Tommy 1923
by BobbyG


Chapter 8

Good fuck was it Tommy? Lee was being romantic in his own unique way.

“Not bad, but I think we need practise. We have learnt a lot as an Army team, but there are a few things we need to improve on as a fuck team.”


“You fuck me.”


“No, you won’t have any cum left and in any case we both stink.”

“And what are we going to do about that then?”

He had hardly got the last word out when he suddenly realised what was about to happen. He fought Tommy as best he could, but would never be strong enough. He was picked up with Tommy’s arms pinning him to his body and swore the whole way back to the lake and hung on for dear life and held his breath.

“You’re not getting out until you can swim.” Tommy let go and swam away listening to the delightful filth coming out of Lee’s mouth.

After a wonderful time in the lake they got out and dried one another off, folded the towels up and used them as a cushion. They sat down and Tommy leaned back against the front bumper of the car with Lee sitting between his legs leaning against Tommy. Tommy wrapped his arms around boy wonder and played with everything he could reach, which was everything. Neither said a word, there was no need they were just enjoying being like this. Every now and again Tommy would squeeze Lee which told him all he needed to know. Lee would twist around so they could kiss. They did a lot of that.

“Hello you two, glad you came.” Fred went to the bar and got beers. It was quiet and only the three of them were in the pub. For the first time Tommy looked at Fred and realised what a great looking chap he had become, very handsome about 5ft 10 and what looked like a fine body. As for our lovers, they exuded love and there was nothing either of them could do about it. Fred, who in previous years had been at the top of the village idiot list had changed a lot and now appeared a really pleasant individual.

“So Fred what are you up to these days, married yet?” Tommy asked.

“Fuck off Tom, none of that shit for me.” He looked as though he was going to say more, but stopped himself.

“You going to join up?”

“Yep. My dad said I couldn’t, but I told him I am. I’m going in the Navy next week. Got to report to Portsmouth and then, lookout Germany!”

“Take care mate and come home safe.”

“You too, both of you.” He smiled at them. “Your round Lee? Just want to make you feel welcome.”

“You two look good together and before you have to lie I knew what you are the moment I saw you and by what I see now, you have had a good afternoon!” Fred sat back and laughed his head off. Tommy was of course surprised.

“Don’t worry mate the number of times I have tossed off thinking about you I have forgotten and before you say anything I will save you the bother. I’m the same as you two and there are quite a few in the village. I know, I have fucked all of them!”

“You randy sod! I would never have guessed. When did you know?” Lee just looked on and said nothing.

“I know now just about all my life. I don’t know about you, but it’s been fucking awful and even if there was not a war to win I would have gone to London and tried my luck there. God knows how though. Look, I’m not trying to come on to you two, I just wanted you to know about me Tom and now you Lee. I will be in the Navy soon and you never know, I might get lucky, at least there are plenty of men to get to know!”

After two more pints they shook hands and wished each other good luck and Lee drove them back to the Manor.

“He IS good looking Tommy. I wonder if he would have fucked you if he knew about you when you were here.”

“No chance, I hated him then. He has changed believe me, but going with him? No way, besides we have one another now and at least I’m not going to look at any other man and if you do… I’m not going to think about that.”

“Don’t worry, I have the man I want and you will never be rid of me, ever!” Tommy did not want to talk about that anymore. He did not want the nightmares to start again.

They just could not help showing their love towards one another. Edward did not know it was that very afternoon they had shown that love in such a beautiful way. He just thought they had become more relaxed in his company and smiled at the obvious feelings both showed. He loved it and thought again about Cornwallis. He had finally spoken to his friend and he had promised to try to contact him.

The week flew by and it would be remembered for as long as it was possible. It was a sad farewell and without saying it, all three wondered if there would be another time like this. All they were sure about was they would not see one another again until all that was about to happen, happened. Edward went back feeling very lonely and would miss these two so much. He stopped at the village church and went inside. He sank to his knees and prayed.

They came to attention when Col. Smithers came on parade and were told to “stand easy.”

