Tommy 1923
by BobbyG


Chapter 7

“TOMMY! How lovely to see you again and you must be Lee. Welcome both of you.” They all shook hands and Edward lead them inside. Lee stood with his mouth open and looked around the huge entrance hall. He was about to make Edwards day and give Tommy a hard time.

“Your Honour, Tommy told me not to swear, but this is JOLLY massive!” and then went on, “fuckin huge in fact!” He did not even think about what he had said and wondered why his “honour” was laughing his socks off. Tommy just sighed and shot a “your dead” look at him.

They went into the Drawing room and chatted for an hour or so. Lee did not join in much as he wandered around the room looking at the portraits, furniture and the amazing gold and silver “bits” as Lee described them. He got to Edward’s portrait.

“This you then your Grace?”

“Yes Lee, that’s my official portrait for prosperity, it’s just the done thing.” Lee looked at Edward in all his splendour.

“Looks like a fancy dress outfit to me your Worship.” Edward loved it, the innocence, the sheer fact this boy would not be intimidated by anything no matter what and the fact he did not know how to address him made it even more wonderful.

Eventually he took them upstairs to their room.

“I expect you will want to have a bath before dinner. Take your time lads dinner isn’t for another two hours.” He smiled at them and left.

They looked around this beautiful room with its fine Queen Anne and other beautiful furniture, beautiful carpet, beautiful oil and water colour paintings, two huge windows overlooking the beautiful countryside and when Lee turned round he saw Tommy looking at the beautiful double bed.

“Well well me cuntship, one of us is not happy! His Graceship has done us proud me thinks.”

“STOP calling me that and it’s LORDSHIP you prick.”

“Talking about pricks ours will be pretty close in that.” Lee was enjoying himself enormously.

“There’s room for 4 in there and we will be at opposite sides, come near me and you’re finished. I’m going for a bath. Make yourself useful and unpack for us.”

“Yes your Cuntship.” Lee whispered.

“I heard that!”

He didn’t, but knew Lee would say it anyway. Tommy shut the bathroom door and locked it. He laid there having a good soak and thinking hard when nuisance called from the bedroom.



“Smiffy did not say we were not off “teams” before we left, so I got to come in with you.”

“You twat, you know what i’m going to say next?”

“Ok, I will fuck off then.”

After his bath Tommy wrapped his towel around himself after drying off and went back into the bedroom. Lee, bless him, had put Tommy’s clothes on one side of the bed ready for him to pick what to wear, not that there was much. He found a clean pair of pants and pulled them on under his towel and once covered he dropped the towel off onto the bed. He got his shirt on followed quickly by his trousers. He turned round and saw Lee shaking his head and smiling at him.

“Yea fucking Gods we have been naked together loads of times and only now you decide to get all shy.”

“We were not in a bedroom with just us and nobody else. I’m off to find his Lordship.”



“I’m just having a bit of fun. Don’t worry I won’t try anything on. I just wish you could relax with all this. It’s called FUN Tommy and it’s about time you had some.” Lee went into the bathroom and shut the door. He did not lock it, but then he knew there was no need too.

“Lee seems a lovely chap Tommy and so funny. I am glad you have found a good man.” His Lordship was too far ahead, but he thought he was doing the right thing and assumed something that was not happening at all. Tommy did not quite know what to say and instead thanked Edward for his kindness.

“It is so nice to be back my Lord and Lee is having a great time. Please forgive him if he seems, well, he has never been in company like this.”

“TOMMY! You sound a bit of a snob dear boy! Forget all about how one should or should not behave, it’s all poo anyway and I insist you both call me Edward when we are on our own. Things are changing and so is all this class stuff. We are equal in more ways than one and I hope you see me as a different man now. Just relax Tommy and have fun, it’s about time you did.” Tommy wondered if he and Lee had had a chat.

“My lor… sorry Edward, Lee and I are not quite as close as you think, um, we have never slept together. I like him a great deal even though he makes me so mad at times and we are a good team, but I cannot allow myself to get too close. I’m sure you understand.”

