Perfection Is Overrated
by Bradley Scott


Chapter 8

“God, you’re amazing.” Darren fell back on the pillow, breathing heavily.

“I know, I know.” Kyle winked at Darren. Darren grabbed a pillow and hit Kyle on the head. They both laughed.

Kyle flipped over and just lay there gazing at Darren.

“What?” Darren chuckeled, a bit self-consciously.

“It’s….” Kyle smiled broadly. “You’re like…. the first guy I’ve wanted to do this with.”

“Um, are you sure? ‘Cause you strike me as the kind of guy who likes to┬ádo ‘this’…. A LOT.”

“No,” Kyle laughed. “Not that. There are plenty of guys I’ve wanted to fuck….. and have, just FYI.” He winked at Darren. “But THIS, not that I even really know what this is, but the talking afterwards. The…..I donno. I just really like you.”

Darren propped himself up and kissed Kyle.

“I really like you too.” And he did. He wasn’t even drunk – he didn’t even have to be. Being with Kyle was just as good. Same loss of control, same euphoria, without the risk of a hangogver the next morning. It was a pretty sweet deal.

Kyle smiled and kissed him back. He the rolled to the edge of the bed and started getting dressed.

“Leaving already?” Darren sat up. “Bored the talking thing now?”

“Getting dressed – come on, you too. Let’s go get food – I’m STARVING.”

“Okay.” Darren laughed. He loved the way Kyle could go from declaring his deepest feelings, to getting dressed, to go get food, and make it look perfectly normal. He was like the energizer bunny.

He followed Kyle out of the room and into the lounge.

“Just going to see if Ted wants anything.” Kyle went to Ted’s door. He went in, came back out, and came back to the lounge. “Hmmmmmm….”


“Ted’s still not here.”

“Well maybe he was, I donno, being nice and clearing out for us.”

“Probably. It’s just wierd. I hope he’s okay. Ted doesn’t spend much time out of the house.” Kyle looked a bit worried – Darren thought it was really sweet, to worry about a friend like that.

“I’m sure he’s fine. He’s a big boy – he can look after himself.”

“Yeah…. you’re probably right. Hes’ probably sitting in a late-night library or something like that…” Kyle trailed off. “Okay, food. What should we do? Eat out or order in.”

“Order in. Gives us more time to…” Darren winked. “You know.”

“You’re awesome.”

“You’ve said.” Darren chuckled.

“Oh, yeah. I did.” Kyle grinned, and picked up the phone. “What do you feel like?”

“What’ll get here quickly?”

“Okay…. a choice between pizza, chicken and sticky ribs. Your choice.”

“Okay….. sticky ribs. We can lick each other clean afterwards.”

“Did I mention that you’re awesome?”

Darren grabbed Kyle and kissed him.

“Yeah, I think you did.”




Kyle got up gently out of bed. Darren was still asleep. He was…. so cute. He was snoring a bit. Kyle wanted to laugh, but he held it back. He was afraid he’d scare him off. Kyle tip-toed carefully to the door, opened it, went through, and shut it carefully behind him.

He walked quietly through on his way to the kitchen. The TV was on, and Ted, as relaible as ever, was sitting there, crunching away at his half-milked cereal. Kyle sighed in relief. He didn’t realise it now, but he was unconsciously worried something might have happened…. Not that’d he’d let Ted know about that stupid worry.

“Geez, Ted, what time do you wake up?”

Ted jumped. He looked around at Kyle.

“Dammit, Kyle. You made me spill. Why the hell are you up so early?”

“I slept well.” He winked. “VERY well.”

“Right.” Ted rolled his eyes.

“Darren’s still here.” Kyle smiled.


“He’s still here. He’s asleep, actually. I’m going to make him breakfast.”

“Wh… Breakfast?” Ted raised his eyebrows.

“Uh-huh. Why?”

“Um… you can’t cook.”

“I can. I just…. don’t.” Kyle looked a bit offended.

“Uh-huh. Where’s the frying pan?” Ted smirked.

“It’s…. I’ll find it.”

Ted just laughed. Kyle scowled, but joined him after a while.

“SO…” Kyle gathered his thoughts. “What happened to you last night? It was like 11 and you still weren’t back.”

“Awwww, were you worried about me?” Ted grinned at Kyle.

“No…. I was just wondering if I’d have to report my credit card as stolen or not.”

Ted rolled his eyes.

“Ha…. ha. I…. met a girl.”

Kyle laughed.

“Oooh, a giiiirl. Did she make your heart go ‘giddyup’?”

“Um, no. Not really.”

“Good – ’cause I might have had to use electroshock therapy to make you gay again if she did.”

“Well, we met, she’s a poli-sci studdent, and then we went to the bookstore and then she tried to kiss me-”

“WHAT? She tried to kiss you? What’d you do?”

“Well, sort of…. nothing. I was a bit shocked. And then she asked me what was wrong and I told her I was gay.”

“OMG, that’s classic.” Kyle was almost doubling over with laughter. “She must’ve wanted to crawl in a hole and die.”

“She took it…. quite well, actually. She told me that she’d never met a gay guy before-”

“Bullshit. We’re everywhere.”

“I know – that’s what I said…. In a nerdier way.”

“So, what happened?”

“Well, we had coffee, and then we went back to her place and-”

“Boom-chicka-bow-wowwwww….” Kyle giggled.

“AND we played X-box.” Ted glared at Kyle.

“Uh-huh. Is that what you kids are calling it nowadays?”

“Shut up. Nothing happened. Gross. She’s a girl.”

“Suuuure. I worry about you though. You’re not kamp enough. Quickly, what’s your favourite show at the moment?”

“Um…. Glee?” Ted looked confused.

“Okay, you check out – still gay. But I noticed the pause.” Kyle laughed at Ted’s expression. “So, what? You just played X-box the whole night.”

“Yes,” Ted got up and went to put his ceral bowl in the dishwasher. “We played soul-calibur, and then some tomb-raider, which was kind of cool, we should look into buying that one, and then…” Ted mumbled something.

“What? And then you what?” Kyle got up and went into the kitchen section and faced Ted.

Ted grimaced.

“And then I…. leftandwenttoAlexander’sandsomerandomguygavemeablowjob. I’m going to go shower! Bye.”

“What?” Kyle took a few minutes to process the fast, garbled sentence Ted had spat out. Ted had already gotten halfway towards his room when he had pieced some of the words together properly. “You went to Alexander’s? On your own?” He gasped, processing the rest of the sentence. “Wait, you got a blow-job???? From who? You DOG.”

Ted slowly turned around, and muttered a quick ‘Dammit’

“Um, yeah….. Some random guy. He looked young. I don’t know. I asked him his name, but he said it didn’t matter.”

“OMG, my baby just got a NSA blow-job.” Kyle sighed hapily, running up to Ted and locking him in a fierce hug. “They grow up SO fast….”

Ted pushed Kyle off of him. He shook his head and made his way back to his room. He was only in there for a few minutes, before he came out with a jacket on.

“I’m going out.” He told Kyle.

“Was it something I said?” Kyle pouted.

Ted shook his head and smiled.

“No, you dork. I’m going out with Whitney.”

“Oh, right. Your girlfriend.”

“She’s not m-”

“Give her a kiss for me.”

“Shut up.” Ted opened the door.

“And wear a condom – I hear girls have a nasty habit of getting pregnant.”

“Goodbye, Kyle!” Ted slammed the door.

Kyle chuckled and shook his head.

“Okay,” He whispered to himself, looking towards the kitchen. “Frying pan.”


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