Ups and Downs of a Masseur
by BobbyG


Chapter 3: His Highness Prince Ali Sadjjad Rafiq Ameer

I was right, 12 noon came and went as did 1pm and by the time 2pm arrived but the Prince hadn’t I was more than pissed off. I waited for another 45 minutes, said “bollocks” and went for a shower. I was still under it when the door flew open and a 6ft 6 giant came in followed by his twin. They were in black suits, white shirts and black ties and wore dark glasses, they had at least seen one film, apparently. I nearly shit myself.

“Who the fuck are you!?” Christ they were huge!

“Get out, His Highness has arrived and you should be in there waiting for him.” I was furious and could not give a stuff.

“And I have been waiting since midday. Get out now I need to dry off.” They didn’t move, just stared at me. I thought about chucking them out but apparently some things are indeed impossible. I dried off as slowly as I dared, got into my kit and followed one of the body guards out with the other one following me. I felt as safe as fuck.

There were two others from the same mould standing either side of a short guy in brilliant white Arab dress it looked so funny but he was far from being happy it seemed, in fact he was bloody furious by the expression on his handsome face. I maybe pretty pissed off myself but that had never stopped me eyeing a great looking guy. There was a lot of chat in Arabic and then three of them left and shut the door leaving the top thug standing by boy wonder. His Royal “whoever” continued to glare at me and I assumed I was supposed to be frightened, but anger, like too much booze tends to make you brave. I stared back and Highness bought himself up to his full 5ft 6 inches and bawled me out, all of it in Caps.


It was my turn.

“If you shout at me again this appointment won’t happen, in fact its already over, please leave or I will call hotel security.” Head thug laughed out loud and got told off in Arabic. Mini Highness became almost epileptic and stamped his foot really hard, he looked lovely and got a bit lost at the same time, it seemed he was not used to being spoken too like this. I thought of Nino and wondered if he would be impressed at me standing up for myself, probably not, he would have handled it very differently. Oh well, I’m on my own but thought it a good idea to compromise somehow.

“Maybe we should start again but there are two things I need to say, I don’t like being kept waiting either and I don’t think I would even curtsy to our Queen if I ever met her.” The attempt at humour was wasted on this knob and I hoped he would fuck off make his complaint, I get chucked out and then go and join Nino again and start up in Tokyo as he told me I could if things went tits up here. There was a lot more chat in Arabic and the last brain dead left and shut the door behind him. Prince Ali looked at me with a sulky expression and laid down the law which he knew he could do with the four Buffoon’s standing outside the door.

“Let me tell you now I am less than impressed with you and your bad manners, you have been paid for every hour booked this afternoon and it is for ME to turn up when I choose. I am very angry that you treat me with such disrespect given that I am a Prince and as such I should be given the courtesy of my rank.” I looked at him and suddenly felt good and certainly liked the handsome face looking back at me. He really looked lovely standing there in the full length white garment with a slight V shaped neck embroidered in beautiful gold stitching called a Thobe. On his head was the Ghutra, a square scarf in red and white and to top the lot the Agal, the black round cord that he wore like a crown. I wondered if he wore underpants for some reason. It was my turn again and wondered if this was the first time anyone spoke to him in the way I was about too. There was a distinct possibility now of accepting Nino’s invitation if the lovely Prince blew up again.

“Firstly, IF I had known the appointment had been made for all this time I would not have taken it, I don’t want to have to hang around doing nothing just because you hate turning up at specific times, I have better things to do than stand here just for your convenience. I will take the full charge but would have preferred to make the usual hours appointment if for no other reason I have other clients who wish to visit me. Secondly I treat EVERYONE with respect regardless of who they are and their status and I can assure you I expect that in return, including Royalty. Finally, just because you are a member of a so called Royal family in your own country does not give you any more status here, well not in this room anyway. Now if you don’t like what I have said you can go and make your complaints and you will feel so good about it simply because you feel all powerful and dominant, well done your Highness, bloody well done. Call the hoods back in now so they can escort you out of here, you obviously can’t go about without their protection. Fuck I’m glad I’m not you!”  He was looking at my face and body the whole time and continued long after I had finished, he opened his mouth to say something but shut it again, but still kept looking at my body.

“Say what you want, go on be brave for once.” There was another long pause.

“Do I change in there?”