“I understand much more that you realize Tommy, you taught me so much while you were here with William. Tommy I will never fully get over the deaths of Katherine and William and neither will you or fully get over the loss of your family. You cannot stop loving someone because they have passed on, but Tommy there is your own life to think about. I know you will never stop loving William, but I also know William would like you to find love again, I just know it. As for the sleeping arrangements, if you want there are plenty of rooms to choose.” He smiled at Tommy. “But I’m afraid none available until just after you two go back!”

“Edward, I don’t suppose you are related to Lee by any chance?” They were still laughing when Lee came in.

“I can call you Edward? Bugger, I have been practising saying “Your Lordship” in the bath. What a waste of time.” He looked at Tommy and with his best made up English upper class accent said, “And what pray do I call you? The word beginning with “C?”

They had a lovely evening, the meal was something both boys had forgotten about having had Army food for months and months, but better than that Edward was on top form and made them more than relaxed. They all went for an evening walk around the estate and Tommy proudly showed Lee the gardens and greenhouses. What did surprise him was when he took Lee into greenhouse No. 5 he did not go down memory lane, just enjoyed Lee’s enthusiasm as he asked question after question. The final visit was to see Wendy who snuggled her huge head on Tommy’s shoulder and talked in her own way to him. She looked at Lee as if to say she was happy that he was there as well, but she did wonder were William was.

Back in the house Edward poured the drinks and after a few of them he said he was ready for bed.

“Sleep well boys and help yourselves to as much drink as you want. At least this fucking war has not affected my wine cellar, yet! Nite nite.”

“Effected his language though.” Lee pretended to be disgusted. Tommy poured another drink for them and sat next to Lee.

“I’m sorry if I have been a pain Lee. Edward said a lot while you were still upstairs and it’s made me think. I do like you a lot, more than a lot to be honest.”

“I know you do. Tommy I said it before, I will give you all the time you need, but I’m buggered if I’m going to make it easy for you. Still, take your time.” That smile had got to Tommy no end, but Lee had not finished. “But don’t take too long matey there is a queue waiting for me back at camp.”

They undressed down to their pants and Tommy went off for the last pee and clean his teeth. He got into his side of the bed and had no choice but to wait for Lee to join him, his heart rate had gone up somewhat wondering if Lee would start anything when he got into bed and if he did he knew he would not stop him.

Lee came back and still in his pants slowly tidied up his clothes and made a meal of going to the mirror to check his hair. He went to his side of the bed and slowly dropped his pants and stood there naked in all his beauty, small, compact with a body that was so well developed, not muscled at all, just absolutely perfect for the size of him. His cock hung beautifully between his legs, just sleeping there, but ready to respond to the slightest touch. Lee climbed into bed, snuggled down with his back to Tommy about 3 feet away from him. Tommy reached over to the bedside table and turned the light off and just laid there with a massive hard on. His mind was all over the place and stayed like that for ages wondering if he should close that gap and take Lee in his arms. He certainly wanted too.

At long last and about time too, he moved towards Lee, but stopped, the little fucker was fast asleep! Drink and Lee did not mix.

Tommy was the first to wake and made himself get out of bed, went to the bathroom and washed and cleaned his teeth. He went back into the bedroom and looked at the still sleeping Lee. Tommy could not help himself and leaned over and very gently kissed Lee’s cheek. He got dressed and went out into the gardens and walked around for an hour until he thought it was breakfast time. That walk did him a lot of good and when he went back in the house he was more than sure of himself. He had spent the last quarter hour in No. 5 greenhouse “talking” to William. Amongst other things he told William about himself and Lee.

“Good morning Tommy, did you two sleep well?” Edward had a knowing smile on his face and got it wrong again.

“Slept well thanks Edward, the midget is still there I think, I have been out for a walk.”

“I know, I saw you, still a lovely place to be isn’t it despite having half of America and our boys here?”

