Tommy 1923
by BobbyG


Chapter 9

“So, any other thoughts gentlemen?” A small group of officers were meeting in their HQ tent discussing what they now knew about the invasion and where they would land, Sword beach. Tommy was with them still feeling out of place, but nobody gave his promotion a thought, the fact he had come up from the ranks was not a problem, there were too many other issues to preoccupy them.

“I don’t think we will be part of the first wave Colonel. We are an advanced unit going to look for the enemy and we already know where they are now. I think we will only go when we have secured the beach and the Jerry’s start to fall back.”

“Any thoughts when Tommy?” Smithers was happy that he felt that Tommy was confident enough to be able to give his opinion.

“Anything up to a week is my guess. It all depends on how quickly the boys can secure the beach, but when they do we will be sent over and do the job we are here for.”

“Well, you could be right. I have been told we will be loaded up within a month and when you board you will stay there until you sail. That is going to be bloody boring for the FRU.” Col. Smithers would not be with them, he would be leading his men on the first wave.

As we all know now, Operation Neptune began on the 6th June 1944. The biggest invasion in history and there is no need to write more about it, just the story of Tommy and Lee and the FRU. On the 9th and after spending three days on the ship to take them over the English Channel to Normandy, they set sail.

However, two weeks before that Captain Martin asked to speak to Tommy and Lee, he needed to tell them what he knew and give his blessing to both of them.

It was not uncommon for small groups to sit and chat, it could be about anything and no one would guess what THIS was about!

“This may surprise you both…” And he went on to tell them what he had seen in the woods at the end of the training on Salisbury Plain. “I just want to tell you how happy I am about it all and I sincerely hope we all come through this shit and you two have a great future together. Tommy, Col. Smithers and I had already agreed to your promotion and seeing you two together in the way I did made no difference I promise you.” They sat in silence for some time letting this sink in. They were somewhat surprised, but happy that someone, besides Edward, knew about them at last. Andrew was about to get a surprise of his own.

“Thanks Andrew for telling us that, but as we are being open, we have something to say to you. Is that alright?”

“Oh fuck! Is this going to be bad? No problem, go ahead.”

“Lee and I are convinced you are Lord Hunter Morton’s son, Cornwallis and we have known from the moment we saw you. We know about your personal family circumstances and we won’t go into that, it’s none of our business. Andrew, I am from the Torrent family farming Upper farm on your father’s estate. It’s a long story but we want you to know I had a love affair with William and your father knew about it and indeed encouraged us. When William and your sister were killed I was in a mess and his Lordship could not have been kinder, even though he was in a bigger mess himself, but I was even more so when my family were killed. I moved into the Manor as his guest. When I joined up its obvious Lee and I got together and your father invited us to stay with him when we were given a week’s leave and he was a very happy man with us there. Andrew, all he was doing is what he had wished he had done all those years ago when he found out about you. There is not a day that he does not regret everything that happened. I think by us telling you all this is that you can trust us to keep all this to ourselves and we promise nobody will know that we do, ever. Andrew your father is in a sort of mourning for you and we know he would like to make it right and you two get back together, he has no family left now as you well know. If we are out of order, then we are sorry and will never mention it again.” They sat in silence again while Andrew came to terms with it all.

“Thanks both of you from the bottom of my heart. I know I can trust you. What would you do in my place?” It was Lee’s turn to speak.

“I know there is a black out about communicating with the outside world now, but I think I have a way to get a message to your father.” They both looked at Lee in some surprise.

“How?” Tommy asked.

“Simple, us!”

“US!?” Both Tommy and Andrew said together.

“Fuckin officers, up your own asses most of the time and leave the important things to us Corporals.” After a good laugh they listened to Lee.

“Right, listen up!” Tommy could have kicked him. “When we were on Salisbury Plain, we trained and fired the Bazooka and of course bugger lugs here did better than anybody, but you sir said we would not be armed with them, you did not think the weight and the fact we would not likely be in a position to use them justified having them. Now, you could always change your mind, get Smiffy’s agreement and we get one from the Armoury and say we are going to test it again on the range near Poole.” Lee sat back assuming they would get to what he really meant.

“And?” Andrew asked.

