Tommy 1923
by BobbyG


Chapter 11

The DC3 landed at London Airport and Tommy found himself waiting alongside many others to be processed before going home, but in Tommy’s case, there was no home to go to. He knew of course he could go straight to Hunter Manor, but if he did it would mean travelling to London as he assumed that’s where Lee would be in one of the many hospitals. No, he wanted to be given a hotel and be free to find his man.

“I am afraid hotel accommodation is very limited Major, there are many thousands of officers waiting to travel back to their countries and they have to be put somewhere sir. Do you have friends you could go to?”

“I am an officer and so I don’t have any.” The joke was lost on the 2nd Lieutenant sitting opposite him and he did not react, he gave out a sigh instead.

“Wait here please.” He got up and at the same time a Captain passed by and looked at Tommy and sat down.

“What is it you need Major Torrent? We were not expecting you until tomorrow.”

“How do you even know about me? There are thousands of us coming home.”

“And only one VC Major as far as we have been told so far anyway, you are now in a position whereby you ask and we give.”

“Shit this is getting better! Look I really don’t need special treatment, all I do want is a base in London and then try to find my team mate. Since he was wounded I have no idea what happened to him, I don’t even know if he is still alive.”

Two hours later he was sitting in the back of a cab on his way to the Mayfair Hotel and with two hundred and fifty pounds of back pay in his wallet. He had been told to report to the Ministry of War and from there he should be able to find out more about Lee.

He just stood there trying to take in the opulence of this place, it was like going back in time and the Second World War had not happened apart from the many people there in uniforms from all over the world. He smiled to himself and thought he must be the lowest ranking guest. “Fuck it, where’s the bar!?” Before that he had to book in and was taken to his rooms.

ROOMS! A fantastic suite which included a large lounge, separate bedroom and en suite bathroom, all overlooking Pall Mall.

“I hope you will be comfortable Major, may I unpack for you?” Tommy looked at his attaché case. “I think I can manage thanks.”

“Just ring the bell if you need anything sir, and I mean anything. My name is Charlie Wainwright and I am your steward for as long as you are here.” The offer was completely lost on Tommy and he had not even noticed how handsome the young man was. “Thank you Charlie, but I hope the stay is going to be a short one.”

Tommy went to the phone and gave the telephone operator Edward’s number and held his breath hoping it would be good news.

“TOMMY! Thank God you’re safe!” It was Edward.

“How is Cornwallis Edward?”

“He is coming on very well Tommy. We have just got back from Scotland and he is so much better with all that fresh sea air in his lungs. He is out for a walk now, then he goes to the summer house to read, but dear boy how are you and Lee?”

“I’m fine, but no idea where Lee is. Edward, he may not have made it and I’m beginning to think the worse.”

“Don’t Tommy, please don’t. Try and keep your chin up old boy and we will pray all this has a good ending. Tommy?”

“Yes Edward.”

“Thank you for my son and I know you got the VC for saving him and Lee as well as the whole unit. I just pray you will find him and when you do, your rooms are already for you here and Torrents Farm and I mean permanently.”

“Thanks Edward, I can’t talk anymore, I’m sorry.” He put the phone down, laid on the bed and cried his eyes out.

The first week was a blur as he went from one department to another and although they all tried their best, nobody could locate Lee or could find out what had happened to him. Tommy was sent to Saville Row to be measured for new uniforms. “You will have an appointment at Buckingham Palace soon Tommy and you have to look your best.” He was also given an allowance to buy other new clothes he badly needed.

He was in his hotel when one of the staff found him at the bar. “Major, there is a call for you.” Tommy went to reception and listened. “Thank you Captain, I will wait for you in my room.” He put the phone down and went to his room, his world was in tatters.

Captain Bill Adams came into the room and the expression on his face told Tommy all he needed to know. They sat down and obviously this was not the first time Bill had made this sort of visit. “I am so sorry Major, Sergeant Thompson died just after he was repatriated. His records show he had no family that we know of so his effects will be sent to his army headquarters in Winchester. We would let you have them, but as you are not related, I’m afraid we can’t do that.” Tommy just sat there hardly hearing a thing as he stared at the floor fighting to control himself.

“Major, there is something else.”

“What and for fucks sake call me Tommy?”

“We need to positively identify Sergeant Thompson, would you be prepared to do that? He is in St Georges.”

“I suppose so, but for sure I’m not prepared Bill. When?”

“There is a car outside.”