I busied myself doing nothing listening to the shower and thought of the first time Nino was in there singing out of tune and as the Prince came out I had this smile on my face and it stayed there when I looked at Prince Ali. He looked absolutely beautiful. Five foot six of trim beauty, his entire body in perfect shape. You could say an Arab Twink I suppose. His hair was short and jet black and those eyes looking at me where large and dark brown. Apart from his head his dark wonderful body was hairless. He stood there in his brilliant white pants which made this sight very much one for sore eyes. Around his neck hung a gold necklace in a unique design with interwoven links of hands shaking. At the bottom of the chain there was a solid band with five diamonds set in it. All very expensive but looked good on him. I stepped towards him and he stepped back!

“I WAS going to offer my hand like your chain but I suppose that’s not allowed either. Perhaps it’s in order for me to ask you to get on the table face down? Oh and just to make us a little more equal I need to take my top off.” I bought my top over my head, I was sure I caught a very slight smile come across his face but it may have been a nervous twitch. He checked me over and quickly climbed on board and continued in the “His Highnesses” superior attitude .

“You are not to touch above the shoulders and stop one inch from the waist band and another one from the bottom of my under garment.” I couldn’t help myself.

“Doesn’t leave that much to massage then!” No reaction.

Right my Royal Knob Head, I thought, you are about to get the full treatment. I began at his lovely feet, then to his lovely calves then upward to those glorious thighs. I was looking at his back and smiled as he gave out a sigh and tensed as I massaged all three areas. Now to his back and all those pressure spots and my touch which I knew he would like as I massaged with finger tips, full hand contact and the heel, all with varying pressures. Ali let out a few uncontrolled moans and wriggled his body a few times, I knew I was giving him a good time and wondered if he was hard yet.

“Will you please turn over.” He stayed were he was.

“Your Highness? Turn please.”

“I cant.”

“Sir, I HAVE seen a hard penis before!” He shot off the table and ran to the shower room and slammed the door shut. Half hour later he came out fully dressed and looked at me.

“You will never see me again.”

“And you think I could give a fuck!?” I went to the door and was about to open it.  “Please don’t.” Once again there was a long pause and I knew he was struggling not knowing what to say to this commoner. This was a new experience for him and had no idea how to handle it, but he HAD to say something as he had asked me not to open the door. He looked lost and all I wanted to do was go to him and hold him in my arms, mind you I would whatever his emotional state was.

“Yes I was in an embarrassing state.”

“I know.”

“NO you didn’t, I never let you see me.”

“I knew you would be because of my massage technic, most men get hard when I work on them.” I was hoping he would get angry again because I liked it when he did.  “I don’t expect I would have seen much even if I was able to see it and I guess you are quite tiny down there anyway.” He looked at me and fought not to loose his temper again.

“So smart ass why don’t they ALL get hard then?” He was chuffed with that and looked at me in triumph.

“Too old and the Viagra had worn off.”

His smile was out of this world, with those brilliant and perfect teeth he looked even more beautiful now. I was on a mission, I wanted him. I went to the royal Prince and took off the Agal and Ghutra and put them on the table and then led him to the couch and sat us both down. We looked at one another and wondered what to do next, well Ali did, I was sure but one of us had to say something or we would run out of time! Now I would really push it and not bother to respect his title.

“Ali, I want to kiss you and I know you want me to but I won’t until you get rid of the Rock Apes outside. The daft sod stayed were he was so I raised my eye brows which did the trick.

“Paul I do want that and more but please don’t laugh, please.” Another long pause as his eyes searched my face for any sign that I would.

“Paul….I have never been with a man or women..”

“And?” I was in a different heaven now, I could soon be making love to my first and most probably only ever virgin AND a Prince as well, a sort of win win.

“Let me show you please.” There was already movement down below at the thought. Ali got up and went to the door and spoke to his men who by now must have been bored out of their huge backsides. Ali watched them go and shut the door and locked it. He turned round and was surprised to find me standing behind him. Two seconds later I had him in my arms and told him to do the same. We stood there for ages like that and just the feel of his body against mine bought me to very uncomfortable hardness, the bloody thing was straining to get out. I looked at him and smiled.

“Are you sure Ali?” I meant it. He nodded and continued to look into my eyes and face.


He did not move as I bought his Thobe over his head, folded it neatly and took it to the table.

“Thank you Paul, that’s very kind of you.”

I went back to him and took his face between my hands with both of us smiling at one another. “You are so beautiful Prince Ali.” I lent down to his lips and gently kissed them for a very long time and listening to him as he moaned as I kissed. I then opened his mouth with my tongue and found his and as soon as they met the passion over took him and he pulled me hard against his body and stroked my back. By now my cock was in danger of snapping in half so I pushed my shorts down and kicked them away. My rod shot out and I pulled it up and squashed it against him. He was about to do the same but stopped him.