“Oh God help me!” He said in desperation. “WE, meaning me and you two, leave as soon as we can, forget shooting anything, unless you want to Tommy, we ring his Graceship and tell him you are with us and take you to the Manor when your dad stops fainting. Told you it was simple.” Tommy and Andrew just sat there letting all sink in.

“If we get caught they could throw us all in jail Lee.” Andrew said.

“In that case we will never win the fucking war. Come on sir its worth the risk and at least your Dad will have something to hang on too.” That did it.

“Fuck I love you two, I’m off to find “Smiffy.” Be back as soon as I can.”

At 05 00 the following day Tommy and Andrew were being driven by Lee at break neck speed towards Morton village, armed with a Bazooka and six rounds. Andrew was a wreck and became more so as they got to a phone box in the village. They crammed in the box and Tommy picked the phone up and dialed.

“Hunter Manor.” It was Jameson, the butler. Tommy had to deepen his voice and tried to put on a English gentleman’s accent.

“Yes, good morning, this is General Sir Torrent Thompson. I need to talk to his Lordship urgently.”

“His Lordship is still in bed General. It IS only 7am sir.”

“Are you not aware there is a war on man!? This is a matter of national importance and I want to speak with his Lordship as directed by Mr. Churchill himself! Get him up, immediately, if not sooner!” It was a bit over the top, but it worked.

“Oh my goodness, Mr. Churchill you say? Oh my word. Please wait General, I will go and wake his Lordship.” The three looked at one another and Tommy shoved even more pennies into the box.

“Who is this?” Tommy smiled as he heard the familiar voice of Edward.

“Edward this is Tommy, please don’t say anything, just listen. Edward, Lee and I are phoning from the village.”

“TOMMY? Oh my word. What on earth are you two doing here? For goodness sake you did not have to phone first my boy!”

“We have someone else with us my Lord.”

“Really? Well just bring him as well.”

“It’s Cornwallis my Lord.” The silence was long and deafening.

“My Lord, I am going to hand the phone to Cornwallis and Lee and I are going for a walk.” He handed Cornwallis the handset and they got out of the box. Five minutes later Cornwallis came out.

“Father is waiting for us.”

They drove into the drive and Tommy told Andrew he and Lee would be in the gardens. They watched as father and son were reunited. Both men clinging on to one another and in a world that nobody else was invited to at this time. They strolled around the gardens and greenhouses not paying much attention to anything, just wondering how Edward and Andrew/Cornwallis were getting on. They were with Wendy where Jameson found them.

He looked at Tommy and smiled at him. “His Lordship has asked me to invite you to join him, “General” and of course your body guard. By the way how is Winston these days? Please do give him my regards if you ever do get to meet him won’t you, he knows me as “King George!” Please young Tommy don’t take up acting!”

They went to the house where Edward greeted them like two more lost sons. They sat and talked their heads off until Tommy said it was time to go. “We have a war to win and then get back and start a new life.” Tommy and Lee said goodbye and waited in the jeep. It was a long wait which neither of them had a problem with. At last father and son came out arm in arm and hugged goodbye. Edward looked at Tommy and Lee.

“You are both to stay safe do you hear me and when this is all over I would like you to come back here to start that new life you spoke about Tommy. Torrent farm will be still here and it will be yours when you do, yours and Lee’s.” The drive back was very quiet. When they arrived the Bazooka and rounds were secured in Lee’s jeep and would go with them.

The atmosphere in the camp was much different and all of the little group of the FRU soldiers were each into their own thoughts. They were off to board their ship the next day and there was nothing to do. Some rechecked either jeep or BGC that they had checked a few times now. They eat together sitting in the mess tent and for once there was no one taking the piss or getting up to mischief. Andrew spoke to them and they tried to join in, but really everything that could be done or discussed had dried up two days ago. There was no more training, no more lectures or planning to be done. They had stopped being trainees, they were now soldiers waiting to go into battle and there was one common thought they all had.  Would they come back home?

During this last evening before the off Tommy and Lee kept glancing over to one another and both realised that they were unique in that they were going into action with the one they loved, everyone else had already left their loved ones weeks ago. Lee was also getting horny! Tommy was not far behind, he knew what that look meant Lee was giving him.

