The Perks Of Loving You
by Camilo Mott


Chapter 7

I called Kate once I was ready. Hehe, she had invited me to Linda’s party a week ago. When I told her that I would think about it, but that I wasn’t really sure, she asked me to think about it in her all so delicate voice. She said that she would be there either way since it was Linda’s party, but she really hoped for me to be there. So I guess she’ll be happy to know that I’ll be there.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hi, lovely lady.”

“Oh, Casey. It’s you.”

“Yep, it’s your man calling,” I said while laughing, which caused her to giggle. Hehe, I bet she was blushing when she heard that.

“Kate, mind if I join you at Linda’s party tonight?” I added.

“Nope, I don’t mind,” she meekly said.

“Great!” I cheered. “Do you want me to pick you up?”

“Umm…I can’t, Casey. I promised some of my friends that I would pick them up. I’m sorry, I would have loved to.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll see each other at the party,” I reassured her.

“Okay, Casey.”

“I’ll see you there.”

“Bye, Casey,” she giggled.

I hung up and got inside my car. Oh well, at least I’ll have Kate to talk to at this party. Hehe, plus I really do like her. So I still had an hour until the party. Well, the party had already begun, but I don’t want to be first one to arrive. So I decided to call my mom and see how she was doing on her night out.

“Hello?” I heard her say, but it was muffled by loud music.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Hi, Love. How are you?”

“Not as good as you right now, but I will be in about an hour or so,” I laughed.

“Why? Are you coming down here to help your mother get a man?”

“NO! That’s…no!” I shouted.

She laughed and then said, “But you could help me choose a good one.”

“Not gonna happen. Anyway, I’m going to a friend’s party. I might not be home when you get back.”

“I might not either. Colleen wants to party all night,” she said with a few giggles.

“And you sure do know how to,” I teased.

“Love, I have to hang up now, there’s a really hot guy giving me the eye.” I laughed and told her good-bye.

For an hour I drove around. I went to the beach and did a little calm pass by in my car. It’s beautiful, like always, and even though I couldn’t see the small waves crash against the sand, I could still hear their low rumble.

I also decided to stop by Wendy’s to get something to eat. Hehe, I usually don’t eat fast food, but I doubt there’ll be food at Linda’s party. So I got a burger, fries, chicken nuggets, and a large Frosty! Well, I’m a growing boy and it’s gonna be a long night!

I finally made my way to Linda’s house. Since she lived in the neighboring town it only took about ten minutes to get there. Her house was bigger than mine! Nope, it’s not a house, it’s a mansion. The huge front yard that separated the house from the street was filled with cars. Guess the party’s going strong.

I parked as far away from the other cars as I could – don’t want anyone to mess with my baby – and ended up parking on the curb of another house. To get to Linda’s house, I had to pass through her gated entry. She is such a spoiled brat!!! I bet she gets everything just handed to her. Wow, a spoiled brat and a skank.

I came up to a door and attempted to knock – I got to be polite, you know. But the door was already opened so I entered the house to hear the sound of music and people cheering and laughing. Yep, the party has already started. I made my way to the living room, where the first person I saw was Linda.

“Well, if it isn’t Casey,” she said as she came forward to greet me.

“Hello Linda,” I smiled. “Nice party.”

“I try. So are you looking for anyone in particular or are you just standing there looking pretty?” she grinned. Argh! Bitch!!!

“Yeah, I’m looking for someone,” I grinned back. She smiled and then told me to follow her. I did as she said, passing through a huge living room full of people laughing and drinking. We finally arrived at a corner of the room and she said, “Here she is.”

“Oh, hi Kate,” I said once I saw her talking with some of her girl friends.

“Casey!” she screamed–hehe, it was more of a high pitched exclamation–when she saw me. Her friends also shifted their attention towards me and started to giggle back and forth.

“Girls,” Kate said to her friends with a huge smile. She then came forward to be closer to me.

“I didn’t think you would come even after you called me,” she said.

“Aw, and why would I miss the opportunity to be with such a pretty girl?” I leaned over and told her.

This time she blushed profoundly and said, “You’re so sweet, Casey.” Her friends giggled and laughed once they saw her blush.

We talked a little and she thanked me for helping Chobey out at school and befriending him. I told her it wasn’t such a big deal and that her brother was a really good person to be around.

“Kate, have you seen Luca around?” I asked her.

“Um, yeah. He’s over…there” she said pointing towards the living room couch. Sigh, he is surrounded by his friends and Linda’s wrapped around him. Well, since I couldn’t really confront him, I continued talking to Kate.

Hehehe, I think Kate’s getting drunk! She’s been drinking a little bit here and there and she’s more relaxed now and isn’t blushing any more at my compliments, even the sexy ones. I like her this way!!!

Most of the other couples were making out either in corners or in plain sight. So I asked Kate if we could sit down and talk; she said it was okay. We found an empty love seat in the living room and I sat down. Hehe, it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get Kate to sit on my lap. Hmm, she really is drunk.