It would be a long drive and Tommy and Bill sat in the back in silence. The driver was good and made a difficult drive a little better as he knew London like the back of his hand and went down all sorts of quiet streets avoiding a lot of traffic not that Tommy took much notice. All the while they drove, two words were going through his head, “Winchester?” and “effects?” He just could not get them out of his head and then he remembered other words, “you will both survive this hell.” Philippe had told them.

Tommy sat bolt upright. “WINCHESTER?” Why Winchester? Lee’s effects should be sent to Bournemouth if he had any, not Winchester. “What Regiment was this Lee in Bill?”

“The Royal Hampshire’s.”

“It’s not my Lee Bill. IT’S NOT MY LEE! We were in the Dorsetshire’s and if he had any, his “effects” should go to Bournemouth.”

As sure as he was that this was the wrong Lee, Tommy’s knees were as weak as they could be as the covered body was bought in.

“Ready Major?”

“Yes.” The mortician lifted the cover and Tommy stared down at the face of a middle aged man and was ashamed of himself as he smiled at this Lee Thompson. “I am so sorry and I know I should not be like this, but he is not my Lee Thompson.” Tommy went outside and had to sit down with his head buried in his hands, not crying but praying, at last. Bill Adams stood quietly next to him and waited. Tommy looked up at Bill and again could not help smile. “He is alive Bill, I just know the little fucker is alive!”

They drove back to the hotel, again in silence until Bill spoke. “Tommy, come to my department tomorrow morning. I promise you we WILL find him one way or another.” Tommy’s smile was broad and full of hope.

“Thanks Bill, I will be there at 7.”

“Try 8?”

“Fuck it, that’s the last London hospital, the records office, your Regimental Headquarters, the Red Cross and the Rehabilitation centres and nothing. Still, I have to say there is no bad news and that’s good at least. Tommy it’s getting late, we will try all the Military hospitals tomorrow, but I will let you buy me a pint if you want. Your Lee is proving hard to find.”

“Well, he IS small Bill. Come on, I need a pint as well.”

They sat near the bar at the hotel and went through the list of Military hospitals Bill had with him.

“Why didn’t we try them first?” Tommy asked.

“Because sods law states that if we did he is bound to be in a civvy one. Not only that civvy and military hospitals are full of both.”

“You could not be more right gentlemen, I think my hospital has half and half. Sorry to eves drop, but I could not help overhear. My name is Spencer Alderman, RAF Surgeon at Ely.” Tommy and Bill looked at the Wing Commander and shook hands with him.

“So, you could have my friend at Ely?” Tommy asked.

“Could do, what’s his name?” Tommy gave Spencer a full description including the two injuries that Lee sustained and he went off to phone his hospital.

“Tommy, can I ask you something? It’s personal so tell me to fuck off if you want.”

“Try me.”

“Lee is much more than a friend?”

“Yes Bill, much more. He is my whole life.”

“Good luck in finding him Tommy. I lost my man on D Day and it still hurts.”

“Oh Christ, I am so sorry…I…”

“Shit, all the phones are down, big storm going on up there apparently. I have to leave early and will call you one way or another when I get back Tommy.” They had another drink, but Tommy had no chance to talk more to Bill as he had to go. They shook hands and Bill left, they would not meet again and therefore Tommy would never know that a year later Bill, now finishing his qualifications to become a lawyer, found his man who was one of his firm’s clients. They got him off the murder charge and they lived happily ever after.

“Sorry to wake you Major but the caller says it’s very important.” Tommy looked at the clock, 7am.

“That’s fine, who is it?”

“Wing Commander Alderman Major, putting him through sir.” Tommy sat up and held his breath.


“Yes Spencer.” Tommy clenched hard onto the bed covers, closed his eyes tight, waited and silently begged to hear what he prayed for.

“Tommy, Lee is here my dear man and he is now doing very well, it was a close call, Lee is very susceptible to infection it seems. Tommy?” Tommy could not hear that well, tears and listening don’t go too well together, but he finally got himself together and did in fact listen.

“Lee was bought straight here and I operated on him within the hour. I thought it was him after you described him to me, but I had to come back to be sure. I had to take out a few feet of small intestine, but although the operation went well he had a very bad infection and for two weeks we thought we would lose him, but he is made of strong stuff and all he needs now is you. He was unlucky to get shot of course, but had some luck at the same time as both hits were deflections and limited the damage quite a lot. The head wound is all but cleared up and as he has such a good head of hair, the scar will be hidden. His middle will be bandaged for about another month, but before that the clamps and stitches will come out when a doctor thinks he is ready. He sits in his room staring out of the window looking out for you so the nursing staff tells me. Tommy you need to get here as soon as you can and when you do, I will be able to discharge him so long as you can accommodate him?”