“Right lads I’m going to turn in. I would advise you all not to stay up too long, I’m taking you to France soon and don’t forget your buckets and spades. Nite all.”

Tommy tied the tent flaps tight together and turned to Lee. They had just got back from the wash block and smelt good. They had showered and were the cleanest they would be for some time to come they guessed. There was no room to stand and so still on his knees Tommy went over to Lee and kissed him. Nothing was said as they undressed one another until they were naked and they just faced each other stroking each body. They had made a bed between the small camp beds with all the blankets and Tommy laid Lee on his back with him on top.

This was not the time to make full love, more to do with being physically close in the arms of his love and more for comfort than anything else. Tommy laid by Lee and they kissed for a very long time and at the same time taking in each hardness and gently stroking. During the whole time their lips never parted and like that they bought one another to the point when they came together and as they did pulled one another as close as it was possible to be.

After they had regained their breathing they continued kissing until each, still with arms and legs around one another, fell asleep.


D DAY +3

They were in the landing craft being tossed all over the place and some of them got sick. Lee tried to be humorous, “As a day out to France Captain, you can stick it.” Some laughed, but most did not hear. They soon got near enough to hear the gun fire coming from the beaches. The Americans were having a hell of a time, but they all knew those brave men would come through. Tommy had grown to like them during times of exercise and other training and he felt the feeling was, mostly, mutual. They would often “discuss” a GI or six.

“He looks nice Lee, I could do him a favour.”

“Nah Tommy I already have. He’s useless, only got a 9 inch dick!” End of discussion.

With a huge lurch the Landing craft and many more besides drove onto the beach and the ramp was lowered. They were all in their jeeps with engines running and Andrew lead them off and they followed him up the beach which had been cleared of Germans on the first landing three days previously, but they were stuck trying to take the town of Caen and were told to join Col. Smithers command some five miles south of the beach.

After two days Andrew and two other jeeps were sent off to the eastern flank some five miles distant and would spread themselves out to cover a two mile observation sector and report on any enemy movements. Tommy waited with Lee for their orders. They did not have long to wait and it was far from what they expected.

“Right you are needed with your rifle Tommy.” Col. Smithers showed them on the map where they should go and report to a Major Thornton who would tell them what he wanted. Lee had looked at the map as well and knew exactly where to go. He had a photographic memory which was always a surprise for Tommy as he tended to forget most things.

“Bloody hell Lieutenant how old are you, 18?”

“21 in September sir.”

“So, if my maths are correct, 20?”

“Yes sir.”

“The sergeant here will take you to your firing point and see what you can do for us, there are several machine guns we have to get rid of, the bastards are holding us up.”

They drove to a building and the Sergeant took them and Tommy’s rifle to the floor where ten of them were firing at anything they could see. A Staff Sergeant Holloway was in charge.

“I asked for a man not a fucking boy scout and a midget.” Tommy ignored him and looked around the large room. He turned back to the S/Sergeant.

“Shut up Staff and tell them to stop firing.” The Staff looked at Tommy, he was much older and by the look of him a regular, the contempt was obvious. He looked hard at Tommy who stared back holding his look. Tommy found that he was quite calm and even knowing he could be about to kill his first human being he had no nerves. He wondered if he would be as calm when he had someone in his sights.

“STOP FIRING! This very junior officer and Mr. Universe are here to do what we have been trying to do all day. Watch and apparently learn. Over to you, SIR! Tommy kept his mouth shut, for the time being.

Tommy went from window to window and by the time he had peered out of the last one he had made his mind up and went to the Staff Sergeant. “Look this is going to take ages, but there may be a quicker way.” He turned to Lee. “Take someone with you and get the Bazooka and all the rounds, I’m going to blast that building open, it’s pretty badly damaged anyway and I may be able to do a lot more. Oh and Lee bring binoculars.” He told the Staff Sergeant to organize his men to fire at defined targets and only fire when told, “that will give me a better chance to fire myself without getting my head blown off. We will need to scan the building for any weak spots and I will target them.” He looked at the Staff Sergeant and waited. “Worth a try I suppose——- sir.”

