Perfection Is Overrated
by Bradley Scott


Chapter 13

Ted squinted against the sunlight. He didn’t really like the beach. At least Nick had only made him sit on one of those benches, over looking it. He was glad they weren’t down there by the cold water and the all that sand.

“So…” Nick suddenly said. They had stopped talking after a while. Nick had just sat there with his head on Ted’s shoulder, and they had “enjoyed” the view together – although Ted thought he’d really rather be home.

“Um… yes?”

“Are we, like, dating now?”

“I… don’t know.” Ted frowned. “Are we?”

“I don’t know either.” Nick chuckled softly. “I gave you head in a club, we’ve had sex three times, and it’s been about 2 weeks. So if we’re not dating…”

“Then we’re both sluts?”

“Well, I was thinking more along the lines of ‘you owe me money’ but sure…” Nick smirked.

“Ah.” Ted frowned again. “Um… well… I really like you…”


“But you’re sixteen. That makes me… feel wierd.”

Nick let out a quick burst of laughter.

“Awww, come here, you big mean peadophile.” He straddled Ted.

“Nick!” Ted panicked, looking around. “Someone could see us!”

“Who gives a fuck?” Nick whispered in Ted’s ear, silencing him. “Say you’re my boyfriend.”

“Nick… I…” Ted gasped as he felt Nick’s hand at his crotch.

“Come on. You know you want to…” He chuckled very seductively.

“Okay, fine. I’m – oh – your.. boyfriend.”

“Yay” Nick pulled back and smirked at Ted. “Was that so hard?”

“Can you get off of me now?”

“‘Kay. One last thing though.” He leaned forwards, and Ted felt his Nick’s lips on his neck, kissing him wetly, and then-

“HEY! What are you doing?”

“Okay, done.” Nick smiled and hopped off of Ted, and sat back down next to him. “What? It was just a hickey.”

“What? You-?” Ted sighed, and wiped the spit off his neck with his sleeve.

Nick just laughed. He grabbed Ted’s hand and put his head on Ted’s shoulder again.

“I’ve never had a hickey before.” Ted smiled in his confusion.

“Cool. Well now you do.” Nick looked around. “Come with me, I want to show you something in the Dunes.”

“Oh, come on Nick. I don’t want to do it in the sand.” Ted was thinking of all the places it would get.

“Actually, I was talking about the dead frog I found the other day.” Nick winked. “Bu-u-u-u-t, if  you’re thinking that way… maybe we could go back to your place?”

“Don’t you have to be home right now? Seeing as it’s a school day and all?”

“Oh, please. It’s fine. My parents think I’m at orchestra rehearsal.”

“WHAT? Are you skipping-”

“Oh, Ted, please shut up. I’m the next damn Mozart. The rest of those losers need to practise – I don’t.”

“Wow. How modest of you.”

“It’s true.” Nick shifted, and gave Ted a puppy-dog look. “Please can we go to your place.”

“Okay, fine.”

Ted got up, and Nick jumped up and hugged him.


“But no sex.”

“Sure.” Nick chuckled. “We’ll just sit there, watching TV, not having sex…”

Ted knew, somehow, that there was no way that would happen. He sighed, not sure if that was a good thing or not, and began walking with Nick.





What a day, thought Kyle as he got home and dumped all his stuff from classes on the kitchen table.

It had been a really long week. He was so happy it was Friday. He hadn’t seen Darren since monday, and hadn’t really had time to see him since then. They’d both had a heavy workload to get through, and a lot of it was stuff they had been putting off for the whole of the week before, when they’d been going out every night, having dinner, watching movies, doing… other things.

They’d bumped into eachother on monday, and had lunch. They’d talked about how much work they both had – and agreed not to see eachother until Friday. But they’d talked on the phone – on Tuesday, Wednesday and that morning, for about 2 hours each time. Kyle was glad it was finally the end of the week, and he could see Darren tonight. He still had time for a nice bubble bath, and maybe a quick nap afterwards, then he could go and see Darren. He’d have to call him first though.

He shut the apartment door, and started to head to his room.

“KYLE?” Ted’s voice echoed from down the corridor to his room.