“What are they doing here Edward?”

“Not absolutely sure, but my guess it’s a language school and possibly other things. I have heard people taking German and French many times and so I think I’m right, but I’m also sure there are other activities going on behind those doors. I guess I will never find out. Not until the war has finished at least.” Lee came in and smiled at the other two.

“Good morning Edward and Tommy, I do hope you slept well. I had the best night’s sleep in ages, thanks to Tommy.” He grinned at Tommy and Edward had a massive smile all across his face. His Lordship got it wrong, AGAIN!

“My Lord, you are wanted on the phone.” Jameson the butler told him. Edward excused himself and went off.

“Why did you thank me for a good night’s sleep?”

“Just wanted Edward to think that his sleeping arrangements came up to what he wants them to be, that’s all.” That fucking smile again! “Oh, by the way Tommy it was nice of you to kiss me this morning, I loved that.” Lee got stuck into his scrambled eggs while Tommy just looked at him.

“Tommy, Tommy! That was a friend in the Foreign Office to tell me Cornwallis is safe and well and although he cannot tell me anything about him except he is in Scotland, I at least know he is alive. Oh my dear boy WHAT a relief!”

“Will you write to him Edward? If you post it to your friend surly he will pass it on?”

“I expect you are right, but what on earth do I say?”

“I have no idea. Perhaps if you get Lee to write that will get Cornwallis back here to rescue you?”

“I HAPPEN to be able to write a very good penmanship thing. Don’t take the piss. Edward, just write and tell him to get his ass back here otherwise Tommy will find out where he is and go and drag him back. Any more good ideas you want while i’m here, just ask.”

“Thank you so much Lee, but I may just try a less aggressive way.” Edward changed the subject and told them to use the Ford 8 to take out for the day. Tommy had a thought.

“Edward? How close are you to your friend?”

“We were together at Eton and became very close.” His lordship blushed and was obviously uncomfortable. THAT made Tommy think! “Why do you ask?”

“Just that if there is a close family connection your friend maybe the best person to open doors? If you wrote and Cornwallis did not reply you will see it as rejection, but because of all that’s happening, he may not even get the letter. If your friend contacted him then at least he will know you are looking for him and want some sort of contact?”

“Bloody good idea Tommy, thank you dear man. Thank God there is some sense in this house. ”

“Oi, what about me?” Without any hesitation Edward went to Lee and put an arm around his shoulders.

“You are one of the best ideas Tommy ever had and now me.” Lee beamed and gave Tommy two fingers.

“I want to take Lee to Upper farm Edward, I think it will be alright, I want to go anyway.”

“Two things you need to know Tommy. First is I have had the whole area cleared, it’s just a flat space now. I hope to build another house there after the war and second, it’s not called Upper farm any longer. It’s called Torrent’s farm in respect to your family.” Tommy was indeed very touched and thanked this lovely man.

Edward went off to try to ring his friend, it would take him hours.

Meanwhile the two boys found the Ford 8 and packed it with the lunch the kitchen had prepared for them and the towels Edward advised them to take. “Lovely day and you might want a swim in the lake chaps, sorry I don’t have any swim suits for you though.” Another smile.

Lee drove them and enjoyed the lovely countryside as they chugged along. They stopped in the village so Tommy could show him around and take him into the church. Once inside Tommy went to touch the memorial plaque dedicated to his family. Lee said nothing, just stood near Tommy taking it all in. Tommy then moved away and read the plaque dedicated to William and his mother and ran his fingers over that one as well. He looked at Lee. “I’m ok Lee and one reason I am is that you are here. Thanks.” Again Lee said nothing, just smiled back.

As they went down the High Street they met Freddy, the boy Tommy had smacked all those years ago. They met as old friends and shook hands.

“Bloody hell you look good Tommy, bet you’re even stronger now?”

“You’re looking good yourself Fred, by the way this is my Army mate Lee.”

“Where?” They all had a laugh.

“Look Tommy I will be in the Red Lion about 6 if you want to meet for a drink?”