“I will be there as soon as I can Spencer and yes I will be able to accommodate him for as long as it takes which I know will take years. Can I ask that you don’t tell him I’m coming? I just want to walk in and surprise him.”

“Of course dear man, with you back in Lee’s life is all that he needs to make a full recovery.”

“Captain Adams please.” Tommy hoped to meet Bill and get him to authorise a car to take him to Norfolk where RAF Hospital Ely was.

“I’m sorry Major, Captain Adams will not be available for some time sir, but he asked me to help you with any requests you may ask for.”

“A car to Norfolk and back?”

Four hours later an over excited Tommy sat in Spencer’s office after one of the happiest car journeys he had ever taken. Mile by mile he was getting closer to the man he loved so deeply and had been prepared to die for, but what pleased Tommy even more? The little fart didn’t know he was on his way!

“Right Tommy, let me take you to Lee’s room, he won’t know who has come in as his back will be towards the door looking out of the window… for you.”

Tommy went into Lee’s room and very quietly closed the door. He just stood there looking at the back of a chair! It was one of those high back ones and because Lee was so small it hid him completely! Shit, what now?

He watched as Lee’s right arm came out and picked up his orange juice and disappear when he took it to his mouth. Tommy saw the empty glass as it was put back on the table and held it there for some time while Lee concentrated on his next action.

The fart was loud, loaded and lethal! “Take THAT Torrent! Tommy? Where the fuck are you?”

“Right here smelly.”

It was as if Lee was in slow motion as Tommy, for the first time in months, saw the back of Lee’s head as he began to get out of his chair followed by his neck and then his shoulders and the top half of his back. The chair hid the rest of him.

Tommy stood rock still as more of Lee appeared as he got out of his chair. Finally they stood in front of one another and Lee wide eyed not believing it was Tommy standing just five foot away from him.

“Hello Lee, you look fucking awful!” Hearing that Lee knew he was not dreaming and it really was Tommy.

They closed the gap and wrapped their arms around one another and kissed and kissed and yes, cried their fucking eyes out. They were back where they would always be, together.

At long last Lee pulled away. “Bloody hell, you got the VC, did you get it after Andrew and I were shot?”

“He is back to being Cornwallis and whatever I did it was because I can’t live without you and I don’t want to talk about it, not yet anyway. Let’s go home Lee, please.”

“I can discharge you Lee as Tommy is able take care of you and have the district nurse visit the Manor. You will be fine and I wish you both well.” But there was a problem as they could not go straight to the Manor that day and would have to stay one night at the Mayfair.

“As you know Major the hotel is fully booked and sir, it is an officer only hotel?”

“I realise that, but Sergeant Thompson is being discharged under my care and he will be fine sleeping on the floor I am sure.” Lee shot him the most evil look which really meant they were back to normal. “We will be going to Hunter Manor in Dorset in the morning as guests of his Lordship and I know he will not have a problem with a Sergeant who holds the Military Medal staying with him.” The hotel had no chance, a VC and name dropping Lord Hunter Morton stuffed them up and the manager agreed to Lee staying, “for one night only Major?”

Lee had a lot of people to thank and say goodbye to while Tommy sat waiting for him in the car. He had said goodbye to Spencer and thanked him for saving Lee’s life.

“You did that long before I met him Tommy. Look, I know your relationship is much more than just close friends and I wish you both well for the future. If there were more like you two there would be much more love in this fucked up world than there is, even though the war is over. Tommy this war will not end wars, the so called “Great War” was supposed to do that and what have we been through for the last six years? History proves that there is another “Hitler and Third Reich” waiting for his or their moment. You, Lee and I have done our bit, now let some other sod sort the shit out.” How right Spencer was, the Korean War was not that far away and to be followed by many more.

Edward and Cornwallis were standing outside the main entrance to the Manor as Tommy and Lee arrived and for the next few minutes each man greeted the other and for the first time they were finished with war and the horrors that had consumed them and the entire world. It was time to rebuild relationships and in some ways get to know one another without war getting in the way.  Edward took Tommy and Lee to their flat that included the same rooms that Tommy and William had shared all those years ago. Edward loved Lee as much as he had loved his Grandson and just knew both “boys” would be more than happy living there. He was right.

