.” he noted.  “But are you a diver as well?”  he asked as he hopped out of the pool for the first time and climbed up behind their elevated diving board at the deep end of the large pool.   “Uh, I’m no expert, but yeah.”  I said confidently.

I watched as he walked to the end of the board and hung his toes off the edge.   As he stood there looking down at the water, I couldn’t help but scope him out.   I don’t think I’d really looked at him like that before.   I mean, I’d seen him in gym class any number of times when we were changing, but this was different somehow.  For one thing, in gym class, guys tend to “keep their eyes on the ball” as it were.  No unnecessary looking around.   But there he was, soaking wet and tan with only that tiny tight speedo on, and a bulge that couldn’t be ignored.  He actually reached down with his index finger and thumb of each hand to adjust himself before the dive, by pulling the material out and away from his hidden penis, letting it back with a snap.  I could clearly see the outline of him under the orange material and the roundish fullness of his balls tucked carefully beneath.   My eyes traced a line up his stomach and over his chest to his face as he hovered above me in the air.

He was looking right at me, studying my own face, and I was caught.   He just smiled and turned around backward – ostensibly to do a reverse dive, but I think more likely now, that it was to give me a clear view of his tight round backside.  He raised his arms out sideways from his shoulders, bounced once on his left leg and flew backward with a smooth arc into the pool.  He looked like a pro to me, like an Olympian.  I mean, if I had owned a pool like that one, I thought, I’d probably get good at diving as well, but it was a stylish dive and his body cut into the water with only a little sideways splash.

When his head popped up again above the water, I said, “9.5, man.  Nice dive.”

He blew some water away from his mouth.  “You like?” he said, smiling mischievously.

It was at that moment, for some inexplicable reason, that the naive and oblivious boy that I was, finally caught on to some of what had been happening to me.  Without fully understanding it, I saw in his face the sexual attraction he had for me.  I felt his allure strongly in my chest with more inhibitions falling away from between us like a wall crumbling.  I am fairly sure now, looking back, that he also knew at that moment that it was safe for him to move a bit closer.  It must have been written deep in my eyes, as well as inside my borrowed speedo.

This isn’t to say I wasn’t still scared to believe it – to admit to myself that he had been “coming after” me for all of that time – probably since the first time we met.   Despite the society-of-the-day’s discouragement of forbidden desire between two boys, I was surprised to find I didn’t shy away from it.  I was nervous – probably biting my lip as I often still do in similar situations, as I looked at him more deeply for the first time.  I was suddenly aware of every molecule of H20 suspended between the two of us.

“Have at it.  Show me your best.”  he said as he flipped water back off of his hair with a quick jerk of his head toward the diving board.

It was my turn to walk the plank, I thought.  I swam over to the step ladder and pulled myself out of the pool – the weight of the water pulling down on me, cooling my skin instantly in the night air.   I wasn’t looking at him, but I could feel his gaze all over me – on my legs, my ass, and my shoulders as I walked around to mount the board.  I climbed up on top and edged out over the pool.  He was treading water with his legs while both hands were splayed out behind him left and right on the sculpted pool’s stone edge.   I looked down at myself and the water below.

It seemed a bit higher than I had expected.  It was a moment of distraction from the tense sexual atmosphere – enough to keep my nether blood flow in check.  I had dived before of course, but the first was always a little nerve wracking.  I found myself pulling on the front of my speedo exactly as he had done a few minutes before.  It is as if, regardless of its pliability, a guy’s dick needs to be reminded that it will not be confined in an uncomfortable way forever.   When I looked at him again, his eyes were pointing straight at my waist.  Again, I could feel his gaze like it was a tangible thing, a deliberate touch that sent a warm sensation up and down my body, despite the cool air of the deepening autumn night.

I test bounced a few times to get a feel for the board.

“Not going to turn around for me?” he asked.

“Nope.” I replied with a teasing smile and bounced on one foot as high as I dared, up and out over the water, falling hands and then head into the warm blue mass.

I shot deep down into the pool and opened my eyes.  As I turned away from the bottom, I could see his body lit under the water by the flood lights beneath the diving board.  He was paddling leisurely on the surface above me.  His lithe young legs moving smoothly back and forth in the liquid atmosphere.  I swam over his way as I returned to the surface, taking liberty with those few submerged seconds to stare anonymously at his bulging suit.

When I surfaced next to him, the low frequency rumble from under the water fell away from my ears and he said, “Very nice.” nodding and smiling appreciatively at me.  I knew he wasn’t talking about the dive.   We shared a quiet moment while neither of us seemed to know how to proceed.  I clearly hadn’t a clue in the world.  I wonder now why it was not more exasperating for him, to have to play around so patiently with a naive friend.  He must have been enjoying the game he was leading me through.  He had all the power, then, and I was following along, blissfully unaware.  It was a powerful moment between us that I will never forget.

Never one to hold back in a moment of awkward tension, he just burst out again with a prototypical Brianesque suggestion.  “I dare you to lose the swimsuit!”

And that’s what I liked about Brian.  He was a real problem solver.  There was no point in bandying about.   He just said what needed to be said and I responded how he knew I would.  “No fucking way.”  I said out of shock rather than true anger.

“Alex” he said matter-of-factly as he gazed down at my submerged body in the water in front of him, “you don’t need it. You really don’t.”


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