Ups and Downs of a Masseur
by BobbyG


Chapter 8: Reginald Campbell… Part 5

At last the bugger woke up as I was rubbing life back into my left arm which had been around his shoulders all night and he had rewarded me for my care for him by farting and nearly blowing the fucking duvet off!

“Paul, if you are having a wank, you are holding the wrong bit!”

I told him how lucky he was to even be in my presence, he told me to “fyandinn burt,” which I found out later was Icelandic for “fuck off!”

“Do you want to talk now or when we get up Reginald?” He laid on top of me and smiled.

“I need a pee and take my pills then I am coming back to bed. After you have agreed to everything I need to say, I will allow you your turn. After that we shower, have breakfast then you can take me swimming.”

I watched as he got out of bed and looked at his wonderful nakedness with that fantastic cute bum and his massive knob swinging between his legs. Sex was now on my mind. “Could you douche first?”

“What’s that?”

“Forget it.”

When he got back we sat in our usual position with our arms around one another and my legs wrapped around him. We did a fair amount of kissing then Reginald stopped and half smiled at me and looked a tad worried. Whatever he was about to say he must have thought it through for some time.

“Ok gorgeous man listen and don’t interrupt.” I had no intention to, I would not dare!

“When we had that sort of split I contacted my lawyer and had him visit me in hospital. I have changed my will and if anything happens to me you get all this and everything in it and the account that keeps us here as well as any money I have left, which won’t be much. I would like you to sell your flat and move in with me and, if you agree, the money you get from the sale could go into the same account which will keep us here longer. Our joint earnings will keep us, although I can no longer travel because of my condition, but I still get plenty of work anyway and paid well. There is one other thing we could talk about and that is sell up and move to a smaller place somewhere. The only other thing to say is I want us both to go to my lawyer and sign the necessary bits of paper which will give you joint ownership of this apartment and the accounts. Everything will become ours. Okay, your turn.”

There was a lot I needed to say about all he had just said and we spoke for ages, but by the end of it everything remained the same and I agreed to everything he wanted for us, but most importantly I would have Reginald and he was all I wanted and I would have given him every organ in my body to keep him with me, no matter how long or short.

It was my turn to say all I needed too.

“I will have to try to find a proper job whatever that is. Reginald I can’t continue to do what I’m doing now, that’s not fair on you me being with other men although I promise there will be no sex stuff from now on, I promise! Please believe that.” Once again we cuddled in tightly and kissed.

“Do you know something, It had never entered my head! But don’t stop doing what you are good at Paul and thank you for not giving the ‘extras’, I want you all to myself because I’m a selfish man! Paul, you are going to give me life and that is priceless even though nothing can be for certain.

“Come on, breakfast then swimming and you can tell me what a douche is, but I’m guessing it has got something to do with sex? I hope!”

We ate a crap breakfast of kippers on toast and then went for a shower which was much better and for the first time we both got massively worked up as we cleaned each body many times over. I explained what a douche was and how to do it.

“If you are not too tired later we could try to lose the other half of your virginity.”

He was smiling at me the whole time with his arms around my neck.

“Why not now?”

“Good question and I will answer it after we get back from a swimming lesson and go shopping, you need more stuff so don’t forget your credit card.”

“Yes sir!” And he got on his knees and gave me half a blow job. I had to stop him before it was too late.

“I need the lot for later, sweet man.”

We stopped off at a sports shop for two pairs of Speedo’s, both the same colour and one size too small.

“I will NEVER get into them Paul!”

“You will with my help, trust me.”

We stood looking at one another, me with my swimmers on and Reginald naked with monster thing waiting for a shovel to get it inside. I got to him and he stepped into the briefs and I pulled them up over his hips, got his cock in one hand and fed it inside. I stood back admiring his incredible bulge and fondled it.

“There, perfect! Come on Mr Phelps, this way.”

“Mr Who?”

“I give in!”

My method of teaching someone to swim was very brief and always effective. I picked Reginald up and jumped in then let go. Reginald thrashed about in panic but at the same time got closer to me and as he did I went further away until we were back at the side of the pool.

“There, you can swim, well done you.”

“You bastard!”

“I know.” And dragged him out to the middle and let go again. After three more times and Reginald listening to my instructions he swam beside me for one whole length of the pool and after a break in the shallow end and me fiddling with the front of those tight briefs I told him one more length and we were done for this time.

“I don’t want you to get too tired.”

We had a lovely day and after a two-hour shop and four bags full of Reginald’s new clothes we sat in Ballams in Soho for a late lunch. We sat quietly eating but I knew we were thinking the same thing, kidney transplant. I grinned to myself as Reginald nodded at the waiter. The guy bought another glass of wine and Reginald pretended to be surprised.

“Oh gosh! Thank you.”

“That’s your second and last, I thought you were nodding at him to go to the toilet with you.”

“I was but the silly sod bought this instead, anyway mustn’t waste it, cheers.” I looked at him and loved him all over again.