“Do you mind if I go out by myself Lee?” They had had dinner and were back in the sitting room. Edward got drinks and handed them out. Lee smiled at him. “Don’t get lost and tell Wendy I will see her tomorrow.”

By now both Tommy and Lee were dressed in civilian clothes and their uniforms hung up and, for the moment, forgotten. For the first time in years he felt normal and not restricted to army orders or discipline. He strolled around the greenhouses, gardens and grounds all the time getting nearer Wendy’s field where she had been retired too. She spotted Tommy long before he got to her and trotted over to the fence and waited for him. As he got nearer she called out to him and as he put his arms around her massive neck, Wendy just knew Tommy would stay this time and not leave her again. He got on her back and she took him for a tour of her retirement home loving every second he was with her. What Wendy would not know was she would be bought out of retirement in the not so distant future to do some light work back at Torrents Farm.

At about 9pm Tommy took one look at Lee and told him it was bedtime. They said goodnight to Edward and Cornwallis and went to their apartment. Tommy closed the door and took Lee in his arms and kissed him for a very long time. “I need some private time Tommy and when I finish you can change my dressing. I might as well use you now we are back together.” Lee smiled up at Tommy and raised a hand to wipe a tear away with his thumb.

They stood naked together, apart from Lee’s fresh dressing and once again kissed for a very long time. “Remember the blanket store Tommy and what we used to get up too?”

“Of course I do. Why do you want to pretend we are back in it?”

“Of course I do.” Tommy tuned the lights off and took Lee to one of the two huge windows overlooking the front of the Manor. The outside lights were now able to be turned on and they could see most of the drive way and the lawn and trees and flower beds.

“It all looks so beautiful Lee don’t you think?”

“It does and so are you, now fuck me!”

It was impossible, Tommy was laughing too much. On and on he went and of course Lee joined in. In the end they just got into bed and cuddled up and after some more kissing interspersed with giggles, they both fell asleep totally exhausted, but very very happy.

Over the next couple of months Lee and Cornwallis improved greatly and gained strength day by day. Tommy went to the basement and was surprised to find the exercise equipment still there where Simon had trained him. He took Lee down and worked him through a gentle programme of exercise while he gave it all he could give himself. Edward sent them both to Scotland for two weeks at his cottage and they spent most of the fortnight catching up on lost physical time and fucked like rabbits.

Now they were back the four of them began to plan changes to Edwards farms and Tommy’s and Lee’s Torrent farm, but there was a big problem with Torrent farm, there was nothing, not one bit of farm equipment or buildings, they would need to start from scratch. Huge changes to farming had already been bought in during the war and gradually more mechanical equipment was being introduced, tractors being one of them which was the reason why Wendy had been retired, for a while anyway.

One big event was for Tommy to go to Buckingham Palace to receive his Victoria Cross. They all went and Lee loved the sight of a very awkward Tommy as he waited to be honoured, but could not be more proud and knew very well that he and Cornwallis were only there to witness the presentation because of Tommy’s actions on that day.

After it was all over they had to stand for ages outside the Palace having photos taken and answering hundreds of questions from the press.

Once that was all over Tommy and Lee had to go to the French Embassy to collect their award of the Croix de Guerre (Cross of War) for their actions that saved the lives of many villagers.

“Thank fuck that’s over, let’s go home and be normal.” Everyone agreed with Lee and home they went.

They would still get back into uniform from time to time to attend anniversary parades and Battalion reunions. One such parade was held outside the church were the First World War memorial stood and now included the four names of men from the village who had lost their lives in this one. Fred Partridge’s was one of them, he had lost his life when his Corvette, HMS Blossom was torpedoed in the Atlantic.

Tommy and Lee went to their farm and began to plan what they could do with the limited resources they had. Tommy’s brain was beginning to work and the seeds of an idea were hatching. Meanwhile they worked on a huge greenhouse that would cover the empty place where the cottage had been and mounted on the foundations. It would be used to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, marrows and bring seeds on. They would also grow flowers on one special place which they first called “The Torrent Thompson Hunter Morton Vase” in respect for Tommy’s family, Lee’s nan and, on Lee’s insistence, William. It was a bit of a mouth full so instead they called the, TTHMV.

“It’s still a mouthful Tommy.”

“Wait until we get to bed! Still you’re right for once. How about “The Memorial Vase then?”

“The TMV. Thank fuck for that, now let’s go home, I need that mouthful.” As ever Lee got his priorities right.