With the first round loaded, the three of them looked at the building trying to find any weakness, it was Lee who saw one of course. It was on the ground floor were a huge crack could be seen just to the left of the main entrance. Tommy looked at it and got into position and called out for them to open fire. They opened up with 12 rifles and a Bren gun, Tommy peered round from his hiding place, took aim and fired himself. There was a hell of an explosion and when the dust cleared he had done quite a lot more damage and the crack was now a hole. The Germans stopped firing briefly and Lee reloaded and as the lad’s fire continued Tommy took aim, fired hitting to one side of the first hit. The Germans now opened up again, but this time had to break cover to be able to get on target themselves and several were shot. Tommy moved to another position as he was coming under fire on the one he was at. Lee loaded again and Tommy sent another round away and that did a massive amount of damage and the wall began to collapse and the forth shell did the job and several floors caved in and a fire started. He had two rounds left and aimed directly into rooms that they knew had machine guns in them. Tommy fired and the whole room blew up and several more floors caved in. His last shell was a repeat of the one before and everything went quiet. They were told to cease fire by the Major and the Commandos went in, it was cleared in two hours.

“You just can’t trust boy scouts and midgets these days can you Staff Sergeant, always up to no good. Problem solved I think?” He smiled at the Staff Sergeant. Holloway smiled back at him. “I will think very differently about boy scouts from now on, thanks sir and good luck.” Staff Sergeant Holloway would not make it home.

“Well done Lieutenant and you Corporal, thanks for your help. Don’t suppose you two would like to stick around a while longer?” Major Thornton asked.

“No thanks sir, we need to get back.” Tommy didn’t know if they had to, he just did not want to be here any longer than was necessary. They drove back in silence and for the first time Tommy thought about what they had done. “This is going to be hard to deal with, but the same goes for all of us I suppose. Fucking Hitler.” As they drove on Lee kept looking over at Tommy.

“You ok?”

“Just wondering how many men I killed today.” Lee stopped the jeep and looked at Tommy.

“I’m just wondering how many you saved Tommy.” Once again Lee had got it right. Tommy leaned over and kissed him. “Thanks Lee.” And kissed him again.

The first thing Tommy did when they got back was find more Bazooka rounds. He was pleased to have them.

After three more weeks Caen eventually fell and now Col. Smithers command was told to start advancing East on the northern edge of the front line. The FRU were not exactly idol and were sent out to give escort protection and fire cover with their twin Lewis guns should they be needed. These guns maybe of first world war vintage but by having two of them strapped together on the same mounting they gave out over 1000 rounds per minute from drum magazines holding 100 rounds each and they had 10 of them.

Col. Smithers now had to advance as far as he could and would have to engage any attempt at a counter attack with artillery and tanks as well as his infantry. The four jeeps of the FRU would scout ahead while the BGC’s would support them as well as carry out troop movements, casualty evacuations and supplies. They would also be available to carry out static observations like the jeeps if needed.

Tommy and Lee arrived at their designated area and were more than happy that they were now on their own, well hidden with a great position to see a vast area. They had found a great way to observe, Lee standing in front of Tommy leaning up against him and Tommy leaning against the jeep. They had been at the post for a day and a half and the only thing of interest for Tommy was Lee.

“Great this Tommy. I could stay here until the war is over and it’s all clear, wanna another fuck?” God knows what would have happened if they had been caught the day before standing as they were now, but with pants down and Lee enjoying Tommy’s man bit up his bum!”

“There is a war on Corporal in case you had forgotten. We British don’t do that sort of thing at times like this and in any case only officers can suggest such a thing, like yesterday.”

“Piss off, wanna fuck?”

“Oh ok, let’s do another sweep first!” They raised their binoculars and as soon as they did, Lee spotted a bit of a problem.

“Over there, 2 o’clock Tommy. Shit, there’s a fucking army coming at us!” At about two and a half miles they could see a lot of movement and counted ten tanks, twenty troop carriers and a lot of supply lorries. It must be a counter attack and Tommy wondered if there were more of them in another area. He got on the radio and reported to HQ giving all the details including location, distance and map reference. They were told to keep sending reports and were also informed that there had been other reports of the enemy to the south of them.