We had a priority list which included, Reginald losing his full virginity, me selling my flat and moving in, going to see Reginald’s lawyer and the small matter of starting the process of kidney transplant. Of these priorities, Reginald losing it was top of the list and as it was a Sunday, the perfect day to do it. We would now have a long afternoon and evening to make love and at the same time forget all that was about to come.

We were laying in bed all fresh and clean, each holding the others cock and gently stroking. We kissed a tremendous amount as well as looking deeply into one another’s eyes, it was pure love and we were each becoming more and more worked up to the final act that would make us complete.

We spent ages exploring one another’s bodies as we twisted and turned kissing, licking, touching and after a half hour in a 69 Reginald told me he was ready. I got him out of bed and led the way to the dormer window overlooking Hyde Park. He put his hands on the low window ledge as I got us both ready and then with one arm around his body to steady him I fed myself with the other between his beautiful cheeks and put pressure on that most wonderful of places and, very gently pushed against him.


“I’m fine Paul, I really am.”

Slowly and very gradually I applied more and more pressure until suddenly my head entered and froze as Reginald took the pain.

“Keep going Paul, please.” He said quietly.

I could now wrap both of my arms around him and slowly fed myself into Reginald until finally all of my 6.5 inches was deep inside him.

“I’m there Reginald.”

He laughed. “I think I already knew that my dear man.”

I stood us both up and took Reginald into hand and, again, very slowly stroked while we looked out onto the Park looking at the hundreds of people strolling around.

We got to the point that we were very near, we told one another of our love and with just a few more strokes, we both exploded, me into Reginald and my free hand full of most that had erupted out of that magnificent cock which I then rubbed into his chest and belly. We stayed like that for some time until I withdrew from him and we turned and just kissed and cuddled for ages.


I was still coming back down and just kissed him as a reply.

“Your dribbling down my leg, we need to shower.”

We were once again cuddled up in bed. We had made love for about three hours and I knew Reginald would be getting tired and would have to take his medication before dropping off and told him to get out then come back ready for sleep.

He came back and after yet more kissing he smiled up at me. “What?”

“Don’t ‘what’ me you cheating sod!”

“How come?”

“All this ‘still a virgin thing’, you know very well I Iost it after you put me inside you. Don’t forget I read about you and Ali and you told him the same you randy bugger. I just went along with it…, but I have to admit it was wonderful, thanks Paul.”

We kissed for a short time before Reginald fell asleep. Once again I had him cuddled into me and stayed awake for hours totally happy being as we were. I also thought about what laid ahead.


During the next three months, much happened. I sold my flat and moved in to be with the love of anyone’s life. All the legal bits were done and we were well into the process of kidney transplant which was very difficult and the psychological tests being the most problematic for me. I was on my own and did not have Reginald there to help me out.

“It seems they are trying to stop me donating Reginald with all those fucking questions. What don’t they understand about my love for you and being so scared you will become more ill if you don’t get a new one?”

Reginald was cuddling me this time and came up with the answer, as usual.

“Married couples don’t have a problem Paul, so long as they match and we already know we do.” It was not the most romantic of proposals, but hey! A means to an end!

We managed to scrape up two witnesses, Colin from the hotel and Dr Trevor Black and a dozen work colleges of Reginald’s and a month later we stood in the Registrar’s office and became husband and husband!

We had a small reception in the hotel which was fun but I needed to get Reginald back home as I knew he would be getting tired and I needed time to consummate the marriage before he dropped off!

Reginald said some pretty disgusting things about me having only one thing on my randy mind, which was true, but he enjoyed himself as much as I did, the randy sod!

I took our marriage certificate to my next meeting with the psychologist and handed her the bit of paper. She laughed her fucking head off.

“Oh Paul, you needn’t have done that, I have always been sure about your wish to donate to Reginald anyway! But congratulations and I wish you both a very happy life.”

We were left alone in my room for just one last time before I would be taken to have a few grams of myself removed. I had already been prepared and was getting drowsy. We kissed one last time and Reginald had to go to be prepared himself.

“I love you so much Paul… I just don’t know what else say. PLEASE be safe.”

“I have never prayed before Reginald, but I am now, just YOU be safe as well, PLEASE!?”

He would be taken to his theatre when it was known my operation had been completed, roughly three hours later. When I woke up in Recovery, my right kidney would have been removed and later transplanted next to Reginald’s right one.

I woke up in Recovery and Staff Nurse Janice Watson was checking me over.

“Hello handsome, everything is looking just fine and before you ask, Reginald is in theatre now and should be out soon, he will be in a different unit, but as soon as we are sure that all is well you will both go to another unit where you will recover together.” I smiled at her and fell back to sleep.

Two hours later I was transferred to a ward and found out that Reginald was in the Special Kidney Unit also recovering. I was told that the operation had gone well and no problems had shown up, well they would say that anyway.

It only takes a few moments to read this but from now on it would be a sort of holding your breath waiting for problems to show up and of course the biggest of all, rejection. Every avenue had been looked into, my health and kidney function, our compatibility and that fucking psychological crap I had to endure! I did smile though as we found out we did not have to get married to help us get what we wanted, but we were the happiest couple on earth and only death would split us.