Luca was sitting across from me with Linda sitting on his lap and his arms around her. Sigh, Fucker didn’t even acknowledge me. He would just give me a cursory glance and then look away like I was just some guy.

“Hey, Casey. Why me? Why do you go out with me? There are prettier girls who will have sex with you without thinking about it twice,” Kate asked out of the sudden. Her speech sounded a little slurred and she was a little tipsy sitting on my lap.

When I hugged her she rested her head on my shoulder, and maybe she was tired, because she rested her body against mine. I comforted her and then said, “Because you’re such a wonderful person, Kate, and you’re so beautiful.”

“You’re not lying are you?” she asked softly, still resting her head against my shoulder.

“No, Kate, I’m not,” I reassured her. “What I like the most about you is the way you care for your brother. I can see that you love him very much.”

“Yeah, I love Connor,” she yawned. She is about to fall asleep, I need to get her home now. Dammit, I have to talk to Luca though!!! But I can’t leave her alone; some asshole will probably take advantage of her. Sigh, I guess Luca will have to wait.

I walked her over to my car and along the way I said good-bye to some of her and my friends.  When I told Linda that I was taking Kate home, she thanked me for it. Well, she’s still a skank to me, especially after the way she and Luca made out!!!

I arrived at Kate’s house around 12:30, still really early. The party will probably last till 3 am. I attempted to guide her to the door, but she was too drunk and sleepy to understand what I was saying. So I decided to call Chobey and have him answer the door.

“Hello?” Chobey yawned.

“Hey Chobey, it’s Casey. Can you open the door for your sister and me?” I asked.

“Yeah Casey! I’ll be right down,” he said and a few seconds later the door opened.

“Chobey, help me take her up to her room,” I instructed him. As we were guiding her towards her room, Kate kept on saying that she needed her purse. Well, that’s what I think she was saying.

After laying her down on her bed, I asked Chobey about the stupid purse.

“Umm… I think she’s talking about her new hand bag. She bought it a few days ago for the party, and it was expensive too. Didn’t she bring it with her?”

“No, she didn’t bring anything. She must’ve left it at the party,” I sighed.

“Casey, you have to go and get it. Please! She was so happy when she bought it,” Chobey begged.

“I will Chobes, don’t worry about it. What does the bag look like?”

Chobey went on to describe the bag with all the little designs and pockets. Hehe, I doubt I would have been able to bring Kate home and look for a mystery bag if I’d drunk anything besides soda!

I got to Linda’s house, parked my car in the same location and quickly made my way to her house and entered it. Wow, half the people were wasted and just lying around while some others were still partying.

I scanned the room looking for Linda. She was standing next to Luca talking with him so I walked towards them and said hi.

“Casey! I thought you left already?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did, but Kate left her bag here,” I chuckled.

“Aw, how sweet, you came down here just for that.”

“Well, that and her brother begged me to come,” I laughed.

“Yeah, I’m sure he had to beg,” Luca said sarcastically. I gave him a pissed off look and then directed my attention back to Linda.

“Linda, do you know where the bag is?” I asked her.

“It should be in the guest room down the hall, along with all the other bags,” she said while pointing the way down the hall.

“Thanks,” I told her and made my way to the guest room.

I entered the room and found a bed full of bags. Sigh, which one is hers? I sorted through the pile and found two bags that could be it. I guess I’ll have to open them to see which one’s hers.

I took the first bag and pulled the zipper open. I peered inside and looked for a wallet. Ewww! A tampon just out in the open!!! This isn’t Kate’s bag! I checked the wallet just to make sure and thankfully it wasn’t Kate’s.

I opened the other bag and everything was organized. I quickly located the wallet and opened it to see if this was Kate’s. Yep, I didn’t even need to look at her driver’s license. Her wallet had a picture of her and Chobey smiling. Hehe, you are a wonderful person, Kate.

I gathered the things back into her bag and left the room. Yes!!! I saw Luca standing by himself! Finally, I can knock some sense into him. I tapped him on the shoulder and told him to meet me outside.

Once we were both outside, I asked him, “What the fuck is your problem?”

“My problem?” he asked, seeming hostile.

“Yeah, your problem! Everything was going well between the two of us and then you fuck things up all of a sudden! Last practice we sucked so badly that Coach came up to me and gave me a warning!”

“Yeah right, Casey! So it’s all my fault. Why don’t you go back and play with that little snot-nose brat! He’s even replacing Eric as your best friend,” he shouted.

“Don’t call Chobey that, you fucker!” I shouted back.

“Why so protective, Casey? What, are you in love with the little brat?” he asked while sarcastically cackling.

“He reminds me of my brother! Happy now?! The way he looks at me reminds me of the way I looked at David. Every time I’m around him, I’m carried back to my childhood and the good times I had with my brother! Can’t I at least keep a piece of him with me?  And now that I have a piece of him, am I supposed to completely erase him from my life again?” I screamed, my mind frozen on the image of my brother, as uncontrollable tears ran down my cheeks. I turned from him and started to run to my car.