“That’s good Fred, we will try and get there.”

They stood together in front of where the cottage used to be, the foundations were all that was left. Edward had had the site cleared well. Tommy stood quietly for some time in his own world, but having Lee there was a good thing and all the quiet support he gave him.

“Let’s go to the lake Lee.” Lee was going to make a difficult time much better.

“Call that a lake? More like a fuckin puddle! If I pissed in it, it would be double in size.”

“It seemed much bigger when I was a kid.”

“I expect you thought your cock was a lot bigger as well, now look at it.” Two seconds later Lee was wet through and panicking trying to stay afloat.

“Oh by the way dick head, it’s very deep.” Tommy dived in himself and now both were soaked. They fought for some time and if swearing would win the fight, Lee would have won hands down. As it was he was a very poor swimmer and had to hang on to Tommy’s neck to stop himself sinking. A very wet Lee was taken out of the water by a very wet Tommy. He got them both into the sun and told Lee he was safe and could let go.

“No fucking way. I’m staying like this until you kiss me, or we are both dry, which ever takes longest.”

“We need to strip off and get naked Lee?” That changed his thinking and did not object as Tommy put him down and they both gave the other a strip show as each layer came off. Lee followed Tommy to a tree with his clothes and laid them out on branches and finally stood in all their naked beauty just a couple of feet apart. Both boys were still soft, but that would change very soon. Tommy closed the gap looking into Lee’s eyes the whole time. He stood in front of him and took his face between his hands and lowered his face to Lee’s. The first touch of their lips was like a shot of electricity going through them and Lee pushed himself as close to Tommy as he could possibly get. With their arms around each other they stood for a very very long time like that and just loved everything that was happening. Tommy opened Lee’s mouth with his tongue and smiled to himself when Lee squeezed Tommy even harder. They broke away for air, looked at one another and without a word went back to kissing. Tommy stood back and each looked down at the other, they were as hard as they could get. They looked up and saw the huge smile on each other’s face. Tommy lowered his hand and for the first time took Lee into it. Lee closed his eyes and took Tommy into his.

Tommy led the way back to the car and got the towels out and laid them on the ground. He did not get back up, instead remained on his knees and turned towards Lee’s beautiful cock and stayed like that staring at it. He moved the 6 inches and took Lee’s balls in his hand and at the same time kissed and licked the head causing Lee to cry out, but even more so as Tommy opened his mouth and slowly took the whole thing in, right to the base. Once there he massaged the head with the back of his throat and then all the way back up. This continued for some time and as Tommy blew the more worked up Lee became.

“Oh God, I didn’t know it would be this good Tommy.” It was going to get better for both of them.

Tommy laid Lee down and for the next half hour or so both of them explored the body of each with hands, lips and tongues. Lee was on his back and Tommy over him pointing the opposite way. Tommy kissed his way down Lee’s body until he got to that lovely cock and once more took Lee inside. Lee reached up holding Tommy and also took Tommy in, the sensation for both of them was out of this world. They moved to their sides and for a long time continued the 69 and by the noises coming from both of them they were STILL out of this world.

Tommy moved and turned Lee on his front and now had the full beauty of that wonderful, perfect, cute bum. Tommy put one hand on each cheek and massaged for ages much to the pleasure of both of them. He pulled Lee to his knees and parted his cheeks and for the first time gazed at the tiny pink button, he lowered his face and kissed followed quickly by his tongue. The reaction was instant and Tommy had to hang on to Lee as he nearly took off as soon as Tommy’s tongue touched the spot. Lee thrashed about calling out his pleasure and yelling out things like:

“Oh my word!”

“Fucking hell!”

“CHRIIIIIST! Oh Tommy! Don’t stop.”

If it had been Shakespeare and not Lee being rimmed, he would have said something like, “I scribe with joy and do fornicate in fire oh Lord on high! OH, Sir Thomas! Doth never cease!” Mmmm, maybe not.