I was discharged a week later and went home to collect the few things Reginald asked me to bring and then spent most of my time sitting next to him, holding his hand and telling him I loved him and at the same time told him to look after my kidney! He told me to ‘fuck off’ as it was now his and there was nothing I could do about it! We cuddled in as close as we could and both praying there would be no rejection of my kidney to keep Reginald alive. I was no fucking hero, ALL I wanted was Reginald to be with me as I knew by now I could not live myself without him.

Two weeks later I took him home, but we were both in limbo and just hoping nothing nasty would turn up. Days turned into weeks and then months. During all that time Reginald was almost a permanent fixture with his many appointments at the hospital for tests which all proved that he was clear of any infection, but most importantly, rejection. ****

It was six months to the day after the operations that I told him we were going for a drive out to the countryside.

“Can I fuck you first Paul?” I thought for two seconds and then shoved my ass onto his massive cock! He slipped into me in one thrust and, as always, I had to bite the fucking pillow! But it was beautiful, oh how beautiful!

When Reginald made love to me we only had one position and that was me on top as I sat on him. In that way we could kiss and hold him very tightly as I rode his massive 9 inches.

We always came together, with Reginald’s own donation into me and mine all over him! It was perfect, for us anyway.

When it was my turn, we were all over the apartment, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, hall. You name it, we were there, even in the lift, much to “security” surprise as the door opened and he looked at us as we were still trying to pull our pants up.

“Good evening gentlemen. Very nice ID’s”


All this was two years ago now and yes Reginald is still living with my kidney inside him and has now put on weight and VERY fit as we exercise together, swim, run and fuck! (Oh my word do we FUCK!)

We did go for that drive which was another life-changing time for us. I followed my nose and after a couple of hours west of London I stopped and parked the car at the top of a lane. We got out and walked hand in hand down the lane which after ten minutes turned into no more than a track. We stopped to look at a cottage with a ‘For Sale’ board at the gate! Who the fuck would see that unless they, like us had happened to pass by? We fell in love with it and two months later we moved in.

We had been in ‘Hunters Lodge’ for no more than three months when we extended our family, not a planned family of course but all down to when Reginald and I went to the front gate one Sunday morning for our walk. I opened the gate and the first we saw was a very pregnant, but very thin and weak looking black Labrador sitting there looking at us with her beautiful brown eyes and wagging her tail as if to say, ‘I’m home!’ She was.

We took her into the living room where she collapsed on the thick rug in front of the fire, the same rug that Reginald and I had enjoyed so many happy times! As soon as she laid down the first nipper came out followed by five more! Reginald and I were the only two panicking, mum dog cleaned them up as they popped out and then pushed each one onto a tit where they needed to be.

Mum dog was knackered with all those births and we guessed wherever she had come from, she may have been through some bad times and I was about to give the second best moment of my life. I knelt down and cuddled her head her into my arms. She licked my face and at the same time she and I knew she was “home.” So did Reginald as he cuddled into me. “Let’s call a Vet Paul, we need help.”

I was allowed to call her ‘Bess’ and after we had found homes for four of them, all bitches, we were left with the two boy puppies and scratching our heads knowing we had to keep them now.

Reginald and I now had a family and had no fucking idea how to bring them up but the love we had for them was in fact all they needed and the ‘boys’ took full advantage of our strict discipline, which was non-existent! They just conformed to our ways as we did theirs.

Reginald and I were cuddled up on the settee in front of the fire watching tv one evening, Bess was fast asleep in front of us while her boys fought one another behind the settee.

“Reginald, I called Bess, Bess, so you should name the other two.” There was a long silence as Reginald thought. He sat up.

“YOU TWO COME HERE!” Both of them stopped fighting and did as they were told for once and came in front of us.

Bess woke up and also sat up watching with the boys sitting next to her looking at Reginald. He pointed at the first one. “You are now Nino.” He then pointed at the second one. “You are now Ali, now fuck off!” Bess laid back down and Nino and Ali went back to fighting. Reginald laid back on my chest and wrapped his arms around me.

“Right my dear Paul, we are now all together, but there is one more thing I want.”

I came up with the right question!

“What’s that?”

“I want us to have a tattoo in the inside of our right arms!” Bloody hell Reginald!

“WHY? And how have you come up with that!?”

“I just want us to have a tattoo to show for all time of our love and the fact I have to live with your kidney in my body for the rest of my life! If you have a problem with that, you can have it back! OR, you can fuck me and afterwards we can discuss tattoos!”

I shot off the settee and sent Bess, Nino and Ali out for their last pee and after giving all three a cuddle I went back to the boss.

“Ok, what tattoos?”

“I want, ‘Paul gave me his kidney and I give him my heart’. All in Gothic writing.”

“That’s nice. What tattoo do I have then?”

“I’m a lucky fucker!” I thought about that.

“In Gothic?”



It was quite funny really. We settled in our chairs while our tattooist’s worked on us and all you could hear was:-

“Oh shit! That hurts!”

“Christ mate, go easy!”

“That bloody needle is blunt!”

“You sure you’ve done this before?”



“Shut up you wimp!”


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