There are a thousand stories that could be told about Lee’s love for Tommy and would do just simple things he knew would make Tommy smile and cuddle him. Of course the crafty bugger knew it would also end up in the bath, bed, kitchen table and just about every piece of furniture. By the time they were very old, 27 they could write their own “gay” version of the Kama Sutra with one Chapter devoted to the art of love making under a camouflage net. They did a lot of that during the times observing. Lee guessed after the war that Tommy fired more “rounds” out of his cock than he had a gun!

Tommy came home on this particular day and got to the lounge in their apartment and went to Lee to kiss him “hello.” Lee had been doing some domestic stuff and was now dusting one of the sideboards which had two silver candelabra at both ends, two cut glass flower vases and a large photograph in a silver frame of them in parade uniform with their medals. Lee turned round and kissed his reason to live. He smiled at Tommy and saw his eyes moist over. He bent down and kissed Lee.

“Thank you my sweet man. Thank you so much.” Lee had chatted to Edward many times and eventually got the two matching silver photo frames he had been after for ages. In one was the photo of Tommy with his arm around William and both with huge smiles and with the head of Wendy in the frame as Edward had taken the photo and another one taken in the garden sitting together after that wonderful time they had together before William and his mother went to heaven.

“Tommy, if that was me in the photos and William standing here, he would do this as well. We both love you so much and we know you love us equally. I just wanted to say that.” Tommy could say nothing and stood for ages just holding Lee tight and loved him even more if that was indeed possible. But, there was a problem and he needed to get Lee back in the real world of earning a living.

They went to the kitchen and sat down to eat. “Lee we need to talk about the farm and its and our future. It’s going to be a struggle as all we have is land and nothing to farm it with. Edward and Cornwallis will help I know, but they also have to change and that means buying new machinery and think about new ways of farming. I wonder if we should suggest Torrents Farm should be joined with Edwards other farms, two of them boarder our farm anyway and it may make sense to make the others bigger and we just work as farm hands.” Lee thought about that and Tommy waited patiently while he muddled it over. Lee got out of his seat and went to Tommy then put one leg over him and sat on Tommy’s lap facing him. Lee wrapped his arms around Tommy’s neck and kissed him. After sometime he pulled away looking into Tommy’s eyes.

“We fought in a war and collected five decorations between us. We both came through it even though we were lucky and of course you saved my life and Cornwallis’s as well as the FRU, which was very nice of you by the way. The war was the biggest challenge to both of our lives and I’m fucking sure running a farm comes nowhere near what we have already been through. So what I’m saying is, shut the fuck up and we will just get on with it and make it work.” Once again Lee had come up with the right thing to say and put Tommy back on track.

An hour later they got out of bed and went back to the kitchen, still naked, to do the washing up.

“May I introduce you both to Felicity who has agreed to be my girlfriend and I have agreed to stop being homosexual! All five of them were having dinner together. Cornwallis had met her at a party in London he had been invited to by a very close friend. As soon as the friend saw the looks each gave the other, he guessed this would be the last time he and Cornwallis would sleep together. He was right.

Tommy and Lee were shaking hands with an incredibly beautiful women and as the evening went on realised a lovely person as well. Edward had a wide smile on his face during the whole evening and it was obvious he was more than happy having Felicity in his son’s life. He confided in Tommy the next day. “If anything happens between them I will be delighted, every bit as I am that you and Lee are together. How’s that for “liberal” thinking!”


Tommy clicked his tongue and Wendy stopped and waited for Tommy to slide off her bare back and come round to talk to her and, as always, lowered her head so he could give her his usual cuddle. She had been moved back to Torrents Farm now it was fully functioning again and she was more than content to be in her new stable and paddock, but most important of all she spent a lot of time with Tommy as he would turn her out every day and she would just wonder around the farm all day and never that far from where Tommy was working.

“So my lovely lady aren’t you going to wish me happy birthday? I’m 27 today, what have you got for me?” Wendy gave the same answer as she did every time Tommy spoke to her and grunted. He kissed her huge head and she went off to graze.

Tommy sat on an old tree stump similar to the one he and William had sat on all those years ago when they first had sex. Tommy smiled at the memory and looked down the gradual slope at his and Lee’s new farm, a farm which according to the estate accountant had made its first profit after tax last season and this year, 1950, looked in good shape to increase it.