When the advancing Germans got to one mile the artillery opened up and Tommy fed back the fall of the shells. It caused the Germans to scatter, but they kept coming and now Tommy would have to concentrate on individual targets. Two tanks had been hit and looked to be out of action and at least two troop carriers had also been hit. On his suggestion the artillery switched to air burst shells and that indeed did a lot of damage and caused the Jerry’s to stop and dig in. They knew it would not be long before they were targeted themselves as it would not take the Germans long to make a calculated guess as to where they were and use the tanks guns to open up on them and so they packed up and fell back to another position half a mile away. The new location was not as good as the first so they had to keep moving until they actually ended up back near where they had been in the first place. He continued to control the artillery with some success and kept the Germans from advancing, but they were to see just what the real value of this observation work was when four RAF Tempests screamed over and rocketed and strafed the Germans, followed a few minutes later by four more. Half hour later a large section of the Tank Corps came into sight and with still a lot of air support and ten Sherman tanks finished the job. Over 500 prisoners were taken and many more killed. Time is running out Herr Hitler!

Two more months went by with Tommy and Lee and the rest of the FRU carrying on with their work, but there was a disaster when two of them were killed when they had been spotted and the jeeps only managed to get back with the two wounded drivers. It gave Tommy and Lee a lot to think and worry about. They knew bloody well the Germans knew they would be observed and the risk was high.

“Tommy I want you and Lee to go forward to this point. Its 8 miles so quite a distance, but Col. Smithers want’s that village, Bourgeaville covered. As you can see its pretty isolated and perfect cover for the Jerry’s if not now it could be some time in the future. You are likely to be there some time. Hope you two find something to stop you getting bored!” He had a huge grin on his face. “Just be careful please, support could be some time away when you are there.”

After stocking up they went on their way. It was a quick drive for the first 5 miles, but then they stopped often after that and just looked and listened before moving on. A mile before the village they drove off track and looked for the position they had selected before leaving. Lee knew exactly where he was going and after half an hour they arrived and looked round them for a good spot to observe the village and good cover. Driving through the forest was slow but they come across what they thought was the perfect place. Lee turned the engine off and they got out and crept forward to the edge of the wood and both saw the Germans at the same time. It was not a large force as far as they could see and by the number of trucks guessed about 80/100 men and no tanks or troop carriers.

“Bloody hell Tommy, Smiffy was right. This place is not so good as we thought though, that copse over there is in the way. There may be more of the bastards we can’t see.” They carried on looking and talked about options and came up with the only one that made sense, they would have to get to the copse, it was certainly big enough for them to hide well, but getting to it was the problem. The big advantage they had was they were on higher ground and there was a gentle slope all the way down to the village and, apart from the copse it was clear all round.

“We will have to get there somehow Lee. What if we drive out again and go south so the copse is between us and the village then try to get to it before it gets light? If we are spotted just reverse out and I can use the Lewis guns to cover us.”

“I love it when you make it sound so simple.” Lee moved to Tommy and kissed him. They had done a lot of that over the months.

At their new location they got to the edge of the wood and were satisfied they were hidden as best they could be and just hoped their luck would last when the time came for them to get to the copse. Meanwhile, they cuddled up and waited for first light when they could see properly. The cuddled up position meant Tommy was sitting with his back against the jeep while Lee laid on his back with his head on Tommy’s lap. Tommy took a lot of advantage during those times and would often lift Lee up and kiss him for some time while keeping an eye on things. Unbuttoning Lee’s flies and wanking him off was not uncommon either. The Generals would have a fit if they ever found out, which turned these two on even more thinking about it. Tommy sent a message to let HQ know what they had found and would report again on developments.

Just as it was getting light the following morning Lee started up and slowly drove to the edge of the wood and switched off. Tommy got behind the jeep with Lee at the side with one hand on the wheel. Luck was on their side as with the strength of Tommy and a little bit from Lee it began to move and they coasted all the way down and managed to get right inside the copse. They stopped and once again went forward to look at the village. It was all quiet and the four Germans they could see were presumably guards. They did not see any of the villagers and assumed they were still under curfew. Tommy was happy about where they were, just a little over 200 yards, but getting the jeep to the side overlooking the village was going to be a big risk. They walked back to the jeep and plotted a route to get it just short of the edge of their new hiding place. They would have to push the jeep and would have to off load as much as they could to do it.