“Casey, I’m sorry!” he said as he grabbed my hand. I yanked it away from him and shouted, “Leave me alone!!!” as I ran towards my car.

I got into it and started the engine. I put on the loudest most brain numbing music I could find and drove off. I couldn’t control my tears; they flowed down my cheeks and dampened my shirt. All during the drive, I could only feel a stabbing pain in my heart and an urge to break down and sob.

I got home, jumped out of my car and stormed inside. I didn’t pause to lock my car or the front door because all I wanted was to get in my room. Once inside my room, I locked the door and fell down to the floor. The cries that I had tried to repress came back with a vengeance. I leaned against the door with my knees close to my chest and my arms wrapped around my legs. I rested my head atop my knees and cried.

Soon I felt someone coming up the stairs. They came up to my room and knocked on the door.

“Casey, please open up. It’s me!” Luca begged from the other side of the door.

I just sat there and quietly cried. Why does it hurt so much? Why did you fucking have to leave me, David? You were the most important person in my life!!! Why!!! Shit! Why won’t the tears stop!

“Casey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry,” he pleaded as he tapped on the door.

I felt the door give a little as he sat down on the hall floor and placed his back against the door.

“Casey, I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for messing up our boat. I’m sorry for calling Chobey a brat. I didn’t know he meant that to you. I’m sorry for the restaurant, I’m sorry for everything,” he said through the door.

“Just stop! An ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t going to bring him back!” I said as composed as I could be, but my voice sounded like shrieks. There was nothing I could do to stop this. I sat there crawled up against the door, the sobs and tears saturating me.

I slowly fell asleep, leaning against the door. I was so tired and drained that I didn’t feel anything at all. I don’t remember very well what woke me up. I think I was awakened by a sound against the door or the rays of sunshine slowly warming my cheeks.

I stood up and stretched myself, my body feeling stiff from the floor and wall. I was still wearing the same stale clothes from yesterday. Yawning I made my way to my bathroom to look into the mirror, where I looked like crap, sexy crap, but still crap. Sigh, my eyes are still red and I can see the dried tears. I washed my face with cold water. I really don’t want my mom to see me like this. So I should take a shower right now.

I stripped and got into the shower. I lathered my body with soap and washed it away with hot water. Hehe, that feels so much better. After a long shower I dressed in comfy “eat tubs of ice cream in front of the TV” clothes. Hehe, I got nothing to do today, yay! Oh, time to face mommy. I hopped down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Helen was watching TV.

“Good morning, Helen,” I greeted as I hugged her.

“Good morning, Love.”

“I hope we’re not doing anything today ’cause I want to relax,” I told her.

“We were supposed to go to church today, but someone overslept for I think the third time in a row,” she grinned.

“Are you accusing me of skipping church?” I gasped and grinned.

“I never accused you. I merely stated a fact; you’re the one who came to an assumption. I wonder why?” she smiled.

“Oh, your judgment must still be clouded from your night out with your friends. Me and JC are tight,” I smiled.

“You must be right, Love, because I swear I saw Luca leaving our house this morning,” she grinned.

“Yep, you are still drunk,” I laughed.

“Really?” she asked.

“Really!” I smiled.

“If you say so,” she said and with that she exited the kitchen.

Sigh…I was hoping it was just a nightmare. So he stayed the whole night lying on the other side of that door. Why would he do something like this? It wasn’t his fault that I broke down. Fuck! I knew I was due for one of these stupid episodes.

I poured myself a huge bowl of Coca Puffs and sat in front of the TV. Hehe, it’s just me and the TV from now till tonight. I sent Kate a quick text telling her not to worry about the bag and turned my phone off.

It was a great Sunday! I did nothing but watch TV and eat the occasional bowl of ice cream. Well, I was already in uniform for ice cream chugging! For the rest of the day, I watched Sport Center, Discovery, and some cartoons.

I even managed to avoid my mom’s “voluntary” invitation to see Shakespeare on the Green. So that was my Sunday and I enjoyed it too. Oh yeah, Kate came by to pick up her bag.

Mondays always fly by so fast. Hehe, I know it’s weird but classes end earlier in my mind. Before I knew it, I was driving my baby to the marina. When I got there, Luca was waiting outside of his car.

“Hi Luca,” I said as I got out of my car.

He came towards me, stopped right in front of me and asked me, “Are you okay? You didn’t answer when I called yesterday.”

“Yeah, I’m okay! In fact I’m better than okay, I’m great,” I smiled.

“Are you sure? Because two days ago you didn’t seem like it,” he asked worried. Sigh, he’s not gonna let this go.

“That was nothing; I was just drunk at the time,” I lied while trying to fake a smile, but he didn’t seem to be buying it.

“We have to get down to the boat house now,” I added, trying to end this conversation.