“Right, listen up, there are 30 of you here and in two weeks you, I and other officers as well as my NCO’s are all going on holiday to Salisbury Plain to train in all sorts of exciting things that I know you will enjoy SO much. Let me tell you now it will be hard work and on top of that it will be even harder work and the only bit of advice I have for you is to take this two weeks physical training VERY seriously. One reason we are not going right away is that another officer is due to join us who will command a unit that you will only find out about after we return. This new officer is Captain Andrew Martin and will not say much, but one more bit of advice is don’t think he will not be paying a great deal of attention to every single one of you.” On that rather uninformed note they were taken to the gym for a three hour session.

Lee had a huge smile on his face as Tommy had finished his rimming and once again was lining up to enter that tight tunnel which would bring about yet another moment of joy for both of them. What made it all the more exciting was they were in a store room that somehow Lee had found a key too. They were tucked away behind shelves full of mattresses and blankets and as safe as they could be, subject to some idiot coming in for some daft reason. Store rooms were generally locked up after 5pm every evening and this was 6pm. They had pulled one of the mattresses onto the floor and this was the fourth time they were there.

They had found another way to make love and after Tommy had sunk all of himself into Lee’s beautiful bottom, Lee stood up straight, Tommy bent his knees to allow for the height difference and began his stroking into that even tighter tunnel which bought even more excitement, even more pleasure and even more cum when it arrived. In this position it was always quick as the shear tightness bought about an amazing feeling for both of them. As soon as Tommy felt Lee stiffen up he clamped his free hand over his mouth as Lee just could not stop crying out as he fired off shot after shot of his huge load. This was happening right now and as Lee’s last blast exploded out, so Tommy began his and once again expelled many powerful shots into this wonderful man and he would feel every one of them.

As with the other times they collapsed on the mattress and kissed the life out of each other.

“Feel good Lee?”

“You ask that every time, why bother when you know I do and love you even more?”

“Just checking and being thoughtful, that’s all. Shall I stop asking then?”

“No Tommy, never stop. We never know when we can do this and we have a few days exercise coming up. Fuck, three days out and all of it running with full packs. Fucking Army!”

“At least you’re fit and we will be together the whole time. You never know we may get the chance to do this again. It would be great, us making love and the others only a few yards from us!” They reluctantly got dressed and returned to their billet.

As it turned out there was no chance of doing anything apart from a stolen kiss during the exhausting three days of running. Still, they and everyone else were never far from their team mate and that bought some physical closeness that nobody else had. Just being able to be together is all that they wanted until they got back to camp. On the last night they had to navigate to a certain point and by the time they arrived there was just time to grab something to eat and then try to sleep on their way back in the 3tonner. When they arrived they had to parade. Oh what joy!

“Right listen up.” (Why do they always start like that?) “After you are dismissed go and shower and get into clean uniform, then get back out here. The last team on parade gets to clean the shit houses.” (Why do they always say that as well?)

Tommy and Lee were first and stood at ease waiting for the other 28. When the last arrived with the rest laughing at them, they were bought to attention and marched to a hut near Company Headquarters. They were told to sit and wait.

“ATTENTION!” They all sat up straight with their hands on their knees. There was some talking in the next room and then Col Smithers came in followed by a Captain who they all assumed was the new officer who would command this new unit which they knew nothing about.

“Sit at ease. Right listen up. (!) I want to introduce Captain Martin. Captain, over to you.”

“Thank you sir. Right, listen up!”

Tommy and Lee stared at this officer and could not believe what they were seeing. They looked at one another and both knew they had come to the same conclusion. Both of them had to concentrate like hell as he spoke outlining the coming two months on Salisbury Plain and the training they would be involved in.

Navigation, camouflage, orienteering, weapons training and firing, mechanical training, observation, hand to hand combat, defence against attack including an actual attack by commandos, avoidance technics, advanced driving, training in wireless use, coded messaging, artillery fire direction and quite a lot more.

“You gentlemen, will be assessed during the whole period and when we get back here a certain number of you will become a part of a small unit which will play an important role in any plans that may become a reality in the near future. I cannot give you any more than that and for one reason, I don’t know myself. Goodnight.” He and Col. Smithers went out.