I kissed my way down his body and now on my knees I stared at the delightful sight of his compact package. I took his hips in my hands and kissed his hidden cock as well as gently biting it.

“OH FUCK!” I looked up at him.

“That’s a bit Anglo Saxon Ali!?”

“I have been here since I was 10, I’m now 20 and have picked up some bad British habits, but this is the best one!” I went back to kissing for a while and then did what both Ali and I wanted, I pulled them down and watched as his wonderful 5 inch slim dick bounced out. It was completely in proportion to the rest of him, fantastic! I took him in my mouth and listened to more “oh fucks” coming out of him and when I parted his cheeks and ran my finger over his button he called out, “Oh SHHHIT!”

“I hope you don’t Ali!” We both creased up! I took him to the couch and got us into a 69 and by doing so Ali could suck his first cock and I could continue to enjoy his. We were both getting near and I turned to face him, we grabbed a cock each and slowly wanked. We were almost there and as we both began to breath even deeper we kissed and waited for that wonderful time when we would both explode. Ali came first and we both watched as a thin but powerful jet shot out followed by five others. On about his third my first one made an appearance and shot him in his belly, all six of them. We hung on for some time neither of us saying a word.

Ali laid on top of me with his arms around my neck and mine around his slim body and at the same time running my hands over his cheeks. I parted them and ran a finger over his tiny button again. Ali told me that was lovely and, “I want you there Paul I need to be an ex virgin and I want you to help me get rid of it.”

“It will take a bit of time for me to recover and it maybe very painful Ali and I really don’t want to hurt you.” He looked down at me and we kissed for ages before he replied.

“My dear Paul I promise it will fit nicely. I have a set of dildo’s and the last one I got in was 6 inches and I am working on the 7! Determination, a clean bum and a lot of lube is the solution.” I swopped us over and was now laying on top with all my weight on him. We were having a lovely time and the beginnings of a new session was approaching but this time I would be deflowering my new friend, the same Ali who an hour earlier hated me and I thought of him as a complete tosser.

We both knew where this would end up and our smiles confirmed it. Once again we kissed and I began to move down the short length of his torso and got his cock back in my mouth…, but four pairs of heavy feet coming towards the parlour sort of stopped the fucking lot!

We scrambled off the couch realising there was a problem even though we had no idea what it was. I was first to get decent as I only had to put shorts and top on, but Ali had to get into his full gear which normally would take ages as each fold and crease would have to be perfect and also get his socks and shoes on. If this was a comedy sketch it would have been hilarious and I didn’t help much by laughing my head off as he tried to get everything on at the same time.

He was still getting the first shoe on when there was a bang on the door. I left my new friend to his panic and went to the door, unlocked it and with a backward look at Ali, I opened the door and got flattened by two fucking Gorillas! They went to him and stood between Ali and the door.

“Highness there is a security breach and we need to leave NOW!”

Ali did up the second shoe and stood up. “Wait outside and close the door.” He ordered. They did as they were told and Ali turned to me.

“Paul I am so sorry but I have to go. Please give me your mobile number I want us to meet again. PLEEASE PAUL!?” He was looking at me with desperation in his lovely eyes. I gave him my card.

“I am SO SORRY, please accept this is none of my doing.” The tears were running down his face, he was as upset as I was. I kissed him one more time and he left. I stood there looking at the door and wondered what the hell had happened that caused him to have to leave so quick. I went up to Reception to find out and as I went in Colin came from behind his desk with a massive smile on his face.

“What’s going on? The heavies just came down and told the Prince there was a security breach.”

“It was over reaction Paul. The first I knew something was up was when they jumped up and went down stairs, I then looked round and saw the reason. A really scruffy looking bloke had come in and I MEAN scruffy. How the hell he got past the door I have no idea.”

“That it then?” I was pissed off again, that bugger had stopped me from taking Ali’s virginity and me having the time of my life doing it. “Fuck!” Colin laughed and kept it up, he was about to walk away but stopped. “Oh by the way he had come in to book a massage. You are very busy and could only book him in two weeks today at 9am, I’ve put it on your computer.” I couldn’t swear at him in Reception so I went back down and turned my computer on and found out in two weeks time I would meet a Mr. Reginald Campbell and at the same time working out how I was going to fuck him up for fucking up mine and Ali’s sex life. I checked my phone, nothing.

Ali had booked the whole afternoon which meant I was free to go home. I cleaned the place up and when vacuuming the sitting area I found Ali’s underpants on the couch. I put them in my back pack and would give them back if only I got the chance. I ran home as usual and by the time I got there Ali had text.