He looked over the huge potato field at the farm buildings all made from war surplus materials he had got off the army AND had got the Royal Engineers in to build the lot. All it had cost Tommy and Lee was the price of a barrel of beer which was delivered every other day for the troops and from start to finish it had taken the boys just two months to complete the whole site. Tommy was now looking at four barns, a steam engine and boiler hut for hot water to heat the 20 industrial sized greenhouses and the accommodation hut for the farm hands and very special farm hands they all were. One of the barns was Lee’s workshop where he would service and repair all of the estates mechanical assets as well as private work on the local’s cars and farm equipment. Lee was in his own heaven.

Tommy continued to look down and saw two of the lads come out of one of the greenhouses and walk slowly towards the “Lodge” as the accommodation hut was now called. He recognised them, Tony and Pete and knew that as they walked Tony would have his arm around Pete’s shoulder and also no doubt telling one another of their love. Two beautiful young men with two beautiful hearts. They, like the other four had been students at the Sparsholt Agriculture College near Winchester where the author of this story was born and bred. They had been offered placements at Torrents Farm for their final year and although all six were still involved working at the farm, only four lived there now.

A couple of months before going to Torrents Farm all six were involved in sex together in their dormitory after lights out. That continued at the farm until Tony and Pete realised they had fallen in love, the “six sex” now became “four sex.” That was reduced in number again when Billy, the oldest of them met a girl in the village, fell in love and moved into the family home and became a butcher like his future father in law. He now worked at the farm part time. Billy and Brenda would produce four offspring and all six would be frequent visitors to the farm over the years.

Another of them Paul, was in Poole one afternoon and met a man 10 years his senior called Simon. They dated a lot and broke up as often, then got back together. This went on for a year and everyone was getting fed up with a love affair that was going nowhere even though all of them knew these two were deeply in love. It was Lee who said the one thing that made the difference. All six lads, Tommy and Lee were sitting in the lodge listening to Paul banging on, again, about his and Simon’s doubts about their relationship and not making any sense as usual. Without any warning Lee removed Tommy’s arm from around his shoulder, got up and went over to Paul. He bent down just six inches from Paul’s face, “Either you get the fuck out of here and get yourselves sorted out or I’m leaving Tommy!” That was about as likely as finding total peace on earth, but it worked and everyone breathed a sigh of relief that Lee would not leave Tommy after all, Tommy especially!

That left just two now, Mark and Colin. They were very much on their own now sex wise and were happy to be like that until they both realised that neither of them were looking anywhere else for a relationship or indeed sex anyway.

“Guess we are in love then?” Mark asked.

“Took your fucking time.” Colin replied.

Tommy remained sitting on his tree stump and his mind went back to his life on the farm as a boy and then a young man with his mother and father and his two brothers and sister. The scene in front of him changed and went back to those days when the farm was as it had been for a 150 years before it was blown apart by the bomb. He thought of the time when William first came to stay and all the crap that happened and then smiled broadly when his thoughts returned to the time when both boys fell so much in love, but even that was torn apart by another bomb.

He wiped the tears away and saw a very small figure come out of his workshop and the tears were replaced by the widest of smiles as he saw Lee looking up and seeing Wendy knew that Tommy would not be far away. Tommy watched as Lee began to run up the slope towards him and as he did he thought of his life in the army and trying to come to terms with his loss and then the billet door opening and Lee walked into his life.

“Hello old man it will be party time soon and you need a shower and change.” Lee sat next to Tommy and they cuddled in together. Lee and Felicity had arranged a party for Tommy in the lodge with all of the family from the manor including Cornwallis’s and Felicity’s three children who shared the same Godfathers. Lee constantly informed them that he was the, and most important, Godfather as he was older than “that bloke.” The six lads and the two partners who had also become family would be there of course, but not us, we are not invited.

It was time to go and as soon as Tommy stood up Wendy went to him and the three of them started back down the slope towards the farm, Wendy walking next to Tommy and Lee and Tommy holding hands.

“I had a dream last night about you and what happened when Cornwallis and I got shot and what you did to get us out. Tommy I am so proud of you.”

“Rubbish Lee, if it wasn’t for you I don’t think we would be here now.”

“How come?”

“Well the only way of getting out of camp for Edward to meet Cornwallis was when you said we should get a bazooka and shells to fire them on the range as an excuse. When we got back I just put the lot into our jeep and the rest is history.” Tommy stopped and took Lee into his arms and kissed him with all the tenderness possible while Wendy looked on. Tommy pulled away and looked into Lee’s beautiful face. “YOU saved MY life when you walked into it Lee and I am so proud of you too.” They walked on with their arms around one another and Lee thinking about what Tommy had just said.

“Where’s my fucking VC then!?”


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