“Okay,” he said and we headed down the hill, not really talking to each other.

When we got there, we were greeted by Coach. The first thing he asked us was, “Are you a team again?”

“Yeah Coach. I’m sorry for Friday. It won’t happen again,” Luca said. Yes!!! Now Coach knows it wasn’t my fault.

“I hope not. Men, today we are rowing a long distance. We’re doing two 10K and maybe some more rowing after that.” AHHH! Two 10Ks, that’s like ten miles of rowing!!!

I guess Coach saw my look of shock because he added, “We’re not rowing at racing pace, Casey. I just want to introduce you to rowing long distances.”

“Don’t worry, Coach, I’ll pull Casey’s weight when he runs out of juice,” Luca jested. Yeah right! I’m not going to quit and allow him to carry me!

“Don’t worry, Coach, it’ll be the other way around,” I smirked.

“Okay, but I have to say one thing before you boys try to prove whose better,” he chuckled. “The more in sync the two of you are, the easier the row will be. You screw up like last week and the row will seem endless.” Wow, even when he’s relaxed he’s scary.

So the row started and it was so much easier than last week’s. Hehe, I don’t really know why, but it felt like we had been doing this for a long time.

Practice lasted a little longer than usual, well, a lot longer. Hehe, when we were done it was about 7 and I was really hungry. In fact, when we were lifting the shell out of the water, my stomach grumbled.

“Someone’s a little hungry?” Luca chuckled as we lifted the shell over our heads and carried it out of the dock.

“Maybe,” I laughed.

“Yeah, I’m starving too!” he laughed.

“That’s because we’re growing boys.”

“Growing boys? We’re 6 feet tall! We’re not growing anymore,” he laughed.

“I don’t know about you, but I have about an inch left,” I muttered.

Luca just laughed, but this laugh sounded different to me. For the first time since we started to row together he laughed genuinely and freely. Usually, he laughs harshly, nervously, or even aggressively when he’s around me. Now, he’s starting to act like he did when he was with his friends and Eric. Yay!

We stored the boat away in the boat house and gathered our stuff. I stored my clothes back into my bag and changed shirts. Hehe, well I can’t get into my car all sweaty!

“Hey, Case. Are you doing something after this?” Luca asked as he got his gear ready.

“Um, nope. Nothing to do but get home and do homework,” I said still focusing on my bag. Fuck! Why won’t these shoes fit!

“Wanna go get something to eat? Or something?” he asked.

“Yeah! That’ll be great! There’s probably nothing to eat at home. So yeah!” I said as we exited the boat house and made our way up the stupid hill. I fucking hate this hill!

We reached our cars and threw our stuff into them. Luca started to get into his car, when I stopped him.

“Hey, you can ride with me since we’re going to the same place,” I told him.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. You gave me a ride last time, remember. Just put your stuff in your car and I’ll bring you back here when we’re done.”

“Okay,” he smiled.

I climbed into the driver’s seat and Luca got in the passenger side. I started my car and then we drove off.

“Nice car, Case.”

“Yep, it’s my baby,” I chuckled.

“So where do you want to go?” he asked.

“Um, I don’t know. Why don’t you pick, I’ll be okay with whatever you choose.”

Luca decided to go to a diner not too far from the marina. It was called Lucy’s and it looked like a small train wagon.

“I hope you like it. I always come here when I want to relax while I get something to eat,” he said as we made our way to the diner.

We got there and sat down in a booth not far from the entrance. The waitress came over and handed us the menus. Hmmm, what to order? I think I’ll have breakfast – maybe a breakfast platter. Breakfast for dinner, that’s what I want!

“You ready to order, hun?” the waitress asked.

“Yeah, I’ll have the breakfast platter with a strawberry milkshake,” I said.

“And you?” she asked, looking at Luca.

“Um, I’ll have clam chowder with salmon and a vanilla shake.”

“It’ll be ready in a few minutes,” she said and left.

“I don’t know how you can eat that stuff,” I asked.

“Because it tastes good and it’s good for you,” he smiled.  “And breakfast for dinner?”

“There’s no rule against it,” I smiled.

“Well, there’s no rule against seafood,” he said as he returned my smile.

The food arrived ten minutes later. Luca and I talked about lots of things while we waited and throughout the meal. Hehe, he’s finally treating me the same way he treats Eric.

We were getting ready to leave when I asked him, “Hey, you wanna go see a movie together? There’s this movie I really want to see and I don’t have anything to do after this.”

“Yeah! That would be great. I haven’t gone to the movies in a while,” he quickly responded.

“Yeah! We should invite Mel and Eric too!”

“Um, yeah.”

“‘K, I’ll call them right now,” I said and took out my phone; I dialed Mel first.

“Hey, Casey. What’s up?” she answered.

“Mel, how would you like to go to the movies with me and Luca?” I asked her with a smile on my face. Hehe, which she of course can’t see.

“Wait! You and Luca? Together? Hanging out? With us? At the movies?”