“Fuckin hell Tommy! It MUST be him! I will bet my life that’s Edward’s son, whatshisname…………..? Cornwallis, yeah that’s him alright.”

“There are doubles all over Lee, let’s just assume it’s an incredible family likeness. Still we must not say a thing, we just maybe right and that could give us a problem if we start blabbing our mouths off.”

“You mean me blabbing my mouth off don’t you?”

“Yes.” They were alone so Tommy kissing Lee avoided a slap.

The training began the moment they arrived in the middle of the Plain and not a building in sight. They would be under canvas the whole time, but one HUGE joy for the pair of them was each team had their own tent and at the very least they could kiss goodnight and good morning and have a quick fiddle, not that they would be in them that much.

The next two months was the busiest and hardest any of them had experienced in their lives and without being so fit none of them would have completed the course. As it was, a few didn’t. There was no time to think about Captain Martin or whoever he was and besides they agreed it was nothing to do with them anyway and just got stuck into everything they were there to train for, whatever that was. All they had to think and concentrate on was the course and all that it involved. Six weeks later they were ready for their final assessments.


“Yes dear man?”

“No, don’t fuck about, there is movement at 10 o’clock to us.” Tommy looked through the binoculars again and knew Lee was right.

“Ok let’s fire.” Lee raised the flare gun and pulled the trigger. The flare exploded and the monitors assessing them took notes.

They had finished camouflaging their observation post and were waiting for the commandos to find them. They camouflaged themselves and Tommy went to a tree and climbed up and Lee went to another, both had rifles with 10 blanks each. After an hour the “attackers” eventually found the post and prepared open fired on it, but the boys opened up first, fired off all 20 rounds “killing” the commandos. The monitors took notes.

“Right, listen up! You have 5 hours to put your engine together and install it back in the Jeep. When you have done that, start up and go to this location.”

Three and a half hours later Lee and Tommy arrived at the location after Lee had put the Jeeps engine back together, installed it into the jeep and drove like the professional he was and all the while Tommy did as he was told and handed Lee the tools he asked for.

“In your own time, FIRE!” Tommy sent 20 rounds down range and got maximum with the rifle. Lee fired and missed everything. He was very good with the Bren gun though mainly because it was on a bi pod and it didn’t have to be lifted like a rifle.

“My name is Master Sergeant Theodore Zuckabugger the 3rd, US Marine Corps and senior training instructor for Force Alpha Reaction and Tactical Squadron (FARTS) and I am here to instruct you on the Bazooka, listen up! (Not THEM as well!). Zuckabugger the 3rd spent the whole morning instructing them and after it, got them into their teams to do dummy loading and simulated firing. Tommy would “fire” the weapon with Lee loading and connecting the electrics. When loaded he would have to tap Tommy on the shoulder so he knew it was ready to fire and get out of the way to avoid the rocket blast. Lee did not get the chance to hit Tommy that often and instead of tapping him on the shoulder thumped him on his helmet instead.

“You are supposed to TAP him, not cave his head in soldier!”

“Sorry Mister Sergeant!”

Later that same day they did live firing on the range and Tommy fired two rounds and got two hits. The only one to hit anything.

They all stood in teams next to a pile of junk which included bottles, jars, kitchen utensils, cutlery, cigarette packets and a lot more. There was also a wire shaped cone. In front of them was something covered in a blanket.

“The blanket will be removed and you will walk slowly round it, twice. You will then go back to your junk and build this masterpiece as close as you can to it.” They walked round and went back. The original was covered again and they were told to begin. “You have 10 minutes.” Tommy, but mainly Lee got stuck in and after eight of those 10 minutes stood back admiring their work.

“Right lads you have half a minute to change anything.” The monitor, a Major looked at his watch and the two of them stared at the junk. Tommy was satisfied and just stood there. Lee walked round it with a concerned look on his face. Something was not quite right. With just 10 seconds to go Lee said. “YES!” Bent down picked a fork up and bent one of the prongs at a right angle and put it back with a big satisfied smile. The Major went round the pile and although he should not have said anything could not help whisper, “cleaver bugger!”