They got the route sorted out and before they went back to the jeep to start off loading Tommy took a good look around the whole area before finally making up his mind and found what he didn’t want to.

“What you looking for Tommy?”

“Butt ends and there are a few, look. The Jerry’s must come up here for a smoke break or whatever they do, so we can’t stay here, fuck it. Lee we will have to cover the jeep after we get it in the copse a bit further and will just have to come here without it. If we see anyone coming we will just draw back, there are no butt ends further in so it may be safe.

They got back to the jeep and pulled it in another 10 feet and began to camouflage it. When they were satisfied they did what they tried to do as often as they could, had a strip wash taking it in turns getting naked and the other washing him. It only took a few moments, this place was not for fucking. They then camouflaged themselves and went forward to look at the village. They stayed like that all day and watched the Germans and now the villagers as they went about their work in the fields. They left one at a time to eat. It was now almost dark and quiet, they took it in turns to try to sleep.

The next day they woke early and each took it in turns to go back for something to eat and have a dump. Now back together they were able to observe the village much better now that they had an unrestricted view. Villagers were working in the fields again nearest to the village with armed guards keeping an eye on them. Again they came up with a more exact number of enemy, 100 and no more trucks.

They just sat there watching the village and managed a quick kiss every now and then. Lee looked at Tommy and smiled at him which led to a longer kiss, but as soon as they had finished they both stared at the two Germans coming towards them. They were well covered but of course moved back and cocked their Thompson machine guns that Lee was convinced were named after him! Even when Tommy told him they were given that name years before he was born made no difference.

They laid still as they watched an officer and an NCO come into the wood and light up. Now Tommy knew where the butt ends came from. What they were talking about they had no idea. The officer was slim very good looking and about 5ft 10 the other guy huge and over 6ft. There was obviously something to laugh at because they didn’t stop and when at last they threw the butts down Tommy breathed a sigh of relief thinking they would go back, but no, none of it, they moved together and kissed! They watched as they both stripped off completely naked and gave Tommy and Lee problems with their own cocks as they got stiff watching these two kiss, lick, rim and fuck, well the big bloke did the fucking. They watched as he picked the other guy up, held him against a tree and listened to the officer moan as monster man fed his 10 inch cock into him. It did not last long as the watchers assumed it may have been some time since this had happened and only after a few fucks big man called out something in German like, “Adolf, i’m cumming!” Tommy and Lee never thought he would stop as he went on and on filling the officer up with all his Germanic juice while one of Hitler’s finest took it all up the ass and could see the access dripping out of him. Big one at long last lifted the winner of the Iron Cross off of his canon and put him back on his feet and then got behind him and took “Adolf’s” cock in one of his massive hands and wanked him off. This fine officer and no doubt very vocal against all things homosexual came a bucket load and sank to his knees with the mountain still behind him with his arms around his man’s body.  “Adolf” got to his feet and they spent ages kissing once again. These two had not just had sex, they were in love. A. H. would be MOST displeased! Tommy hoped.

“Fuck that made me horny Tommy. What a fucking huge cock! I am going to change sides!” They could not get up to what those had just done, but got their pants down as quickly as they could and wanked one another off! For a brief moment the war was forgotten. They remained were they were all day and looked on as the Germans went about whatever they needed to do hoping that no more would come into the copse for a fag and a fuck.

They again tried to sleep in turns. It was going to be a long night. Tommy was unsettled he did not feel right about having the jeep so far away, but there was nothing he could do about it. That was about to change though as about 05 00 there was a lot of noise and movement from the village. It was obvious the Germans were moving out, but which direction? Lee was awake.

“Think we can risk getting the jeep here Tommy?” Lee was not happy either.

“Come on, they are making enough noise down there to wake the dead, they won’t hear us.” It did not take that long and while the commotion carried on they were now well covered and carried on observing. Tommy got on the radio and let HQ know what was happening and would follow up when they knew which way they were going.

Two of the trucks had been loaded, both full of equipment including what looked like petrol cans. They assumed the other two trucks were for the troops. By the number of them running around Tommy and Lee thought there was fewer than they first thought and when they lined up a quick count told them there were 80/90 of them, but they were wrong, there was more. There was even more shouting now, but this time it was angry shouting and a chill went down Tommy’s back, this sounded really bad.

