You Owe Me Some Kisses
by Camilo Mott


“Hey babe, turn right and keep straight.”

“Through there?”

“Um, let me check…yeah, that one!”

“’K. So how much longer?”

“I think…well…it might be…”

“Hehe oh, so ‘I think’ more miles and we’ll get there in ‘well’ hours and ‘it might be’ minutes. That sounds about right.”

“Yep, and we won’t have sex until ‘wiseass’ days from now and it’ll only last ‘not enough’ minutes.”

“Yeah, I already knew your ass is wise and that the time I spend with you is not enough.”

“Awww, shut up! You’re making me blush.”

“Well, that was the point! And score one for me ‘cause I succeeded!”

“We’ll see who scores tonight.”

“Oooh, is that a threat or a promise?”

“Let’s just say that someone will be sore for a couple of days.”

“Pshh, a couple of days, I want a couple of months!!!”

“Hahaha, so you want it that way?”

“Oh, yeah! Go crazy!!!”

“Hehehe, oh believe me, I will…plus you owe me so many kisses.”

“Me, owe you???”

“Yep, you’ve neglected your duties this last couple of days. I don’t know, I might need to get a replacement who can do what was promised.”

“What!!! I don’t owe you any kisses! I have kissed every single inch of your body, from top to toes.”

“Um… I don’t think so. My lips are telling me otherwise. They are accusing you of not allowing their playmates to play with them as often.”

“How could they? I mean, I’ve caressed them so much and this is how they repay me?”

“Hey, it’s not my fault that they are just stating the facts.”

“Facts that are misconstrued by a certain someone who can’t get enough of my velvet kisses.”

“Nope, although your kisses are like drops of nectar that simmer on my tongue and your tongue holds the eternal secret to my mouth…you’re still at fault.”

“Oh really? So lover, tell me when have I neglected my duties?”

“Plenty of times. Let’s see…today, before we left home.”

“Nah ah! If I remember correctly, you woke up, embraced within my arms, and I said, ‘Good morning’ and smiled. You smiled and gave me a small peck on the lips, but I pulled you closer and gave you a real kiss!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah and that kiss somehow involved a cavity search by your wandering hands who thought I had done something wrong. But that’s not what I’m referring to.”

“Then what?”

“Let’s see, after I cleaned up – which reminds me, you need to do the laundry! I’m not sleeping in dirty sheets when we get back.”

“Okay, I will and by the way…it was totally worth it!”

“Haha, oh yeah!!!”

“So continue.”

“Um…what was I saying…oh yeah! You didn’t kiss me!”

“Hehe, yeah I know that! But when did I not kiss you?”

“Well, I was packing our stuff for the trip and you were goofing around or something.”

“Hey, I was getting us something to eat!”

“Haha, I know babe, so I was packing and I got an urge! My lips were starting to hunger for yours and I needed to feel your body against mine, but you weren’t there; you weren’t there to kiss me when I needed you.”

“Aw, that’s not fair! You know I would’ve kissed you without a second thought.”

“Hehe, but you didn’t, did you?”

“But I wasn’t around!”

“Nhnhn, doesn’t matter. You neglected your duties. Remember what you promised me.”

“I promised that I would love you relentlessly for eternity and that I would try my best to never hurt you because I would never knowingly hurt myself since you have become my better half.”

“I can’t believe you forgot almost all of it!”

“Well, that was a long time ago, plus I remembered the most important parts!”

“Oh sure, forget the sneaky trickery won’t you?”

“Hahaha, it wasn’t trickery!”

“Oh really? What was it then?”

“I was just trying to…well…I was young and I really liked you!”

“Hehe, you’re so cute, but I was also young!”

“That I remember, that body and that smile and…sigh, sexy!”

“Hehe, you asked for it!”

“For what?”

‘Let me get it out…it’s in here…somewhere…got it!”

“What is it?”

“Let’s see if I this rings a bell, ‘Hello my beloved friend. I won’t reveal my identity yet, but I know you very well. It’s hard for me to say, but I will nonetheless. So bear with me and don’t stop reading…’.”

“Ah! Not that! You still have it?”

“Of course I have it! It’s a signed contract, plus I like to keep it with me and re-read it.”

“Wait…it’s signed?”

“Yep, don’t you remember…right here. It says, ‘And if my heart and what I am promising you are enough, please meet me under the big maple tree outside Alumni Hall, where I shall sign my heart over to you and if you feel the same way, then so will you.’”

“And you met me there…”

“Yes, I met you there, even though I had no idea who you were.”

“Hehe, yeah…sorry about that.”

“Don’t be, your letter completely won me over.”

“So it wasn’t my everyday charm and sexiness that made you fall in love with me?”

“Of course it did! I was in love with you way before I received that letter, it’s just…what you wrote to me in that letter really meant something and that’s why I still keep it with me.”

“I meant it and still mean it, you know.”

“I know and don’t try to sweet talk me, we’re still talking about your violation of the contract!”

“Haha, okay, so what did I do wrong?”

“Well, according to reason number 12, it states: I shall give you the sweetest kisses that you will ever receive. They won’t be just kisses, they’ll be filled with my essence and passion; they’ll remind you of the immense love that I have for you. I promise that you shall never go without a kiss. Whenever your lips beckon, I shall be there….”

“…to quench their thirst.”

“Yep, so you see Dr. Deceitful, you broke your end of the bargain.”

“I did, so what should be my punishment?”

“Hmm, punishment…”

“Go ahead, I deserve it.”

“Your punishment will be to kiss me a million times.”

“A million times???”

“Yes, a million times.”

“Hehe, you know I’ll enjoy every single one, but it might take forever.”

“Well, that’s exactly the point – you cannot leave me until your punishment is over.”

“Then I shall kiss you into eternity.”


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