“Right, listen up!” (Oh DO fuck off!)  It was 23 00 hours. “Each team will disappear and you will be given half hour to hide and then the commandos will seek.

IF you are found, you clean the shit houses when we get back. (sigh!) You will be given a week’s rations, just to give you something to carry and you will take your rifle and 50 rounds, each. Commandos will be looking for you and if they find you, they will beat the shit out of you. You will hide in the sector you will be given, don’t try to go outside it otherwise I will tell my mum and she is worse than any fucking Commando. Now, piss off and see you all in hospital.”

“Tommy? Why are we stopping? We are only about 200 yards away.”

“Shut up and lay down. When these cunts go past us, and they will, we will go back to our tent and we can have an all night fuck.” Tommy had picked their spot well and they seemed to disappear into the ground, well Lee would anyway.

The Commandos past them and when Tommy was sure it was clear he took Lee back to their tent and guess what?

“TOMMY! I’m going to cum! Oh fuck don’t stop! Fuck that’s good. Oh shit, I’m cumming!” Tommy had to have both hands over Lee’s mouth.

Two of Britain’s trainee fighting men expelled volumes of man juice, one all over his belly and the other up the others bum hole! After the cumming, Tommy took his naked Lee into his arms and they slept while the rest of the course shivered in the open hoping the Commandos would not find them.

Col. Smithers happened to be in their sector as a monitor during that exercise waiting for them to be found, after an hour he gave up. He knew they had set off to hide, he was there when they left for Christ sake! “You have done it again haven’t you, you buggers!” He could have gone to their tent to make sure they were there, but knew they would be. “Fast asleep and very comfortable in their beds no doubt while I’m out here freezing my fucking balls off!”  Phew! That was close!

“Right, listen up! That’s it, end of the course AND after everything is packed up, you have the rest of the day to yourselves. We leave at 05 00 tomorrow.” They all looked around them and one of them thanked Captain Martin and asked how far the nearest pub was.

“About 15 miles, but there is beer tonight with your meal.” That cheered them up a bit and the camp was cleared in two hours.

Captain Andrew Martin M.C. (Military Cross) aka Cornwallis Hunter Morton had also finished and packed away his list of men to be promoted when they got back satisfied he and Col. Smithers had made the right choices. “Some maybe upset though.” He went out for a long walk to think, he had a lot on his mind. After an hour he stopped in the large wood he had been strolling through still in deep thought about all that had happened since his father had kicked him out four years ago and wondered how he was since his sister and nephew had been killed. He knew he would be on his own now. He was taken out of his thoughts when he heard someone laughing. Peering round the tree he saw Thompson and Torrent strolling along the path, HAND IN HAND!? He could not take his eyes off them, but hid himself completely when he saw Torrent take Thompson’s head in his hands and kiss him. When they had walked on Cornwallis made his way back to his tent and took the list out again. After a few minutes he put it back again, smiling as he did so.

If Andrew/Cornwallis had walked into the woods for another ten minutes he would have seen these do a lot more than hold hands and kiss!

“I have a list of everyone in this room and the scores you all achieved by the end of the past two months. I will not read them out. Getting good marks is one thing, but far from thinking you may be better than someone with fewer marks, all they were was a guide. There are many reasons for promotion and again I am not going into that either. There are eight of you being promoted to Corporal and congratulations, they are:”

He read out eight names, but Tommy was not one of them. Lee was though.

“They may be good officers, but they fucked up with this Tommy. All of us expected you to be the first name called out. I have a good mind to resign!”

“Lee, I have told you so many times the driver is in charge of the jeep or Bren gun carrier and you are our driver, so therefore in charge and made up to Corporal. It’s quite simple really.”

“It’s still wrong though and we all think that. Still, Private Torrent, you are to report to the blanket store in two hours and when we get there you can fuck my brains out.”

“Isn’t it about time you fucked my brains out Corporal?”

“Do as your fucking told Private!”

“Yes Corporal.”