Once again this went on for some time and it was obvious Lee was becoming even more worked up.

“Tommy, fuck me please? I want you inside me PLEASE Tommy?”

This was going to be difficult, but Tommy tried by spitting onto Lee’s button and his cock.

“Lee I will try, but it’s going to hurt ok?”

“I don’t care, just try.” Tommy adjusted both of them, lined up and took his cock to Lee’s back door and put pressure onto it, but there was no way it would happen like this.

“I can’t Lee. It won’t go in and it’s going to hurt you too much. ”

“Just find a way dickhead.” And laughed.

Tommy had a thought. He reached over and pulled the hamper basket to him and got a couple of sandwiches out, took one slice of bread off and there laid the answer, masses of butter! He scraped a large dollop off and took it to Lee’s cherry and slowly covered his hole.

“Cleaver boy!”

Tommy scraped off more and this time began to insert his middle finger. The reaction was instant and once again Tommy found himself hanging onto Lee otherwise he could have very well have landed back up in the lake.

“Oh FUCK that’s… Oh bloody hell!” Tommy had hit the prostrate. He now fed his whole finger into Lee and the moans coming out of him told Tommy and half the estate that Lee was having the time of his life. Tommy withdrew his finger and once again helped himself to more butter and began to insert even more into that beautiful bottom. Lee of course almost ruined the whole thing.



“Any chance of a lump of cheese and pickle with that!”

Only Tommy’s own advanced state of passion stopped him collapsing over Lee and laughing his head off.

Tommy turned Lee onto his back and got his legs over his shoulders and like that he fed his cock head to Lee’s hole and looking at Lee the whole time gradually put pressure on it followed by even more.

“I’m fine Tommy, just push… Please.” Tommy held his breath and forced one more time and stayed like that until suddenly Lee’s button could take the pressure no more, opened up and welcomed him in.

“Oh my, you’re in Tommy!” Lee said rather needlessly. Slowly and being as gentle as he could he gradually got the whole head inside this wonderful man. He stopped and looked at Lee’s face.

“Are you ok Lee?” The reply was typical.

“Shut up and fuck!”

Tommy slide in another inch and then all hell broke loose, his cock had reached Lee’s prostrate which must have been one of the most sensitive prostrates EVER.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD TOMMY, OH MY… Fuck me Tommy, fuck me, don’t stop.”

Tommy had no intention of stopping, he couldn’t as the sensation was amazing as the tightness of Lee’s tunnel was driving him passionately mad! Very slowly and as gently as he could he sank deeper into Lee and at last it was not long before his whole cock was buried deep inside him. He bought it back to his head and again slowly sank back in listening all the time to Lee calling out his encouragement for more and more.

They were both rapidly coming to the very top of their combined passion made even more so as they looked at one another taking in the handsome face of the fucker and fuckee. They were almost there, both knew it and as the time was almost upon them Tommy lowered his face to Lee’s and both kissed their way to the final act.

With sweat pouring off them with the physical effort and shear passion they both at the same time tensed their bodies and as though in suspended animation for just a few seconds, they both blew up and shot after shot erupted from them and as they did each of them recoiled with every delivery. Neither Tommy nor Lee had touched Lee’s cock during this amazing experience.

They had no idea just how many times they came, but when finally they had expelled the last drop all Tommy could do was collapse next to Lee, both fighting for air. They laid like that for ages kissing gently with arms and legs wrapped round one another not wanting or able to move.

At last Tommy looked at Lee and saw as big a smile on his face as was on his.


“What do you think? Never been happier. Christ Tommy I never knew it would be like this and with you doing the hard work, even better.” They did not say anything more and just cuddled up, just happy with this wonderful nakedness and, of course kissing the boy he loved so much.

At long last they broke away and just looked into their eyes. Tommy just stared into Lee’s face which worried Lee’

“Tommy? Is something wrong?”

“Just don’t get fucking killed do you hear me!”

It was 6th June 1943. They had one year left before..?


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