Paul I invite you to come to my apartment Sunday at 5pm to finish off what you started. My driver will pick you up from the hotel at 4 45. Bring an over night bag. This is a royal command so you can’t refuse. Please come Paul, pleeeeese? Ali. This was Thursday and I would have a permanent smile on my face for the next two and a bit days. I sent a text back.

Thought hard for one second and will be there for both of us. I will bring the Royal underpants you forgot to put on. Paul.

I took a taxi to the hotel and went to Reception to wait for the driver and dead on 4 45 he came in and took me to the Rolls Royce and for the next 15 minutes I would pretend I was Royal as well.

The car turned into a drive way and the first thing I saw was a massive wall with huge double doors, they swung open and we drove into a large courtyard. We stopped and the driver got out and opened my door. I got out and at the same time the door opened from Ali’s pad and I got the first look at him standing there in casuals, light blue shirt, jeans and white trainers. He looked wonderful and I hoped he thought the same as he looked at me in my light blue shirt, jeans and white trainers! He came out to meet me with his hand out.

“Welcome to my home Mr West.” That was for the driver to hear. I looked round and saw him about to get into the Rolls so I was safe in my reply.

“I am pleased to be here your Lowness, or at least you will be soon. Where are the heavies?”

“I don’t need them here Paul and we are quite private, now come inside and no arguing.”

“I wasn’t going too and when we get inside I will kiss you when the door is closed and no arguing. You look lovely by the way.”

“You mean doors of course, so do you.” We went into the apartment and once inside Ali pushed a button on a remote control. The DOORS closed quickly but quietly and then the electronic bolts slid into place.

“I’m impressed Ali.”

“So am I looking at you. Paul would you kiss me in the same way you did the first time?”

“I intended too anyway.” I closed the short gap and took his face into my hands and did as my Prince hoped for. We were like that for ages and ended up with our tongues meeting again and Ali almost cumming there and then! I looked around the room and asked Ali if this was it. All I could see was a very large room, beautifully decorated and furnished but only one door. The little 20 year old Prince took my hand and lead me to it. He opened the door and we stepped in, it was a lift. He pulled my face down to his and kissed me and at the same time pushed another button and the lift went upwards.

The door opened and we went out. I just stood there with my mouth open looking at this enormous room that stretched out miles and half as wide. It was windowless and magnificently decorated and dripped millions of dollars.

“Bloody hell! Is this all yours?” Ali put my arm around his shoulders and then his around my waist.

“No, there are four apartments, mine is there.” He pointed at double doors to our left. “The other three are family apartments when they come to England, including the Crown Prince.

I was well and truly out of my depth and must have shown it. “Let me take you round and then go to my place.” We walked around with Ali telling me all about the furniture, the oil paintings, most of which were of racing horses and the enormous dining table which would not have fitted into my whole flat! “We dine here when all apartments are being used which is not that often thank goodness.” I looked at Ali and once again thanked my luck I wasn’t him. He didn’t say anything else and steered me to his apartment.

I didn’t have any time to look around and would have to wait until later to find that this place was as luxurious as the “Grand Canyon” outside, Ali had only one thought in his beautiful head and when he put his arms around my neck and pulled me down to his mouth my own thoughts went into “deflowering” mode. He pulled me towards another door which turned out to be his bedroom, closed it and ordered me to undress him. Stupid sod, what else did he expect. Ten seconds later we were both naked with Ali on his knees slurping on my best friend. I did manage a glance round the room but only one bit of furniture registered which was the King size bed which looked a bit lonely. I picked Ali up by the arm pits, put him over my shoulder and ran at the bed and dumped him on it. He looked up at me with a furious look on his face which was fake.


“Shut up your fucking Highness!” And I beat him up. It was wonderful as we travelled all over the bed and fought with our bodies twisting and grabbing anything we could get hold of. Ali and I were getting more and more worked up. It went on for ages and both of us rock hard. Ali suddenly stopped and laid still on his back looking up at me. “Please Paul, I am ready and we don’t need condoms.” I smiled down at his lovely face, lowered mine and kissed him and at the same time stroking his entire body. Ali reached down and took me in hand and raised his legs. He smiled at me and we kept the looks as I went to his tight hole.

Nothing was said as I put myself against his back door and put pressure on him. I watched his face for signs of pain but all he did was smile back and then closed his eyes as I entered him and began to stoke further and further into his tunnel until finally I was completely embedded and watched as he smiled his encouragement.