Tommy carried out the new Corporals order and the Corporal was generous in his comments to Private Torrent in that he, Corporal Thompson, had never been more satisfied by anyone else’s Privates. Private Torrent kissed the new Corporal and told him he loved him.

“TORRENT! Get your ass here, NOW! Col. Smithers and the Captain are screaming out for you.  Were the fuck have you been? I have been looking all over the place for you.”

“In the blanket store fucking Corporal Thompson Sargent Major!”

“Oh, playing funny fuckers are we? Get over to Col. Smithers and when you get back clean every shit house in the block.” Tommy winked at Lee who stood there with wide eyes and his mouth open and ran all the way to headquarters.

Tommy sat in front of the Colonel and Captain Martin with a look of utter surprise on his face. For some unaccountable reason his mind flashed back an hour ago as he had shot into Lee’s bum and at the same time tossed him off. He looked down at his hand to check there was no cum on it.

“I am to be promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and 2nd in command to Captain Martin of the unit?”

“You’re quick Tommy! Understood everything, at last.” Smithers turned to Capt. Martin. “Did we really make the right choice Andrew?”

“We did indeed sir. Congratulations Tommy.” All three stood and shook hands.

“Right I have to get to a meeting so I will leave you two to get to know one another as best you can.” They remained standing as Smithers gathered up papers and went out.

“Sit down Tommy please. So, are you alright with this?”

“I don’t think I have a choice sir, but yes I am fine now. It confused the hell out of me at first though I must admit.”

“Tommy, I know things are happening at a fast rate and one of many changes is that officers call one another by their first names. Not in front of the men of course.” Tommy was thinking fast and Andrew picked up the concern on his face.

“You will not be separated from Cpl Thomson Tommy, nor will you have to go to the officer’s mess. We move out tomorrow at 06 00 and we are going to a base near Southampton. Tommy we will be invading France very soon and as far as I know our Regiment will be one of the first to go. When we get to the new base we will get fully kitted out and have a month getting familiar with all of it. The whole Regiment will be woken at 04 00 and will be told then what’s happening then.  Now, it’s getting late and you need to get to the officers clothing store, there is a Corporal waiting for you. Here is your certificate of authorization. Good luck Tommy, we will all need it.” They shook hands and Tommy went to the store for the last time in Private soldiers uniform.

“You look fine sir. That uniform fits perfectly.”

“Thanks Corporal, just hope the man wearing it is worth it.” Tommy walked slowly back to his billet worried about what Lee would think. “I will have to take him outside and talk I guess. Christ I hope this will not fuck us up.”

“TORRENT! Get your ass over here and… oh shit!” Sergeant Major Phillips came to attention and saluted Tommy. Tommy sort of saluted back totally and utterly out of his comfort zone.

“Congratulations sir, we in the mess wondered why you had not been promoted and now we know why. Good choice if I may say so.”

“Thanks Sargent Major. I’m shitting myself about going into the billet. Oh well, here goes.”

“Not going to the officers mess then sir?”

“No and I can’t say why, but I would get to bed early if I were you.”

Tommy opened the door to the billet and wished his bed was not so far away. At first a few of them looked up and went back to cleaning kit. He was almost there when one of them took in the uniform and yelled out, “Officer present!” They all shot up and stood to attention and then they recognised who was standing there looking as though he hoped the floor would open up.

Tommy was about to be let off lightly as one of the teams came in after their shower. A guy called Pat O’Neal was one of them.

“Fuck my old boots, Tommy’s been shat on!” They all went to him and there was a lot of pleasant things said and made Tommy feel a lot better. Lee stood at the back of the crowd looking on with a dead pan expression on his face. Tommy went to him and the others got on with what they were doing.

“Let’s talk Lee, please.” He followed Tommy out of the billet and went a little distance away.

“So you’re an officer now. I didn’t see that coming. Are we still a team then or are we… oh fuck it, WHAT are we?”

“We are exactly the same and all this is about is if something happens to the Captain, I take over. We will never be split up and apart from the uniform the same man you know is in it. Don’t make it a problem Lee please, I didn’t have a choice, I wasn’t asked just told and that’s it.”