I laughed and then responded, “Yeah! Me, Luca, you and Eric! So you want to come with!”

“Of course! I’ll be there!” she said enthusiastically.

“I’ll see you there,” I said and then hung up.

“Yep, she’s in,” I told Luca.

“That’s great,” Luca smiled.

I then called Eric and he agreed to go. Hehe, he wasn’t as surprised as Mel, but he was still a little shocked.

“Let’s go!” I told Luca and then we left the diner and got into my car.

We drove over to the movie theater and talked about what movie to see along the way. Hehe, we even got into a small argument about the legitimacy of 3-D movies. Well, of course I won that! Once there, we bought our tickets and waited for Mel and Eric to arrive.

I wanted popcorn so I went over to buy some–a huge bucket and two sodas. Hmm, what kind of soda does Luca like? Hehe, now I remember…Ginger Ale! So I asked for Ginger Ale and Coke. I then walked over to where Luca was standing.

“Here’s your soda.” I told him.

“Casey thanks, but…I don’t really like sodas,” he said politely.

“But it’s Ginger Ale,” I smiled as I told him. That seemed to brighten his expression and then he smiled.

“My favorite,” he said.

“So take it,” I said as I handed him the drink.

“Thanks Case.”

“Oh, and sit next to me,” I told him as I chucked some popcorn into my mouth.

“…Why?” he asked as he coughed up some of the soda he was drinking.

“So we can share the popcorn,” I laughed as I handed him the bucket of popcorn. “Casey!!! Luca!!!” I heard Mel shout as she came running towards us.

“They’re here,” I told Luca.


Mel came up to me and jumped into my arms. I gave her a hug and twirled her around. Hehe, wow she’s still as light as ever.

“Nice to see you, Mel,” I told her. I released her and then she moved towards Luca. He hugged her gently and then greeted her with a smile.

“Hello, Melissa,” he said and she giggled.

“Mel! Luca,” she corrected him and he laughed.

“I think Melissa sounds cuter,” he said.

“Hello?” Eric said clearing his throat.

“Hello Ery!” I teased him.

“Hi Eric,” Luca said.

“If it isn’t my two best buds together, and not trying to kill each other,” he laughed.

“I know!!!” Mel exclaimed.

“The movie’s about to begin, so let’s go!” I told them, eager to see this movie.

We sat in the middle of the top row of the theater, with me sitting next to Luca – for sharing purposes. Mel and Eric were sitting on my left sharing their own bucket of popcorn, and Luca was sitting on my right.

The movie was amazing! The plot was really good, plus the special effects and acting were great. By the time the movie was over, the bucket of popcorn was gone. Hehe, I was so into the movie that I didn’t even notice eating it. I would just dunk my hand into the bucket while my eyes were glued to the screen. Hehe, once in a while, I would just reach my hand in without even looking and bump into Luca’s hand. I really didn’t care at the moment; I would just maneuver my hand underneath his and grab some kernels.

“That was great!” I said as we exited to the lobby.

“Yeah it was,” Luca said.

“It was an okay movie,” Mel said.

“You take that back! It was a great movie,” I said.

“Nope, it wasn’t that great,” she laughed.

“I agree with Mel,” Eric said. “It was a good movie, but not extraordinary.”

“You guys are wrong! At least Luca agrees with me.”

“Yeah, the movie was great too.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Casey, I have to get home now. Can you drive me to my car?” Luca asked, changing the subject.

“Yeah,” I said still puzzled.

“Wait, you guys came here together?” Eric asked.

“Yeah, after practice we got something to eat and then we came here,” I told him.

“Aw, I think it’s cute that they came together,” Mel teased. What? Cute!!! We came together so that we wouldn’t waste gas!

Luca looked at Mel and gave her a hostile stare and then said, “Casey, let’s go.”

“And I think it’s cute that you and Eric came together and sat together,” I added.

“But not as cute as you guys,” she teased.

“Well, of course not. I’m a hottie!” I said and Mel giggled.

“Just go, Casey,” Eric said.

We said our good-byes and left the movie theater. I drove Luca all the way back to the marina and to his car.

“Thanks for the ride, Casey,” he said.

“Hey, would you stop thanking me?” I laughed. “I should be the one thanking you for when you woke me up.”

“‘K, I’ll stop,” he laughed.

We arrived at the marina and I parked right next to his car. He got out and walked over towards it. I waited for him to be inside the car and get everything ready.

“Bye, Luca,” I said.

“Bye, Casey,” he said.

I was the first to drive away and headed towards my house. After I arrived and parked my car, I got all of my stuff from the trunk and went inside. I greeted my mom and we talked for a short while. Hehe, I’m way too tired to tell her everything that has happened today. I need sleep! Those two 10Ks are finally starting to catch up with me.