“I’M IN MY ROOM” There was a slight pause. “CAN YOU… COME IN HERE FOR A MINUTE?”

Okay, Kyle thought. Weird though. Ted never really let Kyle into his room. Well, okay, not never, but he was always very nervous and jumpy whenever Kyle went in there. It made Kyle feel awkward. Ted was a total neat freak, and he hated people invading his personal space. So Kyle approached Ted’s room slowly, and carefully pushed the door, which was slightly ajar, fully open and went inside.

“Oh my god… TED!” Kyle burst out laughing at what he saw.

Ted was Lying on the bed, completely naked, with only a pillow concealing his crotch. His hands were attached to the metal headboard behind him by means of a pair of fluffy, pink hand-cuffs. The scowl on his face grew deeper as he watched Kyle laugh histerically.

“Okay, okay, I know – very funny, hilarious and all that. Can you help me now? PLEASE?”

Kyle was so out of breath that he was battling to speak.

“Do any- anything… interesting today, Ted?” He fell to his knees laughing, clutching his stomach, his face red.

“Ha-ha. Now please HELP ME. He hid the keys somewhere around here. I’m not sure where.”

“Why not?” Kyle asked, smiling broadly.

Ted mumbled something.

“Sorry, what?”

“I was blindfolded! Okay? Don’t you dare laugh!”

“Wouldn’t think of it.” Kyle tried his best to keep a straight face, but a little chuckle escaped him every now and then.

“Look for the keys, please.” Ted sighed in resignation, but he still looked pretty angry.

“Okay, okay. Don’t get your undies in a knot…” Kyle winked. “Figure of speech, of course. I can see that you don’t really have any on right-”


“Okay.” Kyle started poking around the room, opening random drawers. “Hmmm. I wonder where he found those handcuffs. I lost them ages ago. I’ve been looking for them forever…”

“WHAT?” Ted’s voice got all high. “These are yours?!?”

“Yes, of course they are… Gerard – remember that foreign exchange student from the Netherlands that I was fucking? He bought them for me, and then after that I used them with Ben, and Eric, and Jerry, and Aaron… OH! They must have been under the couch… When Aaron and I… never mind.” Kyle chuckled mischeviously.

“I probably don’t want to know, do I?” Ted rolled his eyes.

“Nope, you definitely don’t.” Kyle siled. “Ah, memories.”

“Oh god, Kyle…”

“Hmmm, that’s what Aaron said…”

Ted rolled his eyes.

“How do you remember all their names?”

“Um… well…” Kyle chuckled. “I don’t. He just seemed like an Aaron.”

“You constantly find new ways to horrify me, Kyle.”


“You’re welcome. Now, KEY, please…”

“Oh, come to think of it, I do have a spare key.”


“Okay, okay! Calm down. Drama Queen…” Kyle quickly ran to his room, got the spare key from his bed, and brought it back to Ted’s room. “Taped to the middle bar of my headboard, actually. It helps me avoid these kind of situations.”

“Yeah, that’s great. You know what would have helped me avoid this situation? Having a room-mate who doesn’t own a pair of HANDCUFFS!”

“And maybe the ability to use your brain and your penis at the same time.” Kyle winked, idly playing with the key. “But, I suppose, that’s an ability we could all really use.”


“Right. Unlocking. Gimme a sec.” Kyle quickly leaned over Ted and popped open both locks.

“Thank you.” Ted rubbed his wrists, and then clutched the pillow that was covering him, suddenly conscious of the fact that he was naked underneath it.

“What, don’t I even get to see your junk as a reward for my heroic efforts? Come on Ted – take it off.” Kyle was about to start laughing again.

“Kyle. Get. OUT!”

“Okay, okay. Leaving.” Kyle grabbed the handcuffs. “But I’m taking these back. And this is SO going in my blog.”


“Okay. Love you. Don’t kill me.” Kyle laughed, and quickly rushed out of the room, closing the door behind him.

He marched off to run his bubble bath, in a much better mood than when he had first gotten home. He grabbbed the phone on his way – so he could call Darren while he lay there in bubbly bliss. Tonight would be awesome.


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