“It will be different though and you know it, SIR.” The sarcasm hurt. Tommy had just been made an officer and his first problem was standing in front of him and did not have a clue how to deal with it. Mind you not many new officers had this particular problem it can be assumed.

“I don’t know what to say, but my love for you is no different and this is only temporary, we will be getting involved soon and when it’s all over we can come home and make a life together. At least that’s what I want.”

“How do you know we are getting involved? Somebody said something us lower ranks can’t be told?” Fuck, Lee is pissed off.

“No I can’t and I’m going to bed. I don’t know what to say to you except you are the only good thing that’s happened to me since this fucking war started.” Tommy was struggling and Lee was not finished.

“IF there was no war, William would still be alive and you would be with him. I’m going to bed, you will be going to the officer’s mess anyway, goodnight, SIR.” Lee spun round and went inside. Tommy stood there for a few minutes and went into the billet. He got to his bed and seeing Lee sitting on his got undressed and went for a shower. Lee should have gone with him, but neither could give a toss about that now. He stayed under the shower for a long time thinking what a difference a day could make. He switched the water off and covered his body and face with soap. He then turned it back on and let the water let it drain off. Tommy looked around him hoping to see Lee standing next to him, he wasn’t.

Lee was in his bed when Tommy got back. He looked at his back knowing Lee was pretending to be asleep, he knew how Lee breathed when he was asleep, he had slept with him enough to know that. He got into bed himself and waited for the duty Corporal to come in to turn the lights off. He laid on his back with his arms behind his head, it was hot so the covers were down as far as his waist and he looked a fantastic sight. He looked to his left and Lee was laying on his side looking at Tommy. They held each other’s look until the Corporal interrupted them.

“Right lads, another day over, lights are going off. No wankin, Sargeant Major’s orders.” He stopped at Tommy’s bed. “That does not include you of course sir! Several of them shouted out.

“Officers can do anything they fucking want!”

“You going to wank then Tommy, sir?” But the best was:

“You can wank me off, SIR!”

“Ok ok settle down. Goodnight ladies!” He switched the lights off and left.

Tommy waited to make sure they were all asleep. While he laid there and waited, he knew what he was going to do, that fucking new Corporal was going to get company soon. He slid out of his bed and got to Lee’s and found him on his back and knew he had been waiting for Tommy. He wrapped his arms around that wonderful body and Lee did the same and hugged Tommy as tightly as he could.

“Kiss me Corporal, NOW!” After some time Tommy got into the bed and laid on top of him.

“I’m sorry Tommy I just…” Tommy shut him up by kissing him again.

“We can’t do more Lee only because you make so much bloody noise, but I can tell you we are up at 4. We are going to move to another camp and I guess we will be off to France soon.” Tommy whispered in his ear. “PLEASE don’t tell the Germans, ok?”

“Why not, if they knew we were on our way they would surrender straight away. I can’t stop loving you even if you are a fucking officer. Tommy stayed a little longer and with one final kiss got back to his own bed.

The result of all this was Tommy knowing that he and Lee were safe went about his new situation with a lot of confidence and just got stuck in and nobody gave it another thought, there were much more important things to worry about anyway.

They were now in their final base before they would leave for war and were very busy getting used to their new equipment which included five jeeps, four Universal Carriers, or Bren Gun Carriers as they were best known. (BGC) They now formed a special unit and were given a name, Forward Reconnaissance Unit. (FRU) The unit would be quite small with a total of ten men operating from the jeeps and twelve men in the Bren Gun Carriers, twenty two in all. The jeeps would carry out forward observations and report back sightings. If in range they would direct artillery fire. Their role was not to get involved with any direct action, but were well armed in the event they did. The jeeps had twin Lewis machine guns and a Bren gun. Tommy had a snipers rifle and each of them had a Thompson. As Tommy was now an officer he was given a .38 Enfield pistol, but would have preferred the American Browning if he could have got his hands on one.

It was the 6th May 1944 and many of the 44th Dorsetshire Light Infantry had only a month or so to live.


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