“It’s already Sunday,” I yawned as I stretched in my bed. Wow, only two days left until I go up to that cabin. Yeah, up to a cabin in the middle of Maine with nothing to do but row. That sucks! Hehe, okay, maybe it might not be that bad. It might be an interesting experience. Besides, I can’t really back down now, so I might as well enjoy it. Plus, things have been going really well these past few weeks. Luca and I still get along. Hehe, I haven’t called him an asshole or jerk in like three weeks! That’s a record! It’s kind of fun to be around him. Sigh, but our friendship is not the same as it used to be when we were younger. Well, at least we have a friendship, even if it’s just for the sake of rowing!

“Love, wake up! We have a lot of things to do today,” my mom yelled from downstairs.

“Coming, Helen,” I yelled back. I jumped out of bed and started to do my normal stretches. Then I took a quick shower, put some clothes on and made my way downstairs to get something to eat.

“Love, hurry up!” she said.

“Why the hurry?” I laughed.

“We need to get all the shopping done for your trip up to Maine,” she explained as she made breakfast. Yep, she’s making me breakfast!

“Mom, we have two days until I leave. That’s plenty of time. Besides, I don’t have to buy a lot of stuff.”

“No, I just got off the phone with John and he told me you needed some kind of compression shirt and shorts.”

“Fine, Helen. I’ll be ready as fast as I can,” I told her and started to eat my breakfast.

We drove to a local sports apparel store and she went on to select endless amounts of clothing. Hehe, it’s like I’m going off to college. I’m only going to spend the summer there; I can just use my old clothes. She handed me a pair of spandex shorts and shirt. Wow, this is going to be a tight fit. Nope, scratch that, as I entered the changing room she threw pairs of shorts and shirts and even boxers at me.

“Try them on, Love, and then choose what you want. I’ll be looking for your camping stuff,” she said and left.

Hehe, I’m 17! Um, I could’ve done all this shopping by myself. But, I guess she needs to do this for me. She wouldn’t take no for an answer when I told her that I wanted to go by myself. I don’t mind, really; plus I don’t have to do all the work.

I stripped down to my underwear and held the shorts in my hands. Well, let’s see how they fit. Hehe, they are tight! It’s like they’re part of my skin. They leave nothing to chance! Even my crotch is outlined in them! I looked in the mirror; sexy as always but much much hotter. I then put on the shirt and looked in the mirror yet again. What can I say, all that working out has paid off. Yep, people are gonna go gaga over me!

I finished trying on the clothing and gathered everything from the changing room. When I looked for my mom she was nowhere to be found, so I decided to call her.

“Mom, where are you?” I asked.

“I’m buying you furniture, Love,” she said in a rushed tone. I could make out that she was talking to someone else.

“Furniture! Why?”

“So that you have a nice place to sit in and you can have a nicely decorated cabin.”

“It’s already furnished! Plus, it’s a cabin; it’s supposed to be rustic!”

“Well, too late. I already picked out the bed and tables, so I’m buying them,” she said in a pouty voice that made me laugh.

“‘K, mom. Buy them. We can’t have you waste your valuable time,” I laughed. “I’m going to pay for this, and then I’ll meet you there and see my new furniture.”

I paid for all the shorts and shirts and I do mean all of them. I might have added a few extra items, but they were all necessary. I took the purchases to my car and walked back to meet up with my mom. When I got there she was all done shopping, so we went and got something to eat.

“Are you okay?” I asked her as we drove back home.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because whenever you’re nervous you buy stuff! And today you bought me furniture for a cabin,” I laughed.

“Well, maybe a little. It’s the first time that you’re leaving for a prolonged period of time and I’ll be all by myself.”

“Aw, it’s only a summer, Mom, and I’ll come visit you every month.”

“I know, Love, but I’m still going to miss you. Who else is going to parade around naked in the morning?”

I laughed and said, “I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Is your blazer clean, Casey? We’re dining with John and Luca’s family tomorrow and you need to be properly dressed.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I teased her.

We arrived home a few minutes later and placed all the bags in the living room. Shit! I’m going to have to pack all that!

“Of course I’m going to pack it, Love,” she said once she saw my look of disgust. “You would probably forget something.”

“You really are in mommy mode today,” I teased her.

I spent the following day hanging out with my friends. Early morning I spent with Kate and Chobes. I guess me and Kate are a couple now. Well, Luca and Linda have been going out all the time, so it’s only fair that I go out with Kate.

Anyway, the rest of the day I spent with Mel and Eric. We talked and they teased me about wasting my summer in a cabin in Maine. Hehe, it was really fun to hang out with them, and Luca also joined us for about an hour. When it was time for the dinner, I left for home and said good-bye to Mel and Eric.

“Helen, are you ready?” I asked as I entered the house. She always takes forever to get ready!

“In about 30 minutes, Love,” she said.

I went up to my room and got ready for the dinner. Okay, I am a little bit nervous about it. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I haven’t seen Claire and Michael St. Knit in forever or that it’s at Luca’s house or that it’s the last day before we leave. So I dressed as best as I could and waited for my mom, who was done in exactly 30 minutes plus overtime of like 20 minutes.