“Paul………. fuck me please.” I didn’t need asking twice, mind you there was nothing I could do about it as I was by now just seconds away and even though this would not go down as the best I had ever “done it” we were both enjoying ourselves so much it didn’t matter, there would be other times to improve performance, I hoped.

“Ali……Oh goodness!” My entire body tensed and I off loaded gallons and at the same time Ali also erupted, all over both of us.

It took sometime to get back to whatever normal is but I managed sit up taking Ali with me and my cock still in him. We kissed for a long time and Ali thanking me for all of it. I held him tight and asked why he was thanking me.

“For taking my virginity silly man. As soon as I saw you I knew it would be you who would do the dirty deed. I had to work hard so I could stay with you after we pissed one another off! Thank you again Paul.”

“How come you are no longer a virgin then?” He looked at me slightly puzzled then the penny dropped.

“Oh, you mean I am still a virgin until I do what you have just done?”

” That’s usually how it is. Lay down.”

It took a bit of time to get his cock as interested as the rest of him but finally with Ali still on his back I mounted him and rode all 5 slim inches very slowly and together we finally got rid of Ali’s virginity for all time as he cried out to me and half of London he was cumming. After a couple of minutes his cock fell out and we cuddled in together and kissed until it was time to shower then eat.

During the next eight days I would leave work and go straight to Ali but what made it even better was when I took two complete days off when Ali was free himself.

It was not all sex, only 98% of the time which was pretty good going. We got to know one another very well and at the same time ignoring the obvious. It was sheer beauty as we were never more than two feet apart and just about naked the whole time, we would even kiss and feed one another during meals and after a shower go into the huge lounge and with Ali sitting on my lap with my cock inside him we would chat for ages, change positions and carry on chatting. I did try to give him a proper massage at times but only after a few minutes it got out of hand when Ali would take me in his mouth and ruined the whole thing.

Yes, a wonderful eight days that Ali and I will never forget, it was the ninth one that fucked us up.

As soon as he opened the door I could tell he had been crying and I knew I was in for another “Tan” moment. We kissed hello but even that was different. I more or less knew what was coming, just not the reason.

“Lets go upstairs Ali and you don’t have to tell me we are finished, I already know that.”

It took ages because he was in a dreadful state and just held on tight to me and sobbed his heart out, I just waited for what was coming.

Much later we were sitting on his bed with Ali in front of me and both cuddled up, still fully clothed, he was in the same Thobe he had on when he first came to the parlour. He looked into my eyes and we both knew we had fallen in love. It hit me like a ton of shit and realised it could never have been, not in a million years.

“I have been told to go home. I am sure someone has said something about my involvement with you Paul. I am so sorry, I just forgot who I was and allowed myself to fall in love with you and forgot I am not able to be myself, ever. I have been a fool and I am to blame for this, not you.” I kissed him and held him close.

“Ali, lets not do any blaming otherwise we could finish in the same way we started. Look its going to be tough but much tougher for you, what will happen, are you in big trouble with the rest of the royals?” He smiled at me and shook his head.

“I will be fine so long as I do as I’m told Paul. Ok, this is it. When I was 9 I met my future wife that had been arranged as is the custom, she was 8. I met her again last year when I was told to go home. We were to get married next year but that has been bought forward to six months time now according to the Embassy staff who visited me this morning.” He laughed in a sad way. “Even my belongings have been packed and now on their way home. I will be picked up at 8 tomorrow morning and flown home.” He broke down again and to be honest I was just numb and not able to take this all in but at the same time realised we had both made a huge mistake. I had already had experience of having to come to terms with rejection by Tan. I had found myself getting very close in my mind to Nino and now this, I was back to being solo again.

“So what will you do when you get home?”

“I have already told you I am a very good horseman and know much about breeding and training. I will continue to gain experience and will eventually work full time in racing on behalf of the family, both here and all over the world. I will be married and expected to have children.”

I don’t know how long I sat there looking at him but knew the minutes were ticking away and I would have to go. I held him once more and kissed him for the last time.

We were at the door and all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there and cry all the way home.

“Paul please take this and please forgive me.” I took the package and smiled at him one last time.

“Thanks Ali and there is nothing for either of us to forgive, it just happened. I wish you a happy life, goodbye.” I got into the street and waved a taxi down and the whole time I was being driven I promised myself this would never happen again, but of course I had said that before.

I put the package on the bedside cabinet and went for a shower. When I got out I turned my computer on to check the next days appointments and remembered my first one was that tramp Reginald Campbell. Yea fucking Gods from royalty to this!


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