“Lee get the Bren out and all the magazines there is trouble coming. I know it.” As he said that a group of 10 troops and the same officer as yesterday were marched out and halted about 25 feet from a wall, all armed and facing it. One of the firing squad was very big and tall.

“Lee they are going to shoot the villagers. You take the Bren, I will kill the firing squad first and then fire on the rest of the troops and the trucks. They will scatter so you fire on anyone you can and stop them getting under cover.

“Oh Christ Tommy do you really think they are going to kill them?” Neither of them could get anywhere near understanding any of this, but then they had very little time to give it much thought.

“I’m sure of it Lee, but i’m hoping we will be ok. They have MG 38’s, but we have the Lewis’s and the Bren and can fire at least 1500 rounds a minute and it will take some time before they can fire back, still you may have to get us out in a hurry. Love you Lee.”

Tommy was right, about 50 villagers were being led out and lined up against a wall, women and children included. All Tommy could think of was his aim and thanking his luck that no villagers were in his or Lee’s firing line. The firing squad still had their weapons at their chests giving him more time to check his aim and put pressure on the triggers. “Adolf” had his Luger in his hand and raised it, he was about to call out his first order, he opened his mouth and Tommy open fired.

The next few minutes saw many die as Tommy used his first magazines shooting the entire firing squad, but somehow missing the officer who dived to the floor. Lee open up and mowed down many of the troops lined up to watch the execution of the villagers. They began to scatter and Lee switched to single shot and picked out any target in his sights. Tommy fired on the first truck which blew up and then back to the soldiers. They had no chance to escape as they were barred from getting on the trucks and because they were out in the open and they had nowhere to go. They threw their weapons down and raised their arms. Tommy and Lee ceased firing. The villagers had run like hell out of the way and stood some distance away in utter shock. Tommy told Lee to cover him and he picked up his Thompson and went out of the wood and stood there waiting for the Germans to make up their minds to approach him. The villagers made up their minds for them as they started to attack the, now prisoners. They all ran towards Tommy and Lee.

“I and my men surrender to you and your forces and I expect that we be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention. I was only carrying out orders, sir.” His English was perfect and handed Tommy his Luger.

“If you don’t shut your fucking mouth I will treat you the same way as you were going to treat the villagers you fucking bastard.” Wisely he kept his mouth firmly shut. Tommy told Lee to contact HQ and ask for assistance to take the prisoners away.

The whole situation confused and upset both of them. How in God’s name could anyone carry out such acts of barbarity, but they had no idea at this time just how barbaric the Third Reich was and it would be some years yet before it would all came to light. Tommy kept looking at the German officer. “I want you to give me one reason to kill the lot of you. You remain standing, but tell your men to sit with their hands on their heads.” Of the 100 they had counted when they first saw them, they now counted 45. The Lewis’s and the Bren gun had done their work it seemed. Tommy went close to the German and spoke quietly to him. “I have no doubt you have killed many people and you would have no problem killing us if this was the other way round. Do you know what I loath about you and your fucking kind?” The officer shook his head. “Your bastard Hitler and fuckwits like you have turned so many of us into killers and for that I will forever despise you. Your Hitler has bought Germany and the rest of Europe to the edge of destruction, but you are now destroyed as well, you will have no peace from now on, but I will go home to peace and take back the life I had before you shits fucked it up. I want to kill you with your own pistol, but I won’t, I don’t have the orders to do it… yet.”

Two hours later four BGC’s turned up with 16 men and took the prisoners away. The villagers got to Tommy and Lee and asked them to go to the village, but they did not want that and instead got into the jeep and went back to their original position and cuddled up together for the night.

Two weeks later they were in the headquarters with a smiling Col. Smithers. He did not do that often. Andrew was with him, also smiling.

“Corporal Thompson I would like to congratulate you on your promotion to Sergeant and your award of the Military Medal. Well done Lee, very well done.” Lee looked suitably embarrassed as did Tommy when he learned of his promotion to full Lieutenant and the Military Cross. It would take a long time to come to terms with what had happened on that day, but knowing they had saved the lives of many men women and children was some compensation.


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