We finally arrived at Luca’s house with minutes to spare, hehe, like always. We knocked on the door and were greeted by Claire, right Mrs. St. Knit.

“Hello Helen,” she said as she hugged my mom.

“Hello Claire, we haven’t done this in a while,” my mom responded.

“I know. I’m so glad that we can do this again. Remember our afternoon playground meetings?” Claire said as she slightly giggled.

“Oh yes, I remember those very well. They would always conclude with one of us wiping dirt off Casey or Luca,” she laughed.

“Well, come in and sit down; we have lots to talk about.”

We walked over to the living room where the rest were gathered. There were Coach and Mike– hehe, Mr. St. Knit–and Luca sitting there.

“Casey, my boy. How are you?” Mike said as he came forward and squeezed the life out of me with one of his bear hugs. I never get used to them!

“I’m doing well, Mr. St Knit,” I said.

“It’s Mike, Casey.  St. Knit sounds like a stuffy name,” he said.

“‘K, Mike. I’m doing awesomely if I must say so,” I laughed.

“You still have that enthusiasm. I bet you’re still as easily excited as when you were a kid.”

“Yes, and gullible too,” my mom teased as she came up to us.

When they all started to greet each other and to chit chat, I walked towards Luca. I stood in front of where he was sitting and looked at him.

“I believe you owe me a greeting and a hug,” I teased him.

“Well, I’m sorry, I should have known better,” he laughed and stood up.

I was expecting a bear hug like his dad’s, but what I received was completely…um, I don’t know yet, but it wasn’t a normal hug. It was still a hug, but it felt so nice. Hehe, it’s hard to describe, but it felt warm, gentle, and protective. I almost didn’t let go!

“Is my debt paid?” he asked as he let go of me.

“Um, yeah. So anyway, when is it that we leave for Maine?” I asked.

“Tomorrow at 7, Casey. Did you forget that soon?” he chuckled.

“No I didn’t, I just wanted to make sure.”

“So how long till we get to eat?” I asked as I sat next to him.

“Why? Are you really that hungry?” he teased.

“Well, maybe I am. But what about you? You eat just as much as I do.”

“But I burn it off so it doesn’t show like yours.”

“Wait, are you saying I’m fat?” I chuckled. Yeah, right! I’m deliciously yummy!

“I didn’t say that. It’s just a fact that I’m hotter and more ripped than you,” he said nonchalantly.

“Suuuuuure. It’s nice to daydream once in a while, right Luca? If we weren’t in your living room…waiting for a nice meal, I would prove you wrong!” I told him as I moved a little closer to him.

“Prove what?” he giggled.

“That I have such a better body than you.”

“Well bring it on, Casey! Let’s go up to my room and I’ll show you you’re wrong.”

“Let’s go then.”

Luca grinned.

We stood up from the couch and made our way to his room. Same old, same old. His house still has that grand colonial theme, with the perfect shades of beige and traditional furniture decorating the different rooms. Hehe, nothing like my house – well that’s not fair ’cause mine is always changing.

“Hey, do you wanna see something?” he asked as we walked down the hallway.

“Sure,” I said.

He told me to follow him quietly and we walked towards a door in the middle of the hallway. He slowly opened it and then told me to look inside. In the room were two sleeping girls about age 7.

“You remember Mary and Caroline?” he whispered.

“Yeah, they’re so big now,” I whispered back. “I can’t make them out, but I bet they’re beautiful.”

“Yeah, they are,” he said proudly.

He closed the door and signaled me to move forward quietly. We walked to the end of the hallway and entered a room. Yep, this is definitely his room, I can just feel it. Hmmm, what was I here for? Oh yeah, to prove I’m a total stud!

“Ready?” I smirked.

“Ready,” he grinned.

I began to take my clothes off, starting with my blazer. I removed my shirt and undershirt, baring  my chest. Then I removed my belt and pulled down my pants, leaving me only in my boxer briefs.

After I was done, I looked up to see if he was done. Wow, he’s fucking hot! Wait, no! I didn’t say that! I meant he’s attractive I, no no no I mean like he’s…somewhat sexy. Um, um, um he’s handsome! There I said it! From head to feet he is pure, refined, perfectly trimmed muscle that smoothly shapes his legs and thighs, and is softened by his glowing skin when it chisels his abs and pecs. Ok, maybe sexy.

I came to an upright position and our gaze met. Um, maybe this might not have been such a good idea.

“See, all muscle, Casey,” he said as he traced his hands over the grooves and lines of his body.

“Not as much as this,” I said and then ran my fingers across my pecs, slowly sliding and swiveling them gently down my abs, stopping short of my crotch.

“Really?” he said as he slowly came closer to me and we ended up face to face about an inch apart.

“Just look at these arms and shoulders,” he said as he raised his arms and flexed his shoulders and biceps, yet he never broke eye contact with me.

“But still inferior to this,” I said and turned around so that my back was facing him.

“Just feel it,” I said as I flexed my core muscles. I immediately felt his fingers connect with my skin midway between my shoulders. They glided down, triggering my nerves as they made their way along my back, applying slight pressure here and there, maneuvering around the muscled lines of my body. They made their way down to my lower back and slowly the feeling dissolved and the warmth disappeared as he removed them.

“Convinced?” I whispered still facing forward.

“Not yet,” he whispered. He then slid his arms in between my biceps and torso. As he moved his arms, he came closer to me and his chest met my back. I slightly jumped at the sensation of his chest touching my back, but was more interested by his fingers making contact with my chest and beginning their inspection. I couldn’t help but feel as if I was melting while his arms moved with a painful slowness down my chest and abs. I exhaled, leaned back and rested on his torso. It felt so…

“Boys! The meal is ready!” I jumped as Claire shouted from downstairs. Fuck! I need to get dressed! I don’t want to turn around and face Luca. I just need to get dressed and get downstairs now! I pulled on my pants as fast as I could and then grabbed my shoes to put on. I grabbed a t-shirt lying next to me on the floor, put it on, and then grabbed my shirt and did the same. Shit! So many buttons! I finally finished and tucked it in and tightened my belt. Then I grabbed my blazer and put it on. Phew! I walked over to Luca’s bathroom without even looking at him and looked in the mirror. I straightened my collar and shirt and fixed my disheveled hair. As I was leaving the bathroom, I bumped into Luca also trying to fix his unkempt appearance.

“Um, yeah I’ll see you downstairs,” I said and left as quickly as I could, taking really long steps until I reached his bedroom door.  Sigh, um………

I reached the dining room and took a seat at the big table, where I sat in between my mom and coach. I looked up and saw the table was covered with food, candles, and decorations.

“Hey, Coach. Can I take my car up there?” I asked him after a few minutes silence on my part.

“You won’t really have the need to drive up there, but there’s a place to park if you wish to. Aren’t you the one that drives the yuppie beemer sportsmobile?” he asked with a smile.

“Coach, you take that back!” I said causing him to laugh. I guess he does have a sense of humor.

“Anyway, I think you should only take Lucas’s if you really want one. It’s a jeep and it’ll fare much better than your ‘car’,” he said and everyone else at the table laughed.

Luca finally came down and sat right in front of me. I kind of avoided looking him in the eyes. I don’t know why, but um…I’ll get to see him every day starting tomorrow, anyway!

The meal was extremely delicious! I had lots to eat and it’s fun to have a formal dinner once in a while. The conversation was good, well until Mike decided to talk about Luca. I really like Mike, he’s a really great guy, but he obsesses over Luca’s future and brags about him too! He has all of Luca’s future planned out: will graduate top of his class, attend Cornell, become a lawyer, and take over the family law firm – boring! I feel bad for Luca; his dad is pretty adamant about this. I would hate to have to disappoint my dad, well he wouldn’t really care, but Mike is completely different. He’s always in the stands cheering Luca on, there when he receives an award, there when he needs someone to talk to, there to take him to the zoo along with his best friend who happened to love the zoo, and even there to watch TV with.

The meal ended and after a short conversation with Coach about tomorrow, my mom and I left for home, which we reached a few minutes later since Luca’s house isn’t that far. I closed and locked the door and then said, “That was a really nice dinner.”

“Yes it was. I love Claire and Michael; they’re great entertainers and friends,” my mom said as she removed her earrings.

“Yep, and Coach actually has a sense of humor,” I laughed.

“Love, don’t be mean. I think John has a wonderful character.”

“Wonderful character? You like him, don’t you?” I grinned.

“He’s easy on the eyes,” she laughed.

“Ew, you and coach!” I laughed.

“Oh be quiet, Casey, he’s a very attractive man.”

“You don’t even know if he’s married.”

“That’s what I have you for,” she smirked.

“No! I’m not gonna get involved!”

“Aw, come on, Love, do it for your poor single mother. Just ask him if he has a wife or girlfriend. It’s not going to cost you anything.”

“Nah ah, nope, never. He’s way too serious and he might take it all wrong and punish me for it. I’m not gonna do land practice because of this.”



“Pretty please.”


“Pretty please with sprinkles on top.”

“Fine!  But with one condition.”

“And what would that be?”

“I don’t have to take any furniture up there.”

“Oh, forget the furniture, just as long as you get it out of him.”

We said our good nights and then I headed up to my room. I closed the door and began to strip, hehe well more like trying to rip the clothes off my body so that I can finally go to bed. Blazer, shoes, pants, and shirt were quickly on the floor. Wait, this isn’t my undershirt; I must’ve put on Luca’s by accident. Oh whatever, I’ll think about it tomorrow.

So I kept the shirt on and then dove into my bed. Ah, it’s so nice to be able to relax finally and this shirt is so comfy too. I fell asleep a few minutes later without even thinking of the long trip that I had tomorrow.


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